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         Montana Cities Geography:     more detail
  1. Virginia City, Montana
  2. Park City, Montana
  3. This last West: Miles City, Montana Territory, and environs, 1876-1886 : the people, the geography, the incredible history by Lorman L Hoopes, 1990
  4. United States Capitol Cities Fact Files Helena, Montana by Uscensus, 2010-01-09
  5. Cities of the United States: The West : Alaska Arizona California Colorado Hawaii Idaho Montana Nevada New Mexico Oregon Utah Washington Wyoming (Cities of the World (Thomsan Gale))
  6. Helena: Geography and Climate: An entry from Gale's <i>Cities of the United States</i>
  7. Postindustrial Butte. (Butte, Montana): An article from: The Geographical Review by William Wyckoff, 1995-10-01

with this tour, you will gain a greater knowledge of the geography of Italy and Recordyour visit to Italy by submitting the landforms and the cities that you
Italian Landscapes The abundant culture of Italy is attractive to many people. Whether it consists of food or art or architecture, Italy draws a variety of tourists and sightseers to its thriving country. Highlights from a "virtual tour" of Italy help to define the ancient history and proud culture of this nation. Views of amazing landscapes and beautiful cities put you in the heart of Italian spirit.
The Task:
Visiting the beautiful country of Italy via the Internet and through other extended research, you will explore a variety of towns and landscapes that characterize the Italian culture. Along with this tour, you will gain a greater knowledge of the geography of Italy and peek into their culture as an ancient people. Following your self-guided tour, you should be able to complete one of the following tasks:
  • Be an explorer! Keep a travel log as you visit different parts of Italy. Record your visit to Italy by submitting the landforms and the cities that you explored into journal entries. You must submit at least five entries into your journal. Describe in detail these sites and add sketches that will help you remember what they look like. Next, design and compose a travel brochure for Italy, describe the places you visited and include pictures in your brochure.
  • Be a geographer! Draw a map of Italy. Compose the map by including the major landforms and cities that you have visited during your research. Make it enticing and colorful so it can be used as a reference of your trip. Next, add a description of a route of travel that would be of interest to future travel.

22. Atlas: Montana
montana Profile More Geographic Information Country Profiles; Flags; World geography;World Stats and Facts. US State Profiles; 50 Largest US cities; US geography; US
Montana Profile

More Geographic Information

  • Country Profiles
  • Flags
  • World Geography
  • World Stats and Facts ... Printable U.S. Maps
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  • 23. Dr. William Locke - GEOGRAPHY 400
    of geography Weather The Final Frontexcellent starting includes climate data forwestern cities The National Realtime snow data for montana Use this one for
    Dr. William W. Locke - Earth Sciences on the Internet
    JUMP LINKS Assignments/
    Earth Sciences on the Internet - Geography 400(02)
    Spring, 1997 Instructor: Dr. William Locke Office: Traphagen 223-224 Phone: 994-6918 E-mail: Office Hours: TTh 2-4, by appointment, and when my doors are open! Classroom: Varies, mostly Reid 303 Text: None required, but see Ritter, M. E., 1997, "Earth Online", Wadsworth, at Metacrawler
    Critiques of Sites/Exercises on the WWW.
    Executive Summaries of:
    • Discussion of Teaching Philosophies, Goals, and Practices NTU Presentation on "High-Tech Teaching on a Low-Tech Budget"
    Relevent Hotlinks (updated 5/1/97)
    Exercises in physical geography/geology
    A class from George Mason Univ. with Virginia topographic map exercises
    A graphics-intensive oceanography site from San Jose State U.

    A geography exercise from Penn State

    An intro Web exercise in many aspects of geology
    GEO 303 Earthquake Exercise, UTexas
    - uses USGS Earthquake Bulletin page
    GEO 303 Hydrogeology of the Edwards Aquifer, UTexas

    24. Montana State Geography
    montana State geography. Major cities Billings, Great Falls and Helena. Origin ofstate name Named from the latin word montana which means mountainous regions
    Montana State Geography
    So you want to know about Montana? Here are some highlights! Also check out the links to other sites about Montana.
    On this Page:
    Other related pages:
    Key Facts
    Top of Page Population (1994): 856,000 (44th in size) State size: 147,046 square miles (4th in size) State Capital: Helena (named after Helena, Minnesota) Major cities: Billings, Great Falls and Helena Admission to union: The 41st State Date entered the union: November 8, 1889 Origin of state name: Named from the latin word Montana which means "mountainous regions". Nicknames: The Treasure State Bordering states: Idaho, North Dakota, South Dakota and Wyoming, with Canada to the north. State bird: Western Meadowlark State flower: Bitterroot State tree: Ponderosa Pine Motto: Gold and Silver
    Geographic Landmarks
    Top of Page Glacier National Park and the Rocky Mountains.
    Points of Interest
    Top of Page
    Major Industries
    Top of Page Montana is mainly an agriculture state with cate, wheat, barley and sugar beet farming. Natural resources include gold, silver, copper and coal mining, as well as oil. Some forestry, and pulp and paper industry.

    25. European Resource Centres - Education And Training Group - The British Council
    France France Holiday Store's regional information pages The cities of France discoversome French cities French Alps from the geography site Virtual montana.
    European Geography The European Resource Centres for Schools and Colleges (ERCs) have been set up to provide information for the education sector. There are a number of websites that can provide useful information to teachers and students of geography: maps geography countries agriculture ... tourism There are also a number of other websites that may be of interest to students and teachers that can be accessed from the links index and more history sites on the member states page. Maps Atlas of Europe from
    from the Grid Club
    Easy Maps
    excellent site with global maps (with Java)
    from the collection of the University of Texas
    Maps of Europe
    from the European Primary Schools Association
    National Geographic Flags and Maps
    mapmachine of the National Geographic website
    Colour the Flags of Europe
    from the European Primary Schools Association
    historic maps from Eastern and Central Europe collected by the FEEFHS map room European Jigsaw and flag game from the mapzone
    European Map Game
    Put the right countries in the right places A map of European GDP in 1994 from the Sciences Po Map Portfolio
    A map of European Unemployment in 1995
    from the Sciences Po Map Portfolio A map of European Populations in 1996 from the Sciences Po Map Portfolio

    26. About The USA - Travel & Geography > Montana
    Travel geography Travel to the United States The George A. Custer wurde in Montanaausgetragen, ebenso National Rank 4 10 largest cities (2000) Billings

    Travel to the United States

    The Regions of the United States
    The States, Districts and Territories of the United States
    State Flag

    State Seal
    Montana. American FactFinder (U.S. Census) Montana, the "Big Sky Country" "Treasure State"
    MT Montana derives from the Latin word meaning "mountainous." Montana was admitted into the Union as the 41st state in 1889. The state is the fourth largest state of the United States. Western Montana is a land of tall, rugged mountains; while eastern Montana is a land of broad plains. Montana experienced sudden development when gold was discovered in 1862. Montana was also the scene of the Native Americans' last effort to keep their land. The last stand of Lieutenant Colonel George A. Custer was fought in Montana, as were the final battles of the Nez Perce Wars. The mountains, the battlefields, the old gold camps, and the vast, lonely distances give visitors a unique perspective of the American frontier. "Montana" wird vom lateinischen Wort für "bergig" abgeleitet. 1889 wurde Montana der 41. Staat der Union. Montana

    27. About The USA - Travel & Geography > Regions Of The United States
    differences in outlook and attitude based on geography. Outside the cities, the regionis a Colorado California Hawaii Idaho montana Nevada Oregon

    Travel to the United States

    The Regions of the United States New England The Mid-Atlantic The South The Midwest ... The West Americans often speak of their country as one of several large regions. These regions are cultural units rather than governmental units formed by history and geography and shaped by the economics, literature and folkways that all the parts of a region share. What makes one region different from another? A region's multicultural heritage as well as distinct demographic characteristics like age and occupation also make regions different and special. Within several regions, language is used differently and there are strong dialects. There are also differences in outlook and attitude based on geography. E-Texts Megalopolis The Bypassed East New England
    Maine Massachusetts New Hampshir ... Vermont
    New England has played a dominant role in American history. Until well into the 19th century, New England was the country's cultural and economic center. The earliest European settlers of New England were English Protestants who came in search of religious liberty. They gave the region its distinctive political format town meetings (an outgrowth of meetings held by church elders) in which citizens gathered to discuss issues of the day. Town meetings still function in many New England communities today and have been revived as a form of dialogue in the national political arena. New England is also important for the cultural contribution it has made to the nation. The critic Van Wyck Brooks called the creation of a distinctive American literature, in the first half of the 19th century, "the flowering of New England." Education is another of the region's strongest legacies. The cluster of top-ranking universities and colleges in

    world, web, online, interactive, internet, geography, geographic, country, countries grainand-livestockfarms and comparatively large cities of the montana

    29. UM Catalog - Department Of Geography
    junior colleges, and for doctoral studies in geography or allied sparsely populatedrural areas with only small cities, such as montana, Idaho, Wyoming
    Department of Geography
    Page 80-83 Paul B. Wilson, Chairman Geography is the study of what places are like as a result of the combination and spatial arrangement of things within and around them. It is the study of the arrangement of things in space in somewhat the same sense that history is the study of the sequence of events in time. Thus, geography is more a point of view than it is a body of facts. Geographers work in business, industry, government, planning and teaching. The tasks of geographers range from determining the optimal location for a new supermarket to doing the biophysical and socioeconomic studies required for urban and regional planning. The Department of Geography offers the Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts degrees in geography, and a teaching major and minor in geography. The Department is also the home of a multi-disciplinary Master of Science in Rural, Town, and Regional Planning. The bachelor degree program provides a broad liberal education, qualifies graduates for a variety of professional jobs, and prepares the better students for graduate studies in geography, planning or related fields. The Master of Arts program prepares the candidates for a somewhat greater range of employment, including teaching in community and junior colleges, and for doctoral studies in geography or allied disciplines. The Master of Science degree prepares the candidate for employment in planning and related fields, focusing upon smaller communities and sparsely populated rural areas with only small cities, such as Montana, Idaho, Wyoming and the Dakotas. See the graduate catalog for more information on the M.A. and M.S. degrees.

    30. Bigchalk: HomeworkCentral: By State (Geography)
    Physical geography; cities; Maps. montana Natural Resources; Physical geography; MapsNEW HAMPSHIRE; Natural Resources; Physical geography; cities; Maps NEW
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  • 31. Bigchalk: HomeworkCentral: The Fifty States (United States Geography)
    Clark in montana; Nonnative Plants in montana MISSOURI; Iron Range; Dakota Conflict(1862); geography With the Falls; The Iron Range MICHIGAN; cities Along the
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    The Fifty States

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  • A Study of Alaska
  • Alaska Activities
  • Edible Map of Alaska ... Contact Us
  • 32. 1Up Travel > Map Zone > Historical Maps Of U.S Cities.Helena, Montana 1899 [Topo
    Maps Hotel Database Country Flag More Flags geography. Helena, montana 1899 TopographicMap original scale 1 For Other Historical Maps of US cities For Maps of

    Maps Sightseeing Travel Warnings ...
    Travel Reservations and Bookings
    More Categories Introduction Topography Local Life Local Cuisine Local Holidays Festivals-Events Embassies Administration News Stand Worth a See !! Sight Seeing Maps Flags Shopping Eating Out Recreation Travel Essentials Country Facts Geography People Government Economy Communications Transportation Military Search 1Up Travel
    You are here
    1Up Travel North America
    Country At a Glance
    Introduction Topography History-Culture Local Life ... Newstand
    Worth a Visit !! Cities Sight Seeing Maps Shopping ... Travel Links
    Country Facts Introduction Geography People Government ... Transnational-Issues
    Related Country Guide
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    Hotel Database
    Country Flag ... Geography Helena, Montana 1899 [Topographic Map] original scale 1:62,500 U.S. Geological Survey edition of 1899, reprinted 1906 (476K) For Other Historical Maps of U.S Cities For Maps of the United States (U.S) (Country Maps) For Maps of U.S States For Historical Maps of the United States (U.S) ... Click here for country maps, historical maps, continent maps, and regional maps :: Search millions of articles, pictures, and maps - Fast! CHANNELS Compare Country Info Flags Maps Sightseeing ... Polar Regions PHOTO SPECIAL Destinations Monuments Ancient Wonders Modern Wonders ... Natural Wonders UTILITIES Weather World Time ISD Codes Travel Links ... User Satisfaction Survey We value your feedback and encourage you to complete this form and provide open-ended comments you have regarding our site.

    33. State Of Montana On The Web - SHG Resources
    Missing Children. MW geography. NACo - Counties. ParkNet - Parks. montana onthe Web. Oro y plata. Gold and Silver. Never Ending Story. SHG cities. Channels.
    Home Agencies Auction Casino ... States My Montana Select a State Alabama Alaska Arizona Arkansas California Colorado Connecticut Delaware District Columbia Florida Georgia Hawaii Idaho Illinois Indiana Iowa Kansas Kentucky Louisiana Maine Maryland Massachusetts Michigan Minnesota Mississippi Missouri Montana Nebraska Nevada New Hampshire New Jersey New Mexico New York North Carolina North Dakota Ohio Oklahoma Oregon Pennsylvania Rhode Island South Carolina South Dakota Tennessee Texas Utah Vermont Virginia Washington West Virginia Wisconsin Wyoming United States Chat
    Local Interest
    ... ZEAL - Directory US - 50 States Classified Ads Colleges Domestic Violence Elected Officials ... Link Directory Locate Someone Missing Children Personals Ads US Census Map USA Today ... Partners on the Web
    State of Montana on the Web
    Oro y plata Gold and Silver World Sites Atlas Color Landform Atlas Montana Resources State Government Agencies Transportation Related Sites US Government Gateways
    SHG's Reciprocal Link Directory
    Features Chat Room
    Greeting Cards

    Local Links

    Message Boards
    SHG Cities
    Relationships Shopping Trave ... l Montana Top News Stories What's New?

    34. Ask Jeeves: Search Results For "Cut Bank Montana"
    http// 3. Cut Bank montana Cut Bank, montana (montana cities)Cut Bank is located in Glacier County (of which it is the county seat) 24 Bank Montana

    35. Montana
    Links To The cities. Bozeman Helena Missouia geography. Popular hunting groundsfor the Indians. mi. Rank in Area Among the States 4th. Links To montana cities.
    Facts At A Glance
    General Information on the State of Montana
    Statehood: Nov. 8, 1889, the 41st state. Origin of Name: The name Montana is derived from the spanish word for "mountainous" State Capital : Helena, begun as Last Chance Gulch in 1864 and incorperated as Helena in 1881 State Motto : Oro y Plata (Gold and Silver)
    State Flag: symbolizes peace and wealth. State Bird: Western Meadowlark State Animal : the Grizzly bear State Flower : Bitterroot State Tree: Ponderosa Pine State Fish: Black-spotted cutthroat trout State Mineral : gold
    State Population Information
    Population: 803,655 people (WORLD BOOK 1992 edition) Population Density : 5 persons per sq. mi. Population Distribution : 53 percent of the people live in cities or towns.
    Links To The Cities
    Bozeman Helena Missouia
    Popular hunting grounds for the Indians. Fulfilled needs to the Crows and the Blackfeet. Borders: Canada , Wyoming, Idaho , South Dakota, North Dakota Highest Point : Granite Peak, 12,799 ft.
    Lowest Point : 1,800 ft. above sea level along the Kooteai River. Greatest Distances
    • North to south - 321 mi. (517 km)

    36. International Journal Of Fieldwork Studies :: VIRTUAL MONTANA PROJECT
    geography students and teachers undertaking fieldwork in cities, the Nottingham publishedby the Geographical Association ( Virtual montana.
    International Journal of Fieldwork Studies ISSN: 1477-5468 Contents Call for Papers Editorial Board Information for contributors ... Home Page International Journal of Fieldwork Studies, 2003 Book Reviews Discovering Cities: Glasgow
    Michael Pacione
    Series Editors: Peter S Fox and Christopher M. Law
    The Geographical Association, Sheffield, 2002
    50 pages
    ISBN 1-903448-88-3 This latest volume in the Discovering Cities series is targeted at both general readers and post-16 geography students who wish to explore the dynamic cityscapes of Glasgow. The volume is copiously illustrated with historical and contemporary maps and an array of contrasting images of the city. These perspectives provide vivid exemplification of a city that has, and still is, experiencing substantial and rapid transformation. The text is divided into three substantive sections. Firstly the author provides a concise historical overview of Glasgow's early settlement and industrialism. The role of Glasgow as a nineteenth century industrial powerhouse and the impacts of this on the morphology of the city and its population are presented clearly. Whilst this section is essentially a summary of the evolution of the city, it is written in an accessible way that provides a useful context for the next section 'Towards the post-industrial city'.

    37. EMU Geography/ US And Canada
    http// Winter 2003 cities (youneed 2) Albany, New York Ames, Iowa Anaconda, montana Asheville, North
    Geography 320 US and Canada Site and Situation city assignment This paper is to be about 2 pages + bibliography. Double-spaced, 1" margins, typed. Please have each city on its own page! No more than a page per city should be necessary. We are looking for the reason thei city was founded where it was; what its relationship is/was with the surrounding area (situation); if this has changed since its founding, how and why. I do not need to know the Chamber of Commerce hype.
    You are to choose 2 cities from the list at the right and analyze the city's site and situation. You will need to look at a variety of maps(see below) and both zoom in and zoom out to look at the city's physical features (site morphology) and its relative location and hinterlands (situation). I have emphasized location, site and situation in class. You should know what they are by now, but just in case:
    Site: This extends the location description to include the ground a town occupies. The physical features of the landscape favor the placement of towns. It also allows for classifying towns according to physical features: rivertowns, gateways, natural resources. Site can also include the street layout, the demographic patterns and city functions or zones.

    38. Geography Home Page
    Literally.' Other cities that have names that begin with half San Francisco 49ersand Kansas City Chiefs, Joe montana. Subscribe to the geography Newsletter.
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    In The Spotlight Wed, Apr 9, 2003
    A Wandering Easter: Its Ways and Woes

    The date of Easter Sunday, a so-called movable feast day in the Christian Church year, may seem a mystery to many who celebrate it. Guest columnist Farrell Brown explains the reasons Easter Sunday moves across the calendar.
    Tool: Geography Glossary - Definitions of key terms in geography.
    More: Geography FAQ - Answers to your geographical questions. Maps and geographical information for every country, state, continent and ocean. Start your search for maps and country information here! Special: Maps of Iraq - Maps and geography of Iraq. Special: Maps of North Korea - Maps and geography of North Korea.

    39. CU Dept Of Geography Resources: State Agencies, Research Teams, And Organization
    at the Department of geography, California State montana montana Natural ResourceInformation System (NRIS information on agencies, cities, counties, councils
    Geography Resources Geospatial Datasets
    State Agencies, Research Teams, and Organizations
    To suggest additions to our list of geography and earth-science professional associations, please email Anita Howard California Colorado Georgia
    Idaho Kentucky

    40. BIOREGIONAL: Aug98 : Whitaker Book: Cultural Geography
    whitaker book cultural geography. From Jamil Brownson What toempirical work, Joel Garreau's studies of Edge cities concludes that
    whitaker book: cultural geography
    Wed, 19 Aug 1998 13:22:17 -0500
    Mark Douglas Whitaker
    I have a feeling that we are talking about the same topic, yes, yet
    from completely different areas.

    thesis on the
    American "longue
    Yes, nicely put. (Though does C. Whitaker actually talk of 'longue
    durees'? I don't recall this part, though I may have forgotten.) I thought it was a 'strange' beginning (in the sense that he was placing the United States in a context, as 'just another country' instead of proclaiming it's generally trumpeted 'exemptionalism' from what organizes other cultures and societies. Actually, I loved the book up to that point. As I said, it became such a functionalist interpretation of culture. My disagreements ran along these lines: I felt that he should have made a differentiation between market force led creation/production as a driver of 'America' (individualization and production for a market of individuals) and other 'group' attempts which have continuously failed in United States history, against this market pressure. What we have was not

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