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21. Georgia DNR, Wildlife Resources Division - Waterfowl Management In Georgia
Huffstatler, H. and D. Stewart. 1993. Waterfowl habitat management handbook forthe lower mississippi River valley. coop. ext. service, Miss. State Univ.

22. EFNEP In Other States Florida cooperative extension serviceBroward County mississippi mississippi State University extension service

FCS Home
What We Do Topics Programs ... Publications
EFNEP in Other States
National Web Site
Connect to the Nutrition Resources for Diverse Audiences Database.
Regional Web Sites
North Central Region

State Web Sites
Alabama Cooperative Extension System State Office - Alaska University of Alaska Cooperative Extension Service California The University of California Cooperative Extension Service State Office Florida The University of Florida Cooperative Extension Service Broward County Michigan Michigan State University Extension State Office - Mississippi Mississippi State University Extension Service State Office New York Cornell Cooperative Extension Service Broome County -

23. State Coordinators
Joel Flagler, Ag./Resource Mgmt. Agent/CEDH Rutgers coop. ext., Bergen Cty. Of Vermontext. service 157 Old Guildford Road, 4 Brattleboro, VT. mississippi.
State Master Gardener Coordinators STATE MASTER GARDENER COORDINATORS Please send any update information to Marianne Riofrio at: ALABAMA Mary Beth Musgrove
25 Extension Hall
Auburn University
Auburn, AL 36849-5630
phone: (334) 844-5481
E-mail: MONTANA Bob Gough
P.O. Box 173120
Montana State University
Bozeman, MT. 59717-3120 phone: (406) 994-6523
E-mail: ALASKA
Univ. of Alaska, 1302 21 st Ave. Tanana Chiefs Conference Region Fairbanks, AK 99701 phone: (907) 452-8251 ext. 3248 fax: (907) 459-3936 E-mail: NEBRASKA Susan Schoneweis Extension Coordinator - Home/ Environmental Horticulture Univ. of Nebraska- Lincoln 377 Plant Science Lincoln, NE. 68583-0724

24. Communicators Guide/chapter Seven
Manager, Natural Resources Conservation service, US Department 805234050, Bldg.,University Drive, mississippi State University
Table of Contents

Chapter 1

Chapter 2
Chapter 7
Communicators Guide
chapter seven
Contributors "Some editors are failed writers, but so are most writers."
Susan Bale, Web master, Kansas State University, 307 Umberger Hall, Manhattan, KS 66506-3402, (785) 532-6379 Linda Foster Benedict, Assistant Director, Communications, Louisiana State University Ag Center, PO Box 25100, Baton Rouge, LA 70894-5100,, (225) 578-2937 Lew Brodsky, Director of Public and Congressional Affairs, Selective Service System, 1515 Wilson Blvd., 4th Floor, Arlington, VA 22209,, (703) 605-4191. Susan Buchanan, Public Affairs Specialist, U.S. Department of Commerce, National Marine Fisheries Service, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, 1315 East-West Highway, Room 14519, Silver Spring, MD 20910,,. (301) 713-2370. Kurt Byers, Communications Manager/Editor, University of Alaska Sea Grant College Program, PO Box 755040, Room 203 O'Neill Bldg., Fairbanks, AK,, (907) 457-2231. Donise Cheeks, Senior Analyst, Office of Research, Internal Revenue Service, Washington, DC 20224,, (202) 874-4099.

25. Every-Other-Thing You Wanted To Know About Cotton
mississippi State University Forward Pricing Cotton mississippi State University Earlyseason Cotton Plant Mapping - NMSU coop ext service Eradication, Risk
Other Cotton-Related Sites
Industry-Related Sites
Cotton Incorporated
International Cotton Advisory Committee

National Cotton Council, Memphis, TN

New York Cotton Exchange
Thrace Cotton Ginning Mills
Government Research
USDA ARS Crop Science Research Laboratory, Mississippi State, MS
USDA ARS Cropping Systems Research Laboratory, Lubbock, TX

USDA ARS Jamie Whitten Delta States Research Center, Stoneville, MS

1997 National Cotton Variety Tests

(Technology Transfer Automated Retrieval System).
University and Other Research
Cotton Genetics Laboratory, New Mexico State University
National Textile Center, University Research Consortium

Australian Cotton Research Institute - CSIRO
Centre de coopération internationale en recherche agronomique pour le développement
Informational Sites
Cotton GRIN The CottonDB Data Collection Site CottonDB Genome Database at the Agricultural Genome Information Service (NAL) 1994 Cotton Harvested Acres (United States) ... ISAAA Biotechnology Transfer Projects - see "Cotton"
Pathology and Pests
Diseases Of Cotton ( Gossypium spp.)

26. Construction, Operating Costs & Cash Flow
155, mississippi Agr. and Forestry Exp. Sta., mississippi State, MS. Klinefelter,D. and G. Clary. 1997. Exp. Sta. and Louisiana coop. ext. service. 1988.
CONSTRUCTION, OPERATING COSTS AND CASH FLOW TEMPLATES FOR CATFISH (FOOD FISH) PRODUCTION SYSTEMS PESCAT 15 Introduction One of the first things potential catfish producers should do prior to making a major investment in a new operation is to evaluate the financial feasibility of the proposed project. This Fact Sheet provides descriptions of some typical commercial catfish production systems found throughout the southern states. Templates presented here estimate the total investments, debt servicing requirements, annual operating budgets and cash flows for turn-key production enterprises. An analysis also illustrates the sensitivity of systems to changes in prices, costs and production relationships. These templates are available as spreadsheet software in Microsoft Excel Workbook and Lotus .WK3 file formats. Data from published sources as well as directly from producers involved in building and operating facilities are included to provide you a start in developing your own customized budgets. Production Systems You can use these spreadsheets to characterize three basic types of commercial catfish production systems: watershed ponds and ponds with a dependable water supply (well, lake or stream) are conventional production systems, while recirculating systems use more intensive technologies. Two other types of systems, cages and raceways, are not specifically described here, but could be characterized by modifying spreadsheets provided here. Each system has definable production, marketing and financial management issues. You will find detailed descriptions of production and marketing management requirements for systems such as these in several sources (see appendix). However, few of these resources address in detail the potential costs and returns of constructing and operating these systems.

27. St. Bernard Parish Ag Page
extension service of mississippi State University Pub. No. 1977. Pollet, DK,et. al., 1997. 1997 Insect Control Guide. La. coop. ext. Ser. Pub. 1838.
St. Bernard Parish Ag Page
Welcome to the St. Bernard Ag Pagea website of the St. Bernard Office of the Louisiana Cooperative Extension Servicea branch of the LSU Agricultural Center. This is your source for practical, research-based information concerning subjects related to Agriculture for your home and your garden. CREOLE TOMATOES-PART ONE Scientific Classification of Tomatoes and Historical Prospective: Tomato, Lycopersicon esculentum To complicate matters, there is a specific variety of tomatoes named "creole". It was introduced in 1969 by the LSU Agricultural Experiment Station. Almost any variety of tomatoes grown in the region is considered a creole tomato. Economic Importance: According to the 1996 Louisiana Summary of Agriculture and Natural Resources prepared by the Louisiana Cooperative Extension Service, the Southeast Region of Louisiana accounted for 298 acres of the total 395 acres or 75% of the field tomatoes harvested in Louisiana during 1996. By our definition of "creole tomatoes," the tomatoes grown in that region of the state are considered creole tomatoes. The gross farm value of the 1996 creole tomato crop in Louisiana was $3,020,130. This accounted for 64% of the value of the field tomatoes harvested in Louisiana or about 7% of the total value of all vegetables produced in the state.

28. Prime And Unique Agricultural Lands And The National Environmental Policy Act (N
Lexington, Kentucky 40504, Mr. Billy C. Griffin Deputy State Conservationist SoilConservation service PO Box 610 Jackson, mississippi 39205. Dir., coop. ext.
WASHINGTON, DC 20006 August 11, 1980 MEMORANDUM FOR HEADS OF AGENCIES SUBJECT: Prime and Unique Agricultural Lands and the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) The accompanying memorandum on Analysis of Impacts on Prime or Unique Agricultural Lands in Implementing the National Environmental Policy Act was developed in cooperation with the Department of Agriculture. It updates and supersedes the Council's previous memorandum on this subject of August 1976. In order to review agency progress or problems in implementing this memorandum the Council will request periodic reports from federal agencies as part of our ongoing oversight of agency implementation of NEPA and the Council's regulations. At this time we would appreciate receiving from your agency by November 1, 1980, the following information:
  • identification and brief summary of existing or proposed agency policies, regulations and other directives specifically intended to preserve or mitigate the effects of agency actions on prime or unique agricultural lands, including criteria or methodology used in assessing these impacts.
    identification of specific impact statements and, to the extent possible, other documents prepared from October 1, 1979 to October 1, 1980 covering actions deemed likely to have significant direct or indirect effects on prime or unique agricultural lands.

29. State Extension Small Grain Specialists, United States
719754-3494 FAX 719-754-2619 Email Dr. Ed TwidwellLouisiana cooperative extension service 263 Knapp Hall Louisiana mississippi.
Purdue Agriculture Agronomy Extension ... Small Grains Info State Ext. Small Grains Specialists The USDA Cooperative State Research, Education, and Extension Service provides an important link between research-based agricultural information and those individuals directly involved with the production and marketing of agricultural products in the U.S. The state Extension small grain specialists listed in this document, usually located at land-grant colleges and universities , are responsible for educational programming relative to small grain (wheat, barley, rye, oats) production and management issues within their respective states. Many of these individuals also conduct applied field research on important small grain issues in their states. Please let me know of corrections or additions to this list.
Click on a state on the map image or browse through the list of states that follows.
Dr. Paul L. Mask
College of Agriculture

Auburn University, Alabama 36849 Ph. 334 844 5490

30. State Extension Soybean Specialists, United States
Dr. Lanny O. Ashlock Arkansas cooperative extension service 2301 South University 719346 5571 FAX 719 346 5660 Email mississippi.
Source of image in banner: USDA-ARS, Purdue Agriculture Agronomy ... Soybean Info State Ext. Soybean Specialists The USDA Cooperative State Research, Education, and Extension Service provides an important link between research-based agricultural information and those individuals directly involved with the production and marketing of agricultural products in the U.S. The state Extension soybean specialists listed in this document, usually located at land-grant colleges and universities , are responsible for educational programming relative to soybean production and management issues within their respective states. Many of these individuals also conduct applied field research on important soybean issues in their states. Please let me know of corrections or additions to this list.
Click on a state on the map image or browse through the list of states that follows.
Dr. C. D. Monks
Auburn University, Alabama 36849 Ph. 334 844 4100
FAX 334 844 3945

31. Home Based & Micro Business
extension service Box 9745 mississippi State, MS 8407 MT MarshaGoetting ext. Scale Entrepreneur Specialist University of Nebraska coop.
Cooperative Extension Service Home-Based and Micro Business State Contact List
Select a state:
AR AZ DC ... WY AL Georgia Aycock Auburn University Resource Management Specialist 163 Spidle Hall FAX: 205/844-1340 Auburn University, AL 36849-5603 Phone: 334/844-2215 FAX: 334/844-1340 AR Sharon Heidingsfelder Arkansas Cooperative Extension Service Extension Human Environment Specialist University of Arkansas P.O. Box 391 Little Rock, AR 72203 Phone: 501/671-2294 FAX: 501/671-2251 AZ Janice Shelton The University of Arizona La Paz County P.O. Box BL Parker, AZ 85344 Phone: 520/669-9763 FAX: 520/669-9843 AZ Ellen Goldsberry Director Southwest Retail Center for Education and Research The University of Arizona - School fo FCR P.O. Box 210033 Tucson, AZ 85721 Phone: 520/621-1140 FAX: 520/621-3209

32. Pecan Kernel - Personnel
(Area Agent) LA coop. ext. service LSU Agricultural Center 505 Hwy 80 EastPO Box 488 Calhoun, LA 71225 Ph318644-5865, extension. mississippi.

Arizona Arkansas California ... Texas
Name Address Appointment Bannon. Dr. Jim Director
E.V. Smith Research Cntr.
4725 County Rd. 40
Shorter, AL 36075
Research Goff, Dr. Bill Horticulturist
22 Extension Hall
Auburn University, AL 36849
Ph:334-844-5480 email: Extension/Research Dozier, Dr. W.A. Jr. Chair, Dept. of Horticulture 101 Funchess Hall Aubum University. AL 36849 Ph:334444-3026 email: Admin. McDaniel, Mr. Ron Associate Superintendent Gulf Coast Substation 8300 Hwy 104 Fairhope, AL 36532 Ph:334-928-2740 email:

33. This Page Has Moved MS Tom McWilliams, Vice President mississippi League Services 6424(Tom), ext. 6505 email UT Lynn
Home Governmental Affairs Regulatory Advocacy Compliance ... About CUNA
This page has moved
The page you are looking for has moved. Please read on for some tips on finding the information you are looking for. We apologize for any inconvenience. We're here to help You are currently in the main area of CUNA's website. Use the compass on the left side of each page to navigate the rest of this website. There are five areas:
  • (the red button in the middle of the compass) takes you to the CUNA "homepage" and information on Governmental and Legistlative affairs, compliance, regulatory advocacy, News Now, press releases, economics and statistics and much more. (the compass point facing North) is where you'll find schools and conferences, continuing education and training materials, eSchools, eCourses, executive development, webinars, audio conference, books, videos, trainers material and more. (the compass point facing West) where you'll find expert advice and custom research, the Environmental Scan as well as a host of survey reports that cover executive and staff compensation, fees, and the state of credit union technology.

34. Joining Senior Corps : SCP
Maryland Massachusetts Michigan Minnesota mississippi Missouri Montana The Corporationfor National service Home Page in Maine UNIV OF MAINE coop ext SCP Orono

35. Composting Programs In U.S.A., Selected States
Mr. John Bartok coop ext Specialist University of Connecticut Dept of Res of Regulatoryservices Soil Testing Laboratory 103 Regulatory service Bldg mississippi.
Local Composting Programs in Other States in U.S.A.
The University Cooperative Extension Composting Contact (below) was contacted on May 22, 1998. We have not yet received a reply. Mr. John Bartok
Coop Ext Specialist
University of Connecticut
Storrs, CT 06269-4087
FAX 860-486-5408 We requested information from the individual below on July 13, 1998. We will post the reply when we receive it: Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection
Waste Management Bureau/Recycling
Kim Trella, State Recycling Coordinator
79 Elm St.
Hartford, CT 06106-5127
PH: 860-424-3365 FX: 860-424-4060 For soil pH and nutrient analysis, contact: Univ. of Connecticut Soil Nutrient Lab Agricultural and Experiment Station Box 1106 New Haven, CT 06504 Also the University of Massachusetts Soil Testing Lab does offer a compost test. You can reach them at (413) 545-2311. We don't have all the equipment we need to test compost except for pH, soluble salts, available nutrients and 4 micronutrients. UMass can do C:N ratios and heavy metals. I also received this information Jan 2000 from Connecticut: We test soil only for Connecticut residents and there is no charge for the service. We have a laboratory in New Haven, CT

36. Publications And Videos From Other States
of the cooperative State Research, Education, and extension service. Catalog only,http// mississippi, HTML, some PDF,
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Thousands of Extension and Agricultural Experiment Station publications* and video tape presentations are available from other states. Also check out the directory of land-grant universities which are state partners of the Cooperative State Research, Education, and Extension Service. STATE PUBLICATIONS VIDEOS Alabama HTML, PDF Alaska Catalog only Arizona HTML, PDF YES, listed with publications Arkansas HTML, PDF YES, limited number California Catalog, PDF Yes, listed with publications Colorado Catalog, PDF, HTML Connecticut No publications listed Delaware HTML Florida HTML Georgia HTML Hawaii HTML Illinois PDF, HTML YES Indiana HTML, PDF Idaho Catalog, PDF YES, See catalog Iowa PDF Kansas PDF YES, same location Kentucky PDF, HTML Louisiana PDF Maine Catalog, HTML, PDF

37. FSCPE Contacts
Higher Learning 3825 Ridgewood Road, 421 Jackson, mississippi 392116453 E,P) (919)733-7061 ext. State Budget and Management 20321 Mail service Center Raleigh
FSCPE Contacts
Mr. Parker Collins (E,A) ...............(334) 242-5493
401 Adams Avenue
P. O. Box 5690
Montgomery, Alabama 36103-5690
FAX: 334-242-0776
State Data Center:
Dr. Gregory Williams (E,P).......(907) 465-6029
Research and Analysis Section Alaska Department of Labor P. O. Box 25501 Juneau, Alaska 99802-5501 Express: 1111 West 8th Street, Room 301 Juneau, AK 99801 FAX: 907-465-4506 Email: Website: State Data Center: Arizona Mr. Samuel Colon (E,A)...................(602) 542-5984 Arizona Dept. of Economic Security Population Statistics Unit P. O. Box 6123-045Z Phoenix, Arizona 85005-6123 Express: 1789 W. Jefferson St., First Floor, South Wing, Site Code 045Z, Phoenix, AZ 85007 FAX: 602-542-7425 Email: State Data Center: Arkansas Mr. Dave Rasmussen (E,P).......................(501) 569-8542

38. Curing And Smoking Meats For Home Food Preservation
Starkville, MS mississippi State extension service. Available from http//
The National Center for Home Food Preservation
Guide and Literature Review Series:
Smoking and Curing
Curing and Smoking Meats for Home Food Preservation
Literature Review and Critical Preservation Points
Document Use Preface Table of Contents References
7. Literature Cited
Alden L. 2001a. Bacon Glossary. The Cooks Thesaurus. Available from: . Accessed 2001 Sep 30. Alden L. 2001b. Ham Glossary. The Cooks Thesaurus. Available from: Accessed 2001 Sep 30. Alden L. 2001c. Bacon Glossary. The Cooks Thesaurus. Available from: . Accessed 2001 Sep 30. Alexander MA, Stringer WC. 1993. Home Curing Bacon for a Mild Flavor. Columbia, MO: Missouri Cooperative Extension. Available from: . Accessed 2001 Sep 30. Andress EL. 2001. Should I Vacuum Package Food at Home? Athens, GA: FACS Extension University of Georgia. Available from:

39. SEA - Farm-a-syst State Contacts
of Alaska cooperative extension service Universityof Minnesota cooperative extension service mississippi.
State Farm-A-Syst and
Cooperative Extension
All the links on this page are to sites outside the EPA. "Links to Web sites outside the U.S. EPA Web site are for the convenience of the user. The Standards of Ethical Conduct do not permit the U.S. EPA to endorse any private sector Web site, product, or service. The U.S. EPA does not exercise any editorial control over the information you may find at this location. This link is being provided consistent with the intended purpose of the EPA Web site." AL AK AS AZ ... WY
National Farm-A-Syst home page
You can find information on Farm-A-Syst programs and contacts for every state from this site.
Alabama Cooperative Extension System (ACES)

Large downloadable library of agricultural and environmental publications
Directory of extension offices

Alabama Farm-A-Syst

Contact Information

Alabama Department of Environmental Management

40. Search Our Site About This Site Computed Tomography Contact CRCPD Website Health Western Regional Office23 service Center Northampton, mississippi Silas Anderson
Search Our Site About This Site Computed Tomography Contact CRCPD ... Radon Secure Sites Members Only About Regulatory Forum About ... What's New Working Groups About Working Groups Environmental Nuclear Council General Council Healing Arts Council ... Suggested State Regulations Council Radon Conference of Radiation Control Program Directors, Inc.
[Updated 2/6/03] Radon is a colorless, odorless gas that emanates from the soil worldwide. It can concentrate in the home, and if breathed for a prolonged period of time, can cause lung cancer. It is the second leading cause of lung cancer, with about 14,000 deaths per year attributed to radon. At this site are:
State Radon Coordinators Links
Radon Organizations Contact Information
National Radon Poster Contest Winner
National Radon Meetings ...
Prescreened Radon Links for General Information*

Link to CRCPD Publication E-02-2: Criteria for Certification of Radon Service Providers, the Accreditation of Radon Chambers and Laboratories, and the Approval of Measurement Devices,

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