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         Meteorology Lesson Plans:     more detail

21. Geology/Earth Science Education Listings
Weather meteorology SCIENCE lesson plans Collection of multimedia instructionalmodules in meteorology and remote sensing, plus curriculum projects and
Earth Science/Geography Education Listings
ADDRESSES (Current as of 11/05/02):
Science Lesson Plans General Science
  • ERIC LESSON PLANS: specific examples of ready-to-go lesson plans in the gopher format from Syracuse University. Make this your first step in the search for lesson plans. QUICK AND EASY ACTIVITES: from the Southeastern Michigan Math-Science Learning Coalition, offers science related lesson plans for pre-school, early elementary, later elementary, middle school, for the teacher who doesn't have a lot of time to implement activities. The site is also appropriate for parents who want to demonstrate science concepts at home. SCIENCE SNACKS ONLINE: from Exploratorium, the site features 100 quick activities using simple materials for attention grabbing demonstrations and hands on activities including "Afterimage," "Colored Shadows," and the "Bronx Cheer Bulb." SOUTHEASTERN MICHIGAN MATH SCIENCE LEARNING COALITION: an impressive set of science lesson plans and science activities. I like the site because it quick loading, easy to follow, and differentiates lesson plans from activities, the latter typically being a demonstration that will perk student interest before a lecture. ... Clarifying commonly taught misconceptions ranging from the greenhouse effect to cloud formation.
  • General Earth Science
  • EARTH SCIENCE LESSONS: from the Southeastern Michigan Math-Science Learning Coalition, this site offers a variety of lessons organized by age level.
  • 22. ProTeacher! Weather Lesson Plans For Elementary School Teachers In Grades K-5 In
    Mad About meteorology Two weak integrated unit on meteorology investigates the Weather- A hotlist of lesson plans, hands-on activities, Internet resources

    [Click Here]
    to search tens of thousands of ideas
    on ProTeacher's new Teaching Ideas Archive

    Earth Science
    Weather - Activities, projects and other resources for learning about weather source
    Dan's Wild Wild Weather Page
    - Basic information about clouds- temperature- humidity...from a Meteorologist in Huntsville Alabama source
    The South Pole Adventure Web Page
    - Get the current weather conditions at the south pole. Activity ideas with snow and ice source Weather/ Meterology Lesson Plans - A collection of weather/ meterology lesson plans. Topics include rain, wind, air pressure, humidity and more source Weather Online - Click on "Weather Tools" for an extensive list of weather-related sites on the Internet (advanced interest) source Weather: The Atmosphere for Learning - Lesson plans, activity ideas and resources from The Weather Channel source WeatherEye Lesson Overview - Index to Teacher's guides of weather lessons (Grades 2-12)from WeatherEye. Topics: Forecasting, Climate, Clouds, Lightning, Floods, Tornadoes, Hurricanes, and source Climate - Learn about climate by studying the average daily and seasonal weather events in a certain region. Sections: Weather VS Climate; Regional Climates, Activities, and

    23. Meteorology
    Recommended. Weather Underground Univ of Michigan resources on meteorology includingthe WeatherNet. Curriculum Development (lesson plans, labs, etc.).
    What's New
    The Weather Dude
    KSTW-TV (Seattle-Tacoma) weather forecaster Nick Walker has created a site especially for kids, parents and teachers.
    Bad Meteorology
    Common but consistent misconceptions about topics related to Meteorology. Alistair Fraser, Penn State.
    Tornado Page
    All you ever wanted to know about tornados. Cory Forsyth.
    What is an El Nino?
    Major Weather Sites
    Penn State Weather Page
    Well organized set of weather statistics and current data. Recommended.
    Weather Underground
    Univ of Michigan resources on meteorology including the WeatherNet . Recommended
    Maryland Earthcast
    Weather forecasting for the non-professional. Recommended! The Daily Planet
    View with in-line graphics or as text only from the Univ of Illinois Dept of Atmospheric Sciences.
    The NOAA Weather Page
    List of all weather related reources hosted by NOAA as well aslinks to other sites.
    Curriculum Development (lesson plans, labs, etc.)
    Science Education Programs Office (UC Irvine)
    Listing of science teaching materials on the Internet using the California Science Framework Categories
    science lesson plans for k-12
    Project Athena
    Curriculum Resources for k-12 science. Caution: heavy use of in-line graphics

    24. Lesson Plans
    Coal Education lesson plans (Primary Middle); Smithsonian Education lesson plans;CoVis Project Internet meteorology Projects; CoVis Project meteorology
    Lesson Plans

    25. Lesson Plans Online
    Neptune's Web An Oceanographic Voyage in Learning (Naval meteorology andOceanography Command) Oceanography lesson plans. Ocean Planet (Smithsonian
    Lesson Plans on the Internet Compiled by Elizabeth B. Miller Interdisciplinary Units Lesson Plans Aligned to Standards Lesson Plan Databases with Subject Categories The Arts ... Special Education Interdisciplinary Units Lesson Plans Aligned to Standards

    26. Australian Teacher's Network - Lesson Plans And Resources For The Australian Tea
    emergence of Australian meteorology as a science and the formation of the Bureauof meteorology in 1908 Free lesson plans for the Australian Primary Classroom.
    OzTeacher Bookraps - Fantastic Mr Fox and The Hobbit . Read around Australia -Sign up your class Class Connect - find a classroom to connect with Aussie Schools - 1st Gr 2nd Gr 3rd Gr 4th Gr ... 7-8th Gr US Schools - Kindergarten 1st Gr 2nd Gr 3rd Gr ... Teacher Associations in Australia EDUCATE - Online Support for Aussie teachers Youthealth Devised by a leading pediatrician and a team of animators, Youthealth informs kids about general health and fitness by combining dynamic animated content with information and activities. MINIBEASTS SHOW If your school would like an opportunity to see some MiniBeasts With animal puzzles, crosswords and word finds for students to do, read on........ The children will be able to learn about such animals as: Bird eating Spiders,Centipede,Giant Millipedes, Scorpions, Giant Litter Bugs, Frogs, and a Diamond Python. The cost per child is $3.50. If you are interested in this opportunity for your students, or want more information please

    27. Science Education Earth Science Lesson Plans
    to wide variety of other sites related to meteorology including weather reports,hurricanes, El Nino, and tornadoes to list a few. K12 Science lesson plans.
    Science Education Earth Science
    Volcano World
    This site is strictly earth science, brimming with volcanoes. It has a Kid's Door to virtual trips. It also provides starting points for info, movies, pictures, games and more, plus volcano of the week. Virtual Earthquake Lab This site is an interactive computer program designed to provide an introduction to the concepts of how an earthquake epicenter is located and how to determine the Richter Magnitude. Water Science for Schools Developed by U.S. Geological Survey. Provides information on wide variety of topics related to water plus pictures, data, maps and interactive center. Undersea and Oversee. Take an on-line voyage around the world to gather the latest information about oceans. Examine the past, present and future of our oceans. Ocean Planet: a Smithsonian Institution Traveling Exhibition. This is an electronic online companion to the exhibition contains all the text and most of the panel designs and images of the traveling exhibition.. This site includes a variety of educational materials, a set of lessons and marine science activities. Ocean Quest.

    28. Untitled Document
    lesson plans. Information for the instructor This field trip has several subuints. 112.49.Geology, meteorology, and Oceanography. (7) Science concepts.
    Home Tour the Lake Lake Curriculum Unit Alibates Flint Curriculum Unit ... Lesson Plans TEKS information
    Characteristics and properties of reservoirs
    (4) Science concepts.
    (A) differentiate Tour Alibates Flint Quarry and explore it's history
    (1) History.
    (C) apply
    (1) History.
    (A) analyze Geological processes that formed the Alibates Flint
    (7) Science concepts.
    (A) demonstrate (B) identify (C) classify (D) examine (8) Science concepts. (A) distinguish (B) identify Tour of the petroglyphs subunit (20) Culture. (B) analyze View tools and flint artifacts discovered in the area Collect stream fishes subunit (2) Sci. processes.

    29. Virtual Textbook
    Marine Sciences. Oceans (Instructional materials from NASA's Athena Program). Water.Water Activities/lesson plans. Weather / meteorology / Atmospheric Sciences.
    Virtual Textbook General Science

    Earth Science

    Take advantage of these superb lessons prepared by other teachers. General Science
    • Access Excellence Activities Exchange
    • Athena, Earth and Space Science for K-12
      (Teachers interested in lessons and projects on scientific topics will find this site useful. Resource and instructional materials, teacher directory and general information is available for specific topics.)
    • Cool Science For Curious Kids
      (This site is targeted at elementary school students, features hands-on science activities from five children's and science museums from around the country. Uses animation, sound, quizzes and other techniques to encourage kids to explore science. By the Howard Hughes Medical Institute.)
    • Collaborative Lesson Archive
      (Lesson plans for grades 2 through 12, arranged by grade and by subject.)
    • EdHelper
      (Lesson plans and teacher resources in many disciplines including Biology, Chemistry, Earthquakes, Environment, Evolution, Oceanography, Physics, Space, Math, and General Science)
    • Highlight's TeacherNet
      (An Online Community for K-8 Educators)
    • Newton's Apple
      (Lesson plans from the t.v. series.)

    30. OGRe.NET: Lesson Plans
    Thinkquest meteorology Online meteorology- the sun, weather solar power, temp ProTeacherWater lesson plans for elementary school teachers -good links for Lesson Plans.htm
    Geological Lesson Recipes
    Lesson Plans for the Ontario Curriculum and Geology-related links for Teachers

    Grade 1: Grade 1 Science: Earth and Space -A look at the seasons ( ***) Miami Museum of Science: Make a weather station - weather ( tools and how to measure) good class project ideas (****) Canadian Association of Second Language Teachers: Seasons Clipart - clip art for posters CriticalThinking.Org: Weather Changes with the Seasons -lesson plan for teachers Pocantico Hills School Weather Page -good for age group (different cloud types etc.) (***) Grade 2: Science made simple: How do animals spend the winter? Animals in winter: Hibernation - animal behaviour in the winter (***) Astronomy and Earth Science: Clouds -Clouds, how they form (good for teachers for background info.) (**) Did you know? Water - interesting facts about water-lesson plan for water cycle (***) NASA's For Kids Only - Earh Science Enterprise how nasa studies water and air (***) Thinkquest: Meteorology Online - meteorology- the sun, weather solar power, temp... (v. informative) (***)

    31. Core Knowledge - Lesson Plans - 4th Grade
    lesson plans are provided in PDF format created with Adobe® Acrobat®. This softwareallows us to include graphics. Mad About meteorology (Orlando, 1999).
    Resources - Home Resources to Build On College Course Outlines for Teacher Preparation Lesson Plans ... Third Grade Fourth Grade Fifth Grade Sixth Grade Seventh Grade Eighth Grade ... Administration
    Core Knowledge Lesson Plans Fourth Grade It is important to note that all writers of these lessons have voluntarily contributed their ideas for publication, allowing us to make the units available here for no charge. The Core Knowledge Foundation extends its thanks to all teachers who have contributed. These units and lessons reflect the teaching philosophies and strategies of their authors, and do not represent an official Foundation statement of the "best" way to teach Core Knowledge topics. We do feel, though, that every one of them contains valuable ideas, strategies, and resources to help teachers continue to share the knowledge. Similarly, books and other resources recommended in these lessons are suggested by the teachers who developed the lessons, and have not been reviewed by the Core Knowledge Foundation. For a list of suggested resources, see Resources to Build On These units have not been reviewed by content area experts, and the Core Knowledge Foundation is not responsible for any inaccuracies that may appear within them.

    32. Augustana College: Web Lessons: Hanavan
    An Online Guide to meteorology from UIUC HS. Teacher Web, Kids Web, Web Hunt,Sioux Falls School District Schools. Web Making, SD Web Servers, lesson plans, Perry.
    Perry C. Hanavan, 2001 S Summit Ave, Sioux Falls, SD, 57197
    Web Lessons
    Perry C. Hanavan, M.A., Asst. Prof.
    Lesson Plans for Teachers Welcome to the Augustana web teacher.
  • AskERIC at Syracuse University
  • AskERIC on SunSite Server
  • Internet Lesson Plans
  • The Globe Program ...
  • Space Telescope Science Institute WWW Server
    Weather Lesson Plans
  • The Weather Unit from UIUC grades 2-4
  • WEATHER HERE AND THERE from UIUC grades 4-6
  • An Online Guide to Meteorology from UIUC HS Teacher Web ... Perry
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  • 33. Some K-12 Educational Resources
    Not much meteorology here but still perhaps useful. lesson plans Worksheets -Teacher's lesson plans - WebQuests - Primary Teacher Resources - Math lesson
    Some K-12 Educational Resources
    This Is A Preliminary Page Providing Links Useful for Teachers
    First, Here Are Some Resources Useful In K-12 Education
    NASA SciJinks
    Interactive weather laboratory aimed at the middle school level, but useful to other groups as well. SciJinks "Weather Laboratory" introduces the fundamentals of weather phenomena and the agencies' efforts to monitor earth's environment, atmosphere and climate. SciJinks will eventually add other topics related to technology, space and Earth sciences.
    DataStreme Project - AMS - COMET site
    Information about the American Meterological Society (AMS) DataStreme Project for K-12 teachers. Also see the AMS Project ATMOSPHERE . Here is the Brockport mirror site , the NSF mirror site , and the AMS mirror for the DataStreme Project.
    GLOBE Program
    GLOBE: Global Learning and Observations to Benefit the Environment. Daily environmental measurements shared among schools worldwide. Visualizations of this data, and some educational materials based on it, are available.
    LEARN Program
    LEARN: Laboratory Experience in Atmospheric Research at NCAR. Uses the "cycle" theme to introduce the atmosphere as a whole, climate, the greenhouse effect, global climate change, and ozone. Mostly aimed at middle school level.

    34. Weather Lesson Plans
    Weather lesson plans. Tammie down? History Of meteorology. Introductionlesson. Did You Know .?about weather). Background Information.
    Weather Lesson Plans
    Tammie Guidry
    5th Grade Teacher
    Iota Elementary
    Iota, Louisiana
    If ignorance is bliss,
    why aren't more people jumping up and down?
    History Of Meteorology
    Introduction Lesson Did You Know....? (about weather) Background Information

    35. Science Page
    Information and Safety Weather Dude Online Guide to meteorology Cloud Types El ProTeacherSpace Sites Space Resources Marc Sheehan's lesson plans Page Teacher
    Science Page
    Welcome to the science page. If your looking for the latest forecasts, radar, and current conditions, look no further. WeatherFriend has it all, plus weather photos, and many links. WeatherFriend is updated constantly to keep you up to speed on whats happening in the weather world. Come experience the world of weather at Christie's WeatherFriend Below are some links that you may find interesting and helpful. Meteorology Links Especially Elementary-Guide to Meteorology
    Kids' Lightning Information and Safety

    Weather Dude

    Online Guide to Meteorology
    Cloud types Online lesson

    Astronomy Links SCPLS-Kids' Astronomy Resources
    Kids' Space

    Window to the Universe

    Tonights Sky
    Star Chart from National Geographic
    Return to Teacher's Advocate Home Page General Science Links Sierra Club Ecoregions
    Lesson 8:Mitosis Chromosome Replication and Division
    K-12 Computer Technology in the sciences Frank Potter's Science Gems ... Science Lesson plans and Resources Email:

    36. Earth Science Resources
    satellite images. Includes HyperStudio lesson plans on volcanoes forteaching all grade levels. meteorology. Bad meteorology. Great
    Andrew Cohen's Page A great site with many general geoscience links. Earth Science Lesson Plans (AskERIC) Great site featuring lesson plans from the ERIC project. (Kathy Schrock) Excellent site for curricular enhancement and professional growth. Project Athena Science curriculum lesson plans that use remote-sensing data, quicktime movies, and data sets containing current scientific information relating to oceans, the atmosphere, and astronomy for teaching students of all ages. Space Science Lesson Plans (AskERIC) Great site featuring lesson plans from the ERIC project. United States Geologic Survey (USGS) Geology Busy Teachers' Geology WebSite Excellent lesson plan site including ideas for all disciplines and ages Canada's SchoolNet - Geology Great site with good geology education sites from our friends north of the border. Earthquakes A site which gives data for world wide earthquakes for the past few days. Mineralogy Database An online database of minerals (listed by IMA approved mineral names and variety names). Very comprehensive and easily searchable. National Mining Association National Geophysical Data Center Gopher VolcanoWorld Resource site for learning about volcanoes. Contains real-time volcano information including an interactive clickable map of active volcanoes worldwide and remote sensing satellite images. Includes HyperStudio lesson plans on volcanoes for teaching all grade levels.

    37. Clouds Theme Page
    AskERIC lesson plans meteorology The above link is to AskEric's meteorology pagewhere you'll find plenty of lessons about the weather if you wish to browse
    Clouds Theme Page This "Theme Page" has links to two types of resources related to the study of clouds. Students and teachers will find curricular resources (information, content...) to help them learn about this topic. In addition, there are also links to instructional materials (lesson plans) which will help teachers provide instruction in this theme. Please read our All About Clouds
    USA Today has a series of hyper-linked articles on clouds. Topics covered include: types of clouds, interrelationships between stability and clouds, and how clouds influence weather.
    AskERIC Lesson Plans: Meteorology
    The above link is to AskEric's Meteorology page where you'll find plenty of lessons about the weather if you wish to browse/search their site yourself. Or, use the links below to go directly to some lesson plans specifically about on clouds.
    • Cloud Types A lesson plan for Grade 5 students. Students will be able to identigy and describe four different cloud types (cirrus, stratus, cumulonimbus, and cumulus).
    • Clouds A multidisciplinary lesson for grdes 4-6 that not only teaches them about clouds but can encourage abstract thinking, writing and painting.

    38. Nearctica - Education - Teaching Resources - Weather
    Online Guide to Meterology. University of Illinois at Urbana. A large collectionof lesson plans and other resources on meteorology and the weather in general.
    Education - Teaching Resources - Weather Return to Teaching Resources by Subject Don't be too Flaky . Center for Astrophysics Research in Antarctica. An experiment comparing the volume of snow compared to the liquid water that results when the snow melts. Education Index . The Weather Channel. A tremendous educational resource with lesson plans, activities, materials, and curricula related to the weather. The Forecast Factory . NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies. The principles of weather forecasting are taught through the medium of staging a four act play. Irving Elementary School's Weather Science Projects 1997 . A series of projects developed at this school. Kids' Snow Page . The Teel Family. A very nice page with a series of activities for kids to learn about snow and snow crystals. Learn how to observe snow crystals and make your own snow flakes from paper. There are other experiments and activities. Live from Earth and Mars . University of Washington. A number of weather related educational resources may be found at this site. National Weather Report Module . Skymath. A project where students learn to produce a national weather report and in the process make direct observations and record and interpret raw data. Northwest Weather Watch . Sue Palewicz and Marianne Scurlock. A number of activities to introduce students to some of the fundamentals of weather. The site comes with a teacher's module. Grades 5-7. Online Guide to Meterology . University of Illinois at Urbana. A large collection of lesson plans and other resources on meteorology and the weather in general.

    39. Resources
    3http// Basic meteorology w/ great us/air/monops/lessons/lesson_plans.html- Air quality information and lesson plans.
    Meteorology Resources - Ihor's well-developed workshop page - National Weather Service IWIN Homepage - Current NJ weather and more; climate too - EPA AIR NOW - ozone monitoring - Basic meteorology w/ great activities - USAToday: lots of resources - Weather underground - Extensive lessons - Gander Academy resources - Allows you to draw weather maps with a variety of options - Source of current weather

    40. Meteorology Vocabulary (Printable)
    meteorology Vocabulary. To print this FREE page click here. Termsand definitions of words used in meteorology. Excerpted from
    Explore Our Sites... Family Education Network Home Shop at PearsonAtSchool SchoolCash PARENTS FamilyEducation MySchoolOnline TEACHERS TeacherVision Quiz Lab MyGradeBook MySchoolOnline REFERENCE Infoplease Fact Monster KIDS FEkids FunBrain Fact Monster TEENS FEteens Teacher Home Lesson Planning
    Lesson Plans ... Help Meteorology Vocabulary To print this FREE page click here
    Terms and definitions of words used in meteorology. Excerpted from Science Teacher's Book of Lists. Grade Levels:
    File Size
    : 427.0 KB
    Download Time : 2 min 1 sec (28.8 kb/sec modem) To view this printable you need Adobe Acrobat Reader 5. Click to download it's free!
    Help with Printables
    The Science Teacher's Book of Lists
    Frances Bartlett Barhydt, M.A. and Paul W. Morgan, Ph.D. More than 290 reproducible lists of terms, theories, and principles related to the life, chemical, physical, meteorological, earth, and space sciences.
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