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         Modern Pentathlon Olympic History:     more detail

1. - History - Modern Pentathlon
This document is a history of modern pentathlon, with a list of all olympic champions in the sport. It is a page in the history section of, the largest collection of sports information on the Internet. Sports history. Alpha Index. Index by Sport. history Bits U. S. modern pentathlon and Biathlon Association (USMPBA), which established a Junior olympic development clinic in
Sports History
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Modern Pentathlon
The modern pentathlon was introduced at the 1912 Olympics as a test of military skillsor, at least, the skills that were traditionally taught at military academies of the time. It was designed by Baron Pierre de Coubertin, the chief founder of the modern Olympic Games. The concept behind the competition is that a military courier sets out on horseback to carry a message. Along the way, he has to fight a duel with epees, use his pistol, swim across a river, and then run through the woods to reach his goal. Only Army officers were allowed to participate in 1912, when the United States was represented by a 26-year-old second lieutenant, George S. Patton, a skilled rider and fencer. Patton did very well in four of the events and might well have won the gold medal except for his poor marksmanship. He finished 21st in the pistol shooting event, which dropped him to fifth overall. Scoring was originally based on a competitor's placing in the various events, with the lowest score winning. It's now based on a scoring table similar to the one used in track and field for the decathlon. Standards are set for each event and a competitor receives 1,000 points for equalling the standard. Points are added if the standard is exceeded and subtracted if the performance falls below the standard. The events have changed somewhat since 1912. The equestrian event, originally a 5,000-meter cross-country ride against time, is now a 400-meter stadium jumping course. The swimming event has been cut from 300 meters to 200 meters, the cross-country running event from 4,000 meters to 3,000 meters. The shooting event, originally a 22-caliber pistol shot from 25 meters at a turning target, has become a 10-meter air pistol shot at a stationary target.

2. History | Modern Pentathlon | ABC Olympic Games Coverage
ABC Online News
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Modern pentathlon event details
Unfortunately, the modern pentathlon’s Olympic history has all too often failed to live up to the lofty ideals of its founder. In Mexico in 1968 Swedish competitor Hans Gunnar Liljeavall secured his place in Olympic history by being disqualified for consuming alcohol during the competition. Further controversy followed at the following Games in Munich when the sport’s governing body banned 14 athletes who were found to have taken tranquillisers, only to see the ban overturned by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) because it did not consider the tranquillisers as a banned substance. Australia has not escaped the unwelcome hand of controversy when it comes to the modern pentathlon.

3. Summer Olympics 2000 Olympic History -- Modern Pentathlon
olympic history modern pentathlon Individual olympics, Medal, Athlete,Country, Points. Atlanta '96, Gold Silver Bronze, Aleksandr Parygin
ESPN Keyword Search Search The Web ESPN Network: NASCAR ... U.S. Roster Olympic history Modern pentathlon
Olympics Medal
Athlete Country Points
Atlanta '96 Gold
Aleksandr Parygin
Eduard Zenovka
Janos Martinek Kazakhstan
Barcelona '92 Gold Silver Bronze A. Skrzypaszek Attila Mizser Edouard Zenovka Poland Hungary Russia Seoul '88 Gold Silver Bronze Janos Martinek Carlo Massullo V. Iagorachvili Hungary Italy Soviet Union Los Angeles '84 Gold Silver Bronze Daniele Masala Svante Rasmuson Carlo Massullo Italy Sweden Italy Moscow '80 Gold Silver Bronze Anatoli Starostin T. Szombathelyi Pavel Lednev Soviet Union Hungary Soviet Union Montreal '76 Gold Silver Bronze Janusz Peciak Pavel Lednev Jan Bartu Poland Soviet Union Czechoslovakia Munich '72 Gold Silver Bronze Andras Balczo Boris Onischenko Pavel Lednev Hungary Soviet Union Soviet Union Mexico City '68 Gold Silver Bronze Bjorn Ferm Andras Balczo Pavel Lednev Sweden Hungary Soviet Union Tokyo '64 Gold Silver Bronze Ferenc Torok Igor Novikov Albert Mokeyev JHungary Soviet Union Soviet Union Rome '60 Gold Silver Bronze Ferenc Nemeth Imre Nagy Robert Beck Hungary Hungary United States Melbourne '56 Gold Silver Bronze Lars Hall Olavi Mannonen Vaino Korhonen Sweden Finland Finland Helsinki '52 Gold Silver Bronze Lars Hall Gabor Benedek Istvan Szondy Sweden Hungary Hungary London '48 Gold Silver Bronze William Grut George Moore Gosta Gardin Sweden United States Sweden Berlin '36 Gold Silver Bronze Gotthard Handrick Charles Leonard Silvano Abba Germany

4. ABC Online News - Sports: Modern Pentathlon
history of modern pentathlon and results of Australian pentathletes in olympic Games.
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Athletes Sports ... Coverage RELATED ABC SITES Lateline Four Corners 7.30 Report Foreign Correspondent Landline Australian Story Stateline AM ... Correspondents' Report INTERACTIVE Forums Contact Us News Mail HELP Hearing Audio Viewing Video ABC ONLINE Home Other Areas of Interest: Subject Arts Science Children Youth Education Rural Local Shop OLYMPICS : Sports Modern pentathlon The pentathlon, whether modern or ancient, has always been designed as a soldiers’ event. It was introduced to the ancient Olympics in the eighth century BC after the Spartans complained that too many Olympic events favoured civilians and did nothing to reward the skills of the warrior. In those days the sport was an elimination event featuring five disciplines: discus, spear throwing, long jump, running and wrestling. The idea was that weaker competitors were progressively eliminated until just two remained to wrestle for the title. Baron Pierre de Coubertin, the founder of the Modern Olympics, obviously liked the idea and was keen to incorporate a similar event in the Games.

5. History Of The Modern Olympic Games
history of the modern olympic Games Where Athens, Greece Countries Participating 13 When March 25April 3 Athletes Participating 311 Male 0 Female Overall medal winner Greece of Events 43 New Events Womens swimming, Womens platform diving, Equestrian, and the modern pentathlon

6. Olympic History: Modern Pentathlon - Olympics 2000
olympic history modern pentathlon. pentathlon dates back to the ancient Gamesof 708 BC, but it resembled what we now know as decathlon and heptathlon.
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Olympic History: Modern Pentathlon
Pentathlon dates back to the ancient Games of 708 B.C., but it resembled what we now know as decathlon and heptathlon. "Modern" pentathlon was first introduced at the Stockholm Games in 1912. The five events shooting, fencing, swimming, riding and running were instituted by the Swedish Olympic Committee and have remained the same. Sweden dominated the event for the first half of the 20th Century and the only outsider to challenge them in 1912 was a 26-year-old U.S. army lieutenant named George Patton. And why didn't Patton bring the gold home? He couldn't shoot straight. Baron Pierre de Coubertin, the Frenchman who revived the modern-day Olympics, felt the reinstatement of the event would help world relations, and insure peace, if soldiers of the world could participate in friendly competition.

7. Summer Olympics 2000 Olympic History -- Swimming
Schedule Fan Guide history US Roster. olympic history Swimming MEN, WOMEN. Handball,Water Polo. Judo/Taekwondo, Weightlifting. modern pentathlon, Wrestling.
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  • 8. Modern Pentathlon – News Reports, Sydney Results, Ancient Origins, Olympic Hist
    olympic history. Sweden has one of the finest of all olympic records in the pentathlon. man in history to retain the pentathlon title. were held in pentathlon between 1952 and
    OLYMPIC HISTORY Sweden has one of the finest of all Olympic records in the pentathlon. Swedes won all the medals of every colour at the first three Games and lost only the bronze medal in the two subsequent Games. In front of Hitler at Berlin, Gotthadt Handrick broke the Swedish run, a shock that left the Swedes so short on form that they failed to win a medal of any colour. Sweden regained its composure after the Second World War, however, winning in 1948, 1952 and 1956, the latter two courtesy of Lars Hall, the only man in history to retain the pentathlon title. The next two Games were won by Hungarians, while Bjorn Ferm became the last Swede to win the title in 1968. Team events were held in pentathlon between 1952 and 1992, Hungary the most successful nation with four titles. Britain won the event in 1976.

    9. - History - Modern Pentathlon Medalists
    This document lists all olympic modern pentathlon medalists. It is a page in thehistory section of, the largest collection of sports history.
    Sports History
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    Olympic Modern Pentathlon Medalists
    The modern pentathlon was created for the 1912 Olympics by Baron Pierre de Coubertin himself, and it's been in every Olympics since then, though the women's event wasn't added until 2000. A men's team competition was held from 1952 through 1992. The sport combines pistol shooting, fencing, equestrianism, cross-country running, and swimming. Originally, it was held over a period of four or five days, but since 1996 all the events have been held on a single day. Up until 1952, a competitor's score were the total of his placings in each event, so the lowest score won. Since 1956, scoring tables have been used, as in track and field's pentathlon, heptathlon, and decathlon. Top of page
    Men - Individual
    Year Gold Score Silver Score Bronze Score Georg de Laval, SWE Gustaf Dyrssen, SWE Erik de Laval, SWE Bo Lindman, SWE Gustaf Dyrssen, SWE Berth Uggla, SWE

    10. Ananova - Olympic Sport Guide - Modern Pentathlon
    Press Association guide sheds light on the olympic sport of the modern pentathlon. Outlines the tournament rules and a brief event history. olympic history. modern pentathlon was introduced to the olympic Games in 1912.
    web Ananova Sport
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    Ananova: Olympic sport guide - Modern Pentathlon A guide to the Olympic sport of Modern Penthathlon Technical details Modern Pentathlon consists of Shooting, Fencing, Swimming, Horse Riding and Running. Shooting Air pistols are used in this section of the Modern Pentathlon. Competitors must stand at a distance of 10m and fire 20 shots on command at the targets, with only 40 seconds per shot. Fencing Competitors use epee swords, which have a maximum length of 110cm, with a stiff, triangular, fluted blade and are electrically wired at the point for scoring. Athletes face every other competitor in a series of one minute bouts. The first to score a hit within this time limit wins. Swimming 300m freestyle, swum in heats according to their personal best time. Horse Riding Competitors draw lots for a horse and have only 20 minutes to get to know it. They then face 12 obstacles over a 430-450m course. Riders start with 1,100 points and points are deducted for knockdowns, refusals, falling off and for going over the time limit. If the final time is twice the limit, then the competitor is eliminated from the event. Running This is the final leg of the Modern Pentathlon event and is over a 4km course, marked out over undulating terrain. Runners are handicapped according to their score, with the competition winner starting. The overall winner of the event is the first runner across the line.

    11. Modern Pentathlon
    MP olympic history modern pentathlon - The True olympic Sport. MullerReport Prof. Dr. Müller's Report - olympic Review June/July 2002.
    Modern Pentathlon - The True Olympic Sport Arguments against OPC Report
    UIPM Arguments on the report of the Olympic Programme Commission
    MP - Olympic History

    Modern Pentathlon - The True Olympic Sport
    Muller Report

    Prof. Dr. Müller's Report - Olympic Review June/July 2002
    SOCOG report

    Extract from SOCOG's Post Event Report
    TV stats

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    Summary nations medals winners chart
    Representation Quotas Summary Chart by Nations of medals won in Olympic Games and UIPM World Championships ¨Percentage of NOC representation within quota per OlympicSport Download the whole package of above documents in English here Download the whole package of above documents in French here Download the documents of above documents in Spanish here

    12. - Olympic Sports - U.S. Olympic Modern Pentathlon Team - Wednesday Sep
    olympic history The Women's modern pentathlon debuts at the 2000 Games. olympichistory The Women's modern pentathlon debuts at the 2000 Games.


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    U.S. Modern Pentathlon Team
    Men: Velizar Iliev Chad Senior Women: Emily deRiel Mary Beth Larsen MEN Velizar Iliev Age: Height: Weight: Birthdate: March 9, 1966 Hometown: San Antonio, Texas Olympic History: Competing in his first Olympics Back to the top Chad Senior Age: Height: Weight: Birthdate: Dec. 27, 1974 Hometown: Ft. Myers, Fla. Olympic History: The top-ranked U.S. Pentathlete, Senior is appearing in his first Olympics. Back to the top WOMEN Emily deRiel Age: Height: Weight: Birthdate: Nov. 24, 1974 Hometown: Havertown, Pa. Olympic History: The Women's Modern Pentathlon debuts at the 2000 Games. Back to the top Mary Beth Larsen-Iagorashvili Age: Height: Weight: Birthdate: July 28, 1974

    13. - Olympic Sports - Modern Pentathlon - Russian World Champion Wins Men
    a medal, said Iliev, who has the olympic rings tattooed on modern pentathlon isn'tasport for the weak or the thank at a Glance A place in history • WakeUp


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    Work in Sports GROUP Sports Illustrated Life of Reilly Television SI Women ... CNN Languages COMMERCE SI Customer Service SI Media Kits Get into College Sports Memorabilia ... TeamStore In disbelief
    Latest: Sunday October 08, 2000 05:11 PM American Chad Senior of Fort Meyers, Fla., celebrates a victory in the fencing portion of the modern pentathlon. AP SYDNEY, Australia ( Russian Dmitry Svatkovsky captured the gold medal in the men's modern pentathlon while the United States came up short in its bid to win its first medal in the event since 1960. For a while it looked like Americans Velizar Iliev and Chad Senior both might medal, but in the end, they were left watching. Svatkovsky crossed the finish line of the 3-kilometer run, raised his arms in triumph and then dropped to his knees, touching his head to the ground in disbelief that he'd won the gold. Gabor Balogh of Hungary won the silver, and Pavel Dovgal of Belarus took the bronze. Senior finished sixth, and Iliev, who emigrated to the United States from Bulgaria in 1991, was ninth.

    olympic history, The sport first appeared on the olympic programme in1912. modern pentathlon was originally dominated by the Swedes.

    15. International Institute For Sport And Olympic History
    High school athletics; history of Sport IOC (International olympic Committee);Jeu de Paume; sport; Microfilm Collection (newspapers, thesis); modern pentathlon;
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    16. Copernicus Education Gateway
    a lot more to learn about ancient Greece and olympic history! from the events thatmake up the modern pentathlon? For help, see Ancient olympic Events and CBS
    Olympic History
    When the world celebrated the 2000 Summer Games, it continued a legacy several millennia old. Read about the history of the ancient and modern Olympic Games, the meaning behind familiar Olympic symbols, and the traditions of the Games with excerpts from texts published by Griffin Publishing Group . Along the way, find lots of links to help you learn and test your knowledge with quick quizzes.
    Games in Ancients Greece
    Games in Modern Times
    Symbols and Traditions

    The Olympic Games in Ancient Greece
    For many years, the ancient Greeks gathered in the beautiful Valley of Olympia to offer sacrifices to their gods. In time, the practice came to include games and contests. These games and contests came be known as the Olympic Games, with their first recorded date being 776 B.C. The Games were held every four years until A.D. 394. additional events were added. Eventually, the Olympic Games became a five-day festival that was deeply

    The modern pentathlon was born in 1912 in Stockholm olympic Games the creator of theolympic Games of modern Age. The olympic Games were then in an early stage
    MODERN PENTATHLON The Modern Pentathlon it's a sport with unique characteristics, that by it's originality and distinction becomes not only pleasant to practice as stimulating to watch. Score Tables ) and after the 5 events the athlete that has gathered more points is declared as the winner. Nowadays Modern Pentathlon is practised world-wide with more incidence in Europe where Modern Pentathlon is more known, it is frequent to see in TV sports channels and not only, images of the meetings disputed all over the world, specially World Cup events. A last note for the fact that in the Olympic Games of Atlanta the Modern Pentathlon was disputed in one day , which has definitely contributed for its development, and in Sydney 2000 the Games will also include the female participation. João Matos Luis in October/1997 Bach to Home Page

    18. Modern Pentathlon History
    history. later to be the famous 2 nd World War General George S. Patton, was tofinish fifth in the first ever olympic modern pentathlon competition and for
    • The Ancient Pentathlon
    " The most perfect sportsmen, therefore, are the Pentathletes because in their bodies strength and speed are combined in beautiful harmony. " Aristotle
    The Pentathlon consisting of running the length of the stadium, jumping, throwing the spear, throwing the discus and wrestling was introduced for the first time at the 18 th Olympiad in 708 BC, probably by the Spartans as a method of training soldiers. The Pentathlon held a position of unique importance in the Games and was considered to be the climax, with the winner ranked as "Victor Ludorum". Admiration for the ancient Pentathlon was fully shared by the founder of the Modern Olympics, Baron Pierre de Coubertin , and he expressed his support for the concept of Pentathlon most eloquently and forcefully in his Memoires Olympiques published in 1931. th meeting of the International Olympic Committee in Budapest (HUN) when as the Baron stated: "the Holy Ghost of sport illuminated my colleagues and they accepted a competition to which I attach great importance"

    19. Modern Pentathlon
    Parygin Wins Inaugural OneDay modern pentathlon The first one-day modern pentathlonin olympic history came to a rousing conclusion as Russian Edouard Zenovka
    Main Sections Business International National Sports Style Washington World (Metro) Weather Home Page Site Index Search Help BigBook Business Directory Autos Classified CareerPost (Jobs Classified) Homes Classified Rentals Classified Olympic Sections AP Olympic News Event Venues Local Olympians Medal Chart Olympic News Summary Olympic Talk Olympic Trivia Post Olympic Articles Schedule by Day TV Schedule Archery Badminton Baseball Basketball Beach Volleyball Boxing Canoe/Kayak Cycling Diving Equestrian Fencing Field Hockey Gymnastics Judo Modern Pentathlon Rowing Shooting Soccer Softball Swimming Synchronized Swimming Tennis Table Tennis Team Handball Track and Field Volleyball Water Polo Weightlifting Wrestling Yachting LATEST MODERN PENTATHLON NEWS MODERN PENTATHLON RESULTS FACTS AND FIGURES
    Parygin Wins Inaugural One-Day Modern Pentathlon
    The first one-day modern pentathlon in Olympic history came to a rousing conclusion as Russian Edouard Zenovka stumbled and fell with 10 yards to the finish, allowing Kazakhstan's Aleksandr Parygin to take the gold. The 12 1/2-hour ordeal consisted of shooting, fencing, swimming and horse-jumping, then concluded with a 2 1/2-mile cross-country run.
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    20. U.S. Olympic Team For Modern Pentathlon
    Medallist ( the first US female Pentathlete in the history of the sport to qualifyfor the olympic Games 1999 USOC Athlete of the Year modern pentathlon.
    U.S. Olympic Team for Modern Pentathlon
    Bios courtesy of the United States Modern Pentathlon Association
    Emily Ann deRiel Mary Beth Iagorashvili
    Velizar Iliev
    Chad Senior
    Emily Ann deRiel
    Mary Beth (Larsen) Iagorashvili
    26 years old. Returning former Pentathlete. Originally from Mukwonago, Wisconsin, now resides in San Antonio, Texas with her husband, (recently married) Vaho Iagorashvili.
    1999 Pan-American Games Gold Medallist ( the first US female Pentathlete in the history of the sport to qualify for the Olympic Games).
    1999 US National Champion. 1999 and 2000 US World Team member.
    1999 USOC Athlete of the Year - Modern Pentathlon.
    3rd. place finisher in the 1998 Ironman World Championships (18-24 age group). Chiropractic student.
    Strongest sports are swimming and fencing.
    Mary Beth prefers fencing as it is exciting and challenging, and loves motivational / educational speaking, especially to children.
    Velizar Iliev
    34 years old, originally from Vratza, Bulgaria, defected to the US in 1991. Velizar is an experienced Pentathlete who as an American citizen provides leadership to the USA Pentathlon Team. Velizar came out of retirement in 1997 in the hope to earn that elusive gold medal at the Olympic Games for the USA. He is a 1999 Pan-American Games Gold Medallist and Olympic qualifier. At the 2000 World Championships, Velizar helped the US Team to two World Championship titles in the Team and Relay competitions. He was the highest US finisher in 6th place. He was 4th at the 1998, 1991, 1989 World Championships. Member of the US Bronze Medal Relay Team at the 1999 World Championships. The 2000 and 1998 US National Champion.

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