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         Medieval England Regional History:     more books (100)
  1. Medieval England: A Social History 1250-1550 by P.J.P. Goldberg, 2004-11-26
  2. Waterways and Canal-Building in Medieval England (Medieval History and Archaeology)
  3. Marriage Litigation in Medieval England (Cambridge Studies in English Legal History) by R. H. Helmholz, 2007-03-26
  4. Who's Who in the Late Medieval England: 1272 - 1485 (Whos Who in British History Series) by M. A. Hicks, 1991-06
  5. Piety, Power and History in Medieval England and (Variorum Collected Studies Series) by Marjorie Chibnall, 2000-05
  6. The Premonstratensian Order in Late Medieval England (Studies in the History of Medieval Religion) by Joseph A. Gribbin, 2000-12-28
  7. Peasants and Landlords in Later Medieval England (Sutton History Paperbacks) by E. B. Fryde, 2000-06
  8. The Convent and the Community in Late Medieval England: Female Monasteries in the Diocese of Norwich, 1350-1540 (Studies in the History of Medieval Religion) by Marilyn Oliva, 1998-03-20
  9. Medieval England: A Social History and Archaeology from the Conquest to A.D. 1600 by Colin Platt, 1989-02
  10. Transforming Talk: The Problem With Gossip in Late Medieval England by Susan E. Phillips, 2007-03-30
  11. The Transformation of Medieval England, 1370-1529 (Foundations of Modern Britain) by John A. F. Thomson, 1983-03
  12. Death, Art, and Memory in Medieval England: The Cobham Family and Their Monuments, 1300-1500 by Nigel Saul, 2001-06-07
  13. The Kings Of Medieval England, c. 560-1485 by Larry W. Usilton, 1996-08-30
  14. Credit and Debt in Medieval England c.1180-c.1350

41. UMKC Media Relations Experts Guide - History
and Chair of Art history Kansas City regional history, historical research InformationAssociate Professor of history Ancient, medieval and Tudor england.
William Ashworth, Jr.
Associate Professor
Reginald L. Bassa
Program for Adult College Education (PACE), Global security issues, nationalism, race, ethnic conflict as well as environmental policy, health and poverty issues, economic development policy and German politics; doctoral studies completed at Cambridge, England, and lived in Germany seven years. Graduate of U.S. Military Academy at West Point, currently campus liaison officer for U.S. Navy. for four-state region
Andrew Stuart Bergerson
Professor of History and Religious Studies
David Boutros
Associate Professor and Chair of Art History
Kansas City regional history, historical research methods and sources, identification of photographs, preservation, conservation and salvage of historical documents, Kansas City area architecture and architects, archives and records management.
Gary Ebersole
Professor of History and Religious Studies
History of religions, Japanese history and culture, the role of weeping/tears in the religions of the world, space and time in religion.

42. 2nd International Legal History Conference
the legal world and the interdisciplinarity of legal history. in the Landscape Criminality,Outlawry and regional Identity in Later medieval england. legal history conference.html
Home Page Undergraduate Info Postgraduate Info CLP ... Contact Details
INTERNATIONAL LEGAL HISTORY CONFERENCE MAPPING THE LAW Examining the jurisdictional, jurisprudential, geographical, conceptual, perceptual, gendered and ethical boundaries of the law in the medieval and early modern periods to be held at the
3 – 5 April 2003
Following the success of the International Legal History Conference on the theme of Expectations of the Law in the Middle Ages Mapping the Law and the chronological span is extended to include the early modern period. The conference aims to explore not only the geographical boundaries of the law as represented by different jurisdictions, but also the perceptual and jurisprudential ones. In addition to seeking to understand the discrete categories into which types of law and legal rules are sometimes placed, consideration will be given to the traversing and re-drawing of boundaries, to the overlaps between jurisdictions, and between custom(s) and law(s). The conference wishes to reflect both the conflict and complementarity that exist in the legal world and the interdisciplinarity of legal history. List of Speakers and Papers Trisha Olson (Emory Law School, Atlanta)

43. Department Of History, University Of Exeter, UK
regional. s Literature, 14001550’, Conference on history of Childhood material published);‘Elementary Education in medieval england’, Harlaxton medieval
@import url(../../../shipss.css); Undergraduate Postgraduate Staff Modules ... Resources
Professor Nicholas Orme MA DPhil DLitt Oxon FSA FRHistS biography research publications other
Other Information/Links
PERSONAL HISTORY AND ACADEMIC CAREER Degrees Magdalen College, Oxford, open exhibitioner, 1959. School of Modern History, Distinction in the Preliminary Examination, 1960. College prizes, 1961 and 1962. First class, final honours school, 1962. BA, 1962. MA, 1966. D.Phil., 1969. D.Litt., 1986. Visiting Posts, Fellowships, and Awards Research grants, for research and publications, from the British Academy/AHRB, the Marc Fitch Fund, the Richard III and Yorkist History Trust, the Iverdean Trust, the Dean and Chapter of Exeter Cathedral, the Bishop of Exeter, the Devon and Cornwall Record Society, the Devonshire Association, and the Exeter University Research Fund. National Council for the Humanities, grant to participate in a conference in the USA, 1988. Learned Societies National Fellow of the Royal Historical Society, 1973. Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries, 1982. Member, Institute of Learning and Teaching, 2000. Member, Ecclesiastical History Society, 1994.

in Madrid, PhD in medieval history, 1993,. Healing Medicine, Religion and Genderin england. Specialist subject Landscape Architecture, Local/regional history
WHO'S WHO IN HISTORY STUDIES - P. PASCLIA Dr. Esther LECTURER 64-71 South Street, St. Andrews, KY16 8BP Scotland Tel: 01334 463311 Fax: 01334 463334 email: Specialist subject: Environmental History - Medieval monasteries, notions of nature, livestock in the middle ages. Post Doctoral 2-yours stay in LSE (London). Publications: Guerra y Pacto en el S.XII (Peace and War in 12th c. Europe), ( Madrid 1996); Transacciones si n mercado (Out of the Market: Cistercians in 13th c. Galica) , (Madrid 1999) Academic Papers: Peace Among Equals, for Anglo-American Conference, London (2000). PELLING Margaret HISTORIAN Clarendon Building, Broad Street, Oxford, Oxon OX1 3BG Tel/Fax: 01865 277232 email: Specialist subject Social history of medicine/urban history: health, medicine and social conditions in early modern London Biog: M.A., M.Litt. Publications: Cholera, Fever and English Medicine 1825-1865, The Common Lot: (editor, with Hilary Marland) The Task of Healing: Medicine, Religion and Gender in England and the Netherlands 1450-1800

45. Humanities / History - StudyDIY.NET
Celtic Studies MA medieval British Studies MA medieval British Studies MA Universityof Central england. Landscape history MA in Local and regional history MA in
¥xÆW¯d¾ÇªA°Èºô §Ú­Ì©Ò´£¨ÑªºªA°È

¦p¦ó¼¶¼gŪ®Ñ­p¹º? ... ¦³ö GMAT¦Ò¸Õ ¥xÆWStudyDIY Tel. 02-24968995 Fax.02-24967477
UK University Online Prospectus StudyDIY /History University of Aberdeen MA in Byzantine Studies
MA in Social Research (Economic and Social History)

University of Birmingham
... Service

46. HI127
Ages Social Change in england, 12001520 Epstein, SR, ‘regional Fairs, InstitutionalInnovation, and Economic Growth in Late-medieval Europe’, Economic
THE MEDIEVAL WORLD Aims and Objectives Assessment Module Timetable Module Team ... History Department Homepage

Feminist Studies Collections Women in history history regional Lesbian and Gay england. historyAn Overview Victorian Census Project medieval English urban
This Page contains a list of some different types of resources available on the WWW for studying women's history.
World History : HyperHistory
The History Ring
History Matters
History at Yahoo ...
History Regional
Gender and Sexuality
Scottish Women's History Network
Feminist Studies Collections: Women in History
Gay History and Literature
Feminist Studies Collections: Women in History ...
International Institute of Social History
By Period
Classical (pre-200)
Classics at Oxford
Voice of the Shuttle: Classical Studies Page
The Ancient World Web
Seminar 1: Antiquity ...
Jay's Roman History, Coins and Technology Site
General Cover
Early (pre-1000)
Medieval (1000-1400)
Medieval English urban history
Medieval Sourcebook: Economic Life
Medieval Sourcebook: Social History ...
The Ecole Initiative: Index Page
Renaissance (1400-1600)
The British Academy John Foxe Project
Renaissance Forum
Medieval Sourcebook: Renaissance
Early Modern (1600-1800)
Eighteenth-Century Resources
The Jacobite Heritage
Encyclopaedia of British History
Eighteenth-Century Resources History
Modern (post 1800)
Victorian Political History: An Overview
Victorian Census Project
Furman University 19th Century Documents
TLTP Modern History Tutorials ...
The Database of Irish Historical Statistics, CDDA

48. Center For Medieval And Renaissance Studies Regional Faculty
If you would like information about our regional Faculty Affiliates Drama and Poetry);Michael Altschul, Professor of history (medieval england and British Isles
Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies
Faculty Affiliates
If you would like information about our Regional Faculty Affiliates program, contact the Center at 614-292-7495.
  • Tom Bishop , Associate Professor of English (Renaissance Drama and Poetry)
    Michael Altschul,
    Professor of History (Medieval England and British Isles)
  • Glending Olson , Professor of English (Late Medieval Literature and Culture, Chaucer)
    Edward R. Haymes
    , Professor of German and Comparative Literature (Germanic heroic literature. Old Norse sagas. Middle High German courtly literature. Epic and Romance)
  • C. Paul Christianson, Professor of English (Chaucer; Manuscript Studies; Book Trade in Late Medieval London)
  • Kay Slocum, Gerhold Professor of Humanities Department of History
  • Charles E. Scillia, Chair of Art History and Humanities
  • Susanna Greer Fein , Associate Professor of English (Middle English Poetry; Late Medieval Lay Piety)

49. The Medieval City - Britain
before the Great Fire, Urban history Yearbook (1984 Local Markets and regional Tradein medieval Exeter medieval england Towns, Commerce and Crafts, 10861348
I-VI Outline
IV The Medieval City

Online Resources

Site Map
IV The Medieval City
5. Britain
a. England Baker, Nigel, et at. "From Roman to Medieval Worcester: Development and Planning in the Anglo-Saxon City," Antiquity 66 (March, 1992), 65-74. Baker, Timothy. Medieval London Barron, Caroline. "Centres of Conspicuos Consumption: The Aristocratic Town House in London, 1200-1550," The London Journal , 20 (July, 1995). -. "London in the Later Middle Ages," The London Journal , 20 (Dec., 1995). Benton, J.F. ed. Town Origins: The Evidence from Medieval England Beresford, Maurice. New Towns of the Middle Ages Biddle, M. ed., Blair, John and Nigel Ramsay, eds., English Medieval Industries Borelli, G. "The Towns of England and Northern Italy in the Early Fourteenth Century," Economic History Review 44 (Feb., 1991), 21-35. Brechin, Derek. The Conqueror's London. Britnell, Richard. "The Black Death in English Towns," Urban History 21 (Oct., 1994) 195-210. The Comercialization of English Society, 1100-1500 Brooke, C.N.L.

50. Forthcoming Events
regional history Centre, Conference LATER medieval BRISTOL COMMUNITY, COMMUNICATIONSAND CONFLICT, Sat 15th March, University of the West of england.
The Regional History Centre at the University of the West of England Forthcoming Events, Exhibitions and Conferences WESTWARD HO! FAMILY HISTORY CONFERENCE 3rd to 6th April 2003 Exeter University 11th November 2002 to 31st January 2003 Regional History Centre, Conference : Image, Identity and Urban Experience in South West England, 1688-1832 . Saturday 28th June 2003. Universoty of the West of England "Willingly to School" An exhibition at the Gloucestershire Record Office 3rd March to 23rd May 2003 The exhibition planned for the Spring will mark the centenary of the Local Education Authority in Gloucestershire. For further information contact James Turtle e-mail: Regional History Centre History School Home Page

51. King, Dunmail, Cumbria, Medieval, History, Dark Ages, Britons
the Strathclyde royal house fled to Wales, and disappear from history. King of Gododdin,which was a regionalkingdom overlapping NE england and SE
he aim of this section is to define the lands of North Western England between 400-1066 AD. This section is very much a work in progress and will be updated as my research progresses. If you have any comments then please feel free to send me an email. Last Updated 17th January 02 Reference in historical texts to the region which forms present day Cumbria seem to be split into three eras from the end of Roman rule up to the unification of England in the 11th century.
  • 410-620 North Rheged 620-908 Northumbria (Viking)* 908-1066 Strathclyde (also conqured by Saxon/Scotish alliance in this period)
* Describing Cumbria as Northumbria between 620-908 is perhaps a gross generalization but as yet I have not devoted much study time to the period. Please also refer to the timeline page where a more detailed list of kings is portrayed. Present Present day Cumbria was formed in 1974 as part of a UK wide re-organisation of counties. It encompasses the old counties of Cumberland, Westmorland and the North West section of Lancashire. 10th Century Cumbria in the tenth century was another (perhaps much later) name for "Regnum Cumbrense" which was a collection of districts covering the lands of the Britons on the North West coast of England. The name was in common use at least 100 years prior to the creation of the modern day county of

52. Regional Studies
update, though rarely supersede, the Victoria County history. are a number of importantregional studies of A baronial family in medieval england the Clares
Contents Index regional studies
Help Main Page
Return to Domesday Book Return to bibliography
Studies of a regional and local nature are too numerous to be even briefly mentioned here, but a few of them are of national significance. David R. Bates, Bibliography of Domesday Book provides full listings of county studies published up to 1984
Each of the county sets of the Victoria County History contains a chapter on Domesday Book, most of a high quality and often the best starting point for their area, despite their age. The introductions to each county in the Alecto edition of Domesday Book update, though rarely supersede, the Victoria County History . H.C. Darby's regional volumes of the Domesday Geography , are another important resource, the volumes being: Domesday geography of south-west England Domesday geography of south-east England Domesday geography of eastern England Domesday geography of midland England Domesday geography of northern England . To these should be added, H. Hallam, Rural England, 1066-1348 , which, though indigestible, summarises materials not easily found elsewhere. The volumes of the

53. Department Of History At York, Dr Jeremy Goldberg
collection of Church court records, a rich collection of regional wills, and (ed.and trans.) Women in england c. 1275 (ed.) Women in medieval English Society
JEREMY GOLDBERG, MA (Cantab and York), PhD (Cantab)
Office: King's Manor K/284
Tel: (01904) 43-3945
Fax: (01904) 43-3918
Web Page: Teaching web page
Jeremy Goldberg is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of History and a member of the Medieval Urban Household Research Project. His research focuses upon later medieval English social and cultural history; women’s and gender history.

Research Interests:
Jeremy Goldberg has published extensively in the area of women’s work, nuptiality, and the family in later medieval England, but his interests range widely within the fields of social and cultural history. Recently he has worked variously on guild drama and its relation to civic government, prostitution, masculinity in the workshop, servanthood, and the social context of variously the Lutterell Psalter and a York Book of Hours. He is particularly committed to interdisciplinary approaches and is increasingly sensitive to the value of applying analytical tools derived from literary scholarship to the reading of historical sources. He is currently writing a social history of the English later Middle Ages, but hopes in time to work on a study of the family within a wider European context.
Resources available for research students in York:
The JB Morrell Library and the Gurney Library (Borthwick Institute) between them hold a reasonable run of county record society editions of primary sources. The Borthwick Institute itself contains an unrivalled collection of Church court records, a rich collection of regional wills, and substantial materials relating to diocesan administration. Additional medieval archival sources are housed within the City Archives and the York Minster Library.

54. History Books
Revolutionary Life and Death of the medieval Cathars by analysis of regional folkwaysin england and America The Origin and Persistence of regional Cultures in
Eclectic Books Home A Study of History
Abridgement of Volumes I-VI
by Arnold Toynbee
The Landmark Thucydides: A Comprehensive Guide to the Peloponnesian War

Ed. Robert B. Strassler The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire
by Edward Gibbon The Reign of the Phallus: Sexual Politics in Ancient Athens
by Eva C. Keuls
by Lynn White The Italian Renaissance
by Peter Burke The Elizabethan Renaissance
by A. L. Rowse Shiloh
by Shelby Foote The Second World War by Winston S. Churchill Imagine Nation: The American Counterculture of the 1960s and 70s ed. Peter Braunstein and Michael William Doyle Republic of Dreams: Greenwich Village: The American Bohemia, 1910-1960 by Ross Wetzsteon The Albigensian Crusades by Joseph R. Strayer A Study of History Abridgement of Volumes VII-X by Arnold Toynbee The Histories by Herodotus The Greeks and The Irrational by E. R. Dodds The Mind of the Middle Ages: AD 200-1500, An Historical Study by Frederick Binkerd Artz The Waning of the Middle Ages by Johan Huizinga Between the Ancients and the Moderns: Baroque Culture in Restoration England by Joseph M. Levine

55. Winners National History, P.01.
sourced essays, photo features and a detailed timeline of regional history. and loreof the British Isles During medieval times Scotland (england), Kentucky (USA

56. Prospectus
regional history NorthWest england the First Industrial Sources for Local and regionalhistory, 1780-1914; special reference to Cumbria; medieval Sources and
Webcraft by Credo
Prospectus, 2003 Entry
Masters Degrees
MA in Historical Research

Social and Cultural History
Political History
Medieval History
History of Ideas/Science
Women's History
Landscape History
H istory of Law and Society
Local and Regional History
Postgraduate Diplomas Local and Regional History ... Research Degrees: Ph.D/M.Phil Contacts Ghil O'Neill : General Enquiries and Further Information Dr Michael Winstanley Dr Gordon Phillips MA and Research degrees Dr Angus Winchester : Local and Regional History Masters D egrees (MA)
The Department offers three distinctive MA schemes, each of them designed to cater for different interests.
  • Researching History : MA in Historical Research with subject 'pathways'
  • I nterdisciplinary MA : MA/LLM in History of Law and Society;
  • Local and Regional Studies : MA in Local and Regional History
Assessment Assessment is by coursework and an independent research project. Each TAUGHT module has its own mode of assessment. Entry Requirements Applicants should normally hold, or expect to hold at least an upper second class honours degree (or equivalent) in History or related discipline.

57. Nipissing University
HIST 2415E British Empire and Commonwealth; HIST 2425E history of medieval england; 19thcentury Canadian history; HIST 3226 Topics in Canadian regional history;

Ages (New York, 1995), in Social history 22(1997 of Maryanne Kowaleski, Local Marketsand regional Trade in Dyer, Everyday Life in medieval england (London, 1994
James Paul Masschaele
14 Wellington Place, New Brunswick, NJ 08901. Tel: (732) 249-5382 (home); (732) 932-6705 (work) E-mail:
1985-1990 University of Toronto. PhD from the Centre for Medieval Studies, awarded in June 1990. 1984-1987 Pontifical Institute of Medieval Studies. Medieval Studies Licentiate ( summa cum laude ) awarded in December, 1987. 1984-1985 University of Toronto.MA (Medieval Studies) awarded in October, 1985. 1979-1983 University of Western Ontario. BA (Honors History) awarded in June, 1983.
Scholarships and Fellowships
1997-1998 Rutgers University Board of Trustees Research Fellowship for Scholarly Excellence. 1995 American Council of Learned Societies, Travel Grant. 1993-1994 Faculty Fellow at the Rutgers Center for Historical Analysis. 1989-1991 Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRCC) Postdoctoral Fellowship, held at the Pontifical Institute of Medieval Studies, Toronto, Canada. 1987-1989 SSHRCC Doctoral Scholarship
Employment History
1997- Associate Professor, History Department, Rutgers University.

59. New England Regional Edition - The Harvard Scene, September-October 1996
ranging from identification of common New england plants to Thoughts on the Transmissionof medieval Music, with Room 2, Paine Hall); Music history and Theory

Main Menu
Search Current Issue Contact ... Tastes of the Town Dining Guide The Harvard Scene Sports Schedules Reinstalled: von Blaas's Saint Catherine
The annual figure-skating show, An Evening with Champions , provides both a fun activity and a worthy cause. The benefit is expected to raise $150,000 this year for the Jimmy Fund, which aids children with cancer. Performances are at the Harvard Bright Hockey Center on October 18, at 8 p.m., and October 19 at 2 p.m. and 8 p.m. Call 493-8172 for tickets, priced at $20 (adults) and $10 (students, seniors and children).
On October 11 at 8 p.m. the Office for the Arts , in cooperation with the Poets' Theatre , presents A Robert Browning Evening , with Jerome Kilty. The reading will take place in Agassiz Theatre. Call 495-8676 for details.
...and Watts's Sir Galahad , both at the Fogg. The American Repertory Theatre opens its 1996-97 season on October 25 with a musical. Punch and Judy Get Divorced , book by David Gordon and Ain Gordon, music by Edward Barnes, and lyrics by Arnold Weinstein, David Gordon, and Ain Gordon, will be performed at Suffolk University's C. Walsh Theater, located behind the Massachusetts State House at 55 Temple Street. For ticket information call (617) 547-8300.
At the Fogg , "David Rabinowitch: Sculptures and Templates, 1968" opens on September 14. An exhibit of early Italian Renaissance painting, "Investigating the Renaissance," opening in the fall, and an exhibit of nineteenth-century works, "Sublimations: Art and Sensuality in the Nineteenth Century," already on view, are reinstallations of permanent works from the collection. Continuing are "The Mediated Object: Selections from the Eli Broad Collections," "France and the Portrait, 1799-1870," "Circa 1874: The Emergence of Impressionism," and "The Persistence of Memory: Continuity and Change in American Cultures." The

60. Simon Keynes: Anglo-Saxon History: A Select Bibliography, Section A
c. 5001066', The Oxford Illustrated history of medieval england, ed. N English HeritageBook of Anglo-Saxon england (1992) Top. regional history (and archaeology
Simon Keynes, Anglo-Saxon History: A Select Bibliography A T EXTBOOKS, W ORKS OF R EFERENCE, AND P ROSOPOGRAPHY
Books with emphasis on political history

Ecclesiastical history

Social, economic and administrative history

Regional history (and archaeology)
Anglo-Saxon Prosopography
Books with emphasis on political history
Stenton (A1) and Hunter Blair (A2) retain great value, because they provide accessible and balanced narratives, a framework for understanding the subject as a whole, and a point of departure from which it is possible to judge how far the subject has developed in the past fifty years. F.M. Stenton, Anglo-Saxon England (1943), 3rd ed. (1971; OUP paperback). The 'classic' account of the subject as a whole. For proceedings of a commemorative symposium held in 1993, see Stenton's 'Anglo-Saxon England' Fifty Years On , ed. D. Matthew, Reading Historical Studies 1 (1994): incl. J. Campbell, 'Stenton's Anglo-Saxon England with Special Reference to the Earlier Period', pp. 49-59; S. Keynes, 'Anglo-Saxon History after Anglo-Saxon England ', pp. 83-110; and D. Matthew, 'The Making of

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