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         Memory Hardware:     more books (100)
  1. Semiconductor Memory by Western Electric, 1983
  2. Sparse distributed memory prototype: Address module hardware guide (Technical Report / Computer Systems Laboratory) by M. J Flynn, 1988
  3. Hardware support for distributed shared memory (GIT-ICS) by Umakishore Ramachandran, 1987
  4. Hardware and compiler support for cache coherence in large-scale shared-memory multiprocessors (Technical report / University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Dept. of Computer Science) by Lynn Choi, 1996
  5. Summit Express Tape Back-Up: Installation Guide (SE120/SE250 Minicartridge Tape Drive) by Summit Memory System Inc., 1993
  6. Memory Issues in Embedded Systems-On-Chip: Optimizations and Exploration by Preeti Ranjan Panda, Nikil D. Dutt, et all 1998-10-31
  7. UPC: Distributed Shared-Memory Programming by TarekEl-Ghazawi, WilliamCarlson, et all 2003-07-07
  8. Core Memory: A Visual Survey of Vintage Computers by John Alderman, 2007-05-10
  9. Beyond the Limits: Secrets of PC Memory Management by R. Campbell, 1992-11
  10. Testing Semiconductor Memories: Theory and Practice by A. J. Van De Goor, 1998-09
  11. Flash Memories
  12. Semiconductor Memories: A Handbook of Design, Manufacture and Application by Betty Prince, 1996-07-18
  13. Memory, Microprocessor, and ASIC (Principles and Applications in Engineering)
  14. Semiconductor Memories: Technology, Testing, and Reliability by Ashok K. Sharma, 2002-09-09

81. Expodata Systems The UK's Premier Supplier Of PC Diagnostics & Memory Testers
Company provides quality diagnostic hardware and software for PC manufacturers, maintainers and IT departments. Products include the SIMCHECK memory tester for DIMMs and SIMMs and PCTESTPRO diagnostic kits.
Home Memory Testing PC Testing Support ... SHOP Home Page Site Directory Memory Testing PC Testing Diagnostic Kits PC Upgrades ... Company Profile Expodata Systems the Premier Supplier
PC Diagnostic Hardware and Software

We have collected a portfolio of products that aim to assist the professional PC Engineer. Ranging from specialist memory testers to budget priced diagnostic software, our products will find application with PC manufacturers, maintenance companies and IT departments in both large and small organisations. Check out each section for both products and useful information. Learn how to read the SPD of a DIMM, find that elusive BIOS POST code and more...... Don't forget to check out our !FREE STUFF! area for useful freeware and shareware downloads, product demos too! Registering will only bring you a price list and occasional details of new products and special offers.

82. NUMAchine Home Page
A shared memory multiprocessor architecture. hardware description and documentation.
The NUMAchine Multiprocessor Project
The NUMAchine project at the University of Toronto is a major research project aimed at developing a shared-memory multiprocessor architecture and software support for easy and efficient use of this architecture. Members of both the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering and the Department of Computer Science are collaborating on this project. A key objective is to develop a high-performance architecture that is modular, cost-effective and scalable. At the present time, a prototype machine is being designed and built, and the system software is being developed. Follow the links below for more information. Hardware description with photographs Papers and technical documentation System software: Click on the figures below for the
NUMAchine architecture and a hardware photo.
Major funding from:
Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC)

83. Ace Electronics Sun 3rd Party I/O Solutions
New and used Sun Microsystems original equipment including I/O boards, memory and motherboards. Also provides Sun 3rd party hardware to resellers, VARs, and system integrators.
SBus Ultra Wide SCSI Host Adapters
Call us for status of remaining stock and alternative solutions.
Resellers... Become a Registered Reseller!
Get on-line access to discounted pricelists, technical updates, reseller promotions, and more. Sign-up today! Manufacturers... Learn the Benefits of Distribution Channel Strategy, and how Ace Electronics Inc. can help meet your marketing objectives!
Specializing in
Mass Storage and Networking I/O
Solutions Sun Microsystems
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February 12, 2003

84. Steve's Pilot Tech. Page
Tip and tricks. Learn about the Pilot hardware. Do it yourself memory upgrades.

85. Encore Real Time Computing Inc. - Hardware Reflective Memory
Wednesday, 05Feb-2003 235255 EST. Products Support Pricing FAQ SiteIndex Search Home. Products - Options. Reflective memory - hardware.
Wednesday, 09-Apr-2003 16:59:29 EDT Products
Site Index
Products - Options
Reflective Memory - Hardware
Reflective Memory - Software
Home ... Search Encore Real Time Computing, Inc., a worldwide company headquartered in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Encore is the world's leading innovator in scalable Real-Time data systems and clustering technologies. Encore continues its 39-year tradition of market leadership in providing Real-Time deterministic systems for time-critical applications. 1700 NW 66 Avenue, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33313 Phone: (954)377-1100 Fax: (954)377-1145 Webmaster: Questions/Comments: Encore's Web is running on: Apache/1.3.23 (Unix) PHP/4.1.0 mod_perl/1.26

86. IFEL
hardware for Acorn machines, inc. old machine memory upgraes, and ARM3 supply.
This site uses frames.
However, you can access the main areas of the site
by clicking on the links below: About us Products Bargains Technical Support ... Discounts

87. -- Online Computer Parts, Peripherals, Components, And Accesso
Computer hardware including CPU's, motherboards, memory and hard drives.
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Video Cards

Please Select Abit Altec Lansing AMD Arctic Silver Asus ATI Benwin Biostar Canon CNet Compubuzz Coolermaster Corsair Creative Labs CTX Cyber Cooler Cyber Drive Daytona Diamond ECS Elements Focus Fox Gainward Gigabyte GT Interactive Hewlett Packard IBM Intel Iomega Jaton Keytronic LG Electronics Logitech Matrox Maxtor Microsoft Mitsumi MSI Mushkin NEC PCChips Power Color Samsung Seagate Shuttle Sierra Sony Soyo Supermicro Swiftech Teac ThermalTake Toshiba US Robotics Vantec Viewsonic Warner Western Digital Yamaha

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88. Apple - Hardware - Sleep Memory Extension
encounter this bug, we still recommend that all iBook and new PowerBook (FireWire)owners download and install the following Sleep memory Extension software
var wtl_loc = document.URL.indexOf('https:')==0?'':''; document.write(""); var SERVER= ""; var ORDER= ""; var INVOICE= ""; var CARTVIEW= ""; var CARTADD= ""; var CARTREMOVE= ""; var CHECKOUT= ""; var CARTBUY= ""; var ADCAMPAIGN= ""; var adname="";
Apple has identified a bug in system software prior to Mac OS 9.0.4 which in very rare circumstances can prevent your computer from properly waking up from sleep. Though you will most likely never encounter this bug, we still recommend that all iBook and new PowerBook (FireWire) owners download and install the following Sleep Memory Extension software patch which eliminates this bug. (This patch is not necessary if your computer is running Mac OS 9.0.4 or later.)
Installing the Sleep Memory Extension
To install the Sleep Memory Extension, do the following:
  • Download the extension.
  • Double-click on the file named "Sleep Memory Extension.smi" to open it.
  • Read the Software License Agreement and click "Agree."
  • 89. Turbo Pascal Programmers - Sources
    System I/O, graphics, ASCII/text, screen, files, communications, hardware, images, time, memory and sound units. Games, converters. All with sources.

    90. Web Hosting
    Source for computer hardware such as CPUs, cases, drives, memory and motherboards. Not Available
    The domain which you are trying to access is currently unavailable. This may occur for several reasons the name may have changed, or it may have moved to a new location. Please try to access the site later, or contact the site's administrator.

    91. HardwareCentral - Your Source For In-depth Computer Hardware Info.
    Technical computer hardware product reviews including motherboards, CPUs, memory chips, and video cards.
    Home Windows Win Drivers Hardware ... Hardware Store
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    New Sony Drives Bridge Formats, Burn Rewritable DVDs in 15 Minutes

    Sharp Offers Super-High-Contrast 19-inch LCD

    HP's New Desktops Include DVD+RW Pavilions, Bargain-Priced Presarios
    ... More... Compare products, prices, and stores at Hardware Central! Computers
    Desktops Mac PC Notebooks ... more Get the best price on Veritas Backup Exec For Windows Servers or search for other IT Management tools Free Weekly Newsletter! A free service rounding up the week's news, articles, tips and reviews. Be a Commerce Partner Windows Web Hosting AIIM Exhibits-Free Find a Consultant ... Register for AIIM Internet News Internet Investing Internet Technology Windows Internet Tech. ... Corporate Info Weekly Poll My PDA is ... a monochrome Palm a color Palm a Visor, Clie, or other Palm OS device an iPaq, Jornada, or other MS Pocket PC a Windows CE (mini keyboard) palmtop a Psion (mini keyboard) palmtop a RIM BlackBerry or other (micro keyboard) pager other I don't use a PDA View Results Compare Prices on Computer Hardware HardwareCentral - Your source for in-depth computer hardware info.

    92. Hardware Vendor Links, Memory Resources, Troubleshooting Component Links Of The
    modules and how to identify them Manual; The RAM (Random Access memory)Guide (T) Tom's hardware Page; SIMM Savers (A). Resources,
    H ardware
    U pgrading Y our PC
    ardware V endors anufacturers SBA * Consulting Computer Hardware Manufacturer's Index Computer Industry Manufacturers Hardware Manufacturers On The Web ... Spumador's HW Page Site menu ... Home HTML Hardware Hardware Prices Magazines Networking Preferred Vendors Software Subjects Other userful links A collection of links to PC hardware information and best prices Contents Page 1
  • Advice Cables, adapters, etc Memory Resources ... Links to links
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  • BIOS Bus CPU' s Chipsets Misc Motherboards Overclocking
  • Page 3
  • Backup media CD-ROM Drives Keyboards ... Video
  • Additional A dvice There is a growing list of pages with advice on how to build your own PC including:

    93. Brayder Products - JackFlash For Your Palm Organizer
    Sells JackFlash, which adds more usable memory without adding hardware, by adding access to the extra Flash space available on most Palm devices.
    Buy it
    Products > JackFlash
    JackFlash is the fastest way to expand the memory of your Palm Handheld. Get up to 40% more without modifying your hardware. JackFlash gives you access to the extra Flash space available on most Palm devices. On compatible devices, only a portion of the Flash ROM space is reserved for the operating system. JackFlash lets you utilize the unused portion of the Flash ROM to store your applications and databases. Items moved into Flash work just as before, only now you will have more memory space available on your Palm organizer.
    What Makes JackFlash so Great?
    • JackFlash is FAST: It takes only seconds to move things in and out of Flash, giving you more memory immediately. JackFlash is EASY: A straightforward step-by-step interface enables you to effortlessly move applications into Flash memory. JackFlash also integrates with Launch 'Em and Handscape, providing easy access from these launchers.

    94. AnandTech: Weekly Hardware Price Guide - Motherboards And Memory: June 2002 3rd
    Weekly hardware Price Guide Motherboards and memory June 2002 3rd Edition, mbWeekly hardware Price Guide - Motherboards and memory June 2002 3rd Edition.

    95. Xinu Operating System
    Xinu is the reverse of UNIX a small, elegant, multitasking OS supporting concurrent processing, message passing, ports, semaphores, memory management, buffer pools, uniform device I/O, shell, Tcl, TCP/IP. Begun as a vehicle to teach OS design concepts, now used by many educational institutions for this; several embedded systems makers have ported it to their hardware Intel 80960, 8096; Motorola 680x0.
    Xinu Operating System
    Principal Investigator: Douglas E. Comer Research Assistants: J. Lin, A. Muckelbauer, D. Stevens Xinu is a small, elegant system that follows a hierarchical structure. The latest Xinu work has focused on porting Xinu to new architectures, adding support for virtual memory and Internet protocols, and adding a file system. In all cases, we are exploring how to add new facilities to the multilevel design without introducing level violations. The virtual memory system project has explored a novel approach to backing store. In the Xinu model, a server that consists of a dedicated, large-memory machine provides high-speed remote memory for a set of Xinu client machines. We have developed a highly optimized streaming protocol that permits clients and servers to send data at high rates. In addition, we have developed an optimized page server that requires little processing time to store or fetch pages.

    96. AnandTech: Weekly Hardware Price Guide - Motherboards & Memory: June 2002 1st Ed
    Weekly hardware Price Guide Motherboards memory June 2002 1st Edition, mbWeekly hardware Price Guide - Motherboards memory June 2002 1st Edition.

    97. Welcome To Admor Technology - Computer Systems, Components And More
    Manufactures memory products offers a broad range of hardware solutions.

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    98. Accessmicro Computers & Motherboards
    hardware Catalog. Systems Bundles. Value Notebooks. Software Catalog. Clearance.Daily Hot Deals. Top 10 Products. Manufacturer Rebates. Survey. •, About AccessMicro.
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    Accessmicro has Desktop Computers, Motherboards, CPUs and any computer hardware you may need. You can buy Motherboards or complete Computers, or just a motherboard bundle. Computer hardware is what we are about.

    99. Computer Circulation Center
    Focus hard drives, SiriusRAM memory cards and other Apple II hardware and parts.
    Standard Shipping: FedEx 3 Day - 18 Years in Computers -
    We have Something for Everyone!
    Free Bonu$ Item$
    w/Min. Purchase Secure Order Form Southern California Store Locations Click for Details
    TM-300PD POS
    Receipt Printer
    $59.00 Refurb
    SVGA 12.1" TFT LCD Montior/TV/Video
    with Remote, PIP Supported, 262,000 Colors
    HP Laserjet 3200
    $249.00 - Refurbished 9" Mono. VGA - Slight Burnt Screen M Cybrgenie DG200 Digital Cordles Handset NEW Sharp Passive Monochrome VGA LCD -Pull- Lucas Notebook Briefcase Fits 15" TFT Quality Nylon NEW NetGear 4-port 10/100Mbs Dula Speed Hub DS104 Factory Refurbished Toshiba Libretto Main Battery Pack NEW Symbol Handheld Barcode Scanner Refurbished ECS Pentium 4 MB Socket 423/478 $49 New Wireless Keyboard Sejin NEW Digital Audio Recordable Compact Disc $8.95 NEW

    100. Global Component Solutions : Home
    Manufacturer and distributor of memory, hardware, and peripheral solutions for laptops, workstations, desktops, and servers.
    Home Solutions FAQ's Policies ... About
    Memory Upgrades
    Search by Model
    Search by GCS Part #
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    Email Specials
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    Upgrade Your RAM! A-Open A-Trend Abit American Megatrends Apple ASUS Biostar Cisco Compaq Dell DFI eMachines EPoX FIC (First International Computer) Fujitsu Gateway Hewlett-Packard IBM Intel Iwill USA Lexmark Shuttle Silicon Graphics Sony Soyo Sun Supermicro Toshiba Tyan
    Current Specials
    128MB USB Mobile Disk Flash Drive - Retail Package
    - See USB Mobile Disk Flash Drives in the GCS Online Store under Hard Drives.
    GCS Part # TM-128USBFDR Type of Product: Other 256MB USB Mobile Disk Flash Drive - Retail Package - See USB Mobile Disk Flash Drives in the GCS Online Store under Hard Drives. GCS Part # TM-256USBFDR Type of Product: Other 512MB USB Mobile Disk Flash Drive - Retail Package - See USB Mobile Disk Flash Drives in the GCS Online Store under Hard Drives. GCS Part # TM-512USBFDR Type of Product: Other 1GB USB Mobile Disk Flash Drive - Retail Package - See USB Mobile Disk Flash Drives in the GCS Online Store under Hard Drives. GCS Part # TM-1GBUSBFDR Type of Product: Other Global Component Solutions GCS is a professional sales organization specializing in the direct delivery of memory and processor solutions.

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