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         Meteorology & Weather Index:     more detail
  1. Meteorology and Weather Factors: Index of New Information With Authors, Subjects, and Bibliography by Gilbert Jose Umanski, 1995-06
  2. Meteorology & Weather Factors: Index of New Information With Authors, Subjects & Bibliography by Gilbert Jose Umanski, 1993-09
  3. Seasonal Variation in Health and Diseases: With Sections on Effects of Weather and Temperature : A Bibliography by T. M. Allan, A. S. Douglas, 1994-08
  4. Air and Water Pollution: An entry from Gale's <i>Weather Almanac</i>
  5. Heat & Humidity: An entry from Gale's <i>Weather Almanac</i>
  6. Encyclopedia of Global Warming: Oxygen, Atmospheric-younger Dryas, Appendixes, Index
  7. Using fire-weather forecasts and local weather observations in predicting burning index for individual fire-danger stations (Research paper) by Owen P Cramer, 1958
  8. Overlay scale to determine Sly Index directly from tephigram (Technical memoranda / Canada, Dept. of Transport, Meteorological Branch) by O Braun, 1968
  9. El Nino: Overview and Bibliography

21. Federation And Meteorology, Catalogue Of Items In Weather News, Page 73
index Bureau Logo No. 182 October 1971, 2179(P), weather with a whirl (Bureausymbol) (cover photo). Delegation of Powers to Director of meteorology No.
Page 73
Federation and Meteorology

Table of Contents

Catalogue of Items in Weather News


Explanatory Note
Catalogue of Items

Administration (Including Finance, Organisation, Premises, Staff, Training)
Archives (Including Items of Historical Significance)

Data Processing (Including Computers)
International Activities Observations ... Contact us Index
Administration (Including Finance, Organisation, Premises, Staff, Training)
Administrative Staff College No. 83 June 1963 The Australian Administrative Staff College No. 90 January 1964 The Australian Administrative Staff College Antarctica No. 5 December 1956 Antarctic personnel 1957 No. 17 December 1957 Antarctic parties 1958 No. 21 April 1958 Antarctic roll-call No. 27 October 1958 Composition of 1958/59 Antarctic parties No. 39 October 1959 Antarctic parties 1959/60 No. 107 June 1965 Enderby Land survey No. 107 June 1965 Thanks from Dr Law No. 147 October 1968 Antarctic weather station No. 151 February 1969 G-G's link with Antarctica No. 222 February 1975 Off to the deep south (cover and other photo) Bureau Logo No. 182 October 1971

22. Federation And Meteorology, Bright Sparcs Index J
Bright Sparcs index J, Federation and meteorology Bureau of meteorology. and AssayerThe Case of meteorology, 18761908 Early Colonial weather Reporting, 16
Bright Sparcs
Index J
Federation and Meteorology

Table of Contents



... H I J
L M N ...
Australian Science at Work Index

Contact us
Bright Sparcs J
Jevons, William Stanley (1835 - 1882), Meteorologist and Assayer
The Case of Meteorology, 1876-1908
Early Colonial Weather Reporting,
Astronomical and Meteorological Workers in New South Wales
William Stanley Jevons,
Australian Meteorology through the 20th Century
The Origins of Australian Meteorology,
Johnston, John (Jack) (1908 - 1980), Meteorologist and Teacher
Catalogue of Items in Weather News
Catalogue of Items,
Early Years in the Bureau
My Early Years in the Bureau of Meteorology,
War History of the Australian Meteorological Service
Appendix 2: List of Service Personnel RAAF Meteorological Service,
Memories of the Bureau, 1946 to 1962
Chapter 1: The Warren Years, 1946 to 1950,
Chapter 3: The Timcke Years, 1950 to 1955,
Chapter 5: The Dwyer Years, 1955 to 1962,
Chapter 6: A Springboard for the Future,
Appendix 3: Milestones,
Radio Technical Officers
Chapter 5: The 'Techs' Tell Their Stories

23. Class Info, Notes, And Syllabi Index Page
A first look at various aspects of meteorology, including solar radiation, globalcirculation, winds, stability, precipitation processes, weather systems, and
Class Descriptions, Notes, and Syllabi
Earth Science 105
Introduction to Meteorology
A first look at various aspects of meteorology, including solar radiation, global circulation, winds, stability, precipitation processes, weather systems, and severe weather. Basic physical principles behind the weather, terminology and weather analysis will be explored. One or two field trips are included. 5 credit hours (4 lecture hours, 2 lab hours) Syllabus Class notes
Earth Science 115
Severe and Unusual Weather
... Classnotes
Earth Science 155
Weather Forecasting I
A study of day-to-day weather analysis and forecasting. Taking advantage of a fully operational weather laboratory, students examine real time weather data and make a weather forecast. Surface and radar reports, surface and upper-level analyses, and an introduction to numerical weather prediction are the topics covered. 1 credit hour (2 lab hours) Syllabus Classnotes
Earth Science 156
Weather Forecasting II
A continuing study of day-to-day weather analysis and forecasting. Taking advantage of a fully operational weather laboratory, students examine real-time weather data and make a weather forecast. Numerical models, quantitative precipitation forecasts, and the McIDAS computer program for data analysis are explored. Prerequisite: Earth Science 155.

24. Ant Veal's UK Weather Centre
Links including satellite pictures, rainfall radar, forecast charts, webcams and text forecasts for Category Regional Europe United Kingdom weather Directories...... associations Other Top Selling Books on meteorology, the Atmosphere UK Aurora Watch York Univ » Sunspots etc - Space weather » UV index - Met Office
ON THIS PAGE Books Current Weather Forecasts Forecast Charts ... My UK Pub Guide
The Daily Telegraph Book of the Weather,
Philip Eden 2003
Excellent book by the very popular broadcaster and writer Philip Eden. This book considers how our climate has changed in the past and offers some ideas as to how it might change in the future.
Wild Weather


The Weather
- A Smith, 2002, What really lies behind our changing weather? This book suggests answers......
Collins Wildlife Trusts Guide: Weather

Complete Yachtmaster
, T.Cunliffe, 1999, Weather to Sail
Weather Predicting Simplified

The 2 Mile Time Machine
R.B. Alley, 2000, glimpses into our climatic past and global future.... The Complete Idiots Guide to the Weather , M.Goldstein, 1999, It tells you all you need to know! Hutchinson World Weather Guide Weatherwise , P.Eden, 1995 - Explains how weather works, freak weather, holiday weather etc. , B.Bruford, 1997 - Popular book for pilots , T.Bradbury, 2000, Great for microlight, hand glider etc. pilots Weather Companion , T.Bartlett, 1999 - Reference book helps you to predict the weather

25. Resources
pl?searchtype=all keywords=weather+(meteorology) title=weather+(meteorology Severalgrade 3 http// - Look
Meteorology Resources - Ihor's well-developed workshop page - National Weather Service IWIN Homepage - Current NJ weather and more; climate too - EPA AIR NOW - ozone monitoring - Basic meteorology w/ great activities - USAToday: lots of resources - Weather underground - Extensive lessons - Gander Academy resources - Allows you to draw weather maps with a variety of options - Source of current weather

26. AIMS Remote Weather Stations
Stations index For local district weather forecasts please contact Bureau of meteorology,Brisbane Qld Brisbane weather office - (07) 3239 8700 Bureau

AIMS home

About AIMS


Topics index

Stations Stations index

Bowling Green

Cleveland Bay
All stations
last 3 readings Station averages Year's weather Glossary of terms Weather events ... Weather links Remote data stations WEATHER AND OCEANOGRAPHIC BUOYS The Australian Institute of Marine Science operates and maintains a series of remote data stations situated on the Great Barrier Reef in Queensland and Ningaloo Reef in Western Australia. Stations index Use this graphical interface for spatially locating a remote data station. Use these links to go direct to a data station. All stations - last 3 readings Agincourt Bowling Green Cleveland Bay Davies ... Images of AIMS remote sender units (Queensland and Western Australia) This data has been produced for the use of the Australian Institute of Marine Science and is NOT a weather forecast. The application or use of this data shall be at the sole risk and responsibility of the user. AIMS does not provide any warranty or assurance as to the accuracy or suitability of the whole or any part of the data for any particular purpose or application. Subject only to any contrary non-excludable statutory obligations, neither AIMS nor its personnel will be responsible to any party accessing the data, or any person claiming through that party, for any consequences of its use or application (whether in whole or in part).

27. RMTC-D/HH Weather Resources Students compare this informationto weather patterns in two meteorology Does weather happen randomly?
Weather Links
The Weather Channel Homepage
National Weather Service Home Page
Tropical Prediction Center/National Hurricane Center
Unisys Weather
Franklin's Forecast
This Franklin Institute site helps young students answer questions about the weather. How the Weatherworks
Find information about their products, educational services and activities; WWW links; weather FAQs; and school-to-school weather projects including National Sky Awareness Week (SAW) which is April 22-28. National Weather Service
Sick and tired of the heat? Feel like it will never end? Then check out the National Weather Service's (NWS) Heat Wave, a site devoted to the extreme weather that is crippling the south. The NWS provides information on the heat index, heat's affect on the body, and how to beat the heat. For those who want an up-to-the-minute look at the weather, the site links to current conditions, forecasts, and watches and warnings. Weather Channel Education Site

28. Research Starters: Weather Watch
index http// index leads to informational pageson a variety of weather and climate related topics. meteorology A to Z http
air mass
A very large body of air in which weather conditions are more or less the same is called an air mass. cyclone
In meteorology, a cyclone is a large system of air circulation located between the equator and either the North or South pole. The central air pressure of a cyclone is lower than that of the surrounding environment. In contrast, an anticyclone has central air pressure that is higher than that of its surroundings. hurricane
Large, sometimes intensely violent tropical storm systems in the Atlantic and eastern Pacific oceans are called hurricanes. In the western Pacific, they are called typhoons. meteorology
The scientific study of weather is called meteorology. precipitation
Precipitation is moisture that falls from the sky, including rain, snow, and hail. tornado
Also called twisters, tornadoes are storms characterized by rapidly rotating columns of air hanging from cumulonimbus clouds. weather
Weather includes all activities in the atmosphere, such as wind, rain, snow, and storms.

29. Live Weather Images - Community Forums
weather meteorology This is the cool, juicy stuff Jay AC Hart. General ScienceCome here to talk about other sciences, not just meteorology and weather.

30. Weather Forecasting & Meteorology
Return to Top of Page. meteorology AZ weather index http// do clouds appear lumpy? How does hail form?
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A few ideas for Groundhog Day Meteorology Weather Forecasting Archive of Previous Curriculum Support Web Pages
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Air Conditioning Alterations in the Atmosphere Ames Research Fleet, The Atmospheric Phenomena Climate System and Climate Mode Climatology Coldest, Windiest, Iciest Place Community of the Skies, The Driving in Bad Weather Earth Revealed 15-16: Weathering and Soils Earth Science: Glaciers - River Earth's Hydrologic Cycle: Water Fair Weather Friend Fair Weather Friend, The Jilting of Granny Weatherall, The

31. Meteorology 401 Weather Data
meteorology 401 weather Data. weather MARYLAND EARTHCAST Forecast Model Outputfor Newark (EWR) REAL-TIME weather DATA (index) weatherNet weatherNet
Meteorology 401 - Weather Data
PCMDI Weather Maps
New Zealand Met Service
CDC Map Room Weather Products
Maryland State Forecast ...
The Weather Channel ® Home Page

Prepared by Alan Robock ( - Last updated on January 17, 1997

32. Index
Similar pages BUBL LINK / 515 Internet Resources weather weather DeweyClass 551.6 ResourceType index, satellite images progammes includeWorld weather Watch, Applications of meteorology, World Climate

33. Index Of Weather Web Sites
Education, Employment, Geography, GIS, Internet Search, Internet index, Jobs,Macintosh, meteorology, Multimedia, News, Travel, Unix, weather, Windows.
12 Weather web sites
Welcome to internet index of Meteorological sites on the net. All links verified monthly. Jump straight to links sign guestbook or search from all website topics below: Links last checked: March 2, 2003
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Quick Weather Links
(C)elcius to (F)ahrenheit conversiontable C F Note: all links here refer to United States forecast sites unless otherwise noted.

34. Weather Links
pointers index of past datafiles (met office inc radar) the world-wide web virtuallibrary meteorology software global forecast models weather calculator
Weather Pitsford Hall Weather Station - a great Northants weather resource
I'll check each of these links as time allows!
Moulton Weather - from Pitsford
This month's weather data
Last month's Weather statistics
Last month's Weather data
Charts and Maps
Pressure chart - latest from Bracknell via Italy
Latest surface weather charts for Europe
satellite images
cnn - weather- world forecasts
meteosat weather satellite images from the un.
world satellite image
europe satellite image ...
welcome to the nssdc!

35. Weather Index
weather Text for NE Interactive Text for NA LDM Logs meteorology Program PSC Currentweather. US NE NH North America US Wind Chill US Heat index Station Plot
Welcome to the PSC Weather Center
PSC Wx Pages PSC Tropical Menu
Full Menu Version

Make Your Own ...

Archived Data
PSC Climate Summaries
Cloud Boutique
Here Comes the Sun

Balance Flows

AMS DataStreme
Main Menu
Past Weather
US Summary Maps
Max Temps

Min Temps
24Hr Precip Snow Depth 24 Hr Station Charts Plymouth, NH Concord, NH Mt Washington,NH US Text Summaries Severe Weather City Summary City Summaries Canada Latin America Other Foreign
Current Weather
Sea Surface Temps US 4-Panel Maps Fronts Satellite ... Temp/Pres/Wind Anal Plotted Temp Maps US NE NH North America ... US Heat Index Station Plot Maps US NE Raw GOES Satellite G-E IR G-W IR G-E VIS G-W VIS ... G-W WV GOES NA Composites Infrared Visible Water Vapor Other Sat Images Global IR Composite US Enhanced IR Sat Atlantic IR Lat/Lon Pacific IR Lat/Lon ... Enh Sat/Rad/Watch Animated GIFs (Java) 24HR US IR Sat 24HR US Radar 24HR US Sat/Rad 24HR NA IR Sat ... 24HR NA Water Vapor Animated GIFs (non-Java) 12HR US IR Sat 12HR US Radar 12HR Sat/Rad/Watch 24HR US IR Sat ... 72HR Global Composite BIG MPEG Loops Atlantic IR Sat Pacific IR Sat Global IR Composite GOES MPEG Loops N.A. Infrared

36. Private Sector Meteorologists And The Weather Risk Market
particularly through modifying probability distributions for the weather index ofthe The shortterm needs of private sector meteorology with respect to the
Private Sector Meteorologists and the Weather Risk Market
Lee E. Branscome, Ph.D., C.C.M., Environmental Dynamics Research, Inc., Palm Beach Gardens, FL Presentation Executive Summary Meteorologists in the private sector provide a variety of weather risk services that extend beyond the weather derivatives market. Those services are not limited to the redistribution of NWS forecasts and NOAA data. Private sector meteorologists are also engaged in basic and applied research in short-term to seasonal forecasts, climate variability, extreme events, weather impacts on business activities, and many other areas. The private sector also develops software to analyze and display data and forecasts that are relevant to various weather risks. Some private sector meteorologists generate their own monthly and seasonal forecasts that are not derived from the outlooks of the CPC. Organizations such as the National Council of Industrial Meteorologists and the Commercial Weather Services Association represent the interests and concerns of private sector meteorology. Because private sector meteorologists cannot typically participate in the OTC weather market, their participation occurs through the services that they provide to their private clients, which include market-makers and end-users. Such services include cleaning historical data sets, developing weather derivative pricing models, and providing "weather advice" based on data and forecasts for trading strategies and portfolio management.

37. BUBL LINK: 551.6 Climatology And Weather
Author Roger Brugge Subjects british weather, meteorology, united kingdom DeweyClass551.6 ResourceType index Location uk Comprehensive Bibliography on
BUBL LINK Catalogue of selected Internet resources Home Search Subject Menus A-Z ... About
551.6 Climatology and weather
See also meteorology Titles Descriptions
  • About Rainbows
  • Automated Weather Source
  • British Atmospheric Data Centre
  • British Isles Weather Information ...
  • WeatherNet
    All links checked August 2001 Comments:
    About Rainbows
    Answers to commonly asked questions about rainbows. Topics include their formation, the cause of the colours in a rainbow, double rainbows, proverbs, and suggested rainbow experiments.
    Author: Beverly T. Lynds
    Subjects: meteorology
    Location: usa
    Automated Weather Source
    AWS Online generates real time weather data from locations throughout the world. Aimed at US schools. Author: Automated Weather Source Subjects: weather DeweyClass: ResourceType: news Location: usa
    British Atmospheric Data Centre
    Designed to assist UK atmospheric researchers to locate, access and interpret atmospheric data, the centre provides permanent archives for data sets from Natural Environment Research Council-funded projects. The searchable archive includes data from the Met. Office and information on ozone experiments, stratosphere, mesosphere and troposphere measurements, sea temperatures and forecasting. Author: British Atmospheric Data Centre Subjects: atmospheric science, climatology, meteorology
  • 38. Weather Resources
    links and resources about careers in meteorology. weather Page 2) Observation weatherTechniques http// 3
    Weather Resources Exploring Weather Websites You can find many weather resources on the Internet. Consider starting with your local television website. They probably have information about your local area. Websites to Check the Current Weather
    CNN Weather Earthwatch: Weather on Demand Interactive Weather Page Rain or Shine UM Weather Unisys USA Today Weather Information Weather Underground
    General Weather Websites Check out the following 42eXplore topics related to weather including weather clouds hurricanes snow ... tornadoes , and wind . There are also links at the following related topics including disaster earthquakes glaciers global warming ... polar regions , and water page.

    39. Azoos.Com
    Oceanography Contains research and information on Radar meteorology and Oceanography .http// 6. weather Hypermart Contains

    40. New Zealand Weather And Climate
    Similar pages Australian weather News index Page the weather News index. weather site news. Also see What's New for site additionsand changes (Updated 28/12/02). Sunday 16 February Bureau of meteorology Annual
    29 January 2003
    Thanks for your patience. We are very pleased to announce the restoration of our forecasting service. Thanks to everyone who wrote.
    13 December 2002
    Thank you for all your emails relating to the unavailability of our weather forecasts. We are aware of the problem. Unfortunately the source of our raw data has been discontinued. In future we will be using data from a different source. This will however require some significant software development. This ought to be completed in the New Year. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.
    11 October 2002
    All email correspondence relating to should be directed to until 11 November 2002.
    19 September 2002
    Current NZ weather pages are back.
    11 September 2002
    A coding error has been fixed which prevented some browsers from seeing the new MetVUW header block which appears on top of many of our pages. Many thanks to Matt Rowland for pointing out the problem and finding the error.
    26 August 2002
    James has been busy again and has come up with a choice of radar view for the 'geographically-correct' click here to check it out.

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