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         Minnesota Military Schools:     more detail
  1. Military Intelligence Service Language School, U.S. Army, Fort Snelling, Minnesota by Stone S Ishimaru, 1991
  2. Northern Lights by Tim O'Brien, 2003-07
  3. The United States Court of Military Appeals by Thomas E Dougherty, 1952

21. Minnesota Alliance Of Peacemakers: Position Statement 2002
End military recruitment in public schools. in families, communities of faith andin schools (pre K Approved by the Council of Delegates, minnesota Alliance of
Minnesota Alliance of Peacemakers
Position Statement, 2002


Calendar of Events

Opinion "Peaces"

MAP Mailing Address:
511 Groveland Avenue at Lyndale
Minneapolis, MN 55403
Phone: 651-633-4410 (Leslie) or 651-647-1631 (Nancy) Fax (call first): Email: Response to Terrorism MAP believes that the U. S. set a dangerous precedent in bypassing the United Nations and invading Afghanistan. The problem of terrorism is too complex to be resolved by military force. MAP supports the use of the United Nations system to create a more effective institutional framework to oppose terrorism and to work nonviolently to get at its causes. A comprehensive approach would include many changes in U.S. foreign and domestic policies.
  • Recognizing that U.S. actions contribute to injustices and conflicts in other countries, MAP organizations have taken positions about situations in the following countries: Israel and Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan, Colombia, Cuba and Venezuela.
    • MAP works for a lasting peace in Israel and Palestine with respect for human rights for both sides, a withdrawal by Israel from all territories occupied since 1967 (the West Bank, Gaza, and East Jerusalem) and termination of U.S. military aid to Israel until Israel complies with U.N. resolutions and international law.
  • 22. What No Child Left Behind Means For Your Child - Minnesota -
    up some controversy The US military has the to obtain lists from high schools ofstudents
    Alabama Alaska Arizona Arkansas California Colorado Connecticut Delaware Florida Georgia Hawaii Idaho Illinois Indiana Iowa Kansas Kentucky Louisiana Maine Maryland Massachusetts Michigan Minnesota Mississippi Missouri Montana Nebraska Nevada New Hampshire New Jersey New Mexico New York North Carolina North Dakota Ohio Oklahoma Oregon Pennsylvania Rhode Island South Carolina South Dakota Tennessee Texas Utah Vermont Virginia Washington Washington, D.C. West Virginia Wisconsin Wyoming
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    or Address School or District Name City State
    What No Child Left Behind Means for Your Child The No Child Left Behind law may offer your child a free ticket to a better education. Start here to learn what benefits the law may provide for your child and your school.

    23. Enrolling In Kindergarten In Minnesota: What You Need To Know - Minnesota - Grea
    card, school record, report card, military ID, hospital schools are also requiredto provide information on school choice alternatives in minnesota, click here
    Alabama Alaska Arizona Arkansas California Colorado Connecticut Delaware Florida Georgia Hawaii Idaho Illinois Indiana Iowa Kansas Kentucky Louisiana Maine Maryland Massachusetts Michigan Minnesota Mississippi Missouri Montana Nebraska Nevada New Hampshire New Jersey New Mexico New York North Carolina North Dakota Ohio Oklahoma Oregon Pennsylvania Rhode Island South Carolina South Dakota Tennessee Texas Utah Vermont Virginia Washington Washington, D.C. West Virginia Wisconsin Wyoming
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    or Address School or District Name City State
    Enrolling in Kindergarten in Minnesota: What You Need To Know Is your little one ready to sign up for school? As you prepare for that important first day of kindergarten, you’ll want to be informed well in advance about requirements for kindergarten entrance and registration.

    24. Education Minnesota
    Education minnesota Retired. Your rights. data. Frequently asked questions(FAQs) about laws affecting schools faq. military Leave - data.

    25. Minnesota Senate Subject Search
    and Human Rights Department, schoolsOfficers and Counties, military and militaryAffairs Department, Taxation Parks and Parklands-State, University of minnesota.
    Minnesota Senate Subject Search
    Fertilizers and Pesticides Recreation and Amusement Administration Department ... Reapportionment and Redistricting

    University of minnesota law professor Carol L. Chomsky, co of the effort is to holdthe military to the same antidiscrimination standards law schools expect of,2933,38714,00.html
    Group Impeding Military Recruitment at Law Schools to Protest 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' Tuesday, November 13, 2001
    By Catherine Donaldson-Evans
    Legally, the military's "don't ask, don't tell" policy toward homosexuals is on firm ground. But don't tell that to America's law professors.
    OAS_AD('Middle'); Despite a congressional mandate preventing universities from standing in the way, an association of law professors is doing everything it can to keep the military from recruiting at law schools. The Society of American Law Teachers (SALT) is encouraging its members, including some of the biggest names in the profession, to discourage students from taking jobs in the military when it comes to campus to recruit. Considering the current national climate, SALT's stance is drawing predictable ire. Andrew Morriss, an associate dean at Case Western Reserve Law School in Cleveland, calls the effort "utterly absurd." "We're discouraging people from pursuing careers in the institution that right now is engaged in guaranteeing the existence of the rule of law," Morriss said in an interview. "We've got people out there risking their lives and at the same time we're saying law students shouldn't be pursuing a career in the military." University of Minnesota law professor Carol L. Chomsky, co-president of SALT, said the intent of the effort is to hold the military to the same anti-discrimination standards law schools expect of other employers that recruit on campus.

    27. LAW FORUM -- MINNESOTA LEGAL RESOURCES -- Courts, Law Schools
    Law schools. minnesota hotel reservations make hotel reservations with a secureserver research of birth, census, death, land, marriage, military and state
    By State
    Minnesota General Resources
    • Minnesota Historical Society Minnesota may have a reputation for those numerous lakes, that gargantuan mall, and those breathtaking North Shore views. But, Minnesota's real treasures are its stories. Uncovering the life stories of Minnesotans past and present can help us understand their times and cultures. Your path and theirs can cross when you explore the Minnesota Historical Society's web page.
    • Minnesota State Legislature The Minnesota State Legislature Homepage is now the primary interface for the Minnesota legislature's electronic information resources. It is maintained jointly by the staff of the House, Senate, Legislative Reference Library, and Office of Revisor of Statutes.
    • Department of Children, Families and Learning
    • Department of Revenue Welcome to the Minnesota Department of Revenue web site. You'll find most of our forms and instructions, plus lots of information about Minnesota taxes.
    • Department of Transportation The Minnesota Transportation site offers travel resources, historical information, and news and publications relating to the Mn/DOT.
    • Ethical Practices Board The mission of the Board is to promote public confidence in state government decision making through the development and administration of disclosure, public financing, and enforcement programs which will ensure public access to information filed with the Board.

    28. Federal Laws, Case Law And The U.S. Constitution - Safe Schools Coalition
    prohibit antigay harassment in schools (3 include basis of gender identity California,minnesota, New Jersey. policies when it comes to military recruiters.

    site map
  • states prohibit employment discrimination based on sexual orientation (2 include gender identity) states (plus D.C.) prohibit hate crimes based on sexual orientation (5 plus D.C. include gender identity) ... state within the United States do children have the security of their same-sex parents being allowed to marry 13 states prohibit employment discrimination based on sexual orientation (2 include gender identity)
  • "... states that prohibit discrimination based on sexual orientation are: California, Connecticut, Hawaii, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, [New York,] Rhode Island, Vermont and Wisconsin. Two of these states, Minnesota and Rhode Island, also prohibit discrimination based on gender identity. There is currently no federal law banning anti-gay or anti-transgender discrimination. " * Human Rights Campaign press release 12/19/02 * Safe Schools Coalition's emphasis
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  • 27 states (plus D.C.) prohibit hate crimes based on sexual orientation (5 plus D.C. include gender identity)
  • 29. African American History Month
    SERVICE Over 32 RETIREMENT DATE 31 August 1993 military schools ATTENDED United StateUniversity BS Degree - Nursing University of minnesota - MS - Medical

    General Colin Powell (Ret.)

    General Johnnie E. Wilson (Ret.)

    General Benjamin O. Davis Sr. (Ret.)

    Major General Clifford L. Stanley (Ret.)
    Lieutenant General Daniel James III
    Brigadier General Clara
    Adams-Ender (Ret.)
    Over 32
    RETIREMENT DATE: 31 August 1993
    United States Army Nurse Corps Orientation Course United States Army Medical Officer Advanced Course United States Army Command and General Staff College United States Army War College EDUCATIONAL DEGREES North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University - BS Degree - Nursing University of Minnesota - MS - Medical Surgical Nursing United States Army Command and General Staff College - MMAS - Military Science FOREIGN LANGUAGE(S): German, Spanish MAJOR DUTY ASSIGNMENTS FROM TO ASSIGNMENT Aug 61 Oct 61 Student, United States Army Nurse Corps Orientation Course, Brooke Army Medical Center, Fort Sam Houston, Texas

    30. PENTAGON Press Release 1
    produced by the University of minnesota on a their corporate presence before eachbranch of the military. to all other UC Engineering schools Statewide 4,000
    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Hopkins Undergraduate Research Journal (HURJ) has selected Pentagon Publishing to coordinate all advertising for their prestigious journal. HURJ publishes the most outstanding work of undergraduate researchers at the Johns Hopkins University . Published twice yearly (spring and fall), HURJ offers recruiters and advertisers a direct line to all Johns Hopkins University students, staff and faculty. Distribution include the Applied Physics Laboratory and research facilities across the nation. The has chosen Pentagon Publishing, Inc. to represent their prestigious annual, the Oakleaf. The ACSC is an integral part of Air University, at Maxwell AFB . The Air Command and Staff College is comprised of the very best of the Air Force's Senior Grade Officers , from Major on up. These are the decision-makers that will be responsible for all of the Air Force's procurement, logistics, and military hardware for the next decade. The Harvard 367 Harvard University's prestigious annual has selected Pentagon Publishing to represent them for advertising placement.

    31. CCCO Links
    They conducted a listening project on militarism in Seattle schools. Women Againstmilitary Madness (minnesota). Nonmilitary Options for Youth (Austin, TX).
    Who We Are Donate to CCCO CCCO Board and Staff CCCO In the News ... Links Subscribe to our monthly newsletter:
    Objector Alerts
    objector-alerts archive
    CCCO Links
    Link to us or become a CCCO link volunteer . If you would like to add a link to our site, email us
    GI Rights
    Quaker House of Fayetteville, NC National Interreligious Service Board for Conscientious Objectors Seattle Draft and Military Counseling Center - Works with the GI Rights Network to provide information and advocacy to members of the military and young people concerned about draft registration. Works locally with such organizations as Nonviolent Action Community of Cascadia Servicemembers Legal Defense Network - The primary organization devoted to lifting the military's ban on lesbians, bisexuals, and gays in the military. (CCCO might rather ban straights from the military instead, but opposes all discrimination as well as all militarism). Minerva Center - Debate about women in the military and women in war. A conservative feminist line promoting women in combat often predominates, but good information is available. Reenlist Blues
    Military Out of Our Schools
    War Resisters League American Friends Service Committee Youth and Militarism Program Project on Youth and Non-Military Opportunities (Project YANO) Anti-ROTC Resource Page - Focusing on organizing against ROTC on college campuses.

    32. Minnesota Charter Schools Evaluation - Appendix A: Right Step Academy  [CAREI]
    minnesota Charter schools Evaluation. The program is organized around the minnesotaGraduation Standards. using techniques from the US military; individual and
    Charter School Directory Appendices Directory Appendix A Minnesota Charter Schools Evaluation Right Step Academy Location Kind of Community urban center Grade Levels Enrollment Charter Date Instruction Initiated July 1995 Charter Sponsor St. Paul School Board
    To provide learners with the necessary tools to make a positive change in attitude. The Academy assists youth in exploring, developing and utilizing their potential. These goals are accomplished through development of a positive self image, solid academic base and mentor role models. The program is organized around the Minnesota Graduation Standards. A portfolio system is under development in order to track the progress of students. Students take the following subjects: language arts, math, social studies (that includes a mix of geography, economics, American government, U.S. and world history, and African heritage), science, technology (computers), physical education/health, music/art, and personal development. There are four 1 1/2 hour periods per day. Students are exposed to all classes over a two day period. The program design is outcome-oriented and students must demonstrate proficiency in order to obtain their credits.
    Core Teaching Methods:
    Program design is structured, disciplined, and supportive using techniques from the U.S. military; individual and small group instruction.

    33. The University Register
    student walkouts have become an increasing problem across minnesota. out due to thelooming military action against in many other high schools receive unexused
    Campus Views:
    Are you going to vote in the MCSA election? Why or why not? Letters:

    Thursday, April 3, 2003 - Volume 15, Issue 22 Home News Opinion/Editorial Sports ... Related Links Search
    World DR Congo resolves conflict After five years of tumultuous conflict and an estimated 2,000,000 deaths, the government and rebels of the Democratic Republic of Congo ended the war by signing a new peace deal. The deal features the creation of a new constitution, as well as the formation of a power-sharing administration. In the new administration, President Kabila will retain his post and appoint rebels and civilians to vice-presidential posts for the two-year transition period. Leaders of South Africa, Botswana, Namibia, Zambia, and Zimbabwe were also present at the signing. Some foreign leaders commented on (DR) Congo's situation. Nation SARS becomes US threat US public health officials claim that the number of people suffering from Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) will most likely not rise to the level seen in southeast Asia. This response is based on the rapid pro-active infection control measures that have been implemented. Right now, 85 cases of SARS have been reported in 27 states, with the highest numbers being in states that are prominent ports of entry (California-16, and New York-11). 2,236 cases have been reported worldwide and 78 deaths have occurred thus far.

    34. CALA: Student Services Prospective Transfer Students
    for meeting baccalaureate degree requirements at the University of minnesota. fromspecialized or proprietary institutions, military schools, or industrybased
    Students are admitted into the BS degree when they have completed 60 credits and the prerequisite courses and have an overall GPA of 2.5. Transfer students must apply to CLA as a pre-Architecture majors or COAFES as pre-Landscape Architecture majors and complete the prerequisites as a student of that college. If you decide to declare the BS degree in Architecture you will change colleges when you complete the prerequisites. If you decide to declare the BA in Architecture you will remain in CLA. Please visit the University of Minnesota's Undergraduate Admissions web site for transfer admissions information and specific information regarding transfer equivalency. Please feel free to contact our prospective student advisor for an appointment. If you have transfer courses that you feel will transfer directly to the architecture or landscape architecture major, please contact CALA Student Services at 612-626-1000 to set up a credit evaluation appointment. Transfer students are also encouraged to visit the campus and learn more about the campus and the application process for transfer students.

    35. Untitled
    Veterans Memorial Cyndi's List- military Links -minnesota Churches with Websites-minnesota- Churches indexed schools -minnesota- K-12 schools -minnesota- Web
    Minnesota Updated *ATTENTION* I compiled this information from
    full credit has been given to each person's web site. If you don't want your web site listed on this page send me a message and I will remove it. Please let me know if you find any broken links *PLEASE NOTE* THIS IS NOT AN ENDORSEMENT If you go to a site that sells services, please check with the Better Business Bureau in the area where the company is located. Before you begin your search, I suggest you read Search Guide Access To Adoption Records It is very important that you. . . . . . . . . Contact The -Minnesota Department of Human Services- They have a S tate Reunion Registry Ask them what type of service they can provide for you For more information contact:
    Adoption Archive
    Minnesota Department of Human Services

    444 Lafayette Road North
    St. Paul, MN 55155
    Phone: (651) 296-2795
    E-mail Obtaining Non ID Adoptive parents and adopted adults may obtain non-identifying information.
    Obtaining Identifying Information: Identifying information is provided on the original birth certificate, which is released according to the provisions below.

    36. Department Of Military Affairs
    Ripley to state government and community agencies, schools and civic another opportunityto give back to the people of minnesota. What is military Affairs doing
    Department of Military Affairs Adjutant General Eugene Andreotti Mission: To provide a military force ready to accomplish federal, state and community missions To learn about the Department of Military Affairs and what it does, click here Note: All of the measures and targets on this website were developed before the November 2002 budget forecast, and before the 2003 budget process. The decisions of the Governor and the Legislature during the first half of 2003 will inevitably impact some of these measures and their targets. The information on this site will be updated as those decisions are implemented. Goal: To meet or exceed readiness standards. Percentage of reporting units meeting assigned readiness standards. Goal: Manage personnel. Achieve annual strength (personnel) objectives. Goal: Manage facilities. Achieve level 2 standards for infrastructure. (Available December 2002) Goal: Manage the environment. Compliance with ISR II environmental standards. (Available December 2002) Goal: Add value to our communities.

    37. Useful World Wide Web SitesFor Expanded IMET
    University of minnesota Human Rights Library http//www1.umn military Service Int'lTraining Agencies (Request training from schools (DoD and military Service).
    Useful World Wide Web Sites
    Expanded IMET
    as of April 09, 2003
    The following list of Web sites is provided for use at all international training management levels and locations. The list is updated quarterly and the Universal Resource Locators (URLs) have been verified as of the publishing of the list. Please remember that Web sites change frequently and access to some sites is limited to certain organizations. Almost all of these Web sites are accessible through any internet provider, and are not limited to users with a .mil or .gov address. E-IMET Policy / Management Training Defense Security Assistance Agency (DSCA) Defense Institute of Security Assistance Management (DISAM) EIMET Handbook Distance Learning Marine Corps Distance Learning Branch Human Rights Amnesty International on the Internet Amnesty International Human Rights Links

    38. Minnesota Secretary Of State - Minnesota Voters' Guide 2000
    or student association at colleges, universities and technical schools; A currentMinnesota Driver License, learner permit or A US passport or military ID card
    Registering and Voting When are the elections?
    • Primary Election ...Tuesday, September 14, 2004
    • General Election ...Tuesday, November 2, 2004
    Voting hours are from 7 am to 8 pm (voting begins at 10 am in some townships). But I work on election day... Minnesota law allows you to take time off from work with pay to vote during the morning of state elections. The idea is to encourage people to vote early in the day. If you will be away, take a look at the What's absentee voting? section. Who can vote? You can vote if you are...
    • 18 or older
    • a US citizen
    • a Minnesota resident for at least 20 days before the election
    • not a convicted felon without your civil rights
    • not under guardianship of the person
    • not legally incompetent
    Where do I vote? Generally you vote in the neighborhood where you live. You may call your county auditor or city clerk's office for the address of your polling place. If you recently registered to vote (see below), you will receive a post card that tells you the location of your polling place. You can also look up your polling place location on the Secretary of State's Web site. How do I vote?

    39. NBC 17 - Schools - Can I Afford This?
    The minnesota Private College Council suggests one easy way In addition, some highschools, colleges and trade group, fraternal or military organization or
    Search Careernet 17 Great Getaways Modern Home Autonet 17 ...

    Email This Story Print This Story
    Can I Afford This?
    , 6:31 p.m. EDT July 2, 2001 There's no way around it public or private, a college education is expensive. But there are ways to cut that stack of bills down to size. You probably are eligible for some financial aid to help you meet part of your college costs. Also, remember that you and your family already are paying some of these expenses right now: your food, clothing, and personal expenses, for example. In addition, scholarships, grants and loans will help reduce the bills. What you need to know:

    40. The Woodshed - Minnesota Education & Reference
    Internet for minnesota K12 schools O Independent and Norwegian Folk Arts classesin SW minnesota O Historic Relive History of 19th Century military Life O
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