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         Mississippi Geography:     more books (100)
  1. GEOLOGY AND GEOGRAPHY.: An article from: Journal of the Mississippi Academy of Sciences
  2. Geology and Geography.: An article from: Journal of the Mississippi Academy of Sciences
  3. Photographic journal: the Great River Road in the Upper Mississippi River Valley.: An article from: Focus on Geography by Cynthia Berlin, Gregory Chu, 2006-09-22
  4. The History and Geography of the Mississippi Valley (Volume 1); To Which Is Appended a Condensed Physical Geography of the Atlantic United by Timothy Flint, 2010-03-15
  5. The Mississippi Valley: Its Physical Geography by John Wells Foster, 2007-06-01
  6. Contributions to the physical geography of the United States. Part.1: Of the physical geography of the Mississippi Valley, with suggestions for the improvement of the navigation of the Ohio and other rivers by Charles, Jr. Ellet, 1849
  7. Mississippi Geography Introduction: Tangipahoa River, Tchoutacabouffa River, Tickfaw River, Arkabutla Lake, Greenwood Cemetery (Jackson
  8. GEOLOGY AND GEOGRAPHY.: An article from: Journal of the Mississippi Academy of Sciences
  9. Geography of Mississippi: Jackson Prairie, Mississippi Lowland Forests, Mississippi Petrified Forest, Chickasaw Meridian
  11. The History and Geography of the Mississippi Valley (Volume 2); To Which Is Appended a Condensed Physical Geography of the Atlantic United by Timothy Flint, 2010-03-22
  12. Mississippi Geography Projects: 30 Cool, Activities, Crafts, Experiments & More for Kids to Do to Learn About Your State (Mississippi Experience) by Carole Marsh, 2003-05
  13. The History and Geography of the Mississippi Valley..., 2 Pts Bound as One by Timothy Flint, 1832-01-01
  14. The History and Geography of the Mississippi Valley. to Which is Appended a Condensed Physical Geography of the Atlantic United States, and the Whole American Continent. [Third Edition] by Timothy Flint, 1833-01-01

21. Parker
As Laurie Parker says, My father was a high school basketball coach.So, I was aware early on of mississippi geography and towns. . . .
L aurie Parker
The Mississippi Writers and Musicians Project of Starkville High School

Rebecca Easley and poet Laurie Parker Major Works Everywhere in Mississippi
All Over Alabama
Mississippi Alphabet
Texas Alphabet
Louisiana Alphabet
( July, 2001)
The Turtle Saver Biography of Laurie Parker
by Rebecca Easley (SHS) In Bruce, Mississippi on July 24, 1963 Laurie Parker, acclaimed Mississippi writer and artist, and her fraternal twin sister Nancy were born to Sam and Ruth Parker. One year later the family, including her eleven-year-old brother Tommy and her three-year-old sister Lynn, moved to Starkville , where they all still live.
As soon as she could write, she began delighting those around her with her charming rhyming narratives. As Laurie Parker says, "My father was a high school basketball coach. So, I was aware early on of Mississippi geography and towns. . . . I have always loved to write in rhyming narratives"(telephone interview). It was almost instinctive for her to write Everywhere in Mississippi and All Over Alabama
Starkville High School was one of the high points in life for Parker. In reference to her experience at Starkville High School she stated, "I loved it. I was very happy"(telephone interview ). In high school she was acknowledged in various ways. Her many achievements include valedictorian of the graduating class of 1981, Ms. Starkville High School, Senior of Distinction, a straight "A" student, Josephine Jacket and Co-editor of the High Jacket, and an active member of the annual staff. In addition, she was given an honorary cheerleader award at the end of each year for her school spirit and the "bust-um" signs she made each week. She was also voted Most Spirited by her peers for helping her class win the spirit stick four years in a row. She was a National Merit Semifinalist and had a cumulative average of 30 on the ACT.

22. Geography - Merriam-Webster's Atlas
Mississippi Official name State of Mississippi. State nickname the Magnolia State.Total area 48,286 sq mi, 125,060 sq km. Population (2000) 2,844,658.

23. Mississippi River--Geography/U.S. History/Government/Literature Lesson Plan (gra
Students learn that the mississippi River has made its mark on the countrys geography, commerce, and literature.
Students Teachers Parents Grades K-5 Grades 6-8 Grades 9-12
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Ancient History
U.S. History World History Life Science Animals Ecology Human Body The Microscopic World ... Weather
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Clue #2
6-8 > Geography Grade level: 6-8 Subject: Geography Duration: One class period (plus)
Materials Procedures Adaptations ... Credit
Find a video description, video clip, and discussion questions.
Mississippi River

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Students will understand the following: A booktalk provides a summary of the plot (for fiction) or an overview of the coverage (for nonfiction) and explains what kind of reader a given book will appeal to. For this lesson, you will need: Access to the books listed in Procedures or other books that take the Mississippi River for their subject Life on the Mississippi and The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn later on. Flood by Mary Calhoun (juvenile) Flood: Wrestling with the Mississippi by Patricia Lauber The Great Midwest Flood by Carole G. Vogel

24. Intro!
A student organization operated by the Bangladeshi student body, to create awareness and appreciation of Bangladesh, her people, culture, geography, and history.

25. Missouri Geography - NETSTATE
The geography of Missouri. Click here for a few definitions. Major Rivers, CurrentRiver, mississippi River, Missouri River, Osage River, St. Francis River.





The Geography of Missouri
Click here for a few definitions. Longitude / Latitude Longitude: 89° 6'W to 95° 42'W
Latitude: 36°N to 40° 35'N Length x Width Missouri is about 300 miles long and 240 miles wide. Geographic Center The geographic center of Missouri is located in Miller County, 20 miles SW of Jefferson City. Borders Missouri is bordered by Iowa on the north and by Arkansas and Tennessee on the south. Illinois Kentucky , and Tennessee border Missouri on the east and Nebraska, Kansas , and Oklahoma border Missouri on the west. Total Area Missouri covers 69,709 square miles, making it the 21st largest of the 50 states Land Area 68,898 square miles of Missouri are land areas. Water Area 811 square miles of Missouri are covered by water. Highest Point The highest point in Missouri is Taum Sauk Mountain at 1,772 feet above sea level. Lowest Point The lowest point in Missouri is the St. Francis River at 230 feet above sea level. Mean Elevation The Mean Elevation of the state of Missouri is 800 feet above sea level.

26. Mississippi Trivia
Lengthy text page of assorted facts about the state, its geography, history, and famous residents, including a list of entertainment celebrities from the state, compiled in 1993.
Mississippi Trivia
    1. The event which led to the creation of the TEDDY BEAR occurred near Onward, in 1901, when President Theodore Roosevelt, acting upon the suggestion of some friends, visited the state on a hunt for wild game. A bear was located by a member of the hunting party and was held for the President's pleasure. The bear was exhausted and possibly lame, some claim it was a mere cub. In any case, Roosevelt refused to shoot the helpless bear because he found it unsporting. News of the President's refusal to shoot the bear spread far and wide. Soon after, Morris Michtom, a New York merchant, made toy history when he created a stuffed toy bear and labeled it "TEDDY'S BEAR." Mr. Michtom placed the bear in his candy store to draw attention. His success was so great that it led to the formation of the Ideal Toy Corporation in 1903. The TEDDY BEAR remains today a favorite toy for children everywhere. 2. The University of Mississippi Blues Archive in Oxford contains the world's largest collection of Blues music. 3. The world's first round trip transoceanic flight was performed in 1928 by H.T. Merrill, from Iuka. The flight to England was made in a plane loaded with ping pong balls.

27. Arkansas Delta Cultural Center: Missisippi Delta Geography & 1927 Flood Exhibit
Features the state's mississippi River Delta sociology, economy and geography with studies of the rivers, history, and steamboats.
T he Delta Cultural Center has undertaken the ambitious mission of preserving, interpreting and presenting the heritage and culture of the Arkansas Delta. Located in historic downtown Helena, Arkansas, the Delta Cultural Center serves 27 counties in eastern Arkansas. The Center combines education and research with historical and cultural interpretation to communicate the evolving legacy of the Arkansas Delta's rich land and the people who live there. Opened in the fall of 1990, the Delta Cultural Center is composed of a restored 1912 Missouri-Pacific train depot and a Visitors' Center located one block away. The Visitors' Center is host to spacious galleries for temporary exhibits and houses an interactive exhibit on the development of Arkansas Delta music. The Delta Cultural Center also manages the restored Miller Hotel and is beginning restoration on the Greek Revival/Italianate-style Moore-Hornor home. Geography of the Arkansas Delta is a web site dedicated to the study of the geographical and topographical elements that make up the rich land of the Arkansas Delta.
A project of the Delta Cultural Center's Education Program.

28. Free Blank Outline Map Of Mississippi
Free Blank Outline Map of mississippi. mississippi Information US OutlineMaps Index US Atlas Index geography Home Page mississippi Map.
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Free Blank Outline Map of Mississippi
Mississippi Information U.S. Outline Maps Index U.S. Atlas Index Geography Home Page Click the map above for a printable version. Subscribe to the Geography Newsletter Name
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29. Mississippi Geographic Alliance - Newsletters
The mississippi Geographic Alliance is an organization of teachers and professors in the state of mississippi, whose principle goal is to improve geographic education from the kindergarten through university levels. I'm an assistant professor of geography at mississippi State University.
MISSISSIPPI GEOGRAPHIC ALLIANCE 10 Years of Service to Mississippi, 1989 - 1999
MGA Newsletter - FALL 1998
Mississippi Geographic Alliance Newsletter
New Director of MGA, KJMA Leaves Greetings. I am Dr. Taylor E. Mack, and since September 1, I have been the new coordinator of the Mississippi Geographic Alliance. I'm an assistant professor of Geography at Mississippi State University. I have also taught at Central Missouri State University as a visiting professor, and at Louisiana State University while I worked toward my Ph.D. My research is focused on the historical geography of Central America's Caribbean coast, including economic, cultural, population, and physical geography, as well as the impact of introduced agricultural products, plantation agriculture, and tourism.
I am taking over the reins from Dr. Klaus J. Meyer-Arendt (KJMA), who is the new chair of the Department of Geosciences, University of West Florida, in Pensacola. Dr. Meyer-Arendt's research focused on coastal environments, and Pensacola is a near ideal location for him to continue that research. He also believed whole-heartedly in the mission of the MGA, and to make the transition to a new director as smooth as possible, Dr. Meyer-Arendt invited me to Starkville to participate in both the Basic and Advanced Summer Geography Institutes.
I am originally from the suburban Milwaukee area. I spent 4 1/2 years in the US Army, and I received degrees in geography from the University of Kansas (BA and MA), and Louisiana State University (PhD). This summer I have met a large number of the MGA's Teacher Consultants, and their enthusiasm for teaching and geography has been a great experiene. This fall I will incorporate into my university courses some of the lesson plans I learned this summer. I will be attending the upcoming MCSS/MGA Conference in Long Beach, on October 22-24, so hopefully I can meet more of you at that time.

30. Index
mississippi GEOGRAPHIC ALLIANCE. The mission of the mississippi Geographic Allianceis to promote geography in the K12 curriculum throughout the state.
The mission of the Mississippi Geographic Alliance is to promote geography in the K-12 curriculum throughout the state. The MGA conducts in-service and pre-service workshops, summer geography institutes, and co-hosts the MGA/MCSS Annual Meeting.
Meetings and Events
MGA/MCSS Annual Meeting November 1-3, 2001, Jackson, Mississippi
MGA Membership
Mississippi Geography Education Fund
Contact the MGA
The MGA receives support from the The MGA is generously funded through grants by:
Department of Geosciences
Mississippi State University Mississippi Department of Education
The National Geographic Society
Department of Geosciences
Mississippi State University
Maintained by Taylor E. Mack , Ph.D.
For more information about Mississippi State University, contact
Last modified: March 1, 2002

31. Mississippi, Geography, Civil War, Battle, Union, Confederate,
First Battle of Big Black River 17 May 1863. Big Black River. On May16, 1863, the Union Army under the commmand of Ulyses S. Grant
First Battle of Big Black River
17 May 1863 Big Black River On May 16, 1863, the Union Army under the commmand of Ulyses S. Grant fought the largest and most significant battle of the Vicksburg Campaign. The Union forces were victorius at the battle of Champion's Hill. As a result of this battle, Confederate troops were retreating west in the direction of Vicksburg. In the course of this retreat, they came upon the Big Black River. The Big Black River was located twelve miles east of Vicksburg and ten miles west of the Champion's Hill battlefield. Upon reaching the Big Black River on the evening of 16 May 1863, Lt. General John C. Pemberton made the decision to defend a bridgehead on the east bank of the river. Unbeknownst to Pemberton, Major General William W. Loring's "lost" Confederate division was marching in another direction, attempting to reunite with the forces of General Joseph E. Johnston. In the early morning of 17 May, Union General Eugene Carr's division, a part of Major General John A. McClernand's XII Corps, was in pursuit of Pemberton's retreating forces. About 5:30 a.m. Carr's division made contact with the Confederate position and halted to prepare for deployment. Carr understood that a frontal assault against such a fortified postion would cost the Union many casualties. Not only because of the actual defenses, but also because of the waist deep bayou and marshy ground in front of the Confederate position. He also realized that flanking the Rebel position would be impossible because of the river at each end.

32. Department Of Geography
Contact Us. geography Home. CICE Home. USM Home. Useful Information. Updated threetimes daily Live Weather Radar for mississippi and the Golden Triangle region.
USM is classified by the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching as a "Dcotoral/Research -Extensive" university, which places us in the top category of comprehensive institutions in the nation!
Useful Information Home Introduction Good Stuff
Weather related sites
Weather WebCast- get the weather report from broadcast meteorology students. Updated three times daily
Live Weather Radar for Mississippi and the Golden Triangle region
1895 US Atlas Mississippi Page
Shaded Relief Map
1995 AVHRR Satellite Image
1996 AVHRR Satellite Image
Mississippi State Map The Perry-Casteneda Library Map Collection Mississippi Automated Resource Information System

33. Maps Of Mississippi
Lessons US History. Search Click Here, Home geography United States mississippi Maps. SEARCH RESULTS 1 4 of 4 Color Landform

34. Mississippi Information, Climate, History, Geography, ETC.
Physical geography. Most of mississippi is part of the East Gulf Coastal Plain,and the rest of the state is made up of a section of the mississippi Alluvial
Mississippi Homepage Missississppi Businesses ValueCom
Mississippi Information
Mississippi , one of the East South Central states of the United States, bordered on the north by Tennessee, on the east by Alabama, on the south by the Gulf of Mexico and Louisiana, and on the west by Louisiana and Arkansas. The Mississippi River forms almost all of the western boundary, and the Pearl River forms part of the southern boundary. Mississippi entered the Union on December 10, 1817, as the 20th state. Its economy was mainly agricultural until the middle third of the 20th century, when manufacturing became the dominant economic sector; service industries have become increasingly important in recent decades. Jefferson Davis, the president of the Confederacy during the American Civil War, resided here. The name of the state is taken from that of the Mississippi River, the name of which is derived from an Algonquian Indian term for “big river.” Mississippi is called the Magnolia State. Land And Resources Mississippi, with an area of 125,443 sq km (48,434 sq mi), is the 32d largest state in the U.S.; 5.5% of its land area is owned by the federal government. The state is roughly rectangular in shape, and its extreme dimensions are about 530 km (about 330 mi) from north to south and about 290 km (about 180 mi) from east to west. Elevations range from sea level, along the Gulf of Mexico, to 246 m (806 ft), atop Woodall Mountain in the northeast. The approximate mean elevation is 91 m (300 ft). The state's coastline is 71 km (44 mi) long.

35. Bigchalk: HomeworkCentral: Geography (Mississippi)
HomeworkCentral Linking Policy. HIGH SCHOOL BEYOND Regional Studies US States mississippi geography. NATURAL RESOURCES EPA Watershed
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  • EPA Watershed Information
  • Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries, and Parks
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  • 36. Bigchalk: HomeworkCentral: Physical Geography (Geography)
    HomeworkCentral Linking Policy. MIDDLE SCHOOL Regional Studies US States mississippi geography Physical geography. mississippi RIVER
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    Physical Geography

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  • World Book Online Article on MISSISSIPPI RIVER
  • Historic Maps of the Mississippi
  • Introduction ... Contact Us
  • 37. About The USA - Travel & Geography > Mississippi
    Travel geography Travel to the United States The States Territories The TheStates, Districts and Territories of the United States mississippi.

    Travel to the United States

    The Regions of the United States
    The States, Districts and Territories of the United States
    State Flag

    State Seal
    MISSISSIPPI. American FactFinder (U.S. Census) MISSISSIPPI, the "Magnolia State"
    MS The name "Mississippi" comes from an Indian word meaning "great waters" or "father of waters" In 1817, Mississippi was admited as the 20th state to the Union. Mississippi is a state that is going through great changes. Part of the Deep South, it was once a land of farmers and quiet towns. It is becoming a state of factory workers and busy cities. But tradition plays an important part in Mississippi life. The state retains many reminders of the Old South. Stately mansions bring back memories of Mississippi plantation life before the Civil War. The large, sunny beaches and fine hotels of the Mississippi Gulf Coast are popular vacation destinations. Der Name Mississippi leitet sich von dem indianischen Wort für "Großes Wasser" oder "Vater der Gewässer" ab. 1817 wurde das Gebiet als 20. Bundesstaat in den Verbund aufgenommen. Mississippi

    38. Education Planet Geography And Countries,Maps,North America,USA,
    Home/Environment/Ecology/Water Sources/Rivers mississippi (3) Home/History/UnitedStates History/State Histories mississippi (1) Home/geography and Countries

    39. Education Planet Geography And Countries,Regional Resources,North America,USA,Mi
    privacy, mississippi Subcategories Cities (3), Counties(1), Most Popular geography and Countries Searches
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    Mississippi Subcategories: Cities Counties Most Popular Geography and Countries Searches: Africa Maps USA Maps World Atlas Home ... Mississippi Sponsored Links Mississippi Mortgage Rates - - Mortgage calculators to determine monthly payments accompany instant quotes on low mortgage rates for lenders in Mississippi, with no application forms to fill out.
    Mississippi State Income Tax Returns E-Filing Info - TaxBrain
    - Prepare and E-file your Mississippi state income tax return online with Get both federal and state income tax services to receive your Mississippi refund.

    40. Mississippi, State, United States: Geography
    geography. mississippi's generally hilly landscape reaches its highest point (806ft/246 m) in the northeastern corner of the state along the Tennessee River.

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    Mississippi's generally hilly landscape reaches its highest point (806 ft/246 m) in the northeastern corner of the state along the Tennessee River. The most distinctive region in the state's varied topography is the Mississippi Delta, a flat alluvial plain between the Mississippi and the Yazoo rivers in the western part of the state. A wide belt of longleaf yellow pine (the piney woods) covers most of southern Mississippi to within a few miles of the coastal-plain grasslands. Important there are lumbering and allied industries. Most of the state's rivers belong to either the Mississippi or the Alabama river systems, with the Pontoctoc Ridge the divide. The climate of Mississippi is subtropical in the southern part of the state and temperate in the northern part; the average annual rainfall is more than 50 in. (127 cm). The state, in the path of waterfowl migration routes down the Mississippi valley and home to many species of birds, is noted for its duck and quail hunting. Along the Gulf Coast, a favorite fishing area, are several resort cities and part of Gulf Islands National Seashore. Historical sites in Mississippi include Old Spanish Fort, the oldest house on the Mississippi River, near Pascagoula, as well as Vicksburg National Military Park, Brices Cross Roads National Battlefield Site, and Tupelo National Battlefield (see

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