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         Modern Pentathlon Olympic History:     more detail

41. Sydney 2000 Summer Olympics - Olympic Games Memorabilia, Pins And More
than 3,900 women will go for the gold, and several events water polo, weightlifting,modern pentathlon, pole vault The history of the olympic Games The
Summer Olympics, Sydney 2000 Games Browse Olympics Essentials
Browse Event Essentials
Blackwell Science for Serious Athletes
Blackwell Science and the International Olympic Committee have teamed up to produce these great books aimed at helping competitive athletes reach their goals with the aid of their coaches, physicians, physical therapists, and nutritionists. Travel Pack: Australia
In our ongoing Travel Pack series, we've compiled rich lists of books, music, and videos for journeys to distant places. Whether you're off to the Sydney Olympics in September 2000, headed for the Australian Outback, or exploring the Great Barrier Reef, we've got everything from Lonely Planet Australia and Eyewitness Sydney to Bruce Chatwin's remarkable classic, The Songlines
Winning Women
Women were forbidden to even attend the ancient Olympics, let alone compete. We made our modern Olympic debut in 1900, when 19 women competed in tennis or in a special Olympic golf tournament. We've come a long way, baby. In Sydney, more than 3,900 women will go for the gold, and several events water polo, weightlifting, modern pentathlon, pole vault, and hammer throw will be open to women for the first time. All eyes will be on Marion Jones as she tries for a record five gold medals and on the

42. The Unknown Factor In Sport's
For the first time in olympic Games history, women will be allowedto compete in the modern pentathlon at the Sydney 2000 olympics.
the unknown factor in sport's ultimate test Maki Takken, aspiring Australian pentathlete in training at CSU’s equine centre in Wagga Wagga. story sally graham photos lee verrall I t is the second-last event in the Olympic pentathlon and competitors anxiously await the start as the quivering of horse flesh beside them seems to imitate the trembling of their own bodies. The pentathletes are about to mount horses they know nothing about, with just 20 minutes to warm up, before tackling double and treble jumps and 10 other obstacles in the showjumping event. It’s the least predictable and most challenging of the pentathlon sports. The highly tuned athletes not only rely on their own skills and fitness – they are also at the mercy of an unknown element: a horse. The temperament and ability of the horse is an extremely important factor in the competition. The person given the task of selecting horses for the event therefore plays a crucial role. For the Sydney 2000 Olympics, that job is in the hands of Shannon O’Meara, who arrived at Charles Sturt University’s (CSU’s) Wagga Wagga Campus in March as Head Trainer. As the official supplier of equine services to the Sydney 2000 Olympics, CSU will accommodate and manage 20 horses to be trained for the Olympic competition at its Equine Centre.

43. WebGuest - Open Directory : Sports : Events : Olympics : Modern Pentathlon
Sites ABC Online News Sports modern pentathlon history of modernpentathlon and results of Australian pentathletes in olympic Games.
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the entire directory only in Olympics/Modern_Pentathlon Top Sports Events Olympics : Modern Pentathlon

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44. Olympics—History Of The Modern Olympic Games
in 776 BC The sports were pentathlon (comprised of began in 1896 when the first modernolympic Games were information about the history of the olympic Games.
Science Watch Science Lab Meet the Experts Careers SEED Journal Teacher's Corner About the Science Center Contact SEED SEED Home ... Connectivity Grant Program The 2002 Olympic Games
History Of The Modern Olympic Games
The Olympic Games were held in Olympia, Greece for almost 1200 years beginning in 776 B.C. The sports were Pentathlon (comprised of Discus, Javelin, Jumping, Running and Wrestling), Running, Boxing, Wrestling, Pankration (a mix of Boxing and Wrestling), Chariot racing and Horse Riding.
Athens The Olympic revival began in 1896 when the first modern Olympic Games were held in Athens, Greece with 245 athletes from 14 nations. Since then, the number of athletes, nations represented and the variety of spots have increased, with over 10,000 competitors from 199 countries participating in the 2000 Games in Sydney Australia. Salt Lake City Winter sports were added the Olympic Games as early as 1908 with figure skating. Ice hockey debuted in 1920. In 1924 the first separate Winter Olympic Games were held in Chaminix, France. Beginning in 1994 the Winter Olympic Games were scheduled to be in different years from the Summer Games, so now there is an Olympic Games every two years, alternating winter and summer.

45. Texas Almanac - Texas History
Abbreviations used in the Sport column are Mod. Penta.=modern pentathlon; Fig. SourceUnited States olympic Committee Olympian, *, Sport, Games**, Medal.
Texas Olympic Medalists Abbreviations used in the Sport column are: Mod. Penta.=Modern Pentathlon; Fig. Skating-Figure Skating; Sp'd Skating-Speed Skating; Tm Handball-Team Handball; Track-all track and field events except those noted separately. Source: United States Olympic Committee Olympian Sport Games** Medal Acuff, Amy Lynn B Track 1995 USOF S Allen, Chad T Baseball 1996 SOG B Anderson, Terence M. L Shooting 1995 PAG
1994 USOF
1983 PAG
1979 PAG
S Anti, Michael E. L Shooting 1991 PAG 4G, B Arnette, Jay Hoyland T Basketball 1960 SOG G Austin, Charles T Track 1996 SOG G Baker, Walter Thane L Track 1956 SOG
1952 SOG G, S, B
S Baptiste, Kirk

46. DRUGS: History
For the past 30 years, the International olympic Committee have been fighting alosing battle against drug cheats. One case of alcohol in modern pentathlon.
History Controversy Terrorism Media ... Introduction History Testing Scandals 2000 Games The Drugs Through the Ages... The use of illicit substances have been a bane upon the Olympic Games since the first Olympics in Ancient Greece. Today's athletes are far more sophisticated in the use of drugs to boost performance and in a continual game of cat-and-mouse between drug testers and drug users, the cheats have stayed ahead by finding new methods and products to beat the system. More... Changes in Drug Usage For the past 30 years, the International Olympic Committee have been fighting a losing battle against drug cheats. At every four year cycle, the IOC has reinforced their committment to wipe out unfair competition but has there been a change in drug use over the years or are the athletes just getting smarter? More... The last 30 years of Competition 1968 Mexico City 667 tests One case of alcohol in modern pentathlon 1972 Munich 2079 tests - 7 cases: Amphetamines in weightlifting and judo(2); coramine in cycling (2); ephedrine in basketball, swimming and weightlifting (3). 1976 Montreal 786 tests - 11 cases: Amphetamines in shooting (1); fencamfamine in weigthligting (1); phenylpropanolmine in yachting (1); anabolic steroids in weightlifting (8) and athletics (1).

47. AnsMe Directory - Sports > Multi-Sports > Modern Pentathlon
6. history modern pentathlon A history of modernpentathlon, with a list of all olympic champions in the sport.
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Web Directory Modern Pentathlon
Web Directory Sports Multi-Sports
Category Description This category is for sites about the Modern Pentathalon. Modern Pentathlon is a multi-event Olympic sport. The events of Modern Pentathlon include: Pistol Shooting, Epee Fencing, Swimming, Equestrian Show Jumping and Cross Country Running. Modern Pentathlon was first introduced into the Olympic program in 1912.
Sub Directories Fencing Olympics Running Shooting ... Swimming
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Web sites
Modern Pentathlon World Championships 2002

Features information on venues, events schedule, tickets, news and media, overview of sport, sponsors and volunteers along with photos and message board. Held at Stanford, California, USA from July 15 to 21, 2002.
Alberta Modern Pentathlon Association

Provincial governing body promoting the sport in Alberta, Canada. News, rules, forms, links, events calendar and classified ads.

48. Feminist Majority Foundation
Making olympic history. For the first time in olympic competition, the modern pentathlon,Water Polo, and Weightlifting will include events for women.
Making Olympic History New York Times At the first modern Olympics in 1896, Melpomene became the first female to compete, although unofficially, in the games. Women have made many advancements in the Olympic games over the past 100 years and it appears that the 2000 games in Sydney, Australia will benefit them more than ever before. Two new sports have been added to the games, increasing the total number of sports to twenty-eight. In addition, Sydney will incorporate more than twenty new women's events into its program. This is twenty more than were seen in the Atlanta games in 1996. For the first time in Olympic competition, the Modern Pentathlon, Water Polo, and Weightlifting will include events for women. Athletic, Aquatic, and Shooting sports are also adding more women's events. Two sports being added to the Olympic agenda are the Triathlon and Mia Hamm (white jersey) battles for the ball during the U.S. women’s 2-0 victory over Norway. (USA Today)

49. History Of The Olympics + Cartoon Fun By Brownielocks
equestrian, fencing, football (aka soccer), gymnastics, modern pentathlon, rowing,swimming it.) olympic Museum olympic Stories olympic history Sport's Journal
Brownielocks and The 3 Bears
Cartoon Fun
The History of the Olympics Since the Olympic games go way back to the early Greeks, to do an entire history on one page is a bit overwhelming. So, I'll give you a brief summation of how it all began, and then provide some further links for additional information. So, how and why did it all begin? In ancient Greece, they often combined religious festivals with sporting events, to honor certain gods. The Greeks held the following: The Pythian Games
The Nemean Games
The Isthmian Games
The Olympic Games It was the last one, the Olympics, that were held for the Greek God Zeus and were also the most popular with the people. The first game is said to be held at Olympia, Greece in 776 B.C. and has been held every 4 years since = 1,168 years! Then, Greece came under the rule of the Roman Empire and the Olympic games were declined, to the point where they actually declined in 393 B.C. by the Christian Roman Emperor, Theodosius I, who objected to what he felt were some "pagan rites" associated with the games. In the beginning, the Olympic games were confined to just one day and one event. That event was a footrace that was the length of the stadium. Soon, additional races were added as the popularity grew, as well as discus and javelin throws (tosses), broad jumps, boxing, wrestling, chariot racing and a pentathlon. The pentathlon was composed of 5 different track and field competitions.

50. NZOC Public Site
Official site.Category Sports Events olympics National olympic Committees...... Baseball, softball and modern pentathlon faced the axe at the IOC Meeting in MexicoCity Charisma was only the second horse in olympic history to score a double
document.write(address(r[choicer])) document.write(address(i[choicei])) Recent News Manchester News Archive Publications ... Sponsors ATHENS OLYMPIC CAMPAIGN GETS UNDERWAY Olympic gold medal rower Rob Waddell gave some insight into the Olympic experience when the official countdown to Athens 2004 began in Auckland on Monday. The ‘Countdown to Athens’ workshop is being jointly hosted by the New Zealand Olympic Committee, Paraylmpics New Zealand and the New Zealand Academy of Sport. Dave Currie, Olympic team Chef de Mission and Cathy Hemsworth Paralympic team Chef de Mission are among key team personnel attending along with sport high performance managers and national coaches. more >> RIEGLER CALLS IT QUITS New Zealand slalom specialist Claudia Riegler has announced her retirement, nine years after her debut in the alpine skiing World Cup. The 26 year old, who competed for the country of her birth, Austria, until she was 17 before representing New Zealand, her mother's homeland, won four World Cup slalom races, the last one six years ago in Laax, Switzerland. more >> MELBOURNE 2006 LAUNCH NEW LOGO Melbourne 2006 held a successful “3 years to go” celebration on Saturday, 15 March. This marked three years to the day to the Opening Ceremony of the XVIII Commonwealth Games in 2006.

51. Hungarian Olympic Triumph - 1996, Atlanta
Kiraly becomes only volleyball player in olympic history to win Men's Rings Silver Won olympic Gold in 4th place Imre Tiideman - modern pentathlon, 7th place
1996, Atlanta Select an Olympic Year: Intro , Athens] [ , Paris] [ , St. Louis] [ , Athens] [ , London] [ , Stockholm] [ , Antwerp] [ , Paris] [ , Amsterdam] [ , Los Angeles] [ , Berlin] [ , London] [ , Helsinki] [ , Melbourne] [ , Rome] [ , Tokyo] [ , Mexico City] [ , Munich] [ , Montreal] [ , Moscow] [ , Los Angeles] [ , Seoul] [ , Barcelona] [ 1996, Atlanta , Sydney] Can you help a little and support our work?
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w Attila Czene sets New Olympic Swimming Record!
w Legendary Krisztina Egerszegi wins her 5th Gold Medal!
w Future WBO Featherweight Boxing Champion, "KO KO" Kovacs takes Gold
w Karch Kiraly becomes only volleyball player in Olympic history to win three Gold medals!
w Swimmers Norbert Rozsa and Karoly Guttler finish 1 - 2 in 200m Breastroke
(Guttler repeats '88 Silver!)

52. Brief History Of The Olympic Games
Brief history of the olympic Games. The modern olympic Games are named for athleticcontests held in in the 1948 games as the modern pentathlon, based upon five
Sydney Olympics - official site Your Comments

Brief History of the Olympic Games
Ancient Olympic Games Chronology of athletic events added to the Olympic Games Myths and the Olympic Games Pelops myth ... Athens for Olympic Games of 2004
Ancient Olympic Games The Olympic Games begun at Olympia in Greece in 776 BC. The Greek calendar was based on the Olympiad, the four-year period between games. The games were staged in the wooded valley of Olympia in Elis. Here the Greeks erected statues and built temples in a grove dedicated to Zeus, supreme among the gods. The greatest shrine was an ivory and gold statue of Zeus. Created by the sculptor Phidias, it was considered one of the Seven Wonders of the World. Scholars have speculated that the games in 776 BC were not the first games, but rather the first games held after they were organized into festivals held every four years as a result of a peace agreement between the city-states of Elis and Pisa. The Eleans traced the founding of the Olympic games to their King Iphitos, who was told by the Delphi Oracle to plant the olive tree from which the victors' wreaths were made. According to Hippias of Elis, who compiled a list of Olympic victors c.400 BC, at first the only Olympic event was a 200-yard dash, called a stadium. This was the only event until 724 BC, when a two-stadia race was added. Two years later the 24-stadia event began, and in 708 the pentathlon was added and wrestling became part of the games. This pentathlon, a five-event match consisted of running, wrestling, leaping, throwing the discus, and hurling the javelin. In time boxing, a chariot race, and other events were included.

53. ThinkQuest Library Of Entries
The modern pentathlon tests a persons' ability in, swimming, crosscountry, fencing,horse - show jumping and target Related Links Neat Links olympic history.
Welcome to the ThinkQuest Internet Challenge of Entries
The web site you have requested, eOlympic: Discover the Games of the Millennium , is one of over 4000 student created entries in our Library. Before using our Library, please be sure that you have read and agreed to our To learn more about ThinkQuest. You can browse other ThinkQuest Library Entries To proceed to eOlympic: Discover the Games of the Millennium click here Back to the Previous Page The Site you have Requested ...
eOlympic: Discover the Games of the Millennium
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A ThinkQuest Internet Challenge 1999 Entry
Click image for the Site Languages : Site Desciption "eOlympic" explores different aspects of the greatest sporting event in the world, the Olympics Games. More specifically, eOlympic covers the 2000 Olympic games to be held in Sydney, Australia. "eOlympic" provides and enlightens users about the Olympic Games, the philosophies, the legacy of the Greeks, the past, the present and the future of the Olympic games. The site allows for intelligent discussion on recent events happening in the Olympics, such as the recent scandals, the justification for the cost involved in hosting the Olympics and whether the ideals proposed by the founder of the Olympics, Pierre de Couberton, are still intact.Languages: English
Students Jodie Windaroo Valley SHS
Australia Charles Woodside Priory School
CA, United States

54. Sydney Olympic Games History And Facts From Koala Express In Sydney Australia 20
with the most winners over the history of the venue has been renovated by the OlympicCoordination water polo and the swimming leg of the modern pentathlon.
The Greek athletic games, otherwise commonly recognized as the Panhellenic Games, were an integral part of Greek life. They combined religion, sport, and music into extravagant festivals involving peoples throughout Mediterranean. Not only did they attract thousands of participants and spectators to their venues, but they also promoted solidarity among the various Greek city-states. By the Classical period, their influence was felt throughout Greece. There were four main games: the Olympic Games, Pythian Games, Nemean Games, and Isthmian Games. The games at Olympia were the oldest and most famous of these. They all began quite humbly as religious ceremonies. While the games had a small religious aspect throughout their history, this role diminished as time progressed. Mythological evidence suggests that the athletic events originally served as entertainment for humans and gods and were loosely associated with sacrificial offerings. At first they were purely local events most likely spanning two or three days, consisting only of dancing, running, and wrestling. The centrepiece of every Olympics is the track and field stadium. Stadium Australia has built the largest Olympic arena in history with 110,000 spectators able to see the opening and closing ceremonies, track and field program and the final of the men's soccer tournament. Under an agreement brokered by the Olympic Co-ordination Authority, the majority of the cost of the $A615 million stadium is being borne by the private sector with the NSW public having ultimate ownership of the venue. Stadium Australia has already hosted several world-class events including top-flight rugby league and union, American NFL and the FIFA All Stars.

55. The Games - Sydney 2000
Badminton; Handball; Taekwondo; Baseball; Hockey; Tennis; Basketball; modern pentathlon; and5,100 officials together for the first time in modern olympic history.
The Games
British Medals - 2000
Medals by Country ... Sydney Table of Events (PDF) DATES The Games of the XXVIIth Olympiad took place between 15 September - 1 October, 2000. HOST CITY Sydney, New South Wales, Australia was awarded the Millennium Games on 23 September, 1993 in Monte Carlo. It was the third of three consecutive bids to be made by an Australian city and was backed by 90% of the Australian population. Australia is one of only five countries to have been in attendance at every summer Olympic Games since they began in 1896. The other countries being Great Britain, France, Switzerland and Greece. Sydney, Australia's largest city, has a population of approximately 3.7 million people. MEDALS A total of 300 medals were awarded at the Sydney Olympic Games.
Olympic Venues
There were two primary Olympic zones for the 2000 Olympic Games: the Olympic Park and the Harbour Zone. Together they accommodated 23 out of the 28 sports.
The Olympic Park - situated at Homebush Bay, about 14km west of the city centre, the park was the centrepiece of the Games. It is located within a 2.5km circle surrounding the Olympic Stadium. Construction on the Olympic Stadium began in September 1996 and was completed in March 1999. The stadium cost $A690 million to build. The Olympic Park was be the venue for 15 of the 28 sports.

56. Dr. Alice Christie's Olympics 2000 Page
Gallery of the Atlanta history Center, of Medal Winners Summer; Alltime olympic MedalWinners field hockey, gymnastics, judo, modern pentathlon, mountain biking
Olympics 2000 Links for Students and Teachers General References on the Olympics General Information on Sydney, Australia

57. Sydney 2000 Olympic Games
Australian Baseball Federation history of baseball in Australia Basketball Australiamodern pentathlon olympic Competition Information modern
The Olympic Games
The Official Site
Olympic Competition Information
Archery Australia
A wide-ranging site for Australian Archery
Artistic Gymnastics
Olympic Competition Information
Australian Gymnastics
The Official home of the Australian Gymnastic Federation
Olympic Competition Information
Athletics Australia
Results of major meets and data base of past results
Olympic Competition Information
Badminton Australia
The official site for the Australian Badminton Association
Olympic Competition Information
Australian Baseball Federation
History of baseball in Australia
Olympic Competition Information
Official site of the Australian Basketball Association
Olympic Competition Information
Australian Amateur Boxing
Information site Australian amateur boxing
Olympic Competition Information
Australian Canoeing Online
News, results updates and links
Olympic Competition Information
Olympic Competition Information
Diving-Australian Sports Commission
Background, description results for Australian Diving
Olympic Competition Information
The Equestrian federation of Australia
Australia's official equestrian site.

58. Cheyenne Fencing Society And Modern Pentathlon Center - Pentathlon
A history of the modern pentathlon, from the Union International de pentathlon wasto finish fifth in the first ever olympic modern pentathlon competition and
Home Club Info News Schedule [ Pentathlon ] Camps Links Contact Us Pentathlon A history of the Modern Pentathlon, from the Union International de Pentathlon The Ancient Pentathlon " The most perfect sportsmen, therefore, are the Pentathletes because in their bodies strength and speed are combined in beautiful harmony. " Aristotle The Pentathlon consisting of running the length of the stadium, jumping, throwing the spear, throwing the discus and wrestling was introduced for the first time at the 18 th Olympiad in 708 BC, probably by the Spartans as a method of training soldiers. The Pentathlon held a position of unique importance in the Games and was considered to be the climax, with the winner ranked as "Victor Ludorum". Admiration for the ancient Pentathlon was fully shared by the founder of the Modern Olympics, Baron Pierre de Coubertin , and he expressed his support for the concept of Pentathlon most eloquently and forcefully in his Memoires Olympiques published in 1931. From 1909, he tried to have the event re-introduced into the Olympic program and after two failed attempts, Pentathlon’s moment came at the 14

The modern pentathlon was added to the olympic program course for the cycling roadrace was 320km (199 miles), the longest race of any kind in olympic history.

60. Olympic History: How The Games Began, Part 1
javelin throwing, and wrestling, the pentathlon tested a procedures and sportsmanship,not unlike modern olympic regulations. Uncover more history in Part II.
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The Olympic Games as we know them have been around for over 100 years. But did you know that the Games go back to a tradition that began in the eighth century B.C.? That's almost 3,000 years ago. Read Part I of this article about the history of the Games, then check out the related Web sites. Uncover more history in Part II
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Honoring Heroes
Of all the athletic contests held in ancient Greece, none rivaled the Olympics. The Games, which honored Zeus, the king of all gods, served many purposes: religious, political, and athletic. No one knows exactly why the Games began. Historians believe that the early Greeks organized competitions as a way to honor important individuals who had died. Later on, the events took on religious meaning. They also became a source of both local and national pride. The first Olympics took place in 776 B.C. at Olympia. The Games consisted of only one event, a 210-yard sprint known as the

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