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         Native American Gov & Treaties:     more detail

1. Native American Treaties And Agreements
native american Sites native american Megasites Legislation treaties. Legends Folktales. native american Megasites Civilization presents native american clothes, toys, and
Native American Treaties and Agreements
Definition Background Update Tip Definition The Native American Treaties and Agreements are a collection of Executive Orders Treaties Proclamations , and Memorandums concerning United States policy on Native American affairs. Background Between 1789 and 1871, the President was empowered by the Senate to make treaties with the Native American Tribes in the U.S. These treaties recognize the sovereignty of Native Americans. Article II, Section 2, clause 2 (better known as the Supremacy Clause) of the U.S. Constitution gives priority to treaties should there be a conflict between a treaty and either a constitutional provision or state law. The President's authority to make treaties with Native Americans was terminated by the Act of March 3, 1871. However, this statute did not alter or abrogate the terms of treaties that had already been made. Native American treaties are still enforced today, and continue to constitute a major Federal source of Native American law Many of the very early Native American treaties were treaties of peace and friendship. A few Native American treaties included mutual assistance pacts, or pacts to prevent other Tribes from making hostile attacks. The majority of Native American treaties dealt with trade and commerce. Later, Native American treaties usually included provisions for fixed territory boundaries.

2. HSU Library - Subject Guides Native American Studies
Humboldt State University Library Subject Guides native american Studies Comprehensive Web Pages Index of native american Resources on the Internet (http// Karen Strom maintains this extensive site. american Indian and Alaska native Populations ( http// www. census. gov/ population/ www/ socdemo/ important documents, e.g., the 1850 unratified treaties. Also includes a Hupa
Humboldt State University Library
Subject Guides: Native American Studies
Comprehensive Web Pages
Special Topics

Northwestern California

Humboldt State University Resources

See also: HSU Library Collections on North American Indians
Sources on North American Indians in the HSU Library

Native American Children's Literature in the Classroom: An Annotated Bibliography
Comprehensive Web Pages
Index of Native American Resources on the Internet (
Karen Strom maintains this extensive site. Do read the Frequently Asked Questions!
Lisa Mitten's Home Page (
This is an extremely well-maintained directory of Indian resources. Sections include: Information on Individual Native Nations; Native Organizations and Urban Indian Centers; Tribal Colleges, Native Studies Programs, and Indian Education; Languages; The Mascot Issue; Native Media (organizations, journals and newspapers, radio and television); Powwows and Festivals; Sources for Indian Music; Native Arts Organizations and Individuals (artists, performers, celebrities, actors, actresses, storytellers, authors, activists); Indians in the Military; Native Businesses; and General Indian-Oriented Home Pages.
NativeWeb (

3. Native American Women On The WWW
edu/ ps/ gov/ us/ native. htm) / i . native american treaties and Agreements
Native American Women on the WWW
Multi-Purpose Sites on Native Americans
Index of Native American Resources on the Internet
Subject-arranged index compiled by Karen Strom, with categories that include history, music, art, education, videos, bibliographies, government resources, commercial sites, job notices, electronic texts (links to magazines, publishers, and whole texts of books), and home pages for individuals
Links compiled by Lisa Mitten to home pages of individual native Nations; organizations and businesses; journals and newspapers; powwows and festivals; tribal colleges and Indian education. ( site also includes articles and other links besides Mitten's.)
Indigenous Peoples' Literature
Links compiled by Glenn Welker to Native American languages, art, documents, speeches, quotes, prayers, poetry, stories, and more
First Peoples

4. Native American Treaties And Information
native american treaties and Information.
GOVERNMENT PUBLICATIONS United States Government Information U.S. Resources State Resources Foreign Resources International Resources ... What's New Native American Treaties and Information Resources in Our Collection Electronic Versions of Treaties Native American Information and Links
In our collection see:
  • Documents of American Indian diplomacy : treaties, agreements, and conventions, 1775-1979 KF8202 1999 Government Publications Reference. Treaties between the United States and the Indian Tribes. Statutes at Large of the United States , Volume 7. GS 4.111:7 Y 4.In8/14:In2/11 Reference Indian Affairs: Laws and Treaties. Volume 2: Treaties Y 4.In2/2:L44 v.2 Also in our collection as Indian Affairs: Laws and Treaties. Volume 2: Treaties I 1.107: v.2
Other Materials
  • American Indian (Office) Multimedia encyclopedia "From pre-European contact to the early 20th centurythe history, culture, words and images, legends and leaders of the United States, Canada and Northern Mexico." American Indians: A Select Catalog of National Archives Microfilm Publications (Annotated copy with notes on microfilm collections held in Government Publications.)

5. Native American Tribal Law Codes
limits of the US Constitution, native american treaties, Federal statutes following(1) subject (2) native american Tribe, or mail to
Native American Tribal Law Codes
Definition Background Update Tip Definition The Native American Tribal Law Codes are rules regulations ) that are written by and used to govern individual Native American tribes. Background Tribal jurisdiction refers to the power of a Tribe to control matters through regulation and enforcement in its territory, and generally covers the following:
  • Establishment of the form of Tribal government;
  • Definition of Tribal citizenry (Tribal membership);
  • Control of the conduct of Tribal members through codes, ordinances, resolutions, regulations, etc.;
  • Administration of a judicial system;
  • Regulation of real property possession and inheritance;
  • Regulation of domestic relations; and Imposition of taxes.
Tribal jurisdiction derives its authority mostly through Native American treaties. Native American tribes conceded land to the U.S. in return for protection of Native American territory and respect for Tribal sovereignty; however, their codes remain bound by express limits of the U.S. Constitution, Native American treaties, Federal statutes , and Federal court decisions. Currently, more than 500 Federally-recognized Native American tribes have jurisdiction over nearly 53 million acres of land (about 3% of the land within the continental U.S.).

6. Envirotext
Listing of native american related Internet Sites. Including Tribal Sites, Other Lists of links, Indian Health Services, PowWow, and native Recipes Canada-Indian treaties. Code Talk ~ Housing native american Authors Online. Voyage to Another Universe ~ by Karen Strom. URL http// www. ihs. gov/ GeneralWeb/
Security and Privacy Notice Begin Search
Select the database(s) you wish to query ( default is all ). Click on " more " for a description of the database, and click on " tips " for search information. I. Congress

How Our Laws Are Made
II. Laws
Public Laws
more tips
U.S. Code [ more tips browse
Environmental Laws [ more tips III. Executive Orders
Executive Orders [ more tips browse IV. Regulations
Today's Federal Register [ more tips
This Weeks Federal Register
This Months Federal Register - Federal Register Review Unified Agenda [ more tips Code of Federal Regulations [ more tips V. Native American Treaties [ more tips Tribal Law Codes [ more tips browse Tribal Constitutions VI. Guidance Selected Documents VII. Other Sites Other Environmental Sites Enter your query terms (quotes perform exact match) - See "Hints on Query Formulation" Get the first documents "EnviroText provides you with a One-Stop-Shop for all of your environmental regulatory needs" EnviroText is the recipient of the 1996 Federal Technology Leadership Award and a finalist for the 1998 Global Information Infrastructure U.S. Government Award

7. Native American Resources
Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians Choctaw treaties Flying Rat Thomas J. Jesup 17April 1837 gov. Send any comments on the native american Page to David W
Native American Resources
General Resources
NATIVE-L - Newsgroup for Native American genealogy.
NativeWeb - an Internet Community

This Week in American Indian History

Native American Genealogy

DeSoto's Trail
(Individual web pages for many tribes)
Early Native Americans

1815 Map of Cherokee and Creek lands

1818 Map of Alabama

NativeLaw News
The Algonkians (of Coastal North Carolina)
A mailing list for anyone with a genealogical interest in Indian Territory - basically the eastern half of Oklahoma, is INDIAN-TERRITORY-ROOTS-L. To subscribe send the word "subscribe" (without the quotes) as the only text in the body of a message to . To post a message to the list, send to
The Choctaw Agency Office, 421 Powell St., Philadelphia, MS 39350, 601-656-1521. Official Web Site - Choctaw Nation The Choctaw Nation - Karen and Melodie Choctaw Nation ITGenWeb Choctaw Nation - Anthony Reeves Choctaw Nation - Michael Wilson The Trail of Tears Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians Choctaw Treaties Flying Rat Toli team
Chickasaw Nation - Official Web Page Chickasaw Nation of Oklahoma Lineage Form Chickasaw Historical Research Partial 1818 Chickasaw Annuity Roll Index ... Chickasaw Nation ITGenWeb Chickasaw Cessions Chickasaw Connections Oklahoma Indian-Pioneer Interviews Chickasaw Genealogy ... Journal of Chickasaw History.

8. Native American Resources
Primary sources for native american Law. See also under "native american treaties" below. Federal Register (U.S. States government Web Sites First gov - (United States Office of Citizen Services and Communications).
Topic Five Native Americans Native American Resources Native Americans Who is an Indian?
No single Federal or tribal criterion establishes a person's identity as an Indian. Government agencies use differing criteria to determine who is an Indian eligible to participate in their programs. Tribes also have varying eligibility criteria for membership. To determine what the criteria might be for agencies or Tribes, you must contact each entity directly.
To be eligible for Bureau of Indian Affairs services, an Indian must (1) be a member of a Tribe recognized by the Federal Government, (2) one-half or more Indian blood of tribes indigenous to the United States (25 USC 479) ; or (3) must, for some purposes, be of one-fourth or more Indian ancestry. By legislative and administrative decision, the Aleuts, Eskimos and Indians of Alaska are eligible for BIA services. Most of the BIA's services and programs, however, are limited to Indians living on or near Indian reservations.
The Bureau of the Census counts anyone an Indian who declares himself or herself to be an Indian. In 1990 the Census figures showed there were 1,959,234 American Indians and Alaska Natives living in the United States (1,878,285 American Indians, 57,152 Eskimos, and 23,797 Aleuts). This is a 37.9 percent increase over the 1980 recorded total of 1,420,000. The increase is attributed to improved census taking and more self- identification during the 1990 count.
The BIA's 1993 estimate is that about 1.2 million of this total population live on or adjacent to Federal Indian reservations. This is the segment of the U.S. Indian and Alaska Native population served by the BIA through formal, on-going relations

9. Immigration...Native American: Destroying Cultures
century, they encountered diverse native american cultures—as be considered thefirst North american immigration, were direct result of treaties, written and
Destroying the Native American Cultures
Map Collections, 1500-2003
Today, people see the policies of the past with 21st century eyes. One might wonder how the nation's indigenous population became "inferior" cultures in their own land, or how a nation could have committed such atrocities in the name of "progress". One might question whether it is acceptable to make national decisions without involving in the decision making process those who will be most drastically affected.
Ohio land cessions

Map Collections, 1500-2003
In 1786, the United States established its first Native American reservation and approached each tribe as an independent nation. This policy remained intact for more than one hundred years. But as President James Monroe noted in his second inaugural address
Native American Links: 1 Vocabulary
last updated 04/08/03 view basic version The Library of Congress American Memory The Learning Page ... Questions? Contact us

10. Government Documents Library
Executive Orders, treaties, Proclamations, and Memorandums concerning United Statespolicy on native american affairs http//
Native American Resources Tribal Government Agencies / Organizations Resource Guides Services ...

Tribal Governments
Tribal Government Listing:
From State and local governments on the net: an alphabetical listing of tribal government web pages, organizations, and links.
Decennial Census:
This is decennial census publications and accompanying links on tribal governments from the 1990 census, with limited publications from Census 2000.
Agencies / Organizations
Senate Committee on Indian Affairs:
This link includes membership information, legislation, and live broadcasts of hearings.
US Department of Health and Human S ervices
Publications, grants, programs, policy, and state and local contacts for Native Americans.
Division of Tribal Services: a compilation of publications, announcements, regulations, and other links.

11. Native American Studies Guide - Hoover Library, McDaniel College
Call number R 342.087 U58). National NAGPRA (native american Graves Protection andRepatriation Act) Program http// treaties Between the
Native American Studies Catalog Site Search Home McDaniel College Text in BROWN indicates that the item is located in Hoover Library. For journal and magazine articles on Native Americans, see Journal Databases General Resources
  • American Indian Resources (Will Karkavelas, Osaka University, Japan)
      Well organized links to information on Native American literature, culture, education, history, issues and language. Excellent site.
      Information from and about native or Indigenous nations, peoples and organizations around the world. Excellent site.
    Native Americans (Cecily Giardina, Pennsylvania State University)
      Links to online U.S. government resources. Is part of GPO Access arranged by topic.
    Native Americans - Native Resources (James Madison University)
      Bibliographies, directories to pages of individual tribes, history and historical documents, periodicals and general links.

12. UCSC Guide To Native American Legal Sources
(Ch. 17 native americans ) McH Stacks KF4748 .B2 1999 Documents of american Indiandiplomacy treaties, agreements, and conventions, 17751979 / compiled by
Guide to Native American Legal Sources
at UC Santa Cruz
Reference Materials Subject Headings Periodicals Web Sites
Reference Materials
History of Indian-White Relations , and Vol. 8: California Back to top
Subject headings
Use these subject headings to search the library catalog for additional books on this topic. Indians of North America Civil rights Indians of North America Government relations Indians of North America Legal status, laws, etc. Indians of North America Treaties
American Indian law review. Norman, Okla., University of Oklahoma Press. [1973 - McH Curr Journals K1.M43 [UCSC has 1976+ ] The NARF legal review / Native American Rights Fund. [Boulder, Colo.] : The Fund, [1983- McH Stacks KF8201.A3 N37 [UCSC has 1994+ ] Back to top
Web sites
There are many good web sites, and they each refer to each other extensively.
US Govt. Printing Office: Native Americans
Indian Law: an Overview
From Cornell's Legal Information Institute
Relations Between The United States and Native Americans
A section of the Avalon Project from Yale Law School
Navajo Nation Courts
from Harvard Law School
NativeWeb: Law News Digest
Links to recent newspaper articles: this would be a good place to find a topic for a paper!

13. Native American Studies UCSC Reference Guide Viewport
native american treaties and Agreements, http// american Tribal Law Codes, http//
List of Topics UCSC Libraries Native American
This guide is designed to help you do research on social, cultural, political, economic, literary, and historical topics related to Native Americans, or American Indians. Primary focus of this guide is Indians of North America - the indigenous peoples of the contiguous United States, Canada and Alaska. Sources listed below represent a sampling of the library's collection. Note that the cross-disciplinary nature of Native American studies means that relevant titles are often dispersed throughout the collection. Background Info
Taking a few minutes to read about your topic in a specialized encyclopedia, dictionary or handbook may be one of the most effective and time saving research tips in this guide. These can help you define unfamiliar terms, locate quick biographical information, verify dates and events. Encyclopedia articles are often followed by carefully selected bibliographies or lists of references to other works, useful items to have as you begin looking for additional information. The following are located on the Reference shelves behind the Reference Desk area. If you'd like learn more about research and online resources stop by the Reference Desk, or take a

14. GUIDE TO LAW ONLINE: United States Native American Peoples
Oneida Indian Nation treaties Project (Oneida Nation); Treaty of Peoples (CornellUniversity, Legal Information Institute); native american and Aboriginal Law
Law Library of Congress Global Legal Information Network Library of Congress
Guide to Law Online
... Index United States: Native Americans Texts Commentary Agencies Other Links

15. Canadian Indian Treaties - Native Studies - University Of Alberta Libraries
University of Alberta's directory of information on Canadian treaties.Category Society Ethnicity Law and Politics treaties...... of the English Colonial treaties with the american Indians; including a Saskatoon,SK native Law Centre, 1990. gov DOC CA1 R325/1979 UA Rutherford S Flr 2
Home Catalogue Databases Ejournals ... Native Studies
Resource Guide for Canadian Indian Treaties
Finding Books
  • When looking for books on Canadian Indian Treaties , search the NEOS Libraries Catalogue by subject or keyword . Examples of Subject headings for Canadian Indian Treaties
    Cree Indian Treaties Indians of North America Alberta Claims Indians of North America Alberta Treaties Indians of North America Canada Claims Indians of North America Canada Constitutional Law Indians of North America Canada Government Relations Indians of North America Canada Land Transfers Treaties Inuit Canada Metis
  • If you want to browse the stacks for books on Canadian Indian Treaties , the following Call Numbers will lead you to the correct area of the Rutherford Library: Treaties General: GOV DOC CA1 CI 72- Treaties North: GOV DOC CA1 R 32 Treaties James Bay: GOV DOC CA1 Z9
Finding Journal Articles
To find journal articles you need to search in a periodical index . Many indexes are available online, some are on CD-ROM, and some are in print. We refer to the CD-ROM and online indexes as databases
Types of databases and FAQs
Online Databases
Try searching subjects and keywords such as: treaties, Indians of North America Alberta claims

16. Ask Jeeves: Search Results For "Native American Fishing Treaties" 2. native american treaties and Agreements http// KAPPLER'S INDIAN AFFAIRS LAWS American Fishing Tre

17. Links
native american Nations. native american treaties and Information.Smithsonian Institution National Museum of the american Indian.
BLM - Guidance for Native American Consultation
Bureau of Indian Affairs
Bureau of Reclamation - Native American Affairs Office
FWS - Course - FWS Trust Responsibilities to Native Americans ...
Veteran Affairs
Inter-Tribal Organizations
Alaska Inter-Tribal Council
Columbia River Inter-Tribal Fish Commission
Great Lakes Indian Fish and Wildlife Commission
Great Lakes Inter-Tribal Council ...
National Park Service - Tribal Preservation Program
Draft United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples
Declaration on the Establishment of the Arctic Council
International Decade of the World's Indigenous People
Organization of American States - Promotion and Protection of Human Rights ...
Smithsonian Institution - National Museum of the American Indian

18. Legislation
Selected Authorities native americans Cultural Resources. Domestic Protectionsfor american Indian Cultural Property. Indian Affairs Laws and treaties.

19. National Indian Law Library, Research Links, Native American Law - Primary Sourc
database of tribal codes, constitutions, treaties, and compacts Web Sites First gov (United States native american Constitution and Law Digitization Project
NATIONAL INDIAN LAW LIBRARY Home Additional Research Links
Native American Rights Fund
For research assistance:
Contact the library at 303-447-8760 or Email a librarian.
Native American Law - Primary Sources A selection of free federal Indian and tribal law primary resources on the Internet. Federal Laws Administrative Law Federal Legislation and Legislative History Case Law ... Federal Indian Law Research Portals
Federal Laws

20. Indian Health Service : Native American Resources
of Trust Responsibilities CanadaIndian treaties Code Talk On-Line Novel StorytellersNative american Authors Online URL http//
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