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         Mauritania History Regional:     more detail
  1. Paths of Accommodation: Muslim Societies and French Colonial Authorities in Senegal and Mauritania, 1880 (Western African Studies) by David Robinson, 2001-01-01
  2. Mauritanie. Aux confins du aMghreb (French Edition) by Danielle Bisson, 2005-04-01
  3. Historical Dictionary of Mauritania by Anthony G. Pazzanita, 1996-08-30

81. The Armorica Regional Nature Park: Presentation
The Armorica regional Nature Park. digs have excavated testimony to a long and interestinghistory. sea, for almost half a century was the coast off mauritania.
The Armorica Regional Nature Park
The Aulne Inlet The Crozon Peninsula The Islands Close-up ... Home page
La maison Cornec. L'abbaye du Relec. Top of the page
The Aulne Inlet
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The Crozon Peninsula
Morgat. Top of the page
The islands
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A Divine Punishment Notre-Dame du Relec Of the original abbey buildings, only the church, the vestry and vestiges of the West wing remain. In the abbey, one can still see the stairway built in 1691 so the monks could reach the dormitory directly after night services and a polychrome stone statue of Notre-Dame du Relec from the 14th century. Calvaires Built between 1450 and 1650, the Calvaries are a local invention of Lower Brittany. While the passion of Christ is the central theme, many other scenes of the life of Jesus and figures of locally venerated saints can also be admired. Le "port du sillon courbe" Camaret, the "back-door" to Brest according to Vauban In 1694, the town repulsed an attempted landing by Anglo-Dutch troops seeking to take Brest. Vauban, Louis XIV's military engineer, had bolstered the coastal defenses by building a tower overlooking Camaret. On landing the invaders were welcomed with heavy fire on the beach at Trez Rouz, and finally retreated after only two hours of fighting, leaving one thousand of their comrades behind dead on the beach ... Laminaria farming Coastal seaweed harvesting, with a scythe, and deep- water harvesting, from boats with guillotines (or sometimes gleaning after a storm), have always been strictly regulated. In the last twenty years, this brown seaweed has been harvested from boats with hooks limited in length to 3.50 m. The laminaria are used in food processing, cosmetics and even in paper making.

mauritania. Lamarche, Bruno. Cowling, RM Lombard, AT Heterogeneity, speciation/extinctionhistory and climate explaining regional plant diversity
Vol. LXV June 2002 No. 6
- Entries arranged in geographical order - AFRICA
  • North Africa
  • Tunisia
  • Mauritania ... OUTER SPACE
    (Re)marques sur la ville africaine. No. 41. Printemps 2002. p. 15-26. (English abstract.) Ji, Minhe. Fuzzy modelling of African ecoregions and ecotones using AVHRR NDVI temporal imagery. Geocarto international [Hong Kong] Vol. 17. No. 1. March 2002. p. 21-30. Maps.
    North Africa
    Die Politische Lage im Nahen Osten und Nordafrika nach dem 11. September. Internationale Politik und Gesellschaft [Bonn] No. 1. 2002. p. 48-67.
    Kassah, Abdelfettah. Die Tunesische Inselgruppe der Kerkenna. Geographische Rundschau [Braunschweig] Jahr. 54. Heft 4. April 2002. p. 40-45. Maps. (English summary.)
    Lamarche, Bruno. No. 1504. Mars 2002. p. 103-112. Map.
    Analysis of multitemporal NDVI data for crop yield forecasting in the Sahel. Geocarto international [Hong Kong] Vol. 17. No. 1. March 2002. p. 51-55. Map.
    Laris, Paul.
  • 83. ZUJI
    history, It's difficult to imagine now, but mauritania once had large lakes, riversand enough vegetation to support an abundance of elephants, rhinos and hippos,1277,ZUJIAU|513|1991|1,00.html
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    ... Africa : Mauritania Mauritania
    History It's difficult to imagine now, but Mauritania once had large lakes, rivers and enough vegetation to support an abundance of elephants, rhinos and hippos. There is also evidence of human habitation in the form of arrow heads and rock drawings linked to the ancient Bafour people. This all came to a grinding halt when the Sahara began spreading about 10,000 years ago. Around the 3rd century the camel was introduced to the Berbers in Morocco. For Mauritania, this significant event meant the arrival of the nomads, who were able to cover longer distances with camels as they traded salt - and later gold and slaves - throughout the Western Sahara. In the 9th and 10th centuries the first empire in West Africa emerged. Known as the Empire of Ghana, it had its capital in south-west Mauritania. The Berbers who had settled in the region were reduced to vassals by their nomadic rulers. Islam began spreading throughout the region at this time also. One group, the Almoravids, gained control over the Berbers and established a capital in Marrakesh from where they ruled all of north-west Africa as well as southern Spain. In 1076 they pushed southwards and, with the assistance of Mauritanian Berbers, destroyed the Empire of Ghana. Islam then spread more quickly and freely than before. So vast was the new empire that it effectively split in two with one centre in Morocco and the other ruled by the Berbers of Mauritania. This southern Empire was defeated by the Arabs in 1674; the mix of cultures gave rise to the Moors, and to their stratified caste system.

    84. Instituto Internacional Del Ombudsman: History And Development
    Médiateur de la République (eg France, Gabon, mauritania, Senegal);
    Procurador de los Derechos Humanos Procurador para la Defensa de los Derechos Humanos y las oficinas a nivel estatal con nombres similares y la de Ghana, Protector de los Derechos Civiles de Polonia, el Ombudsman de los Derechos Humanos de Eslovenia y el Comisionado Parlamentario para los Derechos Humanos Defensores del Pueblo
    Por ejemplo:
    • Defensor del Pueblo Parliamentary Commissioner for Administration (Sri Lanka, Reino Unido), Public Protector Protecteur du Citoyen Volksanwaltschaft (Austria), Public Complaints Commission (Nigeria), (Protugal), Difensore Civico (Italia), Investigator-General (Zambia), Citizen's Aide (Iowa) Wafaqi Mohtasib y Lok Ayukta
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    85. 1Up Info Nigeria Regional Groupings
    and the Demographic Transition. ETHNICITY regional Groupings EDUCATION; HEALTHHistory of Modern Madagascar • Maldives • mauritania • Mauritius • Mexico

    86. Panel 6A - Africa / Middle East Regional Consultation
    of the Senegal River Valley has a long history which has been Senegal, Mali and Mauritaniadecided to work together in a regional association founded in
    Regional Consultations Case Studies Cross-Check Survey Thematic Reviews ... Submissions Regional Consultations
    Africa / Middle-East Home Consultations: South Asia
    Dec 1998 Latin America
    Aug 1999 Africa/
    Middle East

    Dec 1999
    Feb 2000 Panel 6A:
    Large Dams and Water Resources Management:Reviewing Alternate Options Dr. Guy Preston
    Ministry of Water Affairs and Forestry, South Africa
    The Working for Water Programme: Case Studies on the Clearing of Invasive Species and Demand-side Management Dr Preston believes that the roles of demand-side management and alien species reduction as alternatives to dams has as much relevance to the rest of Africa and the Middle East as it does in South Africa. Catchment management is a water supply option. Estimates are that 4% of the world GDP is lost through invasive alien plant species which are linked to the characteristics of water runoff in river basins. In South Africa it is a major factor influencing the amount of water flowing in the catchment and covers 10% of the country's catchment area. Removal is an option to increasing flows in rivers. Looking holistically at the opportunities for development in the basin. Lessons learned include the use of watershed management for both national and international river basins. Demand side management and efficient use of water have many dimensions. Lessons learned including information and awareness coupled with socially just pricing strategies. Past experience suggests that looking at water needs also involves looking at the distribution of impacts.

    87. Mauritania -
    mauritania. Compare this section with another country from below Selecta country .

    88. Other Places In Africa Algeria Angola Benin Botswana Burkina Faso
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    Places in Africa

    Mauritania: History
    Independent from France in 1960, Mauritania annexed the southern third of the former Spanish Sahara (now Western Sahara) in 1976, but relinquished it after three years of raids by the Polisario guerrilla front seeking independence for the territory. Opposition parties were legalized and a new constitution approved in 1991. Two multiparty presidential elections since then were widely seen as being flawed; Mauritania remains, in reality, a one-party state. The country continues to experience ethnic tensions between its black minority population and the dominant Maur (Arab-Berber) populace.
    Mauritania Overview

    Mauritania History
    Mauritania Culture Mauritania Geography ...
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    89. IBRO - International Brain Research Organization
    Albania, Madagascar. Angola, Malawi. Armenia, mauritania. Azerbaijan, Mongolia.Benin, Mozambique. Burkina Faso, Myanmar. Burundi, Nepal. Cambodia, Nicaragua. Cameroon,Niger.
    Organization Structure Programmes General Committees Regional Committees ... Public Affairs
    WHO Lists Candidate Countries for Free and Low-Cost Journals The World Health Organization (WHO) has published on its web site a list of countries that are candidates to receive free or discounted subscriptions to electronic versions of science journals. Details of the WHO initiative have already appeared on the IBRO web site Countries with GNP per capita of less than US $1000 are candidates for free access from five publishers (the majority of the offered journals) and minimal prices from one publisher. Countries with GNP per capita between US $1000-$3000 will be offered large discounts. Countries Eligible for Free or Nearly Free Access
    (GNP per capita less than US $1000): Albania Madagascar Angola Malawi Armenia Mauritania Azerbaijan Mongolia Benin Mozambique Burkina Faso Myanmar Burundi Nepal Cambodia Nicaragua Cameroon Niger Central African Republic Nigeria Chad Papua New Guinea Comoros Republic of Moldova Congo Rwanda Côte d'Ivoire São Tomé e Principe Dem Rep of Congo Senegal Djibouti Sierra Leone Eritrea Solomon Islands Ethiopia Somalia Gambia Sudan Georgia Tadjikistan Ghana Togo Guinea Tokelau Guinea-Bissau Turkmenistan Guyana Tuvalu Haiti Uganda Honduras Ukraine Kenya United Rep of Tanzania Kiribati Uzbekistan Kyrgyzstan Vietnam

    90. IBRO - International Brain Research Organization
    COUNTRIES ELIGIBLE FOR FREE OR NEARLY FREE ACCESS (GNP PER CAPITA US$1000) AlbaniaMadagascar Angola Malawi Armenia mauritania Azerbaijan Mongolia Benin
    Organization Structure Programmes General Committees Regional Committees ... Public Affairs
    WHO Lists Candidate Countries

    The World Health Organization (WHO) has published on its web site a list of countries that are candidates to receive free or discounted subscriptions to electronic versions of science journals. ( go to article World Health Organization: Poor Countries to Get Free/Low-Cost Access to Journals
    The World Health Organization recently announced an initiative that will benefit some 600 institutions in underprivileged countries by providing access to otherwise unaffordable journals. ( go to article WHO Lists Candidate Countries The World Health Organization (WHO) has published on its web site a list of countries that are candidates to receive free or discounted subscriptions to electronic versions of science journals. Details of the WHO initiative have already appeared on the IBRO web site

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