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         Montana Cities Geography:     more detail
  1. Virginia City, Montana
  2. Park City, Montana
  3. This last West: Miles City, Montana Territory, and environs, 1876-1886 : the people, the geography, the incredible history by Lorman L Hoopes, 1990
  4. United States Capitol Cities Fact Files Helena, Montana by Uscensus, 2010-01-09
  5. Cities of the United States: The West : Alaska Arizona California Colorado Hawaii Idaho Montana Nevada New Mexico Oregon Utah Washington Wyoming (Cities of the World (Thomsan Gale))
  6. Helena: Geography and Climate: An entry from Gale's <i>Cities of the United States</i>
  7. Postindustrial Butte. (Butte, Montana): An article from: The Geographical Review by William Wyckoff, 1995-10-01

41. ProTeacher! Fifty United States Lesson Plans For Elementary School Teachers In G
Social Studies geography Fifty States Lessons By State montana. montana Wordsearch Students find names of montana cities on a printable puzzle source.

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Social Studies
Geography Fifty States ... Lessons By State Montana Montana Homesteader Interdisciplinary Unit - A culminating, integrated mapmaking project about Montana's homestead era. Students create a scale map of a homestead along the Missouri River, and research the homestead source
Montana Print and Play Activities
- Printable crosswird puzzles, word find, scrambles and mazes about the state of Montana source
Montana Unit
- A printable packet of worksheets about the history and geograohy of the state of Montana source
Montana Flag
- A printable blackline flag to color. Also included are background information and comprehension questions source
Montana Kids' Page
- Printable puzzles and mazes about Montana's animals, state symbols and recreational resources source
Montana Map Quiz
- A blackline Montana map skills worksheet source
Montana Wordsearch
- Students find names of Montana cities on a printable puzzle source
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42. - United States - New - Library - Society - United States Local - Monta
http// Look up details on TreasureState's history, geography, economy, government, cities, education, national

43. Geography Resources: State Agencies, Research Teams And Organizations
at the Department of geography, California State montana montana Natural ResourceInformation System (NRIS). information on agencies, cities, counties, councils
Geography Resources
State Agencies, Research Teams, and Organizations
We welcome your feedback on this resource. Please send comments to Lance Christian Please use this form to suggest additions to our list of geography and earth-science professional associations. Contents California Kentucky Montana New York Pennsylvania South Carolina

44. By Subject | Geography | Maps
on geology, biology, hydrology, historical geography, and climatology montana StateMap From the montana Department of aerial photos of London and other cities.
[Digital raster graphic, Washington]

"The Digital Raster Graphic (DRG) is a raster image of a scanned USGS topographic map including collar information, georeferenced to the UTM grid." [Seattle parks map]
Map contains 14 clickable points allowing more information about selected parks to be seen. Map also shows park boundaries, community centers, swimming pools, and dog off-leash areas 1895 U.S. atlas
Contains digitized map data from "New 11 x 14 atlas of the world" published in 1895 by Rand McNally. Maps can be viewed by state or county, and statistical data for some cities and towns is also available for each state Aboriginal Mapping Network networking the aboriginal mapping community
The Aboriginal Mapping Network is a collection of resource pages for First Nation mappers who are looking for answers to common questions regarding mapping, information management and GIS About.comhuman guides, human interests geography : world atlas, maps and geography of the world
"This world atlas includes an alphabetical list of countries and continents (below) or countries organized by continent and region. ... also includes maps and geographical information for U.S. states and territories, major world cities and oceans. ... This online atlas is part of the Geography at site ..." AccessAsia crossroads. Maps.

45. Cyndi's List - U.S. - Montana
Get Local montana Counties and Regions or cities Maps, yellow pages montana; AmericanMemory Panoramic Maps 18471929 - montana From the geography and Map
Cyndi's List currently has no sponsor
U.S. - Montana
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Category Index:
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National Genealogical Society

Arlington, Virginia
Cyndi's List The BOOK!

2nd Edition
2 Volumes Netting Your Ancestors Genealogy Bookstore
In association with Ancestry Magazine GPC and Clearfield Company Genealogy Warehouse Submit a New Link Report a Broken Link Update a Link
    General Resource Sites
    • This outstanding outline introduces records and strategies that can help you learn more about your ancestors. It explains terms associated with this state's particular genealogy research and describes the content, use, and availability of major genealogical records.
    • Surname registry, female ancestors, ancestors archive, marriage records databases and links.

46. Montana State Library GIS Data List
,Image, e00, Shapefile. montana Pole Site boundary, 1980 Census geography, ,...... Counties, Legislative Districts, 194 cities Towns which have Libraries,
GIS Data Click on a data set name to see a complete description of the data set. Click the green dot to see a picture of the data set. Click the red dot to download the data set as an Arc/Info export (e00) file. Click the blue dot to download the data set as an ESRI Shape File. See our Instruction Page for more information on downloading and using the data files. Contents Other Data Resources

Learn about its incredible geography at this site. City Name Quiz Take the montanaCity Name Quick and test your knowledge of montana’s cities at this site

48. Cities And States
montana Kids, montana KIDS One of the coolest California, EARLY CALIFORNIA Gold, trains,cities, and settlers! USA geography Quiz, USA geography QUIZ Fifty states
to do

Hometown U.S.A.

A state history

Which state is which?


Put on your geography thinking caps! PLACE THE STATE, BEGINNER Just where do those states go? PLACE THE STATE, ADVANCED More fun and more challenge! STATE CAPITALS- ADVANCED STATE CAPITALS- BEGINNERS Do you know your state capitals? STATE CAPITALS- INTERMEDIATE THROUGH THE EYES OF A CHILD GET TO KNOW YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD! Where do you fit in the Census of the United States? COLORFUL ATLAS OF THE U.S. Hills or flatlands? Look at topographical maps of all fifty states. AMERICAN GEOGRAPHY TEST How well do you know your country? MONTANA KIDS UP IN ALASKA 50 STATES AND CAPITALS An excellent fact-o-file on U.S. states. FLAG TRIVIA How well do you know your flags? THE NEW YORK KIDS LIFE OF A CITY: NEW YORK, 1898-1906 Bite into the Big Apple! EARLY CALIFORNIA Gold, trains, cities, and settlers! USA GEOGRAPHY QUIZ Fifty states, fifty questions...

49. 1st Steps In The Hunt
jobs available, or go directly to a list of cities. GeographyBoston Job Bank Ifyou need a job montanamontana Job Service - montana Job Service's state-wide
    Geographical Resources
  • Alabama Alabama Industrial Development Training
  • Alabama Professional Employment Network - Huntsville-based, non-profit, public service organization dedicated to matching job-seekers' capabilities with employers' needs
  • Arizona Arizona Careers Online
  • Arizona GetNet International - Employment - Employment Opportunities in Phoenix, Arizona and other areas
  • Asia KLA Instruments Corporation Employment - Job opportunities in all fields in the US, Asia Pacific and Europe
  • Asia TKO Personnel, Inc. - specializes in recruitment and careers in Japan and the Asia-Pacific region
  • Asia and Europe Working in Europe and America
  • Australia Employment Opportunities in Australia
  • Belgium, Brussels NOW - Network Operations Worldwide - Located in Brussels, the capital of Europe, N.O.W. is an organization dedicated to supplying professional candidates in the international arena
  • California California Access
  • California California Career and Employment Center
  • California, San Francisco BAMTA Job Bank
  • California, San Francisco
  • 50. Research Wizard - Listings For Montana | Research | University Library
    jmm geography montana maps and geography http// site provideslinks to information about montana weather, parks, cities and places.

    51. E-lynks Links To The States
    geography (World Iowa Iowa State University Iowa Quad cities Iowa Sioux Missouri Washington University (StL) montana
    Scroll down the menus:
    E-lynks at the right,
    Superlynks at the left. Alphabetized A Lynks Addictions Advertising Aerospace ... Zoos Super Lynks to U.S. states and related sites. Scroll down. You should find something about each of the 50 states in the following listings. If you fail to find what you seek below, use the search engine menu, or return to the e-lynks A-to-Z Index-Menu. Alabama: Alabama State Govt.
    Alabama Football ...
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  • All the web
  • AltaVista
  • ... Back to the top.
    To visit our e-commerce listings, click one of the following: (Note: e-business is categorized as "e-commerce." These listings include sites offering services to e-commerce companies.) Above.Net (internet tech help) AHERN ... (free web mail) E-lynks cuts through time-wasting graphic interfaces and global searches to zero in on what you're looking for. Pass the word! Click here to return to the top of this column..
  • 52. InformationWeek > Career > IT Geography > Taking The Business Elsewhere > Decemb
    sidebarIs geography Destiny? Although hightech centers keep emerging in cities,Gianforte doesn't in Bozeman was a homecoming for Gianforte, a montana native
    December 11, 2000
    Printer ready Taking The Business Elsewhere Tech companies set up shop off the beaten paths to ease recruitment and retention woes By Judith Mottl More on corporate geography:
  • sidebar Is Geography Destiny? Firms Grapple With Location Issues
  • Network Computing: College Helps Bring Fast Access To Rural County (11/27/00)
  • EETimes: Rapid corporate growth opens Ontario jobs chasm (11/27/00)
  • EETimes: Washington, Philadelphia building economic bases (10/02/00)
    Send Us Your Feedback everal technology companies, weary of employee poaching, ever-increasing salary levels, and the costs of doing business in high-tech meccas, are packing their bags. These pioneers are relocating IT divisions or setting up new businesses in towns that many would describe as the boonies. While CEOs and hiring managers admit it takes a bit more effortand strong doses of recruiting creativityto lure IT folks to remote locations, they claim the paybacks are great. Not only do IT staffers stay longer and discover a better balance between work and home, which boosts productivity and employee loyalty, but the reduced operating costs can significantly help a company's bottom line. "The Internet, for the most part, removes geographic boundaries. I felt that it was possible to build a successful high-tech company in a location that provided a quality and balance of life," says Greg Gianforte, founder and CEO of RightNow Technologies Inc., an Internet software company in Bozeman, Mont.
  • 53. CSISS Classics - Joel Garreau:
    of Alaska, Nevada, Utah, Wyoming, Idaho, montana, and Denver the emergence of edgecities surrounding older were fundamentally altering the geography of entire
    Edge Cities and the Nine Nations of North America
    Joel Garreau: Edge Cities and the Nine Nations of North America
    By Nina Brown
    Background Garreau, Joel (1948-) Joel Garreau, a journalist for the Washington Post , is the author of two popular books: Edge City: Life on the New Frontier (1991) and The Nine Nations of North America (1981). These books, based on observations Garreau made while traveling throughout North America as a journalist, analyze the social and political forces Garreau believes are transforming the geography of contemporary American communities. His ideas have found a ready audience in both academic and nonacademic settings. Both books are fixtures in college classes in anthropology, geography, demography, and urban planning. In addition to writing for the Washington Post , Garreau is senior fellow at the School of Public Policy at George Mason University. Innovation In his first book, The Nine Nations of North America
  • The Breadbasket: Iowa, Nebraska, Oklahoma and northern Texas as well as southern Saskatchewan and Manitoba in Canada Dixie: southern and southeastern U.S. states, including most of eastern Texas and Florida to the city of Fort Meyers
  • 54. Montana 2000 Public Law 94-171
    Places (cities, Towns and CDP's), Reservations (Includes land area for county portions),State of montana, United States (All states and all levels of geography),
    About 2000 Public Law 94-171 Population Data (Includes density, land area, and rankings) Counties (Includes state level data) Places (Cities, Towns and CDP's) Reservations (Includes land area for county portions) State of Montana United States (All states and all levels of geography) Montana Census 2000 PL 94-171 Browser
    This browser provides access to total population, age 18 and over, under age 18, race,
    Hispanic origin, and population density data for all levels of Montana Geography. Montana Census 2000 Interactive Map
    An interactive Internet mapping application for accessing all levels of Montana Geography
    and basic population data. U.S. Census Bureau Redistricting Data web site Census 2000 Data Home Last Modified: February 11, 2003

    55. Lane Community College Library - Geography And Map Links
    History Alaska Official Alaska's cities, Towns and National Atlas) Canadian Geographyfrom SchoolNet Missouri Current State Flags montana Wyoming CyberHomes
    Lane Community College Library
    Geographic and Cartographic Resources: 760 Links about Places and Maps

    This set of links includes places from all over the globe, as well as many links on cartography (maps). Links are arranged alphabetically, but to find all the resources on a particular area, use the Find button on your browser. Links are checked and verified regularly.

    56. Geographical Association Conference
    A New Fieldtrip PCC Wyoming montana Summer Trip Alliance Penn State geography NewfoundlandUniversity Trends Fastest Growing cities, Georgia Population
    Annual Conference, Leeds University, April 16th 1998 Karl Donert : Liverpool Hope Virtual Fieldtrips
    Selecting a fieldtrip by geological time period Spring Fieldtrip Page 1 French Alps fieldtrip Table of Contents: Geology Fieldtrip ...
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    The World Wide Web and Education
    UK NetYear National Grid for Learning some other places to visit
    • UK NetYear
    The TES David Blunkett speech at BETT 1998 PRIME MINISTER ANNOUNCES 1998 IS UK NETYEAR The Netherhall School: UK NetYear Launch ...
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  • The National Grid For Learning
  • Disability and geography resource Silicon Valley To Help Bring Web to UK Schools About NGFL NCET home page ... return to the top
    • Other Web Places to Visit
    Virtual Tourist Virtual Geography Department Project The World Lecture Hall Geographic Education ... return to the top
    Geographical Organisations
    EXPLORES! WORLD HEADQUARTERS Mapping The World By Heart Home Page Internet Geography Information Mercator's World Top Ten CyberSites ... return to the top Schools, Colleges and Universities Geography @ Liverpool Hope St Michael's Collegiate School Home Page Kent College of Education Ohio Geographic Alliance ... return to the top
    Urban information on the Web
    Population Trends Fastest Growing Cities,

    57. Montana (map)
    Country Profiles; Flags; World geography; World Stats and Facts. US State Profiles;50 Largest US cities; US geography; US Population. Map Index. Top of section montana,

    58. Geographical Review October 1995
    cities. DR. ARREOLA is Professor of geography at Arizona State University . DR. WYCKOFFis Professor of geography in the Department of Earth Science at montana
    Home Site Index Organization Programs ... Membership PUBLICATIONS Current GR Issue Recent ... Subscribe to the GR October 1995 Issue Instructions for Authors Contact the GR Editor About the Geographical Review ... Maps, Atlases, and Books
    Geographical Review
    October 1995, 85(4), pp. 415-417.
    Special Issue on Urban Geography
    Themes in American Urban Geography
    ABSTRACT [from 1st page of introduction to thisSpecial Issue] Geography provides a unique perspective on the modern American city, as the essays in this issue of the Geographical Review show. By offering assessments of the social and cultural geography of the modern urban scene, the essays display geographical analysis at its best. They exemplify the innovative explorations currently under way as geographers practice their craft, as they ask both traditional and unorthodox questions about the surrounding urban scene of daily life. The essays demonstrate some of the ways in which geographers contribute to both academic and informed popular dialogue on the sociocultural evolution of American cities. Key words: urbanization, urban geography, social and cultural geography, United States cities.

    59. MONTANA COUNTIES- Community Profile
    geography BACK. ***** county seat of ***** County, is located in mountainoussouthwestern montana. Distance in highway miles from United States cities

    County Home Page

    County Municipal Services

    Police Protection

    Ambulance Services
    ... Community Home Page
    Profile Components
    Location Municipal Services Climate ... Churches Geography
    ******, county seat of ********** County, is located in mountainous southwestern Montana. The Continental Divide passes within 8 miles of the community with local Rocky Mountain peaks reaching to 10,379 feet. ******* covers an area of three square miles and is 5,335 feet above sea level. The county area is 741 square miles, characterized by densely timbered forestlands, lakes and recreation grounds. The county has common borders with Beaverhead, *********, Granite, Jefferson and Powell counties.
    Map 2
    Map 3 Location
    Distance in highway miles from United States cities:

    Chicago: Portland: Denver: St. Paul/Minn. Los Angeles: Seattle: Spokane: San Francisco: Phoenix: Salt Lake: Distance in highway miles from Canadian cities: Calgary: Saskatoon: Map 1 Map 3 Map 1 Map 2 ... Library Profile Geography Location Municipal Services Climate ... Industrial/Commercial Climate BACK Jan.

    60. Geography: Midwest Region Of The United States
    the climate, population, major cities, history, and Title eThemes Resource GeographyWestern Region Washington, Oregon, Idaho, montana, Wyoming, California
    Questions or comments about this resource?
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    Please preview all links before sharing in class with students.
    Resource Information Title Geography: Midwest Region of the United States Description These sites focus on the states in the Midwest. Learn more about the history, land, economy, industries, and animals of this region. Includes many photographs plus statistics that can be graphed. The following states are included: North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri, Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan, Indiana, and Ohio. Also has links to eThemes Resources on the West, South and Northeast. Grade Level Performance Standards Knowledge Standards Resource Links Link ID:
    U.S. States
    Description: Click on a state to learn more about it including the history, symbols, population, and famous people.
    Link ID:
    The Official U.S. Time
    Description: See the official time for each of the different time zones in the United States. Click on a region to check the time.

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