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         Military Units Union Confederate:     more detail
  1. TENNESSEANS IN THE CIVIL WAR: A Military History of Confederate and Union Units with Available Rosters of Personnel. by Stanley F., et al. Horn, 1964
  2. Tennesseans in the Civil War, Part I: A Military History of the Confederate and Union Units With Available Rosters of Personnel by Historical Commission Tennessee, 1971-10-31
  3. Tennesseans in the Civil War: Part 2;A Military History of Confederate and Union Units With Available Rosters of Personnel by Historical Commission Tennessee, 1981-06-30
  4. [Burial lists of members of Union and Confederate military units by Sherman Lee Pompey, 1971

1. Confederate Military Records
military service records for all union and confederate soldiers and sailors who served in volunteer units during
Civil War Military Records in the
U.S. National Archives
[Revised March 2, 1998]
T he U.S. National Archives has compiled military service records for all Union and Confederate soldiers and sailors who served in volunteer units during the Civil War and who are identified in contemporaneous military records. These records are an essential starting point for anyone wanting information on a Confederate soldier or sailor and the unit he served in. Compiled service records for Confederate servicemen are part of Record Group 109 (War Department Collection of Confederate Records). The Archives also has compiled military service records for volunteers from the Revolutionary War (1775 - 1783), post-Revolutionary War period (1784 - 1811), War of 1812, Indian Wars (1816 - 1860), Mexican War (1846 - 1848), and the Spanish-American War and Phillipine Insurrection (1898 - 1903). Records of regular U.S. Army and Navy men are maintained separately. The National Park Service, in cooperation with the National Archives and other organizations, is planning to input the Civil War compiled service records into computer files for posting on the Internet. Compiled records for individual servicemen would, according to the plan, be linked to on-line information on battles, cemeteries, and other data that presently must be obtained by hard work from a variety of records and published literature. This is one of the most significant and ambitious projects in bringing Civil War data to the public in an easily used format. For information on the project, see

2. Vanished Index To Florida Civil War Military Units
military units. union Regimental Index Florida. Civil War Resources for North Florida. (includes Wakulla, Franklin, Jefferson, and Leon counties). Florida confederate

FLORIDA (27th state 3 Mar 1845)
Seceded: 10 Jan 1861
return to Civil War Military Units by State

3. Cherokee Confederate Military Units
military units. Last Checked and updated on August 11, 1999. union. confederate

A Guide to Cherokee Confederate
Military Units, 1861 - 1865 by Lars Gjertveit
Sons of Confederate Veterans
By the spring of 1861, Stand Watie (1806-1871), the leader of the southern faction of the Cherokee Nation, was a prosperous attorney and speaker of the nation’s National Council (the lower house of the Cherokee legislature). He owned a plantation and mill at Honey Creek in the Illinois District of the Cherokee Nation. 1st (Watie’s) Cherokee Mounted Volunteers
(2nd Cherokee Mounted Volunteers
[designation changed to 1st Regiment about
Dec 62, after Drew’s regiment had disbanded],
Watie’s Regiment Cherokee Mounted Rifles) COLONELS. Stand Watie, promoted Brig Gen 6 May 64; James Madison Bell, promoted and transferred from Lt Col of the 2nd Regt. after Watie became general LIEUTENANT COLONELS. Thomas Fox Taylor, KIA 27 Jul 62, Bayou Menard (n. Fort Gibson); Robert Calvin Parks, replaced Taylor ( from Capt, 1st Co B) killed by a fellow officer in a personal difficulty at Fort Washita in April 1864; Clement Neeley Vann, succeeded Parks (prev pvt Co K, Drew’s Regt.?) MAJORS.

4. - Locating Union & Confederate Records
Compiled records Showing Service of military units in Volunteer confederate Organizations;Regimental Histories; union Prisoners of War; confederate Prisoners of
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Nancy Justus Morebeck has just written a new book, called , Published by Heritage Quest. I had a chance to read this new one hundred and fifty-two-page book this week. Morebeck’s book describes the record holdings available at the National Archives, many of which are also available via microfilm rentals at a local Family History Center near you. (You can find the location of your nearest center at: .) The author also lists some other locations of records, including state archives. She describes the types of documents available and tells why they can be valuable to genealogists. She also tells how to order microfilms and photocopies of these documents.
  • Enlistment Records – Regular Army, Union, and Confederate Volunteers
  • 5. C C Sutlery
    confederate and union uniforms and accessories; also Indian Wars and Old West. Individual military units, plus props. Women's and children's garb too. Online catalog with images and ordering information. (Emmett, Idaho, USA)
    Civil War Re-enactors Sutler
    Union and Confederate CSA Civil War uniforms, tents, weapons, buckles, buttons, insignia, chevrons, plates, headgear, tin goods, leather Cavalry accessories, civilian period clothing for ALL your Civil War, Indian Wars, Single Action Shooters Society, and Cowboy Action Reenactment needs.
    Uniform Special Basic USA or CSA uniform made with the following wool - sky blue, navy blue or medium gray. All wools are of the highest quality. Internet Uniform Special Consists of the following Items Kepi, Bummer or Slouch Hat Sky Blue or Grey Foot Trouser Unlined Sack Coat or Shell Jacket Leather Waist Belt (Black or Russet) US or CS Oval Lead filled Belt Plate Adjustable Suspenders Internet Special Price $159.95 !! To See More About Our Special!
    To Enter Our Online Shopping Cart
    New "Under Construction" Ladies Line of Civil War Era Clothing Coming Soon!! Bargain Basement Page - Used and returned merchandise. Save BIG.. 2790 East Black Canyon Highway Emmett, Idaho 83617

    6. Fort Blakeley, Alabama - Scene Of Last Major Battle Of The Civil War
    union and confederate military units Participating in 1865 MobileCampaign. Approximately 55,000 soldiers marched through Baldwin
    Union and Confederate Military Units
    Participating in 1865 Mobile Campaign
    Approximately 55,000 soldiers marched through Baldwin County during the months of March and April of 1865. The number is considerable as one realizes that there were less than 8,000 inhabitants living in the county in the census of 1860. 10,000 Confederates were stationed throughout the Mobile area, some 2,500 defending the City of Mobile while the rest were found at Fort Blakely and Spanish Fort. The 15th and 16th Confederate Cavalry, and 6th and 8th Alabama Cavalry were off roaming around Baldwin County, scouting the area for the movement of the Union troops. 32,000 Union soldiers marched through the entire length of Baldwin County up the eastern shore while 14,000 Union troops came out of Pensacola, traveled due north, then turned back south in a surprise movement to invest Blakeley.
    I. Confederate Military Units which participated in operations in the vicinity of Mobile, Alabama January 1, 1865 to May 1865:
    Blue, underlined items in Regimental List are clickable.

    7. Henry County Kentucky Military Units
    Henry County Kentucky military units. 9th Kentucky Volunteer Cavalry,union. confederate Roster of Men serving from Henry County. Pvt.
    Military Units
    New Information Added Wednesday, September 11, 2002 The idea behind this page is to create a list of all those who served from Henry County for which genealogical records may be available in the National Archives. This list will contain an "email pointer" to persons who have information to share or are interested in learning more about these soldiers. I have posted all the rosters I have, so if anyone has more, please email me at . The other way to get more individuals listed here is for you to send me the name, rank, unit, and war served in and we'll build the roster one name at a time.
    American Revolutionary War
    See a list of pensioners who lived in Henry County. Pension records of John Downey Thomas Downey Records of Thomas James
    Northwest Campaign of Wayne's Indian Wars
    Records of Thomas James
    War of 1812
    See a list of several companies of veterans from Henry County who fought in the War of 1812
    John Lansberry, Private Capt. D. Todd's Company, Ky Militia

    8. Tennessee And The Civil War
    Part I contains the military Histories of confederate and union units.These military units histories are presented in this section.
    "There is a terrible war coming, and these young men who have never seen war cannot wait for it to happen, but I tell you, I wish that I owned every slave in the South, for I would free them all to avoid this war." - Robert E. Lee May God Bless and Protect our Troops. SEARCH THIS SITE Search this site or the web
    powered by FreeFind
    Site search Web search WHAT'S NEW Confederate Memorial Rolls
    1400+ Names Added
    March 17, 2003
    Baxter-Smith's Cavalry
    Company A

    Company B

    Company D

    Company E
    Prisoners of War

    March 19, 2003 TN Civil War Veterans Obituaries February 12, 2003 Robert Barker Civil War Research February 7, 2003 Queries Site Heroes Tennesseans in the Civil War TNGenWeb Civil War Military Links
    • Tennesseans in the Civil War
    • In 1964, the Civil War Centennial Commission published a two volume set called Tennesseans in the Civil War Part I contains the Military Histories of Confederate and Union Units. These military units histories are presented in this section.
    • TNGenWeb Civil War Military Links
    • The County Hosts at the TNGenWeb Project have provided a variety of Civil War information online. This page indexes these resources and organizes it according to county.
    Union Military Rosters Confederate Military Rosters

    9. TNGenWeb Civil War Resource Page
    General Civil War Links. The Official Records of the union and confederate Armies. CivilWar Soldiers and units Information. Virginia military Institute Archives.
    A TNGenWeb,
    History Project
    I will render vengeance to Mine adversaries
    And will recompense them that hate me.
    I will make Mine arrows drunk with blood
    And My sword shall devour flesh . . .*
    “Wheeler's Confederate Cavalry Capturing a
    Supply Train Near Jasper, Tenn.” A detail
    from a drawing appearing in “ The Soldier in
    Our Civil War.”
    The hand coloring is modern.
    There is no finer American tragedy than the Civil War, or as my great grandfather called it, the “War of Yankee Aggression.” He was not a soldier, but victim of the war. He simply lost a finger during a hasty evacuation of civilians from Tuscumbia Alabama. He was one of the lucky ones. I have heard many times that after the war and well into the 20 th century, it was common through out our nation to see men with missing parts; reminders of that uncivil war. And then there are those that just died. They died from minnie balls and grapeshot, dysentery and cholera, and host of other causes. Those captured might have been imprisoned in horrible filthy places like Andersonville or Rock Island. Civilians suspected of guerilla activities were often hanged, usually within minutes or hours of a military “trial.” Young teenage boys were forced into the armies. Mothers are known to have change Bible birth dates to make their sons appear younger and therefore hopefully not draftable. Bushwhackers, or murders as they should be called, roamed the county side, doing there evil deeds. Women were often harassed and occasionally suffered indignities far more grave. Farms and homes were burned. Looting was the order of the day. The Civil War may have been many things, but one thing it was not, it was not glorious.

    10. Military Records Guide Sheet -- State Historical Society Of Missouri
    of the union and confederate Armies (now online) contains letters and reports thatare particularly useful for tracing activities of military units, and this
    State Historical Society of Missouri
    Sources for Military Records
    While the Society is not an official repository for original military personnel records, it does have many books and rolls of microfilm that include lists of soldiers' names, biographies of military men, and reports of military activities. In addition, the Society has indexes and guides to records kept by other institutions. The Newspaper Library has a card index to subjects and individuals' names which appeared in St. Louis newspapers dated 1808-1828. It can be helpful in locating items concerning early Indian wars and the War of 1812. The Liberty Tribune card index, covering newspapers dated 1843-1869, and the Columbia Missouri Statesman card index 1844-1885, are useful for Mexican War and Civil War research. Compiled Service Records of Volunteer Union (and Confederate) Soldiers Who Served in Organizations From Missouri are on microfilm. Both sets of service records have microfilm indexes accessed by surname. These records are duplicates of those in the National Archives, Washington, DC. The Society cannot offer copies of these records. The 1890 Missouri Census Index of Civil War Veterans or Their Widows , a printed index to the special census of 1890 microfilm, is also available. This index contains mostly Union veterans, but some Confederates are also listed. It covers veterans living in all Missouri counties except Daviess, DeKalb, Dodge, Gentry, and Van Buren.

    11. Tennessee Military Records Available From The Sistlers
    11A) Part 1, 1964, reprinted 1984 A military history of confederate and union units,including place of residence of participants by company and similar unit.
    (Click here to see Index to Tennessee Titles To order any of the books listed on this website, call 1-800-578-9475. We take MC and Visa; add $4.50 shipping and handling per ORDER; TN residents add 8.25% sales tax. (We also take checks). TENNESSEE MILITARY BOOKS CARTER’S RAID by Wm. Garret Piston: An episode of the Civil War in East Tennessee. Softcover. (#0230) $9.00 2400 TENNESSEE PENSIONERS TENNESSEANS in the WAR OF 1812 Click here to see further explanation. INDEX TO TENNESSEE CONFEDERATE PENSION APPLICATIONS by TN State Library, 1964, revised by Samuel Sistler, 1994: Essential information from over 28,000 files, including applications of soldiers, widows, and "colored" soldiers. Copies of the original complete pension files are available at theTennessee State Library in Nashville. 300 entries not in original book. 400 pp. Hardbound. (#9501) $38.00 Click here to see further explanation. by John W. Cothern, 2001: Amongst Elmwood’s 70,000 burials are more than 1300 Confederate soldiers and veterans (including 24 generals). This compilation draws information from the burial records of the cemetery and the compiled service records for those soldiers whose military units could be identified. Entries are arranged alphabetically by surname, and include date of burial, location, and varying amounts of data related to their service. Additional diagrams and appendices included. 235 pp. Softcover. Illus. Bibl. (#023) $31.00 TENNESSEANS IN THE CIVIL WAR, 2 vol.

    12. Reparations Have Already Been Paid For Slavery
    (3); Of the (overwhelmingly white) men enrolled in military units, union and confederate,14% died of their wounds or of disease; another 11% were wounded but
    Reparations for Slavery:
    They have already been paid
    War is hell, you cannot refine it. W.T. Sherman The topic of reparations for American black slavery has been much discussed, and that discussion is not over. I think that such reparations are not justified. Unlike most who argue against monetary reparations, I think they are not only possible (though difficult) but justif no other payment had yet been made. However, reparations for slavery have already been made. The name of the reparations program was "The American Civil War." Consider the following facts
  • About 11% of the total population (counting men, women and children) of the 1860 United States was in military service for some portion of the war; from the Confederate States considered separately, about 13% of the total population was enrolled. Of those enrolled in military service, the vast majority were white and all were male. Of the (overwhelmingly white) men enrolled in military units, Union and Confederate, 14% died of their wounds or of disease; another 11% were wounded but survived. In Confederate units, deaths approached 19% of the men enrolled, an order of magnitude higher than the death rate in any other American war. This amounted to an aggregate 550,000 dead and more than 400,000 wounded
  • 13. Military & Pension Records For Union Civil War Veterans
    The Official Record of the union and confederate of his capture by the confederateArmy in historical study regarding specific military units which participated
    By Cyndi Howells This site may be freely linked to but not duplicated in any fashion without my consent.
    Background and title banner graphics property of Cyndi Howells.
    Table of Contents
  • My First Success Story
    Many times the beginning of any part of a genealogist's research will start with a family story. My search for a Union Civil War veteran began with my third great-grandfather, Xerxes Knox . I had a copy of a letter, written by his youngest son in 1963, to my grandmother. In it he stated simply that his father was a Civil War veteran, along with the date of birth and date of death for his father. Not much to go on, but then I hadn't yet found out about the wonderful treasure-trove of information that was waiting for me in a musty-old file in Washington, DC. On a visit to the National Archives branch in Seattle, I had spent the entire day searching for various ancestors and had no luck locating anyone in any of the places they were supposed to be. I had a half-hour to kill before closing and thought I would explore the back room. There was a tall filing cabinet filled with rolls of microfilm called the General Index to Pension Files, 1866 to 1934.
  • 14. USCWC -- American Indians, Prisons, Supplies, And Weapons/Artillery
    War A Guide to Cherokee confederate military units The Indian the Civil War MessageBoard Indian units in the Legion of North Carolina union and confederate

    Civil War Information 4
    American Indians
    Forgotten Flag of the Cherokee Braves
    Return to the Link Index
    Alcatraz's Military History
    The Bonnie White Flag

    Brothers Bound: The Prisoner of War Experience
    Civil War Concentration Camps ... Andersonville: A Legacy of Shame, But Whose? by Gary Waltrip The Trial of Captain Henry Wirz, Commandant of Andersonville Prison rd Pennsylvania: Andersonville Prison Records Brothers Bound ... Libby Prison (photograph) They Paid to Enter Libby Prison Marion County, MO Prison Old Capitol Prison Point Lookout Prison Camp (MD) ... A Yankee Prisoner in Texas: William Ryan BROKEN LINKS: Belle's Island War Prison Belle Isle Civil War Prison Camp (VA) Camp Ford: A Civil War Era Prisoner of War Camp Civil War Prisons Civil War Prisons: A Living Hell Civil War Prisons: Andersonville and Elmira Getting Out of Prison, From

    15. DCResearch National Archives Civil War Research Service
    Compiled Service Records of military units (Troop Movements). actual militaryassignments/movements of Field Staff Records of union Prisons/Stations.
    Michael O. Anderson
    Member - Sons of Confederate Veterans (S.C.V.)
    Member - Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War (S.U.V.C.W.)
    Member - Association of Professional Genealogists (A.P.G.)
    B.A. - History; M.S.
    All searches done in person at the U.S. National Archives, Washington, D.C., not by a third party or by "Order Forms" through the U.S. Mail. General turnaround timeframe is 7 working days. E-Mail a statement of your objective/problem and I will reply to you with the appropriate information.
    Civil War
    Confederate Records
    Register of Appointment of Officers, 1861 - 1865 shows officer's name, State, to whom to report, dates of appointment and confirmation, date to take rank, date of acceptance, and remarks Compiled Service Records Compiled Confederate Service Records, including Generals, Staff Officers, and Enlisted Men
    Show the soldier's rank, military organization, entries from Muster Roles, Captures, Desertions, Morning Reports, sometimes term of service, age, place of enlistment, and place of birth Compiled Service Records of Military Units
    (Troop Movements) Records of Confederate Prisoners Records of Union Prisons/Stations Death Registers of Prisoners, Surgeon General's

    16. Civil War Rosters - All States UPDATED 04/02/03
    A comprehensive list of regimental roster links by state.Category Society History Wars Civil War union units...... Army Regimental History Index Index of Civil War Naval Forces confederate and unionShips But don't just try Civil War - try surnames and military units!
    Civil War Rosters - Arranged by State
    The MOST COMPLETE list of Civil War roster Links on the web
    This is a directory of Civil War Rosters/Muster Rolls that have been found on the internet. Since only 50-60% of all rosters are on the internet, some units will not be listed. If you find a roster that is not listed, please forward URL to me and I will gladly add it.
    NOTE: If you can't find your unit or regiment on these pages, please check the Civil War Soldiers and Sailors page before emailing me.
    Soldier List

    Regiment List

    Sailors List

    Updated Daily (well, almost) Last - 04/02/03   -   RELOAD!
    Page Update 3/16/03
    - Alabama
    Page Update 3/31/03 - New York, Pennsylvania Page 2, Texas Page Update 4/01/03 - Texas, Other Stuff, West Virginia, Rhode Island

    Arkansas California ... Civil War Records by National Archives and Records Administration Much information on Civil War Records, to include Compiling a Soldier's History; Where to find records; Photographs and Maps and more... Battles by State - The American Civil War 1861-1865 Confederate Regimental History Links Union Army Regimental History Index Index of Civil War Naval Forces - Confederate and Union Ships Family Photos Mystery Photos Military Photos Marketplace Recipes Stories Family Websites

    17. 24.24A. Armed Forces At The National Level
    of the high incidence of conflicts for union units, a date Normally there is no suchproblem of conflict with confederate units. Numbered US military units
    24.24A. Armed forces at the national level For forms of component branches, command districts, and military units of military services, define "component branch, command district, or military unit" as an agency that constitutes a unit subject to combat service or an administrative unit over such units; Example A a unit that serves as a direct support unit to category 1. Example B This means treating the following types of bodies under the general rules. Example C Treat forts, bases, camps, airfields, etc., as jurisdictions (see LCRI U.S. Civil War Units: When establishing either Union or Confederate fighting units of the U.S. Civil War, consult reference works (e.g., The Union Army (Madison, Wis. : Federal Pub. Co., 1908)). If the unit is one of a numbered sequence, use a uniform designation of the number in the heading for each unit in the sequence. Make the normal cross references required by designations found and also make a reference from a standardized form beginning with the state name as shown below (only this reference is illustrated). Union units N.B.

    18. Vanished Index To Louisiana Civil War Military Units
    LA confederate Pension Records Index; Claibourne Parish, LA Louisiana; Winn Parish,Louisiana union Soldier Census; return to Civil War military units by State

    LOUISIANA (18th state 30 Apr 1812)
    Seceded: 26 Jan 1861
    updated 9/3/01 The Louisiana Native Guards
    8th Louisiana Regimental History
    return to Civil War Military Units by State
    return to VANISHED INDEX
    return to VANISHED MALL MAP E-Mail

    19. Links To Civil War Soldiers And Units Information By State
    Alleghany and Ashe County, North Carolina Civil War Troops; union County,North Carolina Civil War History; Texas Texas confederate military units.
    Links to Civil War Soldiers and Units Information From Various States
    This site has been visited times since the counter was reinstalled on February 19, 1998.
    Directory of Researchers
    California Colorado Conneticutt Delaware District of Columbia Florida Georgia Illinois Indian Territory (Oklahoma) Indiana Iowa

    20. Curious Find On Confederate Sub Links North And South
    To date, the buttons recovered from the Hunley submarine as a whole representa diverse collection of both confederate and union military units. .
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    Sponsored in part by
    Curious Find on Confederate Sub Links North and South National Geographic News
    April 27, 2001
    A "dog tag" worn by a Union soldier for identification was discovered inside the Confederate submarine H. L. Hunley, archaeologists said Friday.
    The find baffles researchers. Was it a war souvenir? Or did it belong to a defector or a spy? Perhaps a Union soldier asked a Confederate opponent on the battlefield to take the tag and send it to his family as an indication of his death. Hunley researchers say all these scenarios are possible.
    More News

    Diary of the Planet

    The Environment
    Travel National Geographic Today Special Series Digital Lifestyles: feature by Sony EarthPulse National Geographic Out There ... Mount Everest Expedition The Hunley sank on February 17, 1864, when it attacked the Union's Housatonic, becoming the first submarine to sink a warship. The sub and its crew of nine never returned from the mission. The remains of the sub were found 131 years later, in May 1995, in the mud of Charleston Harbor, and were raised in August 2000. Since then, scientists have been painstakingly recovering the bones of the crew and other artifacts from the sludge-filled submarine hull. At a news conference in Charleston on Friday, scientists said the name on the Union dog tag is Ezra Chamberlin. Records indicate he enlisted in the Union Army on September 6, 1861, and was a member of Company K, 7th Regiment, Connecticut Volunteers.

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