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61. - United States - New - Library - Sciences - Astronomy & Space - Organi
6. British Astronomical assoc. SETI Institute http// organizationoffers satellite observation projects for meteorology, geology, oceanography

62. References
IGS Workshop, International assoc. of Geodesy, Univ of Berne, Mar 1993. 6 Bevis,M, S Businger, S Chiswell, T Herring and R Anthes, GPS meteorologymapping
Up: GPS dataacquisition, environmental Previous: Conclusions
Ashjaee, J and R Lorenz, Precision GPS surveying after Y-code, Proc GPS-92, Inst of Navigation, 657-659, Sept 1992.
Bar-Sever, Y, J Anselmi, W Bertiger and E Davis, Fixing the GPS bad attitude: Modeling GPS satellite yaw during eclipse seasons., Proc Inst of Navigation 1995 National Technical Meeting, Jan 1995.
Bassiri, S and G A Hajj, Higher-order ionospheric effects on the Global Positioning System observables and means of modeling them, Manuscripta Geodaetica, 18
Becker, M et al, LEICA SR-299 receiver performance in static and kinematic applications, Proc GPS-93, Inst of Nav, 1005-1010, 1993.
Beutler, G and E Brockmann, eds, Proceedings of the 1993 IGS Workshop, International Assoc. of Geodesy, Univ of Berne, Mar 1993.
Bevis, M, S Businger, S Chiswell, T Herring and R Anthes, GPS meteorology-mapping zenith wet delays onto precipitable water, J Appl Meteorology, 33
Bishop, G et al, Studies and performance of a new technique for mitigation of pseudorange multipath effects in GPS ground stations, Proc National Technical Meeting, Inst of Navigation, 231-242, Jan 1994.
Blewitt, G, Advances in Global Positioning System technology for geodynamics investigations: 1978-1992, in Crustal Dynamics Project, AGU Monograph, 1993.

63. Colchester Community Development Center, More Detailed Links To Vermont
The Road Less Taken Tours Travel org's Vermont Page Home Page LinkVermont VermontLodging and Restaurant assoc. Roger Hill Lyndon State College meteorology Dept
120 Lower Mountain View Drive
P.O. Box 444
Colchester, VT 05446
802 655-1813 (Fax)

64. .LINKS4KIDS Safe Sites - Environmental Issues For Students.
Climate Survey http//; QuaternaryResearch assoc. http//; Quebec Schools Network http
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... HOME

65. Environment Education - School Fundraising - Environment Links
http//; Bureau of meteorology http//www http//;National assoc of Forest; Planet Ark http//;
... General

Tips For Success




BS, Penn State Univ, 1953; Ph.D. (meteorology), Penn State Admin Environmental Systems,ESSA; 1971, assoc Administrator of 413; email
Born New York, NY. Education : B.S., M.S., Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1949; M.D., Harvard Medical School, 1953; Ph.D. (biophysics), Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1957. Professional Experience : Medical House Officer, Senior Assistant Resident, Chief Resident, Peter Bent Brigham, 1953-1960; Fellow of the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, 1957-1958; Philip H. Cook Fellow in Radiology, Harvard, 1960-1968; Career Development Award, U.S. Public Health Service, 1965-1968; Instructor, Associate, Assistant, Full Professor, Anatomy/Radiology, Harvard, 1961-1989; Paul C. Cabot Professor of Medical Biophysics, Harvard, 1989-1997; Daniel C. Tosteson University Professor, Harvard, 1997-present. Selected Concurrent Positions : Director, Division of Nuclear Medicine, Peter Bent Brigham Hospital, 1968-1992; Chief, Nuclear Medicine Services, The Children's Hospital, Boston, 1970-1978; Physician, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, 1982-present; Radiologist, Brigham and Women's Hospital, 1992-present; Director, MD-Ph.D. Program, Harvard Medical School, 1978-1982; Executive Dean for Academic Programs in the Faculty of Medicine, Harvard Medical School, 1978-1997; American Board of Nuclear Medicine, 1972-1978; National Council on Radiation Protection, 1978-present; Director, Whitaker Health Sciences Fund, 1981-1992; Board on Radiation Effects, National Academy of Sciences, 1998-present; Chair, University Advisory Committee on Human Subjects Research, 1998-present.

67. Forensic Meteorology Associates, Inc.
Nationwide service, providing forensic weather investigation and expert testimony.
Weather Related Litigation Support and Expert Testimony Nationwide Walter A. Lyons, Ph.D., CCM: A meteorologist with over 30 years experience, including serving as a university professor, operational weather forecaster, meteorological researcher for NASA, EPA, NOAA, NSF, USAF, energy, insurance and agribusinesses; litigation support and testimony, plus 17+ years in broadcasting.
Forensic Clients Research Clients Typical Challenges ... Contact Us
FMA can assemble teams
of leading experts in atmospheric sciences and air pollution to provide litigation support and expert witness services (no charge for initial consultation)
Call us directly at 1-800-854-7219, or via email.
Detailed weather event reconstruction for almost any locale nationwide.
Acquisition and interpretation of weather records, forecasts, watches and warnings.
Specializing in local-scale weather and microclimates:

Lightning strike verification
Thunderstorms and associated phenomena
High wind events - tornadoes, microbursts, straight line winds

68. National Weather Association
WELCOME TO THE NATIONAL WEATHER ASSOCIATION Supporting and Promoting Excellencein Operational meteorology And Related Activities for over 25 Years.

Supporting and Promoting Excellence in
Operational Meteorology And Related Activities for over 25 Years

The David Sankey Minority Scholarship in Meteorology

(deadline: 15 May 2003) The Arthur C. Pike Scholarship in Meteorology
(deadline: 15 April 2003) 28th Annual NWA Meeting
18-23 October 2003
Jacksonville, FL NWA's listing of colleges and universities with degree programs in Meteorology or Atmospheric Science [HTML]
Spring Severe Weather Awareness National Lightning Safety Awareness Week 22-28 June 2003 Do you know all you should about Tornadoes? 23 March - World Meteorological Day ... What's New as of 3-25-2003 Special subject areas: Aviation Education Membership Remote Sensing ... Weather Analysis and Forecasting
Hot Links
Looking for a forecast? Try National Weather Service Or visit our Corporate Members' Web sites Please sign our Guestbook NWA Site Map Search the NWA website Other search engines: [Google] [MetaCrawler] [Infoseek] [AltaVista] ... [HotBot] Send Comments to: NWA President: Bill Read NWA Executive Director: Kevin Lavin NWA Home Page Curator: Stacy Bunin NWA Home Page Curator: Steve Listemaa NWA Home Page Advisory Committee: Chet Henricksen Home Page Advisory Committee Page Update as of: 3-25-2003 For further NWA information and address changes contact NWA OFFICE 1697 Capri Way Charlottesville, VA 22911-3534

69. METER 10-Elements Of Meteorology
1b. Course Number 10. 2. Course Title Elements of meteorology. 3. Units3. 4. This Course is assoc Degree Applic. Transfer to UC/CSU/Private.

70. PHYSC 12-Introduction To Principles Of Physical Science
3. Units 4. 4. This Course is assoc Degree Applic. The topics include informationfrom physics, chemistry, geology, meteorology, and astronomy.

71. Azoos.Com
4. American assoc. For Clinical Chemistry American association for Clinical Chemistry,a special organization for chemists . http//

72. Links From Resources For Weather And Climate Instruction Spaceflight meteorology Group spaceflight AmericanAssoc. the Advancement of Science American Geophysical
Web Sites Last updated: March 19, 2001
Climate Change:
Climate Prediction Center:
Colorado Climate Center:
El Nino / La Nina
National Climatic Data Center:
National Weather Service:
Environmental News Network:
Environmental Protection Agency:
Climate Summaries for Cities and States: National Climatic Data Center, NOAA: Worldwide Weather Events of 1991-2000:
Current US Weather
AccuWeather: CNN Weather: Forecast Systems Laboratory, NOAA: NCAR-RAP: NWS - Interactive Weather Information Network:

73. Windtech Paragliding UK - Paragliding Web Links FU Berlin NOAA HRPT antenna (Institute of meteorology, Sectionof Medium Range MRF Forecasts for Europe http//

free flight mags
free flight uk assoc. europe assoc. world ... insurance If you know of a great Paragliding site and would like to suggest the web address for it, or one of the links below has changed, then please email us at
Wendy Windblows
is a chain of automatic weather stations situated at prime aviation and sailing sites around the country. You can either ring them up or check the web to get the latest current readings at your site. It's a great service that works well and will save you loads of time and money! Wendy gives you: Current windspeed and direction, max and min gusts in the last 30 mins, sky state (sunny, cloudy, etc), max, min, and current temps (last 24 hrs), height of cloudbase rainfall amount in last 24 hrs, and time of last rain, (if any).
Click Here, or Click on the Picture, for Details

74. Faculty Senate Minutes, 3 March 1998
Chairperson Student Senate Graduate Student org President Provost Admin assoc. ESCI 231 Meteorologyrequesting reinstatement. J. Osborne requested
Millersville University, Faculty Senate
Faculty Senate Meeting
3 March 1998
Prior Minutes

Student Senate ... Elections Chairperson D. Eidam called the meeting to order at 4:08 PM in Chryst 210. All departments except Industry and Technology, Music, and Political Science were represented. MINUTES The minutes of the 17 February meeting were approved as distributed. REPORTS Chairperson D. Eidam announced that he had notified the following departments that they must conduct elections for senator: Business Administration, Computer Science, Earth Sciences, Economics, Health and Physical Education, Nursing, Physics, Psychology, Special Education. Student Senate Ryan Kunkel reported that student senate is preparing for the system-wide conference this spring. The allocation process is progressing. Graduate Student Organization Lori Ramp reported that the organization will prepare a newsletter, and will launch a promotion campaign to increase awareness. Administrative Officers President President Caputo reported that the University Council of Trustees will hold its meeting on March 11. If the Board of Governors chooses not to approve a tuition increase, it could adversely affect the 98-99 budget process.

75. Duke Of Edinburgh's Award Mid Argyll - Skills Links
M Magazine Newsletter Prod Marksmanship Metalwork meteorology/Weather Study ModelConstruction Money Matters Mosaic Motorcycle, Mopeds Scooters Motor Sport
Duke of Edinburgh's Award Mid Argyll Skills Section - Useful WebLinks This page provides a list of websites that may be useful to your Skills Section Project. We are trying to include a few links for each Skill but this will take time because of the large number of Skills. In the meantime if you know of good sites let us know and we will include them.
The Skills are listed in alphabetical order and each name has a link which will take you to the relevent list of website. This is an ongoing project and this page will be updated on a regular basis. Updated: 26.2.2002 List of Skills Skills Section Activity List Skills Section




Art and Design

Astronomy Audio Broadcast B Majorettes Bellringing Pool Boat Building Book Binding C Camp Equipment Construction Candlemaking Cars Casualty Simulation Chess Choirs Circus Skills Citizenship Coastal Navigation Coins Committee Procedure Communication with people Conservation Consumer Information Cookery Criminology Cycle Maintenance D Darts Education E, F

76. MarSci : The Undergraduate Journal For Marine Science
A Diversity of Opportunities Natl assoc Mar Labs; Oceanography Your Career NavalMeteorology Oceanogr Science, Math, Engineering Links Scroll
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77. DINO - Language: Englisch - Science - Earth Sciences - Meteorology - Forensic
in einem neuen Fenster Forensic meteorology assoc, Inc Nationwide Weather - Providingforensic meteorology, storm reconstruction DE.
Suche Profi-Suche Katalog Video ... Produkte Suchen: Web-Seiten Video Audio Bilder Produkte Schon gewusst? Hier suchen Sie in 2 Milliarden Webseiten. Live-Suche: Was suchen andere Dino-Besucher?
You are here: DINO Language Englisch Science ... Meteorology Forensic Forensic Sprache/Language
Related Categories DINO - Language: Englisch - Science - Science in Society - Forensic Science
Websites Atmospheric Information Services - Provides meteorological and climatological services for business, industry, and government
[Verwandte Websites] Climatological Consulting Corporation - Private consulting company providing litigation support and expert testimony in forensic meteorology, climatology, aviation weather, and related areas.
[Verwandte Websites] Climet Systems - Reconstruction of weather-climate conditions for civil/criminal litigation, expert court testimony, site investigations, risk management support for insurance industry.
[Verwandte Websites] Falconer Weather Information Service - Certified consulting meteorologist offering nationwide services for the acquisition and analysis of official weather and storm records. Expert testimony available.

78. Celle AFS
Rome Transarc Corporation assoc. for Geophysics it Universita' di Lecce, Italia I-WAY
Celle AFS Celle visibili dalla cella # European Laboratory for Particle Physics, Geneva # Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare, Italia # CASPUR Inter-University Computing Consortium, Rome # Transarc Corporation # Assoc. Fusione/Euratom, ENEA, Frascati, Italy Elenco generale delle celle disponibili
(Su richiesta, le seguenti celle possono essere rese visibili sotto la cella Torna a AFS

Independent consultants offering assistance to stakeholder communities involved with US Superfund Category Science Environment North America United States...... 8038 or email us at Robert Atwood, PE President and CEO Resource ControlAssoc., Inc fax 202-973-2887, Air pollution meteorology, Hazardous waste
People Tree: Community Consultant Directory
Our primary objective is to create awareness of the services of consultants who are currently doing work for the communities. This directory may prove useful for finding independent consultants for the Technical Assistance Grant (TAG) program, the Technical Assistance for Public Participation (TAPP) program, or similar programs. To help you identify which experts are likely to be able to help you, we list with each consultant the technologies she/he is most familiar with as well as other areas of specialty. We don't guarantee that these consultants can offer the assistance you need. The only way to find out is for you to contact them directly and ask questions. The Community Consultant Directory is not an endorsement of the consultants listed. It is a guide, not a final decision-making tool for your search. Due to privacy issues we are unable to list consultant references on this site. If you are considering the services of any consultant in this directory, please ask her/him for 'community' references. If you have any questions or concerns about the Community Consultant Directory or would like to recommend a consultant be added, please feel free to contact CPEO at 202.452.8038 or e-mail us at

80. Canadian Council For Geographic Education
http/// association of Canadian Map Libraries and Archives( http//,43,en,0,0,0,0,0
Sorry, no events listed.
04/09/03 05:08 PM
Geography Links
CHECK OUT some great geography websites - arranged by category. Add your suggestions by following the instructions at the bottom of the page. Link Categories



  • ASTRONOMY American Meteor Society

    Offers data, reports, links, and observing tips on meteors, meteor showers, and related meteoric phenomena. Astronomy Picture of the Day - new image everyday from with explanations by a professional astronomer with links to relevant educational sites ( Astronomy Picture of the Day new image everyday from with explanations by a professional astronomer with links to relevant educational sites Experts Pick: Top 10 Space Science Photos (

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