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         Minnesota Charter Schools:     more books (21)
  1. Schools in Minnesota: Blue Ribbon Schools in Minnesota, Boarding Schools in Minnesota, Charter Schools in Minnesota
  2. Minnesota Charter Schools: A Research Report by Sue Urahn, Dan Stewart, 1994-06
  3. Profiles of Minnesota Charter Schools by Edvision, and Minnesota Association of Charter Schools Center for School Change, 2003
  4. Charter Schools in Minnesota: City Academy High School, Tarek Ibn Ziyad Academy, Northfield School of Arts and Technology
  5. Controversy over charter schools erupts in Idaho and Minnesota.(PEOPLE & EVENTS): An article from: Church & State by Unavailable, 2009-10-01
  6. Keeping The Promise: One Charter School’s Experience by Samuel Yigzaw, 2008-02-10
  7. Technology for charter schools too: a team-based training model.(Teams for Technology (T4T) training program): An article from: T H E Journal (Technological Horizons In Education) by Daniel Wendol, Tom King, 2003-04-01
  8. City Academy. (St Paul, MN, charter school)(Special Section on Charter Schools): An article from: Phi Delta Kappan by Milo Cutter, 1996-09-01
  9. A choice to charter.(Special Section on Charter Schools): An article from: Phi Delta Kappan by Doug Thomas, Kim Borwege, 1996-09-01
  10. The Coolest School in America: How Small Learning Communities Are Changing Everything by Walter Enloe, 2004-12-17
  11. Lessons About School Choice From Minnesota: Promise and Challenges.: An article from: Phi Delta Kappan by Joe Nathan, William L. Boyd, 2003-01-01
  12. Charter school financial accountability: Evaluation report by Deborah Parker Junod, 2003
  13. Charter schools (House Research information brief) by Lisa Larson, 2001
  14. How level a playing field?: The search for equity in charter school funding by Cheryl M Mandala, 1998

61. LAB At Brown University: Charter Schools
Like most charter schools in minnesota, this school was started fromscratch, rather than converted from an existing school. The
Charter Schools:
The Other Public Schools
Table of Contents About This Series

What is a Charter School?
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A Brief History
The Nation's First Charter School: A Teacher's Vision Becomes Reality City Academy, in St. Paul, Minnesota, was the first charter school in the nation to open its doors. Founded by two teachers with assistance from many of the first-year students, the school focuses on youth who have dropped out of school. City Academy, placing a heavy emphasis on student responsibility and decision making, is a small school with a personalized learning environment and has had significant success. Most of the students, all former drop-outs, have graduated and gone on to some kind of postsecondary education. Like most charter schools in Minnesota, this school was started "from scratch," rather than converted from an existing school. The school's director is also helping teachers in other states to create charter schools. -President Clinton's Call to Action for
American Education in the 21st Century
As of fall 1998, seven years after Minnesota's pioneering law, charter school legislation has passed or is pending in 34 states, Puerto Rico, and the District of Columbia. Several other states have bills under consideration in their legislatures, making it clear that the charter school movement has become a very popular vehicle of public education reform across the country. But the idea of allowing teachers and parents to form and run innovative, locally-controlled public schools had been around well before the legislation finally appeared.

62. Minnesota Association Of Charter Schools
MACS minnesota Association of charter schools Event Registration. Click here forHome Page. Your Phone Number © 2002 minnesota Association of charter schools.
Minnesota Association of Charter Schools Event Registration Click here for Home Page
Please fill out one of the two forms below. If you are a member school of the Minnesota Association of Charter Schools and you would like your school to be billed for your attendance, please fill out the first form. All others, please fill out the second form, and be sure to send a check to MACS (1295 Bandana Blvd. Suite 165, St. Paul, MN 55108) or call 651-644-0432 and provide credit card number and expiration date. Contact Dianne Reibel at 651-251-0375 or if you have any questions. Click here for the MACS Member School registration form Click here for the All Others registration form
MACS Member School Registration Form: Choose an Event: Choose an Event Moving Forward Fall Conference, October 17-18, 2002 MACS Annual Meeting, November 21, 2002 Name: Member School: Your Email: Your Phone Number:
All Others Registration Form: Choose an Event: Choose an Event Moving Forward Fall Conference, October 17-18, 2002 MACS Annual Meeting, November 21, 2002

63. Charter Links
Hearing on charter schools Congressional Testimony Of Joe Nathan Director, Center HubertH. Humphrey Institute Of Public Affairs, University Of minnesota.

64. National Charter Schools - Minnesota - Massachusetts Department Of Education
Bill Allen charter schools Coordinator minnesota Dept. of Education CapitolSquare Building Saint Paul, MN 55101 (612) 2964213 Fax (612) 297-5695.
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Alternative Education
Governmental Contacts:
Bill Allen
Charter Schools Coordinator
Minnesota Dept. of Education

65. IssueWatch: Pennsylvania Tangles With Problems Surrounding Online Charter School
of students enrolled in cyber schools were former minnesota note Hopkins Online Academy,the state's first in March that the online charter school application

66. RPP International | Charter Related Websites
at Central Michigan University New Twin Cities charter School Project at the Centerfor School Change, University of minnesota The charter schools Project of
In this section ... Divisions Education Research and Action Projects and Approach High Performance Learning Communities State Education Partnerships (Oregon) (IPAR site) External Evaluator National Study of Charter Schools Schools Serving Language Minority Students Sustainable Development Projects and Approach Sustainable New Towns Chinese Site Workforce and Community Development Overview School to Work Support and Services (IPAR site) Charter Related Websites Charter Resource Sites US Charter Schools - Advocacy organization. Works closely with US Department of Education. Website includes profiles of many charter schools and links to the schools' websites.
The Charter Friends Network

The National Study of Charter Schools State Departments of Education - Charter School Divisions Alaska Charter Schools - Alaska Department of Education
Arizona Charter Schools Information
- Arizona Department of Education
California Charter Schools
- California Department of Education
Colorado Charter Schools
- Colorado Department of Education
Connecticut Charter School Information
- Connecticut Department of Education
Florida Charter Schools
- Florida Department of Education
Georgia Charter Schools
- Georgia Department of Education
The Massachusetts Charter School Initiative
- Massachusetts Department of Education
Michigan State Charter Schools Office
- housed at Central Michigan University

67. NDOL: Charter Schools
Paul, minnesota became the first publicly chartered school District of Columbia havepassed charter school legislation. are now over 2,430 schools serving over Charter Schools.htm


Blueprint Magazine

New Dem Daily

The New Democrat Magazine Archives

DLC Model Initiatives July 26, 2002
Charter Schools
Encouraging competition between public schools by offering parents the opportunity to choose their child's school
39 states State and county officials More Education Plays Education policy expert Ted Kolderie popularized the first charter school blueprint in a 1990 report for the Progressive Policy Institute. Former Minnesota State Rep. Ember Reichgott-Junge introduced and helped pass the first charter law in 1991. As a result, City Academy in St. Paul, Minnesota became the first publicly chartered school, opening its doors in 1992. In the intervening years, 39 states and the District of Columbia have passed charter school legislation. Nationwide, there are now over 2,430 schools serving over 580,000 children. "Charter school parents and teachers create new approaches to meet student needs, and the public school system responds and benefits from their energetic innovation and strict accountability."

68. More On Charter Schools (Full Text)
charter schools are considered one of the fastest 14 states have passed charterschool legislation Louisiana, Massachusetts, Michigan, minnesota, New Mexico
More on Charter Schools Kyo Yamashiro and Lisa Carlos, 1995
Table of Contents:
Introduction: The charter school movement is one of the fastest growing education reforms of the Nineties. In 1992, only two states, California and Minnesota, had passed charter school legislation. By the end of 1995, 19 states had charter school laws in place and at least 16 others had considered similar legislation. At the federal level, Congress passed legislation in 1994 authorizing grants to support states' charter school efforts. Despite such popular interest, fewer than 250 charter schools are currently operating nationwide. Whether this small but growing number of schools will lead to greater innovation and influence the systemwide transformation of public education remains to be seen. Below is a summary of the issues surrounding charter schools and the implications of recent research about the future of this movement. What constitutes a charter school?

69. Prudential Sundial Realty - Fridley MN - Minnesota Real Estate
charter schools function under a charter or contract with the local schoolboard or the state MACS The minnesota Association of charter schools.

70. NPIN Virtual Library. What Are Charter Schools? Parent Brochure
RPP International and University of minnesota. 1997. A Study of charter SchoolsFirstYear Report. Washington, DC Government Printing Office. ED 409 620.
Virtual Library This article is provided courtesy of the Educational Resources Information Center
What Are Charter Schools? Charter schools are public schools operated under a charter (contract) between a public agency and groups of parents, teachers, school administrators, or others who want to create more alternatives and choice within the public school system. The contracted agencies are expected to produce agreed-upon levels of student achievement within a certain period (usually three to five years). If they don't, their sponsors may end their charters. Charter schools give parents, students, and educators public school alternatives based on the idea that competition will bring new educational ideas. This brochure provides an overview of the charter school movement and directs you to additional sources for more information. What Do We Know About Charter Schools?

71. President Clinton's School Reform Tour: St. Paul, Minnesota
President Clinton's School Reform Tour. St. Paul, minnesota. CityAcademy charter schools Making a Difference in Children's Lives.
St. Paul, Minnesota City Academy: Charter Schools Making a Difference in Children's Lives. Remarks Web Side Chat Transcript Home
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72. RPPI News Release
In Massachusetts and minnesota, charter schools have established nonprofit corporations,but minnesota has significantly inhibited community organizations

*Reason Public Policy Institute ORDER FORM*
Think Tank Offers Tools for Effective Change
CONTACT: George Passantino, 310/391-2245 AUGUST 26, 1997 Los Angeles, Calif. States wishing to enact effective charter school programs should grant charter schools complete legal independence from local school boards and contracts establishing clear performance standards. These were the findings of a report, Charter School Innovations: Keys to Effective Charter Reform, issued today by the Reason Public Policy Institute. "The success or failure of charter reform is highly dependent on the technical features of a particular charter statute," says study author, Theodor Rebarber, vice president of a company focusing on charter schools. "In five years, 26 charter statutes have been established, nationwide, due in part to renewed interest by the general public and consensus among both political parties about building a more dynamic educational system." RPPI¹s new study identifies several key components that are necessary for a state to consider when establishing a charter. The primary recommendations are: allow charter schools to be completely independent legal entities free from district governance; provide blanket waivers from regulations except in the areas of performance-based goals, health, safety and civil rights or certification requirements; create independent charter-approving entities and insulate them from political influence; establish direct state funding for schools, include operating and capital revenues; ensure access to long-term financing structures for facilities and other up-front costs; and avoid overall caps on the number of charter schools in a given jurisdiction.

73. American Association Of School Administrators - Issues And Insights
The twoyear study examined minnesota's Post-Secondary Options, open enrollment,Second Chance and charter schools. Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader.
search site awards and scholarships career center conferences education marketplace ... home Charter Schools Articles Reports/Resources Related Websites
Study Finds Charter Schools Lack Experienced Teachers
A new study has found that charter schools, an alternative to low-performing public schools, rely heavily on young, uncredentialed teachers. From The New York Times.
When It Goes Wrong at a Charter School
When charters first appeared, they were touted as the free-market alternative to bad old public schools, but as with many market miracles, the bubble has burst. From The New York Times.
Baltimore County Board Opposes Proposal For Charter Schools
The Baltimore County Board of Education apparently has become the first school board in Maryland to formally oppose Gov. Robert L. Ehrlich's bill to make it easier to start charter schools. From The Baltimore Sun.
Why I’m Wary of Charter Schools
From The School Administrator

74. Debating Charter Schools // By Scott Willis
In minnesota, charter schools receive $4,000 for each studentfar lessthan the $6,000 that regular public schools receive, Bennett claimed.
Debating Charter Schools
By Scott Willis
Vol. 39, Number 5
August 1997 Debating Charter Schools
Will They Revitalize or Undermine Public Education?
Charter schools have evoked a wide variety of responses among education leaders. Some educators believe charter schools will revitalize public education; others believe they will contribute to undermining it. But despite the controversy that surrounds them, charter schools have become a fact of life in U.S. education. Fully half of U.S. states now have laws allowing the creation of charter schools, many other states have pending charter-schools legislation, and more than 500 charter schools are currently in operation. The conflicting points of view about charter schools were represented at a panel discussion that took place at ASCD's most recent Annual Conference. Among the panelists arguing in support of charter schools was Joe Nathan of the University of Minnesota, author of Charter Schools: Creating Hope and Opportunity for American Education. Nathan first clarified what charter schools are. "These are public schools," he said. "They're schools of choice; they can be sponsored by a variety of publicly accountable organizations; they have a contract for results; and they have to show improved achievement or they're closed down." Charter schools must also be nonsectarian, Nathan noted, and they cannot use admissions tests to "pick and choose among kids."

75. AFT: Research Publications--Privatization--How Much Thirty Thousand Charter Scho
minnesota Table. Colorado. Like minnesota, most charter schools are conversionschools with facilities provided inkind by the district.
AFT Home Departments What's New Teacher Salary Home Page ... Related Sites Publications, Reports, and Surveys Presented at the annual meeting of the American Education Finance Association, Jacksonville, Florida, March 1997. How Much Thirty Thousand
Charter Schools Cost
F. Howard Nelson
Senior Associate Director
Department of Research
American Federation of Teachers
March 1997
In 1996, numerous states added charter school laws and half of the states now have such laws. The crowning moment in the year of the charter school was President Clinton's announcement that he wanted federal money to stimulate charter school development. He wanted 30,000 of them. A move to charter schools on this scale would reverses a half-century policy of school and school district consolidation to achieve educational improvement and economic efficiencies. One reason behind the rapid advance of charter school legislation was the idea that it was a no-cost reform. Money flowed from existing public schools with the student to the new charter schools. Money belonged to the student, not the school. In most states, however, the per-pupil funding of charter schools is less than the state average cost per pupil. Furthermore, most charter laws insure the diversion of money from instruction to capital by failing to provide facilities for charter schools. A thoughtful analysis of charter school funding reveals that charter schools impose new costs and that they are not necessarily underfunded when all public revenue sources are matched to the specific kinds of students educated in charter schools. In fact, unless a charter school

76. Article | Arizona Tops In Charter Schools Report Ranks State Alternatives No. 1
Arizona, which is running the nation's most ambitious experiment withcharter schools, is followed by minnesota, their birthplace.
Site Navigation Support the Manhattan Institute Scholars' Articles M.I. Issues Rebuilding New York Education Reform Welfare Reform Crime Reduction Faith-Based Initiatives Barriers to Building Social Entrepreneurship Legal Reform Digital Economy Medical Progress Race and Ethnicity Latin American Initiatives Recent and Past M.I. Events Subscribe to City Journal Board of Trustees Staff Directory Links M.I. Book Catalog Internship Opportunities Join email updates Arizona tops in charter schools Report ranks state alternatives No. 1
September 20, 2000 Gannett News Service Sept. 20, 2000 WASHINGTON - Arizona tops the list of an education index put together by a conservative foundation ranking states by factors such as availability of charter schools, ease of home schooling and support offered parents with children in private schools. Arizona, which is running the nation's most ambitious experiment with charter schools, is followed by Minnesota, their birthplace. The Education Freedom Index, produced by the Manhattan Institute, ranks Hawaii last and West Virginia second-to-last. The index may be a sign of how politicized education has become.

77. Learning Co-ops And Teacher Co-ops At Public Charter School
MN School of Technology Arts (SOTA), LaCrosse, WI Wisconsin charter schools Association minnesota Association of charter schools charter Friends National
Date Thread
Learning Co-ops and Teacher Co-ops at Public Charter School
by Senn Brown
17 October 2000 06:12 UTC Date Thread Home

78. Back To Archives - Capitol Report Date Thursday, November 2,
and Reinventor's Field book. You will also hear from students, parents, teachers,and administrators about how minnesota's charter schools are working 10
Back to Archives - Capitol Report Date: Thursday, November 2, 2001 Video Coverage: Charter Schools are discussed on Capitol Report. About the Program: In 1991, the Minnesota Legislature enacted the first Charter School law in the country. Today, there are over 60 charter schools operating in Minnesota and approximately 2,000 nationwide. Recently, Minnesota was awarded a $100,000 grant from the Ford Foundation and Harvard University's JFK School of Government to promote the Charter School law across the nation. Capitol Report host, Dave Olson, discusses how charter schools have changed the face of public education and school choice with David Osbourne, the author of "Reinventing Government" and "Reinventor's Field book." You will also hear from students, parents, teachers, and administrators about how Minnesota's charter schools are working 10 years after their inception.

79. K12> A Study Of Charter Schools: First-Year Report -- Message 2
minnesota Massachusetts charter schools enroll a larger percentage of LEPstudents than the average of other public schools in their states.
Date: Wed, 28 May 1997 17:03:47 -0400
From: (Kirk Winters)
Subject: A Study of Charter Schools: First-Year Report Message 2
Message 2 "A Study of Charter Schools:
First-Year Report" (May 1997)
Charter Schools Are Diverse
There is no "typical" charter school; they are extraordinarily
diverse. While some use advanced technology enabling students to
study off-site, others emphasize small, nurturing environments with
close student-teacher contact. Some schools mirror different
aspects of school reforms of the 1990s, but others rely on more are featured in some charter schools, but others have purposely designed less structured learning environments as a matter of policy. A sizable proportion of charter schools are designed to serve special populations, though most reflect the demographic characteristics of students in their geographic area. The variety in charter schools is evident, both in their diverse education The report puts the variation in perspective by comparing charter schools to other public schools in the ten states where charter schools were operating in 1996: * Most charter schools are small. About 60 percent enroll fewer

80. St. Paul, Minnesota
St. Paul, minnesota. City Academy charter schools Making a Differencein Children's Lives. President Clinton will celebrate National
T H E W H I T E H O U S E St. Paul, Minnesota Help Site Map Text Only St. Paul, Minnesota City Academy: Charter Schools Making a Difference in Children's Lives. President and First Lady Vice President and Mrs. Gore
Record of Progress
The Briefing Room ... Privacy Statement St. Paul, Minnesota Web Site Chat Transcript Remarks

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