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         Minnesota Military Schools:     more detail
  1. Military Intelligence Service Language School, U.S. Army, Fort Snelling, Minnesota by Stone S Ishimaru, 1991
  2. Northern Lights by Tim O'Brien, 2003-07
  3. The United States Court of Military Appeals by Thomas E Dougherty, 1952

81. MPR: War In Iraq
begin with what the US military is calling promise widespread walkouts at area schoolsStudent organizers at the University of minnesota say they

82. 2001 Outstanding Alumni
Communications from the University of minnesota and a In addition to his militaryduties, Colonel Hendricks to direct plays in his children's schools and was
2001 Outstanding Alumni Biographies Dr. Gene Anderson '63 Dr. Dan Dressen '73 Colonel Douglas Hendricks '72 D. Patrick McCullough '67 Dr. Dorothy Moore '49 Dave Ramsey '78

83. EdSTAR Minnesota > General Issues > Essays
In the military, CAI can also be more cost The impact of technology in the schoolsof the EdSTAR minnesota Version 1.1 ©19972003 North Central Regional

84. Content
training, military scholarships, and military discounts. Search 4,000+ schools usingany option

85. Eden Prairie High School: Career Resource Center
MCIS (minnesota Career Information System in turn, the system will list the schoolsthat match military contacts and information. Go to top graphic Timeline for
Career Resource Center
The CRC is one of the resource areas located in Eden Prairie High School. The CRC contains printed and non-print materials for post-secondary planning. It is located adjacent to the Main (Old) Commons and provides an area that is centrally located in the school building for use by individuals, small groups and classes.
The CRC is staffed by parent and community volunteers who assist students and parents in locating information about careers and post-secondary options. The CRC hosts college and career speakers, scholarship and financial aid information, access to computers, applications for some colleges and universities, military information and much more.
Parents and students may visit the CRC Monday thru Friday between 7:30 A.M. and 3:00 P.M., or call the Center at 975-8038.
On this page you will find:
A listing of visiting college representatives
College Admission Tests

Advanced Placement Examinations

Minnesota State Colleges and Universities
to career, college and financial aid sites.
Military contacts
Additional opportunities available through the CRC Materials and resources available in the CRC include:
  • Post high school occupational data Two and four year college bulletins and catalogs Information about technical colleges and private career institutions College reference handbook (i.e., Peterson's, College Board and Kaplan)

86. NGB - News & Reference - WMD Fact Sheet
is provided from several DOD schools, along with that exceed those provided to militaryforces. Idaho, Iowa, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, minnesota, New Mexico
Home The Chief National Guard Staff News and Reference ... Links Weapons of Mass Destruction
National Guard Fact Sheet
Description of the Unit
The Civil Support Team (CST) is a high-priority response unit supporting civil authorities in responding to a weapons of mass destruction (WMD) situation. The unit is made up of 22 full-time National Guard members. It consists of six sections: command, operations, communications, administration/logistics, medical, and survey, who have been specially trained and equipped to provide a technical reach-back capability to other experts. The team is formed specifically to provide advice to the Incident Commander to help make assessments of the requirements for follow-on forces. The unit is commanded by a Lieutenant Colonel, jointly staffed with Army and Air National Guard personnel, and encompasses 14 military occupational skills. The unit is Federally resourced, trained, equipped, and sustained, with the State National Guard providing the personnel, stationing, and common support. The Adjutant General either employs the CST to support the State response under the direction of the Governor or to support another State's response under a supported Governor. Congress has authorized 32 CSTs. The first 10 teams authorized in the National Defense Appropriations Act for fiscal 1999 have achieved the certification required by law and in accordance with Department of Defense criterion. Seventeen additional teams were authorized in fiscal 2000, and all of them are certified as well; five more teams were authorized in fiscal 2001. Three of these latest teams were certified as operational on 5 February 2003.

87. Department Of Defense Education Activity - Parents And Communities
Information About NonDoD schools Organizations Supporting the military CommunityDeputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for military Community and Family
DoDEA Home Teaching the children of America's military families worldwide
Information for Parents
Specific Information about DoD Schools School Performance Indicators Information About Non-DoD Schools

88. Minnesota IssueWatch Contents Page
of minnesota Planning or the state of minnesota. for state takeover of Philadelphiaschools April 2002 high school access for military recruiters February

89. Minnesota Planning Resource Listings: Education
At the crossroads higher education in minnesota. for state takeover of Philadelphiaschools, April 2002 high school access for military recruiters, February 2002
Minnesota Planning Home Help Preferences ... Governor
Wednesday, 09-Apr-2003 18:48:37 CDT About Minnesota Planning Staff Directory Advanced Search Criminal Justice ... More subjects Programs Criminal Justice Statistics Center Critical Issues Environmental Quality Board Land Management Information Center ... State Demographic Center Agency Information About Contact Subscribe Display Options Print friendly Preferences
Minnesota Planning Products: Education
This page displays the information products of Minnesota Planning. You may find additional information by browsing our team web pages using the links on the left of this page or by searching using the tool above. DISPLAY: NEWEST FIRST OLDEST FIRST BY TITLE Displayed sorted by : Newest first Resource types:
  • Data (1 items)
  • Reports (17 items)
  • Press releases (12 items)
  • IssueWatch scans (135 items)
  • Maps (1 items)
  • Links to other websites (6 items)
    • Minnesota IssueWatch : First "No Child Left Behind" lawsuits, new Medicaid guidelines for schools and higher state subsidies for Amtrak passenger trains are topics featured in the April edition. April 2003. (web site)
  • 90. Beacon Journal | 01/30/2003 | Private Schools Can Refuse Recruiters
    He said students in private schools ``shouldn't be to learn about the military,''he said.
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    Akron Cleveland Cincinnati
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    Back to Home ... Living Wednesday, Apr 09, 2003 Education Posted on Thu, Jan. 30, 2003 Private schools can refuse recruiters Public schools, which get federal funds, must give info on students to military By Doug Oplinger and Dennis J. Willard Beacon Journal staff writers When a military recruiter asks Akron Public Schools for the names, addresses and phone numbers of high school juniors and seniors, the district is bound by federal law to oblige. The Army, Air Force, Navy and Marines as the nation prepares for possible war then go to work, hoping to talk teen-agers into serving their country. If a recruiter makes the same request from some private schools such as Archbishop Hoban, St. Vincent-St. Mary or Walsh Jesuit the request is denied. In the aftermath of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, Congress and President Bush approved a law giving military recruiters more access to students. But they also provided an escape clause for private schools, where about one in 10 kids in Ohio and nationally attends classes. Laurie Sellick, the mother of a senior at Firestone High School in Akron, is uncomfortable with the schools' giving anyone especially the military easy access to her son. She is equally troubled that students in private schools are off limits.

    purple plus wild wolves high schools outdoors variety out of touch with militaryAudio Photojournalist Deficit to snuff out minnesota's antitobacco program
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    Jubilant Iraqis celebrate Saddam's fall
    Bilal Ali kisses a picture of George Bush. Their hour of freedom at hand, jubilant Iraqis celebrated the collapse of Saddam Hussein's murderous regime today, beheading a toppled statue of their longtime ruler in downtown Baghdad and embracing American troops as liberators. Related content Gleeful crowds topple statue of Saddam Arab reaction: Events in Baghdad bring disillusionment - and relief Audio: Elation in the air at Central Command, Kevin Diaz reports Audio: Crowds cheer today as Saddam's statue falls in Baghdad Video: Iraqis drag Saddam statue through the streets Instant Poll : Where'd you usually go for your war news? U.S. shifts tactics, rolls straight into Baghdad 21st century U.S. troops stand in ancient Babylon Troops find grisly torture chambers on way through Iraq Cheney: Advance into Baghdad shows criticism of war plan unfounded Iraqi horseman cheers America Red Cross employee from Canada killed in Baghdad crossfire Gallery: Latest photos Where is Saddam? Is he dead or alive?

    92. Schools. High School Reunions Online.
    Go to Michigan for a complete list. minnesota Lincoln HS, Bloomington,MN class of 1979. Go to minnesota for a complete list. Mississippi
    Where to Go:
    Schools Services About Us ... Family Reunions List Your: Reunion Name Personal
    Communicate: Feedback E-mail Lost Friends Missing Persons ... Lost and Found Rings
    Classified Listings: Reunion Planners Facilities Reunion Merchandise
    Indicates High School Reunions ONLINE custom built site. Indicates an active grad class intent on remaining connected.
    If your grad class is not yet listed, go to Announcements and list it. If you want to see an example of an exciting and very active grad class site with photos and messages, go to Montrose
    • Go to Canada for a complete list.
    Germany Haiti

    93. Solutions For Military Learners
    whether specific training or previous coursework on your military transcript qualifies University222 South 9th Street 20th Floor Minneapolis, minnesota 55402;
    Call Toll Free:1-888-CAPELLA US Armed Forces Community Colleges Corporations
    Attention ESOs

    Admissions Requirements Academic Credit for Previous Training
    Some of your prior education and military experience may be applied toward credit for an advanced degree. This includes course work from other accredited institutions, vendor certifications, and military-related work projects. In order to receive credit, you must submit transcript(s) according to the guidelines listed below for your branch of the military.
    NOTE: Link to the Capella School you will enroll in for specific admission requirements.)
    Air Force
    Army Coast Guard Navy ... Army National Guard Air Force The Air Force uses the Community College of the Air Force (CCAF) transcript for documenting military training and experience, coursework and DANTES exams worthy of academic credit. Capella uses the CCAF to determine whether specific training or previous coursework on your military transcript qualifies for credit.
    • The base education office is the most convenient place to request an official CCAF. Complete an AF Form 2099, Request for Community College of the Air Force Transcript. Have the transcript sent directly to:
      Capella University
      222 South 9th Street
      20th Floor
      Minneapolis, Minnesota 55402

    94. Guidance Webpage
    test centers, colleges, scholarship programs, college majors, high schools, countries; Gatherinformation about all 36 minnesota State Colleges and Universities
    Jefferson High School Guidance Office
    1401 Jefferson Street
    Alexandria, MN Phone: Fax: Counselor, Class of 2003: Counselor, Class of 2004: Counselor, Class of 2005: Counselor, Class of 2006: Registrar: Secretary/Receptionist: Staff Guidance News ACT ... District 206 Schools guiding the way... Consider this webpage a source to keep you on course while sailing through Jefferson High. It's not always smooth sailing sometimes you'll be bailing ...that's when to give Guidance a try. If the fishing is hot in a particular spot, tell us and we'll spread the word. If you can't get a bite at a given website, let us know that you think it's absurd!
    Guidance Office Staff
    Guidance News
    ACT ACT's Homepage provides information about the PLAN, ACT, and other post high school planning information and links.

    95. Republican Party Of Minnesota Party Platform
    and allow parents to choose the schools that best welltrained and adequately-paidmilitary; to deploy minnesota is too lenient; we impose notoriously short
    Standing Platform Preamble
    OPPORTUNITY. The Republican Party, the party that abolished slavery, stands for equal opportunity for all Americans. We believe that:
    • Neither the federal government nor any agency of the State of Minnesota should classify its citizens by race or discriminate among its citizens on the basis of race, color or religion.
    • Younger Americans should be able to save for the future and build their net worth by investing a portion of their Social Security payments in their own retirement accounts, at the same time that we fulfill our commitments to older Americans.
    • The key to opportunity for our children is a good education, and the best way to ensure quality education is to return control to parents and local school boards, emphasize basic skills and knowledge of core subjects, and allow parents to choose the schools that best meet their children’s needs.
    STRENGTH. The Republican Party steadfastly resisted Communist aggression until the Cold War was won. We think that peace can best be maintained through strength, both abroad and in our own communities. Therefore, we believe that:
    • It is essential to maintain a strong, well-trained and adequately-paid military; to deploy American troops abroad only under American command, to further American interests or to aid a faithful ally; to promptly develop and build systems to protect our population against missile attack; and to fulfill America’s obligations to its veterans.

    96. Princeton Army ROTC -- On-campus Activities
    Hometown Saint Paul, minnesota. Major East Asian Studies. MilitarySchools Student Activities Student Art Guides, Butler College RA.
    Especially for... About... The Cadets Princeton University
    Class of 2002 Sarah Apgar
    Michael Bramlett

    Katharine Buzicky

    Nicholas Copare
    Thomas Viscelli
    Cadet Sarah Apgar:
    School: Princeton University CDT Rank/position: Cdt MAJ, Company Commander (Tiger Company) Hometown: Baltimore, Maryland Major: History Military Schools: Student Activities: Rugby (Team Captain), Alpine Ski Team (Team Captain), AY 00-01 Club Sports Athlete of the Year ROTC Activities: ROTC Awards: Department of the Army Superior Cadet Award (AY 00-01)(AY 01-02), Distinguished Leadership Award, ROTC Honors Award, Ranger Challenge Ribbon with Oak Leaf Cluster, Excellence in Physical Fitness Award (Platinum), Color Guard Ribbon, The Daughters of the Founders and Patriots of America Award, The Student Athlete Award, The Reserve Officers Association Award, Robert Wilkinson Jr. Award I first was introduced to the ROTC program by my father, who felt it was a particularly influential period in his life. When looking on my own further into it, I applied for a scholarship on the hope of gaining leadership ability and character development and being with people with similar motivation.

    97. Oxford Attractions - Examination Schools - Reviews Of Examination
    Examination schools The web's best unbiased reviews and articles about Examination schools in Oxford, Oxfordshire.

    98. ROTC Schools By State
    ROTC Units by State Click on a state abreviation to go to that state. You will either go directly to that school's ROTC page or the school's own home page. If your school is not listed or your link is not working, please send an e-mail to us with your corrections or additions. AL AK AZ AR ... WY ALABAMA
    Auburn University

    Marion Military Institute
    University of Alaska, Fairbanks
    Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, Prescott

    University of Arizona
    Arkansas State University

    University of Central Arkansas
    California Polytechnic State Univ

    California State Univ - Fresno

    San Diego State University
    Santa Clara University ... University of Southern California COLORADO Colorado State University University of Northern Colorado University of Colorado - Boulder CONNECTICUT University of Connecticut DELAWARE University of Delaware DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA Georgetown University FLORIDA Embry-Riddle Aero University, Daytona Beach Florida Institute of Technology Florida International University Florida State University ... University of West Florida GEORGIA Armstrong Atlantic State Columbus State University Georgia Institute of Technology Georgia Military College ... Savannah State University IDAHO Boise State University University of Idaho ILLINOIS Eastern Illinois University Illinois State University Northern Illinois University Southern Illinois University ... Wheaton College INDIANA Ball State University Indiana University Indiana U. - Purdue U. at Indianapolis

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