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         Middle East Geography General:     more books (100)
  1. Global Studies: The Middle East by Azzedine Layachi, 2010-10-18
  2. Kurdish Politics in the Middle East by Nader Entessar, 2009-11-16
  3. One Foot in Heaven: Narratives on Gender and Islam in Darfur, West-Sudan (Women and Gender: the Middle East and the Islamic World) by Karin Willemse, 2007-11-15
  4. Guardians of Faith in Modern Times: 'Ulama' in the Middle East (Social, Economic and Political Studies of the Middle East and Asia)
  5. The Arab Nation: Nationalism and Class Struggles (Middle East Series ; No. 2) by Samir Amin, 1978-11
  6. Water, Peace and the Middle East: Negotiating Resources in the Jordan Basin (Library of Modern Middle East Studies, 9)
  7. Change and Development in the Middle East
  8. Culture and Customs of the Palestinians (Culture and Customs of the Middle East) by Samih K. Farsoun, 2004-11-30
  9. Endangered Peoples of Africa and the Middle East: Struggles to Survive and Thrive
  10. Customary Strangers: New Perspectives on Peripatetic Peoples in the Middle East, Africa, and Asia
  11. Culture and Customs of Saudi Arabia (Culture and Customs of the Middle East) by David E. Long, 2005-07-30
  12. Culture and Customs of Syria (Culture and Customs of the Middle East) by John A. Shoup, 2008-04-30
  13. Middle East: A Background to the Conflicts (Hotspots) by John Pimlott, 1991-10
  14. Yemen (Creation of the Modern Middle East) by Sandra Weber, 2002-08

61. SWT General Studies Requirements
Physics 1410, 1420 general Physics I and II. geography 3328 North Africaand middle east. geography 3333 (WI) geography of China and Japan.
General Studies Requirements Essential Skills Reading and Writing (6 hours) Speaking and Listening (3 hours) Speech Communication 1310 Fundamentals of Speech Computation and Mathematics (3-4 hours) Math 1315 College Algebra or Math 1316 Survey of Contemporary Mathematics or Math 2417 Pre-Calculus Mathematics or Math 2471 Calculus I (See Mathematics Department section of this catalog for minimum test scores and/or prerequisites required to enroll in these courses. Students may have to complete Math 1300 - Pre-College Algebra or Math 1311 - Basic Mathematics first.) Philosophy and Critical Thinking (3 hours) Philosophy 1305 (WI) General Philosophy Disciplinary Perspectives Historical (6 hours) History 1310 (WI) History of the U.S. to 1877 History 1320 (WI) History of the U.S., 1877 to date Political (6 hours) Political Science 2310 Principles of American Government Political Science 2320 Functions of American Government Natural Science (7-8 hours) (If both courses are from the same science, one course may be non- laboratory.)

62. The Middle-East; Water And Life
general objectives for the unit are to understand how made by water in the MiddleEast, as well lives, through exercises in reading, writing, geography and art
Lesson plan by Phyllis Hayashibara of Venice High School and Tim Henderson of Palisades High School.
Interdisciplinary Chart
Narrative Summary Materials and Resources Suggested Web Sites ... Return to Humanitas Global Studies Page
  • This unit is to be taught as part of an Interdisciplinary 10th grade curriculum.
  • Disciplines incorporated: Social Studies, Geography, Science/Math/Engineering, and Fine Arts.
  • Sections of the California History-Social Science Frameworks addressed: "Unresolved Problems of the Modern World," and "Nationalism in the Contemporary World - The Middle East."
  • The unit takes approximately one week of class time for a team of up to four teachers.
  • Classroom size: 25-35 students
Narrative Summary
The purpose of this unit is to explore the issues stipulated by the California Framework by focusing on a necessity of life that every human being can relate to: water. This is done by using a variety of appropriate texts and activities to increase knowledge and understanding throughout a range of disciplines. General objectives for the unit are:
  • to understand how water as an economic good drives regional politics
  • 63. Post-News Educational Services - Current Events Links
    plus general information about Iraq and the Iraqi way of life. has irritating ads) middle east geography
    America at War
    Tips for Teachers for Dealing with Current Events Concerning Iraq Background On Iraq Newspaper Learning Activities to Use Before the War Begins Newspaper Learning Activities To Use Now That War Has Started ... The Choices Program Teaching with the News Choices provides materials and ideas to connect the content of the classroom to the headlines in the news.
    NIE Online - Online and Newspaper Activities Rocky Mountain New s: on assigment in the Persian Gulf (Multimedia - high speed requires sound, modem-speed provides text) Priming For War
    History of Iraq

    Iraq Today

    The Target

    Battlefield 2003
    ... America at War - links to current and past news stories The Denver Post: The Conflict: A multi-page guide covering the issues, personalities and technology that shape the showdown with Iraq

    64. Business Jordan - The Jordan Internet Pages - Tourism Jordan, News Jordan
    Government law, embassies. Health general health, fitness. Regional history,geography. Employment UAE middle east Saudi Arabia Lebanon.
    Shop Online - Books,CDs, Computers.... Currency Exchange Internet Cafes ISP ... Help Sport Arabsport
    CNN/SI Multimedia

    BBC Sport

    SkySports (UK)
    ... local culture Local Media Arabic :

    English :
    Jordan Times
    International News BBC - Arabic
    BBC - English


    Financial Times (UK)
    Drudge Report (USA)
    Employment: UAE MIddle East Saudi Arabia Lebanon Middle East : Newspapers CountryGuide QuickFacts Editors Wanted! On The Middle East Internet Pages : Middle-East-Pages Bahrain Egypt Iran ... Add your Site This site is brought to you courtesy of :

    65. Education Planet Store ,store,Geography And Countries Lesson Plans
    special focus maps on the middle east, the Persian for the study of physical andhuman geography. Its general maps and statistics consider continents, while
    Apr. 09, 2003 15:54 PST
    Grade K - 2 Higher Ed. Search from over educational supplies by keyword and grade. Membership Log In User Name: Password: Welcome Education Planet Store helps teachers, parents, students and administrators find and purchase quality educational software, books, videos, maps, supplies and more! Featured Stores
    Featured Book Cinderella Grade: K-5 Now that she's a princess, Cinderella is suing her stepmother for back wages. 27 pages. Buy it at Featured Video Stress Grade: 6-12 Exposes the emotional and physical harm that can result from too much stress. Points out how to make stress ... Buy it at Featured Software Encarta World English Dictionary 2001 Grade: 6-12 Strong on newly minted words and phrases, this extensive dictionary benefits ... Buy it at Featured Map Grand Teton National Park, Wy Grade: K-12+ Maps for and by people who love the Outdoors! Trails Illustrated is recognized as ... Buy it at About Us Advertise Suggest-a-Site ... Bookmark this site! Education Planet's Awards "Look no further for your all-in-one education web guide.

    66. The Middle Eastern Environment
    voting) Members any persons with a general interest in On the geography of developmentin Turkey Brian W Norwegian foreign policy towards the middle east Nils A
    The Middle Eastern Environment
    Edited by Eric Watkins
    Published on behalf of the
    British Society for Middle Eastern Studies
    See Contents for essays reproduced on the web ORDER OFFLINE POST FREE Summary Reviews Contents ... Links to other sites
    28 tables, 8 maps and 4 figures
    December 1995 ISBN 1 898565 03 1 CLICK on BOOK to BUY online obtainable from: John Adamson Publishing Consultants
    90 Hertford Street, Cambridge CB4 3AQ, England.
    Telephone and fax: 01223 313717
    e-mail: or from: or through any good bookseller see also distributed in the USA by: ACC Ltd. Market Street Industrial Park Wappingers' Falls NY 12590, USA
    Banner headlines testify to the increased awareness of environmental problems in the Middle East and to the urgency of solving them. Whether the concern is with the dumping of toxic waste in Arab countries or with the need for Islamic solutions to prevent ecological disaster, Middle Eastern newspapers are raising awareness of environmental issues and of the potential ill effects they can have throughout the region. Such awareness underscores the timeliness of this book. Written by leading scholars in their own particular fields, the 18 essays in this book represent some of the deepest and most advanced thinking on the subject of the Middle Eastern environment. Bringing together subjects as diverse as the Oslo agreement, nuclear weapons in Israel, and Islamic development agendas in sub-Saharan Africa

    67. Middle East, ISRAEL Maps And Atlases From East View Cartographic, Leader In Tran
    Archaeology, general History, History Of Individual Epochs, Physical Relief, PopulationGeography, Soils, Topography, middle east, ISRAEL Maps and Atlases, ISRAEL
    home about east view standing orders service specials: Ukrainian maps ... site map Search GIS / Map Librarian Position shopping cart my account Browse Regions Browse Types Topographic
    ... Topography
    East View Cartographic offers the best coverage of the Middle East in the topographic map series, offering some national topographic mapping. Please inquire for more information. EVC can offer georeferenced topographic maps to the customer's requirements.
    what's new
    samples specials: Ukrainian maps contact us ... publications

    68. ALMISBAH: Topographic Maps (WWW)
    Subject, Arab World, Near and middle east geography, Travel. 4. Mid east Maps middle east. Subject, Arab World, Near and middle east geography, Travel.
    Topographic Maps (WWW)
    1. The Centre for Geographic Information Systems (CIS) [Doha] Subject Qatar: Geography, Travel URL Keywords Qatar; maps; geography; Al-Khabar; database; CIS DETAILS Contents Clarity Index Links 2. Map of Caucasus Subject Caucasus: The Region: Geography, Travel URL Keywords maps; Caucasus; geography DETAILS Contents Clarity Index Links 3. Middle East Topographic Maps from East View Cartographic Subject Arab World, Near and Middle East: Geography, Travel URL Keywords Middle East; arabic countries; maps DETAILS Contents Clarity Index Links 4. Mid East Maps - Middle East Subject Arab World, Near and Middle East: Geography, Travel URL Keywords maps; Middle East; Near East; geography DETAILS Contents Clarity Index Links Subject Tajikistan: Geography, Travel Tajikistan: General Resources URL Keywords library; University of Texas; online catalogs; maps; Tajikistan; electronic libraries

    69. ECB Surf Report: Media Literacy
    site Global Connections The middle east was designed teachers, students, and thegeneral public understand religion, culture, economics, geography, or politics
    link link link Archives
    text menu
    Contact us
    you have questions
    or suggestions for
    the Surf Report! The text-only menu
    provides accessible
    and printer-friendly
    access to the Surf
    Report Archives.
    Media Literacy (April 2003)
    These links are designed to help students learn to critically evaluate and understand the media and its impact on their lives. Media literacy is a part of the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction's recommended curriculum, or is included in DPI model academic standards, for many subjects. Among them are art and design education, English language arts, family and consumer education, health education, information and technology literacy, and social studies. (ECB also provides excellent video resources on Media Literacy for Wisconsin teachers.)
    Student Sites
    l Teacher Sites l Lesson Plans Student sites
    Games for Kids
    , from the Canadian Media Awareness Network , helps 7- to 13-year-olds learn how television, film, and video games are produced and marketed. The site uses cartoons, interactive games, and questions to help children understand the Internet and other media.

    70. National Geographic General Books: National Geographic Atlas Of The Middle East
    As the world focuses on the middle east, National Geographic presents a collection of new, customized maps that address this critical region at the
    Home Site Index MAGAZINES: National Traveler Adventure NG Kids NG Explorer TV AND FILM: Channel (U.S.) Channel (Intl) Explorer More TV SUBJECTS: About National Adventure Animals Education History and Kids Maps and News Photography Science and Travel Shop Customer Service Complete Site Site Index Subscribe Shop
    Become a member and receive great benefits on all National Geographic books and products.
    Title ISBN Author Photographer Illustrator Keywords National Geographic Atlas of the Middle East
    While tensions continue to rise in Iraq and surrounding countries, there is a heightened curiosity worldwide for definitive, balanced, and timely information about the Middle East. This concise and distinctive volume provides a fascinating, in-depth look at the driving forces that have led to acts of violence, religious fervor, and costly wars in this hostile territory and lends valuable insight into the present situation. National Geographic Atlas of the Middle East contains newly researched and updated maps illustrating the diverse issues of the region today. Boundary and territorial disputes, the uneven distribution of natural resources, and booming population pressures are detailed in stunning visual explanations. Other regional thematic maps elaborate on questions surrounding religion, ethnic and linguistic groups, oil, water, agriculture, industry, trade, international corporations, and military forces. The complex history of the Middle East is explored through maps devoted to topics that include the rise and falls of empires, civilizations, major conflicts, holy sites, and various other significant events that have shaped the region.

    71. National Geographic General Books: Cradle & Crucible
    Dominant in today’s headlines and popular consciousness, the middle east is a richly complex, multifaceted region. i Cradle & Crucible /i explains the
    Home Site Index MAGAZINES: National Traveler Adventure NG Kids NG Explorer TV AND FILM: Channel (U.S.) Channel (Intl) Explorer More TV SUBJECTS: About National Adventure Animals Education History and Kids Maps and News Photography Science and Travel Shop Customer Service Complete Site Site Index Subscribe Shop
    Become a member and receive great benefits on all National Geographic books and products.
    Title ISBN Author Photographer Illustrator Keywords
    History and Faith in the Middle East
    The world’s crossroads, the Middle East is the most contested and controversial area on Earth. It is also the cradle of the first great civilizations in Mesopotamia and Egypt and can be said to have given birth to human striving—and strife. Through photographs, maps, and the writings of highly respected authors, this book details the historical, political, cultural, and religious forces that have shaped the region and unravels for readers the enigma that is the Middle East. Beginning with the prehistoric civilizations of the fertile crescent and continuing through the conflicts of the 20th and 21st centuries, the first section of the book distills the Middle East’s sweeping, often turbulent history. From the Hittites to Alexander the Great, from the Romans to the Crusaders, from the Ottomans to the Imperialists, the Middle East’s rich tapestry of influences and identities is described with new critical insights. The book’s second section is devoted to the Middle East’s three great faiths, examining in depth the impact of Muslim, Jewish, and Christian beliefs on history and daily life in the Middle East.

    72. Undergraduate Course: GEOG 320 The Middle East (index)
    general Information This undergraduate course is offered at the Department ofGeography, Texas A M The term middle east has been used to refer to
    GEOG 320 Spring 1997
    Time: TR 8:00- 9:15 a.m.
    Professor: Dr. Vatche Tchakerian
    Office hours: TR 9:30-11:00 a.m. or by appointment
    Email: General Information
    This undergraduate course is offered at the Department of Geography (for locations, see the campus interactive map ), located in College Station Texas . The term "Middle East" has been used to refer to different countries by different authors. In this class the following countries will be examined: Algeria, Bahrain, Cyprus, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Lebanon, Sudan, Kuwait, Libya, Morocco, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Tunesia, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, and Yemen.
    Course Decsription and Objectives
    A survey of the regional geography of the Middle East, including the physical setting, environmental isssues, economic development and the evolution of the Middle Eastern landscapes and cultures (historical geography). Special emphasis will be placed on current geopolitical issues such as the Iraqi situation, the Israeli/Palestinian agenda, the Maghreb and the Lebanese conflict among others. The first four weeks cover the physical geography of the Middle East. The next five weeks cover the historical, urban and economic geography, while the remainder of the course examines selected countries of the Middle East.

    73. Vignette> Offices & Contacts > General Contact Information
    general Vignette Contact Information. of the following addresses in your geographyNorth America America Europe/middle east/Africa euroinfo,2097,1-1-30-1729-1429-2561,00.html
    document.write("") Login Toll-free Select a Country How to Buy Want to make the most out of your portal? Sign up for our Smart Web Strategies for 2003 portfolio. Home About Us General Vignette Contact Information
    Contact Vignette using the Sales Information Request form or at any worldwide office via mail, email, or phone. Corporate Headquarters
    1601 South MoPac Expressway
    Austin, TX 78746-5776
    Driving directions

    512.741.4300 Tel
    512.741.1403 Fax
    888.608.9900 Toll-Free

    Sales Information Request
    Use our online Sales Information Request form or email one of the following addresses in your geography: North America: Latin America: Europe/Middle East/Africa: Asia-Pacific: Public Relations Contacts North America, Latin America, Asia-Pacific Jim Hahn Manager, Corporate Communications 512.741.4871 Tel 512.741.1403 Fax 888.608.9900 Toll-Free Email Europe/Middle East/Africa Annalise Coady Corporate Communications Director, EMEA

    74. Middle Eastern Links And General Resources - Academic Info
    Academic Info middle Eastern Studies general Links Christian Science Monitor middleEast 101 The Israeli the region's recent history and geography, and the
    Home Keyword Search Index Reference Desk ... Student Center Academic Info
    Middle Eastern Studies
    Middle Eastern Studies Links Conflict We Need Your Help
    Please take a minute to make a $10 tax-deductible donation. Academic Info is made possible by the generous financial support of users like you. Academic Info
    19-143rd ST SW
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    Email us at for details. See also Palestinian and Israeli Conflict Adventure Divas - Iran
    Your Globetrotting Revolution Onscreen and Online
    "...Divas is a broad enterprise that unites adventure travel and modern-day heroines to create fresh new media for television and the web. Home base is Seattle...Our PBS television series captures the humor, debacle and discovery inherent in low-rent travel and explores cultures with divavision — that is, through the lens of the independent women whose vision, individualism and actions will rule the future." PBS Online Ajeeb "is the biggest Middle East-based portal on the Net that offers a wealth of information on the region in both the Arabic and English languages. Using the latest technologies from Sakhr, the portal offers unique and free services for users, including English to Arabic machine translation for text in any format, a complete directory of Web sites in the region and a Web search engine...The portal features a selection of online dictionaries for bi-directional translation in five languages, in addition to weather forecast, prayer times, ‘today in history’, daily caricature, horoscope, e-mail and personal Web pages."

    75. 950 - General History Of Asia
    900, geography History. 910, geography Travel. 920, Biography, Genealogy, Insignia. 499.940, general History of Europe. 950, general History of Asia Far east.
    Ohio 950 - General History of Asia
    Philosophy Religion Social Sciences ... General History of Europe General History of Asia Far East General History of Asia Far East Japan South Asia India Iran Middle East (Near East) Siberia (Asiatic Russia) Central Asia Southeast Asia General History of Africa General History of North America General History of South America ... General History of Other Areas
    Send comments to Webteam
    URL of this page:
    The Ohio RefLinks Project and NOLA Regional Library System..
    Revised: 2 OCTOBER 2000

    76. Geography And History
    905, Serial publications, 955, Iran. 906, Organizations and management, 956, Middleeast (Near east). 910, geography and travel, 960, general history of Africa.
    Geography and history
    Geography and history General history of Asia, Far East Philosophy and theory China and adjacent areas Miscellany Japan Dictionaries and encyclopedias Arabian Peninsula and adjacent areas Collected accounts of events South Asia, India Serial publications Iran Organizations and management Middle East (Near East) Education, research, related topics Siberia (Asiatic Russia) With respect to kinds of persons Central Asia World history Southeast Asia Geography and travel General history of Africa Historical geography Tunisia and Libya Graphic representations of earth Egypt and Sudan Ancient world Ethiopia Europe Morocco and Canary Islands Asia Algeria Africa West Africa and offshore islands North America Central Africa and offshore islands South America Southern Africa Other areas South Indian Ocean islands Biography, genealogy, insignia General history of North America Canada Middle America, Mexico United States Northeastern United States Southeastern United States South central United States North central United States Western United States Genealogy, names, insignia

    77. International And Area Studies - UC Berkeley
    to relate their area of middle east concentration to other Anthropology 158; Geography130; Economics C171, 181 Information was taken from the general Catalog.
    Text Only Search:
    Your browser does not support script
    Middle Eastern Studies
    • Description The MES Major Middle Eastern Studies Major Requirements Admission To declare MES, students must have:
      • Completed at least 30 semester units of university course work, including transfer units (if applicable). Completed NES 10 Completed at least one semester of a modern Middle Eastern language. Transfer students must have completed at least one semester of course work at UC Berkeley
      Applicants who meet the above criteria are eligible for admission to the major. See the MES major booklet for details and instructions on how to apply. Back to Table of Contents Lower Division Courses A. Required Introductory Course: Near Eastern Studies 10, a survey course introducing the fundamentals of Middle Eastern history and culture, geography and ethnology, and current economic, political, and developmental problems. This course is a prerequisite for upper division lecture courses. Recommended seminar course: Middle Eastern Studies 20, Perspectives on the Middle East. B.

    78. AQUASTAT - FAO's Information System On Water And Agriculture
    general summary Near east Region. Sudan), Arabian Peninsula (Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman,Qatar, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Yemen), middle east (Cyprus, Iraq
    FAO Home Agriculture 21 FAO Search AQUASTAT FAO's Information System on Water and Agriculture AQUASTAT Home Regional Overviews General Summary
    Near East
    ... Thematic maps
    General summary Near East Region
    The Near East region (grouping the countries represented in the FAO Regional Office for the Near East) extends from the Atlantic Ocean (Mauritania and Morocco) in the west to Pakistan and Kyrgyzstan in the east and from Turkey and Kyrgyzstan in the north to Somalia in the south. It falls between longitudes 17° west and 80° east and latitudes 43° north and 2° south. In May 1996, it comprised 29 countries with a total area of 18.5 million km², which is about 14% of the total area of the world (including the interior lakes). For the purpose of this study, the 29 countries have been grouped in five sub-regions based primarily on geographic conditions and, as far as possible, on hydro-climatic homogeneity. These subregions, presented in Figure 1 , are here referred to as Maghreb (Algeria, Libya, Mauritania, Morocco, Tunisia), North-eastern Africa (Djibouti, Egypt, Somalia, Sudan), Arabian Peninsula (Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Yemen), Middle East (Cyprus, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Malta, Syria, Turkey) and Central Asia (Afghanistan, Iran, Kyrgyzstan, Pakistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan). This section briefly presents the particularities which can be observed at national and regional level, as well as trends which emerge from the information which was collected. The section is divided into the following sub-sections:

    79. How Call Numbers Work
    DS Asia. 100329 middle east. Central Asia. 40-339 North Africa. also Mid east Library,Level Five. US ethnic groups. F1-999 US local history, geography,travel.
    How Call Numbers Work Books are shelved in alpha-numeric order and every book must be assigned a unique number. There are three main sections to a call number:
    Everything before the first letter is the Class Number. It indicates the subject area covered by the book, and should be read as a whole number. For instance, GB105 is larger than GB103.5
    BOOK NUMBER (sometimes called a Cutter number)
    The first letter indicates the start of the Book Number. It helps distinguish different books on the same subject and is usually based on the author's name and/or title of the book. Read these numbers one digit at a time. For instance, .R2 is larger than .R19
    If two books on the same subject are written by authors of the same name and have the same title (highly unlikely) a date of edition may prove the distinguishing factor.
    GB GB GB GB GB GB (.25 is smaller than .265, which is smaller than .28 which is smaller than .4. We use the classification system used at the Library of Congress (LC) which arranges books by their major subject. The list below shows the main areas of academic interest. Most general collection books are in the Stacks (new, outer building) on Levels One and Two.

    80. The Middle East Centre
    and seminars on the middle east or Islam the European Association for middle easternstudies Manger, Anthropology; Professor Henrik Secher Marcussen, geography;
    Middle Eastern
    Studies in Bergen
  • Home
  • Contents
  • Introduction
  • Staff ...
  • Centre books
    The Centre for Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies: Activities
    The Middle Centre was established in 1988 to provide a focus and promote interdepartmental co-operation among the Middle East scholars of the University. It does this, among other ways, by having guest lectures as well as inviting guest professors or visiting researchers. For local users, the Centre also has a specialist library on Middle Eastern topics, containing among other items a large collection of publications and sources for the history and society of the Sudan.
    Visiting Researchers
    The Centre welcomes a number of visiting scholars who come for anything from a few days to several weeks to consult with colleagues and study the source collections at Bergen and the Centre. Among those who visited us in 1999-2000 were,
    • Zahra Kamalkhani (Anthropology, Iran)
    • Haim Koren (History, Sudan)
    • Hassan Gubara Said (Politics, Sudan. Nordic exchange)
    • Albrecht Hofheinz (History, Sudan)
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