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         Missouri Education General:     more books (100)
  1. Revised course of study for teachers' institutes, prepared by authority of the State board of education of Missouri. Revised May 15, 1895
  2. School Laws of the State of Missouri: Revised Statutes, 1899. with Court Decisions, Forms and Comments for the Use of School Officers, List of Text-Books ... of Study for Rural and Village Schools by Missouri, 2010-02-24
  3. Bulletin. Education series
  5. Social Class, Poverty and Education (Missouri Symposia on Research and Education) by Bruce Biddle, 2001-08-15
  6. The Indomitable Mary Easton Sibley: Pioneer of Women's Education in Missouri (Missouri Heritage Readers Series) by Kristie C. Wolferman, 2008-09-01
  7. A History of Education in Missouri by Claude Anderson Phillips, 2009-10-10
  8. Amphibians of Missouri (Public Education Series) by Tom R. Johnson, 1977-12
  9. Higher Education In Missouri by Marshall S. Snow, 2010-09-10
  10. Gender, Equity, and Schooling: Policy and Practice (Missouri Symposium on Research and Educational Policy)
  11. Slavery, Southern Culture, and Education in Little Dixie, Missouri, 1820-1860 (Studies in African American History and Culture) by Jeffrey C. Stone, 2006-01-27
  12. Missouri Education in Perspective 2008-09
  13. Missouri Education in Perspective 2003-2004 by Kathleen O'Leary Morgan, 2003-09
  14. All the Arts for Every Child : Final Report on the Arts in General Education Project in the School District of University City , Missouri

1. The General Education Program
The general education Program. University of missouriColumbia. Dr. Gil Porter, Associate Vice Provost for Undergraduate

2. MGEF - Missouri General Education Forum
Career and Program Support (CAPS) College of education University of missouri Columbia University of missouri -Columbia, 218 Townsend Hall, Columbia, MO 65211-2140 Phone (573) 882-7772, Fax 573=884=7108 View This Week's Job Search Timelines. Interview Pointers. general Information
Welcome to the Missouri General Education Forum's web page. The forum is a network of individuals from throughout Missouri who are interested in strengthening general education in Missouri colleges and universities. We hope you will join us in electronic discussions on the MGEF public listserv and at periodic meetings of the forum. Join MGEF Listserv MGEF Minutes View institutional general education status reports for new credit transfer policy List of Missouri college and university web pages ... Missouri Department of Higher Education - CBHE This Web Site provides access to general education
matrix forms, FAQs about implementing the new
state policy, and institutional general education
status reports.
Back to the top © 2000 Southeast Missouri State University Send comments about this web page to MGEF web manager This page was last edited:

3. Missouri Attorney General's Office
Updates citizens on crime and justice legislation and reviews divisions such as fraud prevention, environmental protection, and law enforcement. Bar launch consumer education campaign for missouri high school students. Attorney general Nixon and The missouri
Pages that are in PDF format can be viewed with Adobe Acrobat Reader. Welcome to the Missouri Attorney General's Office:
As the state's chief legal officer, I am committed to protecting the safety and welfare of all Missourians. The AG's Office aggressively prosecutes those who break criminal, environmental and consumer protection laws and defends the state against legal actions.
Attorney General Jeremiah W. (Jay) Nixon REDUCE TELEMARKETING CALLS
to reduce telemarketing
calls to your home

Get the FAQs
Get complaint form ( or html The AG's Office has collected $1,055,500 in judgments from telemarketers. 1,162,641 Missouri phone lines are registered on the No Call list. Consumer alert: Nixon cautions residents of St. Louis and St. Charles counties about scams in wake of hailstorm

4. Missouri Department Of Elementary And Secondary Education
Coordinates and regulates K-12 education in missouri. Extensive of databases of school statistics, Category Regional North America missouri education K-12...... missouri K12 Schools on the Web, Career education, and Vocational-Technical education,Includes an organizational chart and other general department information,
Governor Signs "Snow Days" Bill. Gov. Holden signed House Bill 554 regarding required make-up days (04-08-03). DESE releases lists of Top 10 Most-Improved Schools.
"Changing the Scene: Improving the School Nutrition Environment"
satellite teleconference on May 6, 2003. Get program information and register for satellite coordinates. DESE's new "Curriculum Sampler" offers a practical guide to creating and refining curricula. It includes samples and ideas from more than 30 Missouri school districts and organizations. Artwork from Norwood R-I School District has been added to the art gallery
Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education
" Making a Positive Difference Through Education and Service"
D. Kent King, Commissioner of Education

Last Revised: April 09, 2003

5. Families For Home Education - Missouri
FHE is a lobbying group for all home educators in the state of missouri. Works to win support for home education among the general public and before lawmakers and public officials.
Families for Home Education (FHE)
PO Box 800
Platte City, MO 64079
Email: NEW HOMESCHOOLERS MEMBERSHIP MISSOURI LAW ... CONTACT FHE Questions or Comments about the website?
Please direct all other inquiries to
An Oberon Web Design

6. Missouri Department Of Higher Education Home Page
Investigate academic affairs, student financial aid and statistics for the state. Link to employment opportunities. Life Sciences in Higher education. missouri Department of Higher education, 3515 Amazonas Dr., Jefferson City, Transfer Course Equivalencies. general education/Credit Transfer Policy
If you do no t have JavaScript enabled or are using an older browser you will not be able to view our page correctly. Please proceed to our Text Only Version.
About Us
Calendar Employment ... Life Sciences in Higher Education Missouri Department of Higher Education, 3515 Amazonas Dr.,  Jefferson City, MO  65109-5717
Phone Fax MOSTARS Information Center
Technical questions about the Web site please contact us Please Choose One MDHE Outlook Mail -Students/Parents- Advanced Placement (AP) Degree and Career Information Dual Credit Entrance/Exit Counseling H.S. Core Curriculum Institutional Missions Missouri Learners' Network MOHELA MO Saving for Tuition (MO$T) MOBIUS Bib. Info. System MOREnet Research Network Preparing for College Repayment Calculator Residency Requirements SFA Information Packet SFA Inquiry Online State Financial Aid Programs State Technology Resources Student Financial Aid Apps. Student Loans -Institutions/Lenders- Adm Forms for SFA Programs E-Distribution List DHE Teacher Quality Grants Integrated Common Manual Listing of Approved Programs New Program Requests Program Review Publications Order Form SFA Inquiry Online State SFA Programs Login Student Loan Forms Requests
About the Commissioner
Commissioner's Presentations Coordinating Board Members Meeting Minutes ... Statewide Listing of Appv. Programs

7. General Resources
general Resources. Berkeley Teaching Tips; Best Practices in education (to help Americanschools Best Practices in missouri Schools (missouri Council of School
General Resources

8. Education
Includes general information plus numerous links to international School DistrictsLinks to all missouri K12 Peterson's education and career information for K
University of Missouri - Columbia
Career and Program Support, College of Education
218 Townsend Hall, Columbia, MO 65211-2140, Phone: (573) 882-7772, Fax: 573=884=7108
Quick Links
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  • Higher Education and Academia Job Listings
    Academic 360

    Numerous links to faculty/administrative job announcements at colleges and universities, international in scope and searchable several different ways. Excellent site - developed by Dan Knauft.
    Academic Employment Network

    National job listings at all education levels PreK-College.
    Academic Position Network
    National higher education job listings including graduate assistant and fellowship positions. Academic Positions Worldwide International register of positions (higher education and general) in a variety of disciplines. American Association of Community Colleges Community college job listings, updated biweekly.

    9. Northwest Educators - A Community Site For And About Northwest Education
    Welcome to Northwest missouri education sites, Thursday, February 13 2003 @0700 PM CST. Sections, Home general News (0/0) GeekLog (1/1). User Functions,

    10. General Surgeon In Missouri - Physician Finder
    WebMD Find-a-Physician allows you to search a national database of over 500 000 physicians in any one of 57 specialties for the purpose of finding a doctor who meets your needs. When you find a physician you may also look up his medical education

    11. The General Education Program
    Additional information on the requirements may be obtained from theMU's general education Program (http//

    12. Implementing's Missouri General Policy
    File). CBHE Credit Transfer Policy. List of missouri college and universityweb pages. missouri general education Forum web page MGEF.

    View institutional general education status reports
    If you don't have Adobe Acrobat Reader click HERE for free download Download the reporting matrix
    (Web F
    (Rich Text File)

    (PDF File)
    Answers to frequently asked questions about implementing the policy
    (MS Word file)

    (Rich Text File)

    (PDF File)
    CBHE Credit Transfer Policy ... Missouri General Education Forum web page - MGEF Missouri Department of Higher Education CBHE This web page is provided to assist Missouri's institutions of higher education in implementing the general education component of the CBHE policy, "Credit Transfer: Guidelines for Student Transfer and Articulation among Missouri Colleges and Universities." The design of the page is low tech to permit fast loading and easy access to needed documents. Please click on the menu items to the left to download documents you wish to read or print. Documents can be printed directly from the web page or will be opened by your word processor or Adobe Acrobat Reader. You can submit questions about the policy and the procedures for implementing it by clicking on the hyperlink below.

    13. Assessment Resource Center, University Of Missouri College Of Education
    The general Aptitude Test Battery (GATB) was developed by high schools is sponsoredby the missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary education (DESE).
    Description Materials Reports Scoring Services General Aptitude Test Battery

    Description of the Test The General Aptitude Test Battery (GATB) was developed by the United States Employment Services and has been used since 1947 by state employment service offices. Since that time, the GATB has been included in a continuing program of research to validate the test against success in many different occupations. Because of its extensive research base, the GATB has come to be recognized as one of the best validated multiple-aptitude batteries in existence for use in vocational guidance. The use of the GATB in Missouri high schools is sponsored by the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE). The agreement between DESE and the State Employment Security Agency for the administration and scoring of the GATB states that all parts of the test are to be administered. This includes Part 8, Motor Coordination; Parts 9 and 10, Manual Dexterity; and Parts 11 and 12, Finger Dexterity. Materials for these parts may be ordered from the following company:
    Specialty Case Mfg. Co.

    14. Provost -- Assessment, General Education --University Of Missouri, Columbia
    Plan and Procedures. Requirement All students will participate in a nationallynormed general education exam. (University of missouri Curators, 1991).
    General Education Assessment of MU Undergraduates Plan and Procedures Requirement: All students will participate in a nationally normed general education exam. (University of Missouri Curators, 1991) MU Academic Assessment Committee (AAC) recommendation : All students who have completed at least 75 semester credit hours will be assessed. The CAAP exam will be used. General Education Assessment Plan (Approved by AAC 9/24/98)
    • All general education exams will be given to students in a 1-hour time slot associated with their capstone course. Each capstone instructor will be asked to provide 1 1-hour time period under the requirements of the course to be dedicated to the exam. In each capstone course examination section, as nearly as possible, 20% of the students will receive the writing skill section, 20% the mathematics section, 20% the critical thinking section, 20% the reading section and 20% the science reasoning section. All capstone instructors will be formally asked to build the general education exam into their course schedule, syllabus and/or activities for one hour. Deans will be asked to facilitate the implementation in their colleges.

    15. Provost -- Assessment, General Education --University Of Missouri, Columbia
    University of missouriColumbia, Find It Fast. Contact Us. People Finder. MU WebSearch. general education Assessment of MU Undergraduates Plan and Procedures.
    General Education Assessment of MU Undergraduates Plan and Procedures
    Information for MU Students Taking the CAAP Exam
    Provost Home Administration ... FAQ
    Published by Office of the Provost
    Please send comments or questions to the Webmaster

    16. Missouri Historical Society
    education. education Welcome. education general. Lewis and Clark education. Presentation.Resources. All content © 1999 2002 missouri Historical Society.
    Site Map Home Welcome Exhibitions Event Calendar Membership Press Room ... Careers at MHS Welcome Home Page General Welcome Overview and Mission Site Map ... Getting Here Membership Services Membership Application Description of Benefits Time Travelers Pastimes ... Around Town Library and Services Library and Research General Information General Building Information Research Center Eyes of a Child ... Research Library Exhibitions Overview Galleries Symbols History ... Girl Scouts Education Education Welcome Education General Lewis and Clark Education Presentation ... School Program Publications All Titles New Titles Order Form Volunteers Volunteer Information Volunteer Form Volunteer Opportunities Museum Shop Museum Shop Information Museum Shop Order Form Press Releases Current Press Releases Upcoming Press Releases Travel Information Group Package Hotel Package Home Welcome ... All content © 1999 - 2002 Missouri Historical Society.

    17. Missouri Historical Society
    missouri History Museum in Forest Park 314/7464599 â Services Office 314/454-3187education Department education Department general 314/361-9265
    General Information Home Welcome Exhibitions Event Calendar ... Volunteers For Educators Restaurant Contact Us Site Map Travel Information ... Careers at MHS Missouri History Museum
    Location: Lindell and DeBaliviere in Forest Park
    Hours: Open seven days a week —
    Daily, 10 am to 6 pm; Tuesday, 10 am to 8 pm Education and Community Programs
    Phone Number:
    Web Site Address:
    Mailing Address:
    P.O. Box 11940, St. Louis, MO 63112
    The Missouri History Museum is accessible to persons with disabilities and seeks to accommodate the needs of our patrons. Please notify the museum in advance if a member of your group requires a sign language interpreter or other accommodation by calling 314/361-9017.
    Ongoing support of the Missouri Historical Society’s educational programs is provided by the Missouri History Museum Subdistrict of the Metropolitan Zoological Park and Museum District, MHS members, gifts and grants. Helpful Tips for Planning Your Visit Scheduling a Visit If you are planning a visit to the museum, we suggest using the following checklist.

    18. Central Missouri State University General Education Program
    Central missouri State University general education Program. The program presentedin the accompanying matrix is tentative and open to revisions.
    Central Missouri State University
    General Education Program
    The material posted on our website consists of:
  • (PDF format)

  • 6 credits hours.
  • CBHE Transfer and Articulation Reporting Matrix (October 2001) (PDF format)
    General Education Matrix - April 2002.
    (PDF format)
    General Education Matrix - June 2002
    (PDF format)

    19. Arts & Sciences Continuing Education University Of Missouri - Kansas City Genera
    general Information. The Continuing education Division office is at 5300 RockhillRoad, Kansas with speech or hearing impairments can call Relay missouri, 1800
    Winter 2003 Credit Courses Winter 2003 Non-credit Courses
    Noncredit Enrollment
    General Information Whether your continuing education is for career advancement, personal satisfaction or formal academic study, you will find courses at UMKC taught by University faculty or adjunct faculty members who are recognized experts in their fields. In addition to weekend and evening credit courses, the College's Continuing Education Division offers noncredit courses on current topics. Some credit programs also have noncredit options. Easy to find The Continuing Education Division office is at 5300 Rockhill Road, Kansas City, MO, just east of the Country Club Plaza. Walk-in office hours are from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. The phone number is (816) 235-2736, ext. 22. Telephone registrations are taken weekdays during office hours at (816) 235-2736. Please feel free to leave a message on our voice mail after office hours. People with speech or hearing impairments can call Relay Missouri, 1-800-735-2966 (TT) or 1-800-735-2466 (voice) Parking By University policy, there is no free parking on campus. You have the following options to avoid being ticketed:

    20. Northwest Missouri State Catalog
    did not include a study of the missouri Constitution. education degrees require onecourse in chemistry, physical or Bio 04102/103 general Biology/Lab, 4 hours.
    General Education Requirements
    General Education Goals and Purposes
    Northwest believes that students deserve a strong, integrated college curriculum consisting of a set of general education courses to complement and form the basis for the classes which will comprise their academic major. General Education prepares students for the essential lifelong learning skills critical to their personal development. These offerings are designed to build and sharpen communication skills, the ability to problem solve and think critically, an appreciation of other cultures, personal and social development, and the ability to use information technology. The general education component equips students for success in their chosen major, for fulfilled lives as educated persons, and as effective contributors to society. The General Education Portion of Degree Requirements
    In order to complete the bachelor's degree, students must take the general education requirements for their specific degree, plus major and/or minor requirements as specified by the department, plus electives as needed to total a minimum of 124 semester hours. It is important for students to work closely with their academic advisors when selecting courses, as not all courses fulfill requirements for all degrees.

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