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         Mexican Cooking:     more books (100)
  1. A Gringo's Guide to Authentic Mexican Cooking (Cookbooks and Restaurant Guides) by Mad Coyote Joe, 2001-08-25
  2. The Art of Mexican Cooking by Diana Kennedy, 2008-04-08
  3. Simply Mexican by Lourdes Castro, 2009-03-03
  4. Mexican Regional Cooking by Diana Kennedy, 1990-10
  5. Adventures in Mexican Cooking (Ortho book series) by Angelo Villa and Vicki Barnos, 1978-08
  6. Healthy Mexican Cooking: Authentic Low Fat Recipes by Velda De LA Garza, Velda De La Garza, et all 1995-10-01
  7. Authentic Mexican 20th Anniversary Ed: Regional Cooking from the Heart of Mexico by Rick Bayless, 2007-04-01
  8. Complete Book of Mexican Cooking by Elisabeth Ortiz, 1985-11-12
  9. Mexican Cooking for Dummies by Susan Feniger, Mary Sue Milliken, et all 1999-09-23
  10. Mexican Family Cooking by Aida Gabilondo, 1992-02-18
  11. Mexican Cooking Made Easy by Wei Chaun Publishing, Diane Soliz-Martese, 1992-12
  12. Mexican Everyday (Recipes Featured on Season 4 of the PBS-TV series "Mexico One Plate at a Time") by Rick Bayless, 2005-11-07
  13. California Rancho Cooking: Mexican and Californian Recipes by Jacqueline Higuera McMahan, 2003-07
  14. Authentic Mexican Cooking by Paul Holt, 1984-11-08

1. Mexican Food, Cooking, Mexican Food Recipes And Restaurant Consulting
Mexican recipes, cooking FAQ, glossary, and cookbook presentations.Category Home Cooking World Cuisines Latin American Mexican...... Antojitos in Mexican Food and mexican cooking Antojitos mexicanos, the cornand tortillabased dishes. Continued in the mexican cooking Glossary.
Lo Mexicano - Specializing in Mexican Food, Cooking, Recipes and Restaurant Consulting Jim Peyton

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Mexican Food Glossary


Recipes by ingredient or course, chefs' recipes, specialties, and background information.Category Home Cooking World Cuisines Latin American Mexican......ACCESS MEXICO CONNECT'S KITCHEN mexican cooking, INGREDIENTS ANDRECIPES - every aspect of Mexican food and cooking. Everything
The Food Forum
About Mexican Food
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Conversions, Translations
The Mexican Kitchen, Heart of the Home

3. Mexican Cooking
Is there an online database of mexican cooking? A nice collection of Mexican recipesand personalized running commentary is maintained by Daniel M. Germán.
Is there an online database of Mexican cooking?
A nice collection of Mexican recipes and personalized running commentary is maintained by The definitive online source of information and recipes for Mexican cuisine is maintained on the University of Guadalajara's 3W server . This site includes a very useful, informative and searchable database of the best known Mexican dishes.

ABOUT mexican cooking ALL ABOUT MEXICAN FOOD. About The Cuisine of Nayarit;About Mexican Cuisine Its Origin; About mexican cooking Vacations;
A Few Words About This Section
  • About Mexico Food
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  • Historical Cookies
    - June Summers
  • (English) - Luis Dumois
  • - June Summers
  • An interview with Karen Hursh Graber Mexico Connect’s cooking expert talks about life in the kitchen.
  • Huitlacoche - Mexico's Wild Mushrooms: Gifts of the Rainy Season
    If you are a Mexican Food lover and would like to contribute an article on some aspect of Mexican food or cooking, please contact our food editor - Karen , Mistress of Mexican - Food that is!
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  • 5. Complete Book Of Mexican Cooking Book Review By "Mexican Cuisine" Guide From Abo's guide to Mexican Cuisine reviews Complete Book of mexican cooking byElisabeth L. Ortiz. Complete Book of mexican cooking by Elisabeth L. Ortiz.
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    Book Review Complete Book of Mexican Cooking
    by Elisabeth L. Ortiz Publisher: Ballantine Publishing Group
    ISBN: Elisabeth Lambert Ortiz offers up an enjoyable trip through traditional Mexican recipes with American kitchen ingredients. Ortiz opens with an overview of her time in Mexico and stories of Mexican women who taught her the traditions and techniques of a true Mexican cook. Her open, inviting manner passes on the secrets like a grandma teaching a child how much a cup is, without measuring cups. This is one of very few books friendly to the American kitchen without turning to Tex-Mex and Americanized recipes. Ortiz is blunt about which shortcuts are and are not acceptable to "real" Mexican (do buy a tortilla presser, don't buy tortillas.) This book makes a great primer to why foods are the way they are and how they are traditionally prepared. One of the best examples of this is the first chapter, "The Corn Kitchen," which pays homage to the food of historic Mexico.

    6. Mexican Food, Cooking, Mexican Food Recipes And Restaurant Consulting
    Mexican food cookbooks, mexican food cooking and Mexican recipes from Jim Peyton, expert in cuisine of Mexican origin. Jim Peyton's Books on mexican cooking
    Lo Mexicano - Specializing in Mexican Food, Cooking, Recipes and Restaurant Consulting Jim Peyton

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    7. Complete Guide To Mexican Cooking And Recipes
    Thousands of Mexican recipes, from appetizers to soup to desserts as well as discussion boards, articles, history and chat.

    8. A Mexican Cooking School And A Mexico Vacation In One. Mexican Home Cooking Scho
    A mexican cooking School in an Inspiring Environment —Culinary School and Bed Breakfast Retreat—. Now I know it houses a temple of mexican cooking. .
    Mexican Home Cooking School
    " A Culinary School " – " A Mexico Vacation "
    Want to Cook Gourmet Mexican Food? Spend your morning in class preparing a sumptuous mid-day meal. Then enjoy the fruits of your labor. Relax a little afterwards or take a short siesta, and then it's off to do some exploring in Colonial Mexico. In the evening return for cocktails and a gourmet dinner.
    Learn from the Experts!
    Learn the Classic
    Gourmet Cuisine of the
    "Real Mexico"
    "…a serene retreat for cooking enthusiasts."
    San Francisco Chronicle
    A Mexican Cooking School in an Inspiring Environment
    The exclusive but affordable Mexican Home Cooking School is located in a peaceful rural setting, overlooking pine-clad hills and a beautiful lake, near the charming colonial state capital of Tlaxcala. A perfect place for a perfect culinary vacation.
    Learn to Cook Classic Mexican Recipes:
    Your instructors

    canned salsas; now there are whole aisles devoted to mexican cooking, and lots of fresh and dried chiles in the produce
    Karen Hursh Graber
    Her Bio
    Her Home Page
    Her e-mail

    Some of the following recipes are for dishes described in "The Cuisine of Puebla, Cradle of Corn" . I've recently returned from a trip north, where I scouted several supermarkets to check on the availability of ingredients. I was amazed at how many more Mexican herbs, spices and produce are available than there were just a year ago. At one time you couldn't find much more than canned salsas; now there are whole aisles devoted to Mexican cooking, and lots of fresh and dried chiles in the produce department, as well as fresh herbs such as epazote and cilantro None of the recipes require exotic ingredients; all are from friends here in Puebla and their families, as well as food stall and restaurant cooks and "market ladies." I've prepared all of them at home, and if you like cooking (or just reading about food) these authentic Poblano recipes will give your taste buds something to sing about. Other Articles:

    10. Mexican Cooking School Gourmet Cuisine Course
    A traditional gourmet mexican cooking School located in the colonial cityof Tlaxcala, in the heart of Mexico. The mexican cooking School.

    Doña Estela demonstrates a technique
    I can't speak too highly of the course; that went far beyond what I think of as Mexican food.
    Wendy Rinecliff, London, England
    The Mexican Cooking School
    The fully bilingual culinary course spans the Pre-Hispanic era to the present day, using family recipes from the kitchen of Chef Doña Eulogia Silva Castillo in the city of Puebla. She passed these traditional Mexican recipes on to her granddaughter Señora Estela Salas Silva, who is now sharing them with her students.The Señora is assisted in the kitchen by her brother, Rogelio, also a professional gourmet chef.
    Hands-on Participation
    For five days you will spend 2 to 2 1/2 hours per day in the kitchen learning how to prepare recipes. You will see demonstrations, techniques, and the use of ingredients. Hands-on participation is key to the success of our cooking classes.

    Our Kitchen and Classroom
    Healthy - Light Recipes
    Healthy eating is the emphasis of all selected recipes and ingredients. We'll take you on trips to the public market to shop for the freshest of ingredients, or to the garden when seasonally possible. You will learn to prepare regional traditional favorites such as Mole Poblano and Chiles en Nogada, along with lesser-known exotic dishes.
    Personalized Attention
    "For maximum personal attention groups are limited to

    11. Inside Puerto Vallarta Travel Magazine: Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
    Still, the tradition of mexican cooking is alive and well, and the Mexicanpeople are holding fast to their precious siesta . (Although
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        • Property Management Mexican Cuisine and Cooking
          F ood is probably the most important element of Mexican culture. Much of the daily routine and tradition in Mexico revolves around the ritual of the preparation and eating of food. In days gone past, the afternoon "siesta" started at around 1 p.m. and lasted through till about 4 in the afternoon. During that time, families gathered for their main meal of the day and after they had eaten, they had a little "siesta" - rest. Back then, the streets of Vallarta were alive by six o'clock in the morning, as women made their way to the local markets to fill their baskets with fresh fruit, vegetables and fish straight from the sea. Once they collected their daily provisions, the women would return home to begin grinding the corn and flour to make fresh tortillas for the afternoon meal, and bake fresh loaves of bread, sweet breads and cookies.
          Today, commerce has forced the traditional siesta to be shortened to two hours (2-4 p.m), and this has necessitated a few short cuts. For instance, most women no longer make their own tortillas for the mid-day meal; beginning at around 1:30 each afternoon , you can see lines forming outside local tortillarias - where people buy machine-made kilos of tortillas hot off the press. Patrons bring tea-towels, blankets and various containers in which to wrap the coveted steaming hot tortillas then rush home before they cool off. Today, fresh breads and cookies are more often bought at local "panaderias" (bakeries) than made, as they were in the past, by the women of the house. Still, the tradition of Mexican cooking is alive and well, and the Mexican people are holding fast to their precious "siesta". (Although with only two hours to prepare and eat the afternoon meal, there is very little time left over for the actual "siesta" part of the tradition).

    12. Online Grocery Store For Mexican Food Products And is a nationwide online grocery store for authentic mexican food products,mexican recipes, mexican cookbooks, mexican cooking tips and utensils.

    13. Inside Puerto Vallarta Travel Magazine: Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
    A variety of traditional recipes for salsas used in mexican cooking.
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        • Property Management Great Mexican Recipes Salsas In this issue we bring you a few of the "basic" Mexican recipes that are integral to all Mexican cooking....salsas and beans. Most Mexican meals include an appetizer of tostadas (hard tortillas) and guacamole (avocado dip) or a variety of salsas (green and red); followed by a soup and then the main course which usually consists of a meat dish of some sort with rice and beans and other vegetables. The most basic of Mexican foods are: beans (frijoles), rice, tortillas, salsas (green and red) and common meats such as chicken, beef, pork, etc. Of course in places like Puerto Vallarta, mariscos (seafood) reigns supreme because of its abundance and variety.
          Traditional Red Salsa (Salsa Roja) "Fresca" Every Mexican meal is served with a salsa of some sort (and many with a variety of salsas). Mexican people use salsas the way North Americans use salt and pepper. They put it in their soup to add spice and flavor; they dip their tortillas in it; they put it on the side of their plate with their main course and mix it in to flavor to taste. Salsa does not have to be fiery hot to be good. You can make it as picante (hot) or as mild as you like. We've found that it takes time to acquire a "taste" for the more spicy salsas - for the novice, you start with using a small amount of chile peppers, and work your way up.... you'll be surprised, but soon you'll crave more and more chiles and want your salsa just a bit more picante.

    14. - Authentic Mexican Food And Mexican Groceries
    Specializing in over 1000 traditional non-perishable Mexican speciality foods, household products Category Shopping Food Ethnic and Regional Latin American...... ideas. “La Cocinera” mexican cooking Utensils 3 items, The DeluxeTamaleMaking Kit 5 items, Tortilla Lovers Gift Pack 5 items.

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    Bienvenido a! is a nationwide online
    grocery store for authentic Mexican food,
    Mexican recipes, Mexican food cookbooks,
    Mexican cooking tips and utensils. “La Cocinera” Mexican Cooking Utensils 3 items Price: Qty: The Deluxe Tamale-Making Kit 5 items Price: Qty: Tortilla Lovers Gift Pack 5 items Price: Qty: Hot Sauce Lovers Gift Pack 6 items Price: Qty: The Salsa Lovers Gift Pack 6 items Price: Qty: The Cook's Choice 20 items Price: Qty: Authentic Mexican Soda Pack 9 items Price: Qty: “La Dulcería” Candy-Lovers Package 10 items Price: Qty: The Essential Taste of Mexico 14 items Price: Qty: Tu Supermercado Mexicano – Bringing authentic Mexican food to your home. ™ Conditions of Use About Us Contact Us Help ...

    15. Mexican Cooking For Dummies
    mexican cooking for Dummies. By Susan Feniger and Mary Sue Milliken.The fun and easy way to prepare Mexican menus for every occasion!
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    Mexican Cooking for Dummies
    By Susan Feniger and Mary Sue Milliken Smokey Chicken Quesadillas to Green Corn Tamales and Mexican Bread Pudding. Discover how to:
  • Work with an array of fresh and dried chiles
  • Make zesty homemade salsas
  • Navigate the world of Mexican beers and tequila
  • Prepare vegetarian and low-fat recipes
  • Throw your own Mexican fiestas Hauxacac, which means, "in the eye of the squash."
    About the Authors
    Susan Feniger and Mary Sue Milliken, are radio and TV personalities, chef/owners of the Border Grill restaurants in Las Vegas and Santa Monica as well as Ciudad in Los Angeles, and the authors of five cookbooks. Buy the Book!
  • 16. Syd Abrahams And Reyna Polanco Offer Art, Tours And Cooking Classes In San Migue
    mexican cooking classes in English include printed recipes.
    Reyna's Cooking Classes also see:
    Reyna Polanco Abrahams
    invites you to her San Miguel de Allende home
    to learn the secrets of Mexican cooking.
    "For anyone interested in learning more about Mexican food and culture, Reyna Polanco Abraham's San Miguel de Allende kitchen is the place to be. Reyna was brought up in Coatepec, Veracruz and delights in sharing family recipes from her Mexican gulf coast state. She also enjoys cooking traditional dishes from Guanajuato, Michoacán, Jalisco, Puebla, Oaxaca, and as far as Yucatán.
    Reyna's classes are in English, with printed recipes for everyone. Her fun-filled classes are enjoyed by locals and travelers. After each session Reyna prepares a comida (full afternoon meal) of the dishes she teaches that day, including drinks, dessert and coffee. Everyone looks forward to the sumptuous food - and having a good time."
    Nancy Zaslavsky, Author
    A Cook's Tour of Mexico
    , and
    Meatless Mexican Home Cooking
    A sampling of dishes Reyna prepares for her classes
    Mexico's famous tortilla soup (also known as sopa Azteca), pozole (hominy-meat soup), classic Mexican chicken soup, and a variety of vegetarian cream soups.

    17. Mexican Food Recipes - New Mexican Cooking - Tex-Mex -
    Jane Butel's Cooking Schools feature classes in southwestern cuisineand New mexican cooking. Visit for free Mexican
    Special!! *Register for our Vegetarian Weekend (April 11 - 13) or for our Traditional Week Long Class (April 27 - May 2nd) and save 20%.
    Reserve your discount today by calling 800-472-8229.
    Limited discounted spaces available, first come first served. Order an autographed limited edition hardcover of "Jane Butel's Southwestern Kitchen" today (as featured in her PBS series) and we will include a free spice sampler. This is a limited time offer! Mention this special when ordering. Click here for Jane's recipe of the month.

    18. Welcome To's Mexican Cooking Section.
    mexican cooking mexican cooking Cook's Market offers the latest in cookware supplies for today's busy lifestyle. mexican cooking. Mexican Cooking Page: 1 Jump to: Next Page Powered by Enter Keywords: Links of the Day:
  • Jewish Music: Its History, People, and Song Ethnicity and Globalization: From Migrant Worker to Transnational Citizen Golf Titleist Vietnam ...

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    Links For Chef's Supplies At
    Link to shop At the best cooking stores at Also find hundreds of other stores at this easy-to-use internet shopping mall.
    Today's Bestselling Cookbooks For Less!
    Buy Mexican Cooking Products
    We link to eBay where you can buy and sell Mexican Cooking products.
    HOT Links to TOP Suppliers! Delivered to Your Door! Italian, Mexican, Ethnic Food, Cookware, Recipes! Fresh Fruit, Gourmet Coffee, Flavorful Tea, Fine Wine, Beer maker! Chocolate. Find it ALL. showcases all the best Mexican Food and Mexican Recipe Books. Shop online for classic traditional Mexican recipe books, low-fat healthy Mexican cuisine, cooking with Salsas and more.
  • 19. Cool Chile Co. - Only Official Cool Chile Co Site - The Cheapest Place Online To
    London based company selling a large selection of dried chiles (whole and powdered), mexican cooking ingredients and sauces.
    Chile , chilli, chili, chillie, pepper , powder , sauces , dices , online ordering shop and more
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    Chile Chat Forum
    Chiles have a myriad of different flavours, heat strengths and culinary uses and that is what Cool Chile is all about. e-mail: Telephone: +44 (0) 870 902 1145 Fax: +44 (0) 870 162 3923 Cool Chile Co.
    P.O. Box 5702
    London W11 2GS Site created by Triangle Media A huge range of chile peppers to buy and enjoy including:- Whole Dried Chiles : Ancho , Cascabel , Chilhuacle Negro , Chipotle , Chao Tian Jiao (Facing Heaven) , De Arbol , Guajillo , Habanero , Mulato , New Mexico Red , Pasado , Pasilla , Pasilla de Oaxaca , Piquín , Choricero.
    : Ancho Powder , Diced Ancho, Pasilla , powder , Diced Pasilla , Chipotle Powder , Diced Chipotle , New Mexico Red Powder , Caribe (diced Guajillo) , Diced Green Jalapeños , Diced Habanero , Diced Arbol, Smoky Sweet Powder.
    Store Cupboard : Sichuan Pepper Corns , Dried Epazote , Wild Mexican Oregano , Pozole , Corn Husks , Achiote Marinade Mix , Mole Poblano Powder , Mexican style Cocoa , White Masa Harina , Guindilla Ristra/200 chiles , "Holy Trinity" , mole Poblano Kit , Variety Pack , Tortilla Press , Bowl o' Chili Kit , Tomatillo , Epazote Seeds.
    Sauces Click here to get the latest Flash player
    Cool Chile Co. The place to buy dried chiles, chile peppers, powders, dices, sauces, and much more (chili, chilli, chilie, pepper)

    20. Welcome To's Mexican Cooking Section.
    mexican cooking mexican cooking Hundreds of baking recipes and tips straightfrom the Nestlé kitchen! mexican cooking.

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