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         Mckinley William Us President:     more detail
  1. William Mckinley: Twenty-Fifth President 1897-1901 (Getting to Know the Us Presidents) by Mike Venezia, 2006-09
  2. The Inaugural Speeches of the President - William McKinley by William McKinley, 2009-10-15
  3. William McKinley The State of the Union Address (Presidents) by William McKinley, 2009-07-18
  4. A Treaty of Peace Between the United Sates and Spain. Message from the President of the United States Transmitting a Treaty of Peace Between the United States and Spain, Signed at the City of Paris, on December 19, 1898. by John and McKinley, William Hay, 1899-01-01
  5. A Supplement to A Compilation of the Messages and Papers of the Presidents by William McKinley, 2009-10-04
  6. Compilation of the Messages and Papers of the Presidents by William McKinley, 2009-10-04
  7. Compilation of the Messages and Papers of the Presidents William McKinley, Messages, Proclamations, and Executive Orders Relating to the Spanish-American War by William McKinley, 2009-10-04
  8. ARREST OF HARRY K SPRING & CHARLES W NELSON Message from the President.1898 by William Mckinley, 1898-01-01
  9. FRANK EPPS MESSAGE FROM THE PRESIDENT.Respecting the killing at Nagasaki Japan, by William Mckinley, 1898-01-01
  10. William McKinley Facts about the Presidents: by Joseph Nathan / Podell, Janet Kane, 2009-03-01
  11. The Life of William McKinley, Twenty-fifth President of the United States by ane Elliott Snow, 2009-03-09
  12. Murdering McKinley: The Making of Theodore Roosevelt's America by Eric Rauchway, 2007-04-15
  13. The Religious Life of Famous Americans by Louis Albert Banks, 2010-06-09

21. - United States - New - Library - Humanities - History - US History - U
1. 1Up Info us president william mckinley http// details on education, political life, career, and

22. Alphabetical Index
First Lady of Ohio) McGuffey, william (author, educator) mckinley, Ida Saxton (FirstLady, First Lady of Ohio) mckinley, william (us president, Ohio governor
Alphabetical Index
Allen, William
(Ohio governor)
Anderson, Charles
(Ohio governor)
Anderson, Eliza Brown
(First Lady of Ohio)
Anderson, Sherwood
Armstrong, Neil
Bara, Theda
Bartley, Elizabeth Welles
(First Lady of Ohio)
Bartley, Julia Larwell
(First Lady of Ohio) Bartley, Mordecai (Ohio governor) Bartley, Thomas Welles (Ohio governor) Battle, Kathleen (opera singer) Bebb, Sarah Shuck (First Lady of Ohio) Bebb, William (Ohio governor) Bellows, George (painter) Berry, Halle (actor, model) Bickerdyke, Mary Ann (nurse) Bierce, Ambrose (author) Blackman, Cindy (musician) Blue Jacket (Shawnee leader) Bombeck, Erma (author, humorist) Bromfield, Louis (author) Brough, Caroline Nelson (First Lady of Ohio) Brough, John (Ohio governor) Brown, Ethan Allen (Ohio governor) Brown, John (abolitionist) Brown, Paul (football coach) Bushnell, Asa S. (Ohio governor) Bushnell, Ellen Ludlow (First Lady of Ohio) C Campbell, James E. (Ohio governor) Campbell, M. Elizabeth Owens (First Lady of Ohio) Carey, Drew (actor, comedian) Chapman, Tracy

23. The United States President And Vice President Information Pages
A. Arthur; Grover Clevland; Benjamin Harrison; william mckinley; Theodore(Teddy)Roosevelt;william Howard Taft; Woodrow and search a long list of us president links.

24. President William McKinley Links Page
The American president william mckinley. Encyclopedia Americana william mckinley. williammckinley Second Inaugural Address. us Inaugural Addresses. 1989.

25. All Things William: U.S. Presidents
I was old enough to think intelligently that I would someday be made president.. whata lot of trouble he would have saved us (On taking william mckinley.
William McKinley
The Imperial President Business life, whether among ourselves or with other people, is even a sharp struggle for success. It will be none the less so in the future. Without competition we would be clinging to the clumsy antiquated processes of farming and manufacture and the methods of business of long ago, and the twentieth would be no further advanced than the eighteenth century.
William McKinley Cuba ought to be free and independent, and the government should be turned over to the Cuban people.
William McKinley Good-bye good bye, all. It is God's way. His will, not ours, be done. Nearer my God to Thee, nearer to Thee.
William McKinley (Last words before death; 14 September 1901) I am a tariff man, standing on a tariff platform.
William McKinley I do not prize the word "cheap." It is not a badge of honor. It is a symbol of despair. Cheap prices make for cheap goods; cheap goods make for cheap men; and cheap men make for a cheap country.
William McKinley I have already transmitted to Congress the report of the naval court of inquiry on the destruction of the battleship Maine in the harbor of Havana during the night of the fifteenth of February. The destruction of that noble vessel has filled the national heart with inexpressible horror. Two hundred and fifty-eight brave sailors and marines and two officers of our Navy, reposing in the fancied security of a friendly harbor, have been hurled to death, grief and want brought to their homes and sorrow to the nation.
William McKinley

26. William McKinley
william mckinley. Prosecutor of Stark County, Ohio, 186971; us Representative fromOhio, 1877-83, 1885-91; Governor of Ohio, 1892-96; us president, 1896-1901.
Last updated April 2001
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Executive Branch
The Presidency Harrison, B. ... Roosevelt, T.
William McKinley
25th President
Born: January 29, 1843 in Niles, OH
Died: September 14, 1901 in Buffalo, NY; buried Canton, OH
Spouse: Ida Saxton (1847-1907), married January 25, 1871
Children: 2 daughters
Religion: Methodist
Education: Allegheny Coll., 1860-61; Albany Law School, 1866-67
Military: Union Army, 1861-65
Career: Lawyer, 1867-77; Prosecutor of Stark County, Ohio, 1869-71; U.S. Representative from Ohio, 1877-83, 1885-91; Governor of Ohio, 1892-96; U.S. President, 1896-1901 Administration Two Terms Served: Mar 4, 1897—Mar 3, 1901; Mar 4, 1901—Sep 14, 1901 (pt.) Party Affiliation: Republican Vice President: Garrett A. Hobart, NJ, 1897-99 (Died in office) Theodore Roosevelt , NY, 1901 (Succeeded to presidency upon death of the president) Cabinet Secretary of State: John Sherman, OH, 1897-98 William R. Day, OH, 1898 John Hay, DC, 1898-1901 Secretary of the Treasury: Lyman J. Gage, IL, 1897-1901 Secretary of War: Russell A. Alger, MI, 1897-99

27. US Constitution - William McKinley, 25th President
54 years old, Lawyer, Methodist, Republican. Parents william Nancy (Allison) mckinley.Married January 25, 1871, to Ida Saxton. us Congress Governor of Ohio.

28. US Constitution - Second Inaugural Address Of President William
us Constitution, Second Inaugural Address of president william mckinley.Monday, March 4, 1901. My FellowCitizens WHEN we assembled

29. Search By U.S. President @ SchoolAtlas
many to be the most significant us president. Comprehensive resources on williamHenry Harrisson mckinley, william Comprehensive resources on william mckinley
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  • 30. William McKinley - Books On U.S. Presidents
    Major mckinley is the first completeaccount of the Civil War service of president william mckinley, the last of...... War by william H. Armstrong Book
    William McKinley
    Books on Presidents of the United States Related Books U.S. History
    U.S. Presidents

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    The Presidency
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    Key information
    Best Sellers
    The Presidency of William McKinley

    by Lewis L. Gould
    Hardcover - 294 pages (February 1981)
    Univ Pr of Kansas; ISBN: 0700602062 by William H. Armstrong Book Description Major McKinley is the first complete account of the Civil War service of President William McKinley, the last of the Civil War veterans to reach the White House and the only one who served in the ranks. McKinley enlisted as a private in the 23rd Ohio Volunteer Infantry (later commanded by another future president, Rutherford B. Hayes) and was the regiment’s commissary sergeant when his bravery at the Battle of Antietam led to a commission and an assignment to Hayes’s military staff. McKinley regarded the end of slavery as the significant outcome of the war and valued the contributions of the black soldiers in the Union army. After the war, as a young lawyer and congressman, he defended the rights of freedmen and did so long after others had tired of the cause. He also reached out to former Confederate soldiers in an effort to help restore unity to a divided country. This initiative eventually overshadowed and diminished his advocacy of civil rights. Drawing on a wide variety of sources, including McKinley’s own papers and the diaries and letters of men who served with him, this book presents a new picture of McKinley as a soldier and provides a fresh appreciation of his later life as a veteran in politics.

    31. US Presidents
    13/1901. mckinley, william, us president (25), 01/29/1843, 09/14/1901.Roosevelt, Theodore, us president (26), 10/27/1858, 01/16/1919. Taft
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    32. William McKinley
    us Inaugural Addresses. http //; Encarta Encyclopediawilliam mckinley mckinley, william 18431901, 25th president of the

    33. Encyclopædia Britannica
    The Era of william mckinley History and images of the 25th us president.Focuses on mckinley's relationship with industrialist Saxton McKinley

    34. Encyclopædia Britannica
    leader and a magnetic orator who ran unsuccessfully three times for the us presidency(1896, 1900 mckinley, william william mckinley.25th president of the Jennings Bryan&exact

    35. The Presidents Page
    williammckinley william william mckinleyA Likeable president. James Monroe.
    Virtual Library
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    36. American Presidents History Resources
    william mckinley. william mckinley. James Monroe. william Howard Taft. william HowardTaft National Historic Site. 12th us president Zachary Taylor. Zachary Taylor.
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    History of the Presidency U.S. Presidents Presidential Addresses A Tribute to John Fitzgerald Kennedy ... The Strange Deaths of President Harding
    by Robert H. Ferrell Warren G. Harding Warren G. Harding William Henry Harrison William Henry Harrison ... James Madison
    A Mainstream Revolutionary James Madison James Madison: His Legacy William McKinley William McKinley ... Woodrow Wilson Need to read more about the American Presidency
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    37. Bomis Search Results: William McKinley
    Biography. Basic information about the 25th president (18971901). mckinley, william - Encyclopedia Americana. Biography McKinley

    38. 25th President: William McKinley
    william mckinley was sworn into office as the 25th president of In July 1898, mckinleyreversed the policy of us ; Under the Gold Standard Act, passed in 1900
    William McKinley (1843-1901)
    • Education and Occupations:
          He enrolled in the Poland Seminary in 1852. McKinley entered Allegheny College as a junior in 1860, but he studied there for less than a year. After the Civil War, he studied law at the Youngstown office of Judge Charles Glidden. From 1866-1867, he attended the Albany Law School. He was admitted to the bar in 1867.
        Occupations: McKinley practiced law privately from 1867-1869. From 1869-1871, he served as the Stark County Prosecutor. He resumed his law practice from 1871-1877. McKinley served as the Representative from Ohio's Eighteenth District from 1877-1883 (when he was narrowly defeated by Jonathan H. Wallace) and from 1885-1891. Though he was fundamentally in favor of a sound currency, he voted for the Bland-Allison Act and the Sherman Silver Purchase Act. In 1880 he succeeded James A. Garfield on the House Ways and Means Committee, rising to chairman in 1889. From this position he sponsored the McKinley Tariff of 1890, earning him both praise and criticism. He was the Governor of Ohio from 1892-1896, during which time he called out the National Guard to put down labor-related disturbances, imposed an excise tax on corporations, secured safety legislation for transportation workers, and restricted the antiunion practices of employers.

    39. William McKinley, 1897-1901 President Homework Ranch
    We'd also like to invite ye to sail on by the william mckinley, 18971901 Live HomeworkChatplease presidents president us presidents president,1897-1901hall/shakespeare
    William McKinley, 1897-1901 Homework
    Discussion Ranch

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    THE AMERICAN PRESIDENTS Homework, William McKinley, 1897-1901 , Presidents, and US Presidents all sail aboard The Jolly Roger
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    William McKinley, 1897-1901 Homework Ranch
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    40. PresidentS Resource
    Sites From Hanover College; us Grant Association; us Grant Network; Sites listedby the Grant Network. Grover Cleveland was also the 22nd president william mckinley
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