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         Native American Tribes & Nations General:     more books (100)
  1. Laws of the Choctaw Nation: Passed at the Regular Session of the General Council Convened at Tushka Humma, October 27th, 1889 & Adjourned November (Constitutions ... and Laws of the American Indian Tribes) by Choctaw Nation, 1975-12
  2. General & Special Laws of the Choctaw Nation: Passed at the Regular Session of the General Council, Convened at Chahta Tamaha, October 3rd & Adjourned ... and Laws of the American Indian Tribes) by Choctaw Nation, 1975-06
  3. Constitution and Laws of the Osage Nation: Passed at Pawhuska, Osage Nation, in the Years 1881 and 1882 (Constitutions and Laws of the American Indian Tribes) by Sauk Nation, 1975-06
  4. Laws and Joint Resolutions of the Cherokee Nation: Enacted by the National Council During the Regular and Extra Sessions of 1884-5-6 (Constitutions and Laws of the American Indian Tribes, Ser. I) by Cherokee Nation, 1975-06
  5. Constitution and Laws of the Cherokee Nation (Constitutions and Laws of the American Indian Tribes,) by Cherokee Nation, 1973-06
  6. The Choctaw Laws: Passed at the Special Sessions in January 1894 & April 1894 (Constitutions & Laws of the American Indian Tribes Ser 2: Vol23) by Choctaw Nation, 1975-06
  7. Laws & Joint Resolutions of the National Council: Passed & Adopted at the Regular Session of 1876 (Constitutions & Laws of the American Indian Tribe) by Cherokee Nation, 1975-06
  8. Constitution, Laws, & Treaties of the Chickasaws (Constitutions and Laws of the American Indians Tribes; (Ser.) by Chickasaw Nation, 1975-12
  9. Oneida Tribe: Native Americans in the United States, First Nations, Iroquois, Upstate New York, Oneida Lake, Oneida County
  10. Acts & Resolutions of the General Council of the Choctaw Nation, Passed at Its Regular Session, October, 1897-& Also All the School Laws of the Chocta ... Laws of the American Indian Tribes (Wilmin) by Choctaw Nation, 1973-12
  11. Acts & Resolutions of the General Council of the Choctaw Nation Passed at Its Regular Session, 1903 (Constitutions and Laws of the American Indian Tribes (Wilmin) by Choctaw Nation, 1973-12
  12. Acts & Resolutions of the General Council of the Choctaw Nation, Passed at Its Regular Session, 1902 & Extra Session, 1902 (Constitutions and Laws of the American Indian Tribes (Wilmin) by Choctaw Nation, 1973-12
  13. Acts of Council of the Choctaw Nation, Passed at the Regular Sessions of October 1895 & 1896, & the Special Session of September, 1896 (Constitutions and Laws of the American Indian Tribes (Wilmin) by Choctaw Nation, 1973-12
  14. Laws & Joint Resolutions of the National Council, Passed & Adopted at the Regular Session of the National Council, of 1876, 1877 & Extra Session of 18 ... and Laws of the American Indian Tribes) by Cherokee Nation, 1973-12

1. Native American Home Pages - Nations
native american nations. Last update January 20, 2003. has begun compiling good general historical cultural overviews of a couple of dozen tribes. Take a look at First
Last update - March 27, 2003
Maintained by Lisa Mitten
This section contains links to pages that have either been set up by the nations themselves, or are pages devoted to a particular nation, and are ALPHABETICAL BY TRIBAL NAME. Pages maintained by Indian Nations or individuals are indicated with this symbol: . Pages without this symbol are primarily ABOUT specific nations, but not by them. Included are both recognized and unrecognized tribes. First Nations Histories - a good source for student papers! Dick also has a listing of tribes , both federally and state recognized, as well as those with no formal governmental recognition at all. Added 8/3/99; updated 5/15/00. A-C D-H I-L M-N ... T-Z

2. Native American Info "Through Indian Eyes"
Personal Web page of Kelly Green contains many links to sites relevant to study of North America's indigenous people. Click on the native american NATION ABOVE. for information on INDIVIDUAL nations and tribes. which include anything projects or term papersor just general knowledge. I've tried to
The Result of Willow Branch's Spare Time
Personal Info NA Info NA Links Contact Info
I am a tree that stands tall yet frail.
My branches reach out but cannot hail
The remains of this forsaken world
And nature forgotten, unwontedly hurled.
Take my branch and your might can twist,
But I will not snap from only your jest.
Nor will I lash out in vengeful strike
But in the breeze I’ll return as right.
Dil’galisgi Uwan’gatlv
Last Update 1/11/01 Finally I have added a page to help beginners in genealogy. It can be found out at Beginning Genealogy (This is now fixed.) For a quick search of my site, enter your query below: And just a warning, this search is not yet all inclusive so there may be information that does not appear in the results. DO NOT use Advanced Syntax (AND, OR, NOT, NEAR) This search uses the AltaVista search engine in a customised manner. My Information Most of the information you come across in my pages have been provided by the Reader's Digest "Through Indian Eyes". There will be more information to come. Thus far, I have provided the following info pages....

3. Native Nations -- Tribes Of U.S. And Canada
Look up sites dedicated to native american personal pages, organizations, images, and general resources. TABLE . OF . CONTENTS. general native american Resources. native american nations Homepages This Map of american Indian tribes makes a great wall decoration for home or office I
Native Nations
Official and Unofficial Tribal Sites
Page Navigation Buttons
Reality of Native Nations and Tribal Websites
N ative Nations in the U.S. and Canada are recognized (often only after considerable struggles and litigation) as indigenous nations with a measure of sovereignty. It is therefore necessary to distinguish between national websites prepared by or with acknowledgement of and responsibility to, these nations, and unofficial sites about history, culture or current events for a particular tribe. That distinction seems especially important on an educational "metasite" such as this one, whose users range from people totally naive about all of Native history to people deeply involved in actually making that history now. U nofficial, or volunteer, sites are often prepared by tribal people with access to a server through being college students, or through city jobs. They are also prepared by non-natives, professors, commercial enterprises (tourist agncies, art galleries) government agencies, Nuagers. These sites are often highly informative, beautiful, interesting. But they are about Native Nations, not

4. Native American Home Pages
Index of native american nations on the Internet learn how you can support this site. general Resources d'Alene Tribe Confederated tribes of Siletz Confederated tribes of the Colville
and home of the
American Indian Library Association Web Page
Last update - March 30, 2003
Maintained by Lisa Mitten. This site has been visited by people since September 12, 1995.
WELCOME to my page of Native American Sites on the WWW. I am a a mixed-blood Mohawk urban Indian, formerly a librarian for 14 years at the University of Pittsburgh. In August 2000, I became the Social Sciences Subject Editor for anthropology, history, and sociology for CHOICE Magazine , the premiere academic book review journal for libraries. If you are a faculty member who has taught undergraduates within the last three years, please consider applying to be a reviewer for Choice . You can apply online at the Choice Reviewers Website My goal is to facilitate communication among Native peoples and between Indians and non-Indians by providing access to home pages of Native American Nations and organizations, and to other sites that provide solid information about American Indians. My page is organized by the following categories:

(Back to Table Of Contents). general. native american Tribal Links; nativeamerican tribes and nations; native americans in Winona;
Home Page Safety Net Newsletter Teacher Resources Libraries ... Projects
First Nations
Table of Contents
Government and Law General History Culture ... The Environment Tribes First Nations Native Americans Links to Other Aboriginal Sites
Government and Law
  • Aboriginal Law and Legislation Online ABORIGINAL SUPER INFORMATION HWY. Assembly of First Nations B.C. Ministry of Aboriginal Affairs WWW Site ...
  • (Back to Table Of Contents)
  • Bill's Aboriginal Links Bill's Aboriginal Links: Canada and US Dusters Native American and First Nations sites Links to Information on Native Americans ...
  • (Back to Table Of Contents)
  • A history of the NW Coast. All about the Oregon Trail Arctic Circle: Exploring the Past: An archeological journey CMC - Canada Hall, phase 1 ...
  • (Back to Table Of Contents)
  • Aboriginal Music Project American Indian Ethnobotany Database Arctic Circle Artist's Profile: ROY HENRY VICKERS ...
  • (Back to Table Of Contents)
    Education and Schools
  • "DUCK BAY SCHOOL'S HOME PAGE" "Oscar Blackburn School's Home Page" Aboriginal Youth Network - Home Page About this Community - Wanipigow/Hollow Water ...
  • (Back to Table Of Contents)
  • First Perspective On-line Red Ink On-Line - Gopher Links The Nunatsiaq News Home Page!
  • 6. Attorney General Lockyer Creates Office Of Native American Affairs Within Depart
    California's 107 sovereign Indian nations and the nearly 300,000 Californians ofNative american descent. California's Indian tribes are sovereign nations that
    OFFICE OF THE AG PUBLICATIONS CONTACT US SEARCH ... LINKS TO STATE SITES Attorney General Lockyer Creates Office of Native American Affairs Within Department of Justice February 16, 2000
    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (SACRAMENTO) – Attorney General Bill Lockyer today announced the creation of an Office of Native American Affairs within the Department of Justice. Two Native American employees of the department, Olin Jones and Marcia Hoaglen, were named to head the new office.
    "California's Native American governments are important partners in our state," Lockyer said. "The Office of Native American Affairs will help foster respectful government to government relationships with California's sovereign Indian Nations."
    Olin Jones, a member of the Chickasaw Nation of Oklahoma, was named as the Director of the Office of Native American Affairs. Jones has spent the last decade working closely with Native American tribes on crime prevention issues and improved access to health and welfare resources. He has been a Program Manager for the Attorney General's Crime and Violence Prevention Center since 1996. From 1989 to 1996, Jones worked for the Governor's Office of Criminal Justice Planning (OCJP) and served as a liaison to California's Native American community. At OCJP, Jones developed the state's first grant funding program crafted specifically to benefit Native Americans on tribal lands. Jones is a graduate of the University of North Dakota.
    Marcia Hoaglen, a member of the Round Valley Tribes of Mendocino County, was named Assistant Director for the Office of Native American Affairs. Hoaglen has been an advocate on behalf of Native Americans for nearly three decades. Prior to joining the Department of Justice, she worked for the United Indians of All Tribes Foundation and the Seattle Indian Health Board in Washington. From 1978 - 1982 Hoaglen helped provide medical and dental services for California's Indian Tribes as a staff member for the California Rural Indian Health Board. Hoaglen has worked for the Department of Justice for more than twelve years.

    7. Grade 5 : Unit 1 : Before Columbus: General Resources
    First nations Histories Jordan S. Dill Personal Project resource for anyone interestedin native american History. description of 30 or so tribes, which in
      Foundations Internet Resource Library
      Before Columbus
      General Resources
      This is the menu page for web-based curriculum resources which can be used to supplement and extend the grade 5 unit on North American geography and peoples before Columbus. Topics include: history of General Resources about Native Americans and Stories and Mythology General Resources : Native Americans
        First Americans Karen Martin Personal Project, University of Arizona
        Learn about major Native American groups in America at this site developed for schools by a student at Stanford University.
        First Nations Histories
        Jordan S. Dill Personal Project
        This site is a great resource for anyone interested in Native American History. It is a simply designed two-tier site with a short description of 30 or so tribes, which in turn link to a very detailed and thorough essay on each. It covers tribes from Abenaki to Wenro, and everything in between. An extensive gathering of resources on the history of Native American tribes. The First Americans Germantown Elementary School Project
        Illustrated school project about Native Americans written by two teachers for Germantown Elementary Third Grade Social Studies. (Some links don't worke.g. legends etc) but there are illustrations and the text is easy to follow..

    8. CIMC Native American Webliography
    directories, online documents and etexts, author pages, study and teaching, history,general links, and Web Sites on native american tribes nations.
    Back to Webliographies Main Native American Heritage Month: Internet Resources The World Wide Web offers a wealth of information on teaching and exploring Native American heritage, history, and culture. Below, we've listed just a few of the Web sites of interest to educators and students. It is by no means complete; hopefully, it will get you started. Enjoy! Exploring Native Americans Across the Curriculum
    It sounds like an article, but itÿs not! Itÿs a list of great activities meant to challenge common stereotypes about Native Americans. This site includes lessons that address the standards for language arts, geography, history, and math. There are links to worksheets and masters. At the end, there is list of other useful sites on the Internet that provide more information about Native Americans. Even if you donÿt use the lesson plans, the list alone is worth seeing. The site is developed for an elementary education crowd. First Americans for Grade Schoolers
    Anytime you find a good site for grade schoolers, itÿs time to get excited. There are lists of activities that students can perform, numerous links to history content pages and maps, and an art gallery that displays the art work of students (currently there are only a few art works). It also has some multimedia bells and whistles. And donÿt miss the links page, so succinct and clean. The site is directed towards elementary education.

    9. Native American Best General Resource Sites
    and about native or Indigenous nations, peoples and Their listing of native Americanlinks has resource sections for tribes, organizations, education
    Native American Best General Resource Sites
    Many people have created comprehensive listings of all the good Native American
    resources web sites they could find. Here is a listing of the best of these "Meta-sites:"
    • University of Pittsburgh Listing of Native American Sites
      Lisa Mitten, self-described as a mixed-blood Mohawk urban Indian, and a
      librarian at the University of Pittsburgh, has created perhaps the best single
      Native American Web Resources site on the Internet. Great links to Native
      nations, businesses, culture, languages, and much more. Updated regularly. Hanksville Index of Native American Internet Resources
      This site is constructed primarily to provide information resources to the Native American community. Maintained by Karen M. Strom, she has done an incredible job collecting resources. Contains listings of home pages of individual Native Americans. Updated regularly. NativeWeb

    10. Powell's Books - Used, New, And Out Of Print
    Featured Titles in Children'snative american general Page 1 of 4 Many nations AnAlphabet of native America A Dictionary of native american tribes by Evelyn
    Technical Books Kids' Books eBooks more search options ...
    Child Psychology

    Children's Activities

    Children's Animals

    Children's Art

    Children's Collectible
    Young Adult

    Native American General
    There are 114 books in this aisle.
    Browse the aisle by Title by Author by Price See recently arrived used books in this aisle. Featured Titles in Children's -Native American General: Page 1 of 4 next Used Hardcover List Price $12.99 Indian signals and sign language by Fronval George Dub Publisher Comments Fully illustrated guide to the universal Indian sign language that united all tribes, 800 signs allow the reader to converse on a wide variety of subjects. Reproductions of the famed George Catlin paintings. Covers smoke signals, picture writing, etc... read more about this title check for other copies New Trade Paper People Shall Continue by Simon J. Ortiz Publisher Comments Native American poet Simon Ortiz traces the progress of Native Americans from the time of creation to the present.... read more about this title check for other copies Used Hardcover List Price $16.95

    11. Native American Links
    tribes. Top Bottom. general Tribe Links. ILTweb History of tribes;Missouri River Basin tribes; native american Home Pages nations;
    Native American Web Resources
    3rd Grade, Phillips Brooks School
    Eskimo-Inuit Nez-Perce Shawnee Chippewa ... Email Us!
    Arctic Peoples

    12. CMN Library N.A. Links
    Images, native american Law, the Six nations, a list of US government sites dealingwith native americans, Wisconsin tribes, art, and general concerns like
    Menominee Tribe
    Treaty Rights
    "Turtle Medicine"
    by Larry Hood (Comanche) Online Resources About The Library
    Reference Works
    Library Catalogs around the state: WISCAT Local library holdings at: NEWCAT
    CMN home page Questions or Comments?
    Ask the Librarian!
    College of Menominee Nation Library Native American Links General Resources
    This page features links to general information on Native Americans. You will find everything from information on organizations, bibliographies, treaties, Great Plains Images, Native American Law, the Six Nations, a list of U.S. government sites dealing with Native Americans, Wisconsin Tribes, art, and general concerns like health, culture and language. The sites are not maintained by the library and the library is not responsible for their content.
    Not what you want? Check out the other topics listed to the left or use the individual pictures at the bottom of this page to take you to the topic of your choice!
    "Turtle Medicine" by Larry Hood (Comanche)
    American Indians WWW Virtual Library

    13. American Indian Student Association
    general Sites. native american Home Pages nations Those tribes andnations that have gone online are listed here. Great resource.
    Links Clearly this page is far from complete. But here is a small start on some of the wonderful Native American resources online there are also directories below that are more complete. General Sites
    • Native American Home Pages Nations
      Those tribes and nations that have gone online are listed here. Great resource.
    • Information on American Indians
      Demographics, maps, language...
    • American Indian Heritage Foundation
      This organization does many things including providing emergency relief.
    • Native American Online
      Information including pow-wows, recipes, stories and poetry (including several complete books!), music, and more.
    • Native American Job Bank
    • American Native Press Archive
      Am ambitious archive of Native American publications individual writers, periodicals, and newspapers. The site contains a bibliography, manuscript indices, and features on Native American people of letters.
    • American Indian Studies
      This excellent, if academic, site aims to describe Native American experience in many media, including video and sound. Presently it includes annotated links covering many topics as well as original material including a list of non-federally recogniz ed tribes, photography by a Native American, an exhibit on various Native experiences, and more.
    Politics and Law

    14. Education World ® - Lesson Planning: Exploring Native Americans Across The Curr
    individual tribes/nations of native americans. Other sites that are interesting.general Information About native americans. The american West native american

    Lesson Planning Center
    Archives: All Articles by Date The Arts ... Social Science Lesson Planning Article L E S S O N P L A N N I N G A R T I C L E
    Exploring Native Americans Across the Curriculum
    Blast stereotypes with across-the-curriculum activities for students of all ages. Stereotypes of Native Americans abound in movies and on TV, in literature and in history books. "Teachers must provide accurate instruction not only about history but also about the contemporary lives of Native Americans," writes Debbie Reese in Teaching Young Children About Native Americans , a 1996 ERIC Digest. Reese is a Pueblo who studies and works in the field of early childhood education. Stereotype is a difficult issue to define in any culture, especially in the Native American culture. As noted in A Line in the Sand , a Web site dedicated to the debate surrounding Native American stereotypes and other issues: "We want to be careful to note that this 'line in the sand' will not lie at the same place for everyone," explains an introduction to the site. "We must recognize that not all Native American communities have had the same historical experience, either before or after 1492. For this reason, the members of these communities will have different opinions. There will be different opinions both between and within communities, just as there are in all human communities." That difference is illustrated in Teaching Young Children About Native Americans when Debbie Reese writes about the popular children's book

    15. ELandnet: North_America/General
    native american tribes of South Carolina (Languages ) (Added 1909-1999. Hits22. Village of First nations (Languages ) (Added 19-09-1999. general.
    eLandnet North America : General
    Culture Economy Education Government ... Youth and students

    16. IPL General/Reference Collection: Native American A comprehensive portal site for native american resourceson which annotated links to information about tribes and nations, Arts and
    the Internet Public Library
    Native American Resources
    Social Sciences Ethnicity, Culture, and Race Show Me Associations Serials in this category. No further Subcategories
    Resources in this category are:
    Aboriginal Connections
    "A comprehensive web directory presenting categorized information to Canadian Aboriginal, Native American Indian and International Indigenous sites on the world wide web."
    Social SciencesEthnicity, Culture, and RaceNative American
    Keywords: Aboriginal
    Aboriginal Digital Collections (ADC)
    Describing itself as a "gateway to outstanding web sites of Canadian Aboriginal images and information" this site provides original content and links to other related sites. Information on Canadian Aboriginal art, business, culture, history, language, and more is provided.
    Author: Industry Canada (
    Social SciencesEthnicity, Culture, and RaceNative American
    Alaskan Native Knowledge Network
    "The Alaskan Native Knowledge Network is designed to serve as a resource for compiling and exchanging information related to Alaska Native knowledge systems and ways of knowing. It has been established to assist Native people, government agencies, educators and the general public in gaining access to the knowledge base that Alaaska Natives have aquired through cumulative experience over millennia."

    17. Native American Rights
    vary widely, but, in general, tribal authority treaties, which are contracts betweensovereign nations. than 650 treaties with various native american tribes.

    18. WWW Sites For Native Americans
    general Information. Indian Links to Neat Places First nations/First Peoples americanIndian Page native american Sites native american tribes native americans
    General Information
    California Indian Library Collections
    Minority links: facts on the American Indian/Alaska Native Population

    Academic Info: Canadian First Nations

    Native American Resources on the Internet
    North American Indian Photographs by Edward S. Curtis

    19. Native Americans
    Comprehensive Links. **First nations Histories general overview of a large numberof tribes. *native american nations - Listing of native american
    Pine River Middle School Who We Are Lesson and Projects Resources ... News Around the Middle Native Americans Herbs, Foods and Recipes Comprehensive Links Modern Day PowWows ... Indian Mascots Authors M. Thompson, S. Gustafson, C. Choponis Objective This seventh grade project includes extensive links to Native American resources on the net. Two different sets of project outlines for research assignments are included. Suggestions for projects and crafts are listed as well as a bibliography of fiction books, nonfiction books, and legends with a Native American theme. Students begin by reading a novel with a Native American theme such as Sign of the Beaver , by Elizabeth George Speare, as well as selected short stories. Fiction Bibliography Curriculum Standards Activities include 1. "Fact Cards" on their specific tribe including 3 facts and a picture on food, clothing, location, and housing. Each topic should be on a separate page and created in a program such as PowerPoint, MS Publisher or MS Word. Non Fiction Bibliography and Internet Links 2. Choose a Native American name and illustrate it with picture writing.

    20. General Information On Native Americans In Arizona.
    Collection of links dealing with information on native americans in Arizona.Category Regional North America History native americans...... Homepages http// a site created bya native american Tribe or for official information, a tribes official website
    General Information on Native Americans in Arizona Websites Scholarly Indexes Paid American Indian History and Culture
    Available through Arizona State University, it includes information on Native Americans in the United States, Canada, and Mexico spanning 5,000 years of culture and history. Includes journal articles, maps, photographs and more. Bibliography of Native North American Indians
    Covers this history, life, and culture of Native North American Indians. 16th Century to the present and includes monographs, essays, journal articles, government documents, historical and ethnographic books, and dissertations.
    Free Arizona and Southwestern Index
    Contains eight separate indexes that pertain to Arizona and the Southwest topics. Includes journal articles, maps, photographs and more. These collections are only available at Arizona State University.
    Websites Native American Homepages

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