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         Modula Programming:     more books (100)
  1. Programming in Modula-2 by Herbert George Mayer, 1990-11
  2. Programming in Modula 2 (Schaum's Outline Series) by Tremblay, 1989-06
  3. Modula-2 Programmer's Resource Book by Don Etling, 1988-04
  4. Introducing Computer Science With Modula-2 by R. Kenneth Walter, 1992-01
  5. Introduction to Computer Science With Modula-2 (College) by J. MacK Adams, Phillipe J. Gabrini, et all 1988-01
  6. Data Structures With Abstract Data Types and Modula-2
  7. Data Structures With Modula-2 by Michael B. Feldman, 1988-01
  8. A Guide to Modula-2 (Texts & Monographs in Computer Science) by Kaare Christian, 1985-12-12
  9. Modula-2 Primer by Stan Kelly-Bootle, 1987-01
  10. Programming in Modula-2
  11. The Modula-2 Software Component Library: Volume 1
  12. PROFL PROGRAMM GUIDE MODULA-2 PB (Professional Programmers Guides) by Sutherland, 1988-06-01
  13. Mastering Modula-2 by Nigel G. Backhurst, 1991-01-24
  14. Programmieren mit Modula-3: Eine Einführung in stilvolle Programmierung (German Edition) by Laszlo Böszörmenyi, Carsten Weich, 1995-07-10

81. The PASCAL Family Of Languages
compilation;. See documentation at modula2 Abstractions for Data andProgramming Structures (Using ISO-Standard modula-2). An available
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4. The PASCAL Family of Languages
Pascal was a block structured, Algol -like language developed in the late '60s by N. Wirth as a ``teaching'' language. In order to keep it from consuming too much computing resources for students that tend to make a lot of mistakes and recompile programs frequently, it was implemented as a one pass system, with various language implications. It uses strong data typing, complaining at compile time about attempts to assign values incorrectly.
Modula, Modula-2
Modula and Modula-2 were developed by Wirth as languages that add modularization and data hiding capabilities, as well as permitting separate compilation; See documentation at Modula-2: Abstractions for Data and Programming Structures (Using ISO-Standard Modula-2) An available implementation is MOCKA Modula-2 Compiler System for Unix-like systems. It is free of charge when used on Linux and FreeBSD; academic licenses on other platforms are quite expensive, and it is

82. Prentice Hall - Modula--Programming
ModulaProgramming. Sorry, there are currently no books in this category.Home © PrenticeHall, Inc. A Pearson Education Company
Sorry, there are currently no books in this category.
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