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         Middle East Geography General:     more books (100)
  1. The Middle East and North Africa: A Political Geography by Alasdair Drysdale, Gerald H. Blake, 1985-10-10
  2. Trapped Between the Map and Reality: Geography and Perceptions of Kurdistan (Middle East Studies: History, Politics & Law) by Maria Theresa O'Shea, 2004-03-18
  3. A Brief Political and Geographic History of the Middle East: Where Are Persia, Babylon, and the Ottoman Empire? (Places in Time/a Kid's Historic Guide to the Changing Names & Places of the World) by John Davenport, 2007-10-15
  4. Global Studies: The Middle East by William Spencer, 2008-03-10
  5. Human Capital: Population Economics in the Middle East
  6. Current Controversies - The Middle East (paperback edition)
  7. The Middle East and North Africa: World Boundaries Volume 2 (World Boundaries Series)
  8. Research for Development in the Middle East and North Africa
  9. Historical Geography of the Ottoman Empire: From Earliest Times to the End of the Sixteenth Century (Social, Economic and Political Studies of the Middle East) by Donald Edgar Pitcher, 1972-06
  10. The Middle East Water Question: Hydropolitics and the Global Economy by Tony Allan, 2002-02-09
  11. Asia, the Pacific and the Asiatic Middle East (Cities of the World Vol 4 Asia, the Pacific, and the Asiatic Middle East)
  12. The Middle East: A Geographical Study by Peter Beaumont, Gerald Henry Blake, et all 1988-04
  13. The Cambridge Atlas of the Middle East and North Africa by Gerald Blake, John Dewdney, et all 1989-07-28
  14. Rivers of Fire: The Conflict over Water in the Middle East by Arnon Soffer, 1999-02-24

21. - Hong Kong Trade Development Council
AME Info middle east Country Guide Provides an overview on an overview on its geography,infrastructure, economy in Iran Covers the general investment policy

22. Foreign Government/Middle East And North Africa
laws, treaties, and general political information; source for culture, politics, economics,geography, news, and Asian continent, Caucasus, middle east, and the
Middle East and North Africa
Frames Index No-Frames Version Algeria Armenia ...
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Last updated on March 27, 2003

Algeria Armenia
  • Embassy to the United States
    • Excellent description of political system, names of executive and Parliamentary officials, statistics on Parliamentary
    • Economic and demographic information
    • Overall view of foreign policy as well as statements, speeches, and press releases since 1995
    • Text of Constitution
  • Parliament
    • Text in Armenia; English and Russian versions under construction as of October 1997
    • Non-functional as of December 1997

23. Vignette> Offices & Contacts > General Contact Information
general Vignette Contact Information Contact Vignette using following addresses inyour geography North America Europe/middle east/Africa euroinfo
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Contact Vignette using the Sales Information Request form or at any worldwide office via mail, email, or phone. Corporate Headquarters
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24. Gold Rush
911 Historical geography. 912 Graphic representations of earth. 955 general historyof Asia Iran. 956 general history of Asia middle east (Near east).

25. Aaron's Indexes ~ Geography
Aaron’s geography Index. general. The Fools of Chelm. Tapiwa’s Uncle. ByNancy Farmer From Do You Know Me. Published—Stories on Stage. middle east.

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Western Europe
General England Wales Germany ... Netherlands

The Christmas Truce

How Tom Beat Captain Najork and His Hired Sportsmen
By Russell Hoban Stories on Stage

Rhiannon: A Celtic Legend
Story Standard Long

Lohengrin: The Tale of the Swan Knight

The Lady of Stavoren: A Dutch Legend
Note: Story Standard Short

Eastern Europe
General Russia (European)

The Fools of Chelm
By Steve Sanfield
From The Feather Merchants, and Other Tales of the Fools of Chelm Stories on Stage
Russia (European)
Storytelling Picture Book
Norway Sweden Finland Denmark
Master Maid: A Tale of Norway
Story Standard Chamber Storytelling ... Picture Book
Mop Top: A Tale of Norway
The Master of Masters: A Tale of Norway
Lars, My Lad!: A Tale of Sweden
The Harvest That Never Came: A Swedish Legend
The Maiden of Northland: A Hero Tale of Finland
Note: The Maiden of Northland. Story Standard Chamber Storytelling ... Picture Book
The Princess Mouse: A Tale of Finland
Storytelling Picture Book
I Know What I Know: A Tale of Denmark
Congo Angola Tanzania Zimbabwe
Master Man: A Tall Tale of Nigeria Storytelling Picture Book
From The Cow-Tail Switch, and Other West African Stories

26. Asia Bookroom:
Comparative Cultural Studies, Asia east Asia - general. Asia - Photography, Asian middle eastern Art, China - general History, China - geography, China - Han
Asia Bookroom specialises in out-of-print, antiquarian and secondhand books on Asia, Africa and the Middle East . We regularly issue lists on Asia, the Pacific, Africa and the Middle East. We also issue lists on Australia and a general antiquarian list more occasionally. These lists are available by email, on our web site and periodically in hard copy format. Our shopping cart on this site supports secure ordering. Links to Sections in Current Asian Selection Afghanistan Art - Architecture - East and South Asia Art - Asian and Middle Eastern Textiles Art - Asian Erotica ... Vietnam - World War II Back to Asia Bookroom home page

27. History, Geography And Culture Of The Middle East
Archeology, history, facts and general information, food, maps, pictures Geographyand Maps. Topical maps, Le Monde diplomatique good middle east section (you Geo Culture.shtml
History, Geography, Politics and Culture When the Middle East comes up in American conversation conventional wisdom usually has it that Arab civilization was great at one time, but not now. Is this a fair statement We don't think so. A good way to start is to focus on what the Middle East is, and not what it lacks. Whether it's the deep spirituality of Islam, the bustling entreprenurial energy of a souk (market), or the close ties of family and community, it's a pretty strong contrast to our fast connect/fast disconnect way of living. Religion is such a strong part of the region that it really belongs on this page, but in the interests of ease of use we have given it a separate (following) page. This page together with Religion starts to address an essential core of values and energy that come from the area, and are not necessarily evident on casual viewing. Don't overlook visiting our publications , where there is original writing dealing with these topics.

28. List
ownership Land policy Land use Landgeneral Location M Methodology Metropolitanstudies middle east Migration Modeling Moshavim Municipal geography N Negev
NCRD site

Publications by Author

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Arabs in Israel

Arid areas

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29. University Of Richmond Experts Guide
geography (general); geography (Physical); Geomorphology; middle east; middle east(Gender); middle east (PalestinianIsraeli conflict); middle east (US

University Communications ...
Experts Guide
University Communications has created this guide to help reporters and editors find faculty experts to comment on current issues, serve as feature subjects, and write guest essays and op-ed columns. These professors may be contacted directly by telephone or e-mail. Almost 300 full-time professors teach at the University of Richmond, a private, liberal arts university in Virginia's capital city. About 97 percent of the faculty members hold doctoral degrees. Several are considered national as well as international leaders in their disciplines. View experts by name

30. JRULM Subject Specialist: Geography: Classification
H212 Europe economic geography, including EEC. H221 Scandinavia. H341 England andWales – general; and specific topics. H421 South West Asia; middle east.
Classification in the Departmental Library
Subject Information
Library home page Subject Information ... A - Z Index
This classification system is unique to the University of Manchester's Geography Department Library. The sub-divisions stretch from A-K:
A11 General textbooks – History of the Earth.
A12 Textbooks on specific countries or regions.
A21 Geology – theory and general textbooks; Mineralogy; Volcanic.
A22 Geological studies of specific countries or regions.
A233 Geological Survey Regional Geologies: Scotland.
A235 Geological Survey Regional Geologies: England.
A235.1 Geological Survey Sheet Memoirs: England and Wales.
A235.2 Geological Association Guides. A236 Geological Survey Regional Geologies: Wales. A31 Geomorphology: general textbooks. Landforms, processes, analysis. A32 Geomorphological studies of specific countries or regions. A331 Drainage; water erosion; rivers; hydrology; water resources. A332 Glaciers, glaciological research, glaciation description, glacial landscapes and processes. A333 Coastal geomorphology: beaches; coastlines.

31. Classification
c cartography. d physical geography geomorphology. eu regional geography. eAfrica. f Far east Australia. g middle east. h India. k Europe, general.
Worcester College Library Home Introduction Registration Guides ... Journals Classification Prime divisions Franks Room World History British History Murdoch Room (left side Geography French German Italian ... Art Murdoch Room (right side) Latin Ancient History Philosophy Theology ... Biology Room over the Chapel History of the Book Architecture Guide to arrangement of books by subject: World History a general b general, political c d general, religious e Africa f Far East g h the Crusades i the Ottoman Empire j the Balkans k Eastern Europe l Russia m Holy Roman Empire, Germany m(A) Austria m(S) Switzerland n Italy o France p Netherlands r Scandinavia s t South America u British Empire: v Canada w Africa x West Indies y India z (A) America (M) Top British History a general b c constitutional, general d e religious, general f g archaeology h medieval, sources i j k medieval, religious l modern history m modern, constitutional n modern, social, economic, religious o 1485-1603 Tudor p 1603-1714 Stuart q 1714-1837 eighteenth century r Q ueen Victoria s th century S) Scottish (I) Irish (W Welsh (M Military (L) Local Top Geography a general b historical geography and exploration c cartography d e-u regional geography e Africa f g Middle east h India k Europe, general

32. Geography Of The Middle East GEOG 423
within the Multicultural Studies component of the general Education program at January14, 16 Introduction to the geography of the middle east January 21
Geography of the Middle East
GEOG 423-001, Code 13207,
GE2000 (MCS:IC) TR 9:30-10:45AM, Spring 2003, ISU
Course Purpose think critically in order to develop a sound understanding of critical issues such as (i) access and control of the many strategic waterways in the region, (ii) cooperation and conflict over scarce water resources amidst rapid demographic change, (iii) Islam and Islamic militancy, (iv) Arab nationalism and Pan-Arabism, (v) petroleum and Western concerns over stable and cheap supplies, (vi) the impasse of the U.S.-led peace process between the Palestinians and the Israelis, (vii) the UN/U.S. sanctions against Iraq, and (viii) and the role and dimensions of the U.S. European Command and the U.S. Central Command in the region. GEOG 423 fulfills the International Cultures course requirement within the Multicultural Studies component of the General Education program at Indiana State University.
Course Organization, Requirements, and Grading
The course is centered on class lectures and student reports on assigned reading s . Class lectures will focus on the main geographic themes (nomenclature and delimitation of the region, strategic location, physical geography, peoples and cultures, petroleum and natural gas resources, peace and war in the region). Student reports consist of written essays and oral reports summarizing and responding to the assigned readings. Class members are expected to: attend all scheduled class meetings, complete the assigned readings before the scheduled meetings, write and present weekly reports about the assigned readings, and actively participate in class discussions.

33. FOCUS On JORDAN - General Information
general INFORMATION on JORDAN. geography Location middle east, between Israeland Saudi Arabia Map references Africa, middle east, Standard Time Zones of


Middle East, between Israel and Saudi Arabia
Map references:
Africa, Middle East, Standard Time Zones of the World
total area:
land area:
Land boundaries:
total 1,619 km
  • Iraq 181 km Israel 238 km Saudi Arabia 728 km Syria 375 km West Bank 97 km
26 km
Maritime claims:
territorial sea:
  • 3 nm
International disputes:
differences with Israel over the location of the 1949 Armistice Line that separates the two countries; water-sharing issues with Israel
mostly arid desert; rainy season in west (November to April)
  • mostly desert plateau in east
  • highland area in west
  • Great Rift Valley separates East and West Banks of the Jordan River
Natural resources:
  • phosphates
  • potash
  • shale oil
Land use:
arable land:
permanent crops:
meadows and pastures:
forest and woodland:
Irrigated land:
570 km2 (1989 est.)
  • lack of natural water resources
  • deforestation
  • overgrazing
  • soil erosion
  • desertification
3,823,636 (July 1993 est.)

34. Global Trivia Trivia And Quizzes Quiz
28, middle east Knowledge This is a general knowledge quiz of the middleeast geography, history, people . Tough, 149, Mar 16 01, faliero.
Home Members World : Global Trivia
Newspapers Around The World
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Browse books about Global Trivia Games: Global Trivia
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Apr 07 03 Quiz Title Difficulty Played Online Author National Heroes
The concept is simple: Match the name you are given with the relevant country. Have fun! Easy Apr 12 00 hews East Africa and Middle East Trivia
Fun, historical, meaningless facts about the Horn of Africa and the Middle East. Tough Mar 17 01 faliero World Poverty - What You Should Know
Poverty in developing countries is much wider than we would first think. Take this quiz to find out what you should know on a global scale. Average Apr 01 02 The U.S./Canada Border: Threat or Menace?
Rife with insinuating, sinister "Welcome to Canada/Bienvenue au Canada" signs, this stark divide between the home of the free and the land of the polite is crossed only by hard men willing to convert "real" money into funny coins and pieces of paper. Average Nov 17 02 coolupway Nicknames Of Cities And Countries
There was a time Cuba was nicknamed the 'Queen of the Antilles'. The Irish still call their island the 'Emerald Isle'. Parisians keep believing they live in La Ville Lumiere, the 'City of Light'. Check your knowledge of some more such epithets.

35. Preble County District Library OnLine Resources
Network Maps Gazetteers middle east North Africa Ohio Preble County, OhioRichmond Wayne County, Indiana Travel geography general United States
OnLine Resources Research Databases OnLine Catalog Search the Web OnLine Resources Research Databases OnLine Catalog Search the Web ... Library Main Page

36. News General Interest
News general Interest, lesson for students, teachers, parents, and geography ormap Israel and The middle east Category newsletter Frequency weekly Traffic

37. General Catalog
102. WORLD REGIONAL geography (1 course) A comparative study of the world regionsincluding Latin America, South and east Asia, the middle east and Europe.
Academics Arts Athletics Calendar ... Search You Are Here: On-Campus Academics General Catalog GEOGRAPHY (GEG) Mark Bjelland , Chairperson
Robert Douglas
Colleen Keen Part-time:
Robert Moline Geography is a synthesizing discipline that seeks an integrated understanding of the earth. Geography shares with other social sciences a concern for the human condition and shares with the natural sciences an interest in physical phenomenon at the earth's surface: climate, landforms, hydrology, and biomes. What distinguishes geography from other disciplines is not so much the problems it explores, but rather the way in which it examines them. Geography asks these fundamental questions: Why are things arranged the way they are in the landscape? How do these patterns change over time? What underlying processes are responsible for those patterns?
Geography is particularly relevant to understanding global and regional contexts, relations between society and nature, and to resolving community issues. The department actively encourages student/faculty research, internships, travel courses, and study abroad. Students have presented research and done internships throughout the United States. Geography students have recently studied in Australia, China, Costa Rica, England, Greece, Italy, Scotland, and Spain. Geographers have many vocational opportunities in urban and regional planning, architecture, environmental management, community development, geo-demographic analysis for business or government, cartography, geographic information systems, education, and foreign service.

38. The Graham School Of General Studies: Summer Quarter
general background on Islam and the geography of the area, we will also review thesocial, cultural, religious and political transformations of the middle east

J. Abercrombie Tel (202) 9946185 (geography office) E C William Spencer, The MiddleEast (Dushkin/McGraw-Hill, 2000 T 1/21, general History, Held 13-31 Spencer
The George Washington University
Columbian College of Arts and Sciences
Department of Geography GEOG 154 (10)
Spring 2003 Stuart 210 Tues-Thurs 11:00-12:15 Instructor Thomas J. Abercrombie
(202) 994-6185 (Geography office)
E-mail: (Department secretary)
Office hours:
By appointment only, Quigley’s 101 COURSE DESCRIPTION Cultural and physical regional patterns of the Middle East and North Africa. COURSE OBJECTIVES
  • To instill familiarity with countries and geographic regions of the Middle East and North Africa including their shapes, spatial relationships, principal geographic features and climates as well as the names and locations of capitals, major cities and economic zones. In short: basic cartographic literacy. To show how Middle East landforms, seas, and rivers-and its strategic location-shape cultural patterns in the region. To focus on the important role of the oil industry, as well as other major economic enterprises. To briefly examine the complex history of the area - including important Middle East contributions to Western civilization.
  • 40. ARCHIVE: GCU Cultural Geography Courses
    GCU 328 geography of middle east and North Africa. of relevant physical, economic,and cultural phenomena in the middle east and North general Studies SB, G.
    ARCHIVE: Fall 2002 Cultural Geography (GCU) GCU 102 Introduction to Human Geography. (3)
    fall and spring
    Systematic study of human use of the earth. Spatial organization of economic, social, political, and perceptual environments.
    General Studies: SB GCU 121 World Geography. (4)
    fall and spring
    Description and analysis of areal variations in social, economic, and political phenomena in major world regions.
    General Studies: SB, G GCU 141 Introduction to Economic Geography. (3)
    Production, distribution, and consumption of various types of commodities of the world and relationships to the activities of humans.
    General Studies: SB, G GCU 200 Orientation to Geography. (1)
    fall Basic introduction to the Department of Geography faculty, undergraduate graduation requirements, and possible jobs and skills in geography. Cross-listed as GPH 200. Credit is allowed for only GCU 200 or GPH 200. GCU 240 Introduction to Southeast Asia. (3) fall Interdisciplinary introduction to the cultures, religions, political systems, geography, and history of Southeast Asia. Cross-listed as ASB 240/HST 240/POS 240/REL 240. Credit is allowed for only ASB 240 or GCU 240 or HST 240 or POS 240 or REL 240. General Studies: G GCU 253 Introduction to Cultural and Historical Geography. (3)

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