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         Geometry:     more books (100)
  1. Sacred Geometry (Art and Imagination) by Robert Lawlor, 1982-06-17
  2. Geometry: Practice Workbook by Ron Larson, 2006-03-31
  3. Elementary Differential Geometry (Springer Undergraduate Mathematics Series) by A.N. Pressley, 2010-03-18
  4. Geometry Demystified by Stan Gibilisco, 2003-06-27
  5. Geometry: Concepts and Skills by Ron Larson, Laurie Boswell, et all 2004-07
  6. Geometry by Harold R. Jacobs, 1987-01
  7. Holt Geometry Textbook - Student Edition by Schultz, 2003-06
  8. Geometry Teacher's Activities Kit: Ready-to-Use Lessons & Worksheets for Grades 6-12 (J-B Ed: Activities) by Judith A. Muschla, Gary Robert Muschla, 2001-05-15
  9. Beyond the Flower of Life: Multidimensional Activation of your Higher Self, the Inner Guru (Advanced MerKaBa Teachings, Sacred Geometry & the Opening of your Heart) by Maureen J. St. Germain, 2009-10-26
  10. Sacred Geometry: Deciphering the Code by Stephen Skinner, 2009-03-03
  11. Sacred Geometry by Janosh, 2007-11-01
  12. Calculus With Analytic Geometry by George Simmons, 1996-10-01
  13. How the World Is Made: The Story of Creation according to Sacred Geometry by John Michell, 2009-10-21
  14. The Way to Geometry by Petrus Ramus, 2010-03-07

41. Southwestern Center Home
Based at the University of Arizona, in collaboration with the Universities of New Mexico, Southern California, and Texas. Annual conference.
Southwestern Center for
Arithmetical Algebraic Geometry
The Upcoming Arizona Winter School Previous Arizona Winter Schools Our Distinguished Lecture Series Notes and Other Documents ... A Slide Show
(Requires Javascript) About the Southwestern Center Local and Travel Information Site Map and Search E-mail us
A second set of notes from Sir Peter Swinnerton-Dyer's December 2002 Distinguished Lecture Series are now available. The schedule and notes for AWS 2003 are now available. Newcomers to the AWS may want to check our new Guide to the Arizona Winter School
The Southwestern Center
The Southwestern Center for Arithmetical Algebraic Geometry was founded in 1997 by seven mathematicians working in the southwest, namely Alex Buium, Minhyong Kim, Bill McCallum, Wayne Raskind, Dinesh Thakur, Doug Ulmer (PI), and Felipe Voloch. They were joined in 2002 by Michael Nakamaye, Bjorn Poonen, and Fernando Rodriguez-Villegas. The Center is funded by the National Science Foundation, and its activities include the annual Arizona Winter School and a distinguished lecture series. Follow the links at left to learn more about the Southwestern Center.
To receive occasional messages with news about the Southwestern Center, join our mailing list by filling out this

42. History Of Mathematics: History Of Geometry
History of geometry. See also history of Greek mathematics. On the Web. Alist of articles on the history of geometry that have appeard in Math.
History of Geometry See also history of Greek mathematics.
On the Web
  • L. Boi, D. Flament, and J.-M. Salanskis, editors. 1830-1930: a century of geometry: epistemology, history, and mathematics. Springer-Verlag, Berlin-New York, 1992.
  • Bold, Benjamin. Famous problems of mathematics; a history of constructions with straight edge and compasses. Van Nostrand Reinhold, New York, 1969.

43. Magma Computational Algebra System Home Page
Comprehensive system for algebra, number theory and geometry. Can work with polynomials, matrices, groups, rings, fields, modules, lattices, algebras, graphs, codes, and curves.
The Magma Computational Algebra System
Algebra, Number Theory and Geometry
Magma is a large, well-supported software package designed to solve computationally hard problems in algebra, number theory, geometry and combinatorics. It provides a mathematically rigorous environment for computing with algebraic, number-theoretic, combinatoric and geometric objects. Recent Notices: April 11, 2003: Magma version V2.10 is now released. See Release Notes V2.10 for the release notes. About Magma What's New Magma on-line help FAQ ... Change Password (Registered Users Only) Magma is produced and distributed by the Computational Algebra Group within the School of Mathematics and Statistics of the University of Sydney.

44. GANG | Geometry Analysis Numerics Graphics
An interdisciplinary Differential geometry research team in the Dept of Mathematics and Statistics Category Science Math geometry Differential geometry......The GANG Gallery of Constant Mean Curvature Surfaces. The GANG Galleryof Willmore Surfaces. The GANG Gallery of Minimal Surfaces.
The GANG Gallery of
Constant Mean Curvature Surfaces

The GANG Gallery of
Willmore Surfaces

The GANG Gallery of
Minimal Surfaces

The GANG Gallery of
Pseudospherical Surfaces

Summer REU program at GANG

45. EDGE
A TMR network. Structure, activities, news and resources.
information Welcome


Positions available

About this homepage
EDGE aims to encourage and facilitate research and training in major areas of differential geometry, which is a vibrant and central topic in pure mathematics today. A significant theme which unites the areas that are the subject of this endeavour is the interface with other disciplines, both pure (topology, algebraic geometry) and applied (mathematical physics, especially gauge theory and string theory). The members of EDGE are geometers in mathematical centres spreading among most European countries. These centres are grouped into nine geographical nodes which are responsible for the management of joint research projects and for the training of young researchers through exchange between the EDGE groups. The following are some of the common mathematical themes that underlie and unify the tasks to be addressed by EDGE.
  • Another unifying theme is the use of analytical and differential-geometric methods in attacking problems whose origin is not in differential geometry per se. These methods will be used by researchers throughout the network to investigate a wide variety of problems in related areas of mathematics including topology, algebraic geometry, and mathematical physics. In algebraic geometry, for example, there are a number of problems that are best attacked with `transcendental methods'. In some cases, the research concerns correspondences between differential-geometric and algebraic-geometric objects (as in the Hitchin-Kobayashi correspondence and its generalizations).

46. Interactive Mathematics Miscellany And Puzzles, Geometry
geometry page. A growing number of topics from geometry many of which areaccompanied by interactive illustrations and simulations. geometry Page.
CTK Exchange Front Page
Movie shortcuts

Personal info
Recommend this site
Interactive Mathematics Miscellany and Puzzles
Geometry Page
  • 3 Utilities Puzzle
  • 4 Travelers problem
  • 9-point Circle as a Locus of Concurrency [Java]
  • A Case of Similarity [Java]
  • A Geometric Limit
  • A problem with equilateral triangles [Java]
  • About a Line and a Triangle [Java]
  • Altitudes [Java]
  • Altitudes and the Euler Line [Java]
  • Angle Bisectors [Java]
  • Angle Bisectors in a Quadrilateral [Java]
  • Angle Preservation Property [Java]
  • Angle Trisection [Java]
  • Angle Trisectors on Circumcircle [Java]
  • An Old Japanese Theorem
  • Apollonian Gasket [Java]
  • Apollonius Problem [Java]
  • Archimedes' Method
  • Area of Parallelogram [Java]
  • Arithmetic-Geometric Mean Inequality
  • Assimilation Illusion [Java]
  • Asymmetric Propeller [Java]
  • Barbier, The Theorem of [Java]
  • Barycentric coordinates
  • Bender: A Visual Illusion [Java]
  • Bisecting arcs
  • Bisecting a shape
  • Bounded Distance
  • Brahmagupta's Theorem [Java]
  • Brianchon's theorem [Java]
  • Bulging lines illusion [Java]
  • Butterfly Theorem
  • Cantor Set and Function
  • Carnot's Theorem
  • Carnot's Theorem (Generalization of Wallace's theorem) [Java]
  • Centroids in a Polygon [Java]
  • Ceva's Theorem
  • Ceva's Theorem and Fibonacci Bamboozlement [Java]
  • Chain of Inscribed Circles [Java]
  • Chaos, Emergence of
  • 47. - World Of Math Online
    Offers free math lessons and homework help, with an emphasis on geometry, algebra, statistics, and calculus.
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    Square Roots
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    48. Geometry
    Basic terms
    Angles and angle terms

    Figures and polygons

    Area and perimeter
    ... Math Contests School League Competitions Contest Problem Books Challenging, fun math practice Educational Software Comprehensive Learning Tools
    Visit the Math League
    This page may not be mirrored or reproduced on any other internet site.
    Last updated March 2001 by Mark Motyka.

    49. Index
    Symposium at the University of Durham, UK; 1626 July 2001.
    Groups, Geometry and Combinatorics
    University of Durham, Durham, UK
    July 16-26, 2001
    Sponsored by:
  • London Mathematical Society (LMS)
    The Engineering and Physical Sciences

    Research Council (EPSRC)
  • Organizers:

    50. Mathematics Archives - Topics In Mathematics - Geometry
    geometry. KEYWORDS Examples, Animations, 3D geometry, Loci, Conics, Hyperbolic geometrySOURCE Cabrigéomètre TECHNOLOGY Java applets; La Cabri-Thèque ADD.
    Topics in Mathematics Geometry

    51. Zenith Sacred Geometry
    Healing system clears blockages within a persons energy fields. Tonua G. Brown provides information and practitioners list.
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    Your interest in Zenith has brought you one step closer to accessing your true power, knowing your True Self, attaining a new level of self-understanding, balance, and healing, and connecting to a Higher Consciousness. I invite you to learn more about the Zenith system by reading What is Zenith? If you find that you would like to experience Zenith and learn what it can do for you, I hope that you will contact me or a practitioner in your area. I wish you infinite love, peace and joy on your journey to Self. Tonua G. Brown

    52. Connected Geometry Home Page
    Connected geometry. Project Information. Connected topics Habits of MindAn Introduction to geometry; A Perfect Match Congruence and Proof;
    Connected Geometry
    Project Information
    Connected Geometry is a curriculum development project, funded by the National Science Foundation, designed to help teachers and students engage in meaningful mathematical activity by offering students a chance to understand and appreciate the connections and unifying themes within mathematics, and to build on the connections between students' backgrounds and mathematics.
    Book Descriptions
    The Connected Geometry student book contains six chapters, allowing students to explore one idea in depth, seeing how it connects to many different mathematical topics:
  • Habits of Mind: An Introduction to Geometry
    A Perfect Match: Congruence and Proof

    The Cutting Edge: Investigations in Dissection and Area

    A Matter of Scale: Pathways to Similarity and Trigonometry
    Optimization: A Geometric Approach
  • Teacher materials include a complete Teacher's Guide (with suggested assessments), an extensive Solution and Problem Solving Resource guide (containing a complete solution to every problem), a book of Assessment Resources, and a book of Teaching Resources (masters). Along with these materials, teachers will receive a CD-ROM containing six modules (corresponding to the chapters above) with additional student lessons, solutions, and teaching notes. If you have any comments on the Connected Geometry WWW pages please contact us at:

    53. Dpmms: Baker
    University of Cambridge. Number theory, transcendence, logarithmic forms, effective methods, Diophantine geometry, Diophantine analysis. Fields medal, FRS.
    Alan Baker, FRS

    Title: Professor of Pure Mathematics Email Telephone (direct line): (+44) (0)1223.337974
    Secretary: Mrs. M.Bailey (+44) (0) 1223.337994 Fax: (+44) (0)1223.337920 College: Trinity College
    Personal Home Page
    Courses Given, 2000-01 Graduate Students Research Interests: Keywords : Number theory, transcendence, logarithmic forms, effective methods, Diophantine geometry, Diophantine analysis.
    Long Description
    "Baker's Theorem'' on the linear independence of logarithms of algebraic numbers has been the key to a vast range of developments in number theory over the past thirty years. Amongst the most significant are applications to the effective solution of Diophantine equations, to the resolution of class-number problems, to the theory of p -adic L
    Return to Departmental Staff List

    54. Journal Of Differential Geometry Home Page
    International Press. presents Journal of Differential geometry online.About the Journal of Differential geometry. How do I subscribe?
    ©Lehigh University
    ISSN 0022-040X Presented by
    International Press
    International Press
    presents Journal of Differential Geometry
    About the
    Journal of Differential Geometry How do I subscribe? Who is involved in the JDG? ... License

    55. International Biometric Group - Independent Biometrics Expertise
    Biometrics information including reports on hand geometry, iris, retina, finger scan, face geometry. IBGs BiometricStore, Comdex and
    Independent Biometrics Expertise
    About Us Contact IBG IBG is the biometric industry's leading consulting and technology services firm. IBG has provided technology-neutral and vendor-independent biometric services and solutions to financial institutions, government agencies, systems integrators, and high-tech firms since 1996 IBG leverages real-world, hands-on experience with all biometrics - including fingerprint, face, and iris systems - to successfully design, integrate, and deploy access control, IT security, smart card, transportation, and ID systems solutions. "...IBG's role in the biometric industry is critical, helping customers make the right technology decision..." Glenn Pittaway
    Microsoft Client Testimonials IBG Case Studies Recent News IBG Hosts Teleconference on Recent Biometric Testing Initiatives ...
    BiometricsWorld Executive Conference
    "Biometrics & Travel Documentation: A Global Perspective on New Standards, Technologies, and Applications"
    June 3-4, 2003, in Washington D.C.

    56. ThinkQuest Library Of Entries
    geometry The Basic Building Blocks of geometry. Prisms Pyramids Cylinder and ConesSphere and Similar Solids Coordinate geometry. Transformation (mapping basics).
    Welcome to the ThinkQuest Internet Challenge of Entries
    The web site you have requested, Seeing is Believing , is one of over 4000 student created entries in our Library. Before using our Library, please be sure that you have read and agreed to our To learn more about ThinkQuest. You can browse other ThinkQuest Library Entries To proceed to Seeing is Believing click here Back to the Previous Page The Site you have Requested ...
    Seeing is Believing
    click here to view this site
    A ThinkQuest Internet Challenge 1997 Entry
    Click image for the Site Languages : Site Desciption Need a primer on math, science, technology, education, or art, or just looking for a new Internet search engine? This catch-all site covers them all. Maybe you're doing your homework and need to quickly look up a basic term? Here you'll find a brief yet concise reference source for all these topics. And if you're still not sure what's here, use the search feature to scan the entire site for your topic.
    Students Peter Oakhill College, Castle Hill
    Australia Suranthe H Oakhill College
    Australia Coaches Tina Oakhill College, Castle Hill

    57. What Is GHL?
    A library for 2D and 3-D geometric calculation in C, with functions for shape generation, geometric evaluation, intersection, and offsetting and filleting.
    Geometry Handling Library
    What is GHL?
    This is a complete C functions library of 2-D and 3-D geometric calculation. The library includes functions which calculate the following items for analytical and free-formed shapes, including NURBS, with high reliability and precision.
    • Shape generation
    • Evaluation of generated geometric elements
    • Intersection of any combination of analytical and free-formed shapes
    • Offsetting and filleting (2-D and 3-D)
    More than 2,000 external routines are included in this library. This library is written in standard C language, and thus portable to most of the workstations and personal computers working under various operating sysytems as follows.
    • SGI IRIX
    • Sun Solaris
    • HP HP-UX
    • Various PC Unixes
    • Apple Mac OS X
    This product is used by various application systems which require precise geometric operations from 1992. GHL will be revised continuously to incorporate newly developed theory and algorithms.
    GHL 3.4.5 : latest version (shipped on Sep. '02

    58. Geometry In Motion
    by Daniel Scher. Sorry, this page requires a Javacompatible web browser.This site provides direct interaction with geometric diagrams
    by Daniel Scher
    Sorry, this page requires a Java-compatible web browser.
    This site provides direct interaction with geometric diagrams, courtesy of Java Sketchpad . In fact, if you're patient, you should see a Java sketch appear directly above. From time to time, I will update this site to include a range of mathematical applications. For starters, here are a variety of curve-drawing devices: Here are some more activities for your enjoyment:
    And here are copies of my articles, all of which can be read with the free viewer Acrobat Reader:
    For more information about the conic constructions, you can order my new, completely updated textbook Exploring Conic Sections with The Geometer's Sketchpad available from Key Curriculum Press Send questions and comments to JavaScript is required to view this email address
    says that you are visitor number

    59. Geometry Website

    60. Fractal Geometry
    Course homepage for the Fractal geometry course at Yale University.

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