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  1. AMD intros the lowest power flash memory device for high-end cellular phones.(AMD Am29BDS640G)(Product Announcement): An article from: Federal Computer Market Report
  2. Ultra-Low Voltage Nano-Scale Memories (Integrated Circuits and Systems)
  3. Memory hardware for high speed job selection (State University of New York at Buffalo. Dept. of Computer Science. Technical report) by Carl H Smith, 1974
  4. Memory Architecture & Parallel Access by Michael Gossel, Burghard Rebel, et all 1994-01-15
  5. Personal computer hardware: Central Processing Unit, Random-Access Memory, Compact Disc, DVD, Hard Disk Drive, Chipset, BIOS, Firmware, Operating System, Bus, Conventional PCI
  6. Programmer's Guide to Memory Architecture: Optimizing and Tuning Application Performance by David Loshin, 1998-04
  7. Fifth Biennial Nonvolatile Memory Technology Review: June 22-24, 1993 Linthicum Heights, MD Usa/IEEE Catalog No 93Th0547-0
  8. Records of the 1993 IEEE International Workshop on Memory Testing August 9-10, 1993 San Jose, California
  9. Small Memory Software: Patterns for systems with limited memory (Software Patterns Series) by James Noble, Charles Weir, 2000-11-09
  10. Memory Management for Dummies Quick Reference by Doug Lowe, 1996-04-30
  11. Mc68851 Paged Memory Management Unit User's Manual by "Motorola", 1989-01
  12. Memory Management in a Multimedia World by Joel Powell, 1994-05
  13. The Everything Computer Book: Everything You Need to Know About Your Computer, from E-Mail to the Internet, from Hardware to Software, Processors to Printers, Memory to Modems, and (Everything Series) by John K. Waters, 2000-10
  14. Quick Memory Management Techniques by Brian Underdahl, 1994-07-22

41. Random Access Memory « Hardware « Catalogue «
Random Access memory. RAM. Order by Price (Ascending). Back to hardware. Allprices are in Pounds Sterling.

42. Computer Wholesalers, Inc. - HP9000, DEC, Cisco, 3Com, Micom, Itouch/Xyplex, 700
Data General computer hardware. Resale of servers, workstations, processors, disk drives, tape drives, memory, crt, terminals, and controllers.
Best Viewed at 800 X 600
Designed By: Sheri Krom
All Trademarks and names are properties of their respective owners.

43. 32MB 72 Pin EDO SIMM « Random Access Memory « Hardware « Catalogue « Accessi
VAT). RAM1001H, 32MB 72 Pin EDO SIMM, £19.50 (£22.91). Back to RandomAccess memory. All prices are in Pounds Sterling. VAT is charged at 17.5%.
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... Random Access Memory
32MB 72 Pin EDO SIMM
Special Offer
Product Code Product Name Price
(inc. VAT) 32MB 72 Pin EDO SIMM
Back to Random Access Memory All prices are in Pounds Sterling. VAT is charged at 17.5%. The Information On This Page Is Subject To Change Without Notice
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44. GetHighTech Inc. - Palm, Visor, Clie, IPAQ & PDA Parts, Accessory & Service Spec
Information on hardware setup (memory and screen) of various Palm OS devices by model, information on repair and upgrade.
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45. Freeing RAM Memory | Hardware Secrets
Figure 1 Rambooster program release RAM memory, making the computer faster damageof any type caused by the use of any information contained in hardware Secrets
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    Freeing RAM Memory [Jul-12-00] As we saw last week, Windows has the bad habit of not releasing RAM memory after its utilization. That is, with time being, RAM memory accumulates non used chunks of data and programs. The result is after some hours of utilization, the computer stays with part of its RAM memory busy with junk, retarding the computer and making it more vulnerable to faults. If you are used to run heavy programs like Photoshop, Page Maker and Corel Draw, you'll know quite well what are we talking about: frequently we'll have to restart the computer in order to release memory and to get back a good performance. The good news is that there is a small freeware that solves this problem with a mouse click. We're talking about the Rambooster that can be downloaded from Internet in

Castle sell a wide range of hardware and peripherals for the RiscPC. From monitors to harddiscs, including CD towers, modems, and memory. Castle are the official distributor of Acorn desktop products.
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47. How To Add More Memory - Hardware Reviews -
In hardware. CNET hardware memory How to add more memory,

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In Hardware All CNET The Web
Hardware Memory How to add more memory
Upgrade your desktop, notebook, or devices




Digital cameras

MP3 players
Printers Scanners ... Storage Components Input devices Memory Motherboards Processors add more memory By CNET staff System memory seems to lose value faster than the Canadian dollar. That's great news for us since memory is one the primary components that affects a computer's performance. With more memory, you can have more programs and files open at once. A typical PC will ship with 128MB or perhaps 256MB of memory, but you can easily increase that amount to 512MB or even 1GB. Here's how. The hardest part of installing new memory is figuring out what to buy . Between DIMMs and RIMMs, SDRAM and RDRAM, system memory is an alphabet soup of packages, pin configurations, types, and speeds. There are two basic types of RAM available today: SDRAM (synchronous dynamic RAM) and RDRAM (Rambus dynamic RAM). Most current systems use SDRAM in 168-pin DIMMs (dual in-line memory modules). RDRAM, which is available on high-performance systems, is packaged in RIMMs, which are roughly the same size and shape as DIMMs. DDR (double data rate) SDRAM, which is roughly twice as fast as standard SDRAM, uses 184-pin DIMM slots. All of these types of memory are also available at various speeds. The simplest way to ensure you get the right kind of memory is to visit the Web site of a memory vendor such as Crucial, Kingston, or Viking, and look for a memory configuration page. Or give the serial number and model name of your computer to the memory supplier.

48. CompSource Inc. 1.800.413.7361 - Find All Your Computer Needs At
Retailer of software and hardware, including custom computers, monitors, memory upgrades and accessories.
more searches shopping tools order tracking company info ... rebate center
My online experience with Compsource was everything I expect from a top notch vendor. I would highly recommend them.
raylena@?.com View More... Build Your Vision
About Us
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49. CNET Labs' Guide To Buying RAM: Boost Your Memory - Hardware Reviews -
In hardware. CNET hardware memory CNET Labs' guide to buyingRAM boost your memory, By Rich Castagna (6/19

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In Hardware All CNET The Web
Hardware Memory CNET Labs' guide to buying RAM: boost your memory
By Rich Castagna
Memory is like good health or money: You can never have too much of it, and when you find yourself in short supply, it can hurt. Keeping your PC in the pinkat least in terms of memoryis easier than ever. Though up from last year, RAM prices are still low, with 256MB of PC133 SDRAM selling for less than $50. And memory packaging now lets you add more RAM in a matter of minutes.
Operating systems and applications have grown more memory-hungry than ever. Windows, which could never be accused of having a modest appetite for RAM, practically gobbles it down in its XP incarnations. Typical business applications have bulked up as well and are always looking for more RAM to park their code. And if you've ever used a PC to edit digital video footage or render large image or audio files, you've probably watched your system slow to a crawl on at least one occasion.
In many cases, sluggish PC performance is a result of too little memory rather than inadequate processing power; most applications will hum along happily on a PC equipped with a 500MHz processor. But what will make them positively gleeful is a cushy amount of RAM where they can deposit themselves and the data that they're crunching.

50. Memory Media
Media and hardware for CDR, CDRW and DVD. Also some accessories.
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Memory Media

Website Designed by Digital Cloud 9

51. Capturing Organizational Memory
by E. Jeffrey Conklin, PhD. Contemporary organizations have only a weak ability to remember and learn from the past, and are thus seeking to gain the capacity for organizational memory. Networked computers might provide the basis for a nervous system that could be used to implement the capacity for organizational memory, but the technology (software and hardware) must provide for easy capture, recall, and learning.

52. TVicHW32,TVicPort And TVicRes - Developers' Toolkits For Directly Accessing Hard
A toolkits for realtime direct access to port I/O, physical memory, hardware interrupts from a Win32 application. Shareware
Developers' toolkits for directly accessing hardware from a Win32 application
Last updated March 15, 2003 our most powerful tool, providing programmers with standard methods for real-time direct access to port I/O, physical memory, hardware interrupts, and much more.
Visit the TVicHW32 web page
for additional information. Visit TVicHW32 German page
Download TVicHW32 5.0 demo version
(fully functional!) enables direct port i/o operations for 16-bit application under Windows NT/2000/XP.
Read more
Download TVicNT16 1.1 demo version
TVicCommSp - lets you monitor all serial (COM) port activity on the system.
Visit the TVicCommSpy web page
for more details.
Download TVicCommSpy demo version
TVicLPT 1. - lets you access and control hardware that connect to the parallel port (LPT).
Visit the TVicLPT web page
to learn more about TVicLPT
Download TVicLPT demo version
(fully functional!)

53. Yakima Memory - Hardware & Software
The Yakima memory Project hardware Software. Software The Yakimamemory Project used CONTENTdm as the database. CONTENTdm used
The Yakima Memory Project used CONTENTdm as the database. CONTENTdm used 300dpi scanned images to create the 72dpi images and thumbnails for the website. This software also stored all of the metadata for each of the images and provides the webserver capabilities. Scanning was achieved using two pieces of software; Adobe Photoshop and Microtek Scanwizard Pro An additional database of photographs was created for internal use only using Filemaker Pro To create and organize the web pages, a combination of Macromedia Dreamweaver Ultra Dev Macromedia Fireworks , and Adobe Illustrator were employed. Hardware:
Scanner: Microtek Scanmaker 9600 XL Scanner.
Server: Dell Poweredge 1650

54. Tim Mann's Personal Pages Have Moved
Though he gave away his TRS80 Model I long ago, he has a pile of old Model I technical and hardware manuals, and a good memory. If you have questions, he can probably answer them.
Tim Mann's personal pages have moved
I no longer work for Compaq, and I have moved my personal pages to their own server. Please update your links. Follow this link to the new site. Legal Statement Privacy Statement

55. Yakima Memory - Hardware & Software
The Yakima memory Project The Database For the purposes of this project, the Yakimamemory Project uses 8 mandatory elements for describing digitized resources
The Yakima Memory Project: The Database
For the purposes of this project, the Yakima Memory Project uses 8 mandatory elements for describing digitized resources, all indicated below by a "•" . These eight elements must be included in the description of each digital resource. Yakima Memory Field Dublin Core Element MARC Field Controlled Vocabulary Identifier Identifier 856$u No Yakima Valley Museum accession numbers are assigned to all items accessioned into the Yakima Valley Museum. This numbering system consists of three numbers separated by periods, i.e. 2001.002.005. For many of the images in the Yakima Valley Museum collection no accession number has ever been assigned, so an accession number in the 800's will be assigned. As an example, 2001.800.044. Accession numbers must always be entered as 4-3-3 (Four numbers, period, three numbers, period, three numbers). New accession numbers have also been assigned to the Relander collections. Old Identifiers Identifier 856$u No Many photographs and other objects contain identification numbers from previous numbering systems. Old identifiers are recorded here in the event that they may need to be cross-referenced.

56. Jaguar - Java Access To Generic Underlying Architectural Resources
Jaguar is an extension of the Java runtime environment which enables direct Java access to operating system and hardware resources, such as fast network interfaces, memorymapped and programmed I/O, and specialized machine instruction sets.
Jaguar: Fast Network Communication and I/O in Java
J ava A ccess to G eneric U nderlying A rchitectural R esources Matt Welsh
Last updated 17 May 2000 Introduction Jaguar is an extension of the Java runtime environment which enables direct Java access to operating system and hardware resources, such as fast network interfaces, memory-mapped and programmed I/O, and specialized machine instruction sets. Jaguar can be thought of as a replacement for the Java Native Interface. Unlike the JNI, however, Jaguar does not require copying of data between the JVM and C code, nor expensive traversals between the Java and native code contexts. Rather, Jaguar relies upon a flexible bytecode translation technique which directly inlines specialized "driver" code to access low-level system resources from Java while maintaining type safety. This translation can be performed by a JIT compiler, a static ("ahead of time") compiler, or by a front-end which translates Java bytecode to machine-independent "Jaguar bytecode". We have implemented a Jaguar interface to Berkeley Linux VIA communication architecture, which is implemented over the Myrinet system-area network. This system

57. - The PalmOS Open Source Portal
Provides a database of links to Palm based open source hardware projects, like memory cards and sensors.

58. Online
micron, workstation, computer, emory card, random access memory, ram, upgrade yourcomputer, memory Update, memory, hardware, computer memory, mRAM, upgrade

59. AAPCO COMPUTER For Memory,CPU's,Drives,Motherboard Upgrade, AAPCO COMPUTER; Dist
Computer parts and hardware such as motherboards, memory and CPUs.
Welcome To AAPCO Computer
AAPCO Computer Parts started serving the public in 1992. We have built our reputation on CUSTOMER SATISFACTION. We depend on our customers to help us grow. To keep us working hard to meet all of your computer needs.
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AthlonXP 2000 System Only 399.95 For More Information
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Translucent Keyboard We Offer Secure On- Line Purchasing Making a custom music CD can be EASY with Acoustica MP3 CD Burner! All of our Specials are also available in our shopping cart If you don't find what you are looking for please call us. We have parts that are not listed in the cart. Thank You. Order Line (Toll Free) Tech Support Customer Service Fax AAPCO Computer Parts 1440 Kansas Lane Gallatin, TN. 37066

60. Memory - Hardware - ATS Canada
hardware. ORDER ONLINE hardware. SOFTWARE. ORDER ONLINE SOFTWARE. hardware memory View View All memory Products. Categories memory View Shopping Cart.
Computers Desktop Computers
Notebook Computers

Workstation Computers

Server Computers
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Hardware / Software Software


Gifts Gift Certificates Support Customer Support Technical Support Policies Check Order Status ... Warranty Info Showcases Windows XP Tour Office XP Tour Company About ATS Systems Contact ATS Systems Free Newsletter HARDWARE ORDER ONLINE HARDWARE SOFTWARE ORDER ONLINE : SOFTWARE Hardware Memory View: View All Memory Products Categories: Memory View: Shopping Cart Our Featured Memory Selection 512MB PC800 RAMBUS Memory Features: 512MB capacity, RAMBUS Memory. Choose 512MB capacity, RAMBUS memory for proven reliability and consistent quality. 512MB capacity, RAMBUS memory will help improve the speed and perfor . ... more info Best Sellers: 128MB 266MHz PC2100 DDR Memory 256MB 266MHz PC2100 DDR Memory 512MB PC800 RAMBUS Memory 256MB 400MHz PC3200 DDR Memory Featured Items: EDO 16MB 72PIN 4x32 Memory Features: 16MB capacity and 72pin configuration. Choose EDO 16M 72PIN 4x32 memory for proven reliability and consistent quality. EDO 16M 72PIN 4x32 memory will help impr . ...

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