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61. FLORA OF NORTH AMERICA - Newsletter - Vol 11, No 1
Herbarium, to University of michigan Herbarium, North related families, liliaceousgenera in California Intellectual Property, Student education, and Resource
Volume 11, Number 1 January-February-March 1997 Nancy R. Morin and Judith M. Unger, co-editors FLORA OF NORTH AMERICA NEWS Manuscripts are going out for regional review on a regular basis another six groups since the last newsletter. Taxa included 5 genera of Cyperaceae, 13 sections of Carex , 24 Orchidaceae genera, and 9 Liliaceae genera. We are working on all three volumes comprising the monocots except Poaceae (old volume 11). Volume 22 consists of 31 "small" families, volume 23 includes Liliales and Orchidales, and volume 24 is Cyperaceae. We encourage regional reviewers to review their manuscripts and forward them to regional coordinators within a month. Regional reviewers with computer capability are encouraged to access their latest manuscripts electronically via the web process explained in 27 February mailing. Authors of treatments, still outstanding, of Monocots except Poaceae should finish their treatments as soon as possible and mail them to their taxon editor Alan Whittemore, FNA staff botanist, began a term of office last fall as an associate editor for Systematic Botany , the research journal of the American Society of Plant Taxonomists. The eight associate editors and the editor-in-chief, David Giannasi of the University of Georgia, divide up the job of reviewing incoming manuscripts and editing them for publication. The editor-in-chief has final responsibility for putting together the issues of the journal.

62. Organizational Mission Statements
233 michigan City Sandy Moore (219) 879-9137 ext. 260. an outlet for those seekingeducation, and camaraderie within the Culinary Arts and Hospitality genera.
Organizational Mission Statements
Alumni Association
Ivy Tech State College takes great pride in its alumni. Anyone who has graduated with a degree or certificate or has taken a class at Ivy Tech is considered an alumnus. The school has nearly 33,000 alumni throughout the country. Each year, during graduation, the College recognizes a distinguished alumnus who has made a difference in his or her community. The Alumni Association frequently sponsors activities both locally and throughout the state. Some of the scheduled events include sport outings, dances, and fundraisers for the Ivy Tech Foundation. Each October the group reserves over 1000 tickets at a discount rate for the Indianapolis Colts game. You can purchase tickets for statewide and local activities through your regional representative. For more information about the Alumni Association contact: Jerry Pactwa
Gary Campus
Room C-300
Visit the statewide web site:
Computer and Business Club
Gary Campus - Al Fabian (219) 981-1111 ext. 4429
Gary Campus - Holly Blaszkiewicz (219) 981-1111 ext. 2327

63. Microbiology Science Resources
and extensive information on selected genera of algae and The Biology Place Biologyeducation resource which michigan Electronic Library - The Science and
Contents of this page:
Fungi and Algae
Parasites and Protozoa



Links to other ASM pages:
Middle through High School Teachers

Education Contacts
Microbiology Science Resources
The following links lead to websites outside of ASM's pages. Those that are peer-reviewed in the ASM News are indicated and a link is provided to the review. Fungi and Algae
  • Aspergillus Web Site - This site is designed to provide information on pathogenic Aspergilli for clinicians and scientific researchers. The site includes an image library, DNA sequence data, a comprehensive bibliographic database, laboratory protocols, treatment information and discussion groups. Free registration required to enter the site. Center for Algal Microscopy and Image Digitization, Bowling Green State University - An archive of over 185 digitized images, mostly of light and scanning electron images of cleaned diatoms. Doctor Fungus - Your on-line resource for all things mycological. Fungal Infections: Virtual Grand Rounds - A practical guide to the understanding and management of invasive fungal infections for healthcare professionals. Lectures by a distinguished faculty and provocative cases make this curriculum relevant to anyone engaged in the management of fungal disease.

64. Egypt Picture
museum uppermost line may represent a genus including several species, and michiganhistorical museum whole of michigan historical museum genera along this

65. Proceedings Of The Third Biennial Conference On University Education
Proceedings of the Third Biennial Conference on University education in Edited by Mark R. Ryan and William B. Kurtz Technical Editor David R. Larsen The School of Natural Resources University of MissouriColumbia

66. Feature Address By Edwin W. Carrington, Secretary-Genera, CARICOM, On The Occasi
FEATURE ADDRESS BY EDWIN W. CARRINGTON, SECRETARY-GENERAL OF THE CARIBBEAN COMMUNITY, ON THE OCCASION OF THE 75 TH ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATIONS OF THE CARIBBEAN UNION COLLEGE (CUC) MARACAS, ST. JOSEPH, TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO, 19 JANUARY 2002 Theme: Celebrating Our Past ... Challenging Our Future It gives me great pleasure to participate in today's celebrations marking the 75 th Anniversary of this Institution and to deliver the feature address. My task has been made much more pleasant than anticipated by the scenic location of this noble Institution in the lush, green Maracas Valley with its high, majestic mountains on either side. The environment is indeed most relaxing and conducive to learning and the founders of the College deserve the highest praise for selecting this tranquil and beautiful location with its vast potential for development. The highest praise is also due to the successive administrations of the College who exploited the potential with great creativity and imagination, as demonstrated by the beautiful buildings around us. My task this afternoon, even though in such a pleasant ambience, is somewhat difficult. This is so because the Institution has so many proud achievements to celebrate that doing justice to the theme "Celebrating Our Past ..... Challenging Our Future" in the time allocated poses a serious challenge for me. Time would allow me to highlight and speak only on a selected few of them. I therefore ask your forgiveness if I omit any which you think should have been included.

67. UM-Flint Catalog -- Graduate Programs
Sciences College of Arts Sciences General Information Master of Science in HealthEducation (HED) Master Regents of the University of michigan Maintained by
Graduate Programs and Courses Graduate Study General Information

Master of Science in Biology
Rackham School of Graduate Studies Programs
Rackham School of Graduate Studies
Programs General Information

Master of Liberal Studies in American

Master of Public Administration
School of Education and Human Services
Master of Arts in Education
School of Health Professions and Studies Programs
School of Health Professions and Studies
Programs General Information

Master of Science in Anesthesia (ANE)

Master of Science in Health Education
... Master of Physical Therapy (MPT)
School of Management Programs
Master of Business Administration
Phone: (810) 762-3344 Fax : (810) 762-3346 Regents of the University of Michigan Maintained by Krista Heiser

68. Dr. Paul A. Fryxell, U.T. Austin

MAI 127,
Messages (Plant Resource Center)
Paul Fryxell
Adjunct Professor, Section of Integrative Biology
Research Publications ... Honors
  • B.A., Biology, Augustana College (Illinois), 1949, magna cum laude.
  • M.S., Genetics, Iowa State University, 1951.
  • Ph.D., Genetics, Iowa State University, 1955.
Dr. Fryxell's principal interest is in the systematics and evolution of the family Malvaceae and, by extension, of other families in the order Malvales (Bombacaceae, Sterculiaceae, Tiliaceae), especially of the neotropics. He has a secondary interest in the history of botany, particularly of systematic botany, and of the important role of historical considerations in the development of systematic botany, especially that of field botanists and collectors, their itineraries, biographies, etc. In the past, Dr. Fryxell has worked with pollination and reproductive biology, has done some work on morphology and cytology, with ecology, and has done extensive work on the evolution, domestication, and taxonomy of cotton ( Gossypium ) and related genera. Currently his work centers largely on the systematics of the Malvales, including floristic studies; one major project is a monograph of the large genus

69. Miscellaneous Information And Resources
Miscellaneous Information and Resources
U.S. Secretary of Defense WWW
Swedish Social Archives via WWW

Chernobyl Nuclear Accident document collection

University of Montreal, Faculty of Law and the Research Centre in Public Law
CASLIN Czech and Slovak Library Information Network

=> at login;enter aluser;
Institut Jozef Stefan, Library

=> at username;enter opac;
Keele University, Library

=> at login;enter opac;at password;enter library;
Lajos Kossuth University, Library
=> at login;enter opacmenu; University of Maribor, Library => at username;enter opac; University of Waikato, Library => at username;enter OPAC; U.S. Office of Personnel Management, Federal Job Opportunity Board (FJOB) => note: no login script needed;
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