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         Meteorology Publications:     more books (100)
  1. Study of maritime aerosols: Report to Environmental Protection Agency, Division of Meteorology, Research Triangle Park, North Carolina (ASRC-SUNY publication) by A. W Hogan, 1972
  2. Meteorology for aviators, (Gt. Brit. Meteorological office. Publication) by Reginald Cockroft Sutcliffe, 1948
  3. Atlas of total ozone distribution: October 1958-September 1959 (Publication in meteorology - McGill University. Arctic Meteorology Research Group) by V MacDonald, 1963
  4. The tourist and outdoor recreation climate of Ontario (Publications in applied meteorology) by R. B Crowe, 1977
  5. Investigations with satellite data: Temperature retrievals (Publication / Meteorology Program, University of Maryland) by Sigmund Fritz, 1976
  6. Synoptic régimes in the lower Arctic troposphere during 1955 (Publication in meteorology - McGill University.Arctic Meteorology Research Group) by Cynthia V Wilson, 1958
  7. Precipitation fluctuations in monsoon Asia during the last 100 years (Publication / University of Maryland, Dept. of Meteorology) by Ida Marie Hakkarinen, 1981
  8. The global distribution of radiative heating and its relation to the large-scale features of the general circulation (Publication - Meteorology Program, University of Maryland) by Robert Joseph Becker, 1979
  9. The potential for air pollution due to atmospheric inversions in Gladstone, Queensland (Publication / University of Melbourne. Meteorology Department) by Roger Tapp, 1976
  10. Atmospheric temperature inversions in the lowest 1500 metres over Melbourne (Publication / University of Melbourne, Meteorology Department) by J. R Wilding, 1978
  11. The inversion over the polar ocean, (McGill University, Montreal. Arctic Meteorology Research Group. Publication in meteorology) by E Vowinckel, 1965
  12. The summer flux-divergence of atmospheric water vapour over the Queen Elizabeth Islands, N.W.T (Publication in meteorology) by Roger Graham Barry, 1972
  13. EBBA: An energy budget program (Publication in meteorology) by E Vowinckel, 1972
  14. The behavior of planetary waves in an atmospheric model based on spherical harmonics (Publication in meteorology) by André Robert, 1965

21. CMpubl
first Lagrangian. BoundaryLayer meteorology. In press. Väkevä Africa.Atmospheric Environment 34, 2797-2808. publications 2001. Bigg, EK
  • Ahonen, T., Aalto, P., Rannik, U., Kulmala, M., Nilsson, E.D., Palmroth, S., Ylitalo, H. and Hari, P. Variations and vertical profiles of trace gas and aerosol concentrations and CO exchange in Eastern Lapland. A tm. Environ. ., 1998. Sixty year 10Be record from Greenland and Antarctica. Proceedings of the Indian Academy of Sciences (in press). Azar, Ch. and Rodhe, H. 1997. Targets for Stabilization of Atmospheric CO Science Bazhanov, V. and Rodhe, H J. Atmos. Chem, Bolin, B. 1997. The first quarter of a century 1947 - 1972. The Department of Meteorology, Stockholm University and The International Meteorological Institute in Stockholm. , 1997. The Great Dun Fell cloud experiment 1993: An overview, Atmos. Environ. m, 1997. Net terrestrial carbon exchange from mass balance calculations: An uncertainty estimate, Tellus , 1999. Atmospheric CO2 simulated by the National Center for Atmospheric Research Community Climate Model. 2. Interannual variability. J. Geophys. Res.

22. National Institute Of Polar Research
Japanese facility that researches polar meteorology, glaciology, oceanography, geology, marine and terrestrial biology, ecology, and Antarctic meteorites. Includes information on facilities, publications, and joint research.
Sunpiller : A luminous streak of light, extending above and below the sun.Acknowledged as caused by reflection of sunlight off ice crystals suspended in the air.
NIPR News-Feb2003, No.165

Video Library

Last Modified [ Apr.21th,2002 ]
National Institute of Polar Research
9-10, Kaga 1-chome,Itabashi-ku, Tokyo 173-8515, Japan
Telephone +81(3)3962-4712 / Facsimile +81(3)3962-2529 E-mail:

23. SMHI
Offers records, publications, research and customized services in meteorology, hydrology and oceanography. Notes on the organization.

24. Dynamic Directory - Science - Earth Sciences - Meteorology - Publications
Top ScienceEarth SciencesMeteorologypublications (3). Categories. Web Pages Science Earth Sciences publications (93). IDS Meteorological and Geoastrophysical Abstracts Paid
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25. Department Of Meteorology - Publications
200202-20 ML publications of the Department of meteorology. List of printed Reportsand Technical Reports, and links to their versions available via internet.
2002-02-20 ML
Publications of the Department of Meteorology
List of printed Reports and Technical Reports , and links to their versions available via internet. List of "Mitteilungen - Papers" of the Department is also available (years 1926-1986).
Publications in the web
The full reports are downloadable files (compressed PostScript or PDF), and abstracts are HTML-documents.
Report 50
Kirsti Jylhä, 2000: The Scavencing of air pollutants by precipitation, and its estimation with the aid of weather radar.
Report 49
Petri Räisänen, Markku Rummukainen and Jouni Räisänen, 2000: Modification of the HIRLAM Radiation Scheme for Use in the Rossby Centre Regional Atmospheric Climate Model.
Compressed PostScript
Report 48
Compressed PostScript
Report 47
Compressed PostScript
Report 46
Compressed PostScript
Technical Report 7
Printed publications
A limited number of printed reports is available. If you want these, contact the office:
3. Holopainen, Eero, 1973: Ihminen ja ilmaston muutos. 12 p. (Man and climate change) (in Finnish)

26. Australian Meteorological And Oceanographic Society - Sydney Centre
an independent society that supports and fosters interest in meteorology and oceanography through publications, meetings, courses, conferences, grants and prizes. It also represents the views of its members to various institutions and the public.

- Sydney Centre -
This site has been changed to following address:

27. Bureau Of Meteorology - Home Page
Weather, climate and hydrology services; also details educational projects, publications, and contacts for the organization.



School Projects

Research Division (BMRC)



New South Wales Aus. Capital Territory ... General Users THIS MONTH'S FEATURE ( previous ) Visit for information on school projects, experiments and study units. INDIGENOUS WEATHER KNOWLEDGE LEARN ABOUT METEOROLOGY CURRENT NEWS SUMMARY AND LATEST MEDIA RELEASE SILO SERVICES FOR AGRICULTURE SPECIAL SERVICES UNIT (SSU) Read the most recent Media Release Advisory Board Annual Report 2001-02 Indigenous Weather Knowledge ... Ministers Commonwealth of Australia 2003, Bureau of Meteorology (ABN 92 637 533 532) Please note the relating to the use of the information on this site and our site Users of these web pages are deemed to have read and accepted the conditions described in the

28. Bureau Of Meteorology Annual Report 2000-01 - PUBLICATIONS 2000-01
Weather National Victoria NSW ACT Queensland South Aus Western Aus Nthn. Territory Tasmania Previous Chapter Back to Index Next Chapter Appendix 13 publications 200001 The following is a list of Bureau of meteorology
Weather: National Victoria NSW ACT ... Next Chapter
Appendix 13
The following is a list of Bureau of Meteorology publications and publications by Bureau staff for 2000-01. A charge applies to those publications marked **. 1. Reports Bureau of Meteorology. 2000. Annual Report 1999-2000 . AusInfo, Canberra,225 pp. Bureau of Meteorology. 2000. Some aspects of variability and recent trends in rainfall in south-west Western Australia. Tapp, R. and Cramb, J., Technical Report 72 , Bureau of Meteorology, Melbourne, 28 pp. Bureau of Meteorology. 2000. The accuracy of forecasting rainfall events in the Australian capital cities: 1982-1997. Davis, C.J. Meteorological Note 218 , Bureau of Meteorology, Melbourne, 21 pp. Bureau of Meteorology. 2001. Arrangements for Flood Warning Services in Victoria . Bureau of Meteorology, Melbourne, 41 pp. Bureau of Meteorology. 2001. Budget and Program 2000-01 . Bureau of Meteorology, Melbourne, 416 pp. Bureau of Meteorology. 2001. Development of the method of storm transposition and maximisation for the west coast of Tasmania. Xuereb, K.C., Moore, G.J. and Taylor, B.F., Hydrology Report Series No.7

29. Science/Earth_Sciences/Meteorology/Publications
Science / Earth_Sciences / meteorology / publications. InterMet A newelectronic magazine that will be only available on the World Wide Web.
Search: Welcome to the search portal. Here you will find numerous research and educational resources associated with the field of science. Whether you are a parent, teacher, student, engineer, scientist, mathematician or simply a science lover, has content that matches your specific interests. We recognize that science is an expansive topic that embraces many areas including education, research, and development. Therefore we have strategically designed our search portal for ease of navigation. Organized by category, you may navigate through broad categories, from wide-ranging scientific information to specific content on selected topics. In addition, you may opt to use our intelligent search feature if you have a specific science-related query. Science Meteorology Publications InterMet
A new electronic magazine that will be only available on the World Wide Web. Contains articles written by operational meteorologist and meteorology students.

30. SMHI
Offers records, publications, research and customized services in meteorology, hydrology and oceanography. Notes on the organization. Also available in Swedish.

31. Publicationss
Refereed publications about Indian and Pacific ocean hurricanes and cyclones from the University of Hawaii's meteorology Department (1985Present).
Updated February, 2003
(all papers published in American Meteorological Society Journals can be downloaded now) REFEREED PUBLICATIONS (1985-Present)
1. CLASSIFIED CATEGORY A. Atmosphere wave and instability (9 papers)
B. Tropical intraseasonal oscillation (22 papers)

C. El Nino-Southern Oscillation (19 papers)

D. Monsoon (26 papers)
I. Climate modeling/Simulation (2 papers)

A. Atmosphere wave and instability (9 papers)
  • Wang, B., A. Barcilon, and L. N. Howard, 1985: Linear dynamics of transient planetary waves in the presence of damping J. Atmos. Sci. Abstract. Full paper. Wang, B., and A. Barcilon, 1986: The Weekly nonlinear dynamics of a planetary Green mode and atmospheric oscillation J. Atmos. Sci. Abstract Full paper. Wang, B., and A. Barcilon, 1986: Two dynamic regimes of finite amplitude Charney and Green waves J. Atmos. Sci. Abstract Full paper. Wang, B., and A. Barcilon, 1986: Moist stability of a baroclinic zonal flow with conditionally unstable stratification J. Atmos. Sci.
  • 32. Listings Of The World Science Earth Sciences Meteorology
    Paid subscribers may search 180,000 abstracts and over 400 literature sources onmeteorology, climatology, hydrology Science/Earth_Sciences/publications (104).

    33. Institute Of Geophysics
    Victoria University of Wellington. Website has information about the university's geophysics programs, seismology, meteorology, New Zealand volcanoes and earthquakes, and earthquakes in general.
    Calendar 2002 - Section E
    IMPORTANT NOTICE: Readers are referred to the
    Institute of Geophysics
    Level 3, Cotton Building; Tel. 463 5346; Fax 463 5186
    The Institute of Geophysics provides a focus for teaching and research in geophysics at Victoria. It includes members of several schools who have an interest in the physics of the solid and fluid earth, including meteorology, geomagnetism and palaeomagnetism, seismology and seismic hazard assessment, tectonics and lithospheric structure, mantle convection and plate reconstruction.
    2002 Victoria University Calendar
    Last Reviewed: 20 November 2001 by
    VUW Content Manager

    34. Department Of Meteorology Library - Publications Elsewhere
    Main University Library. Subject Guides for help with finding Meteorologypublications and databases. Resources for online databases
    Location: Home Services Library Publications elsewhere ... Contact Librarian
    Publications elsewhere
    On the Main University Library's Home Page select:
    • Unicorn for publications in the Main University Library
    • Subject Guides for help with finding Meteorology publications and databases.
    • Resources for online databases (Web of Science, GEOBASE, ZETOC etc), other libraries, bookshops, publishers, societies, online reference sources and much more.
    • You can obtain publications from other places via the Inter Library Loans service.
    Department of Meteorology,
    University of Reading

    Earley Gate, PO Box 243,
    Reading RG6 6BB UK.
    Fax: Server supplied by
    Maintained by Webmaster

    35. Applied Meteorology
    Organisation, Meteorological analysis and modelling, Climate and Environment, Theobservatories, Applied meteorology, publications, Remote Sensing, Research Projects,
    Applied Meteorology
    Dienstleistungen Energie Freizeit Gesundheitswesen ... Search

    36. World Meteorological Organization Online Publications
    World Meteorological Organization. publications Available in English. 364 ­ Compendiumof meteorology for use by Class I and Class II meteorological personnel. HTML/frame/engfil/364.html
    World Meteorological Organization
    Publications Available in English
    [ F ] [ S ] edited by A.C. Wiin-Nielsen
    ISBN: 92-63-10364-X This compendium is intended for use by all students receiving an advanced-level education in meteorology. The complete compendium will also contain lecture material on climatology, long-range forecasting, and interaction of the ocean and atmosphere.
    by A.C. Wiin-Nielsen
    English out of print
    1973; vi + 334 pp.
    [ F ]
    - [ S out of print ]
    Price: SFR 43.-
    by B.J. Retallack
    English out of print
    1973; v + 211 pp.
    [ F ]
    [ S ] Price: SFR 31.- English out of print 1978; xiii + 276 pp. [ F ] [ S ] Price: SFR 39.- by A.I. Chebotarev 1977; v + 43 pp. E Price: SFR 15.- by B.J. Retallack English out of print 1978; vi + 126 pp. [ F ] [ S ] Price: SFR 19.- by R.R. Fotheringham 1979; ix + 121 pp. [ F ] [ S ] Price: SFR 16.- by T.N. Krishnamurti 1979; xvii + 428 pp. E Price: SFR 40.- by S.I. Solomon and I. Cordery 1984; vii + 185 pp. E Price: SFR 19.- by R.E. Munn and H. Rodhe 1985; x + 209 pp. [ F ] [ S ] Price: SFR 26.- How to order WMO Home Page

    37. Mesoscale & Microscale Meteorology Division Of NCAR
    Rev., In Press. Fiscal Year 2002 Nonrefereed publications (back to refereed list). Preprints,4th Symposium Fire and Forest meteorology, Reno, NV, USA, AMS.
    Programs CaSPP
    (climate-related research)
    (weather-related research)
    Other Links Highlights from 2002 Annual Scientific Report Annual Scientific Report by year USWRP Field Projects Publications Seminar Series ... MMM/NCAR Initiatives
    Fiscal Year 2002 Refereed Publications (skip to non-refereed list) Note: Bold face denotes University collaborators, * denotes non-NCAR collaborators
    Anthes, R. A., Y. -H. Kuo, and C. Rocken, 2002: Atmospheric sounding using GPS radio occulations. Mausam, In Press. Bandy, A. R., D. C. Thornton, F. H. Tu, B. W. Blomquist, W. Nadler, G. M. Mitchell , and D. H. Lenschow, 2002: Determination of the vertical flux of dimethyl sulfide by eddy correlation and atmospheric pressure ionization mass spectrometry (APIMS). J. Geophys. Res., In Press. Barth, M. C., P. G. Hess, and S. Madronich, 2002: Effect of marine boundary layer clouds on tropospheric chemistry as analyzed in a regional chemistry transport model. J. Geophys. Res., , doi:10.1029/2001JD000468.

    38. Federation And Meteorology, Memories Of The Bureau, 1946 To 1962, Page 933
    years. publications had made an effective contribution to Australianmeteorology from the formation of the Bureau in 1908. Most
    Page 933
    Federation and Meteorology

    Table of Contents

    Memories of the Bureau, 1946 to 1962



    Chapter 1: The Warren Years, 1946 to 1950
    Warren the Man

    Warren Joins the Bureau

    Wartime Perceptions and Attitudes
    Return to Civvy Street ... Training Publications CSIRO The Universities Achievements of the Warren Years Chapter 2: International Meteorology ... Contact us
    Harry Ashton's section was also responsible for Bureau publications in the Warren post-war years. Publications had made an effective contribution to Australian meteorology from the formation of the Bureau in 1908. Most were routine publications of climatic summaries but some Bureau publications contained meteorological discussions of scientific significance. One was the hard-cover Climate and Weather of Australia by Hunt, Taylor and Quayle (1913). Bureau soft-cover Bulletins were published from time to time. These included those by Quayle (No 5 1910, No 10 1915), Taylor (No 8 1914, Nos 13 and 14 1916), Kidson (No 16 1923), Kidson and Camm (No 17 1925), Treloar and Newman (No 24 1938), Loewe (No 21 1940) and Gibbs (No 30 1943). There were also contributions to external publications such as the reports of the Australasian Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS, later the Australia and New Zealand Association for the Advancement of Science (ANZAAS)) for example that of Kidson in 1923. I believe the first Bureau publication inviting contributions from Divisional and field offices was the series of

    39. Federation And Meteorology, History Of Research In The Bureau Of Meteorology, Re
    Bureau of meteorology—publications and Reports, Australia's Role in Internationalmeteorology—IMOWMO Centenary 1873–1973, BOM, Melbourne, 1973 Return
    Federation and Meteorology

    Table of Contents

    History of Research in the Bureau of Meteorology


    Contact us

    Stormy Weather: A History of Research in the Bureau of Meteorology - References
    Weather 47 , pp 394-402 [Return to page 740] [Return to page 753] [Return to page 796] Australian Academy of Science, Aust. Institute of Physics Papers (Basser library, MS 86/1) [Return to page 752] Australian Committee for the World Climate Research Programme, World Climate Research Programme Australian Activities , BOM/AAS, Melbourne, 1987 [Return to page 776] Australian Numerical Meteorology Research Centre, CMRC/ANMRC Valedictory Report, ANMRC , Melbourne, 1984 [Return to page 777] [Return to page 790] [Return to page 792] [Return to page 751] ... [Return to page 792] BOM, Melbourne, 1973 [Return to page 773] [Return to page 787] [Return to page 788] Climate Activities in Australia 1993 , AGPS, Canberra, 1993 [Return to page 776] [Return to page 793] Weather News No 18 , BOM Melbourne, January 1958 [Return to page 750] Upper Air Data Australia , BOM, Melbourne, 1958 [Return to page 761] Bowen, E. G., Letter to Sir David Rivett, 12 April 1945, (held on BOM file 45/2696)

    40. Polar Meteorology Group Home Page
    publications. 2003 2002 2001 2000 1999 1998 1997 1996 1995 Annals Glaciol., 27,220226. Bromwich, DH and TR Parish, 1998 meteorology of the Antarctic.
    PMG Home RIME Polar MM5 Real-time NWP
  • Antarctic
  • Arctic
  • Ohio Research ... Contact
    **Abstracts can be viewed by clicking on the title of each publication
  • Bromwich, D.H., A.J. Monaghan, J.J. Powers, J.J. Cassano, H. Wei, Y. Kuo, and A. Pellegrini, 2003: Antarctic Mesoscale Prediction System (AMPS): A case study from the 2000/2001 field season. Mon. Wea. Rev.,
  • Carrasco, J.F., D.H. Bromwich, and A.J. Monaghan, 2003: Distribution and characteristics of mesoscale cyclones in the Antarctic: Ross Sea east to the Weddell Sea. Mon. Wea. Rev.,
  • Guo, Z., D.H. Bromwich, and J.J. Cassano, 2003: Evaluation of Polar MM5 simulations of Antarctic atmospheric circulation. Mon. Wea. Rev.,
  • Hines, K.M., D.H. Bromwich, P.J. Rasch and M.J. Iacono, 2003: Antarctic clouds and radiation within the NCAR climate models. J. Climate, , submitted. Full Text (HTML)
  • Monaghan, A.J., D.H. Bromwich, H. Wei, A.M. Cayette, J.G. Powers, Y.H. Kuo, and M. Lazzara, 2003: Performance of weather forecast models in the rescue of Dr. Ronald Shemenski from South Pole in April 2001. Wea. Forecasting,
  • Powers, J.G., A.J. Monaghan, A.M. Cayette, D.H. Bromwich, Y-H. Kuo, and K.W. Manning, 2003:
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