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  1. William Mckinley: Twenty-Fifth President 1897-1901 (Getting to Know the Us Presidents) by Mike Venezia, 2006-09
  2. The Inaugural Speeches of the President - William McKinley by William McKinley, 2009-10-15
  3. William McKinley The State of the Union Address (Presidents) by William McKinley, 2009-07-18
  4. A Treaty of Peace Between the United Sates and Spain. Message from the President of the United States Transmitting a Treaty of Peace Between the United States and Spain, Signed at the City of Paris, on December 19, 1898. by John and McKinley, William Hay, 1899-01-01
  5. A Supplement to A Compilation of the Messages and Papers of the Presidents by William McKinley, 2009-10-04
  6. Compilation of the Messages and Papers of the Presidents by William McKinley, 2009-10-04
  7. Compilation of the Messages and Papers of the Presidents William McKinley, Messages, Proclamations, and Executive Orders Relating to the Spanish-American War by William McKinley, 2009-10-04
  8. ARREST OF HARRY K SPRING & CHARLES W NELSON Message from the President.1898 by William Mckinley, 1898-01-01
  9. FRANK EPPS MESSAGE FROM THE PRESIDENT.Respecting the killing at Nagasaki Japan, by William Mckinley, 1898-01-01
  10. William McKinley Facts about the Presidents: by Joseph Nathan / Podell, Janet Kane, 2009-03-01
  11. The Life of William McKinley, Twenty-fifth President of the United States by ane Elliott Snow, 2009-03-09
  12. Murdering McKinley: The Making of Theodore Roosevelt's America by Eric Rauchway, 2007-04-15
  13. The Religious Life of Famous Americans by Louis Albert Banks, 2010-06-09

41. Medical History Of President William McKinley
Presley Marion Rixey Surgeon General, us Navy 1902 House physician for both WilliamMcKinley and Theodore military aide first to president Theodore Roosevelt
Doctor Zebra Presidential health List of Presidents Graphical Version The Medical History of President
William McKinley
President #25.
memory cried in office assassination ... Resources Maladies and Conditions Top memory
Boller [ ] says: McKinley had a remarkable memory for faces and names... Once, while waiting for ceremonies to begin at the dedication of a monument at the Antietam battlefield, he walked over to the edge of the platform and called down to an old veteran in blue, "Hello, comrade, I saw you in the crowd at Gettysburg last month when I spoke there, didn't I?" Astonished, the veteran exclaimed, "Yes, but how did you recognize me?" Queried about his memory afterward, McKinley shrugged it off: "Oh, I don't know, it just comes naturally."
cried in office
[Interesting that McKinley advised to take advantage of a physiological fact to conceal from others that he had been crying.] [
McKinley was shot at close range. He underwent surgery within hours. He survived the operation, but died on the ninth post-operative day. Both his post-operative course ] and his autopsy ] have been meticulously documented [ There was intense controversy about McKinley's medical care . Some thought that McKinley could have been saved had renowned surgeon Roswell Park performed the operation . More recent commentators believe, however, that McKinley died from pancreatic necrosis, a condition which is still difficult to treat today, and which the surgeons of McKinley's time could not have treated or prevented [

42. Presidental Temperament
william mckinley, in contrast, is a fine example of the One, the analytic Rational,has given us some of our there has never been an Idealist president in all
Presidential Temperament
Excerpted from Presidential Temperament , by David Keirsey and Ray Choiniere
The year 1912 was a presidential election year, and former President Theodore Roosevelt was again campaigning for the nation's highest office. By the evening of October 14 his campaign had carried him to Milwaukee, Wisconsin, where he was to deliver a speech in the city's public auditorium.The time was nearing for him to speak, so he strode from his hotel onto the sidewalk outside, where a car was waiting to take him to the auditorium. As Roosevelt walked toward the car a man suddenly stepped up to him and pointed a pistol at his heart. The gunman pulled the trigger and a bullet burst from the pistol and smashed its way into Roosevelt's chest. His shirt was suddenly spattered with red, and more blood immediately began seeping from the ugly hole. The bullet had come to rest against his rib cage, a mere half inch from his lungs. "He pinked me!" shouted Roosevelt, as bystanders rushed to subdue the gunman, John Shrank. They wrestled Shrank to the ground and then, seeing Roosevelt's bloody clothing, prepared to rush him to the hospital. But they found Teddy Roosevelt a more difficult man to deal with than the would-be assassin. "TR" adamantly refused to go for help. "You just stay where you are!" he thundered. "I am going to make this speech and you might as well compose yourself." Teddy Roosevelt was as good as his word that October evening. Still wearing his torn and red-stained shirt, he had himself driven to the auditorium and there, Shrank's bullet lodged in his chest, he pulled out his blood-spattered notes and gave his speech. "I have a message to deliver," he declared to the stunned audience, "and I will deliver it as long as there is life in my body."

43. William McKinley
william Mc Kinley 35th president of the United States 25th under the us Constitution.Message of president william mckinley nominating John Sherman to be

44. US, 1865-1939.
edu; william mckinley; william mckinley;william mckinley A Likeable president; mckinley Museum
US, 1865-1939

45. Welcome To America
presidential Center http// National mckinley Birthplace Memorial http// president william H. Harrison
The site of President McKinley's home in Canton is now marked by a plaque near the location of the home. Page 1 Page 2 Page 3
Seal Capital :
Columbus Highest point : Campbell Hill, 1,549 feet Area : 44,828 square miles 34th largest state Population : 11,353,140 (2000 US Census) Motto : With God all things are possible Admitted to Union : March 1, 1803 State Song : " Beautiful Ohio " State Bird : Cardinal State Flower : Scarlet Carnation State Tree : Buckeye
Ohio office of tourism :
State of Ohio :
Governor of Ohio :
City of Columbus :
City of Dayton :
City of Cincinati :
City of Cleveland :
Ohio State Fair : President Grant Birthplace :

46. U.S. President And Chief Justice Of The Supreme Court William Howard Taft Was Bo
Taft Was Born September 15, 1857 In 1900, president william mckinley appointedTaft to organize a civilian government in the Philippines. The us had taken
President Taft speaking at Manassas Court House, Virginia in 1911
U.S. President and Chief Justice of the Supreme Court William Howard Taft Was Born
September 15, 1857

In 1900, President William McKinley appointed Taft to organize a civilian government in the Philippines. The U.S. had taken possession of this island nation at the close of the Spanish-American War in 1898. Taft served as the first non-military governor of the Philippines. President Theodore Roosevelt named Taft secretary of war in 1904, like his father. When Teddy Roosevelt prepared to retire his presidency, this popular and influential politician promoted Taft as the next Republican president.
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47. US Presidents - William McKinley
us presidents. United States presidents. william mckinley, 1897 1901, Twenty-fifthpresident Republican Vice president - Garret A. Hobart (1897-1899) Theodore
US Presidents
Displaying Flag
Flag Folding Ceremony
For more Information on this President
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US Presidents
United States Presidents William McKinley
Twenty-fifth President
Vice President -
Garret A. Hobart (1897-1899)
Theodore Roosevelt (1901) Born: January 29, 1843 Niles Ohio Occupation: Lawyer Married Ida Saxton Died: September 14, 1901 Buffalo, New York Early Years:
McKinley went to school in Ohio and attended Allegheny College in Pennsylvania. He left to teach in a country school, fought in the Civil War, studied law and opened an office in Ohio. His Presidency: McKinley reluctantly agreed to declare war on Spain when the USS Main was blown up in Havana Harbor and 260 Americans were killed. In less than four months, the United States won the war and gained control of Puerto Rico, Guam and the Philippines, Cuba gained its independence. McKinley was a popular president, but was assassinated after being reelected the second time. His Life: At the 1896 Republican Convention, in time of depression, the wealthy Cleveland businessman Marcus Alonzo Hanna ensured the nomination of his friend William McKinley as "the advance agent of prosperity." The Democrats, advocating the "free and unlimited coinage of both silver and gold"which would have mildly inflated the currencynominated William Jennings Bryan.

48. Bigchalk: HomeworkCentral: McKinley, President William (Major Figures)
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McKinley, President William

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  • 49. Bigchalk: HomeworkCentral: Jan. 29: President McKinley's Birthday, 1843 (Today I
    Ohio years; Biography; Era of william mckinley; Genealogy; Outline White House Glimpse.mckinley THE POLITICIAN 1891 Timelines; Major Figures; us Military; Spanish
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    Jan. 29: President McKinley's Birthday, 1843

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  • World Book Online Article on MCKINLEY, WILLIAM
  • Bio From the McKinley musuem
  • Bio With emphasis on Ohio years
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  • 50. "Lights Out In The City Of Light"- Anarchy And Assassination At The Pan-American
    he has to swallow us to do it, why, we know He'll give us all protection it was gangreneor a lethal buildup of body fluid, president william mckinley died at
    Images of President William McKinley
    at the Pan-American Exposition
    G ood-bye-good bye, all. It's God's way. His will, not ours, be done. Nearer my God to Thee, nearer to Thee. P resident William McKinley attended the Pan-American Exposition on September 5, 1901, the day set aside in his honor as President's Day. The schedule of his events published in the daily program for the day shows that he was scheduled to be at the Exposition from 10:00 a.m. until after 8:00 p.m.
    President McKinley riding on the Great Gorge
    Railway at Niagara Falls, Sept. 5, 1901.
    he following are images of President McKinley's President's Day Speech on the grounds of the Pan-American Exposition, Sept. 5, 1901. President's Day had originally been scheduled for June 13, 1901, during McKinley's extensive tour of the country in response to his re-election. However, Mrs. McKinley fell gravely ill during the tour and President's Day was rescheduled.
    "[McKinley] was always so sweet and kind and gentle," Frances [Johnston] remembered, "and so anxious to pose just the way you wanted him to, but always a little self-conscious before the camera, and so never at his best. But I finally caught him at the climax of a great speech, when he had wholly forgotten himself, and it proved his best portrait, and sadly enough, his last."

    51. Cosmic Baseball Association-William McKinley
    william mckinley. 25th us president. Outfield. william mckinley. YEARPOS BA AB H HR RBI 1983 if .210 328 69 7 36 1984 of .257 307 79
    William McKinley
    25th U.S. President
    William McKinley
    YEAR POS BA AB H HR RBI 1983 if .210 328 69 7 36 1984 of .257 307 79 7 34 1985 of .229 258 59 6 28 1986 of .236 398 94 9 44 1987 of .215 381 82 9 42 1988 cf .266 563 150 13 62 1989 cf .193 306 59 7 33 1990 cf .175 377 66 9 41 1991 of .215 231 59 2 22 1992 of .167 12 2 1993 of .260 100 26 1994 of .270 100 27 7 12 12 Seasons .230 3361 772 76 354 Key
    POS-Position; BA-Batting Average; H-Hits
    HR-Homeruns; RBI-Runs Batted In
    Inconsistent in the field, inconsistent at the plate, he's had a couple years on the "inactive roster" so he might be even more of a problem. Occasionally he can produce at the plate in a big way with clutch hitting competence.

    1997 Washington Presidents Roster
    William McKinley- 1997 Washington Presidents

    52. Grave-McKinley-William
    Name william mckinley. Categories 25th president of the usA us Congressmanfrom Ohio. 39th Governor of Ohio. Burial Location mckinley
    Name: William McKinley Categories: President of the USA US Congressman from Ohio Governor of Ohio Burial Location: McKinley National Memorial, Canton, Ohio, USA. See the Death in Office Rule for Presidential Monuments Mike's Notes: Quick, tell me who assassinated William McKinley! Don't know his name? Don't worry, it's not as easy to remember as John Wilkes Booth or Lee Harvey Oswald. Maybe if this guy could have chosen a better name, he would be better remembered. See William McKinley's grave at Find A Click here to see a slide show of all the U.S. Presidents' graves!

    53. Ulster Society - William McKinley - American President
    25th president of the United States 1897 1901 eight years later when he enteredthe us Congress and It was under william mckinley that America began to emerge
    William McKinley
    25th President of the United States 1897 - 1901) Ancestral Ulster County: Antrim
    Birthplace: Niles, Ohio Religious
    Denomination: Methodist
    Political Party: Republican William McKinley was the great-great-grandson of James McKinley, who had emigrated to America about 1743 from Conaghel·, County Antrim. He was born on 29 January 1843 in Niles, Ohio. McKinley was working as a post office clerk when the Civil War began in April 1861 and he immediately enlisted as a private in the 23rd Regiment of Ohio Volunteers. By the time the war ended, four years later, he had risen through the ranks to Brevet Major. Returning to civilian Life, McKinley now entered the law and was elected District Ptttorney for Canton, Ohio in 1868. His first step on the political ladder came eight years later when he entered the US Congress and then served as Governt,r of Ohio from 1892-96, when he ran successfully for the presidency. The great event of the McKinley presidency was war with Spain in support of Cuban independence. America's entry into the conflict quickly tipped the balance and she was rewarded with the acquisition of Puerto Rico, Guam and the Phillipines.

    54. Lbpr
    us presidents Homepages. Garfiled, James (1881) 20th president of the usA, mckinley,william (18971901) 25th president of the usA, Wilson, Woodrow (1913-21
    U. S. Presidents Resources President Info Presidential Libraries The American Presidency Inaugural Addresses ... Hail to the Chief U. S. Presidents Homepages Adams, John
    2nd President of the USA Grant, Ulysses S.
    18th President of the USA Monroe, James
    5th President of the USA Adams, John
    6th President of the USA Harding Warren
    29th President of the USA Nixon, Richard
    37th President of the USA Arthur, Chester
    21st President of the USA Harrison, Benjamin
    23rd President of the USA Pierce, Franklin
    14th President of the USA Buchanan, James
    15th President of the USA Harrison, William Henry 9th President of the USA Polk, James 11th President of the USA Bush, George H.W. 41st President of the USA Hayes, Rutherford B. 19th President of the USA Reagan, Ronald

    55. William McKinley
    Jr., 18431901 (Biographical Directory of the us Congress) william mckinley (AmericanPresidency Grolier) william mckinley (American president) Biography of
    Search Page Science Site Index Main Start Page
    25th President (1897-1901)
    Biographical Data
    Religious Views

    Education: Allegheny College (did not graduate)
    Occupation: lawyer
    Political Affiliation: Republican
    Organizational Affiliation(s): Mason
    Religious Affiliation: Methodist
    Summary of Religious Views:
    McKinley believed the U.S. government had a duty to help spread Christianity and Western civilization to the rest of the world.
    "I assume the arduous and responsible duties of President of the United States, relying upon the support of my countrymen and invoking the guidance of Almighty God. Our faith teaches that there is no safer reliance than upon the God of our fathers, who has so singularly favored the American people in every national trial, and who will not forsake us so long as we obey His commandments and walk humbly in His footsteps" First Inaugural Address, 4 March 1897 "Good-bye—good bye, all. It’s God’s way. His will, not ours, be done. Nearer my God to Thee, nearer to Thee." last words before death, 14 September 1901
    Books Articles Links
    John M. Dobson

    56. **President William McKinley High School's 2000 FIRST Robotics
    If you have any questions or comments, please email us at mckinleyshop5@hotmail.comor snailmail us at mckinley High School 1039 South King Street Bldg.
    E Komo Mai
    Mahalo for visiting the McKinley High School 2000 FIRST Robotics Team Website. We are honored to be chosen by the NASA Ames Research Center to be a part of this momentous project. Together with Waialua High School's Robotics Team (Team #359), we are the first schools in the State of Hawai'i to participate in this exciting competition.
    In April of last year, teacher Mr. Jason Morrella and members of the Broadway High School FIRST Robotics Team from San Jose, California, along with Mr. Tom Dyson from NASA Ames Research Center, introduced McKinley High School to this event. Their demonstration of Broadway High's winning robot, "Cartman", inspired our students to eagerly accept the challenge of conceiving, constructing and entering our own component into the 2000 FIRST Robotics event .
    In early August 1999, we selected the members for our team and conducted weekly meetings. As the weeks progressed, our team advisor Mr. Milton Lau produced a mock robotics competition with mini robots. This activity prepared us for the teamwork, commitment, and hard work needed to succeed. Similar to the actual competition, we had a restricted time period of two weeks to construct a robot on a limited budget with a kit filled with motors, solenoids, wires, scrap aluminum, batteries, etc. The competition was a one-on-one battle with four different teams on a soccer-like field configured with PVC pipes. The goal: To get as many ping-pong balls into the goal in three minutes.
    Fundraising was also an integral part of the team’s agenda. Hundreds of letters were sent to businesses, asking for monetary and/or technical contributions. Our team fabricated dolphin and whalphin trinkets made from the seedpods of the sandbox tree, and holiday gift bags that were sold at local craft fairs.

    57. Internet Obituary Network, Obituary For American President William McKinley
    president william mckinley was succeeded by his Vice president, who carried fortha number of Photograph of mckinley Obituaries for us presidents.
    American President William McKinley, 1843-1901
    Republican President William McKinley, under whom the United States gained its first overseas possessions, was the first American Chief Executive to use high publicity campaigning successfully, and the second Chief Executive to die by assassination in 1901. Honored during his lifetime with the naming of America's highest peak, Mount McKinley William McKinley, America's 25th President was 68 years old when he died September 14th, 1901. Born in Niles, Ohio on January 29th 1843, William McKinley was the son of modest industrialist William McKinley, the owner of a small charcoal furnace and iron works, and his wife Nan Allison McKinley. Well read and inclined toward academics McKinley had been working as an 18-year-old county school master at the onset of the Civil War. Enlisting as a private in an Ohio regiment of the Union Army, McKinley served under Rutherford B. Hayes, who later became America's 19th President. By the time McKinley received his discharge in 1865, he had been decorated for bravery and reached the rank of major . Returning to Ohio, the 22-year-old veteran took up the study of law and by age 25 was a lawyer with his own practice in Canton, Ohio, where he married Ida Saxton, the daughter of a local banker, in 1871.

    58. President William McKinley
    In william mckinley Advocate of Imperialism, an article written in 1972 about themoral value of us expansion he liked to smoke cigars, mckinley never allowed
    Photographic History of the Spanish-American War Moral and Political Ideals of William McKinley
    by Babacar M'Baye
    Introduction I. Moral and Political Ideals of William McKinley A. Moral Ideal B.Political Ideal ... Conclusion
    William McKinley's moral and political crusade is a drama that suggests the complexity of both the man and the people he served. Born in January 29, 1843 in Niles, Ohio, McKinley rose to symbolize the spirit of his age. The aim of this paper is to find out the extent to which McKinley's moral and political ideals help us understand the man and the American society in which he lived. This paper is an attempt to clear a way out of the controversial web that most historians have already created around McKinley. In the first part of this paper, I look at how McKinley's moral and political ideals are reflected in some of his actions while he was President of the United States. In the second part, I explore the political and religious foundations of McKinley's moral and political ideals. Third, I will suggest the extent to which McKinley's moral and political beliefs reveal strong characteristics of the American society of the 1890s. I hope to indicate the impact of some of the recent historiography about the way we could perceive McKinley in the next millennium. I. Moral and Political Ideals of McKinley

    59. Ohio TCESC
    Ohio presidents Eight us presidents were elected from Vincent Voice Library RealAudiorecording of william mckinley. Memory Type in president mckinley in the

    Bicentennial Home Page
    Famous Ohioans

    President McKinley

    100+ Ohio Sites

    Ohio Presidents
    Ohio Presidents Eight U.S. presidents were elected from the Buckeye State, earning Ohio the nickname, the Mother of Presidents. From the Ohio Secretary of State's online publication, Ohio Defined. William McKinley Links

    60. Teoma Search: William McKinley
    william mckinley 24th president of the United St RedRock Elementary PTO- us presidents McKinley

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