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         Modern Pentathlon Olympic History:     more detail

81. - United States - New - Sports - All Sports - Sports Reference - Events
story/sm_43431.html Press Association guide sheds light on the olympic sport of themodern pentathlon. Outlines the tournament rules and a brief event history.

82. - History Sides With Modern Pentathlon
modern pentathlon, added to the Games 90 years ago, has a longestablished Olympichistory, which includes Lt. George Patton Jr.'s fifth-place finish in 1912.
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11/28/2002 - Updated 10:06 PM ET RELATED STORIES IOC votes more time Olympic moguls give 3 sports reprieve Earlier stories Modern pentathlon has history on its side Making a pitch to save softball Baseball expected to stay Golf touted as new sport ... IOC votes to keep visit ban for bid cities History sides with modern pentathlon By Vicki Michaelis, USA TODAY Under new leadership determined to limit the size and scope of the Olympics, the 118 IOC members gathered here will decide whether modern pentathlon, baseball and softball should be cut. The general feeling among IOC members is that all three will remain in the Games. About modern pentathlon The modern pentathlon is a daylong, five-event test based on the "military messenger" discipline from Roman times. The men have competed since 1912; the women since 2000.

30Second history Biathlon is one of the Women's biathlon debuted at the OlympicWinter Games from the International Union of modern pentathlon and Biathlon.
- 30-Second History

Full History
30-Second History
  • Biathlon is one of the oldest Olympic sports. It can trace its origins to 3000 BC when early hunters used skis to travel across snow and ice. The modern birth of biathlon has military ties because northern European soldiers used cross-country skis to patrol borders. The first-ever biathlon competitions were organized by Norwegian military units. Biathlon appeared as an Olympic demonstration sport four times, but debuted as a full-medal sport in 1960. Women's biathlon was added in 1992.
~3000 BC Early hunters used cross-country skis to travel across snow and ice while hunting with bow and arrow. 1700 AD Cross-country soldiers were used in the Great Scandinavian War that lasted until 1718. The first recorded biathlon race was organized by Norwegian soldiers. The first rifle and ski club was founded to assist in the development of military ski patrols. Biathlon was held as a demonstration sport under the name "military patrol" at the Olympic Winter Games in Chamonix, France. The renamed event "biathlon" first appeared as an official International Olympic Committee sport.

84. Jampacked Bible - Olympic Spirit
The modern pentathlon has been trimmed from its traditional fiveday format to just getsynchronised swimming and beach volley ball on the olympic timetable if
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  • Festivals Search: The Original Olympics About 2300 years ago, the Land of Israel was in the grip of Greek culture. The Greeks believed in beauty for its own sake. They loved beautiful buildings, colourful paintings and sweet music as well as emphasising the beauty of the body. Many physical tests and sports took up their time as they developed their muscles and bodies. Their religion was one of many gods and goddesses who lived on lofty Mount Olympus in north-eastern Greece. These "gods" were very physical and stories were told of how they feasted and squabbled with each other. The annual Olympics was a religious as well as sporting event in Greece. Offerings and gifts were given to the Greek gods, especially Hercules, before the games began. Participants competed in the nude and much emphasis was placed on bodily beauty and physical prowess. This had a powerful effect on the Jews of that time. Gymnasiums sprung up in major Israeli cities and young Jews would spend more and more time exercising and beautifying themselves. Some Jewish men actually had operations to conceal their circumcision and the High Priest in Jerusalem changed his name from Joshua to Jason in his eagerness to accept and promote this foreign culture. Other Jews, however, resisted strongly. They saw how the promotion of sport led to alienation from Judaism and finally to assimilation. This was a battle of two cultures with deeply opposing basic beliefs. The Greeks worshipped nature and their petty materialistic gods while the Jews recognised the one true Creator of the universe who is not limited by physicality.
  • 85. Jim Thorpe- The Greatest Athlete Of Modern Times
    A biography of the player, personal achievements and awards he had received.Category Sports Football American NFL Players T Thorpe, Jim...... natural athlete the world has seen in modern times. The 1953, Red Smith wrote thatin the pentathlon, Jim had the United States at the 1912 olympic Games held
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    Jim Thorpe 1888-1953
    Pictorial Parade Inc.

    "Jim Thorpe was probably the greatest natural
    athlete the world has seen in modern times."
    The New York Times Book of Sports Legends(1991)
    edited by Joseph Vecchione.
    Jim Thorpe of the Thunder Clan of the Sac and Fox Tribe, was born May 22, 1887, on the Sac and Fox Indian Reservation, Prague, Oklahoma.
    In writing for the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, Whit Canning reported that Thorpe was the son of Hiram and Charlotte Thorpe, his Indian - name Wa-Tho-Huk - meant "Bright Path." He wrote that Thorpe had been a twin but that his brother Charlie died of pneumonia when Thorpe was 9. He also lost both of his parents when he was a teenager.
    In the 1912 Olympic Games in Stockholm Jim won both the pentathlon and the decathlon.
    Reporting for the New York Herald Tribune in 1953, Red Smith wrote that in the pentathlon, Jim had won the broad jump, the 200-meter hurdles, the discus throw, 1,500 meter run and was third in the javelin. In the decathlon he was first in the high hurdles, the shotput, the high jump and the 1,500. He had also been third in the 100 meters, the discus, the pole vault and the broad jump. He also placed fourth in the 400 meters and the javelin. He had come back from Stockholm with a reportedly $50,000 worth of trophies. A month after his return the Amateur Athletic Union filed charges of professionalism against him because he had played summer baseball with the Rocky Mount Club in the Eastern Carolina Leagues. Even though it had been for a small amount of money he had been stripped of his medals and his trophies sent back to Stockholm. His medals were returned posthumously on October 13, 1982.

    86. CBS News | Olympics Delays Sports' Elimination | November 29, 2002 20:39:05
    The head of the modern pentathlon federation, Klaus Schormann, said for the 1912 gamesby modern olympic founder Pierre de t send us to the olympic museum, he
    Home America At War U.S. World ... CBS News i-Video November 29, 2002 20:39:05 The Early Show CBS Evening News 48 Hours 60 Minutes ...
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    Olympics Delays Sports' Elimination
    MEXICO CITY, Nov. 29, 2002
    "Don't send us to the Olympic museum."
    Klaus Schormann, head of the Modern Pentathlon Federation
    (AP) A decision on whether to drop baseball, softball and modern pentathlon from the Olympics won't come until after the 2004 Athens Games.
    The International Olympic Committee chose Friday to put off a vote that could eliminate a Summer Games sport for the first time since polo in 1936.
    None of the 39 speakers during Friday's debate expressed support for a report that recommended trimming the three from the 2008 Beijing Olympics. The report cited limited international appeal and high costs. "They've certainly gotten their warning about what our concerns are," said IOC member Dick Pound of Canada. IOC president Jacques Rogge avoided a question about whether the three sports are assured of being part of the Beijing Olympics. The sports promised to find ways to share costs - baseball plans to trim the length of its tournament and share fields with softball.

    87. Modern Pentathlon – News Reports, Sydney Results, Ancient Origins, Olympic Hist
    SYDNEY RESULTS modern pentathlon MEN. Shooting 1, Dovgal 1861,168pts;2, Papuc 185-1,156; 3, Tkachuk 184-1,144; 4, Tchimeris 183
    Modern Pentathlon MEN Shooting: 1, Dovgal 186-1,168pts; 2, Papuc 185-1,156; 3, Tkachuk 184-1,144; 4, Tchimeris 183-1,132; 5, Iliev 183-1,132; 6, Balogh 181-1,108; 7, Brandt 180-1,096; 8, Clergeau 180-1,096; 9, Tiidemann 179-1,084; 10, de la Vega 179-1,084; 11, McGregor 178-1,072; 12, Senior 177-1,060; 13, Deleigne 176-1,048; 14, Svatkovsky 176-1,048; 15, Felix 176-1,048; 16, Pecci 175-1,036; 17, Sarfalvi 174-1,024; 18, Cerkovskis 174-1,024; 19, Zadneprovskis 172-1,000; 20, Walther 170-976; Warabida 170-976; 22, Hantov 169-964; 23, El Gezery 165-916; 24, Zhenhua 179-884.
    Fencing: 1 Clergeau 16wins-1000pts; 2, Senior 15-960; de la Vega 15-960; 4 Balogh 14-920; 5 Deleigne 13-80; Pecci 13-880; Svatkovsky 13-880; 8 Iliev 13-40; 9 Sarfalvi 12-840; Tchimeris 12-840; Tkachuk 12-840; Zadneprovskis 12-840; 13 Brandt 11-800; Felix 11-800; Papuc 11-800; Zhenhua 11-800; 17 Dovgal 10-760; Warabida 10-760; 19 El Gezery 9-720; Hantov 9-720; Tiidemann 9-720; 22 McGregor 7-640; Walther 7-640; 24 Cerkovskis 6-600.
    Swimming (200m): 1 Walther 2:00.71-1,293; 2 Senior 2:02.20-1,278; 3 Zadneprovskis 2:04.32-1,257; 4 Dovgal 2:04.62-1,254; 5 Zhenhua 2:05.05-1,250; 6 Tchimeris 2:05.40-1,246; 7 Svatkovsky 2:07.64-1,224; 8 Hantov 2:07.66-1,224; 9 Balogh 2:07.90-1,221; 10 Brandt 2:08.23-1,218; 11 Iliev 2:08.33-1,217; 12 El Gezery 2:08.61-1,214; 13 Sarfalvi 2:09.55-1,205; 14 Pecci 2:09.72-1,203; 15 de la Vega 2:10.37-1,197; 16 Papuc 2:10.86-1,192; 17 Deleigne 2:11.08-1,190; 18 Warabida 2:11.96-1,181; 19 Cerkovskis 2:12.04-1,180; 20 Clergeau 2:13.71-1,163; 21 Tkachuk 2:16.20-1,138; 22 Felix 2:16.31-1,137; 23 Tiidemann 2:18.05-1,120; 24 McGregor 2:18.11-1,119.

    88. Amateur Athletic Foundation
    Provides a history of the Games, the olympic movement, the symbols, the athletes, and the politics and drug issues.

    89. The 1996 Summer Olympics In Atlanta
    WashingtonPost.comCategory Regional North America 1996 Summer olympic Games...... call the game as the greatest in olympic history a phrase
    Olympic Sections Event Venues Local Olympians Medal Chart Olympic Talk Archery Badminton Baseball Basketball Beach Volleyball Boxing Canoe/Kayak Cycling Diving Equestrian Fencing Field Hockey Gymnastics Judo Modern Pentathlon Rowing Shooting Soccer Softball Swimming Synchronized Swimming Tennis Table Tennis Team Handball Track and Field Volleyball Water Polo Weightlifting Wrestling Yachting
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    Bidding the Games a Farewell
    Dan O'Brien (pictured) provided just one of many memorable moments at the Atlanta Games. Post writer William Gildea reviews the memories he'll bring home from Atlanta.
    NBC's Coverage: A Thin Line Between Love and Hate
    The Post's Leonard Shapiro spent some serious hours in front of the television during the Olympics. And when it was all over, he was left with mixed emotions . Find out what Shapiro loved and hated when it came to NBC's Olympic coverage. Atlanta Gets Its Curtain Call
    The Centennial Olympic Games in Atlanta came to a close Sunday night, after two weeks of athletic competition between 197 countries and over 11,000 athletes the most ever in an Olympic Games. The Games closed with International Olympic Committee president Juan Antonio Samaranch praising the city of Atlanta, but notably failing to call the game as "the greatest in Olympic history" a phrase that has become routine in his Closing Ceremonies speeches.

    90. History
    Before 110,000 people, a lone horse man entered Stadium Australia followed by 120riders carrying olympic Flags Then we were given a lively history of Australia
    History Ceremonies 1896 Games Women ... Dissolving Boundaries Page Sydney 2000 Sports at the Sydney Games Synchronised diving, trampoline, taekwondo, modern pentathlon for women, triathlon and women's weightlifting were new sports at the 2000 Olympics. Click the sport to find out more Archery Diving Modern Pentathlon Taekwondo ... Interesting Facts Sydney 2000 Dissolving Boundaries Page WWW Link: Official Site of the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games (Note: This is now the IOC site and not the site where we did research for our project. The IAAF link is useful.) The Opening Ceremony by Karen O'Reilly Before 110,000 people, a lone horse man entered Stadium Australia followed by 120 riders carrying Olympic Flags. The cultural program opened with Deep Sea Dreaming. There were hundreds of children dressed as fish and sea creatures to celebrate the Great Barrier Reef . Then Djakapurra Munyarryn and the Aborigine people celebrated their culture. Then we were given a lively history of Australia. Altogether 12,600 performers took part in 8 different segments. The final part before the parade of athletes was a band of 2,000 teenagers from around the world. 118 teams paraded behind their country's flags in alphabetical order led by Greece. North and South Korea paraded behind one flag for the first time.

    91. BBC SPORT | Winter Olympics 2002 | Curling | When A Nation Unites
    the sporting timetable of an upperclass English girls' public school, the modernpentathlon was nothing more than a footnote in olympic history until two
    BBC SPORT Winter Olympics 2002 Front Page Alpine Skiing Other Skiing Skating ... BBC Coverage Thursday, 21 February, 2002, 13:36 GMT
    When a nation unites
    By BBC Sport Online's Tom Fordyce The talk across Britain on Thursday was of one thing and one thing only. Kylie's saucy performance at the Brits counted for nothing - for this was the day when curling came to town. With Great Britain's women's team on the brink of Olympic gold in Salt Lake City, the nation rushed to embrace a sport it had successfully ignored for the past 200 years. Offices and shops across the land were dominated by heated arguments about tough ends, four-foot rings and stones in houses. Generally speaking, few would give a monkey's about the exploits of a Scottish housewife and her broom. But, when there is even the slightest chance of sporting glory, the country will take even the strangest pursuit to heart - as a glance at the history books shows... Shooting Few indeed are the times when the arrival of a bearded man wearing a Union Jack headband and waving a rifle around is greeted with universal acclaim. But that's what happened when Malcolm Cooper - 'Cooperman' to his devotees - returned to these shores after claiming his second Olympic gold in 1988.

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    2); Gymnastics (12); Ice Hockey (1); Judo (2); modern pentathlon (5); Austrian OlympicHistory Historical results of Austrian athletes competing at Summer and
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    93. Medal Sports Olympic Debut
    For a full sporting history visit the official Sydney 2000 olympic Games site.
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    For a full sporting history visit the official Sydney 2000 Olympic Games site
  • 94. The Olympic Summer Games History Homepage - Rome 1960
    The Olympic Games in Rome 1960
    General Information: General information about the Rome Olympic Games will soon be here. Keep in mind that the work on this particular Olympic Games is in development. But check back any day soon, and see the progress that will be.... The Events: Athletics


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    95. SLAM! Sports: 2000 Summer Games: Stats
    George S. Patton Jr., the highest placed American competitor in olympic modern pentathlonhistory women will be participating in the sport for the first time.
    Inside CANOE.CA SLAM! Sports Jam! Showbiz AllPop CNEWS Webfin Money C-Health Lifewise AUTONET.CA Newsstand Travel Search Get away today 411 online Free E-Mail CareerConnection Classified Extra Match Contact Obituaries Today Restaurants Hotels Weather Horoscopes Lotteries Crossword Scoreboard News Ticker Biz Ticker Sports Ticker TV Listings Movie Listings CLIVE Concerts Mutual Funds Stocks Feedback Index
    SPORT INDEX Pick a sport Archery Badminton Baseball Basketball Boxing Canoe/Kayak Cycling Diving Equestrian Fencing Field Hockey Gymnastics Handball Judo Pentathlon Rowing Sailing Shooting Soccer Softball Swimming Synchro Table Tennis Taekwondo Tennis Triathlon Volleyball B.Volleyball Water Polo Weightlifting Wrestling Team Canada
    What Canada Did



    SEARCH 2000 Games
    April 9, 2003

    96. Sydney Olympic Games Information - GamesInfo - The Dome And Pavilions, Sydney Sh
    The Complex’s 42 metrehigh domed main hall proved to be the most practical designto meet the olympic requirement for a single area which would seat 10,000
    DATED INFORMATION - Archive Only
    The Dome and Exhibition Complex, Sydney Showground is 22,000 square metres. The four exhibition halls can be configured as one uninterrupted 312 metre long space, which is equivalent to more than three football fields
    The timber-framed Dome is 97 metres in diameter and was built on the ground before being gradually lifted to a height of 42 metres
    The use of plantation softwood timber beams in the roof structure was a key element in creating the building’s character, as well as being consistent with Ecologically Sustainable Development (ESD) principles.
    The Complex’s 42 metre-high domed main hall proved to be the most practical design to meet the Olympic requirement for a single area which would seat 10,000 people around a performance space.
    A "displacement" or "chilled beam" air-conditioning system operates in the Dome meaning better air quality and lower energy requirements. Websites:

    About Badminton



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