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         Michigan Cities State Studies:     more books (92)
  1. Religious education in the public schools of the state and city of New York : a historical study / by Arthur Jackson Hall. by Michigan Historical Reprint Series, 2005-12-20
  2. Bay City, Michigan: U. S. state, Saginaw Bay, Lake Huron, 2000 United States Census, United States Census Bureau, County seat, Bay County, Michigan, United States metropolitan area, Saginaw, Michigan
  3. A study of delinquent and neglected negro children before the New York City Children's court, 1925. by Michigan Historical Reprint Series, 2005-12-20
  4. The ancient city: a study on the religion, laws, and institutions of Greece and Rome. By Fustel de Coulanges. Tr. from the latest French edition by Willard Small. by Michigan Historical Reprint Series, 2005-12-22
  5. The minimum cost of living : a study of families of limited income in New York City / by Winifred Stuart Gibbs. by Michigan Historical Reprint Series, 2005-12-20
  6. The economic condition of the printing industry in New York city : a wage arbitration study of the book and job branch / by David R. Craig ... by Michigan Historical Reprint Series, 2005-12-20
  7. How New York City administers its schools : a constructive study / by Ernest Carroll Moore. by Michigan Historical Reprint Series, 2005-12-20
  8. The girl and her chance : a study of conditions surrounding the young girl between fourteen and eighteen years of age in New York city / prepared for the ... New York city by Harriet McDoual Daniels ... by Michigan Historical Reprint Series, 2005-12-20
  9. Intermarriage in New York city; a statistical study of the amalgamation of e uropean peoples ... by Michigan Historical Reprint Series, 2005-12-20
  10. A study of the New York City milk problem / by Irwin G. Jennings. by Michigan Historical Reprint Series, 2005-12-20
  11. A study of 201 truants in the New York City schools by the Subcommission on Causes and Effects of Crime. by Michigan Historical Reprint Series, 2005-12-20
  12. High school organization : a constructive study applied to New York city / by Frank W. Ballou ... by Michigan Historical Reprint Series, 2005-12-20
  13. Elementary school standards : instruction, course of study, supervision, applied to New York City schools. / By Frank M. McMurry ... by Michigan Historical Reprint Series, 2005-12-20
  14. The adolescent offender. : A study of the agelimit of the Children's Court / made by the Committee on Criminal Courts of the Charity Organization Society of the City of New York. by Michigan Historical Reprint Series, 2005-12-20

1. Michigan Passenger Transportation Programs
taxes, vehicle registration fees, and state sales taxes programs, training, serviceand coordination studies. service links 23 michigan cities along michigan's,1607,7-151-9621_11056_11266---,00.html
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State of Michigan Programs
Overview of Programs
Act 51 of the Public Acts of 1951
, as amended, and departmental policy. Programs are paid from Michigan's Comprehensive Transportation Fund (CTF) , which is derived from a portion of state motor fuel taxes, vehicle registration fees, and state sales taxes on automobiles and other auto-related products.
Doing Business with the Passenger Transportation Division

Local Bus Operating Assistance Program
Nonurbanized areas and urbanized areas under 100,000 population will receive up to 60 percent of eligible expenses. Urbanized areas over 100,000 population will receive up to 50 percent of eligible expenses. Specialized Services Program
The Specialized Services
program provides operating assistance to private, nonprofit agencies, and public agencies providing transportation services primarily to elderly persons and persons with disabilities. Local Bus Capital Program This program provides the local share to match federal funds under Sections 5307, 5309, 5310, and 5311. Service Development and New Tecnology Funding is provided for the development of computer hardware and software systems, improvements to communication equipment, assistance with vehicle maintenance procedures and schedules, vehicle purchases, development of marketing programs, training, service and coordination studies.

2. Political Science And Public Policy Resources: Area Studies
BUBL Country studies. Capital cities and cities of studies on the Internet. http// Compiled by Dr. Peter Limb of michigan state
Area Studies Africa Asia Europe Latin American and the Caribbean ... Alphabetical with Annotations Africa A to Z of African Studies on the Internet
Africa Bib

Africa Demilitarization

Africa Policy Information Center
Yahoo's African Studies Links

Asia Afghan-Taliban Links (Lycos)
Asia Foundation

Asia in the World Economy

Asia Society
Korea Web Weekly

Europe About.Com Guide to the Balkans and Yugoslavia Bosnia and Herzegovina Web Links Britain USA (British Embassy): News and Events... British Studies Web ... Yahoo's Russian and East European Studies Links Latin America Americas (U.S. Dept. of State) Center for Interntional Policy's Colombia Project Center for Interntional Policy's Cuba Project Center for Interntional Policy's Latin American Demilitarization Program ... Yahoo's Latin American Studies Links Middle East Al-Bawaba Arabia.On.Line Arabic Media Internet Network (AMIN) ArabNet ... Jerusalem Post North America Americas (U.S. Dept. of State) Canadian Information by Subject (National Library of Canada) Canadian Politics on the Web Canadian Social Research Links ... Oh Canada! (University of Alberta) World ABC News - World Index Altapaedia Online Amnesty International Annual Report Amnesty International Library ... Country Information, Regional and World Rankings

3. Center For Latin American Studies (CLACS) At Michigan State
35 min. M19. Great cities of the World Mexico City* Latin American Report 3Puerto Rico Our 51st state?*. 1980. 29 min Copyright © 1999 michigan state University. back

4. Michigan State University Global Michigan
International Sister cities ; Cultural and civic organizations of is coordinatedby International studies and Programs at michigan state University.
Other Related Sites MSU Global Michigan is a collection of nearly 500 resources about international issues from the state of Michigan. Some resources are from Michigan's public or private universities and colleges - listed in the left column. Other resources are from civic, cultural, and religious organizations in Michigan communities or from state government agencies - listed in the right column. Click on a button below to view the resources in each category.

5. FRAC - Post Welfare Reform Hunger Studies
states 4 (California, Florida, Illinois, Massachusetts, michigan, New Jersey Eightyfourpercent of cities surveyed reported increased demand for state studies.
A number of recent studies highlight continuing unacceptable levels of hunger and "food insecurity" in the wake of welfare reform. Even as many families move off assistance and into the workforce, low wages and unstable employment leave many of them without adequate access to food. At the same time, emergency food providers report continued long lines and requests for food, particularly among working families and households with children. The following are key food insecurity/hunger findings from recent welfare reform and emergency food studies. While some of these data are from 1997 before federal welfare law was fully implemented, they reflect both the beginning of implementation and, in a number of states, fuller implementation of work demonstration projects that were approved before 1996. National/Multi-State Studies of Hunger/Food Security The Urban Institute's "Snapshots of America's Families," In a 1997 study of families no longer receiving TANF assistance in ten large states (California, Florida, Illinois, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Texas), 36 percent of families surveyed reported that their children were eating less or skipping meals due to cost.

6. African Studies Center
Regional US states michigan cities East Lansing michigan state University Departments and Programs College of Social Science African studies.
Tarbiat Modarres University - IRAN African Studies Center
linking African Studies African Studies ... Studies
- scholarly resources in text, multimedia, and interactive format.
  • University of Cape Town African Studies Library ... Studies - seeks to contribute to the study and understanding of the modern history and current affairs of the Middle East and Africa. African American Studies (CAAS) ... Diaspora Project - organize into topics pertaining to the African Diaspora. African American Studies African ... Studies - includes publications catalog. Center for Afroamerican and African Studies James S. Coleman ... Studies - information on course offerings, programs (lectures, conferences, study abroad, outreach), faculty and students. African American Studies Francophone ... Program - examines West Asian, African , and Mediterranean antiquity, including their languages, history, and cultures.
  • 7. St. Cloud State Universty Undergraduate Bulletin
    Northern Illinois University; MS 1989, Illinois state University. studies BA 1969,Central michigan University; MA University of MinnesotaTwin cities Web site

    8. St. Cloud State Universty Graduate Bulletin
    Ph.D. 1985, University of MinnesotaTwin cities. Oregon state College; Ph.D. 1978,michigan state University. Assistant Professor of Community studies BS 1985

    9. 1.4 Reports And Studies - Cyber-state
    The michigan Revenue Compliance Bureau has launched a a municipal organization consistingof 1,800 cities and towns state and Federal EGovernment in the United


    IT Organizations



    Reports and Studies
    Cyber-state Community Building Reports
    In its third year, cyber-state looks at Michigan’s local governments, whose online or not. Cyber-state Community Related Reports
    Information Technology in Michigan: Home and Business Use
    Findings from 2002 cyber-state Survey, November 2002. Prepared for by Public Sector Consultants. ../12_0/mi_it_report2002.pdf (Opens in New Window) Information Technology in Michigan Findings from the 2001 Cyber-state Survey, May 2001. Prepared for by Public Sector Consultants. Read More ... (Opens in New Window) Michigan Reports: Michigan State Technology Plan, 2000: Technology planning is federally mandated for local school agencies seeking technology funding from federal programs, including the Universal Service Fund (E-Rate) and Technology Literacy Challenge Fund grants. As a result, technology plans must meet federally established criteria and be approved by the state. In addition, the State Technology Plan (1998) and 2000 Update has specific recommendations relating to planning and implementation that need to be accomplished.

    10. African American Studies At Michigan State University
    on. Even the planets and modern cities are named after Greek godsand cities Saturn, Troy, Athens, Alexandria, and so on. There
    Afrotopia: The Roots of African American Popular History (cont'd.) In short, Afrotopia is a text describing the ways in which reflective individuals of African ancestry dealt with realities of oppression in the Americas and Africa, forcefully supported by the charge that persons of African
    descent were biologically inferior, hence deserving of their social status. Blyden, DuBois, Garvey and Ferris all attempted to refute the Eurocentric argument for the inferior social status of persons of African descent in
    the Americas and Africa by objective evaluations of the history of civilization in Africa. Today the debate continues with Eurocentric scholars attempting to refute claims for the anteriority of African civilizations in Africa. Mary Lefkowitz's Not Out of Africa and Stephen Howe's superficial Afrocentricity are cases
    in point. Moses believes that Lefkowitz's text, which he describes as a "diatribe" "will probably result in far more harm than good" (p. 9). It is true that Lefkowitz's text is problematic in its attempts to conflate African American folk beliefs with more empirically oriented works. More specifically Lefkowitz's text focused on the issue of the relationship of ancient Egypt to ancient Greece and her research efforts fail because of her emphasis on African American folk beliefs about the ancient Greco-Egyptian world rather than focusing on the more researched efforts of scholars like DuBois, Diop, and Ferris. Moses falls into the same trap when he accuses nameless researchers of Egyptocentrism. As mentioned above the real Egyptocentrics have been scholars of European origin.

    11. Michigan State University Libraries Special Collections Division American Radica
    Men's Center Men Talk Twin cities Men's Center Newsletter Men's studies NewsletterMen's studies Review Menstuff The MERGE Journal Midmichigan Men's Wisdom
    Changing Men Collections
    Periodical Collection
    The Changing Men Collections (CMC) periodical collection holds over 200 titles, of which a majority are complete. For more information and current Library holdings of each of the titles listed here, please see the Library's online catalog (MAGIC : CLICK HERE) . Within the list on MAGIC, please click on individual titles for detail. Access
    Access Magazine
    Achilles Heel
    Activist Men's Journal
    Afactor : AFACT Organization Report
    Aladdin's Window
    American Fatherhood
    American Man
    At-Home Dad
    Austin Men's Center Newsletter
    The Backlash! Berkeley Men's Center Newsletter Breaking Free : An Ann Arbor Mensletter Brother Brother : A Forum For Men Against Sexism Brother Bond. Brother To Brother The Brother To Brother Newsletter Brothers, A Men's Liberation Newsletter BrotherStorm! California Anti-Sexist Men's Political Caucus Newsletter Canadian Male Newsletter Challenge : A Journal Of Research On Black Men Changing Men Changing Men Chesapeake Men's Exchange : DC, MD, VA / Men's Councils Of The Chesapeake Basin.

    12. Governing: Research Organization Links
    michigan Association of Counties Association of Counties; Nevada League of cities;Nevada Taxpayers Center for NY state Local Government studies Rockefeller
    Online supplement to Governing
    State and Local Sourcebook

    GovLinks index
    State-Based Research Organizations Alabama
  • Alabama League of Municipalities
  • Association of County Commissions of Alabama
  • Public Affairs Research Council of Alabama Alaska
  • Alaska Municipal League Arizona
  • Arizona Association of Counties
  • Arizona Tax Research Association
  • Arizona State University Morrison Institute for Public Policy Arkansas
  • Association of Arkansas Counties California
  • University of California, Davis Institute of Governmental Affairs
  • California State Association of Counties
  • California Taxpayers’ Association California Tax Foundation
  • Colorado
  • University of Colorado at Boulder Center for Public Policy Research
  • Colorado Counties, Inc.
  • Colorado Municipal League
  • Colorado Public Expenditure Council Connecticut
  • University of Connecticut Institute of Public Service District of Columbia
  • Greater Washington Research Center Florida
  • Florida Association of Counties
  • Florida League of Cities
  • Florida Tax Watch Georgia
  • University of Georgia Carl Vinson Institute of Government
  • Association County Commissioners of Georgia
  • Research Atlanta, Inc. Hawaii
  • Tax Foundation of Hawaii
  • Hawaii State Association of Counties Idaho
  • Associated Taxpayers of Idaho, Inc.
  • 13. WSU > CULMA > Department Of Geography And Urban Planning
    with Sue Marx Smock) Detroit Wayne state University Center for Urban studies, 1992. Forces of Change Factors Affecting Our cities. michigan Planner, (Fall

    Master of Urban Planning (MUP)

    Urban Planning Courses

    B.A. Geography Major (BA)

    Geography Courses
    Send Us E-mail

    LAURA A. REESE, Professor
    226.1 State Hall; (313) 577-0194
    Local Economic Development Policy: The U.S. and Canada. (1997) New York: Garland Publishing.
    "Sharing the Benefits of Economic Development: What Cities Utilize Type II Policies?", Urban Affairs Review (forthcoming).
    "What Do Businesses Want?: Some Thoughts on Job Training for Local Development Officials" (with Joseph Ohren), Public Administration Quarterly (forthcoming).
    "Modeling Economic Development Decision-Making: The Case of Tax Abatements", Policy Studies Review (forthcoming). "The Use of Planning Methodologies in Local Economic Development Policy-Making", Environment and Planning C (15, 1997): 285-303. "More of the Same: Local Economic Development Policies Over Time" (with David Fasenfest), Economic Development Quarterly (August, 1996): 280-289. "Local Economic Development Policy in Canada and the U.S.: Similarities and Differences" (with David Fasenfest), Canadian Journal of Urban Research (June, 1996): 100 - 121. "Community Development Block Grant Spending Revisited: Patterns of Benefit and Program Institutionalization" (with Raymond Rosenfeld, Vicki Georgeau, and Scott Wamsley), Publius: The Journal of Federalism (Fall, 1995): 55-72.

    14. Census 2000 Overview - Center For Urban Studies
    the PL94171, or redistricting file for michigan. released, for all states, counties,cities, villages and trends at the national, regional, state, county and
    Census 2000 - Overview
    Census 2000 Social, Economic and Housing Data Are Here
    On June 3, 2002 the U.S. Census Bureau released 2000 demographic profiles of social, economic and housing characteristics for Michigan, its counties, cities, villages and townships. These data are derived from the long form questionnaire that was sent to approximately 1 of every 6 households in the U.S., and supplement the general demographic profiles which were released last year, and based on the short form questionnaire. While the first profiles cover the basic characteristics of race, Hispanic origin, gender, household relationship, housing occupancy and tenure, the lastest release covers a much broader scope. Among the person and housing characteristics made available are:
    · Educational Attainment
    · Ancestry
    · Marital Status
    · Income
    · Emploment
    · Foreign Born / Nativity
    · Poverty
    · Commuting Mode and Time
    · Units in Structure · Length of Occupancy The Center for Urban Studies is providing you with a link to these data. In addition, we are taking the information and providing you with a "thematic" view through our GIS capabilities. Please take a look and then let us know how we might be able to serve you with additional information.

    15. Publications - Series - Center For Urban Studies
    Economic Characteristics of the state of michigan. and Economic Characteristics ofWayne County cities. Copyright ©20002003 Wayne state University College of
    Publications - Series
    The following series publications are currently available online: Publication Description From a Child's Perspective : Skillman Fact Sheet Volume 2 No. 4 , Metzger, Kurt and Mirranne, Kris, November 2002. PDF File None Available From a Child's Perspective: Detroit Metropolitan Census 2000 Fact Sheets Volume 2, Issue 3 , Kurt Metzger and Kristine Miranne, October 2002. ...
    Center for Urban Studies

    16. Michigan ELibrary Michigan Section
    Center For Urban studies Wayne state University Data Detroit michigan communitiesLand Area of michigan cities from UofM Documents Center state of the Home
    HAL Home MeL Internet MeL Magazines and eBooks Michigan About the Michigan Section Michigan Subject Index
    Michigan Statistics
    Quick Jumps: Census 2000

    Climatological Data

    Census 2000
    American Factfinder
    Factfinder is the primary source for Census 2000 data.
    SF3 - Sample Data File for Michigan

    813 Detailed Tables of social characteristics down to the Block Group level. Choose level, then state, then use Add feature for places, counties, etc.
    U.S. Census Bureau Demographic Profile Data Search Page

    Census 2000 Adjusted Date for Michigan - MeL
    Pursuant to a court order, the Census Bureau released the estimated over-and undercounts in Census 2000. The Census Bureau is not providing access to these data on their web site. The Institute for Social Science Research at UCLA is providing data for all 50 states. Michigan Census Office Sample Data Page Michigan Data from U.S. Census Bureau Street Address Search Page Find data and maps for your neighborhood.
    State Level Data
    Population 60 and Over: 1990 to 2000 from Michigan Census Dept.

    michigan other selected cities in the Administration Training Institute (Korea)michigan Municipal League studies (Sri Lanka) Tomsk state University (Russia
    Home About CASID People Training Programs ... Seminar Series Training Programs Germany



    Since 1995, the Center for Advanced Study of International Development (CASID), in cooperation with other units at Michigan State University, has undertaken or been involved with a variety of education and training programs in European, Eurasian, Near Eastern and Asian countries. These specialized programs have addressed the rapid political, social and economic changes that are occurring worldwide. Many of these programs, particularly those in Central and Eastern Europe, are intended to advance and strengthen democracy, local governance and citizen participation.
    CASID provides training and educational opportunities in the following core areas:
  • Leadership
    Reinventing Local Government
    Inter-Governmental Relations Conflict Resolution Civic Education Entrepreneurship Development Consensus Building Citizen Participation Public Finance Ethics in Governance Benchmarking Public-Private Partnership Team Building Non-Governmental Organizations
  • DESCRIPTIONS of EUROPE AND EURASIA PROGRAMMING GERMANY Public Administration Training Program in Michigan Since 1995, MSU has provided two to three month internship placements and one-week training programs for public administration students, faculty and staff from Fachhochschule Kehl University of Applied Studies (Kehl, Germany).

    18. Directory Of Privatization Scholarly And In-Depth Studies From Free-Market.Net:
    MI, Country United states Does michigan really belong with the broken promises inother cities that have Australia In Australia, those state governments that

    map news channels ... find you are here: Free-Market.Net Find Directory by Category Scholarly and In-Depth Studies Privatization
    Scholarly and In-Depth Studies
    search get personal recommendations add a resource/link
  • Global ...
  • Australia, New Zealand and Oceania
    Internet domain names: privatization, competition, and freedom of expression
    Source: Cato Institute
    Author: Milton L. Mueller
    Country: United States
    Suggests that the U.S. government should move administration of domain names to the private sector.
    Roads without the state
    Source: Mannkal
    Author: Peter Samuel
    Country: Australia
    Looking in particular at the United States, but with global application, the author suggests approaches for reducing the role of the state in building and maintaining roads. (1/00)
    Streets ahead Source: Adam Smith Institute Author: Philip Booth and Nicholas Elliott Country: United Kingdom
    Report showing how people in parts of the UK, the U.S., and other countries have given up on failing local services and taken over the management of their own streets. (PDF file) (2002)
    Click here for more categories for Global United States
    Restoring integrity to the government with performance, results and accountability
  • 19. Institute Of Ecosystem Studies (IES) Cary Conference VIII Sessions
    for all people to understand cities as ecosystems Natural Resources and Environment,University of michigan; of Community Involvement, California state Parks; How
    Cary Conference VIII
    Convened: April 27 - 29, 1999
    Institute of Ecosystem Studies
    Millbrook, NY
    Cary Conference VIII Sessions
    Each session in Cary Conference VIII addresses one of the goals of the Conference and a series of related questions. The sessions include plenary talks and discussions, more informal poster paper forums, and discussion group meetings. One of the Conference Conveners will facilitate the preparation and coordination of each session, and also will take the lead in preparing the corresponding section in the Conference book. Overview of Conference Sessions: Link to Authors and Titles Session I. The Importance of Understanding Urban Ecosystems
    • Goal: Establish the importance of urban ecosystem education and the need to foster among all people an understanding of cities as ecosystems.
      Key questions:
      Why is it important for all people to understand cities as ecosystems?
      How can people use an understanding of urban ecosystems?

    20. CLR Case Studies--
    In addition, some cities, townships, and counties impose a tax based on propertyvalues. Regional cooperatives in michigan, like MidPen, allocate state and
    C CASE STUDY: Mid-Peninsula Library Cooperative L R
    The Context
    In 1977, the state Library of Michigan established 14 regional cooperatives to administer programs that allocate state aid to libraries. In addition, historically, the cooperatives have enabled public libraries to guarantee citizens access to information by providing services that can be delivered more efficiently by a larger organization. Examples of such services include group purchasing, central processing, or coordination of interlibrary loan. The Mid-Peninsula Library Cooperative (Mid-Pen) serves six counties in the rural Upper Peninsula of northern Michigan ( ). The constituents for Mid-Pen are the 13 public libraries in this large and sparsely populated area. The Mid-Pen member libraries together serve 129,667 people in an area larger than the state of Connecticut. The 13 libraries are located in communities that range in population from 2,000 to 15,000. The area is noted for lumbering, mining, and both summer and winter tourism. Communities are geographically dispersed, and harsh winter weather further isolates individuals from each other, heightening the need for alternative communications media. At the Mid-Peninsula Regional Library Cooperative, important leadership changes have taken place since Council staff members visited in July 1996. Gary Silver, the Mid-Pen director, resigned in mid-July, and Mary Cary of the Escanaba Public Library has been serving as the acting director while the search for a new director proceeds. In this case study we have chosen to present our snapshot of Mid-Pen as it was taken at the time of the Council's staff visit.

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