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         Michigan Education Genera:     more detail

41. Thomas J. Rosatti
New York State Museum and Science Service, Cultural education Center; Albany. MichiganBotanist 21171180 The genera of Sphenocleaceae and Campanulaceae in the
Vascular plant floristics, phytogeography, ecology, and systematics; computer applications to collections and floristics; environmental modification of morphological characters; environmental conservation, especially through teaching; MS review, editing.
Msgr. John H. Gabriels High School; Lansing, Michigan.
September 1965 to June 1969.
Diploma, June 1969.
National Honor Society.
The University of Michigan; School of Literature, Science, and Arts; Ann Arbor, Michigan.
September 1969 to April 1974.
B.S., Botany, May 1974.
Honors Convocation.
The University of Michigan; Horace H. Rackham School of Graduate Studies; Ann Arbor, Michigan.
September 1975 to December 1982.
M.S., Botany, August 1977. Ph.D., Botany, April 1983. Special Merit Award.
Tuition Grant; The University of Michigan; 1975-1981. Tuition Grant; The University of Michigan Biological Station; 1976. Chase Fellowship for Botanical Exploration; The University of Michigan Matthaei Botanical Gardens; 1979. Whittier Fellowship in Botany; The University of Michigan; 1979.

42. Michigan's Individual Income Tax 1998 Office Of Revenue And Tax Analysis. Michig Links Directory education

43. Condition Of Education 2001
for education Statistics to education in education. In addition, this years spe. cial feature focuses on the issue of providing. equal educational opportunities to first-genera-

44. Legal Sites - Law, Lawyers, Legal Web Design, Legal Resources
of education michigan Dept. Veterans Affairs michigan House of Representatives michiganLabor Market Information michigan Office of Auditor General michigan
Michigan State Law Resources Please report any broken or incorrect links.
Michigan State Constitution Michigan State Legislature Michigan Administrative Code Michigan State Statutes ... Michigan Session Law Michigan Judiciary Michigan Appeals Court Michigan Appeals Court Rules Michigan Appellate Court Michigan Judicial Branch ... U.S. Supreme Court Decisions Michigan State Government Michigan State Page Michigan Attorney General Michigan Crime Prevention Michigan Dept. of Aging ... Michigan State Archives Michigan Court System Resources Eastern District Court Western District Court Jury Duty Compensation Juror FAQ ... Law Library Michigan Legal Research Resources Michigan Law Review Michigan Indian Legal Services Michigan Legal Services Attorney General Opinions ... Email Us is a subsidiary of Professionals, Net Inc. bifurcation,kentucky dept of labor,appellate court,lawterms,jury duty,law pa, illinois dept of corrections,ms dept of corrections,legal opinions, state of arizona, legalsites, jury duty alabama,nj dept of labor, michigan rules of court, forsythe women lawyers,,consumer affairs, georgia ethics opinions, michigan dept of corrections, louisiana dept of corrections, wv supreme court, montana dept of insurance, consumer affairs colorado

45. University Of Michigan Life Sciences - Feature Story
filing system to go in there and say, ‘Is this genus found in michigan?’ Butyou can’t ask questions like how many genera are there in michigan or you
Feature Story In the News Events
Experts List
Herbarium Collection Goes Digital
Scanning and digitizing will enable new kinds of research.
By Michelle Begnoche
University Record The century-old, wide-ranging, often beautiful pressed plant specimens held in the University of Michigan Herbarium are going electric. Herbarium staff are keeping up with the 21st century by carefully scanning and digitizing a collection of approximately 1.7 million specimens of plants, fungi, algae, and lichens that have been carefully preserved on sheets of blotter paper for decades. The Herbarium is also generating a comprehensive database of the flora at the same time and bar-coding each specimen for easier tracking and retrieval. Sandra Arruda, Herbarium staff. This digital record will help insure the rare, delicate specimens against further deterioration or a possible disaster like fire or flood. But as part of the bargain, putting them together in a database will enable new kinds of research. For example, the database might provide information regarding the impact climate change has on the flora of a particular area over a long period of time. At a very basic level, Fogel says the new database will make the day-to-day operations of the Herbarium easier. The process of entering the raw data into the computer to create a useful database is time-consuming. Every specimen at the Herbarium has a label, and it is the information from this label that is entered to create a new record, Fogel says.

46. Michigan S New The Deputy State Librarian Of. Michigan On August 21, 2000. The L
This is a list with links of electronic databases available in the michigan Community Health Electronic Library (MCHEL) fulltext journals available free to michigan residents through Accessmichigan. holdings (mostly paper) of over 900 michigan libraries. Why It Is. michigan Department of Community Health

47. Michigan Start Pages

48. The Board Of Education Unanimously Approved The Nal Design For The
MACDONALD MIDDLE SCHOOL DESIGN APPROVED The Board of education unanimously approved the nal design for the MacDonald Middle School renovation project at its August 13th meeting. and Board of education rep. resentation, Elementary education and educational. Administration. A native of Elsie, michigan, Seybert

49. University Of Chicago GSB Executive Education
Program The Transition from Functional to genera to attend an Executive Educationprogram?

50. Subfamilies Of Muridae
Rhizomyinae (15 species, 3 genera). Sponsored in part by the Interagency EducationResearch Initiative, the Foundation and the University of michigan Museum of
The University of Michigan Museum of Zoology Animal Diversity Web About us ... Glossary
Subfamilies of Muridae
With over 1300 species, nearly globally distributed and tremendously diverse ecologically, the murids present a biologist with an almost unmanageably complex group. Systematists working with murids have divided the family into around 15 Recent subfamilies. In many instances these subfamilies are clearly cohesive and monophyletic entities, with members linked together by distribution, ecological attributes, and behavior as well as morphology, and (when available) fossils and molecular characteristics. In the past, some have been given the rank of family. In other instances the evidence for monophyly is less convincing. Nevertheless, dividing the Muridae into subfamilies makes it an easier group to comprehend, and current research on muroid systematics will, we hope, eventually clarify the makeup and relationships of its component subfamilies. Sigmodontinae (423 species, 79 genera). New World rats and mice. Strictly New World in distribution, but found throughout the hemisphere. Very diverse and difficult to diagnose; includes forms that are strictly arboreal, others that are scansorial or terrestrial, some that are largely aquatic, and a few that are fossorial. Molar morphology is highly complex and variable. Food habits range from primarily herbivorous to primarily insectivorous; a few species are at least partly carnivorous; some consume large amounts of fungus. Includes such familiar genera as

51. Order Cetacea
9 families, 34 genera, and 68 species. Sponsored in part by the Interagency EducationResearch Initiative Foundation and the University of michigan Museum of
The University of Michigan Museum of Zoology Animal Diversity Web About us ... Glossary
Order Cetacea
(Whales, Dolphins, and Porpoises)
The order Cetacea comprises two extant sub-orders and one extinct sub-order. The extant sub-orders are the Mysticeti (baleen whales) and the Odontoceti (toothed whales). The extinct sub-order is the Archaeoceti (ancient whales). Both the mysticetes and odontocetes are thought to be descendants of the archaeocetes. Cetaceans, along with bats, are considered some of the most derived mammals on the planet. They evolved from terrestrial animals to an entirely aquatic life form that is completely separated from the land in all aspects of biology. Cetaceans live, breed, rest, and carry out all of their life functions in the water. The phylogenetic relationships discussed above are in the currently accepted form but many biologists still classify the Mysticetes and Odontocetes as separate orders. All cetaceans share a number of similarities: they have a fusiform, or streamlined body shape; paddle shaped front limbs; vestigial hind limbs (which are within the body wall); no external digits or claws; tail flattened laterally and bearing horizontal flukes at the tip; vestigial ear pinnae; basically hairless body (some young have hair on their snouts); thick subcutaneous blubber layer filled with fat and oil; telescoped skull bones; external nares (blowhole) on the top of the head; addition of compressed vertebrae; shortening of the neck; lack of sweat glands; internal reproductive organs; 3-chambered stomach; and an airway reinforced with cartilage down to the alveoli. Many of these characteristics are adaptations to reduce drag for fast swimming in an aquatic environment. Protuberances such as external ears or genitals would create turbulence and would be very inefficient for an animal in the water.

52. Michigan Beer Guide, The Guide To Craft Brewed Beer In Michigan
This is the story of one such business, Lutz Hardware in Warren, michigan. Modeledin the genera of Samichlaus, this dark amber lager exhibited a light haze

53. UWO Faculty Of Music - Bio Richard Parks
In a former life as a trumpeter in the Detroit, michigan and Washington, DC includingdefining and exploring chromatic and diatonic pitchset genera, and their

54. AMNH Spider Bios
be argued that the various Australasian genera that will WV), his master's from MichiganState University Pedagogical University and the education Department of
Subsequently, this classification has held up reasonably well, except in Australasia, where there are numerous problems at all taxonomic levels. An examination of the described Australasian gnaphosoids reveals a total of 37 genera and 131 described species. However, such a list is illusionary, obscuring as it does many taxonomic problems. First, whereas in the rest of the world recognition of members of the superfamily is relatively unproblematical, in Australasia this is not yet the case. Some of the Australian taxa currently considered gnaphosoids seem not to belong to the superfamily (the genus Battalus Karsch, for example, is probably a corinnid of the subfamily Castianeirinae, and may be a senior synonym of the relatively well-known Australasian genus Supunna Simon). At the same time, there are Australasian genera placed outside the superfamily that may well be gnaphosoids (for example, the genera Aristerus Simon

55. Lonicera References
Lonicera maackii (Caprifoliaceae) naturalized in Wisconsin. michigan Bot. 347983. 1966.The genera of the Caprifoliaceae in the southeastern United States.

56. Toxicodendron References
Taxonomic problems in poison ivy. Pap. michigan Acad. Sci. 1940. Wood anatomy andpollen morphology of Rhus and allied genera. J. Arnold Arbor. 21279291.

57. Welcome To St. Andrews Presbyterian College - DeTamble Library
History, Science General. education. AskERIC AskERIC Lesson Plans BigChalk MEL education(Library of michigan) National Library of education NC Wise Owl

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58. Detroit Zoological Society - NACC: The National Amphibian Conservation Center
Blanding’s turtles (a michigan species of Special Concern and develop an incountryeducation program. genus, as well as other genera (Mantidactylus, Boophis

59. Sacred Earth Plant Info Links Directory
representing the medicinal uses of 2,147 species from 760 genera and 142 Humanities,the National Science Foundation, and the University of michiganDearborn.
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    Internet Directory for Botany Taxonomy of Vascular Plants This is part of an amazing site from Helsinki - this particular page of links is specifically related to vascular plant families. Some of the links are specifically about taxonomy. Flora of Europe Detailed descriptions of European plant families The New England Botanical Club (NEBC), A non-profit organization that promotes the study of plants of North America, especially the flora of New England and adjacent areas. The Club publishes the journal Rhodora, holds monthly meetings during the academic year (usually at Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts), maintains a herbarium of more than 252,000 sheets, has a small library, and annually grants a graduate student research award. Botany Department of the Smithonian Institute Access to Databases, Research, Publications and more
  • 60. Transportation Resources
    impressive photo tours of Clara's restaurants, located in old train depots in michigan. USCARwas formed by Chrysler, Ford and genera Motors to strengthen the
    Transportation Resources
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    The Air Charter Guide Online Network
    You can search for an air charter by specific aircraft, by company name, or by location. This site also offers a forum for posting empty-leg availability, a discussion group, a journal, and industry news.
    American Trucking Associations
    "Serving the nine million people and 322,00 companies involved in trucking," this site offers comprehensive information on all the divisions and associations within trucking. Industry and safety issues, trucking newsletter.
    Automotive Learning On-line
    Click on a section of an auto graphic and get descriptive and function information, along with progression to a more detailed view and the option of choosing more points to learn about. It's interesting, although some parts, especially the animations, may be slow to load.
    Autoshop-Online offers tips on car maintenance and repair, and answers general questions. However, if you would like YOUR question answered, they will do that (to the tune of $29.95) in their Service Department.
    Bureau of Transportation Statistics
    BTS offers a visual layout of its site, which is extensive and laden with data, but easy to use. Among the links are the excellent National Transportation Library and Geographic Information Services.

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