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         Military Units Union:     more books (38)
  1. Military Units and Formations of the Union Army: United States Colored Troops, Veteran Reserve Corps, United States Volunteers
  2. [Burial lists of members of Union and Confederate military units by Sherman Lee Pompey, 1971
  3. Military Units and Formations of the Soviet Union: Spetsnaz, Mechanized Corps, Russian Commando Frogmen, Leningrad Narodnoe Opolcheniye Army
  4. Military Units and Formations of the Soviet Union in World War Ii: Long Range Aviation, Narodnoe Opolcheniye, 1st Air Army
  5. TENNESSEANS IN THE CIVIL WAR: A Military History of Confederate and Union Units with Available Rosters of Personnel. by Stanley F., et al. Horn, 1964
  6. Tennesseans in the Civil War, Part I: A Military History of the Confederate and Union Units With Available Rosters of Personnel by Historical Commission Tennessee, 1971-10-31
  7. Tennesseans in the Civil War: Part 2;A Military History of Confederate and Union Units With Available Rosters of Personnel by Historical Commission Tennessee, 1981-06-30
  8. The Boys of Adams' Battery G: The Civil War Through the Eyes of a Union Light Artillery Unit by Robert Grandchamp, 2009-08-06
  9. Military Units and Formations of the Russian Empire: Streltsy
  10. Lists of Military Units and Formations of World War Ii: List of Soviet Union Divisions 1917-1945, List of German Divisions in World War Ii
  11. Military Units and Formations Established in 1861: 11th Infantry Regiment, 14th Infantry Regiment, Union Army Balloon Corps
  12. Louisiana Union Army Regiments: List of Louisiana Union Civil War Units
  13. Otakar Jaro?: Czechs, Czechoslovak Military Units on Eastern Front, Battle of Sokolovo, Hero of the Soviet Union, Louny, Bohemia, Austria?Hungary
  14. Orders of Chivalry, Foreign Decorations and Awards to Natal, Cape Colony and Union Defence Force Units, 1877-1961 by D.R. Forsyth, 1991-10

1. Military & Pension Records For Union Civil War Veterans
The full title is The Official Record of the union and Confederate or who are involvedin historical study regarding specific military units which participated
By Cyndi Howells This site may be freely linked to but not duplicated in any fashion without my consent.
Background and title banner graphics property of Cyndi Howells.
Table of Contents
  • My First Success Story
    Many times the beginning of any part of a genealogist's research will start with a family story. My search for a Union Civil War veteran began with my third great-grandfather, Xerxes Knox . I had a copy of a letter, written by his youngest son in 1963, to my grandmother. In it he stated simply that his father was a Civil War veteran, along with the date of birth and date of death for his father. Not much to go on, but then I hadn't yet found out about the wonderful treasure-trove of information that was waiting for me in a musty-old file in Washington, DC. On a visit to the National Archives branch in Seattle, I had spent the entire day searching for various ancestors and had no luck locating anyone in any of the places they were supposed to be. I had a half-hour to kill before closing and thought I would explore the back room. There was a tall filing cabinet filled with rolls of microfilm called the General Index to Pension Files, 1866 to 1934.
  • 2. United States, Civil War Regimental Histories Index, All States
    Directory to regimental histories of the union states, including history, genealogy, personal narratives Category Society History United States Wars Civil War...... HISTORIES ARTILLERY, CAVALRY, INFANTRY, AND OTHER units union forces comprisedthe equivalent of 2,047 from the United States military History Institute;
    Directory of Union Army Regimental Histories Union Army General Genealogy Bibliography Alabama General Artillery Cavalry Infantry Arkansas General Artillery Cavalry Infantry California General Artillery Cavalry Infantry Colorado General Artillery Cavalry Infantry Connecticut General Artillery Cavalry Infantry Dakota Territory General Artillery Cavalry Infantry Delaware General Artillery Cavalry Infantry District of Columbia General Artillery Cavalry Infantry Florida General Artillery Cavalry Infantry Georgia General Artillery Cavalry Infantry Illinois General Artillery ... Infantry Indiana General Artillery Cavalry Infantry Iowa General Artillery Cavalry Infantry Kansas General Artillery Cavalry Infantry Kentucky General Artillery Cavalry Infantry Louisiana General Artillery Cavalry Infantry Maine General Artillery Cavalry Infantry Maryland General Artillery Cavalry Infantry Massachusetts General Artillery Cavalry Infantry Michigan General Artillery Cavalry Infantry Minnesota General Artillery Cavalry Infantry Mississippi General Artillery Cavalry Infantry Missouri General Artillery Cavalry Infantry Nebraska General Artillery Cavalry Infantry Nevada General Artillery Cavalry Infantry New Hampshire General Artillery Cavalry Infantry New Jersey General Artillery Cavalry Infantry New Mexico General Artillery Cavalry Infantry New York General Artillery Cavalry Infantry North Carolina General Artillery Cavalry Infantry Ohio General Artillery Cavalry Infantry Pennsylvania General Artillery Cavalry Infantry Rhode Island General Artillery Cavalry Infantry South Carolina General Artillery Cavalry Infantry Tennessee General Artillery Cavalry Infantry Texas General Artillery

    3. > News > Military -- Units Get Trial Fitting For Anti-chemica
    EARNIE GRAFTON / unionTribune Lance Cpl. JSLIST, are used by many Army units andwere issued to the more than 600 journalists covering military units in the
    document.write(''); News Sports Entertainment Classifieds Web
    War on Terror Showdown with Iraq Metro ... U-T Email Edition
    Units get trial fitting for anti-chemical suits
    Gear repels nerve gas, other agents By James W. Crawley
    EARNIE GRAFTON / Union-Tribune Lance Cpl. Ryan Gray (right) put on the top half of his anti-chemical protective suit yesterday with other Marines of the 1st Light
    Then he cut open a vacuum-sealed foil sack and pulled out a bulky, two-piece suit he will wear if he and his fellow Marines go into battle. Although Pena laughed, defending against chemical or biological warfare is serious business for the thousands of troops in Kuwait waiting for a possible war with Iraq. The Marines with the 1st Light Armored Reconnaissance Battalion tried on their anti-chemical suits yesterday to make sure they fit and were not damaged during storage. In recent days, other Marine units also have trial-fitted their protective suits. Unpacking the garments starts a 120-day clock before they lose their effectiveness against nerve gas and other chemical agents. The specially sewn suits can be worn for up to 45 days before being discarded. Pena said putting on the suits was no big deal. At Camp Pendleton, the Marines often train in similar suits, he said.

    4. C C Sutlery
    Confederate and union uniforms and accessories; also Indian Wars and Old West. Individual military units, plus props. Women's and children's garb too. Online catalog with images and ordering information. (Emmett, Idaho, USA)
    Civil War Re-enactors Sutler
    Union and Confederate CSA Civil War uniforms, tents, weapons, buckles, buttons, insignia, chevrons, plates, headgear, tin goods, leather Cavalry accessories, civilian period clothing for ALL your Civil War, Indian Wars, Single Action Shooters Society, and Cowboy Action Reenactment needs.
    Uniform Special Basic USA or CSA uniform made with the following wool - sky blue, navy blue or medium gray. All wools are of the highest quality. Internet Uniform Special Consists of the following Items Kepi, Bummer or Slouch Hat Sky Blue or Grey Foot Trouser Unlined Sack Coat or Shell Jacket Leather Waist Belt (Black or Russet) US or CS Oval Lead filled Belt Plate Adjustable Suspenders Internet Special Price $159.95 !! To See More About Our Special!
    To Enter Our Online Shopping Cart
    New "Under Construction" Ladies Line of Civil War Era Clothing Coming Soon!! Bargain Basement Page - Used and returned merchandise. Save BIG.. 2790 East Black Canyon Highway Emmett, Idaho 83617

    5. > News > Op-ed > Techwar -- A Revolution In Warfare
    Many San Diego based companies, military units, and individuals and simulations forthe military and law Today's letters unionTribune letter policy Submit a
    document.write(''); News Sports Entertainment Classifieds Web
    War on Terror Showdown with Iraq Metro ... U-T Email Edition
    A Revolution In Warfare

    By Kit Lavell
    February 9, 2003 O ver the last decade, we have been witnessing a revolution in warfare, driven by technology and its employment to strengthen our security. This series of feature articles will focus on that technology and the changing doctrine of warfare in the air, on land, in the sea, in training, and in cyberspace. Many San Diego based companies, military units, and individuals are in the forefront of this revolution. Part 1: Defending America in the 21st Century
    While 9/11 has somewhat focused the issues, competing camps of military reformers vie for defense dollars and the opportunity to change the way we defend ourselves in the 21st Century, and indeed, shape our future. This debate has produced weapons that have been used in Afghanistan (and will be used in Iraq) that are revolutionizing warfare. Part 2: Unmanned air vehicles fight a new war
    The war in Kosovo in 1999 was touted as the first war won by air power alone. Two emerging technology developments have revolutionized modern aerial warfare. The first is the technical breakthroughs in long-range precision weaponry. The second is the emergence of "information warfare." Unmanned air vehicles accelerate these two developments. Part 3: Ground forces will still be key in war with Iraq
    Part 4: New technology transforming naval power

    With the end of the Cold War and the demise of the Russian navy significant threats to U.S. ships at sea have effectively vanished. Focus has shifted in naval strategy from "blue water" to littoral, or coastal "brown water" areas in support of land operations. New strategies combined with emerging technology are reshaping seapower for the future.

    6. Cape Town Military Units
    A list of military units raised in Cape Town, South Africa, since 1659 website is a provisional list of Cape Town military units. Any additions and/or corrections will be most Cape became part of the union of South Africa in 1910, and
    CONTENTS Introduction Alphabetical E-mail us Militaria Africana ...
    Home Page
    This website is a provisional list of Cape Town military units.
    Any additions and/or corrections will be most welcome.
    CAPE TOWN stands midway along the old sea route between Europe and the Far East. Her position is the reason why the city exists: she was established on 6 April 1652, as a supply depot for the fleet of the Verenigde Oost-Indische Compagnie ("Dutch East India Company"). Her position also made her vulnerable. During the two centuries before the Suez Canal was built to provide an alternative sea route, possession of the Cape was of great importance to western Europe. For that reason,the Dutch fortified the settlement and guarded it with military forces. The British, who seized the Cape from the Dutch during the Revolutionary and Napleonic Wars, did so too. Even after the Suez Canal diverted sea traffic away from the Cape, Cape Town remained strategically important to the British Empire, and to the Commonwealth which succeeded it.
    Citizen Forces
    The mainstay of Cape Town's defences over the past 350 years has been the part-time citizen forces, which have taken a variety of forms. Since 1659, Cape Town men, like other South Africans, have been liable for military service, and the city has raised more than 100 units of various types over the years.

    7. A More Perfect Union: Japanese Americans And The U.S. Constitution
    A More Perfect union traces the the military section, the site looks at the thousandsof men who served in the segregated 100th and 442nd military units.
    Home News Events About Us ... Sitemap A More Perfect Union:
    Japanese Americans and the U.S. Constitution
    exhibition The heart of the online exhibition is a section of primary subject areas that explore the military exploits, Constitutional crises, cultural history, and issues of identity and loyalty tied to the internment of Japanese Americans. Within the military section, the site looks at the thousands of men who served in the segregated 100th and 442nd military units. See the online exhibition Japanese Americans and the U.S. Constitution Examining events surrounding Japanese American internment during World War II, this exhibition explores the frailty of individual rights balanced with the need for national security. The award-winning online exhibition complements and expands on the permanent exhibition, which is housed in The National Museum of American History. The Filipino American Photographs of Ricardo Ocreto Alvarado This stunning collection of rare Our online exhibition provides an intimate view of some of these extraordinary photos. read more Home Sitemap Search ... Smithsonian Home

    8. German Military In The Soviet Union 1918-1933
    As German military units were gaining experiences in the Soviet union, a number of Soviet military technology experts
    German Military in the Soviet Union 1918-1933
    by Arvo Vercamer and Jason Pipes
    For 11 years (1922 to 1933), the whole world was almost entirely shielded from Germany's clandestine military build-up and military development efforts in the Soviet Union. A political flap did occur in 1926 when the Social-Democrats of Germany publicly announced some aspects of the German-Soviet military co-operation efforts (the Manchester Guardian in England also helped by publishing a number of articles on the subject), but it went on largely undetected. After the victory of the Nationalist Socialists in 1933, one-by-one, the veils or remilitarization were lifted until 1935 when the formation of the Wehrmacht was offically announced and the various measures designed to cover up their reformation were dropped.
    To more optimally understand how it is that the Germans and Soviets were drawn to each other in the post World War One era, one must first look at both nations as they stood in 1918-1919.
    Germany was humiliated in by the Treaty of Versailles. Germany was forced to reduce her military capabilities to a token force of limited troops, to have no capital ships, no submarines, to give up all colonial possessions, was proscribed from manufacturing a wide range of military goods, was forced to pay war reparations realistically outside of its means to do so, was forced to give up German territory, and more. Internationally, Germany had few friends or allies to draw on for support.
    Similarly, the Soviet Union also found itself in a poor post-World War situation. The Russian Civil War was still going on. The military campaign against Poland had failed. The Baltic States of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania all declared their independence; the Soviet Union now only controlled the port of Leningrad in the Baltic Sea. The Allied intervention forces were in Archangel and Vladivostok. The military limitations of the new Soviet Union were often the laughing stock of the world. Internationally, the Soviet Union was essentially isolated.

    9. Fort Blakeley, Alabama - Scene Of Last Major Battle Of The Civil War
    union and Confederate military units Participating in 1865 MobileCampaign. Approximately 55,000 soldiers marched through Baldwin
    Union and Confederate Military Units
    Participating in 1865 Mobile Campaign
    Approximately 55,000 soldiers marched through Baldwin County during the months of March and April of 1865. The number is considerable as one realizes that there were less than 8,000 inhabitants living in the county in the census of 1860. 10,000 Confederates were stationed throughout the Mobile area, some 2,500 defending the City of Mobile while the rest were found at Fort Blakely and Spanish Fort. The 15th and 16th Confederate Cavalry, and 6th and 8th Alabama Cavalry were off roaming around Baldwin County, scouting the area for the movement of the Union troops. 32,000 Union soldiers marched through the entire length of Baldwin County up the eastern shore while 14,000 Union troops came out of Pensacola, traveled due north, then turned back south in a surprise movement to invest Blakeley.
    I. Confederate Military Units which participated in operations in the vicinity of Mobile, Alabama January 1, 1865 to May 1865:
    Blue, underlined items in Regimental List are clickable.

    10. The Russia Journal :: Defense || Authorization Required
    Since the collapse of the Soviet union, Russia has stationed soldiers and built bases in a relationship with Moscow; currently russian military units are deployed both there and
    quick navigation The Russia Journal LifeStyle home site map my journal subscribe ... help Apr 10, 2003, 03:17 (Moscow time) search: THE RUSSIA JOURNAL ANALYSIS BUSINESS DEFENSE ... SOCIETY View Issue No COLUMNS IN THE CORRIDORS INTERNAL AUDIT MOSCOW MAILBAG ... SEASON OF DISCONTENT INSIDE 'DEFENSE' ARTICLES NEWS DISCUSSIONS OPINION POLLS NETWORK CONTACTS ABOUT US ADVERTISING JOBS ... LETTERS TO THE EDITOR TOP LINKS News round-the-clock Lifestyle ... Citizen Civil society network Russia Report e-mail report e-Russiajournal The Russia Journal anytime, anywhere Find business partners Heidi Hollinger's
    Picture Gallery

    Wish to buy or publish

    Russian pictures?
    ... DEFENSE The Russia Journal - - Analysis - - Business - - - - Agriculture - - - - Automotive - - - - Banking - - - - Hospitality - - - - Investments - - - - Metals - - - - Pharmaceu... - - - - Real Estate - - - - Transport - - Defense - - Economy - - Features - - Interview - - LifeStyle - - Nation/CIS - - Opinion - - Society Russian Military Presence Remains Strong in Former Soviet Union AUTHORIZATION REQUIRED
    The requested page is marked (Value) and is accessible only to subscribers.

    11. South African Military Units Version 2.1 (Build 38)
    Unit Name, union of South Africa Defence Force. Date Raised, 1912. As I get more infoI will add it. South African military units Server Version 2.1 (Build 38).

    12. 47th New York Volunteer Infantry - Military Units
    military units. Last Checked and updated on August 11, 1999. union
    Military Units
    Last Checked and updated on August 11, 1999
    People Studying Particular Units ... Connecticut Heavy Artillery (Provost Guard) (Washington Civil War Association): Washington st llinois Volunteer Light Artillery, Battery A (Chicago Light Artillery) :Illinois st Kentucky Light Artillery, Independent Battery : Kentucky st Kentucky Cavalry and Horse Artillery : Kentucky st Massachusetts Volunteer Cavalry st Maine Cavalry Regiment : Maryland and Virginia st Michigan Light Artillery , Third Battery (Co.C) st Michigan Light Artillery, Battery C : Michigan st Michigan Light Artillery, Battery D : Michigan st New Hampshire Cavalry, Company K st New Jersey Light Artillery, Battery A : New Jersey st New Jersey Light Artillery, Battery B : New Jersey st New York Light Artillery, Battery I (Wiedrich Battery I, Inc.): New Jersey st New York Light Artillery, Battery L (Reynolds' Battery): New York st Ohio Light Artillery, Battery A (Statehouse Artillery) : Ohio st Ohio Light Artillery, Battery K (Reenactors of the American Civil War):California st Ohio Light Artillery , Battery L st Ohio Light Artillery, Battery L

    13. The Nectaris Union: Military Madness
    GX-77 Movement: 3 Defense: 4 Anti-Ground: 10 Range: 1 Anti-Air: 10 Range: 1
    GX-87 Movement: 2 Defense: 10 Anti-Ground: 40 Range: 1 Anti-Air: 10 Range: 1
    CBX-1 Movement: 1 Defense: 8 Anti-Ground: 10 Range: 1 Anti-Air: 10 Range: 1
    TT-1 Movement: 5 Defense: 30 Anti-Ground: 45 Range: 1 Anti-Air: Range: n/a
    Bison S-61 Movement: 6 Defense: 40 Anti-Ground: 50 Range: 1 Anti-Air: Range: n/a Slagger GS-81 Movement: 7 Defense: 50 Anti-Ground: 50 Range: 1 Anti-Air: Range: n/a Titan GT-86 Movement: 5 Defense: 50 Anti-Ground: 60 Range: 1 Anti-Air: Range: n/a Grizzly T-79 Movement: 4 Defense: 50 Anti-Ground: 70 Range: 1 Anti-Air: Range: n/a Polar PT-6 Movement: 4 Defense: 60 Anti-Ground: 60 Range: 1 Anti-Air: Range: n/a Giant HMB-2 Movement: 2 Defense: 80 Anti-Ground: 90 Range: 1 Anti-Air: 40 Range: 1 Seeker AAG-4 Movement: 6 Defense: 30 Anti-Ground: 30 Range: 1 Anti-Air: 65 Range: 1 Return to MAIN.

    14. The Nectaris Union: Military Madness
    units GROUND units MOBILE units AIR units LONGRANGE units STATIONARYunits TRANSPORT units SEA units. Coming Soon Return to MAIN.
    Coming Soon...
    Return to MAIN.

    15. Tennessee And The Civil War
    Part I contains the military Histories of Confederate and union units.These military units histories are presented in this section.
    "There is a terrible war coming, and these young men who have never seen war cannot wait for it to happen, but I tell you, I wish that I owned every slave in the South, for I would free them all to avoid this war." - Robert E. Lee May God Bless and Protect our Troops. SEARCH THIS SITE Search this site or the web
    powered by FreeFind
    Site search Web search WHAT'S NEW Confederate Memorial Rolls
    1400+ Names Added
    March 17, 2003
    Baxter-Smith's Cavalry
    Company A

    Company B

    Company D

    Company E
    Prisoners of War

    March 19, 2003 TN Civil War Veterans Obituaries February 12, 2003 Robert Barker Civil War Research February 7, 2003 Queries Site Heroes Tennesseans in the Civil War TNGenWeb Civil War Military Links
    • Tennesseans in the Civil War
    • In 1964, the Civil War Centennial Commission published a two volume set called Tennesseans in the Civil War Part I contains the Military Histories of Confederate and Union Units. These military units histories are presented in this section.
    • TNGenWeb Civil War Military Links
    • The County Hosts at the TNGenWeb Project have provided a variety of Civil War information online. This page indexes these resources and organizes it according to county.
    Union Military Rosters Confederate Military Rosters

    16. TNGenWeb Civil War Military Links
    military History; Civil War Regiments; Civil War Infantry Soldiers of the Confederacy;Soldiers of the union. 1890 Veteran Census Abstract; Civil War units.
    "It is painful enough to discover with what unconcern they speak of war and threaten it. I have seen enough of it to make me look upon it as the sum of all evils." - Thomas J. "Stonewall" Jackson, 1861 Quick Jump to Counties starting with A B C D ... Civil War Resource Page Anderson County Bedford County Benton County Bledsoe County Blount County Bradley County Campbell County Cannon County Carroll County Carter County Cheatham County Chester County Claiborne County Clay County
    • Not formed until 1870 (See Overton County)
    Cocke County Coffee County Crockett County Cumberland County Davidson County Decatur County

    17. The Civil War In Alabama Homepage
    Chronology of events with links to documents.Category Regional North America History Civil War...... Talladega, Battle of Brief union report, 23 April 65; Tuscaloosa, (Croxton's Raid WarPlaces within Alabama Coosa County Brief notes, including military units
    Confederate National Flags, flown over the state capital, 1861-1865*
    1st National Flag 2nd National Flag
    If you have questions about Alabama units and their role during the Civil War, please go to the Alabama Civil War Message Board If you want information about the chronology of events in Alabama during the Civil War, click on one of the years following:
    or on the [ ADAH Timeline
    Topics for further study:

    18. Georgia Units In The Civil War
    US Army military History Institute bibliography of histories of for information onGeorgia soldiers and units that volunteered for union service.
    Georgia Units
    in the Civil War
    Overview of military organization U.S. Army Military History Institute bibliography of histories of Georgia Confederate units Infantry Georgia Volunteer Infantry
    History of 1st Georgia Regulars
    Co. C, 1st Regiment
    Co. E, 1st Regiment
    Co. H, 2nd Regiment ...
    Co A, 66 Regiment
    Miscellaneous Infantry Units
    Co. C, 2nd Regiment (Georgia Militia)
    Co. A, 8th Georgia Battalion Volunteers
    Co. B, 11th Battalion
    Co. G, 11th Battalion ...
    Partisan Ranger Units and Guerrilla Commands
    4th Georgia Cavalry
    4th Georgia Cavalry (History)
    5th Georgia Cavalry
    7th Georgia Cavalry ...
    Stevens Cavalry Battalion, Georgia State Guards
    Campbell's Independent Georgia Seige Artillery
    Chatham Artillery (History)
    Guerard's Artillery (History)
    Jackson Artillery (Houston Co. members) ...
    28th Battalion, Georgia Siege Artillery (History)
    Non-Georgia Units With Georgia Enlistees
    Co. B, 8th Florida Infantry Regiment
    (included 75 members from Decatur County, Ga.)
    Georgia Confederate Rosters/Civil War Profiles by County
    Colquitt County
    Houston County
    Johnson County
    Laurens County ...
    Washington County
    Generally, you don't think about Georgians fighting for the Union cause during the Civil War, but this did take place in limited cases involving residents living in extreme North Georgia. Click

    19. Modern History Sourcebook: Soviet Statement: Friendship And Co-operation Between
    relations between the Soviet union and the and with government agreements, Sovietunits are stationed the Polish Republic, Soviet military units are stationed
    Back to Modern History SourceBook
    Modern History Sourcebook:
    Soviet Statement:
    Friendship and Co-operation Between the Soviet Union and Other Socialist States, October 30, 1956
    The principles of peaceful coexistence, friendship, and cooperation among all states have always been and still form the unshakable foundation of the foreign relations of the U.S.S.R. This policy finds its most profound and consistent expression in the relationship with socialist countries. United by the common ideal of building a socialist society and the principles of proletarian internationalism, the countries of the great commonwealth of socialist nations can build their relations only on the principle of full equality, respect of territorial integrity, state independence and sovereignty, and noninterference in one another's domestic affairs. This does not exclude, but on the contrary presupposes, close fraternal cooperation and mutual aid between the countries of the socialist commonwealth in the economic, political, and cultural spheres. It is on this basis that after World War 11 and after the rout of fascism the regimes of the people's democracies came into being in a number of countries of Europe and Asia, which were strengthened and display great vitality. In the process of the establishment of the new regime and the deep revolutionary transformation in social relations there were not a few difficulties, unsolved problems, and out-and-out mistakes, including some in the relations between the socialist states-violations and mistakes which infringed the principles of equality in relations between socialist states.

    20. Military Records Guide Sheet -- State Historical Society Of Missouri
    of the union and Confederate Armies (now online) contains letters and reports thatare particularly useful for tracing activities of military units, and this
    State Historical Society of Missouri
    Sources for Military Records
    While the Society is not an official repository for original military personnel records, it does have many books and rolls of microfilm that include lists of soldiers' names, biographies of military men, and reports of military activities. In addition, the Society has indexes and guides to records kept by other institutions. The Newspaper Library has a card index to subjects and individuals' names which appeared in St. Louis newspapers dated 1808-1828. It can be helpful in locating items concerning early Indian wars and the War of 1812. The Liberty Tribune card index, covering newspapers dated 1843-1869, and the Columbia Missouri Statesman card index 1844-1885, are useful for Mexican War and Civil War research. Compiled Service Records of Volunteer Union (and Confederate) Soldiers Who Served in Organizations From Missouri are on microfilm. Both sets of service records have microfilm indexes accessed by surname. These records are duplicates of those in the National Archives, Washington, DC. The Society cannot offer copies of these records. The 1890 Missouri Census Index of Civil War Veterans or Their Widows , a printed index to the special census of 1890 microfilm, is also available. This index contains mostly Union veterans, but some Confederates are also listed. It covers veterans living in all Missouri counties except Daviess, DeKalb, Dodge, Gentry, and Van Buren.

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