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         Meteorology & Weather Index:     more detail
  1. Meteorology and Weather Factors: Index of New Information With Authors, Subjects, and Bibliography by Gilbert Jose Umanski, 1995-06
  2. Meteorology & Weather Factors: Index of New Information With Authors, Subjects & Bibliography by Gilbert Jose Umanski, 1993-09
  3. Seasonal Variation in Health and Diseases: With Sections on Effects of Weather and Temperature : A Bibliography by T. M. Allan, A. S. Douglas, 1994-08
  4. Air and Water Pollution: An entry from Gale's <i>Weather Almanac</i>
  5. Heat & Humidity: An entry from Gale's <i>Weather Almanac</i>
  6. Encyclopedia of Global Warming: Oxygen, Atmospheric-younger Dryas, Appendixes, Index
  7. Using fire-weather forecasts and local weather observations in predicting burning index for individual fire-danger stations (Research paper) by Owen P Cramer, 1958
  8. Overlay scale to determine Sly Index directly from tephigram (Technical memoranda / Canada, Dept. of Transport, Meteorological Branch) by O Braun, 1968
  9. El Nino: Overview and Bibliography

61. Radley College Geography Dept
live readings NOAA live weather data worldwide Reading, UK Univ Dept of meteorology live data South Africa live data St Vincents index of weather data Univ
Geography Websites John Harris, Head of Geography, Radley College, Abingdon, Oxon, UK Click here for: MetLink International Schools - Weather Project and CloudWatch Europe Click here to return to Radley Geog home AltaVista Alltheweb AskJeeves ... Yahoo Science New! NOAA hot news NASA Earth Observatory USGS hot maps GeoNet Internet Geography New! General Radley Geog Dept Environment Human Geography Physical Geography
Weather web index
Metlink home
Weather - General Sources Australia - weather zone maps, radar, lightning
Bablake Weather Station bookmarks

BBC Weather Centre
BBC Weatherwise
- lots of educational information
C4: Centre for Clouds, Chemistry and Climate

62. The World-Wide Web Virtual Library: Meteorology, Order By Data
Geographical index. Travel Advisory Conditions , from FreeseNotis weather.Net.Forecasts GmbH (in German); Australia, from Bureau of meteorology, Melbourne;
Information categorised by subject. See also other subjects . Please mail if you know of online information not in these lists.
Server Index
Data Index
Geographical Index
Meteorological Maps Forecasts

63. Climatology And Meteorology -- Index
The part meteorology analyzes the various physical phenomena whichform the background of weather mechanisms and weather formation.
Climatology and meteorology Referentie Wordt gegeven in aanvullende opleiding Fysische Natuurlijke Rijkdommen (Interuniversitair: RUG - VUB), optie: Analyse van Fysische Natuurlijke Rijkdommen
aanvullende opleiding Fysische Natuurlijke Rijkdommen (Interuniversitair: RUG - VUB), optie: Gebruik van Fysische Natuurlijke Rijkdommen

aanvullende opleiding Fysische Natuurlijke Rijkdommen (Interuniversitair: RUG - VUB), optie: Beheer van Fysische Natuurlijke Rijkdommen

Theorie (A) Toepassingen (B) Stages en scriptie (C) Studietijd (D) Studiepunten (E) Doceertaal Engels Titularis Raoul Lemeur Semester eerste Vakgroep Medewerkers H. Decleir (VUB)
Sleutelwoorden Doelstelling The part climoatology provides the principles of climatology to understand the role of climate in environmental problems; introducing some basic techniques used in climatological research. The part Meteorology analyzes the various physical phenomena which form the background of weather mechanisms and weather formation. This way, insights are provided for the prevailing types of weather and for weather prediction. This knowledge yields the basis for further discussion of the distribution of climates over the earth. The practical training aims at the manipulation of climate sensors, the use of weather maps and of meteorological computations. Inhoud Part Climatology :
  • Climatology. Starting from the difference between weather and climate two important aspects of climatology are introduced i.e. variability versus average climatic conditions. An introduction is given to the statistical treatment of climatological data as well as proxy data.
  • 64. Index Page Of NCAR-RAP Real-Time Weather Data Website
    cache. weather for today weather for today, Satellite D. Surface DataAirports around the world report weather conditions every hour. See
    updated 7/25/2002)
    A few major additions were completed this week. Significant changes were made to the Numerical Model Page . Numerous other changes were made, please consult the full details . If you experience problems, then you may need to hold down the SHIFT keyboard key and click with the mouse on the browser Reload/Refresh button to ensure you get a new version from our server, not from cache.
    Weather for today:
    Satellite Data

    Radar Data

    Surface Data

    Airports around the world report weather conditions every hour. See plots of these data for your local region as well as the entire U.S.
    Weather balloons launched twice per day carry tiny meteorological instruments and measure temperature, moisture, and wind information critical to our weather understanding. Numerical Models
    Computer models provide meteorologists with the tools for forecasting one to ten days into the future. These plots are for serious pros. Miscellaneous
    Additional links found here including climate, tropical, and severe weather along with educational links.

    65. Marine Meteorology Center, Central Weather Bureau
    Tide and wave forecast.
    Marine Meteorology Center
  • Tide
  • Tidal Prediction
  • Tidal Information Index
  • Wave
  • Daily Wave Prediction Chart for the NW Pacific Ocean
  • Wave Information Index
  • Beaufort Scale of Wind Force and Its Probable Wave Height
  • Marine Meteorology Information Services
  • 66. Freese-Notis Weather.Net Home Page
    Source of weather information for agriculture, aviation, commodities, construction, energy, forensics, and transportation. NEXRAD radar imagery via InterRAD.
    FREESE NOTIS WEATHER SERVICES InterRAD Energy.Net Weather Trades ... Agricultural Weather Forecasts Freese-Notis Weather Freese-Notis Weather has been one of the most recognizable and respected names in the industry since its founding in 1973. Things have changed tremendously in terms of technology since 1973 but one thing has remained constant throughout the years; a passion for our work has provided our customers with the best quality forecasting. Late in 1994, Freese-Notis entered a brand new horizon. This is when the company decided to also become a complete Internet Service Provider and headed full blast into the “Information Superhighway”. Whether your need is weather information or Internet services, Freese-Notis Weather has the solution for you. For more information on all the various services we provide, click on the links above or on the right. Click for Current National Radar Enter Zipcode for regional weather radar
    Click here for Instant InterRAD or AgWeather registration
    Do you have questions regarding the most effective Weather game plan for your company?

    67. Main Weather Topic Index Has Moved
    weather. Main Categories. weather briefs. Cold science Almanac. More weather. The week ahead Beach weather. weather index. Talk Today
    Home News Money Sports ... Weather Main Categories Weather briefs Cold science Weather basics Hurricanes ... Almanac More Weather The week ahead Weather extremes Weather safety Travel forecasts ... Talk Today Site Web
    Click here to get the Daily Briefing in your inbox
    03/14/2002 - Updated 09:39 AM ET Main weather topic index has moved As part of's 2001 facelift, our general weather topic index has moved to a new location. Please use the link below to go to it, and don't forget to change your bookmarks and links. We apologize in advance for any inconvenience, and thank you for visiting Front Page News Money ... Gannett Co. Inc.

    68. Wildland Fire Collaboratory
    FFWI, Fuel based Fosberg Fire weather index (SPC). FNMOC, Fleet NumericalMeteorology and Oceanography Center. FWI, Fire weather index (Fosberg).
    Acronym List Glossary ACD Atmospheric Chemistry Division (NCAR) ACPI Accelerated Climate Prediction Initiative (DOE) AES Atmospheric Environment Service (Canada) AFWA Air Force Weather Agency (DOD) AFWI Average Fosberg Fire Weather Index (SPC) AGL Above Ground Level AMS American Meteorological Society ANL Argonne National Laboratory AOML Atlantic Oceanographic and Meteorological Laboratory (OAR) APL Applied Physics Laboratory ARC Ames Research Center (NASA) ARL Air Resources Laboratory ARPS Advanced Regional Prediction System (OU) ASOS Automated Surface Observing System (Interagency) ASP Advanced Study Program (NCAR) ATD Atmospheric Technology Division (NCAR) ATMU Advanced Technology Meteorological Unit (NWS) AVHRR Advanced Very High Resolution Radiometer AVN Aviation forecast model (NCEP) AWIPS BCMFPP British Columbia Fire Weather and Behavior Advisory and Warning System BHNF Black Hills National Forest BIA Bureau of Indian Affairs (DOI) BLM Bureau of Land Management (DOI) BMRC Bureau of Meteorology Research Centre (Australia) BOM Bureau of Meteorology (Australia) BUI Build Up Index CAPS Center for Analysis and Prediction of Storms (OU) CCA Canonical Correlation Analysis CDC Climate Diagnostic Center (NESDIS) CEFA Climate, Ecosystem and Fire Applications program (DRI)

    69. The Weather Legacy
    meteorology information including glossary, definition of meteorological scales, software, poetry, and links.
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    Free Lake Scene Screen Saver

    This website requires a browser that is compatible with frames...

    70. Meteorology Guide: The Online Guides
    UI Department of Atmospheric Sciences provides this colorful tutorial on the atmospheric sciences covering weather patterns, forecasting, and hurricanes. The Online meteorology Guide is a collection of classroom activities and current weather products to reinforce topics learned to realtime weather data. Available modules include
    Graphic by: Steven E. Hall The Online Meteorology Guide is a collection of web-based instructional modules that use multimedia technology and the dynamic capabilities of the web. These resources incorporate text, colorful diagrams, animations, computer simulations, audio and video to introduce fundamental concepts in the atmospheric sciences. Selected pages link to (or will soon link to) relevant classroom activities and current weather products to reinforce topics discussed in the modules and allow the user to apply what has been learned to real-time weather data. Available modules include: Modules
    Last Update: 09/02/99 Light and Optics
    The interaction between light and atmospheric particles and the colorful optical effects that result. Clouds and Precipitation
    Cloud classifications and the processes by which clouds and precipitation develop. Forces and Winds
    Forces that influence the flow of air and how they interact to produce wind. Air Masses and Fronts
    The most common types of air masses and fronts, plus a look at the different types of advection. Weather Forecasting
    General forecasting methods, important surface features, plus forecasting tips for different scenarios.

    71. Marine Weather Services
    Marine weather Oceanography Services of the Australian Bureau of meteorology.
    Weather: National Victoria NSW ACT ... Tasmania
    Marine Weather Services
    Overview (Basic definitions, terminologies used and services offered)
    PRODUCTS Forecasts Warnings Observations Charts ... Radar images   General issue  (*)  Registered Users  Sunrise/sunset information [from AUSLIG] Tidal predictions/information [from the National Tidal Facility] Tropical Cyclones [Guide for Mariners in Northwest Australia] Ocean Services  [a bundle of ocean products available via (*) Registered Users arrangements]  All marine/ocean Registered Users products [surface winds, ocean temperature, wave heights] (*) Ocean temperature, salinity and currents [from the Royal Australian Navy] DELIVERY SYSTEMS Radio Services HF Voice HF Fax (VLM: Antarctic) VHF Telephone Services Telephone Voice Telephone Fax Satellite Services Inmarsat-C (SafetyNET service) DISTRESS SAFETY SERVICES National arrangements for maritime distress and safety services GENERAL Glossary Beaufort Wind Scale Enquiries Your Feedback welcomed ... Home Services marked with (*) require registration and a password before they can be accessed, and a charge is applied. Please refer to Registered Users for details about these conditions. 

    72. The Martian Sun-Times
    Gives daily weather on Mars as well as Earth. Students learn meteorology from this creative roleplaying experience in which they play reporters for a Martian newspaper.
    T he M artian S un- T imes
    Most of the news that's fit to print
    for the Mars aficionado

    The Martian Sun-Times gives you daily news and weather on Mars as well as Earth
    (for our terrestrial readers).
    Investigation I
    Seasons on Mars
    Investigation II

    Weather Forecasts
    Investigation III

    Martian Summer
    Investigation IV
    Stormy Mars Investigation V Probing Earth and Mars
    Investigation VI Life on Mars Investigation VII Getting to Mars Investigation VIII Exploring Mars
    Letter from the Editors
    We are searching for some good reporters to write stories about news and weather for our Martian Sun-Times. Are you up to the challenge? If so, here are some cool links for you to examine. Click on the links at the left to find some investigations that will get your creative mind working! Hope to hear from you! your editors, Flo and Jeff For the Teacher Lesson Information
    Arts and Entertainment
    3-D Martian Photo Gallery Put on your 3D glasses!

    73. Met Office: Homepage
    Forecasts and data for country and the world, weather warnings, UV index, maps, marine information Category Science Earth Sciences Government Agencies Europe...... From News. FEATURES. Innovation, Ecards Send your friends an electronic postcardof their favourite weather presenter! From Innovation. weather AND YOUR BUSINESS.
    Home Weather and climate Aviation Leisure Research ... Services for business Welcome to the Met Office Issued at: 1800 9 Apr 2003
    UK forecast
    Guide Key Summary: Frosty tonight. Patchy light rain or sleet spreading westwards tomorrow. UK WEATHER Satellite imagery Rainfall Webcams ... UV index
    No severe weather is expected in the next few hours. No severe weather is expected in the next 12 to 48 hours. More about these warnings These warnings are produced in association with the Cabinet Office Emergency Planning Division
    UK Europe ... Tropical cyclones
    NEWS Record March sunshine
    The UK has had the sunniest March for more than 40 years Met Office figures have revealed... Our future climate
    International met services share ideas about the future of the climate to celebrate World Met. Day... First NVQ awards
    A new standard recognising the work of weather forecasters and observers has been introduced in the Met Office...

    74. Northwest Airlines Meteorology
    Providing weather forecasting products for the aviation industry, including specialized turbulence and thunderstorm forecasts.
    Northwest Airlines Meteorology
    "Specializing in safety" About NWA Meteorology NWA Meteorology Products
    Contact NWA Meteorology

    75. University Of Hawaii Meteorology
    of Hawaii meteorology Department thanks the people at the Unidata Program Center,the National Science Foundation, and the National weather Service for

    76. Bad Meteorology
    Informs about misconceptions and errors in many textbooks and schools about weather.

    77. The Tropical Meteorology Project: [FORCASTS]
    Current forecasts and past reports on hurricane activity in the Atlantic.Category Science Earth Sciences weather Phenomena Hurricanes......· The · Online · Resource · for · the · Tropical ·Storm · Forecaster ·, Wednesday, March 19th, 2003.
    Wednesday, April 9th, 2003 HOME FORECASTS PRODUCTS PEOPLE Search NEWS 2003 Hurricane Forecast Update Published. Click here to read it, or check the forecasts page for more information. New TMP Web Site. New layout with simplified navigation, more information, and greater backward compatability for older browsers. 2003 Hurricane Forecast Published. Click here to read it, or check the forecasts page for more information. SERVICES MAIL Access your email account from anywhere in the world. Read, reply to, and compose new email right from your browser. COMMUNITY LINK TO US Dr. Gray's Tropical Storm Forecast: April, 2003 Archived Forecasts:
    April, 2003 December, 2002 November, 2002 September, 2002 August, 2002 June, 2002 April, 2002 December, 2001 November, 2001 August, 2001 June, 2001 April, 2001 December, 2000 November, 2000 August, 2000 June, 2000 April, 2000 December, 1999 November, 1999

    78. Weather Instruments And Timing Equipment - Rowing Equipment, Wind And Weather Me
    Handheld windspeed, meteorology instruments, anemometer, windmeter, velocity.
    Nielsen-Kellerman Company designs, manufactures and distributes waterproof instruments for active lifestyles and technical applications, including Kestrel® Pocket Weather Meters Interval® Timing Systems and NK Electronics for Rowing and Paddling
    Every one of our American-made products offers innovative features, built-to-last construction and a full warranty. If you don't see what you are looking for here on our site, please contact us. We are always developing new products and may already be working on just what you need. Choose a Destination About NK Job Opportunities Customer Service Product Help and Troubleshooting Rowing Training Tips Download PDF Instructions Press Releases NK Challenge Cox-Box Cox-Vox StrokeCoach SpeedCoach SpeedCoach (Paddle) Interval Timing System Kestrel 1000 Kestrel 2000 Kestrel 3000 Kestrel 4000 Repair Costs
    Rowing and Paddling Equipment
    Interval Timing Systems Kestrel Wind and Weather Instruments
    Customer Service
    ... Directions

    79. Norfolk Island Weather Forecast
    Australian Bureau of meteorology.

    80. Tellus - Series A
    encompasses dynamic meteorology, climatology and oceanography, including numerical modelling, synoptic meteorology, weather forecasting and climate analysis.

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