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  1. Who should deal with foreign terrorists on U.S. soil? Socio-legal consequences of September 11 and the ongoing threat of terrorist attacks in America.: ... from: Harvard Journal of Law & Public Policy by David A. Klinger, Dave Grossman, 2002-03-22
  2. Policy priorities.(Foreign Affairs, Defense, and Trade: Key Issues for the 110th Congress)(Report): An article from: Congressional Research Service (CRS) Reports and Issue Briefs by Clare M. Ribando, Bruce Vaughn, 2006-12-01
  3. Peace cops? Christian peacemaking and the implications of a global police force.: An article from: Sojourners Magazine by Tobias Winright, 2006-03-01
  4. Basra Army & Police Chiefs Moved Up.: An article from: APS Diplomat Fate of the Arabian Peninsula by Unavailable, 2008-04-21
  5. Occupied world the facts.: An article from: New Internationalist
  6. LEBANON - Sept 30 - Lebanese Leader Warns Of Syrian Threat.(Saad Hariri): An article from: APS Diplomat Recorder by Unavailable, 2008-10-04
  7. U.S. policy responses, options, and legislation.(Iran: U.S. Concerns and Policy Responses)(Report): An article from: Congressional Research Service (CRS) Reports and Issue Briefs by Kenneth Katzman, 2009-04-01
  8. The Iraqi security forces: the challenge of sectarian and ethnic influences.: An article from: Congressional Research Service (CRS) Reports and Issue Briefs by Jeremy M. Sharp, 2007-01-01
  9. The Baghdad-Damascus Crisis.: An article from: APS Diplomat Redrawing the Islamic Map by Unavailable, 2009-09-07
  10. ARAB-US RELATIONS - Oct. 13 - Bush Steps Up Terrorism Fight After Bali Attack.(Brief Article): An article from: APS Diplomat Recorder
  11. IRAQ - Focusing On The Non-Oil Sector - Part 17 - Iraqi Complications & 'Saddam Curse'.: An article from: APS Diplomat Operations in Oil Diplomacy by Gale Reference Team, 2007-07-30
  12. Post-September 11, 2001: regime change and war.(Iraq: Post-Saddam Governance and Security): An article from: Congressional Research Service (CRS) Reports and Issue Briefs by Kenneth Katzman, 2007-02-01
  13. LEBANON - Mar 11 - Hezbollah Declares It 'Is Not A Syrian Tool'.: An article from: APS Diplomat Recorder
  14. Pakistan: chronology of recent events.(terrorism)(Chronology): An article from: Congressional Research Service (CRS) Reports and Issue Briefs by K. Alan Kronstadt, 2006-06-01

41. Deccan Herald, News From Around The World
foreign, UK considers armed police for airlines LONDON Undercover armed policecould patrol China, Russia to increase military co-operation BEIJING-China and
Wednesday, December 18, 2002



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Foreign UK considers armed police for airlines
LONDON Undercover armed police could patrol passenger flights to overpower would-be hijackers in moves which have been greeted with caution by London-based airlines. Amid fears about terrorist attacks on planes following the September 11 attacks in the United States..... US used cluster 'bomblets' in Afghan air war: Report
NEW YORK The US dropped nearly a quarter million cluster “bomblets” during its war against terrorism in Afghanistan, killing and injuring scores of civilians, particularly children, both during and after strikes, the Human Rights Watch said today. In a 65-page report “Fatally Flawed: Cluster Bombs and Their Use by the US in Afghanistan” the Watch charged the US...... China, Russia to increase military co-operation
BEIJING China and Russia have decided to step up military co-operation and have reached “broad consensus” on regional and international security issues. The sixth round of Sino-Russian military consultations was held on Monday between Deputy Chief of the General staff of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army Xiong Guangkai and First Deputy Chief of General Staff of Russia Yuri Baluyevksy...... Arabs wants Israel censured for death of UN personnel
UNITED NATIONS Arab nations want the UN Security Council to condemn Israel for the recent killings of three United Nations staff members in the West Bank and Gaza and the destruction of a UN food warehouse, according to a resolution circulated on Monday. The document introduced by Syria, the only Arab member of the 15-nation council, condemns Israeli actions under.....

42. Operation Overseas
The chief of military police, Col. In the words of Jack A. Blum, the former chiefinvestigator for the Senate foreign Relations subcommittee on narcotics, the
From The Post
  • Part One: Promoting Democracy One Village at a Time
  • Part Two A Tutor to Every Army in Latin America
  • Part Three Surprise, Dilemma for U.S. Forces in Africa
  • Military Stories by Dana Priest On Our Site
  • Indonesia Special Report U.S. Military Trains Foreign Troops
    An Indonesian soldier prepares to be tested after mortor training by U.S. Special Forces.
    First of three articles By Dana Priest
    Washington Post Staff Writer
    Sunday, July 12, 1998; Page A01 On the day before Pakistan exploded five underground nuclear bombs in May, while President Clinton was urgently warning leaders in Islamabad that an atomic test would bring worldwide isolation, the U.S. military was quietly pursuing its own agenda just outside the Pakistani capital. At the Army general command at Rawalpindi, officers from both countries finished plans to bring together 60 American and 200 Pakistani special operations forces for small unit exercises outside Peshawar near Afghanistan and for scuba attacks on mock targets in Mangla Lake, on the edge of the contested mountain region of Kashmir. "Inspired Venture," as the exercise is called, is still scheduled for August, despite U.S. sanctions imposed in retaliation for the nuclear blasts. Since 1993, similar ventures between the U.S. and Pakistani militaries have also sidestepped earlier sanctions by Washington designed to punish the country for its nuclear program.
  • 43. Statewatch News Online - Solana/EU Secrecy
    revised code of access to documents will not just affect foreign policy and For example,the planned creation of an EU mobile, paramilitary, police force some
    Statewatch News online monitoring civil liberties in the EU
    Solana plans for the security state agreed, an end to EU openness? - Mr Jacob Soderman, the European Ombudsman, said in an interview that there was no need to change the code of access to protect military secrets, that the new code should not put "non-military" issues in the same bracket ( Aamulehti, 12.8.00) - new Code to replace 1993 Decision on public access to documents to protect military and non-military documents but affecting all access to documents linked to these issues agreed by EU governments - no classified documents to be released, ever; no distinction made been policymaking (which should be public) and operational details; similar rules to cover police and judicial cooperation are being drawn up - the proposal completely undermines the EU commitment in the Amsterdam Treaty (Article 255) to enshrines the public's right of access to documents - European Commission to change its proposed new measure to meet the Solana changes - national and European parliaments not consulted; Code adopted by "written procedure" on 14 August

    44. White Paper: SA Participation In Peace Missions
    6.7 Regional Cooperation 6.8 foreign Assistance. 7. PROCEDURES FOR PARTICIPATION7.1 Deployment of Civilians 7.2 police Deployment 7.3 military Deployment.
    Updated: 08 May 2001 08:06:55 Department Current Issues Documentation Foreign Relations ... What's New WHITE PAPER ON SOUTH AFRICAN PARTICIPATION IN
    TABLED IN PARLIAMENT ON 24 FEBRUARY 1999 Compiled and submitted for publication by the Department of Foreign Affairs
    This document presents a proposed policy on South African participation in Peace Missions. It represents the culmination of an interactive process, which incorporated the views of representatives of the Department of Foreign Affairs, the Department of Defence, various other State Departments and the intelligence community. Interested parties from Parliament and civil society were also consulted and/or participated in the process of compilation. To increase download speed this document has been split up.
    You can also access the complete document (3841 kb) in .pdf format.
    For more information on how to download .pdf documents, click here TABLE OF CONTENTS Executive summary

    Aim and Scope
    The nature of these missions has changed dramatically over the past decade. They are now complex multidimensional conflict management operations with a diplomatic/political focus. The military is now but one of many role players in processes in which civilians and police officers have become increasingly essential to mission success.

    45. Balcanica - Documents For The Balkans, Seventh Article
    foreign Ministers, its most profound and grave concern over the recent barbarous,massive combined and indiscriminate Serb police, paramilitary and military


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    WOMEN EDUCATION ENVIRONMENT TOURISM MEDIA NGO's Documents: 1.Joint Declaration Signed in Moscow by President Yeltsin and President Milosevic 2. Information Note concerning the proposals made by Turkey to Greece on 12 February 1998 about a process of peaceful settlement of problems over the Aegean between the two countries 3. Statement of the Turkish Government concerning the presidency conclusions of the Luxembourg European Council 4. Statement of the foreign ministers of the Contact Group on Kosovo ... 6. Statement of the Foreign ministers of the Contact Group on Kososvo 7. To the Foreign Ministers of the Contact Group meeting in London 8. Meeting of the Ministers of Foreign affairs of countries of South-Eastern Europe 9. Statement EU Troika - Contact Group - Regional Countries meeting 10. Declaration on the Situation in Kosovo meeting of the Ministers of Foreign Affairs of Countries of Southeastern Europe

    46. Rep. Cynthia McKinney: War On Terrorism Or Police State?
    protecting the United States from foreign threats, and functions, especially anyand all military intelligence and on terrorism, but create a police state in
    home subscribe about us books ... feedback Read Cockburn and St. Clair's Whiteout: the CIA, Drugs and the Press and discover how the CIA gave a helping hand to the opium lords who took over Afghanistan, thus ushering the Taliban into power. New Print Edition of CounterPunch Available Exclusively to Subscribers: Welcome to the Capitalist System! Love It or Change It: Cooking the Balance Sheets? We're Soo Shocked Fiddling While Rome Burns: Liberals Pledge Allegiance to Ethic of Greed and Exploitation; Ridge Suggests Big Labor is Tool of Terrorism; Drink Water in Vegas and Glow in the Dark: Senate Okays Mad Yucca Mountain Plan; When Giants Walked: Jim Abourezk Recalls His Senate Years; Vanessa's Postcard from Down Under. Remember, the CounterPunch website is supported exclusively by subscribers to our newsletter. If you find our site useful please: Subscribe Now! Or Call Toll Free 18008403683 July 24, 2002 Gary Leupp
    An Islam Primer
    July 23, 2002 Jeffrey St. Clair

    47. DFN: Foreign News Summaries
    Journalism stated the incommunicado detention of a foreign press agent ParliamentaryFinance Law, clashes between the Bolivian military and police left 16

    Americas Asia Europe ... Mideast Foreign human rights news summaries
    Translations by Lilliana Anthony-Brown, Digital Freedom Network Please note: All the original articles are in Spanish. Friday, February 14, 2003 Peru
    New Peruvian legislation assures public that terrorists will not be freed
    New anti-terrorist legislation in Peru assures the Peruvian people that no person shall be set free who has been verifiably convicted of the crime of terrorism. The new legislation comes after a decision by the Constitutional Tribunal to nullify the military trials of 410 cases of treason, and to send them to public courts as cases of terrorism. Fausto Alvarado of the Department of Justice stressed that these changes will be completed within the requirements of the Interamerican System of Human Rights. He promised that Peru will inform the Interamerican Commission on Human Rights of the changes to the antiterrorist laws.
    (From Editora Peru February 13, 2003)

    48. Afghanistan: Return Of Foreign Fighters And Torture Concerns (Human Rights Watch
    October the government announced that 253 Islamist detainees, including severalforeign nationals, would Russian police, security, and military forces in

    Americas Asia Europe/Central Asia ...
    HRW World Report 2001: Asia
    FREE Join the HRW Mailing List Afghanistan: Return of Foreign Fighters and Torture Concerns
    HRW Backgrounder, December 2001 Introduction
    In recent weeks Northern Alliance and other anti-Taliban forces in Afghanistan have captured hundreds of foreign fighters with the Taliban or al-Qaeda. The United States has announced that it would detain upwards of 500 captured fighters and has been screening persons taken into custody by Afghan forces. Those implicated in criminal acts, including violations of international humanitarian law and crimes against humanity, should be prosecuted by tribunals in Afghanistan or elsewhere that meet international fair trial standards. Related Material
    Afghanistan: Situation of Foreign Fighters Must be Addressed

    HRW Press Release, December 14, 2001 Afghanistan: U.S. and U.K. Should Provide Logistic Support for Detention of Captured Fighters
    HRW Press Release, December 1, 2001 Afghanistan: Urgent Need to Decide How to Prosecute Captured Fighters
    HRW Press Release, November 26, 2001 September 11 Attacks: Crimes Against Humanity
    HRW Focus Page Human Rights Watch is concerned that foreign fighters, as well as their families in Afghanistan, not be deported to states where they will be subject to torture or other severe mistreatment. Under international law, government officials responsible for sending persons to a place where they are tortured could eventually be prosecuted for complicity in the torturous acts.

    49. Unocal In Myanmar (Burma) - The Story You Haven't Heard About The Alien Tort Cla
    Second, corporations must consider to what extend it will rely on the foreign countries'police and military infrastructure to provide it a safe place to work.
    Note to readers: The author, Edwin V. Woodsome, is an attorney representing Unocal in the Doe v. Unocal case.
    Download or print
    the text of the presentation (pdf format) Corporate Liability for Conduct of a Foreign Government:
    The Ninth Circuit Adopts a "Reason to Know" Standard for Aiding and Abetting Liability ORAL PRESENTATION
    Edwin V. Woodsome, Esq.
    to the
    Loyola Law School International Law Symposium
    February 8, 2003
    The most significant recent development of international law is the Ninth Circuit decision in Doe v. Unocal , a case in which Paul Hoffman and I are adversaries. The Ninth Circuit ruled that Unocal may stand trial for the conduct of the Myanmar military under an international aiding abetting theory. In October we filed a petition for panel rehearing and rehearing en banc. That is still pending four months later. The decision is startling in that the Ninth Circuit adopted an aiding and abetting standard that does not require the showing that a private actor such as Unocal either controlled the foreign military or intended the wrongful conduct to occur. (* 48-49) The opinion can be read to say that corporations with a "reason to know" of human rights violations by the host country can be enough to satisfy the mens rea element for aiding and abetting liability. The Ninth Circuit is unclear as to the range of conduct that can amount to sufficient assistance and encouragement to satisfy the actus rea. For example, in the Unocal case the Ninth Circuit reversed summary judgment although TotalFinaElf, not Unocal, was the operator of the project and Unocal is simply an investor.

    50. Untitled
    have TDA augmentations, which may include civilians and foreign personnel, to aresome instances in which either could be used, the military police company at
    History of Tables of Distribution and Allowances (TDA) Units .  During the early years of the twentieth century, although no line units above the regimental level were authorized except during wartime, the Army staff began planning for higher-level organizations in the event of war.  Tables of organization were included in Field Service Regulations, published in 1905, for both line regiments and for echelons above the regimental level, i.e. divisions, corps, and field armies.  Units above the regimental level continued to be manned provisionally.  Tables of organization, similar to those in use today, were first published in 1914.
    .  Tables of organization and tables of allowances (equipment) were published separately until 1943, when they were consolidated as tables of organization and equipment (TOEs).  Tables of allowances were also published for installations, schools, departments, etc., and in 1936 the term "table of distribution" was adopted for the document that authorized personnel for such units.  In 1943 the tables of distribution and tables of allowances were also consolidated into tables of distribution and allowances (TDAs). .  TDA units are organized to perform specific missions for which there are no appropriate TOEs and are discontinued as soon as their assigned missions have been accomplished.  Unlike TOE units, TDA organizations are considered non-deployable, even when organized overseas, as their missions are normally tied to a geographic location.  The personnel of TDA organizations can be military, civilian, or a combination of both.  In some instances, provisional-type units have been organized under TDAs until suitable TOEs were established.  Examples are some of the mobile army surgical hospitals (MASHs) and a ranger company organized in Korea during the Korean War.  When the Army developed TOEs, the TDA organizations were discontinued.

    51. Career Management Fields
    Engineers 25 Signal Corps 31 military police 35 military 34 Strategic Intelligence35 military Intelligence 39 USMA Stabilized Faculty 48 foreign Area Officer
    Enlisted Career
    Management Fields
    Warrant Officer
    Career Branches
    Career Branches
    Combat Engineering
    Field Artillery
    Air Defense Artillery
    Special Forces
    Visual Information
    Signal Operations Electronic Warfare/Intercept Systems Maintenance Electronic Maintenance and Calibration Psychological Operations Civil Affairs Public Affairs General Engineering Chemical Ammunition Mechanical Maintenance Aircraft Maintenance Administration Information Systems Operations Petroleum and Water Recruiting and Retention Topographic Engineering Transportation Medical Supply and Services Aviation Operations Military Police Military Intelligence Bands Signals Intelligence/Electronic Warfare Operations Field Artillery Air Defense Artillery Aviation Special Forces Corps of Engineers Signal Corps Military Police Military Intelligence Adjutant General Judge Advocate General's Corps Medical Corps Veterinary Corps Medical Service Corps Transportation Corps Ordnance Quartermaster Infantry Armor Field Artillery Air Defense Artillery Aviation Special Forces Corps of Engineers Signal Corps Military Police Military Intelligence Civil Affairs Adjutant General's Corps Finance Corps Judge Advocate General's Corps Chaplain Medical Corps Dental Corps Veterinary Corps Army Medical Specialist Corps Army Nurse Corps Medical Service Corps Chemical Transportation Corps Ordnance Quartermaster Corps
    Officer Functional Areas
    Information Systems Engineering Information Operations Strategic Intelligence Military Intelligence

    52. TIME Magazine: When Mom Goes To War
    it shifted to the reserves many traditional military tasks, like police and logistics nation,which would help ensure public support for foreign engagements
    An American Family Goes to War
    Meet the Richardsons, the first husband and wife battalion commanders in the new married-with-children military Life of a Reservist
    The Full-Time Part-Time Soldier Enter the Cleanup Crew
    The second wave of U.S. troops would search for Iraqi weapons and try to befriend the locals TIME for Kids: The Iraq Conflict
    War is a tough subject for kids to grasp. TIME for Kids helps to explain these complex events to children
    A Family at War

    A military family
    prepares for war
    By the Numbers

    Percentage of military women and army marriages
    Life in Iraq
    Photographs from a society living in the shadow of war Should women be allowed to fight in the infantry? Yes No Do You Want this War? Bush prepares for one final push to win support for war Life After Saddam TIME takes an inside look at the U.S. plans for occupation Indicates premium content E-mail your letter to the editor MARK RICHARDS FOR TIME Echols with his wife and two of their children Life of a Reservist The Full-Time Part-Time Soldier By Mark Thompson Posted Sunday, March 16, 2003; 2:31 p.m. EST

    53. Indonesian Foreign Ministry Anxious About Slow-going Military Trial
    in East Timor in 1999, the foreign minister said on Monday. The government's failureto expediate the trial of about 20 senior military and police officers as


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    Subject: DPA: Indonesian foreign ministry anxious about slow-going military trial Deutsche Presse-Agentur January 7, 2002 Indonesian foreign ministry anxious about slow-going military trial Jakarta Indonesia's foreign ministry is "anxious" to see the launch of an ad hoc trial this month of military officers accused of human rights violations in East Timor in 1999, the foreign minister said on Monday. The government's failure to expediate the trial of about 20 senior military and police officers as well as former provincial officials accused of gross human rights violations in East Timor has drawn international criticism and continues to be a stumbling block for the resumption of U.S. military assistance to Indonesia. An ad hoc tribunal, established by Indonesian President Megawati Soekarnoputri last year, has thrice postponed the controversial trial which was first scheduled to open last September and is now slated to commence sometime this month" "This process has taken quite some time and we are anxious that the case will be processed this month," Indonesian Foreign Minister Hassan Wirajuda told a press conference.

    54. - The Filipino Global Community
    we will not know who will be hit by the next terror attacks. Iraq foreign MinisterTareq Aziz was monitored by local military and police officials to have

    55. VETS - UMET - Police Officer
    Knowledge of a foreign language is an asset in many agencies are many opportunitiesfor individuals with training and experience as a military police, both with
    U.S. Department of Labor Veterans' Employment and Training Service Search / A-Z Index By Topic By Audience By Top 20 Requested Items ... By Location April 9, 2003 DOL Home VETS UMET Civilian ... Requirements Police Officer Nature of Work
    National Certification

    State Credentialing

    Additional Information
    Nature of Work Duties vary widely by the size and type of organization, but in most jurisdictions, whether on or off duty, law enforcement officers are expected to exercise their authority whenever necessary. Police officers who work in small communities and rural areas have general law enforcement duties. In the course of a day's work, they may direct traffic at the scene of a fire, investigate a burglary, or give first aid to an accident victim. In large police departments, by contrast, officers usually are assigned to a specific type of duty. Most officers are detailed to patrol a designated area to prevent crime. Patrols generally cover an area such as business districts or outlying residential neighborhoods. Officers may work alone, but in large agencies they usually patrol with a partner. They identify, pursue, and arrest suspected criminals, resolve problems within the community, and enforce traffic laws. Officers are becoming more involved in community policing, building partnerships with the citizens of local neighborhoods and mobilizing the public to help the police fight crime. Additional information on the Police Officer Occupational Outlook Handbook.

    56. Congolese Military And Police Launch New War - Against AIDS
    the DRC, this dynamic has been compounded by the presence of foreign armies from withconsensus on priority actions to be taken by the military and police.

    57. German Contributions To UN Peace Missions
    and mine defence components, military observers, military police units and as wellas a pool of police officers to In this area the Federal foreign Office has
    Homepage German Foreign policy Global cooperation German policy in the UN German contributions to UN peace missions
    Current UN/UN-mandated missions and German contributions
    Last updated in April 2001 UN peace missions
    German contributions UN peace missions
    To the core goals and values of the UN - peace, human rights, freedom, justice and development - there is no alternative, they demand universal respect. In many parts of the world, however, despite the best efforts of the international community, that respect is still lacking. The maintenance or restoration of peace is the paramount task of the United Nations Security Council. It decides what action is appropriate to achieve that goal and where necessary may mandate peace missions. Since its founding the United Nations has carried out/mandated more than 50 peace missions. With the adoption of the Agenda for Peace in 1992 and the changes incorporated in 1995, the sharp distinction between intra-State conflicts on the one hand and transnational conflicts on the other was dropped. This was a groundbreaking development, yet also one with considerable potential for conflict ("interference in a country's internal affairs"). Given the current broad concept of security, security may be threatened both by other countries or by inter-ethnic tensions, for example), the main focus today is on a multidimensional approach to resolving conflicts. In concrete terms, that means the international community acts not only to defuse conflicts ("conflict prevention") before they escalate into armed hostilities but also, once hostilities have ceased, to develop and consolidate democratic structures ("peacebuilding").

    58. Defense Law
    intelligence or other type of subversive activity of foreign military intelligenceand Authorized persons of the military police determined by the Minister of

    59. World Scene -- The Washington Times
    former Resistance fighter who served as foreign minister from prepared to debate theUS military's use of police said Mary Kelly, 50, scaled a perimeter fence

    Front Page



    Employment Extra
    World Scene

         CAMBODIA Top Stories Powell makes Iraq case
    Shuttle debris sought farther west

    U.S. promises to hold talks with N. Korea

    Democrats hit for lack of own plan on budget
    Benefit of parking perk hard to gauge
         Thai Embassy burned over temple remarks      The Thai ambassador and other staff climbed over the wall of the embassy to escape.      Thailand said that it was prepared to evacuate its nationals from its neighbor if the situation worsened.      AFGHANISTAN      Allied forces search caves for rebels      SPIN BOLDAK — Hundreds of American and Afghan troops scoured mountain caves in southern Afghanistan yesterday, searching for rebels after a battle that suggested anti-U.S. factions were trying to regroup.      A U.S. AH-64 helicopter came under small-arms fire, but there were no injuries or damage, U.S. operations officer Lt. Col. Mike Shields said at a news briefing at the U.S. headquarters at Bagram, north of Kabul.      The U.S. military believes coalition forces killed at least 18 fighters said to be linked to renegade warlord Gulbuddin Hekmatyar in the fighting that began Monday in the Adi Ghar mountain area about 14 miles north of Spin Boldak, a town on the border with Pakistan.

    60. Department Of Foreign Affairs
    was led by HE Dr. N. Hassan Wirajuda, Minister for foreign Affairs, while Governmentpensions to eligible former civil servant/military/police and pensioners
    High Level Bilateral Meeting between Indonesia-UNTAET/East Timor

    Bali, 25 February 2002
    1. At the initiative of the Government of Indonesia, a High Level Bilateral Meeting between Indonesia-UNTAET/East Timor was held in Nusa Dua-Bali on 25 February 2002. The delegation of the Government of Indonesia was led by H.E. Dr. N. Hassan Wirajuda, Minister for Foreign Affairs, while the delegation of the United Nations Transitional Administration in East Timor (UNTAET) was led by H.E. Mr. Sergio Vieira de Mello, Special Representative of the Secretary General/Head of the UNTAET. The list of the delegations appears as Annex 1. 3. Following deliberations on various issues, the parties reached the understandings that: a. it is the mutual interest of both Parties to carry out the land border demarcation between East Timor and Indonesia based on the Convention between the Netherlands and Portugal concerning delimitation of Dutch and Portuguese possession in the island of Timor of 1904 and the Arbitral Award of 1914. In this connection, the Parties noted with satisfaction that the aforementioned process will commence with a joint reconnaissance survey of the border in March 2002; b. an arrangement that permits the movement of people and goods across the tactical coordination line for customary and traditional purposes and regulated markets will be concluded. In this context, the Parties will expedite the finalization of the arrangement on traditional and customary border crossing and regulated markets;

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