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         Military Units Union Confederate:     more detail
  1. TENNESSEANS IN THE CIVIL WAR: A Military History of Confederate and Union Units with Available Rosters of Personnel. by Stanley F., et al. Horn, 1964
  2. Tennesseans in the Civil War, Part I: A Military History of the Confederate and Union Units With Available Rosters of Personnel by Historical Commission Tennessee, 1971-10-31
  3. Tennesseans in the Civil War: Part 2;A Military History of Confederate and Union Units With Available Rosters of Personnel by Historical Commission Tennessee, 1981-06-30
  4. [Burial lists of members of Union and Confederate military units by Sherman Lee Pompey, 1971

21. The Civil War In Alabama Homepage
Chronology of events with links to documents.Category Regional North America History Civil War...... from Clement Evans' confederate military History (72 Vicksburg, Alabama units atconfederate Capsule histories, monuments; union Capsule histories
Confederate National Flags, flown over the state capital, 1861-1865*
1st National Flag 2nd National Flag
If you have questions about Alabama units and their role during the Civil War, please go to the Alabama Civil War Message Board If you want information about the chronology of events in Alabama during the Civil War, click on one of the years following:
or on the [ ADAH Timeline
Topics for further study:

22. Rules And Regulations Of The American Civil War Society, Inc.
Consists of all members doing a confederate military impression, with of all membersdoing a union military impression, with 3.2.4. Reenactment units or groups
American Civil War Society, Inc. Rules and Regulations American Civil War Society is a non-profit educational organization dedicated to the preservation of our history for future generations Home Goals and Objectives The American Civil War in California ACWS and California Schedule of Events for 2003 ... Civilian's Gazette Rules and Regulations Member Sutlers of the ACWS How to Contact Us! The current in-force rules and regulations, as always, are available at the Membership Information Booth during each event. The ACWS Gold Book Being a Guidebook of the Rules and Regulations Of
The American Civil War Society These are the Rules and Regulations for the ACWS as approved by the Board of Directors On
2 February 2002 This printing supercedes all versions with an earlier date. Rules and Regulations of the American Civil War Society Contents Section I - Purpose Section II - Organizational Structure Section III Section IV Section V - Civilian Corps Section VI - Safety Section VII - Miscellaneous Section VIII - Disciplinary Action Section I - Purpose Intent and Goals The intent of the ACWS is to provide a central organizational point for individual units and members.

23. - Louisiana Civil War Records
Official Records of the union and confederate Navies in the War of the Rebellion.31 vols. Guide to Louisiana confederate military units 18611865.
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Ancestry Magazine

May/June 1996 Vol. 14 No. 3 Louisiana Civil War Records
Three years ago I received a photocopy of the original roll book of the Eighth Battalion, Louisiana Heavy Artillery. This unit served in four major campaigns of the War Between the States. The roll book contained the names of 125 men of the original 400. I was determined to find out more about these men and the battles they fought for four years. I started my search at the local library, which has a three-volume set titled Records of Louisiana Soldiers and Louisiana Confederate Commands. It contains information on all men who served the Confederacy from Louisiana. These books provided my first real lead. My primary source on the historical aspect of the unit came from Official Records of The Union and Confederate Armies in The War of The Rebellion. This is a 129-volume set published by the government in the latter part of the 19th century. It was compiled from records created by Union and Confederate armies during the war. Each volume contains a wealth of information on both personnel and events of the war. A companion set

24. LA-IMMIGRANTS-L: [LA-Immigrants] Indian Records - Military Records
records showing service of military units in confederate to compiled service recordsAlabarna units Florida War Official Records of the union and confederate
LA-IMMIGRANTS-L Archives From:
Subject: [LA-Immigrants] Indian Records - Military Records
Date: Mon, 29 Oct 2001 23:35:28 -0600
Although this email begins with Indian Records, look further down and view what the Military Records have to offer! Rhonda Houston -Original Message- From: Rhonda Houston [mailto: ] Sent: Monday, October 29, 2001 11:27 PM To: Subject: Indian Records - five civilized tribes in the Indian Territory This thread: RootsWeb is funded and supported by and our loyal RootsWeb community. Learn more.
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25. RootsWeb: CW-POW-L Archive (May 2000)
RE CWPOW Mobile confederate Prisoners - 1st Mobile Volunteer Re CW-POW CIVIL-WAR-Dmilitary units by Ledoux's. CW-POW union Prisoners at 1st
CW-POW-L Archives: May 2000
Display in threaded chronological order with names with dates

26. Broadfoot's Civil War Unit Records
for the union or confederate military unit is a transcription from that unit's microfilmedrecord entitled Compiled Records Showing Service of military units.
- Civil War Unit Records - Confederate - Union - We Search for
- UNIT RECORDS - Broadfoot Publishing Company

1907 Buena Vista Circle
Wilmington, NC 28411-7892
Phone: (910) 686-9591
Order securely online CIVIL WAR GENEALOGICAL RESEARCH We Search for
Union Records far superior to what I got off the copy machines at the National Archives." - M.V.M., VA UNIT RECORDS - Multiple Unit Records - - View Unit Records Samples -
Broadfoot's Unit Record Search T
he Unit Records we provide were transcribed from the National Archives microfilm records M594 and M861 and are contained in our publication, the Supplement to the Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies . These records relate to the stations, movements, or activities of each unit, or part of that unit. The detailed and corrected transcripts of the original records and reports tell where each unit was organized and provide accounts of where the soldiers were sent, the battles they participated in, and their trials and tribulations throughout the war.
These records include details regarding detachments, scouting expeditions, foraging dispatches, and other small sorties, which can often explain why there are differing locations recorded for the same time-frame of a unit.

27. Military Genealogy Family Surname Ancestry War Records Links Civil War,Revolunti
Official Records of The union and confederate Homefront, 18611865*; *Civil War Soldiersand units Information*; *African American military History*; *military

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  • 28. Virginia's Civil War: A Guide To Manuscripts At The Virginia Historical Society
    States and the confederate States of America and union and confederate generals. tocheck facts, to establish life dates, and to identify military units.
    How to use this guide
    In compiling this guide, project staff reviewed and analyzed collections and individually cataloged items for Civil War content. We were led to materials through the Society's existing card catalog of manuscripts and through information in our new automated collections management database. Analysis of items and collections included the review of materials not previously highlighted for Civil War content but that fell into the appropriate time period or to which the staff's attention was drawn by some other means. Consequently, this guide provides detail about far more materials than could be found by an initial review of Civil War-related subject entries in the card catalog or database. At the same time, we should make clear that our search of the manuscripts collection for Civil War materials has been comprehensive but not exhaustive, given the constraints of time, staffing, and the sheer size of the collection itself. Certainly, other materials than those listed in this guide may be located in our holdings through imaginative research strategies. The great majority of Civil War manuscripts currently in the holdings Virginia Historical Society, however, may be accessed through this guide. Another important point to which the attention of users should be drawn involves the types of materials that make up the Society's manuscripts collection. Although some military service records, muster rolls, orders, and the like may be found in our holdings having made their way by various routes into collections of personal and family papers the Society's collection consists primarily of letters, diaries, scrapbooks, and related materials and is not the place to launch a search for official documentation. Queries about such records should be directed to the Archives Division of the

    29. Confederate Military Records At The SC Archives
    other documents captured or collected by the union Army and Records for units fromother states should be obtained level as well as the military personnel of
    Confederate Military Records at the Archives
    Tracing your ancestor's service in the Confederate army during the Civil War can be a very rewarding part of genealogical research. As the first state to secede from the Union, South Carolina has had an abiding interest in preserving a record of the Palmetto State's service to the Confederate States of America. Today, the South Carolina Department of Archives and History continues that tradition with its collection of Confederate military records. The records listed below, consisting of National Archives' microfilm and original documents from various state agencies, are the primary tools for tracing your ancestor's Confederate service. A Guide to Civil War Records , a more in depth description to our Civil War collection is available from our publications branch. All the records listed below are available to the public in SC Archives' Reference Room. For your ease, we have broken the list into two groups: military service records and veteran benefit records.
    Military service records
    • National Archives, Compiled Service Records of Confederate Soldiers Serving from South Carolina, 1861-1865

    30. United States Military Databases
    Revolutionary War Patriots Veterans military Histories How to Regiment WestVirginia union confederate Navarro County units Page County
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    US Military Databases Military Databases Andersonville- Loyalists Maine to New York Span. Amer. Phillipine Insurrection Pennsylvania to Z Korea-Vietnam-WWI Civil War Links Civil War Muster Rolls CD Civil War Diaries Civil War Prisons ... CW Pension Index Part III Enter a name:
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    31. Civil War - American Civil War History, Ancestors, Documents And Images
    A Guide to Cherokee confederate military units, 18611865 By your ancestor servedin the military, the MHI Official Records of the union and confederate Navies
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    Civil War - United States
    Guide picks Research your Civil War ancestor, explore online databases of servicemen who served in both the Confederate and Union armies, learn about Civil War military and pension records and how to obtain them, and research the history of the War Between the States.
    Andersonville Prisoner of War Camp

    Discover the horrors of life within the walls of one of the most notorious prisons in American history. From Military History Guide, Robert Martin. Camp Life: Civil War Collections from Gettysburg
    No genealogical information, but a very neat virtual exhibit of common, everyday items of the Civil War soldier preserved at the Gettysburg National Military Park. Civil War Archive Nice page which includes a regimental index, Corp index, letters, excerpts from diaries, roundtables, and a research room. Midi file playing on the front page with no way to turn off.

    32. Units From Illinois During The Civil War
    at forts within union occupied confederate territory) and men in excess of the union'srequested quota troops from Illinois joined 22 distinct military units.
    Total number Illinois men in the service:
    about 256,297
    Illinois Infantry, Cavalry, and Artillery Units
    Illinois responded to President Lincoln's first call for troops with the 7th-12th Infantry (as well as Artillery and Cavalry). Regiments were numbered in order of formation, beginning with 7. In respect for 6 Regiments that served from Illinois in the Mexican War, 1 through 6 were not used. Regiments 7-12 were enrolled twice, once for 3 months, then for 3 years. Most of the rest were enrolled for three years, except for 67-71 (for 3 months in mid-1862, primarily for guard duty in Illinois), 132-143 and 145 (in 1863-1864 for 100 day guard duty at forts within Union occupied Confederate territory) and 144 and 146-156 (1 year duty). By August of 1861, Illinois had enrolled men in the 7th through 55th Infantry Regiments. Some men had difficulting getting into Illinois Regiments and joined Regiments from other states. By the end of August 1862, Regiment Numbers through 116 had been or were forming. Just one month later, the number was up to the 129th. By late November 1862, after the harvest season, Illinois had 125 Infantry Regiments, 16 Cavalry, and 30 Artillery batteries. The total was 20,000 men in excess of the Union's requested quota for the State of Illinois

    33. Georgia Confederate Military History Resources
    millions of other documents about union and confederate units of the confederate ArmyA listing to US Army military History Institute Bibliography This site
    Georgia Confederate Military History Resources
    John K. McNeill Camp #674 PO Box 1353 Moultrie, Georgia 31776
    Confederate History Information: Teachers, Students, Parents, visit the Georgia Division's CSA History Curriculum "A Southern View on the War Between the States: The War for Southern Independence 1861-1865. Information about Confederate History that you most likely DID NOT learn in school! Go to our FAQ page A listing of Frequently Asked Questions about the War for Southern Independence and the SCV. Important dates in Confederate History. Every day is a good day to fly a CSA flag. here are some specific dates to remember. Confederate Veteran Magazine: (1893-1906) Selected articles.
    Other Georgia Confederate History Links: Augusta Powder Works : "The Confederacy's Manufacturing Triumph". An interesting article on the history of this factory with illustrations and photographs. Battles in Georgia: Causes of Georgia Secessions: Chickamauga National Military Park: Civil War in Georgia : Many links on this page to references to the WBTS in Georgia as part of Carl Vinson Institute of Government, The University of Georgia
    Confederate Cemeteries-Georgia
    Confederate Cemetery Lists: Dedicated to listing all the Final Resting Places of our Beloved Soldiers "We will try to list all Burial Places even if only 1 Soldier is buried there this much we owe to them that paid the ultimate price, So they are not Forgotten"

    34. American Civil War And Military History
    military units. 1st Kentucky (Orphan) Brigade. confederate Civil War RegimentalHistory Links. New Mexico Volunteers. union Army Regimental Histories Index.
    Last updated: 03/20/03
    The American Civil War
    General Resources
    American Civil War Homepage Antietam on the Web Civil War Image Map Civil War Photos Page ... Year of Glory (Army of Northern Virginia under Robert E. Lee)
    U.S. Grant Home Page Biographies of Union and Confederate Generals General Officers of the Civil War Antietam Battlefield ... Virginia's Civil War Battlefields Military Units 1st Kentucky (Orphan) Brigade 1st Louisiana Cavalry Regiment Battalion History of First Maryland Cavalry Battalion, CSA History of the "Old First" ... Union Army Regimental Histories Index Need to read more about the American Civil War?
    Go to Current Military Information Histor History Channel's Online Store Primary Source History Bookstore ... Documentary Videos Online

    35. TSLA Services By Mail: Military Records
    Service and Pension Records and Order Forms for military Service and the publishedlist of soldiers who served in confederate and union units from Tennessee
    Tennessee State Library and Archives
    Historical and Genealogical Information
    Only one request will be handled at a time. Please do not send a second search request while you have a request pending. Please do not send several searches in separate envelopes. There may be a waiting period of up to six weeks before you receive a reply. Revolutionary War : 1776 - 1783
    War of 1812 : 1812 - 1815

    Cherokee Removal : 1836

    Mexican War : 1846 - 1848
    Tennessee Militia Commissions : 1796 - 1862

    Tennessee did not have any designated units during the Revolutionary War, as it was not a state at that time. We recommend that you contact the state from which your Revolutionary War ancestor came to inquire about available rosters and records. We have a published list of Revolutionary War pensioners, with detailed information about their pension applications, from which we can copy entries. E-mail TSLA with the name of the individual, and we will check to see if there is a listing in the index. For additional information, please visit our web site for

    Provides information on sources that are available for research on Civil War soldiers in Tennessee Category Regional North America History Civil War...... of the Official Records of the union and confederate The index includes names, placesand units. military Bibliography of the Civil War by CE Dornbusch (New
    Tennessee State Library and Archives
    Historical and Genealogical Information
    TENNESSEE CIVIL WAR RESEARCH SOURCES Literally hundreds of sources are available for research on Civil War soldiers and related topics. The sources listed below are the most frequently used to locate information about Tennesseeans. Published sources can be checked and copies sent to you. Send $3 and the name of your soldier to: Tennessee State Library and Archives
    403 7th Avenue North
    Nashville, TN 37243-0312
    Specify which sources you would like us to check. Non-residents of Tennessee should write the National Archives for copies of service records. All researchers should write the National Archives for Union pension records. The address is: National Archives and Records Service
    Washington, DC, 20408 SERVICE RECORDS
    • Tennesseans in the Civil War
    (Nashville: Civil War Centennial Commission, 1964) 2 volumes Volume 1. Brief histories of each Tennessee unit in the Civil War. The information about the place of residence of most soldiers in each company is often useful. This information can help you distinguish between two soldiers of the same name who served in different units. This volume also includes a list of the units from each county. Volume 2. Two alphabetical lists of soldiers Confederate and Union. Compiled from service records, muster rolls, newspapers published during the war, and other sources. Once a name and unit are identified, copies of an individual's service record can be located.

    37. Researching Maryland Units In The Civil War
    my Maryland union units Page or my Maryland confederate units Page for a listof sources on these regiments. Be sure to check the US Army military History
    Maryland Civil War Research
    Where to Begin
    The best way to begin your search is to play 20 questions with your elderly relatives about what they know of the last several generations. Search the house for images, documents, anything that might give you clues to the past. If you are not familiar with how to research Civil War regiments, I suggest that you find a copy of Tracing Your Civil War Ancestor by Bertram Hawthorne Groene, ISBN:0-345-36192-X. This book is readable and includes much useful information. The National Archive's Civil War Records Tutorial includes a thorough explanation of the kinds of information in their collections. These sources will give you an idea of what information is available and what types of clues to look for. At a minimum there are several pieces of information that you need to begin your search: a name, unit number, place of residence, dates, and date/place of death. You need not have all of these. But the more information you have the easier you search will be. Each of these items can help you locate clues to your ancestor's service. Research Plan
  • Gather as much information as you can from documents, photos, relics, and relatives.
  • 38. Arkansas Confederate Infantry Regiments
    Records, muster rolls, and duty assignments of the men representing Arkansas for the Confederacy .Category Regional North America History Civil War...... most commonly considered to be of military age as having served in multiple units,Arkansas provided and 5,000 black Arkansans fought exclusively for the union!
    Regimental Histories
    More than 30 infantry regiments, a dozen cavalry regiments, and a host of assorted battalions, companies, and batteries were raised in Arkansas for Confederate service during the War Between the States. Most of these units, regretfully, have never had a spokesman or a historian. Researching the history of Arkansas's Confederate forces is made doubly hard by the fact that shortages of supplies, including paper, after the summer of 1862 kept many regiments and companies from keeping detailed records. And most regrettably, for the Arkansans who served in the Confederate Army of Tennessee and Army of Northern Virginia, the intensity of combat and harsh life in the field left few survivors to tell their tales. The capsule histories herein have been compiled mainly from (1) Stewart Sifakis, Compendium of the Confederate Armies: Florida and Arkansas (New York: Facts on File, 1992); (2) Clement Evans, Confederate Military History , Volume 10 (Louisiana and Arkansas) (Wilmington, NC, Broadfoot Publishing Co., 1987); and (3) Supplement to the Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies in the War of the Rebellion, Part II, Serial 14;

    39. Louisiana Civil War Sources
    Guide to Louisiana confederate military units 18611865 Louisiana State University theRebellion Official Records of the union and confederate Armies 130
    Louisiana Civil War Sources Compiled by Steven L. Driskell Below is a sample of numerous publications for those researching individuals or units who fought for Louisiana in 1861-1865. If you are searching for an ancestor, I strongly suggest contacting the Sons of Confederate Veterans in the State of Louisiana. Individual Publications
    Government Publications

    Individual Publications Bartlett, Napier
    Military Record of Louisiana
    Baton Rouge, 1964 Bergeron, Arthur W., Jr.
    Guide to Louisiana Confederate Military Units 1861-1865
    Louisiana State University Press, Baton Rouge, 1989 Bergeron, Arthur W., Jr. ed.
    Reminiscences of Uncle Silas: The History of the Eighteenth Louisiana Infantry Regiment
    Baton Rouge, 1981 Bergeron, Arthur W., Jr., and Lawrence L. Hewitt
    Boone's Louisiana Battery: A History and Roster
    Baton Rouge, 1986 Bergeron, Arthur W., Jr., and Lawrence L. Hewitt Miles' Legion: A History and Roster Baton Rouge, 1983 Booth, Andrew B. , compiler Records of Louisiana Confederate Soldiers and Louisiana Confederate Commands 3 vols.; New Orleans, 1920

    40. Military Records
    10. military Service Records of General and Staff Officers copies of the muster rollsof Florida units. Rosters of Florida's confederate and union Soldiers 1861
    Military records can provide a wealth of information on your ancestor. Below are the records and indexes available to be searched. When ordering a search please be sure to specify the full name of the soldier, war served in, and if known, the unit, company, and anything else you know or might know pertaining to their military service. REVOLUTIONARY WAR 1. Revolutionary War Pension Applications. Microfilmed copies of the original applications. All original states available. 2. Massachusetts Soldiers and Sailors of the Revolutionary War. Includes name, rank, and biography of each soldier. Several thousand names included. WAR OF 1812 3. Virgil White's three-volume index to War of 1812 Pension Files. SEMINOLE WARS During the first half of the nineteenth century, the United States military fought three conflicts with Florida's Native American population. These included the First Seminole (1817-1818), Second Seminole (1835-1842), and Third Seminole (1855-1858) Wars. 4. Service Records of Volunteer Soldiers Who Served in Organizations From the State of Florida during the Florida Indian Wars, 1835-1858. Contains records of soldiers who served in Florida units mustered into United States' service during the Second and Third Seminole Wars. The soldiers' name, rank, unit, muster-in date, and muster-out date are usually included.

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