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         Meteorology Laboratories & Research:     more books (100)
  1. A numerical study of mesoscale convective complexes: Final report to NOAA-Environmental Research Laboratory, Boulder, CO by Donald J Perkey, 1983
  2. Neural network methodologies and their potential application to cloud pattern recognition (Technical note / Naval Oceanographic and Atmospheric Research Laboratory) by J. E Peak, 1991
  3. Forecasting the focus of air blasts due to meteorological conditions in the lower atmosphere (Ballistic Research Laboratories. Report) by Beauregard Perkins, 1960
  4. Evaluation of infrared emmission of clouds and ground as measured by weather satellites (Air Force Cambridge Research Laboratories) by Clifford Dalton Kern, 1965
  5. Electrically operated impactors for hydrometeor sampling (Technical report / Cold Regions Research and Engineering Laboratory) by Harold W O'Brien, 1965
  6. Survey of frozen precipitation in urban areas as related to climatic conditions (Technical report - Cold Regions Research & Engineering Laboratory) by Michael A Bilello, 1967
  7. Structures in the upper snow layers of the southern dome, Greenland ice sheet (Research report - Cold Regions Research & Engineering Laboratory) by T. C Davis, 1964
  8. Theoretical and laboratory experimental research on chemical releases at high altitudes by Howard Dawson Edwards, 1963
  9. Possible precipitation changes resulting from the proposed Rampart Dam Reservoir (Technical report - Cold Regions Research & Engineering Laboratory) by David M Henry, 1965
  10. The U.S. Army Atmospheric Sciences Laboratory : Atmospheric Profiling Research & Development Facility (SuDoc D 101.2:At 6/3) by U.S. Dept of Defense, 1991
  11. Episode control strategy for motor vehicles (Argonne National Laboratory, ANL/ES-19; meteorology) by A D Rossin, 1972
  12. Among the magi: Research tracks in the desert snow by Martin P Sponholz, 1995
  13. Hydrometeor data and analytical-theoretical investigations pertaining to the SAMS rain erosion program of the 1972-73 season at Wallops Island, Virginia, ... report no. 5 (Environmental research papers) by V. G Plank, 1977
  14. An investigation of meteorological effects on currents in the shelf and continental slope seas northwest of the U.K (Proudman Oceanographic Laboratory report) by J. M Huthnance, 1988

opportunities for students to participate in challenging and relevant research arepractically unlimited. The School of meteorology has two laboratories of Sun
Content on this page is not up to date. This is an archived page of the Graduate College Bulletin year 2000.
For the most recent version of the Graduate College Bulletin go to
Department of Geography Degrees Offered: Master of Arts, Doctor of Philosophy Areas of Concentration: The department currently works across the broad spectrum of geography. On the physical side, faculty are presently conducting research in hydrology, climatology, and biogeography. On the human side, faculty are working in cultural and historical studies bearing primarily on economic and natural resource development, land use, and cross-cultural contacts. In techniques, active research interests of the faculty include geographical information systems (GIS), quantitative methods, and remote sensing. Between them, faculty are working in many geographical areas, including the United States, Canada, Eastern Europe, West Africa, the Middle East, and South Asia. Department offices are housed primarily on the fourth and sixth floors of Sarkeys Energy Center, while laboratories are located on the first floor of the same building. Among those laboratories is a GIS complex and remote sensing laboratory.

42. Untitled Document
research, laboratories. Phosphorus and transition metals Organic synthesis Reactionalmechanisms Fluid dynamics Solid mechanics meteorology Applied optics.
POLYTECHNIQUE About the Ecole Polytechnique Admission Academics Research ... Maps Organization : DGAR
Phosphorus and transition metals

Organic synthesis

Reactional mechanisms

Route de Saclay, 91128 PALAISEAU CEDEX

43. Participating Laboratories
MRF, 31, Meteorological research Flight, UK. Pacific Marine Environment laboratories,NOAA, Seattle, US. ULE, 13, Institute for meteorology, University of Leipzig, DE.
Participating Laboratories
BNL Brookhaven National Laboratories US CIT California Institute of Technology US CNRM Centre National de Recherches Meteorologiques FR CSIRO Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization, Aspendale AUS DLR Deutsche Forschungsanstalt fuer Luft- und Raumfahrt DE DRI Desert Research Institute, Reno US ECN Energie Centrum Nederland, Petten NL FISBAT Inst. per lo Studio dei Fenomeni Fisici e Chimici della Bassa ed Alta Atm. IT IFT Institute for Tropospheric Research, DE ITE Institute of Terrestrial Ecology, Edingburgh Research Station UK ITML Institute of Applied Environmental Research, Uni. Stockholm SE JRC Environment Institute, EC Joint Research Centre, EI-JRC EC KFA Kernforschungsanlage Julich, KFA DE MetFI Finnisch Meteorological Institute, FMI FI MetNL Koninklijk Nederlands Meteorologisch Institute, KNMI NL MetPT Instituto Nacional de Meteorologia e Geofisica PT MetES Instituto Nacional de Meteorologia, INM SP MPI-B Max Planck Institute for Chemistry, Biogeochemistry, MPI DE MPI-N Max Planck Institute for Nuclear Physics, MPI

physical oceanography, environmental oceanography, and marine meteorology. The summerresearch projects will be conducted the two State Key laboratories of the
Marine Science and Engineering in China
The summer research projects will be carried out at the Ocean University of Qindao (OUQ) and Dalian University of Technology. These universities are located in port cities along the Bohai Sea and the Yellow Sea.

  • College of Physical and Environmental Oceanography

Qingdao Harbor
The OUQ is located at the coastal city of Qingdao. The College Physical and Environmental Oceanography of OUQ is the most prominent marine science research/education institution in China. It offers Ph.D. programs in physical oceanography, environmental oceanography, and marine meteorology. The faculty includes several members of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Chinese Academy of Engineering. Besides excellent laboratory and computing facilities, the College also has a 3500-ton research/teaching vessel available for research and training.
OUQ Campus
Research Vessel, OUQ

45. Science/Earth_Sciences/Meteorology/Research
URL http// National SevereStorms Laboratory DOC/NOAA/OAR/Environmental research laboratories.
Search: Welcome to the search portal. Here you will find numerous research and educational resources associated with the field of science. Whether you are a parent, teacher, student, engineer, scientist, mathematician or simply a science lover, has content that matches your specific interests. We recognize that science is an expansive topic that embraces many areas including education, research, and development. Therefore we have strategically designed our search portal for ease of navigation. Organized by category, you may navigate through broad categories, from wide-ranging scientific information to specific content on selected topics. In addition, you may opt to use our intelligent search feature if you have a specific science-related query. Science Meteorology Research Antarctic and Arctic
Max Planck Institute for Meteorology

Meteorological Models of Chilean Weather

Comparing radiation and cloud cover models for weather in Chile.

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on seismic events. EMWIN; Environmental research laboratories, NOAA's researchCenters for meteorology; Environmental data bases Distributed Site Map News Organization Search Weather Services

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47. UEA Undergraduate Prospectus 2002: Meteorology And Oceanography
Career Prospects We expect that graduates of meteorology and Oceanography environmentalprotection, in the Meteorological Office and in research laboratories.
  • Currently the only university in the UK to offer a degree in Meteorology and Oceanography Taught within one of the most prestigious Schools of Environmental Science in Europe Graded 5* in the latest Research Assessment Exercise Rated 'Excellent' in the latest Teaching Quality Assessment Exercise Wide range of courses and field work opportunities Excellent career prospects
BSc Meteorology and Oceanography BSc Meteorology and Oceanography with a year in North America BSc Meteorology and Oceanography with a year in Continental Europe Related courses: Admissions Policy Applicants for the Meteorology and Oceanography degree programmes should hold an A-level (or equivalent) in Mathematics: AS-level Mathematics is not acceptable. Foundation courses are acceptable but must contain a high level of maths. All applicants must have GCSE Mathematics and English Language at grade C or above. We encourage applications from mature students and those with alternative qualifications. Please contact our Undergraduate Admissions Officer for details. Teaching and Assessment Most of our course units are taught through lectures and practical classes, but about 30 per cent of teaching time is devoted to field work and seminars. Group work in the field and the laboratory provides valuable opportunities for informal communication between students and staff. All degree programmes in the School incorporate a large element of choice. Personal advisers help construct your chosen programme of study. Work is assessed through a combination of coursework and end-of-year examinations.

48. UEA Undergraduate Prospectus 2002: Meteorology And Oceanography
We expect that graduates of meteorology and Oceanography degrees will and environmentalprotection, in the Meteorological Office and in research laboratories.
UEA is currently the only university in the UK where you can study for a degree in Meteorology and Oceanography. Teaching is primarily within UEA's School of Environmental Sciences which is one of the most prestigious in Europe having achieved the highest possible ratings in the latest national Teaching Quality Assessment (excellent) and Research Assessment Exercise (5*, denoting international excellence). Our large and active research groups, both within the School of Environmental Sciences and UEA's School of Mathematics, have expertise in diverse areas of atmospheric and marine sciences, ensuring that you will have access to the latest information, most recent discoveries and excellent scientific facilities. BSc Meteorology and Oceanography BSc Meteorology and Oceanography with a year in North America BSc Meteorology and Oceanography with a year in Continental Europe Related courses Admissions Policy
Typical A-level offers are given below. However, offers do vary and other factors will be taken into consideration, such as referees' reports and personal circumstances. Applicants for the Meteorology and Oceanography programmes should hold an A-level (or equivalent) in Mathematics. AS-level Mathematics is not acceptable. Foundation courses are accepted but must contain a high level of maths.

49. Curriculum Vitae Of Dennis Mark Rodgers
1982 Training Workshop on Satellite meteorology Institute for Oceanic and AtmosphericAdministration Environmental research laboratories Forecast Systems
Dennis Mark Rodgers
Vital Statistics
  • Date of Birth:
    03 July 1951, Camden, New Jersey
  • Present Position:
    U.S. Dept. of Commerce, NOAA
    Enviromental Research Laboratories
    Forecast Systems Laboratory
    Aviation Division
    Aviation Gridded Forecast Branch
  • Mailing Address:
    325 Broadway R/E/FS5
    Boulder, CO 80303-3328
    voice: 303.497.6933
    fax: 303.497.6301
  • Home Address:
    1236 Wicklow Street Boulder, CO 80303-1628 voice: 303.666.5559 email:
  • December, 1980:
    Bachelor of Science Metropolitan State College 1006 11th Street Denver, CO 80204 major - Meteorology minor - Electronics Engineering Technology
Continuing Professional Education and Training
  • November, 1993:
    Special Mesoscale Course Cooperative Program for Operational Meteorology, Education, and Training University Corporation for Atmospheric Research Boulder, CO 111 classroom hours
  • July, 1992:
    Introduction to UNIX University of Colorado Boulder, CO 21 classroom hours
  • February, 1989:

50. Meteorology FAQ Part 3/7: Sources Of Research Data
FAQ Part 6/7 Print and other resources meteorology FAQ Part 7/7 sites such as theFleet Numerical Oceanography Center, Naval research laboratories, Air Force
Meteorology FAQ Part 3/7: Sources of research data
meteorology/ meteorology/ meteorology/ sci.geo.meteorology ... sci.answers Subject: Meteorology FAQ Part 3/7: Sources of research data Followup-To: sci.geo.meteorology Reply-To: . Please include in your message where you read this FAQ series. Note that if I know about it, it's in these documents. Subject: 1) Table of contents 1) Table of contents 2) Overview 3) Multidisciplinary Data Centers 4) Climate and weather 5) Satellite data 6) Hydrology and glaciology 7) Environmental chemistry 8) Geophysical and mapping data 9) Instruments and field experiments 10) Oceanography 11) Miscellaneous data 12) Software and documentation Each (major) section has a "Subject:" line, so you can search on the subject title above to find the section quickly. Subject: 2) Overview Sites listed in this section contain sites with data other than just weather information. This includes map data, miscellaneous images, atmospheric and oceanographic research data, and software for use with meteorological data. Primary data centers are listed first, followed by sites which may have some data of that type but are not necessarily official data centers. Much of the research data is not free and is not directly available over the network; only metadata, or information about the data, is available, and you must place an order for the actual data.

51. Weather
Oceanography Center; US Navy's Fleet Numerical meteorology and Oceanography Environmentalresearch laboratories of Office of Oceanic and Atmospheric research
Threat Briefing Hazards Weather EM Tools ... MyDisasters
Weather Data
Table of Contents

52. UCAR Trustee Candidate Dennis W. Thomson
Livermore and Argonne National laboratories, Penn State's of Dr. Thomson's teaching,research and service government the role modern meteorology should have in
UCAR Trustee Candidate
Dennis W. Thomson

Professor and Head, Department of Meteorology Institution: Pennsylvania State University Education:
B.S., Physics, University of Wisconsin-Madison, 1963
M.S., Meteorology, University of Wisconsin-Madison, 1964
Ph.D., Meteorology, University of Wisconsin-Madison, 1968 Area Of Specialty:
Surface-based remote sensing, acoustical and electromagnetic propagation, science and
technology policy and ethics Research/Academic Experience:
1968-69, Deutscher Akademisher Austauschdienst Post-Doctoral Fellow, U of Hamburg, Ger.
1969-70, Visit. Asst. Prof., Dept. of Meteorology, Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison
1970-72, Assistant Professor, Department of Meteorology, Penn State U.
Fall 1972, Visiting Scientist, Research Aviation Facility, ATD, NCAR
1972-78, Associate Professor, Department of Meteorology, Penn State U.
1977-78, Sabbatical Leave, Visit. Scientist, Risoe Nat'l. Laboratory, Denmark
1986, G.J. Haltiner Professor of Meteorology, Naval Postgrad. School, Monterey

53. OU Signs $10.6 Million Alliance With Energy Firm
discipline of meteorology is threefold academia, private industry, and the federalgovernment, which includes operational centers, research laboratories, and
UCAR Communications UCAR Quarterly Winter 2001 ... Search

Winter 2001
OU signs $10.6 million alliance with energy firm
by Bob Henson
In the largest partnership to date between a private corporation and an academic meteorology program, the University of Oklahoma has embarked on a five-year alliance with Williams Energy Marketing and Trading, a Tulsa-based distributor and risk manager for natural gas and other energy supplies. The $10.6 million agreement funds basic and applied research in weather and climate science, graduate and undergraduate fellowships, research scientist and postdoctoral positions, a new multiprocessor supercomputer, enhancements to an academic computer laboratory, and an endowed chair.
Under the agreement,
  • A grant of $8.1 million over five years will fund research at OU's Center for Analysis and Prediction of Storms, including the acquisition of a supercomputer. This machine is expected to have a peak capacity of approximately one-half teraflop (or one-half trillion calculations per second).
  • A one-time $500,000 gift will create the Williams Endowed Chair in the OU School of Meteorology. Matching support by the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education is expected to bring the total endowment to $1 million. The search is now under way for an internationally recognized scientist with a background in atmospheric or climate science, decision science, economics, policy making, or closely related areas.
  • 54. Browsing Science Earth Sciences Meteorology Research Category
    DOC/NOAA/OAR/Environmental research laboratories. http// This Site. Penn State Department of meteorology http//www.met.psu
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    Browsing: Science Earth Sciences Meteorology Research Top Science Earth Sciences Meteorology Research
    Categories: Antarctic and Arctic
    US Office of Oceanic and Atmospheric Research

    AER's Radiative Transfer Working Group

    Atmospheric and Environmental Research Inc. Public Release Radiative Transfer Models and Databases.
    Preview This Site

    Atmospheric Radiation Measurement (ARM) Program

    A large global change research program, with nowadays an emphasis on cloud measurements. Preview This Site Benfield Greig Hazard Research Centre Research-led expertise on complete range of natural hazards and risk, based at University College of London.

    55. BRIE Education And Training
    research Facilities, and the Phytotoxocology laboratories. CECG) promotes researchand teaching chemistry, geochemistry, hydrology, meteorology, biology, Crop

    56. Professor Samuel Shen
    ERL Environmental research laboratories, NOAA; GFDL Geophysical Center for Atmosphericresearch; Scripps Institution of meteorology; MIT, Center for meteorology
    Samuel S. Shen
    Professor at the University of Alberta and Senior NRC Fellow at NASA
    President of the Canadian Applied and Industrial Mathematics Society
    [ The United States Government ]
  • NCDC
  • EPA: Environmental Protection Agency
  • NASA Home Page
  • NASA Goddard Space Flight Center ...
  • NSF FastLane: Proposal Status
    [ Organizations ]
  • AGU: American Geophysical Union
  • AMS: American Meteorological Society
    [ Research Institutions ]
  • NCAR: National Center for Atmospheric Research
  • Scripps Institution of Oceanography
  • Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
    [ U.S.Universities ]
  • UCAR
  • Department of Atmospheric Sciences, University of California, Los Angeles
  • Colorado State University, Atmospheric Science
  • Columbia University, Lamont Observatory ...
  • TOGA COARE Summary
  • TOGA COARE Workshop Integrated DataSet
  • TOGA COARE Data Information Unit
  • SouthWest Area Monsoon Project
  • Model Climatology of The Mexican Monsoon
  • A Monsoon Page
  • El Nino Theme Page
  • ENSO Monitor
  • Current News of Weather
  • Current News of Meteorology
  • Current Topics in Geophysical Fluid Dynamics
  • Current Topics in Chaos, Nonlinear Systems
  • 57. Newsletter 97-01
    It seems the group will be called 'marine meteorology group' or through the Director'sOffice of NOAA's Environmental research laboratories (ERL), formally
    Newsletter 97-01
  • TABLE OF CONTENTS 1. Inaugural address
    2. What's new in 1997 ?
    3. Members
    4. Bulletin Board
    1. Inaugural address A. Chairman
      I feel previleged to have an opportunity to serve KASA: as a hydro- meteorologist/hydrologist, I am very fortunate to be a part of the KASA community, and have been admiring many members, each of which is just as passionate about and dedicated to what he/she does as the next. It happens so that this year's staff members are primarily in the business of operational forecasting: we hope to share some of the more useful pieces of information that flow through the national centers/agencies of operational forecasting, and to possibly offer a useful perspective or two toward our chosen profession. I would like to join you in applauding the efforts of all those who splendidly served KASA in one way or the other last year, and look forward to the opportunity to reciprocate.
        President, Seo, Dong-Jun
  • 58. Listings Of The World Science Earth Sciences Meteorology
    Review DOC/NOAA/OAR/Environmental research laboratories. http// Added Nov-27-02; NESC research Projects meteorology Post Review

    59. WebGuest - Open Directory : Science : Earth Sciences : Meteorology : Research
    National Severe Storms Laboratory DOC/NOAA/OAR/Environmental research laboratories.Penn State Department of meteorology -; Radar meteorology group University
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    the entire directory only in Meteorology/Research Top Science Earth Sciences Meteorology : Research

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    • AER's Radiative Transfer Working Group - Atmospheric and Environmental Research Inc. Public Release Radiative Transfer Models and Databases.
    • Atmospheric Radiation Measurement (ARM) Program - A large global change research program, with nowadays an emphasis on cloud measurements.
    • Benfield Greig Hazard Research Centre - Research-led expertise on complete range of natural hazards and risk, based at University College of London.
    • CLARA - Cloud and Radiation, measurement campaign of clouds in the Netherlands. Includes a large database with remote sensing measurements.
    • Climate Research Division - Climate Research Division, Scripps Institution of Oceanography, University of California, San Diego.
    • Climate Research Karlsruhe - Information on the Institute of Meteorology and Climate Research at the University of Karlsruhe which conducts tropospheric and stratospheric research, and operates the aerosol chamber (AIDA).

    60. Oceanography & Meteorology Servers
    The Naval research Laboratory; OCEANIC, The Ocean Information Center, U. Delaware; CSIROMarine laboratories (Australia); Oceanography Gophers. meteorology Servers.
    Climate Change Sites
    Oceanography Servers
    Meteorology Servers
    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
    Data Centers

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