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         Modula Programming:     more books (100)
  1. Modula-3 by Samuel P. Harbison, 1992-03
  2. Concurrent Programming: Illustrated With Examples in Portal, Modula-2 and Ada by Andre Schiper, 1989-07
  3. Compiling in Modula-2: A First Introduction to Classical Recursive Descent Compiling by Julian R. Ullmann, 1994-04
  4. Modula-2 Software Components (Book and Disk) by Richard F. Sincovec, Richard S. Wiener, 1987-10
  5. Modula-2 by John Beidler, Paul Jackowitz, 1985-09
  6. Data Structures Using Modula-2 by William C. Jones, 1988-10
  7. Magic of Modula-2 by K. Hopper, Geoffrey Holmes, et all 1991-02
  8. Modula-2 on the Amstrad PC 1512 and Other Compatibles by Ian R. Sinclair, 1987-10-05
  9. Introduction to Modula-2 (Prentice Hall International Series in Computer Science) by Jim Welsh, John Elder, 1987-11
  10. Using Modula-2: An Introduction to Computer Science I by David D. Riley, 1987-06
  11. Modula-2: Text and Reference by John B. Moore, Kenneth N. McKay, 1986-09
  12. Program Design With Modula-2 (International Computer Science Series) by Susan Eisenbach, Chris Sadler, 1989-11
  13. Objektorientierte Sprachkonzepte und Diskrete Simulation: Klassifikation, Vergleich und Bewertung von Konzepten der Programmiersprachen Simula-67, Modula-2, ... (Fachberichte Simulation) (German Edition) by Thomas Frauenstein, Uwe Pape, et all 1990-11-30
  14. Modula-2: Discipline and Design (International Computer Science Series) by Arthur H. J. Sale, 1986-06

41. Project Structured Programming - Modula-2
Structured programming modula2. Project 2002. projecten vorige jaren AssistentJan Lemeire,, 4k201, Agenda Visiting Hours. Topics.
Project 2002 projecten vorige jaren Assistent: Jan Lemeire,
naar keuze, maar niet iets wat al gemaakt is
  • Ik apprecieer het ten zeerste als je zelf met een voorstel afkomt voor een spelletje of iets anders. Leg het mij voor en ik zal oordelen of het niet te complex is. Voorstellen voor een eigen (arcade)spelletje in Modula-2 (graphics - engine - computer intelligentie):
      Formule1: waarbij de weg random getekend wordt Pool Bowling Othello
    Verder werken op een van vorig jaar (zie future works)
Practicum Organisatie
Het projekt moet af zijn voor de kerstvakantie (examen valt net erna), het telt voor 30% van het practicum-totaal (wat dan weer voor 50% van het totaal meetelt) mee en is trouwens een goede voorbereiding op het examen.
Per 4 kies je een eigen topic of kom je er eentje halen. Laat je topic bevestigen door je assistent, vraag ook toestemming als je met meer of minder dan 4 wilt werken.
Je begint er aan door er eerst over na te denken, dan begin je te programmeren. De problemen zullen dan te voorschijn komen! Verzamel deze en kom met je voorontwerp af bij je assistent (maak een afspraak ), hij zal het eens bekijken en bijsturen (1/2h). Zo voorkom je dat je verkeerd begint aan je programma. De bedoeling is dat elke groep zo minstens 1 maal langs komt! Voor kleine problemen mag je natuurlijk wel nog afkomen.

42. Introduction To Programming In Modula-3
Table of contents Your First modula3 program Introduction to programmingin modula-3. Although modula-3 is a descendant of the
Table of contents Your First Modula-3 program
Introduction to programming in Modula-3
Although Modula-3 is a descendant of the Pascal family of languages it also has some characteristics which will be familiar to C/C++programmers.
Case is significant
All keywords and reserved words must be in uppercase letters. Identifiers such as variables, constants, and procedure names must always appear in the same case as the one used in the definition. For example, Main and main are two different dentifiers.
Single main module
Every Modula-3 program must have one and only one main module. For small programs, the main module may be the only module.
Comments are of the form "(* comment *)" and may expand several lines.
BEGIN/END for code blocks
Code blocks are done by enclosing the code in a matched set of BEGIN/END. One important point to notice is that for a procedure the END must be followed by the name of the procedure.
Semi-colon separate statements
Each statement must be separated by a semi-colon.
Sources in ./src

43. Catalog Of Compilers: IPD Modula-2* Programming Environment
tool IPD modula2* programming Environment. Language modula-2* (parallelextension). Version 9401. Parts translator (- C), debugger
tool: IPD Modula-2* Programming Environment
Modula-2* (parallel extension)
Version: Parts:
translator (->C), debugger (SUN4 only), X Windows user panel, automatic cross-architecture make, sequential and parallel libraries, examples, documentation
Author: Location:
Modula-2* is an extension of Modula-2 for highly parallel, portable programs. IPD Modula-2* is provided freely for research, educational and classroom use. A complete sequential Modula-2 environment in provided complemented with a set of parallel libraries, which even include routines for implementing low-level parallel operations. The employment of of C translator allows increased accessibility to actual parallel machines (many have nothing lower-level than C), at the expense of Modula-2 features of arrays bounds checking and symbolic debugging at the Modula-2* level. [An interpreter could be written with functionality subsuming that of a symbolic debugger. Mark]
PIM but not ISO compliant
J.R. Smith. "The design and analysis of parallel algorithms. Chapter 3: Modula-2*." Oxford University Press, December 1992.

44. Modula-2 Information By Rick Sutcliffe
It is a centre for information on Niklaus Wirth's programming notation (language)modula2. A descendent of and replacement for his earlier Pascal notation
Arjay by Rick Sutcliffe Enterprises Portals Arjay Site Navigation Resources Fiction Web Services Arjay Consulting Canada ... Christian
DateStr = ' ' + "for " + Year + " "+ Month + " " + Day + " at " + Hours + Mins + '' document.write (DateStr); // End > Central Portal E-Mail Us Buy Our E-Books Search ... Our SF Modula-2 FAQ Textbook Rick Sutcliffe's
Science Fiction

Other E-Books
The Spy is also in

... ArjayWeb Services What's Here
This site is provided courtesy of Rick Sutcliffe's Arjay Enterprises. It is a centre for information on Niklaus Wirth's programming notation (language) Modula-2. A descendent of and replacement for his earlier Pascal notation, Modula-2 corrects many of the defficencies in earlier notations and adds important new features, yet remains small, compact, and teachable. Even in the classic version described in Wirth's books, it is suitable for disciplined production of large projects, real time programming, and general-purpose work. In its ISO standard version, it has exceptions, termination, complex number types, standardized libraries, and (in approved extensions to the standard) object oriented and generic programming facilities.
On this site, you will find links to other resources, the

45. Computers & Internet / Programming / Languages & Tools / Modula 2
10. modula2 programming by Ed Knepley, Platt. Prentice 14. Introductionto programming Using modula-2 by Richard J. Sutcliffe. Merrill
Home Programming Modula 2
Making Sense of Modula-2
by Eric W. Tatham, I. Glendinning (Editor)
1 Ed edition (October 1994)
Click here for more info
Making Sense of Modula-2 assumes no previous knowledge of Modula-2. The authors provide a complete course in both the principles of good software design and the use of the language applied to real problems. Includes examples in design, implementation, documentation, testing and modification that... Read more Oh My! Modula-2!/Book and DOS 3.5' Diskette
by Doug Cooper
Click here for more info
Modula-2 : A Software Development Approach
by Richard S. Wiener, Gary A. Ford (Contributor)
Paperback - 400 pages (March 1985) Click here for more info Book Description Presents the entire Modula-2 language and illustrates its use in the context of modern software development. The book focuses on the use of abstract data types and information hiding in the software development process. It shows how the frame of a software system can be specified, at the design... Read more The Modula-2 Software Component Library (Springer Compass International) by Charles Lins Springer Verlag Hardcover - 4 pages Vol 003 (November 1989) Click here for more info Booknews, Inc. , November 1, 1990

46. Computers & Internet / Programming / Languages & Tools / Modula 3
Portland, Or. Read more. 2. programming in modula3 An Introductionin programming With Style by Laszlo Boszormenyi, et al. Springer
Home Programming Modula 3
by Samuel P. Harbison Prentice Hall
Paperback - 312 pages
Facsimile edition (March 1992)
Click here for more info
Booknews, Inc. , August 1, 1992
Read more
Programming in Modula-3 : An Introduction in Programming With Style
by Laszlo Boszormenyi, et al Springer Verlag
Hardcover - 571 pages
(January 1997)
Click here for more info
A reader from Stony Brook University , September 19, 1999
Don't buy it, not worth reading or learning Modula-3
I also do not recommend this book to anyone, due to the fact Modula-3 is not even worth learning. Even if it was, this would not be the book at all to read. Read more Oh My! Modula-2!/Book and DOS 3.5' Diskette by Doug Cooper Paperback Click here for more info Programming in Style; An Introduction to Programming with Modula-3 by L. Boeszoermenyi, et al Springer Verlag Hardcover (August 1996) Click here for more info Synopsis This book uses uses Modula-3, a member of the Pascal and Modula-2 family of languages, to demonstrate how to write complex programs through use of structure and style. Readers will develop strong programming skills through the elegant type concept of Modula-3. It requires no prior programming... Read more Modula-3 by Samuel P. Harbison

47. Education Planet Computers And The Internet,Computers,Programming Languages,Modu
0 Supplies, 0 Online Courses. Category matches for 'modula'. Home/Computersand the Internet/Computers/programming Languages modula (2).
Apr. 09, 2003 18:21 PST
Search top educational sites, lessons, supplies and more! Membership Log In User Name: Password: Education Planet -
TelCom Services Teachers - Receive a second year of Lesson Planet for FREE! ... by choosing our Smart Saver Long Distance Program Top Sites this Week Science: Middle School Physical Science Resource Center Math: Project Interactive Social Science: America at War - Time for Kids Language Arts: International Children's Digital Library Project: Stay Safe Online Lesson Plan: from the Department of Homeland Security Top Sites Archives Educational News Schools Seek to Reassure in Wartime Special Education May Get Overhaul Make-A-Wish Foundation Helps Sick Student Go to College
Found websites and other resources for ' modula. Lesson Plans Books Software Maps ... Videos Find 'modula' books Supplies Online Courses Category matches for: ' modula Home/Computers and the Internet/Computers/Programming Languages Modula (2) Home Computers and the Internet Computers ... Modula Web Sites (1-2 of 2): Modula-3 - Table of Contents - [Modula-3 Reference and Tutorial] background info on the tutorial. francisco@natserv.
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48. DEVSEEK: Programming : Languages : Modula-2
The modula2 programming language - Peter Moylan's modula-2 page, featuring information,links, and software for modula-2. http//
: Programming : Languages : Modula-2

49. DEVSEEK: Programming : Languages : Modula-3
tutorial/ (Added 19Jan-1999 ). Persistent modula-3 - An extension of the modula-3programming language that supports orthogonal persistence and transactions.
: Programming : Languages : Modula-3
  • Cetus Links: Modula-3 (Added: 19-Jan-1999 )
  • - m3gtk: A Modula-3 binding to the GTK Toolkit (Added: 19-Jan-1999 )
  • Modula-3 FAQ - Modula-3 Frequently asked questions and answers (Added: 19-Jan-1999 )
  • Modula-3 Home Page (Added: 19-Jan-1999 )
  • Modula-3 Reference and Tutorial - A reference and tutorial on the Modula-3 language and programming system. (Added: 19-Jan-1999 )
  • Persistent Modula-3 - An extension of the Modula-3 programming language that supports orthogonal persistence and transactions. (Added: 19-Jan-1999 )
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50. Book: Programming In Modula-2
CSC, programming in modula2. Title programming in modula-2 EditionUS alk. paper ISBN 0387501509 Author Niklaus Wirth. Published
Programming in Modula-2 Office Staff Books Title: Programming in Modula-2
Edition: U.S. : alk. paper
Niklaus Wirth.
Published: Berlin ; New York : Springer-Verlag, c1988.



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51. Mod51 Structured Text Programming Language
Mix of structured text language of IEC1131, and ISO modula-2; optimized for the most common 8-bit Category Computers programming Languages Wirth...... modula2 / IEC1131 is the new REAL WORLD programming standard, more productiveand easier to maintain than C, and far in advance of Assembler.
Mod51 Structured Text Programming Language
Mandeno Granville Electronics are dedicated to providing 'best in class' tools for 80x51 controller development. As well as Hardware In Circuit Emulation, we provide high level languages tools. A Choice of Assembler, C, Pascal, or Modula-2/IEC1131.
IEC1131 is the PLC industry standard, and the ST (Structured Text) arm of this is very closely related to Modula-2. Modula-2 is also related to Borland's Pascal/Delphi, so there is a strong showing of similar languages, for a very wide application area.
The Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) market has dumped C as the user language, and chosen IEC-1131, for good reasons. Even the C++ market for PC's has largely moved to the more maintainable Delphi, and Visual Basic tools. The latest FLASH C51 variants, allow a complete PLC on a Chip!
IEC-1131 is optimised for Embedded Control, and easy Project control and Maintainance
- it does not take the bloated 'creeping featurism' direction of C++ or Java. Users want a Language that is more efficent, re-usable, easily maintainable, easy to read, and easy to write code in.
Want to see some example / Benchmarks
Microcontroller projects have much more in common with PLC's than with an Internet browser running under Windows 2000 - choosing a language DESIGNED for control projects is simple common sense.

52. Alexa Web Search - Subjects > Computers > Programming > Languages > Modula-2
modula2 Subjects Computers programming Languages modula-2. 5. John Motil'smodula-2 Page programming with Patterns

53. Alexa Web Search - Subjects > Computers > Programming > Languages > Modula-3
modula3 Subjects Computers programming Languages modula-3. BestsellingProducts in modula-3 The Art of Computer programming, Volumes 1-3 Boxed

54. SP 94 The Modula-3 Programming Language
The modula3 programming Language. A full-featured language for softwareengineering and object-oriented programming. Sam Harbison.

55. Modula-3 Resource Page - Books
ISBN 0201-53351-0. This well-known book provides a comprehensive collectionof algorithms implemented in the modula-3 programming language.
Below is a listing of popular books related to the Modula-3 language, including on-line sources for purchasing the respective books. Each supplier listed at least two Modula-3 books, and their site had a relatively easy to use purchasing system. The pricing information is based on the purchase of 1 book by itself, using the lowest cost shipment method to an East Coast US address unless otherwise noted. It is recommended that you check out all of the available sources to see which offers the best options and pricing based on your preferences, covering everything from the book binding to the number of days you're willing to wait for delivery. The Internet Bookshop is a good place for European destinations as they seem to have all of the books listed below. Of course if you try to search on Modula-3 it doesn't find anything, you have to search for Modula and find the books that way. WARNING: Tattered Cover Book Store's ordering system doesn't allow you to back out at the last minute, so be certain what you are ordering! Shipping charges within the US vary by a couple dollars depending upon the destination based upon their ording policies . The price of $5.25 is the worst case scenario for the U.S.
Systems Programming with Modula-3 , Nelson, 1991.

56. Modula-3 Resource Page
modula-3 related links.Category Computers programming Languages modula-3......Selective package download for CM3 and PM3 Elego Software Solutions have extendedtheir WWW services for modula3 by a new package download option you can
Resource Page Implementations

Language Definition ...
Elego Software Solutions have extended their WWW services for Modula-3 by a new package download option: you can checkout packages from the CVS repositories or just get the RCS version files themselves and receive them as compressed tar or zip archive.
Direct links:
EZM3 1.0: An Easier Modula-3 Distribution
This is not really new, but the link was still missing on this page due to my oversight. EZM3 is a stripped down PM3 distribution without support for shared libraries, advanced garbage collection, and win32 platforms, but easily available on several Unix platforms. It contains just enough to build CVSup
PM3 1.1.15 RPM archives at
The RPM installation archives of PM3 1.1.15 can now be found at the link above, thanks to Edward Ratzer
Modula-3 FAQ and PM3
As Michel Dagenais' server at has been unreachable for several weeks, I've changed the links to the Modula-3 FAQ and some others to point to, where the PM3 repository is now kept, too. I still haven't got the compiled distribution archives of the latest PM3 release though. If I don't get them from his server, we'll have to rebuild them on one of our machines... Anybody who would like to do that is encouraged to contact me at

57. Nedit For Modula-3 Programming
m3 Nedit 5.2 modes. Since release 5 of nedit added syntax highlighting support,I've been improving my nedit modes for modula3 and several related languages
Nedit 5.2 modes
Since release 5 of nedit added syntax highlighting support, I've been improving my nedit modes for Modula-3 and several related languages:
  • Juno-2 download
    Never heard of anyone editing Juno-2 files outside of Juno-2, but here it is anyway. Modula-3 download corrected Mon Nov 26 2001)
    Includes support for SPIN language extensions (VIEW, PROCANY, EPHEMERAL, etc), some smart indent macros that may or may not fit the way you indent your Modula-3 code, and auto-insertion of closing parens, brackets, curly braces and comment and pragma delimiters. Obliq download Quake download
    Note: for s to be identified as quake source, this has to appear before "Makefile" in the list of available modes. WebL , now called Web Language ( download
    Not directly related, this is yet another terrific SRC product. To learn more (or something) about WebL follow this link
  • Note: includes support for InetL extensions.
last modified: Sun Nov 10 2002

58. : Programming : MODULA
The US's 50 States; Time and TimeZones. programming modula DigitalSystems Research Report 69 Trestle Tutorial; modula-2 FAQ; modula-3 FAQ;
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  • 59. Modula-3 Bibliography
    A survey article. Sam Harbison, Safe programming with modula-3, Dr.Dobb's Journal, 17(10)88-96, October, 1992. A survey article.
    Modula-3 bibliography
    Here is a list of books, papers and articles relevant to Modula-3.
  • Martin Abadi, Baby Modula-3 and a Theory of Object, Research Report 95, Systems Research Center, Digital Equipment Corporation, Palo Alto, February, 1993. A theoretical treatment of the semantics of objects. It's available via anonymous FTP from in pub/DEC/SRC/research-reports/
  • Joel F. Bartlett, Compacting Garbage Collection with Ambiguous Roots, Research Report 88/2, Western Research Laboratory, Digital Equipment Corporation, Palo Alto, February, 1988. The basis for SRC Modula-3 garbage collector. It's available on paper, by sending a mail to (send help as the subject).
  • A. D. Birrell, J. V. Guttag, J. J. Horning, R. Levin, Synchronization Primitives for a Multiprocessor: A Formal Specification, Research Report 20, Systems Research Center, Digital Equipment Corporation, Palo Alto, August, 1987. It's available via anonymous FTP from
  • 60. The Vector Board: Pascal & Modula-2 Programming
    Index of modula2 and Pascal Area. crc-m2.lzh 6363 bytes a crc calculatorin modula-2. ctopas.lzh 5822 bytes pascal, modula, ada..
    Index of Modula-2 and Pascal Area
    Parent Area Top of File Areas Vector Board Home Page
    files.lst 31 bytes
    this file list
    files.lzh 1541 bytes
    above compressed
    2trees.mzd 3072 bytes
    async4.lzh 4695 bytes
    async rs-232 unit for tp5.
    bits.mzd 4096 bytes
    bitwise.mzd 1024 bytes
    case.lbr 27648 bytes
    com.mod 3072 bytes
    contour.lzh 61138 bytes
    contour graphics with tp5 source.
    crc-m2.lzh 6363 bytes
    a crc calculator in modula-2.
    ctopas.lzh 5822 bytes
    pascal, modula, ada.. a 'c' to pascal conversion
    dearc40.lzh 18117 bytes
    fdump.lbr 18432 bytes
    fm2vwind.lzh 14079 bytes
    virtual window routines in fst modula-2.
    fnd106.lzh 14711 bytes
    graph1.lbr 25728 bytes
    importck.mzd 3456 bytes
    hi-level, i to m analyzes turbo modula-2
    ioproces.lbr 49408 bytes
    modula-2 for turbo modula-2
    it-trig.lzh 5171 bytes
    keycode2.lzh 17466 bytes
    ibm key codes and scan codes, topspeed m-2
    ltcomm.exe 164864 bytes
    communications toolbox for tp5.
    m2bits.lbr 5120 bytes
    m2cmplex.lzh 1167 bytes
    complex number procedures for modula-2.

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