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         Meteorology & Weather Index:     more detail
  1. Meteorology and Weather Factors: Index of New Information With Authors, Subjects, and Bibliography by Gilbert Jose Umanski, 1995-06
  2. Meteorology & Weather Factors: Index of New Information With Authors, Subjects & Bibliography by Gilbert Jose Umanski, 1993-09
  3. Seasonal Variation in Health and Diseases: With Sections on Effects of Weather and Temperature : A Bibliography by T. M. Allan, A. S. Douglas, 1994-08
  4. Air and Water Pollution: An entry from Gale's <i>Weather Almanac</i>
  5. Heat & Humidity: An entry from Gale's <i>Weather Almanac</i>
  6. Encyclopedia of Global Warming: Oxygen, Atmospheric-younger Dryas, Appendixes, Index
  7. Using fire-weather forecasts and local weather observations in predicting burning index for individual fire-danger stations (Research paper) by Owen P Cramer, 1958
  8. Overlay scale to determine Sly Index directly from tephigram (Technical memoranda / Canada, Dept. of Transport, Meteorological Branch) by O Braun, 1968
  9. El Nino: Overview and Bibliography

41. Untitled Document
WWW Homepage or Server index (useful for Research Centre for Southern Hemisphere meteorology Homepage (20 2/00); Fishinternet Australia - weather Homepage and
Weather Site Home Pages Australian Organisations
Australian Individuals

Overseas Organisations

Overseas sites with many weather links

Australian Organisations
  • AAD - Australian Antarctic Division - Homepage AMOS - Australian Meteorological and Oceanographic Society - Homepage AODC - Australian Oceanographic Data Centre - Homepage BMRC - Bureau of Meteorology Research Centre - Homepage BoM - Australian Bureau of Meteorology - WWW Homepage or Server Index (useful for checking updates), anonymous FTP server and SILO home page CRC - Co-operative Research Centre for Southern Hemisphere Meteorology - Homepage CSIRO - Homepage and Division of Atmospheric Research Homepage DPI - Queensland Department of Primary Industry - Long Paddock Homepage Environment Australia Online - Homepage Fishinternet Australia - Weather Homepage and Homepage Geelong Weather Services - Homepage JCU - James Cook University - WWW homepage and Meteorological Satellite FTP servers jcu (times EST and seems faster) and ece.jcu
  • 42. Educational Resources
    Resources For Teachers Bad meteorology weather for pilots index to fun facts aboutweather sci.geo.meteorology data sources FAQ weather index (Athena) weather
    Educational Resources
    Atmospheric Sciences K-12 Resources
    Project Atmosphere Home Page
    PSC Meteorology Program Cloud Boutique
    NOAA Websites Main Page
    EXPLORES! Teacher's Guide ...
    Composition of the Earth's Atmosphere (Gases -Percentage By Volume)
    Other Educational Resources
    AskERIC Home Page
    Welcome to Classroom Connect
    Welcome to / Bienvenido a ePALS Classroom Exchange ...
    Chemicool Periodic Table

    43. Adjunct Faculty Index
    News Media. Watches Warnings. Has constructed a web site about weather meteorology.Titled weather By Giannetta URL http//
    Adjunct Faculty Web Page cancellations Arts and Science adjuncts

    Business, Technology, and Allied Health Adjuncts


    Diamant, Barbara English Barbara Diamant has taught students of all ages on all levels – from elementary through graduate school. At NCC, where she has taught English for many years, she voices a particular fondness for English I – the course she teaches most often. Diamant promises that students in her class will work hard, but will develop skill as a result. "Students who aren’t just along for the ride, but who drive the course with their energy and effort, are astonished to see how much their writing has improved by the end of the semester." Diamant is also a member of the ESL Department at Lehigh University, where she has taught English composition and business writing for Lehigh’s Global Village program. Also on staff at NCC’s Center for Business and Industry, she has developed and presented workshops for professionals on various business communication topics. Besides teaching writing, Diamant writes an occasional freelance essay for the "Comments" page of The Morning Call. Her essays, which comment on contemporary culture and current events, can be located in newspaper’s archives:

    44. Listings Of The World Science Earth Sciences Meteorology
    http// Added http// Added Nov-27-02; University of Hawaii meteorology Post Review

    45. SUNET's Web Index: Meteorology
    Institute Has a unique competence within the fields of meteorology, hydrologyand oceanography. Svenska vädersidan - Links to weather observations for the
    Science /Meteorology
    Sortings and selections
    Updated: Wednesday 9. April 2003

    46. Pete Lamb Fishing Charters And Southern Bait And Tackle.
    Coastal Marine Forecast index http// Zealand weather ObservationsSurface weather observations from
    Tide Graph Tide Tables
    Tide timetables at Wavepoint1
    Moon Phases
    New Zealand Metservice
    Forecasts Index
    Recreational Marine Forecast - Index
    Coastal Marine Forecast - Index
    Wairarapa Times-Age Lower north Island Weather and Wairarapa Tides Institute of Geophysics - VUW Latest New Zealand Weather Observations Surface weather observations from around New Zealand, eight times daily. Australian Bureau of Meteorology Weather Map - 00 UTC Forecast Chart Australian Bureau of Meteorology Weather Map - 12 UTC Forecast Chart

    47. UF AgriGator * WEATHER
    weather Machine weather Machine weather World index of meteorology Daily Planet weatherResources Atmospheric and Oceanic Science at NCSA U of I International
    *** Florida is the lightning capital of the US ***

    48. Index.htm
    teacherfriendly site has links to Classroom help Topic index to earth They canalso analyze a weather map and learn more about careers in meteorology.
    Home District Information: School Sites
    • Wilson Horace Mann Jefferson Sequoyah Will Rogers High School Middle School Washington Academy
    Calendar Departments: Web Sites:
    Shawnee Public Schools
    Weather-Watching on the Web Table of Contents GENERAL INFORMATION

    49. Meteorology Links In Asia
    Institute of Plateau Atmospheric Physics. Nanjing Institute of meteorology; KochiUniversity Department of Information Science weather index. Kyoto University
  • 50. Scouting Resources - Weather - Index
    weather and its study (meteorology) also underlay aspects of the cub and scout trainingprogram and can serve as an interesting introduction to the scientist
    Home Contact Search About me ...

    Weather Predicting what the weather will be like can be a very useful skill. When out walking in the hills/ mountains it can potentially save your life. The weather in certain places can be unpredictable and liable to sudden changes (which is why so many unprepared people get into difficulty on our hills and mountains each year) but a little knowledge can help you predict most changes of weather. Weather and its study (meteorology) also underlay aspects of the cub and scout training program and can serve as an interesting introduction to the scientist badge too. Quick Links Colour Guide to Clouds Teach Yourself Weather Collins Gem - Weather BBC Activity Set - Weather Connected Weather Links Connected is a central area that provides links to obtain further information on subjects contained in Scouting Resources. From here you can go on to websites related to your area of interest, pick up some further reading in related books and jot down some contact addresses. Teach yourself Weather Darren Dowling Weather Teach yourself Weather ISBN 0340627077 Order from

    51. Tim's Page Of Weather Stuff.
    weather photos, stories, news, and links from a novice storm chaser and meteorology student in southern Alabama. Picture categories include clouds, thunderstorms, tornadoes and tornado related phenomena. Also featured are stories from various storm chases.
    Best veiwed in 800x600!
    Early yesterday morning, several tornadoes hit portions of southwest Georgia. Nine people were killed, and nearly a hundred more were injured. Warnings were issued in time, but because it was so early in the morning, most people didn't get them.
    Ahh...springtime. Birds chirping, warm, sunny days, plants blooming, pollen everywhere turning my car yellow...oh well, at least it isn'y freezing cold. Of cours, with spring comes lots of rain for south Alabama, and some pretty nasty weather as well. Last week (I forget which day...I gotta start writing this stuff down) the NWS issued over two dozen severe storm warnings for our area over about a 12 hour period! Luckily, there wasn't too much damage since the warnings were given well ahead of time.
    Hasn't been an update in a while...but let me explain. Been super busy with college this semester, and I got a new computer. One problem though...I can't scan any images until I find the disk to install the program that runs the scanner! More pics will be coming soon, I promise!
    Happy New Year! Yes, it is a little late, but I've been

    52. ClayGate 551.5-.6 : Meteorology ; Weather ; Climatology
    Ice storms Lightning meteorology Australia Oceanography weather disasters weatherforecasting weather photographs Main index 500 Science 550 Earth
    551.5-.6 - Meteorology ; Weather ; Climatology DDC Air pollution
    Atmospheric chemistry


    ... 550 : Earth sciences
    The Dewey Decimal Classification is © 1996-2000 OCLC Online Computer Library Center, Incorporated . Used with Permission. AskERIC : Meteorology Australian Bureau of Meteorology Library : Meteorological Resources BBC Learning : Weather BUBL Link : Atmospheric Science ... Yahoo! : Tornadoes Tornadoes Photographs Tornadoes of Wisconsin : The Wx-Fx Photo Galleries Xenia Tornado Photos The Fujita Scale (Tornadoes Project Online) FEMA Fact Sheet : Tornado Safety Tips Brochure Tornado Project Online : Tornado Safety USA Today : Tornado Safety Doppler on Wheels ... Mysteries Megasite : Ball Lightning Links Rainbows About Rainbows Australian Bureau of Meteorology : Rainfall Maps Australian Bureau of Meteorology : Victorian Rainfall Maps Hot Topics : Drought ... Virtual Reference Desk : Weather (Charles Sturt University) World Climate: Weather rainfall and temperature data Links World Resources Institute : Climate and atmosphere WWW Virtual Library : Environment - Climate ... Weather Words (Commonwealth Bureau of Meteorology) World Climate: Weather rainfall and temperature data Links Australian Severe Weather : Lightning and Weather Photography Links Australian Severe Weather : Weather Photo Catalogue ... Climate of 1998 : Annual Review (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) BBC Learning : Weather Forecasting : Snow Reports

    53. Va Earth Science Meteorology Severe Weather Links
    Severe Storms online meteorology guide; Thunderstorms A Recipe to Storms; StormEncyclopedia; Storms Storm Safety index -; Hail Storms
    Severe Weather Links
    Tornadoes ...
    Miscellaneous Links:
    (C) 2001 Department of Education, Richmond, Virginia.

    54. Geo-Guide: Maps: Meteorology And Climatology
    URL, http// Contents, Clarity, index, Links, Metadata.10. weather Images (CNN). Subject Class, Maps meteorology and Climatology. 600

    55. Meteorology
    Greenpeace Climate Crisis Homepage Hight Plains Cliamate Center Intellicast HomePage Kochi University, weather index meteorology meteorology meteorology and
    Start Here
    start here
    Atmospheric Sciences Web Aviation Weather Gopher Server CTC Math/Science Gateway: Meteorology Current Weather Maps/Movies ...
    Return to the VCC Home Page

    56. Royal Meteorological Society - Index Of Keywords
    Search our Education pages Education index page Society Observing Systems PhysicalProcesses Satellite meteorology weather Forecasting Specialist
    The Royal Meteorological Society President: Dr H Cattle
    If you are looking for education-related topics, try here - this page includes links to information about some meteorological phenomena. Before using this index page you might wish to use the [Find]/[Find in page] [Find]/[Find on this page] (Explorer) browser buttons to locate the keyword in the list below. Click here as appropriate A B C D ... Z
    Keyword index to topics to our website
    Wednesday meetings (April 1999 onwards)
    Saturday meetings (Saturday 1999 onwards)
    Accreditation scheme of the RMS
    Qualifications required
    Weather - charges
    Quarterly Journal - charges
    Leaflet inserts into journals - charges
    Advert, job, information
    Application forms for membership
    Corporate membership
    Full membership
    Fellowship of the RMS
    Student membership ...
    Atmospheric Science Letters
    Online journal
    Submission of contributions
    Awards and prizes
    1999 winners and citations
    2000 winners and citations
    Prizewinners in recent years
    Back to Basics - articles in Weather
    (Topics include An introduction to meteorology, Clouds, Rain, Depressions and anticyclones, Fog, Climate, Instruments, Atmospheric stability, Thunderstorms, Light, Hydrology, Tornadoes, Radiation budget, Coriolis)

    57. Current Weather Information - Meteorology Cologne
    Tlog(p)-, Stüve- Theta-Diagrams (meteorology, University of Cologne). Europeanweather stations African weather stations Stüve-Diagrams of European weather
    - Latest weather information -
    Remote Sensing
    Meteorology, Univ. of Cologne
    Latest Surface Maps

    for Europe Latest Surface Maps
    for other continents (updated every 6h) Weather Observations
    from different German cities (updated every 6 hours)
    Meteorology, University of Cologne European weather stations
    African weather stations


    of European weather stations
    InfoMet, Spain Other Data on weather and ozone values LUA NRW List of the climatic stations of DWD Latest miscolored infrared satellite images 12-hour loop DWD IGM-Cologne Latest image DWD IGM-Cologne 30-days image archive Radar images Radar images updated every 15 minutes 50 and 100 km around Bonn Meteorological Institute, Univ. of Bonn Radar images Royal Meteorological Institute of Belgium Radar images KNMI, Netherlands Meteorology, Univ. of Cologne (Mirror) ECMWF (Europe and Northern hemisphere) NCEP (Europe and Northern hemisphere) MRF (Northern hemisphere) UK MetOffice (Europe) Gerhard Torka has a page explaining and commentating this site:

    weather http// weather Hints http// meteorology http//weather

    59. Resources For Middle School Science--4.65-- Student Activities In Meteorology (S
    of 10 paperand-pencil activities on meteorology and atmospheric examine the typeof maps and weather data used Topic index listings linked to this entry Use
    Stonehenge: A Program from the Holt Planetarium
    Thematic Applications: Sciences I
    Student Activities in Meteorology (SAM).
    Version 2. Beverly L. Meier and Elisa Passarelli. Developed in collaboration with National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), Environmental Research Laboratories, Forecast Systems Laboratory (Boulder, Colo.). Washington, D.C.: U.S. Government Printing Office, 1994. Recommended grade level:
    Student Activities in Meteorology is a packet of 10 paper-and-pencil activities on meteorology and atmospheric science that give students a sense of the type and form of scientific data with which a meteorologist or an atmospheric scientist might work. All of the activities have strong mathematics and graphing components. They can be used alone or as a series. The wide range of topics addressed includes Doppler radar, severe weather, windchill, the greenhouse effect, ozone depletion, carbon monoxide pollution, air traffic and weather, and sunspots. Price: Free.

    60. BBC - Weather Centre - Weatherwise - Jobs In Weather
    meteorology is the science and study of the earth’s atmosphere and its and to predictfor the benefit of mankind the behaviour of weather, the climate and






    9th April 2003
    Text only

    BBC Homepage
    Weather UK Weather ... Help Like this page? Send it to a friend! what is meteorology? Meteorology is the science and study of the earth’s atmosphere and its interaction with the earth and all forms of life. It embraces a wide range of time and space scales, from the tiniest turbulent eddies, which survive as recognisable entities for only a second or two, to the variations in ice cover and the global climatic fluctuations, which extend over millennia. It seeks to understand and to predict for the benefit of mankind the behaviour of weather, the climate and the atmosphere in general, from the surfaces of land and sea to the edge of space. jobs in weather what is meteorology? the profession of meteorology who employs meteorologists? education and training ... Privacy

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