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         Meteorology Laboratories & Research:     more books (100)
  1. Transformation of the equations of motion of meteorology into arbitrary orthogonal coordinates (Air Force Cambridge Research Laboratories. Research report) by Eugene M Luks, 1962
  2. Hurricane research (Department of Meteorology and Oceanography, Geophysical Sciences Laboratory report) by Jerome Spar, 1966
  3. Hydrometer Parameters Determined from the Radar Data of The SAMS Rain Erosion Program: AFCRL/SAMS Report No. 2 (Meteorology Laboratory, Air Force Cambridge Research Laboratories) by Vernon Plank, 1974
  4. The effect of a low viscosity layer on convection in the mantle (Research report - Cold Regions Research & Engineering Laboratory) by J Weertman, 1966
  5. Prevention and control of culvert icing: Summary report on studies, FY 1966-70 (Special report - Cold Regions Research and Engineering Laboratory) by Kevin L Carey, 1975
  6. Summary report of NOAA Meteorology Laboratory support to the Environmental Protection Agency (SuDoc C 55.13/2:) by U.S. National Archives and Records Administration,
  7. Fiscal year report of NOAA Meteorology Laboratory support to the Environmental Protection Agency (SuDoc C 55.13/2:) by U.S. National Archives and Records Administration,
  8. Air masses, fronts and winter precipitation in Central Alaska (U.S. Army Cold Regions Research and Engineering Laboratory. Research report) by Michael A Bilello, 1974
  9. Surface energy balance of bare soil as influenced by wetting and drying (United States Water Conservation Laboratory. Research report) by Cornelius H. M Van Borel, 1967
  10. Icing and snow accretion on electric wires (Research report - Cold Regions Research and Engineering Laboratory) by Daisuke Kuroiwa, 1965
  11. Formation and reduction of ice fog (Research report - Cold Regions Research & Engineering Laboratory) by Motoi Kumai, 1969
  12. Meteorological data from the CSIRO Pastoral Research Laboratory, Armidale, N.S.W., 1949-76 (Technical paper - CSIRO animal research laboratories) by J. M George, 1977
  13. Environmental Research Laboratories publication abstracts (SuDoc C 55.616:P 96/) by U.S. National Archives and Records Administration,
  14. Reports from the Research Laboratory of Electronics (Chalmers tekniska högskolas handlingar) by Olof F Perers, 1951

1. EPA Educational Resources: Researchers And Scientists - Laboratories And Researc
link to specific labs and centersCategory Regional North America Environmental Protection Agency...... performs much of the air pollution meteorology research for the Water Supply andWater Resources Division conducts research to help Regional laboratories
Educational Resources Recent Additions Contact Us Print Version Search: Advanced Search EPA Home Educational Resources Researchers and Scientists Laboratories and Research Centers EPA Newsroom Browse EPA Topics Where You Live Information Sources ... Jobs
Laboratories and Research Centers
Here are links to the major laboratories and other organizations that conduct research and carry out scientific and technical activities within the EPA programs listed below. Office of Air and Radiation National Air and Radiation Environmental Laboratory (NAREL) Montgomery, Alabama ) - comprehensive environmental laboratory for measuring environmental radioactivity and evaluating its risk to the public. National Vehicle and Fuel Emissions Laboratory Ann Arbor, Michigan ) - responsible for developing national regulatory programs to reduce mobile source related air pollution; evaluating emission control technology; testing vehicles, engines, and fuels; and determining compliance with Federal emissions and fuel economy standards.

2. Home
Training and research in Italian laboratories (TRIL) to one year at Italian research laboratories of universities, governmental and private of the Atmosphere and Aeronomy, meteorology and Climatology, Soil Physics, Environmental
The Abdus Salam International Centre for Theoretical Physics
Strada Costiera 11, P.O. Box 586, 34100 Trieste, Italy
Phone: +39 40 2240111 - Fax: +39 40 224163
Training and Research in Italian Laboratories (TRIL)
The ICTP Programme gives scientists from Developing Countries, Central and Eastern Europe the opportunity to spend periods ranging from a few months to one year at Italian research laboratories of universities, governmental and private institutions, which operate in different branches of Physics. This includes academic studies as well as practical applications and industrial projects. Follow up visits and collaboration programmes are also envisaged.
Agreements of collaboration have been established with Italian research institutions, i.e. CNR (National Research Council), INFN (National Institute for Nuclear Physics), ENEA (Italian Commission for New Technologies, Energy and Environment) and INFM (National Institute for the Physics of Matter), ANPA (National Agency for Environmental Protection), Sincrotrone Trieste (Elettra Synchrotron Light Source), National Institute of Oceanography and Experimental Geophyiscs (

3. Meteorology And Physical Oceanography
DOC/NOAA/OAR/Environmental research laboratories. Penn State Department of meteorology. Radar meteorology group
The Division of Meteorology and Physical Oceanography (MPO) of the Rosenstiel School is engaged in research and graduate instruction in the physical processes governing motion and composition of the ocean and atmosphere. The program ranges from direct observation to theoretical and numerical modeling of the earth-atmosphere system. Located on the Virginia Key Campus of the University of Miami, the School is adjacent to NOAA's Atlantic Oceanographic and Meteorological Laboratories ( AOML ) and Southeast Fisheries Science Center ( SEFC ). There are strong interactions with the Physical Oceanography Laboratory and Hurricane Research Division of AOML and research efforts at SEFC. Graduate Studies Programs leading to M.S. and Ph.D. degrees are open to applicants with a strong background in physics and mathematics. Student selections for the next academic year are made by early March. Financial aid providing tuition and living expenses is offered to all accepted students. Applicants whose first language is not English must pass the Test of English as a Foreign Language TOEFL
Affiliated Research and Technical Support Groups
Bruce Albrecht
Professor and chairman (cloud-climate interactions, boundary layer structure and processes)

4. Welcome To NRL-SSC
Facilties include research, computation, laboratory, administrative, and warehouse. Features a number Category Science Technology Ultrasound Institutes and Universities...... tenants include the Naval meteorology Oceanography 200,000 square feet of research,computation, laboratory channel, and numerous laboratories for acoustic
US DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE WARNING STATEMENT! Naval Research Laboratory Stennis Space Center
NRL Washington

NRL Personnel Lookup

Federal Government

Navy Links
FTP Site
NRLSSC, a tenant at NASA's Stennis Space Center is located in the southwest corner of Mississippi about 50 miles northeast of New Orleans, Louisiana, and 30 miles from the Mississippi Gulf Coast. SSC encompasses over 200 square miles of land area including a perimeter buffer zone to insulate surrounding civilian communities from the noise of rocket engine testing by NASA. Other Navy tenants include the , and the Naval Oceanographic Office , who are major operational users of the oceanographic and atmospheric research and development performed by NRL. This unique concentration of operational and research oceanographers makes SSC the center of naval oceanography and the largest such grouping in the world.
NRL-SSC occupies over 200,000 square feet of research, computation, laboratory, administrative, warehouse, and other facilities at SSC. Facilities include a number of large antennas to receive available oceanographic and meteorological satellite data, a Magnetic Observatory building constructed of nonferrous materials in an electromagnetically quiet area of SSC, a Pattern Analysis Laboratory, a Map Data Formatting Facility, a water-wave channel, and numerous laboratories for acoustic and oceanographic computation, instrumentation, analysis, and testing. Current Research Links: DTAGS Methane Hydrates ARI Mine Burial NRL-SSC Job ...
NRL Divisions at Stennis Space Center

5. Research Institutes, Laboratories And Centers
research Institutes, laboratories and Centers. Sensing research Laboratory; Forecastresearch Laboratory; Applied meteorology research Laboratory; Hydrometeorology

6. @LA Earth Studies In Southern California: Los Angeles County, Orange County, Riv
meteorology. Aquariums. Biology. Chemistry. Departments / Schools. Geography. Geology.Marine Science. meteorology. laboratories / research Centers. Scuba Diving. Weather.
Earth Studies
+ Lego Mindstorms, Battlebots Pro Series and much MORE! whole words only All Counties Los Angeles County Orange County Riverside County San Bernardino County Ventura County Astronomy Biological Sciences Chemistry Environmental Sciences ...
Demographics Departments / Schools Earth Science Economics ... Atlas of Population Patterns in Metropolitan Los Angeles and Orange Counties - Cal State Northridge (CSUN)
California Geographer
, Glendora - journal
The Ethnic Quilt: Population Diversity in Southern California
- Cal State Northridge (CSUN) Departments/Schools
Cal State Fullerton (CSUF) Geography Dept.

Cal State Long Beach (CSULB) Dept. of Geography

Cal State Northridge Geography Dept.

Cal Poly Pomona Dept. of Geography and Anthropology
UCI Geography
, Irvine
UCLA Dept. of Geography
, Westwood USC Dept. of Geography , Downtown Ventura College Geosciences Organizations Association of Pacific Coast Geographers California Geographic Information Association (CGIA) California GIS Council Cal State Fullerton (CSUF) Geography Club ... Earth Systems Science , Van Nuys - an educational non-profit providing community-based geography and environmental education programs to urban families for sustainable communities. IGS - International GPS Service , Pasadena - Caltech Inland Empire GIS User Group Los Angeles County Geographic Information Systems Advisory Body Los Angeles Geographical Society Southeastern California GIS Council Research Projects/Centers Cal State Northridge (CSUN) Geography Map Library California Geographic Alliance California Geographical Survey - Cal State Northridge (CSUN)

7. Dept Of Earth Sciences - Millersville University
island, VA. meteorology Two teaching laboratories, two research laboratories,weather station, mobile laboratory. Libraries The

8. Center Of Excellence For Marine Sciences
Marine Laboratory at UC/Santa Cruz to our own Fleet Numerical meteorology and Oceanography Collectively,these laboratories and research centers constitute
Center of Excellence for Marine Sciences The Monterey Bay has long attracted marine biologists, oceanographers and other people who are interested in or concerned about the productive and beautiful area known as the Monterey Bay and the ocean in general. The biological richness and diversity of the Bay, its proximity to major oceanic circulation features, the seasonal variations in air circulation and current patterns and its dramatically contoured floor make this area ideal for research and monitoring ocean organisms and processes. Numerous agencies have located or are in the process of relocating around the bay. These agencies range from the Monterey Bay Aquarium and the Long Marine Laboratory at UC/Santa Cruz to our own Fleet Numerical Meteorology and Oceanography Center and Naval Research Laboratory which are key research and production centers in the international community. Collectively, these laboratories and research centers constitute perhaps the greatest concentration of marine scientist per mile of shoreline of any place in the world. This area has come to be known as a Center of Excellence for Marine Sciences. Following is a non-inclusive listing of the agencies surrounding the Monterey Bay that constitute the Center of Excellence:
  • Fleet Numerical Meteorology and Oceanography Center - DoD's primary real-time numerical prediction center for regional and global oceanographic and meteorological models and applied products.

9. Research Institutes, Laboratories And Centers
research Institutes, laboratories and Centers research Laboratory. Forecast research Laboratory. Applied meteorology research Laboratory. Hydrometeorology research
Research Institutes, Laboratories and Centers
Lists of Research Institutes

10. KKAI: Resume Of LEB, Ph.D.: Your Consultants, Engineers, And Experts In Climatol
Metallurgical and Corrosion Testing laboratories, Polymer and Coatings Testing laboratories,Technical research Library. EDUCATION BS, meteorology (summa cum

Resume of LEB, Ph.D.
KKAI Associate
KKAI develops new products and manufacturing processes, and provides consulting services that maximize profitability for our clients. EXPERTISE AND SERVICES
Climatology and severe weather and severe storm forecasting; with special interests in aviation meteorology, marine and coastal weather, winter storms, hurricanes, floods, air quality, fog and visibility, and severe thunderstorms and tornadoes. Please note: If you have not found the specific expertise you are seeking, we invite you to try our search engine . For personal assistance in locating a specific type of expertise or service, please call us toll-free at 1-800-367-5524. Contract Engineering/KKAI Team PRINCIPAL INDUSTRIES SERVED
Aerospace, Construction, Marine. FACILITIES INCLUDE
CAD/CAM Systems, Computer Modeling Facilities, Rapid-Prototyping Facilities, CNC Machining and CNC-EDM Facilities, Metal Forming and Plastics Injection Molding Facilities, Coordinate Measurement Machine (CMM) and 3-D Laser Digitizing and Surface Modeling Facilities, Short-Run Parts Production and Assembly Facilities, Endurance and Reliability Testing Facilities, Automation Systems Integration Facilities, Chemical and Bio-Analytical Testing Laboratories, Metallurgical and Corrosion Testing Laboratories, Polymer and Coatings Testing Laboratories, Technical Research Library. EDUCATION
B.S., Meteorology (summa cum laude), Florida State University, 1975

11. INStour Header
Translate this page Public laboratories and research Units oriented towards research and Developmentin areas such as Civil Engineering, Geology, Medicine, Fisheries, meteorology,
CALL endar EDU trips INS tour Laboratories Foundations KNOW share WHO swho INS tour Laboratories and Research Units Those are some Public Laboratories and Research Units oriented towards Research and Development in areas such as Civil Engineering, Geology, Medicine, Fisheries, Meteorology, Agrarian Sciences, Nuclear Technology, among others. Laboratório Nacional de Engenharia Civil (Civil Engineering National Laboratory) URL: Laboratório Nacional de Investigação Veterinária (National Laboratory of Veterinary Research) E-Mail : Instituto Geológico e Mineiro (Geologic and Mining Institute) URL: Instituto Hidrográfico (Hidrographic Institute) URL: Instituto de Investigação Científica Tropical (Institute of Tropical Scientific Research) URL: Instituto de Investigação das Pescas e do Mar (Institute of Fishery and Sea Research) URL:

12. Student Contacts In Penn State's Graduate Program
few exceptions, all our students are appointed as research assistants for gradingproblems for instructors, or helping with advanced meteorology laboratories.

13. Meteorology Jobs
research, and who will enhance the active learning environment of the department'sgeneral education courses, coordinate the introductory laboratories, and

14. Research Labs, Facilities, Projects, And Groups In L&S
Astrophysics; Observational Cosmology Group; Solar System Astrophysics; XrayAstrophysics; Synoptic meteorology. laboratories and research Facilities.
text-only menu] [main text] Mary Halloran, Assistant Professor of Zoology and Anatomy and zebrafish researcher, peers into a tank holding some of her subjects. Photo by Jeff Miller, University Communications. Current Research Laboratories and Research Facilities Libraries University-Industry Relations Current Research Please note: The following links represent only that portion of current research in Letters and Science for which on-line information is available. The links are arranged alphabetically according to the field of study as representedin the administrative home for the respective research. Additional links will be added as College researchers make information about their work available through the Web. A-C D-F G-I J-M ... T-Z A-C American Regional English Project, Dictionary of Astronomy Research Groups
Extragalactic Astronomy Group
Hot Star Group
... Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences
Site includes links to pages for the following research groups:
Synoptic Meteorology
Climate and Climate Change
Large Scale Dynamics
Radiation and Remote Sensing
Cloud and Atmospheric Physics
Current research is included in individual faculty listings.

15. AFIT - Department Of Engineering Physics
remain abreast of the stateof-the-art in engineering physics, optical engineering,meteorology, and nuclear engineering. research laboratories support faculty
The Engineering Physics Department operates laboratories to support graduate instruction and research. The instructional laboratories complement courses of study in Engineering Physics, Optical Observables, Nuclear Radiation Detection and Instrumentation, Nuclear and Environmental Engineering, Meteorology, Optics, Lasers and Optical Diagnostics. Equipment is continually updated to remain abreast of the state-of-the-art in engineering physics, optical engineering, meteorology, and nuclear engineering. Research laboratories support faculty and student research at the M.S. and Ph.D. levels in laser spectroscopy, nonlinear optics, solid state physics, Mossbauer spectrometry, nuclear radiation detection, nuclear effects and environmental engineering. The Air Force Institute of Technology recently added a new, 29,914 gross square foot, $8.1M, engineering research laboratory (Bldg 644) to the main campus. The single story building overlooks AFIT Park and is connected to the southeast corner of the Graduate School of Engineering and Management (Bldg 640). The facility is dedicated to experimental research in aeronautical engineering, applied physics, electrical engineering and environmental science and houses four research suites:
  • Aerospace Research Facilities Applied Physics Laboratories Environmental Science Suite Microelectronics Clean Room
  • The building features a clean room suite, enabling the fabrication of micro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS), and micro- and opto-electronic devices and integrated systems. The clean room also supports basic research on advanced electronic and photonic materials. A set of nine laboratories designed for laser physics research will support the development of novel laser devices and research in nonlinear optics, spectroscopy, photonics, solid state physics, semiconductor materials and chemical physics. The aerodynamics labs provide space for low speed wind tunnels, satellite technology experiments, and vibrational dynamics studies. Finally, a suite of three environmental science labs will provide for research in remediation technologies, environmental sampling, remote sensing and microbiology.

    16. Research Programs/NOAA Research Laboratories
    The 12 laboratories have established formal collaborative a basic and applied researchprogram in oceanography, tropical meteorology, atmospheric and
    NOAA Research Laboratories
    he NOAA Research Laboratories conduct an integrated program of fundamental research, technology development, and services to improve understanding of the Earth and its oceans and inland waters, the lower and upper atmosphere, and the space environment. The Laboratories and their field stations are located across the country and around the world. The 12 Laboratories have established formal collaborative agreements with universities/non-profit research institutions to form 11 Joint Institutes that are centers of scientific excellence pertaining to the earth's oceans, inland waters, intermountain west, atmosphere, arctic, and solar-terrestrial environment. Map of locations
    Aeronomy Laboratory (AL)
    Boulder, CO
    The Aeronomy Laboratory conducts fundamental research on the chemical and physical processes of the earth's atmosphere, concentrating on the lower two layers known as the troposphere and stratosphere. Through laboratory, modeling, and field research, AL scientists are advancing the scientific understanding of chemical and physical processes related to the ozone layer, the climate system, and air quality. The overall aim of Aeronomy Laboratory research is to improve the capability to observe, understand, predict, and protect the quality of the atmosphere. Dr. Daniel Albritton, Director

    17. Meteorology Links In Asia
    Lanzhou Institute of Plateau Atmospheric Physics. Nanjing Institute of meteorology; StateKey laboratories And Engineering research Centers Disaster
  • 18. McDonnell's Hillslope And Watershed Hydrology Research Group - Links
    laboratories, Universities, research Sites. Journals (back to top) Advancesin Water Resources; Agricultural and Forest meteorology;
    Links Home
    About Us


    of Interest

    Journals (back to top)
    Organizations (back to top)
    International North America Europe Other
    Governmental Organizations (back to top)
    North America

    19. University Of Hawaii Meteorology | Other Sites
    Groundwinds research Project; Department of meteorology; International Pacific ClimatePrediction Center (CPC); Environmental research laboratories (ERL) Air

    University of Hawaii (UH)

    University of Hawaii at Manoa

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)

    National Weather Service (NWS)
  • Space Environment Center (SEC)
  • ERL Cooperative Institutes

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  • 20. OU School Of Meteorology
    to all majors relevant to the research interests of the laboratories Program Contact Copyright© 2002 • School of meteorology • University of Oklahoma.
    Job #: 0140 The Office of Naval Research (ONR) is offering the Naval Research Enterprise Intern Program at Department of Navy laboratories. The program provides a paid 10-week summer research opportunity at the Naval Research Laboratory, Naval Systems Command Laboratory, or Marine Corps Warfighting Laboratory. Opportunities are available for students in many discipline areas. Laboratory links are
    available and provide a description of the mission and research performed at each laboratory.
    To apply, visit . The application deadline is January 10, 2003, but may be extended depending upon demand.
    Program Information
    * 10-week summer research opportunity at the Naval Research Laboratory,Naval Systems Command Laboratory (participating laboratories are located in California, Florida, Maryland, Mississippi, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Virginia, and Washington DC.), or Marine Corps Warfighting Laboratory
    * Stipend: $3,000 undergraduate; $4,000 graduate

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