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         Military Units Union:     more books (38)
  1. Combat in the East: Experiences of German tactical and logistical units in Russia (Foreign military studies) by Fritz Wentzell, 1952
  2. The Union blues: A brief history of the corps and its life by William Holland Samson, 1912
  3. Il-2 Shturmovik Guards Units of World War 2 (Combat Aircraft) by Oleg Rastrenin, 2008-03-18
  5. Luftwaffe Fighter Units: Russia 1941-1945 (Osprey Airwar 11) by Christopher Shores, 1978-07-15
  6. The German Fighter Units over Russia: A Pictorial History of the Pilots and Aircraft by Werner Held, 1990-07
  7. The Antagonists: A Comparative Combat Assessment of the Soviet and American Soldier (Contributions in Military Studies) by Richard A. Gabriel, 1984-01-24
  8. Operation Of An Experimental Manufacturing Facility For Military Quartz Crystal Units by Staff, 1956
  9. Introductory Process Manual For Military Quartz Crystal Units (Abbreviated and Illustrated) by Staff, 1960
  10. Armored Units of the Russian Civil War: Red Army (New Vanguard) by David Bullock, 2006-04-25
  11. Soviet armor tactics in World War II: The tactics of the armored units of the Red Army from individual vehicles to company according to the combat regulations of February 1944 by Charles C Sharp, 1999
  12. Armored Units of the Russian Civil War: White and Allied (New Vanguard) (Pt.1) by David Bullock, 2003-12-17
  13. Tactical Exercises of Air Defense Large Units with Field Firing by Colonel General of Aviation I. D. Podgornyy, 2010-02-19
  14. Tactics in unusual situations (Small unit tactics) by Erhard Raus, 1951

21. Webbs In Military Service
Webbs in Civil War military units Listing from the Atomic Energy for military Purposes,Princeton, Princeton Official Records of the union and Confederate
Compiled by Jonathan Webb Deiss
This web-page and others on this site act as my research journal and should be viewed as such. Information presented here may be incorrect, or improperly cited or may be here one day and gone the next, yet I strive to always update the information and correct any inconsistencies or mistakes on an almost daily basis. As a work in progress it represents the best information about the subject available to me at the time.
Ebenezer Webb of Windham, Connecticut and his sons Darius, Jonathan, Christopher and Ebenezer Jr. all served in either local militia, state forces or the Continental line.
selected extracts

War of the Southern Rebellion 1861 - 1865 :
Listing from the National Park Service Civil War Soldiers and Sailors System of a great many soldiers from the Civil War with Webb surname. Includes a total of over 1000 soldiers ( Click here for a big file!) from North and South in both white and African-American (USCT) volunteer and some regular forces. Search the American Civil War Research Database courtesy of Historical Data Systems ( Click here for a big file!).

22. The Soviet Military Awards Page.
Awarded to Soviet nationals, foreigners, establishments, institutions, organizations,military units, union and autonomous republics, provinces, autonomous
The Soviet Military Awards Page Goto Main Page
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Titles of Distinction Hero of the Soviet Union
Hero of Socialist Labor

Pilot-Cosmonaut of USSR

Dist. Military Pilot USSR
Dist. Navigator USSR
Orders Order of Victory
Order of Lenin

Order of October Revolution

Order of the Red Banner
... Order of Maternal Glory Medals Medal of Ushakov Medal of Nakhimov 20th Anniversary Red Army Partisan of Patriotic War ... Irreproachable Svc. Medals Miscellaneous Awards for Sale Links of Interest Contact Order of the Red Banner of Labor Established 7 September 1928. Awarded to civilians and military personnel for exceptional service in production, for scientific achievement, or for government or public service Type 1 Variation 1 WANTED Screwback. 1928 version. Large depression on reverse. Type 1 Variation 2 WANTED Screwback. 1928 version. Small depression on reverse.

23. The Soviet Military Awards 1
recipients of the titles of Hero of the Soviet union and Hero enterprises, organizations,and other collective groups of workers, military units, and provinces
The Soviet Military Awards Page Goto Main Page
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Titles of Distinction Hero of the Soviet Union
Hero of Socialist Labor

Pilot-Cosmonaut of USSR

Dist. Military Pilot USSR
Dist. Navigator USSR
Orders Order of Victory
Order of Lenin

Order of October Revolution

Order of the Red Banner
... Order of Maternal Glory Medals Medal of Ushakov Medal of Nakhimov 20th Anniversary Red Army Partisan of Patriotic War ... Irreproachable Svc. Medals Miscellaneous Awards for Sale Links of Interest Contact Order of Victory Highest Soviet military decoration. Established 8 November 1943. Awarded to members of the armed forces high command for successfully conducting combat operations involving one or more army groups, and resulting in a radical change of the situation in favor of the Soviet Armed Forces. The five-pointed ruby star of the Order of Victory, adorned with 110 diamonds, was given to eleven outstanding Soviet military leaders and other international leaders of the Anti-Hitler coalition. Variation 1 R* Screwback. This is a high quality replica.

24. USCWC -- American Indians, Prisons, Supplies, And Weapons/Artillery
A Guide to Cherokee Confederate military units The Indian Civil War Message BoardIndian units in the Thomas Legion of North Carolina union and Confederate

Civil War Information 4
American Indians
Forgotten Flag of the Cherokee Braves
Return to the Link Index
Alcatraz's Military History
The Bonnie White Flag

Brothers Bound: The Prisoner of War Experience
Civil War Concentration Camps ... Andersonville: A Legacy of Shame, But Whose? by Gary Waltrip The Trial of Captain Henry Wirz, Commandant of Andersonville Prison rd Pennsylvania: Andersonville Prison Records Brothers Bound ... Libby Prison (photograph) They Paid to Enter Libby Prison Marion County, MO Prison Old Capitol Prison Point Lookout Prison Camp (MD) ... A Yankee Prisoner in Texas: William Ryan BROKEN LINKS: Belle's Island War Prison Belle Isle Civil War Prison Camp (VA) Camp Ford: A Civil War Era Prisoner of War Camp Civil War Prisons Civil War Prisons: A Living Hell Civil War Prisons: Andersonville and Elmira Getting Out of Prison, From

25. Spec. HQ Course
guest lectured and taught at British military Intelligence structures District Thetraining of Special operations units in the former Soviet union such as
The I nternational B odyguard A ssociation
Courses Military Units
DG training members of Ukrainian Special Forces Group ' ALPHA'
International Bodyguard Association

Bureau of Military Training
DG with IBA Training Team in Afghanistan 1992

The purpose of the Bureau of Military Training is to provide the training method of the International Bodyguard Association for Military Units
Origin The Bureau at its inception drew heavily upon the experience of the Combat Training Team (1975-1991). The CTT established at Royal Marine Depot, Deal taught a pro-active approach to combat skills non-NATO servicemen including elite units such as Airborne Forces, Commandos and Special Forces. From 1981 until 1991 the Team specialised in the training of anti-spetsnaz and counter-spetsnaz units. James Shortt was Director of Training for the CTT from 1975 when it was established as the Services Training Team prior to his meeting Lucien OTT and joining the IBA Russian, US , Estonian, Danish Special Forces with British personnel attend IBA Course at Panzer Caserne, Germany

26. Rules And Regulations Of The American Civil War Society, Inc.
a union military impression, with the exception of those approved Specialty Impressionswho shall answer directly to the Board. 3.2.4. Reenactment units or
American Civil War Society, Inc. Rules and Regulations American Civil War Society is a non-profit educational organization dedicated to the preservation of our history for future generations Home Goals and Objectives The American Civil War in California ACWS and California Schedule of Events for 2003 ... Civilian's Gazette Rules and Regulations Member Sutlers of the ACWS How to Contact Us! The current in-force rules and regulations, as always, are available at the Membership Information Booth during each event. The ACWS Gold Book Being a Guidebook of the Rules and Regulations Of
The American Civil War Society These are the Rules and Regulations for the ACWS as approved by the Board of Directors On
2 February 2002 This printing supercedes all versions with an earlier date. Rules and Regulations of the American Civil War Society Contents Section I - Purpose Section II - Organizational Structure Section III Section IV Section V - Civilian Corps Section VI - Safety Section VII - Miscellaneous Section VIII - Disciplinary Action Section I - Purpose Intent and Goals The intent of the ACWS is to provide a central organizational point for individual units and members.

27. Bucknell University Sheary Project: Union County Civil War Military History
union County companies organized for military action. Three companies from union Countywere recruited just Two Lewisburg militia units answered the Governor's
Following the bombardment of Fort Sumter in Charleston
Harbor, South Carolina, on April 15, 1861, President
Abraham Lincoln appealed for 75,000 volunteers to
fight for the Union Cause. Pennsylvania, one of the
states most supportive of the Lincoln administration,
responded overwhelmingly with hundreds of patriotic
men dedicated to preserving their country. A high
number of these volunteers came from Union County.
One company immediately left for Harrisburg, the State
Capitol, in answer to the President's urgent summons;
the second unit soon followed. This was the first of many calls the men of Union County answered to save the fragmented nation. When the North was shocked by defeat in the First Battle of Bull Run at Manassas, Virginia, on July 21, 1861, five Union County companies organized for military action. The Pennsylvania Reserve Volunteer Corps went into Federal service a few days later. The unsuccessful first attempt to capture Richmond in the spring and early summer prompted a call for additional troops on July 7, 1862. Three companies from Union

28. 1977 Constitution Of The USSR, Part III
of servicemen in military units. The procedure for holding elections to Soviets ofPeople's Deputies shall be defined by the laws of the USSR, and of union and
Adopted at the Seventh (Special) Session of
the Supreme Soviet of the USSR
Ninth Convocation
On October 7, 1977
Article 89. The Soviets of People's Deputies, i.e. the Supreme Soviet of the USSR, the Supreme Soviets of Union Republics, the Supreme Soviets of Autonomous Republics, the Soviets of People's Deputies of Territories and Regions, the Soviets of People's Deputies of Autonomous Regions and Autonomous Areas, and the Soviets of People's Deputies of districts, cities, city districts, settlements and villages shall constitute a single system of bodies of state authority. Article 90. The term of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR, the Supreme Soviets of Union Republics, and the Supreme Soviets of Autonomous Republics shall be five years.
The term of local Soviets of People's Deputies shall be two and a half years.
Elections to Soviets of People's Deputies shall be called not later than two months before the expiry of the term of the Soviet concerned.

29. Researching Maryland Units In The Civil War
my Maryland union units Page or my Maryland Confederate units Page for a listof sources on these regiments. Be sure to check the US Army military History
Maryland Civil War Research
Where to Begin
The best way to begin your search is to play 20 questions with your elderly relatives about what they know of the last several generations. Search the house for images, documents, anything that might give you clues to the past. If you are not familiar with how to research Civil War regiments, I suggest that you find a copy of Tracing Your Civil War Ancestor by Bertram Hawthorne Groene, ISBN:0-345-36192-X. This book is readable and includes much useful information. The National Archive's Civil War Records Tutorial includes a thorough explanation of the kinds of information in their collections. These sources will give you an idea of what information is available and what types of clues to look for. At a minimum there are several pieces of information that you need to begin your search: a name, unit number, place of residence, dates, and date/place of death. You need not have all of these. But the more information you have the easier you search will be. Each of these items can help you locate clues to your ancestor's service. Research Plan
  • Gather as much information as you can from documents, photos, relics, and relatives.
  • 30. Firstmom's Genealogy Resources - Military Resources
    Cemetery List; Guide to Cherokee Confederate military units, 18611865; of peoplewith more info on various units; KS-OK From the USIGS; union Regimental Histories;
    Genealogy Site Index
    Ship Passenger Lists
    Military Resources Free Stuff Researcher's List ...
    Welcome to Firstmom's Genealogy Resources-Military
    Brought to you by
    Firstmom's has made it into
    and The Genealogy Register
    GenForum Message Boards - Military Service
    This page is for locating military records for genealogy or heritage purposes and for general Military History knowledge.
    Some of the links listed lead to databases. Thats a subscription site (see free trial link below!), but I include the links due to their value. There's just some databases that arent on the free sites yet, so the subscription is very well worth it if you're serious about finding your ancestors. If you find an ancestry link on my site, and know where that particular database can be accessed for free, let me know. NEW! 14-day Free Trial of's Databases GENERAL MILITARY
  • Center For Military History
  • Military History Institute
  • Military History of Louisiana
  • Researchers List You may find someone locally who can find records easier, or list yourself and do that for others.
  • Ancient Faces Searchable Database of over 2700 photos online, includes military photographs.
  • 31. Russia Local Partner - Union Of The Committees Of Soldiers' Mothers Of Russia
    Program Summary The union of the Committees of Soldiers' Mothers of Russia militaryreform, and amnesty for soldiers who left their military units because of
    Home Page Who We Are What We Do In Their Own Voices ... Log In
    Network Members
    log in here Who We Are Members in Conflict Areas RUSSIA
    Union of the Committees of Soldiers' Mothers of Russia
    Joined network in 2000 Contact: Anna Ignatieva, Internet Coordinator Address:
    Union of the Committees of the Soldiers' Mothers of Russia (UCSMR)
    Luchnikov per., dom 4, pod. 3, kom. 5
    10100 Moscow, Russia
    Tel: + 7 095 928-25-06
    Fax: + 7 095 206-89-58 Email:
    Program Summary: The Union of the Committees of Soldiers' Mothers of Russia (UCSMR; known before 1998 as the Committee of Soldiers' Mothers of Russia) is a human rights NGO created in 1989 to protect the human rights of draftees, soldiers, and their parents. The strategic goals of the UCSMR are to develop civil society and civil control over professional armed forces. The Soldiers' Mothers work for the immediate abolishment of obligatory conscription. The focus of UCSMR's human rights activities includes dealing with individual complaints (personal and written) on human rights violations in the armed forces; organizing human rights education of draftees and their parents; and organizing consultations with the regional Soldiers Mothers' branches to promote peaceful activities. Although the Soldiers Mothers' organization is mostly known in connection with their peaceful activities during Chechen wars of 1994-1996 and 1999, the Committees of Soldiers' Mothers has actively worked for and towards peace since 1989, long before the first Chechen war (Baku, Tbilisi, Tadzhikistan, Nagorno-Karabakh, etc.).

    32. FRSP Visitor Center
    More Civil War events occurred in and around Fredericksburg than anywhere. It is by far the bloodiest Category Society History Civil War Battles Fredericksburg...... page contains information on this historic house that was a union headquarters during foreach state that lead to information on military units, rosters, and
    Fredericksburg and Spotsylvania
    National Military Park
    Welcome to the Electronic Visitor Center!
    Fredericksburg Battlefield Visitor Center
    entrance fee
    per person for those 17 and over to visit the park. Special Programs. May 2,3,4,10 140th Anniversary of Chancellorsville Programs History at Sunset: Summer Evening Walking Tours The complete list of park and other Civil War programs is listed under special programs.
    Basic Park Information
    This is a good place to start if you are unfamiliar with the park and the local area. Preparing For Your Visit
    Park and Fredericksburg area information including directions to the Park and telephone numbers.
    Touring The Park

    This is the gateway to information on battlefield touring options. There is a section on each of the four battlefields of the park, the Jackson Shrine, Salem Church, and the local Civil War cemeteries. The park walking tour folders can be found here as well as links to a great deal of information about the battles, the leaders and the units involved. Park Maps
    Download free Adobe Acrobat Reader to view Park Maps.

    33. Gett Kidzpage- What Is A Regiment?
    must understand the names for military units and how several adjustments to theirrespective military departments and Potomac was the primary union army in
    What is a Regiment?
    Gettysburg National Military Park Kidzpage
    Morning roll call by Charles Reed
    Understanding the terms used for military organizations can be just as difficult as remembering who fought the Battle of Gettysburg, so the historian must understand the names for military units and how the armies were organized. Civil War armies were organized according to military manuals written long before the first shot was fired. Remarkably, the same officer wrote the manual for both sides! William J. Hardee wrote his book on infantry tactics in the 1850's and then re-wrote the manual for Confederate use when he resigned from the United States Army and joined the Confederacy. The War Departments of North and South made several adjustments to their respective military departments and army organizations throughout the war, but the basic organization remained the same. The two armies that fought at Gettysburg were organized in a similar fashion and had a similar command structure. The "Army of the Potomac" was the primary Union army in the eastern theater of the war and the "Army of Northern Virginia" was the main Confederate force.

    34. NARA | Genealogy | Civil War Records
    file; and (3) records reproduced in microfilm publication M594, Compiled RecordsShowing Service of military units in Volunteer union Organizations (225 rolls)
    Where Is...? / How Do I...? Where Is...? Hot Topics / What's New The Constitution The Declaration of Independence The Bill of Rights Genealogy Veterans' Service Records Archival Research Catalog (ARC) Access to Archival Databases (AAD) Electronic Records Archives (ERA) Archives Library Info. Center (ALIC) Calendar of Events FAQs FOIA Reading Room Information Security Oversight Office Interagency Working Group (IWG) Locations and Hours (Facilities) Media Desk Organization Chart Preservation Prologue Magazine Publications How Do I...? Use this Site Order Copies Contact NARA Visit NARA Apply for a Job Volunteer at NARA Research Online Find a Public Law Apply for a Grant Find Records Management Training April 9, 2003 Sections Genealogy Main Page About Genealogy Research Research Topics African Americans ... NARA Publications Resources Contact Us Sources to Answer FAQs Archival Research Catalog (ARC) Guide to Genealogical Research ... Search in Genealogy Civil War Records
    Table of Contents
    Part 1: Introduction to Basic Research Sources

    35. Units From Illinois During The Civil War
    The total was 20,000 men in excess of the union's requested quota for the Stateof In all, Colored troops from Illinois joined 22 distinct military units.
    Total number Illinois men in the service:
    about 256,297
    Illinois Infantry, Cavalry, and Artillery Units
    Illinois responded to President Lincoln's first call for troops with the 7th-12th Infantry (as well as Artillery and Cavalry). Regiments were numbered in order of formation, beginning with 7. In respect for 6 Regiments that served from Illinois in the Mexican War, 1 through 6 were not used. Regiments 7-12 were enrolled twice, once for 3 months, then for 3 years. Most of the rest were enrolled for three years, except for 67-71 (for 3 months in mid-1862, primarily for guard duty in Illinois), 132-143 and 145 (in 1863-1864 for 100 day guard duty at forts within Union occupied Confederate territory) and 144 and 146-156 (1 year duty). By August of 1861, Illinois had enrolled men in the 7th through 55th Infantry Regiments. Some men had difficulting getting into Illinois Regiments and joined Regiments from other states. By the end of August 1862, Regiment Numbers through 116 had been or were forming. Just one month later, the number was up to the 129th. By late November 1862, after the harvest season, Illinois had 125 Infantry Regiments, 16 Cavalry, and 30 Artillery batteries. The total was 20,000 men in excess of the Union's requested quota for the State of Illinois

    36. Black History Pages
    to the union victory. (Added 27Nov-1999 Hits 68 Rating 7.00 Votes 1) Rate It.Blacks Who Fought For The South - Black Confederate military units, both as

    Add a Site
    Modify a Site What's New What's Cool ... Military : Civil War
    • 54th. Mass. Volunteer Infantry, Co. I Portraying the experience of the African American soldier in the American Civil War in South Carolina. (Added: 23-Nov-1999 Hits: 222 Rating: 8.00 Votes: 1) Rate It
    • 5th Regiment, US Colored Cavalry This site is devoted to the history of the Fifth Regiment of the U.S. Colored Cavalry, a unit comprised of men of African descent—slaves, ex-slaves, and free men—who fought for the Union cause during the American Civil War (1861-1865). Members of the regiment were reportedly massacred by Confederate troops following the Battle of Saltville on October 2-3, 1864. (Added: 23-Nov-1999 Hits: 155 Rating: 10.00 Votes: 2) Rate It
    • Black Confederate Heritage (Added: 24-Jan-2000 Hits: 142 Rating: 1.00 Votes: 1) Rate It
    • Black Soldiers in Gray On December 22, 1862, 700 armed Black graycoats attacked New York soldiers near New Market Bridge, VA; on February 9, 1862, 3,000 well-trained Black graycoats formed the '1st Native Guard' and the State of Tennessee became the first southern state to legislate the use of free Blacks as soldiers in June, 1861. These surprising facts and others, apparently lost somewhere within the cradle of history, reveal another side to the African-American struggle that has never been publicly explored beforeBlacks fighting on the side of the pro-slavery Confederacy. (Added: 24-Jan-2000 Hits: 215 Rating: 4.50 Votes: 2)

    37. CDI Military Reform Project - European Union - Center For Defense Information
    if NATO and the European union disagree on civilian assistance package,” one CivilMilitaryCooperation (CIMIC mechanized brigade, plus smaller units as part
    May 23, 2002 Printer-Friendly Version The European Union has since the Petersburg meeting in 1992 been slowly moving toward a military capability, mainly focused upon anticipated peacekeeping missions. Amid intense debate over whether an EU military force was a justifiable move, the process gather steam after its 1999 launch and was declared operational at the Laeken European Council in late 2001. However, due to issues with available forces and funds, as well as continued political questions regarding relations with NATO, it remains unclear when and how such a force might ever be used.
    Background As part of the launch of its new European Security and Defense Policy (ESDP), the 15-nation European Union adopted a policy target, the ‘Headline Goal’ at Helsinki in December 1999. The European Union wanted to increase its capability to carry out the ‘Petersberg tasks’ of humanitarian and rescue missions, peacekeeping, and tasks of combat forces in crisis management, including peacemaking. Under this plan, the European Union pledged by the year 2003 to be able to deploy rapidly and then sustain forces capable of the full range of Petersberg tasks, including the most demanding, in operations up to corps level (up to 15 brigades or 50,000-60,000 persons).

    38. California In The Civil War - Links
    Mariposa County. Civil War military units. Historic military Installations.union Regimental Histories Infantry. 71st Pennsylvania, Reenactors.
    California in the Civil War - Links
    71st Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry
    the California Regiment Second Massachusetts Cavalry, Company A,
    the "California Hundred" California Miltary Museum CMM Civil War Page CMM Civil War Page Tehama County Museum California Historical Artillery Society Mariposa County ... 71st Pennsylvania , Reenactors 2nd Massachusetts , Reenactors Military Order of the Loyal Legion of theUnited States Sons of Confederate Veterans, California Division Sons of Union Veterans' of the Civil War American Civil War Homepage SUVCW - California Civil War Project ... Home Links Stations Units

    39. LITOPYS UPA - Related Materials: Ukrainians In World War II Military Formations:
    Ukrainians who were in German military units were there for various reasons, fewof to the two main adversaries of the region, Germany and the Soviet union.
    Related Materials
    Ukrainians in World War II Military Formations: An Overview
    Peter J. Potichnyj
    There is a great deal of confusion about the behaviour of Ukrainians during 1939-45, and it is not limited to non-Ukrainians. Forty years after World War II, some Ukrainians are themselves unclear on issues that affected them four decades ago and have influenced their thinking to this day. The common view of the war is that of an enormous struggle between the forces of good and evil, in which the former triumphed. It follows from this view that the nations and individuals who were not on the side of the Allies (except, of course, for the neutral countries) must have been on the side of the Axis powers or, worse still, on the side of the Nazis. Whatever does not fit this neat pattern is either overlooked or misunderstood, and so it has been with the present debate over collaboration and war criminality among Ukrainians. During World War II Ukrainians collaborated with all sides, for two main reasons. First, as one of the world's largest national groups without a sovereign state, Ukrainians did not control their destiny at a crucial time in world history. Second, not unlike Jews, Ukrainians were - and still are - scattered throughout the world; thus in 1939-45 they could be found in all kinds of places and situations. Since the war's fiercest battles were on Ukrainian territory, it is not surprising that Ukrainians fought in various armies and military formations, in large numbers and on all fronts. In the Soviet army alone were 4.5 million citizens of Ukraine. According to Soviet statistics, 409,668 Ukrainians were awarded medals for bravery in the war; 961 became heroes of the Soviet Union; and 60 per cent of the 250,000-strong Soviet partisan force in Ukraine was Ukrainian.

    40. Links
    union Army Regimental History Index From the Official Records History for Today- military units Switchboard - Has information on military units in the Civil
    Get Five DVDs for $.49 each. Join now. Tell me when this page is updated The Department of Kansas Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War Home Here are a few of our favorite links: Excellent site dedicated to remembering the fallen heroes of America! (Special thanks for the use of the Flags background!) Home of Heroes - Excellent site which contains a ton of information about Medal of Honor Recipients, etc as well as a wonderful definition of what a Hero really is! Contains over 12,000 pages of can spend hours on this site alone! (A 5-star site in my opinion!) Congressional Medal of Honor Society - The "official" site of the CMOHS...contains a lot of information about the Medal, its history, recipients, etc. (Well worth a visit!) Sites that contain information about the Civil War in Kansas, Kansas Units and Kansas History in General: The Civil War in Kansas: Kansas Army National Guard This site has a link called "35 Star" which is about Kansas in the Civil site! Bleeding Kansas - The history of one family during the Border Wars.

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