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         Middle East Ancient History:     more books (99)
  1. The Early History of the Ancient Near East, 9000-2000 B.C. by Hans J. Nissen, 1990-05-15
  2. Visible Language: Inventions of Writing in the Ancient Middle East and Beyond (Oriental Institute Museum Publications) by Christopher Woods, 2010-08-31
  3. A History of the Ancient Near East: ca. 3000-323 BC (Blackwell History of the Ancient World) by Marc Van De Mieroop, 2003-06-09
  4. The Cambridge Ancient History, Volume 3, Part 1: The Prehistory of the Balkans, the Middle East and the Aegean World, Tenth to Eighth Centuries BC
  5. Beyond the Ubaid: Transformation and Integration in the Late Prehistoric Societies of the Middle East (Studies in Ancient Oriental Civilizations) by Robert A. Carter, 2010-07-01
  6. Ancient Egypt and the Middle East by DK Publishing, 2001-08-01
  7. Warfare in the Ancient Near East to 1600 BC (Warfare and History) by William J. Hamblin, 2006-04-12
  8. Delights from the Garden of Eden: A Cookbook and History of the Iraqi Cuisine, Second Edition by Nawal Nasrallah, 2010-10
  9. Water Engineering in the Ancient World: Archaeological and Climate Perspectives on Societies of Ancient South America, the Middle East, and South-East Asia by Charles R. Ortloff, 2010-01-18
  10. The Middle East under Rome by Maurice Sartre, 2007-10-30
  11. The Cambridge Ancient History Volume 1, Part 2: Early History of the Middle East
  12. The Art and Architecture of the Ancient Orient (The Yale University Press Pelican History of Art) by Henri Frankfort, 1977-12-08
  13. Phrygian Rock-cut Shrines: Structure, Function, and Cult Practice (Culture and History of the Ancient Near East) by Susanne Berndt-Ersoz, 2006-11
  14. The Evolution of the Ancient City: Urban Theory and the Archaeology of the Fertile Crescent (Comparative Urban Studies) by Alexander Thomas, 2010-09-16

41. Historical Maps And Atlases
The United Kingdom in the middle east (19171971) (JSOURCE). Maps of theWest Bank and Gaza. Back to Top. Biblical and ancient history. General.
Historical Maps and Atlases
General Biblical Medieval Holocaust and WW II ... Modern Era
Israel Area Map - Cobb HyperHistory - Antiquity, Medieval and Modern Maps Historic Atlas Resource Library (OSSHE) - Europe, (Ancient) Middle East, North Africa and North America Historical Atals by William R. Shepherd 1923 - Map Center Religious Studies 290: The Millennium: World Maps - Original Antique Maps Tony Belmonte's Historical Atlas of Europe and the Middle East Links to Historical Maps Palestine in the Time of Jesus (different maps) (K. C. Hanson and D. E. Oakman - recommended site) Historical Maps Cartographic Images - Collection of Antique Maps and Links Historical Maps Overview Oddens' Bookmarks Historical Map Web Sites Maps and Referneces ... National Geographic - Map Europe German 272, Winter 2000 - Maps of Germany 1648-2000 Atlas Historique - 1-1600 A.D. West European Political System: Map Page East and Central Europe - Antique Maps (Federation of East European Family History Societies) Maps of the Balcan Historical Maps of Europe The JewishGen ShtetlSeeker ROM-SIG Research Aids: Maps - Romanian Jewish Maps Ukraine SIG - Ukraine Maps Litvak SIG - Lithuania Maps FEEFHS Eastern European Map Room: Background and Map Index Rome and Romania
USA 1895 U.S Atlas

Project Répertoire onomastique Discoveries At Nineveh middle eastern Studies Truva(Troy) ancient Near east Dead Sea Scrolls Exhibition The history of the
A Map of the Origins of Semitic Languages
Astrology in Late Antiquity Judaism

The Samaritans in the Hasmonean Period

The Jews and Hellenization
Women in

43. UCSD Middle East Studies
Special Topics in Jewish history HINE 181. Jews Judaism in the ancient MedievalWorld LTNE 102A Topics in Comparative Historical Sociology (middle east Topics
The minor in Middle East Studies is an interdisciplinary program aimed at a comparative study of the Middle East (including North Africa).
The program consists of seven courses, of which at least five must be upper-division courses. Three courses have to deal with the Middle East since the emergence of Islam, as listed under Core Courses below. The remaining courses may be chosen from either the Core Courses or the Supporting Courses; and they may be courses dealing with the ancient, medieval, or modern Middle East or a three-quarter sequence of a Middle Eastern language (in which case only four of the seven courses need to be upper-division). Ordinarily all seven courses must be taken for a letter grade.
The courses which make up the minor must be approved by the student's college and by the Middle East Studies Program.
Approved courses taken at other universities or through participation in the Education Abroad Program can be included as part of the minor by petition. Core Courses in Middle East Studies
ANRG 100. Law and Religion in Israel

44. Clearing House Approved Part Of The History/Social Studies Web
The Origins and ancient history of Wine Focus = middle east@ University of PennsylvaniaMuseum of Archaeology and Anthropology TOC The origins of wine
Part of the History/Social Studies Web Site for K-12 Teachers
  • At the Tomb of Tutankhamen @
  • Pharaohs Of The Sun
    Flash and Quicktime required for image viewing and minipulation. Image-supplemented commentary on religion, art, culture, and daily life in the time of Akhenaten. Discover descriptions of the excavations that brought the artifacts to the museum and an interactive explanation of how archaeologists assemble their finds. Note the special section of educational materials for teachers.
  • Islamic Art - Images
    " Through its brilliant use of color and its superb balance between design and form, Islamic art creates an immediate visual impact. Its strong aesthetic appeal transcends distances in time
  • The Detroit Institute of Arts
    The Papyrus of Nes-Min: An Egyptian Book of the Dead.
  • McClung Museum - Ancient Egypt
  • Life and Death Under The Pharaohs
  • Semitic Museum, Harvard Univ. Home Page
  • 45. World History Compass, Ancient Near East History
    Selected links, from World history Compass.Category Society history middle east ancient and Medieval...... The history of the ancient Near east ancient Iraq, Israel, Egypt, Turkey,Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Arabia, Cyprus, Bahrain, and Western Iran.
    World History Compass
    Home Page
    New Links

    About WHC

    Support WHC

    Main Index
    General and

    International History

    Ancient Egypt

    Ancient, General

    Search WHC
    Ancient Near East
    Abila of the Decapolis Archaeological Project The site presents the historical and archaeological saga of Abila of the Decapolis, one of the richest sites in northern Jordan. ABZU Regional Index Home Page Guide to Resources for the study of the Ancient Near East available on the Internet. ABZU Regional Index: Mesopotamia Index of resources for the study of Ancient Mesopotamia, including the territory under the control of the modern state of Iraq and parts of Iran, Syria, and Turkey. Ancient Near Eastern Art Recreates an audience hall in the palace of Ashurnasirpal II (r.883 859 B.C.) at Nimrud in northern Iraq. Also covers excavations at Nimrud. The Metropolitan Museum of Art. Ancient Shikhin and Sepphoris, Israel Ancient Synagogues in the Holy Land - What Synagogues? Cambridge University Library: The Taylor-Schechter Genizah Research Unit A priceless accumulation of centuries-old Hebrew manuscript material and Judaica, recovered from the Cairo Genizah in 1896-97. Excavations at Sepphoris, Israel

    46. History Of The World - Ancient Middle East
    Technology Services Web Design Web Hosting Web Site Hosting history OF THE WORLDPrevious Prehistory, Back to Main Index, ancient middle east 7000 to 600,
    ANCIENT MIDDLE EAST: -7000 to 600

    Jericho - world's earliest known city Sumerian civilization in Mesopotamia Sumerian cuneiform (picture-writing) developed Sumerians invent wheel Early Hebrew civilization in Israel area Babylon established by the Chaldeans Abraham migrates from Ur to Canaan Hittite empire established in Asia Minor Gilgamesh Epic (heroic poem) written in cuneiform Phoenicians trading in Eastern Mediterranean Chaldean king Hammurabi codifies laws Phoenicians develop phonetic alphabet Hebrews invade Canaan (Joshua) Hebrew Exodus from Egypt under Moses Israelites invade Palestine Hittites overthrown by Assyrians Saul becomes King of Israel David becomes King of Israel - Philistines defeated Solomon becomes King of Israel Death of King Solomon - kingdom split into two Phoenicians establish colony at Carthage, North Africa Assyrians invade Palestine Ninevah sacked by Medes - end of Assyrian empire Hanging Gardens of Babylon built by Nebuchadnezar Nebuchadnezar takes Hebrews into captivity in Babylon Medes and Persians under Cyrus control most of Asia Minor Jews freed after Cyrus the Persian conquers Babylon Persians expand into Egypt, Asia Minor and towards India

    47. WCIV Web Resources
    Dr. Dweeb's Bookmarks, Movies. General World history Sites, Maps. Foundationsof Civilization, ancient Egypt, The ancient middle east, ancient India and China.
    World Civilizations WWW Resources
    Dr. Dweeb's Bookmarks Movies General World History Sites Maps ... The World Today
    General World History Sites
    Foundations of Civilization (Prehistory-3000 B.C.)
    Ancient Egypt(7000 B.C.-30 B.C.)
    The Ancient Middle East (4500 B.C.-331 B.C.)
    Ancient India and China (2500 B.C. - 500 B.C.)
    Ancient Greece (2000 B.C. - 133 B.C.)

    48. Binghamton University, MENA Program
    Islam; Muslim Peoples of the World; ancient Near eastern history to the 19th Century;history of North 1620th Century; Islam in Africa; middle east in Modern
    Table of Contents
    Program Description
    The Middle East and North African (MENA) Program at Binghamton University coordinates study of the Middle East, North and Sudanic Africa, and European countries that have extensive Islamic contact. The program develops and integrates research and graduate and undergraduate instruction about the MENA area. Courses related to this area are offered in history, geography, political science, anthropology, sociology, economics, music, Arabic, Ottoman and modern Turkish, Hebrew, and Persian. Undergraduate students with majors in the humanities and social sciences may enroll in the Middle East and North African Program and, upon successful completion of the program, receive a MENA certificate. To receive the certificate, students must meet all college and departmental major requirements and complete the MENA requirements, including a total of eight MENA courses. Independent studies and honors work may be credited as MENA courses, when approved by the appropriate department and the MENA committee. The program does not supplant the normal disciplinary specialization or undergraduate major, but permits certain selections that constitute a coherent course of study about this area, within the framework of requirements for graduation. Opportunities are available for travel and study in the MENA region under SUNY sponsorship (for example, in Binghamton's Arabic studies program in Morocco).

    Profile and bibliography related to the archive which consists of over 8000 photographs and several Category Science Social Sciences GIS and Remote Sensing...... Remote Sensing for Archaeology in the middle east, 3 vols (19992001?) DavidKennedy, Classics and ancient history, University of Western Australia
    As this photograph by James Sauer of the Roman fort of Qasr Bshir in Jordan illustrates, the antiquities of Jordan can be spectacularly well-preserved (see Kennedy and Riley 1990). The AERIAL PHOTOGRAPHIC ARCHIVE FOR ARCHAEOLOGY IN THE MIDDLE EAST was established in 1978 under the patronage of Crown Prince Hassan bin Talal of Jordan. Financial support has been provided by, amongst others, the British Academy, the Society of Antiquaries of London and the Australian Research Council. To date it consists of over 8000 photographs and several hundred maps for several countries, mainly Jordan. See also the link to the Aerial Archive for Jordan. Many other sites can be far less well-preserved. This small Byzantine town at Khirbet Khau in northern Jordan was difficult to interpret at ground level when visited by travellers a century ago and has been "lost" within the perimeter of a military base for the last half century. The air photograph, however, makes it far more readily and immediately intelligible, depicting the fort in the top right and the town which grew up around it on the west and south. The REMOTE SENSING FOR ARCHAEOLOGY IN THE MIDDLE EAST project is an outgrowth of the former, funded since 1991 by the Australian Research Council.

    50. The Early History Of The Ancient Near East (Hans Nissen)
    13 May 1992 Related reviews middle east - ancient history - archaeology - TheUniversity of Chicago Press External links - details at the University of
    Danny Yee's Book Reviews
    Titles Authors ... Latest
    The Early History of the Ancient Near East:
    9000 - 2000 B.C.
    Hans J. Nissen
    The University of Chicago Press 1988 A book review by Danny Yee The Early History of the Ancient Near East is an overview of the history of the Near East from the beginnings to the Third Dynasty of Ur. Its focus is on settlement systems and changes in the organisation of society. Nissen doesn't give explicit details of archaeological excavations, but avoids the pitfalls of excessive generalisation. The result is a readable and entertaining introduction to an important period of history. A rough knowledge of the chronology of near-eastern ancient history would be useful to the reader, but no specialised knowledge is assumed. 13 May 1992
    Related reviews:
    Middle East
    ancient history


    The University of Chicago Press
    External links:
    details at the University of Chicago Press
    %T The Early History of the Ancient Near East
    %S 9000 - 2000 B.C.
    %A Nissen, Hans J.
    %I The University of Chicago Press
    %C Chicago %D 1988 %O paperback, bibliography, index

    51. Alphabetical Listing Of Network Sites
    middle east Abila of the Decapolis http// Abila of the ancient EgyptSite http// The history, Language and

    52. New Page 4
    Near east. The history of the ancient Near east extensive info andlinks! history of the middle east Data Base. Medieval Judaism

    53. Internet Public Library: Middle Eastern History
    public presentation of the ancient Near east via the Information aboutancient Egypt, including links to sourcebooks for other areas of history.
    This collection All of the IPL Advanced You are here: Home Subject Collections Middle East History ...
    Contact Us
    Sponsored by Reference Center
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    Searching Tools
    KidSpace ...
    Special Collections
    IPL Features
    IPL Recognized in Computerworld Honors Program Recent IPL News IPL Recognized in 2002 Computerworld Honors Program New design for the IPL unveiled! Now offering links to over 20,000 books
    Resources in this category:
    You can also view Magazines Associations on the Net under this heading.
    ABZU: Guide to Resources for the Study of the Ancient Near East
    "Abzu is an experimental guide to the rapidly increasing and widely distributed data relevant to the study and public presentation of the Ancient Near East via the Internet." There are a variety of organizational indexes available, including author, institutional affiliation, subject/topic, region, and material type.
    Akhet Egyptology
    Information about ancient Egypt, including Egyptian mythology, mummification, a list of kings (with biographical material), Egyptian art and sculpture, and an annotated guide to Egyptological Web sites.
    Azerbaijan International

    54. MarcoPolo Discovers Mississippi > Social Studies Framework (Biblical History Of
    Social Studies Framework (Biblical history of the ancient middle east, 2000 BC 100 AD). Content Strands. Civics (C) history (H) Geography (G) Economics (E).
    Social Studies Framework (Biblical History of the Ancient Middle East, 2000 B.C. - 100 A.D.)
    Content Strands
    Civics (C)
    History (H)
    Geography (G)
    Economics (E)
    Click on the following links to find lesson plans which relate to the competency. Explain how geography, economics, and politics have influenced the development of ancient Israel and surrounding areas. (H, G, E) a. Examine the advantages of living in a river valley or coastal region as compared to inland areas of the Middle East. b. Describe major events in the development and decline of regional empires (e.g., Egyptian, Assyrian, Babylonian, Medo-Persian, Greek, and Roman). c. Examine the development of Israel as a nation.
    Describe the relationship of people, places, and environments through time. (C, H, G, E)
    a. Analyze the accomplishments and failures of key people of the Middle East from 2000 B.C. to 100 A.D.

    55. Council On Middle East Studies
    and Economies of the Modern middle east; Religion and of Jewish Civilizations Fromthe middle Ages to Scrolls and the history of ancient Judaism; Identities
    Academic Programs Related to the Middle East The Council on Middle East Studies is not a degree-granting program. Students with an interest in the Middle East should apply to one of the University's degree granting departments, such as Anthropology History Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations , or Religious Studies. For more information write to:
    The Office of Admissions
    Yale Graduate School
    P.O. Box 208203
    New Haven, CT 06520-8323
    Middle East Related Courses Offered in Various Departments in Recent Years
    Traditional Peoples of the Near East; Near Eastern Prehistory; Origins of Cities and State in Greater Mesopotamia; Civilizations and Collapse; Archaelogies of Empire; Religion in Africa; Peoples and Cultures of Africa Comparative Literature
    Postcolonial Theory and Its Literature; Tales of the Orient in Medieval Spain Divinity School Greek Exegesis: the Johannine Epistles and Related Texts; Christology of John and Synoptics; New Testament Interpretation; Old Testament Interpretation; Christian-Muslim Relations Economics
    Economics of Developing Countries; International Economic Relations

    56. Homework Center - Ancient & Classic Cultures
    Includes geography, language, religion, and a detailed history of Assyrians. monogramin cuneiform, the way an ancient Babylonian might middle east/ Near east.
    School Corps Library Catalog Library Databases Ask Us! Online ...
    Ancient Scripts and Languages
    This site provides information on ancient languages, such as the language family and pronunciation, as well as the written characters of any ancient language you can imagine.
    Ancient World Web: Geography Index
    History on ancient worlds listed by continent.
    Collapse: Why Do Civilizations Fall?
    With hands-on activities, color images, and text, this site explores theories as to why civilizations end. Focuses on the Mayans, the ancient city of Copan, Mesopotamia and more.
    HyperHistory: 3000 Years of World History
    A clickable chart of people and events throughout human history. Take a look!
    Images From History
    An archive of photos illustrating artifacts, cave and rock art, and architecture from various ancient cultures and periods.
    Internet Ancient History Sourcebook

    57. Virtual Exhibit Ancient History Exhibits Sites And Links ..
    ancient history of the middle east .. guide to additional links and resource on theinternet .. virtual exhibits, articles, archives, and much more. related .. exhibit anc

    58. JRULM: Middle Eastern Studies: Internet Resources
    ancient history and Archaeology. A section of the middle east Network InformationCentre. Modern World. middle east Regional and Country Resources.
    This page aims to provide links to Internet resources which might be of interest to the Department of Middle Eastern Studies at the University of Manchester . The Library's Subject Specialist for Middle Eastern Studies is Dr D. Brady (email:

    59. World History Social Studies Resources
    Egypt, China, Greece, Rome, Islam, Europe Internet ancient history Sourcebook Historiography specialreports; links USIA North Africa middle east - South Asia
    World History
    Social Studies Resources
    See Also Atlases and Maps
    Ancient History African Resources ... United Nations
    ALAN Review
    Spring, 96 issue has several articles on using foreign young adult
    literature in the classroom.
    American Forum for Global Education
    Publications; many excellent global links.
    Anthropology Resources on the Net
    Links to ancient civilizations and cultures; linguistics; physical anthropology,
    archaeology, Native Americans, general sources, sociology, world areas.
    CIA World Factbook 2001
    Maps, country backgrounds, statistics, other information
    CIA World Factbook - Guide to Reference Maps

    Facets of Religion
    Religions, including Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, Taoism, Sikhism,
    Zoroastrianism, Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Baha'i Faith and others.
    International Channel's Classroom Page
    Teaching ideas, Teacher FAQs, Internet resources, from The International Channel
    Library of Congress. Country Studies

    Newspapers Online
    Newspapers around the world; Link to page at this site Non-Western History
    Middle East; India; General Cross-Cultural

    60. ThinkQuest Library Of Entries
    You are an explorer who goes to the middleeast to gain an The Civilzation is ancientGreece. Make sure you are educated about Greece's fighting history.
    Welcome to the ThinkQuest Internet Challenge of Entries
    The web site you have requested, Ancient Civilizations , is one of over 4000 student created entries in our Library. Before using our Library, please be sure that you have read and agreed to our To learn more about ThinkQuest. You can browse other ThinkQuest Library Entries To proceed to Ancient Civilizations click here Back to the Previous Page The Site you have Requested ...
    Ancient Civilizations
    click here to view this site
    A ThinkQuest Internet Challenge 1996 Entry
    Click image for the Site Languages : Site Desciption Explore ancient Athens as one of three characters: a Princess, a Merchant, or a Scholar. Different situations arise for each one, and your task is to choose the correct path to get out of trouble! Along the way you will learn something of Greece's culture and history, and have some fun too!
    Students Junius Moorhead Senior High School
    MN, United States Patrick Discovery Junior High School
    ND, United States Karen Moorhead Senior High School
    MN, United States

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