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         Native American Gov & Treaties:     more detail

61. Native American Resources
for american Indians http// native american Victims http// IndianTreaties http// fall Web Pages/2002 fall web pages/SCJ 251
Topic Five Native Americans Native American Resources Native Americans Who is an Indian?
No single Federal or tribal criterion establishes a person's identity as an Indian. Government agencies use differing criteria to determine who is an Indian eligible to participate in their programs. Tribes also have varying eligibility criteria for membership. To determine what the criteria might be for agencies or Tribes, you must contact each entity directly.
To be eligible for Bureau of Indian Affairs services, an Indian must (1) be a member of a Tribe recognized by the Federal Government, (2) one-half or more Indian blood of tribes indigenous to the United States (25 USC 479) ; or (3) must, for some purposes, be of one-fourth or more Indian ancestry. By legislative and administrative decision, the Aleuts, Eskimos and Indians of Alaska are eligible for BIA services. Most of the BIA's services and programs, however, are limited to Indians living on or near Indian reservations.
The Bureau of the Census counts anyone an Indian who declares himself or herself to be an Indian. In 1990 the Census figures showed there were 1,959,234 American Indians and Alaska Natives living in the United States (1,878,285 American Indians, 57,152 Eskimos, and 23,797 Aleuts). This is a 37.9 percent increase over the 1980 recorded total of 1,420,000. The increase is attributed to improved census taking and more self- identification during the 1990 count.
The BIA's 1993 estimate is that about 1.2 million of this total population live on or adjacent to Federal Indian reservations. This is the segment of the U.S. Indian and Alaska Native population served by the BIA through formal, on-going relations

62. Native American Resources - Text Only & Low Vision
Posole Stew ~ beef or pork; Modern Wojape ~ a dessert pudding; native american Foods~ Paula Giese; like to share, put it into an email and we
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Native American Resources
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63. Native American History
and executive orders pertaining to native american Indian tribes and executive ordersconcerning native americans from Indian Health Service http//
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This site is dedication to encourage Indian people to aspire to excellence in their own lives and to provide relief services to Indian people nationwide, while building bridges of understanding and friendship. American Indians of the Pacific Northwest This digital collection integrates over 2,300 photographs and 7,700 pages of text relating to the American Indians in two cultural areas of the Pacific Northwest, the Northwest Coast and Plateau. Aztec Student Teacher Resource Center

64. Indian Nations And Tribes
of Congress); treaties and tribal constitutions collection (compiledby the native american Rights Fund); statutes and government
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  • 65. Native American Links: Legal And Political
    instree/x1cppcg.htm Not specifically about native americans, but it does let yousee how the american Indian plight Law Library http//
    Native American Links
    The Arts
    Education and Kids Link Libraries The Nations ... Other
    Legal and Political
    Legal and Political
    News and Current Events Special News Section: Indians in Mexico

    Legal and Political

    Aboriginal Healing Foundation
    Their mission is "to encourage and support Aboriginal people in building and reinforcing sustainable healing processes that address the legacy of Physical Abuse and Sexual Abuse in the Residential School system, including intergenerational impacts."

    Aboriginal Rights Coalition of BC
    a coalition of aboriginal organizations, the major churches of Canada, and local community groups

    Alaska District's Native Liaison
    This is the place where you'll find the latest news about Alaska District, Corps of Engineers activities that may affect the Alaska Native populations.


    66. Native American Genealogical Sources At The Kentucky State Archives
    7637474 http// Interestingly enough for African Americangenealogical research, these divide among all the native Americans who
    Archival Reference Services Welcome to the Kentucky State Archives Genealogical Reference Correspondence Policy Catalog of Kentucky State Archives Holdings Catalog of Kentucky Archival and Manuscripts Collections ... Support Us NATIVE AMERICAN GENEALOGICAL SOURCES The search for Native American ancestors in Kentucky is difficult. In the eighteenth century, Native Americans were either driven out of the area or were assimilated into the white or black populations. As a result, there were no Native American tribes or reservations in Kentucky after the late eighteenth century. The public records available at the Kentucky Department for Libraries and Archives (KDLA) usually do not list a person as being Native American. This means that there may be many records such as wills, deeds, marriages, tax lists, etc. about a Native American ancestor, but the records may not mention their race. In 1870, the U.S. Census began to note whether or not a person was Native American. Even after 1870, this is not reliable, as the census enumerator simply wrote down what he thought was a person's race. If a person did not look Native American, the census taker would not note them as one.

    67. Content Outline
    Ojibwe Treaty Rights http// native american Treatiesand Information http//
    Ojibwe Histories and Narratives
    Brain-Box Digital Archives Project
    The following links provide further information on subject areas of the CD-ROM:
    This list of resource links has been compiled by Andrea Pokrzywinski and will
    be updated as curriculum development continues.
    Web Resources
    Ojibwe Treaty Rights

    Native American Treaties and Information
    Oneida Indian Nation - Treaties Project International Indian Treaty Council NATIVE AMERICAN POLICY AND LAW Native Sense (American Indian Law) American Indian Research and Policy Institute Great Lakes Regional American Indian Network Internet Law Library: Indian Nations and Tribes

    68. Virtual Tours-Wirtz Labor Library, Search / AZ Index, to coordinate and provide information on treatiesand laws You may explore native american skills from beadwork to stonework
    U.S. Department of Labor Wirtz Labor Library Wirtz Labor Library Search / A-Z Index Find It!: By Topic By Audience By Top 20 Requested Items By Form ... By Location April 9, 2003 DOL Home OASAM BOC Wirtz Labor Library ... Virtual Tours Native American History Month: November Printer Friendly A selected electronic bibliography Compiled by the Wirtz Labor Library Staff
    U.S. Department of Labor Alaska Native Heritage Center
    If you would like to explore the education and culture of Alaska Natives, you should plan to visit this museum located in Northeast Anchorage, Alaska. The Center is a gathering place to celebrate, perpetuate, and share Alaska Native cultures. The site includes links to the Center's Alaska Native artists and their works, and several educational opportunities. Alaska's native cultures are comprised of 11 distinct culture groups, and the Center represents five groupings of the 11 cultures. National Museum of the American Indian (NMAI)
    This Smithsonian Institute museum helps foster, protect, and promote understanding of Native American cultures. The site has links to NMAI's vast collections that include intricate wood and stone carvings, masks from the Northwest Coast of North America, 18th century materials from the Southeastern United States, and materials of spiritual significance. The NMAI facilities are currently located in New York City and Suitland, Maryland. The new museum, currently under construction on the National Mall, is scheduled to open in 2004.

    69. Exhibit: Black Hills Treaty
    the signatures of the american commissioners who of the treaties extinguished Nativeamericans' title to http//
    National Archives and Records Administration "This war was brought upon us by the children of the Great Father who came to take our land from us without price."
    Spotted Tail, "The report and journal of proceedings of the
    commission appointed to obtain certain concessions
    from the Sioux Indians," December 26, 1876
    The history of Native Americans in North America dates back thousands of years. Exploration and settlement of the western United States by Americans and Europeans wreaked havoc on the Indian peoples living there. In the 19th century the American drive for expansion clashed violently with the Native American resolve to preserve their lands, sovereignty, and ways of life. The struggle over land has defined relations between the U.S. government and Native Americans and is well documented in the holdings of the National Archives. Treaty of 1868, April 29, 1868, top of page 1 The Black Hills of Dakota are sacred to the Sioux Indians. In the 1868 treaty, signed at Fort Laramie and other military posts in Sioux country, the United States recognized the Black Hills as part of the Great Sioux Reservation, set aside for exclusive use by the Sioux people. However, after the discovery of gold there in 1874, the United States confiscated the land in 1877. To this day, ownership of the Black Hills remains the subject of a legal dispute between the U.S. government and the Sioux. Page 2 bears the signatures of the American commissioners who represented the United States (including Lt.-Gen. William T. Sherman) , while page 3 features the names and markings of the Sioux chiefs. You can see high- resolution images of the treaty:

    70. Websites
    index.htmlthis one has over 300 treaties on it is the nativeAmerican Rights Fund. org http//

    71. Northwest Indian Law Clinic
    Fisheries Commission http// Legislation Affecting the americanIndian Community http native american Consultation Database http//www.cast.uark
    Our Mission
    Student Information

    Ongoing Projects

    Washington Tribes
    ... Back to NJP
    Tribal Links
    American Indians of the Pacific Northwest Digital Collection
    Indian Land Cessions in the United States - Royce Map Series
    National Indian Child Welfare Association
    National Congress of American Indians
    Northwest Indian Fisheries Commission
    United Indians of All Tribes Foundation
    American Indian Radio On Satellite Home Page
    Canadian First Nations Manitoulin (1862), Robinson (1850) Treaties Legislation Affecting the American Indian Community Native American Consultation Database

    72. Native American Resources
    E98.C3 P35 1993 Main, GSSI http// A descriptiveprofile of american Indian and native Alaskan populations.
    UC Berkeley Library GSSI Home Page Search
    Native American Resources
    DATE:10/99 The following describes certain basic resources for finding source materials on Native Americans in the UC Berkeley Libraries.
    MELVYL lists more than 3,300 subtopics under the Library of Congress Subject Heading, "Indians of North America" at UCB. Subtopics include: region (nation, state/province, county, other locality); general fields (history, ethnology, folklore, economics, government relations); tribe/group; etc. Government documents can be searched in the Author field by the name of the government organ overseeing or studying Indian affairs. Government organs include Congress; Congressional committees and subcommittees (Congress. House. Committee on Public Lands. Subcommittee on Indian Affairs, e.g.); administrative agencies (Bureau of Indian Affairs, Department of the Interior, e.g.); or specific topics (Freedom of religion, gambling, legal status, laws, etc., e.g.). To Table of Contents
    Bibliographies /Directories
    1. U. S. National Archives and Records Service.

    73. Links To Literary Criticism - Arts And Culture: InfoUSA
    ref/litcrit/ The Mississippi Writers Page University of Mississippi http// american Authors Internet Public
    USA Facts Media Information Technology Education ...
    Links to Literary Criticism
    The Academy of American Poets
    American Authors on the Web

    Nagoya University
    American Literary Resources
    American Literature Resource Guide

    Tulane University Bookreporter This website provides information about book reviews, compelling features, in-depth author profiles, etc. The Cambridge history of English and American literature: an encyclopedia in eighteen volumes This encyclopedia presents literary history and criticism of English and American literature. A Celebration of Women Writers Electronic Archives for Teaching American Literature Georgetown University IPL Online Literary Criticism Collection The Mississippi Writers Page University of Mississippi

    74. Native American Pages
    Bureau of Indian Affairs; HUD native americans; Indian Affairs Veteran's Administration american Indians and URL=http//
    Native Americans
    American Indian Heritage Month

    75. Native American Constitution And Law Project By NARF & U Of OK Law Library
    and Constitutions; Cohen’s Handbook of american Indian Law; with a chapter on incarceratedNative Women; Replacing http//
    Native American Constitution and Law Project
    • Tribal codes and Constitutions Cohen’s Handbook of American Indian Law
    MT Law, Justice, and Indian Affairs Interim Committee Home Page
    1999 Legislative studies on:
    • Women in Prison with a chapter on incarcerated Native Women Replacing the Governor’s Coordinator of Indian Affairs with a Commission on Indian Affairs.
    The Handbook for Montana legislators on Montana Indians
    Kappler’s compilation of Treaties and Acts, 3 Volumes.
    Montana – Wyoming Tribal Leaders Council
    MT. USDA Rural Development State and Tribal Resources
    Federal Domestic Assistance for Indians ...
    Tribal Court Clearinghouse
    • A resource for tribal justice systems and others involved in the enhancement of justice in Indian Country Has links to search for most Indian case law including tribal

    76. Code Talk
    native american Women Veterans, native american Celebrities. NWIHA Home Page,Various native american Libraries. Tribal Court Clearinghouse, Laws and treaties.
    Resources on American Indians
    Affiliated Tribes of Northwest Indians American Indian Exposition Amerind American Indian Higher Education Consortium (AIHEC) ...
    Indian Housing Authority

    77. Native American Affairs Liaison
    Scott Aikin Phone (503) 2316123 Fax (503) 231-2122 Office of Tribal Liaison helps the Service maintain

    Pacific Region Home
    Scott Aikin
    Phone: (503) 231-6123
    Fax: (503) 231-2122 The Office of Tribal Liaison helps the Service maintain beneficial ties with the many tribes in the Region. Federal Register Search Page Federal Register Notices by Date for 2002
    Federal Register Notices by Date for 2003
    Federal Register Notices of Tribal Grants Tribal Landowner Incentive Program (T-LIP) (PDF File 39kb)
    Tribal Wildlife Grants (TWG)
    (PDF File 38kb)
    Please visit the External Affairs homepage

    78. American Indians Of The Pacific Northwest
    http// photographs and 7,700 pagesof text relating to the american Indians in True stories by native authors
    Native Americans
    American Indians of the Pacific Northwest This digital collection integrates over 2,300 photographs and 7,700 pages of text relating to the American Indians in two cultural areas of the Pacific Northwest, the Northwest Coast and Plateau. Aztec Student Teacher Resource Center History of the Aztec Indian The Cherokee "Trail of Tears" 1838-1839 DIBAAJIMOWINAN idash AADIZOOKAANAG True stories by Native authors. First Nations History Links to many tribes Indian Affairs: Laws and Treaties Indian Affairs: Laws and Treaties, compiled and edited by Charles J. Kappler, is an historically significant, seven volume compilation of U.S. treaties, laws and executive orders pertaining to Native American Indian tribes. The volumes cover U.S. Government treaties with Native Americans from 1778-1883 (Volume II) and U.S. laws and executive orders concerning Native Americans from 1871-1970 (Volumes I, III-VII). Internet School Library Media Directory

    79. Untitled Document
    treaties were negotiated that limited the land use of american Indianpeople. Any chance of continuing their former life ways vanished.
    American Indian People
    Tipi , and made wise use of animals they hunted and killed. The American Indians were eventually stripped of their land and resources by the Euro-Americans, but held onto their cultures and indomitable spirit. Euro-American acquisition of land under the title "Manifest Destiny" was the basis for conflict between American Indians and settlers. The people pushing west presumed that the land of the West was theirs to claim. The settlers found American Indian people occupying "their" land and petitioned the federal government to move them. The federal government approached Indian negotiation to remove them by way of treaties. When treaties were not clearly understood by either side battles frequently ensued. Miscommunication persisted between the two groups. Generally, the cultures of American Indians were not monetary and they bartered for their needs. They utilized the land and did not understand the European concept of land ownership. They secured what they needed and traveled elsewhere if necessary. American Indians valued the traditions and practices they established for hundreds of years. The conflicting values of Euro-Americans clashed with their deeply ingrained thinking. Buffalo hunters slaughtered thousands of animals to capitalize upon eastern and European demand for meat and fur. Treaties were negotiated that limited the land use of American Indian people. Any chance of continuing their former life ways vanished. The United States moved the tribes to designated

    80. General Information On Native Americans In Arizona.
    Collection of links dealing with information on native americans in Arizona.Category Regional North America History native americans...... in the United States) http// of Kaplan's Report on the treatiesand laws Techniques on Evaluating native american Websites http//www.u
    General Information on Native Americans in Arizona Websites Scholarly Indexes Paid American Indian History and Culture
    Available through Arizona State University, it includes information on Native Americans in the United States, Canada, and Mexico spanning 5,000 years of culture and history. Includes journal articles, maps, photographs and more. Bibliography of Native North American Indians
    Covers this history, life, and culture of Native North American Indians. 16th Century to the present and includes monographs, essays, journal articles, government documents, historical and ethnographic books, and dissertations.
    Free Arizona and Southwestern Index
    Contains eight separate indexes that pertain to Arizona and the Southwest topics. Includes journal articles, maps, photographs and more. These collections are only available at Arizona State University.
    Websites Native American Homepages

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