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         Native Americans West Coast Canadian:     more detail
  1. Between Points Alberni and Renfrew: Notes on West Coast Peoples (Canadian Museum of Civilization Mercury Series) by E. Y. Arima, Denis St. Claire, et all 1992-01
  2. The Origin of the Wolf Ritual: The Whaling Indians, West Coast Legends and Stories: The Sapir-Thomas Nootka Texts (Mercury Series, Ethnology) by Sa:ya:ch'apis, To:tisim, 2007-08-30
  3. The Whaling Indians, West Coast Legends and Stories: Tales of Extraordinary Experience, Sapir-Thomas Nootka Texts (Mercury Series) by Edward Sapir, 2000
  4. Family Origin Histories: The Whaling Indians, West Coast Legends and Stories (Mercury Series Ethnology)
  5. Plateau Indians (Native America) by Craig A. Doherty, Katherine M. Doherty, 2008-05-30

41. Books On Canadian Indians
American Languages Indian Cosmology The American west The Indian native AmericanPosters native americans. The Myths, Arts Traditions of native People from
Canadian Indians Books on Native American History and Culture
Related Books History Index
Native Americans


Native American Art
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History Magazines


Native Americans
Best Sellers Browse Powells History Books The Moccasin Maker by E. Pauline Johnson, et al (Paperback - September 1998) Reservation X by Gerald McMaster (Editor), Canadian Museum of Civilization (Paperback - March 1999) Native Canadiana by Gregory Scofield (Paperback) Talking Rocks: Geology and 10,000 Years of Native American Tradition in the Lake Superior Region by R. L. Morton, Carl Gawboy (Paperback - October 1999) Native Poetry in Canada by Jeannette Armstrong (Editor), et al (Paperback - September 2001) Return to Hawk's Hill by Allan W. Eckert (Author) (Hardcover - May 1998) An Anthology of Canadian Native Literature in English by Daniel David Moses (Editor), Terry Goldie (Editor) (Paperback - January 1998) Unjust Relations: Aboriginal Rights in Canadian Courts by Peter Kulchyski (Editor), Canada Supreme Court (Paperback - December 1996) Ethnobotany of the Gitksan Indians of British Columbia (Mercury Series) (Paper (Canadian Ethnology Service), 132)

42. UBCIC Links
canadian Aboriginal News ~ canadian Television Network First Newspapers on Canada'sWest coast ~ Globe and Circumpolar Conference TEK ~ native americans the


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Archaeological Societies on the WWW
ARCHNet (UCONN BC Association of Professional Consulting Archaeologists Canadian Archaeological Society ... SFU Dept. of Archaeology

43. Directory ::
Offers west coast native art including Aboriginal sculptures, totem in museumqualityNorthwest coast Arts. Original photographs of native americans by Edward S

44. Hispanic Heritage National Parks
who landed on the southwest Florida coast in 1539. Presidio The Presidio was hometo native americans before the Lake is the Gateway to the west Beautiful Salt
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U.S./Canadian Parks
with Darren Smith
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Hispanic Heritage National Parks
Guide picks
Amistad National Recreation Area

Amistad, meaning "friendship" in Spanish, is an international Recreation Area on the United States/Mexico border which offers outstanding water-based recreational opportunities. Cabrillo National Monument
Memorializes Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo, Portuguese explorer who landed at San Diego Bay on September 28, 1542, and claimed what later became the west coast of the US for Spain. Castillo de San Marcos National Monument Oldest masonry fort in the U.S. was started in 1672 by the Spanish to protect St. Augustine, the first permanent settlement by Europeans in the continental U.S. Chamizal National Memorial Commemorates the peaceful settlement of a 100-year boundary dispute between Mexico and the United States through the Chamizal Treaty of 1963.

45. Facts On Native American Tribes
Tribe Website Language Lessons Location west of Cascade Treaty Commission Mapof canadian Location Pacific Northwest coast Population 4,000
For information on Maori and Aboriginal Peoples
General Background
History of St. Francis Indians Contradicting a 1727 Agreement 1752 Conference with French ... Vermont Abenaki
Famous Members: Joseph Bruchac
Location: Maine, New Brunswick (Canada)
Language: Algonquian. 20 in both countries, including Canada. Penobscot is an eastern Abenaki language with only one remaining speaker. APACHE
19th century photographs by Edward Curtis
1898 Photographs Girl's Initiation Ceremony Jicarilla Apache Name ... Apache Scouts circa 1873
Famous Members: Geronimo
Location: Arizona and New Mexico
Population Language: Na-Dene, 14,333 speakers, most of whom speak Western Apache
    LIPIAN Apache Location: roamed over the lower Rio Grande region of New Mexico, and eastward across the plains of Texas to the Gulf coast/ They originally sided with the Texans against Mexico, the Comanche, and Wichita, but after 1845 Texans turned on the Apache turning them into refugees in Coahuila Mexico. Population: Language: 10 speakers or fewer
ARAPAHO Oral History of Arapaho 19th century photographs by Edward Curtis 1898 Photographs 1851 Photo ... Stories Location:

46. | Travel
the most romantic beach on the west coast, hike out Go backstage at the Oregon coastAquarium and meet hope in the lives of some native americans in desperate
sectNum = 0; Spokane
document.write(lmonth + " "); document.write(date + ", " + year); Columbia Tragedy America at War Traffic Travel ...
Taking care of our marine world
Ride along on the picturesque Cedar River as we help ensure the future of a beloved cultural icon, then find out what's being done to rid our waters of a silent killer, and come to the Issaquah salmon hatchery where people lend Mother Nature a helping hand.
Full story...

Taking care of our marine world
Ride along on the picturesque Cedar River as we help ensure the future of a beloved cultural icon, then find out what's being done to rid our waters of a silent killer, and come to the Issaquah salmon hatchery where people lend Mother Nature a helping hand. Orcas in the wild - symbols of the Northwest Are orcas in danger of disappearing? We'll explore the depths of Puget Sound in search of answers to growing concerns. Meet a Seattle choir that communicates with the orcas through music and find out why some want this stopped. Then visit the ultimate "spin artist" and spend a little time exploring the Whale Museum. Hiking in the untouched wilderness Travel far off the beaten path and heli-hike Canada's Selkirk Mountains, hit the trail and meet Lightning Bill and Lookout Turk, soak in the spectacular vistas of the North Cascades, explore the country's longest lava tube and relax at an historic lodge.

47. Index Of Native American Archaeology & Anthropology Resources On The Internet
west coast. Martinez Gifting and Feasting in the Northwest coast Potlatch PeabodyMuseum of State Historic Site in New York State dedicated to native americans.
WWW Virtual Library - American Indians
F requently A sked ... uestions for this site
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Archaeology Plus Rock Art Tours Crow Canyon Archaeological Center Dig Afognak to reconstruct the prehistoric lifeways of the Koniag Alutiiq people Earthwatch Archaeological Projects Gault Site Art and Archeology of the Earliest Texans Old Pueblo Archeology Raven Site Southern Methodist University Archaeological Field School Totah Archaeological Field School ... University of California Research Expeditions Program
Oxford Conferences on Archaeoastronomy
Archaeology and Anthropology Resources
Visual Anthropology Review American Archaeology , from the Archaeological Conservancy

48. Gold Ridge Native Americans
The Wild west. SipapuChetro Ketl Great Kiva Wyoming Companion native americansThe Blackfeet Nation Comanche History native americans in North coast Miwok.
NATIVE AMERICAN LINKS INDEX General Sites 4th Grade Tribes Northwest Indian Sites Southwest Indian Sites ... Biographies General Sites Look Back Indian Cultures The First Americans Index of the North American Indian ... Native Americans of Northern Michigan NORTHWEST INDIANS SITES The Northwest Indian The Cherokee, Trail of Tears Northwest Culture Life with the Haida, Journal of William Sturges ... Kwakiutl SOUTHWEST INDIANS SITE The Navajos The Southwest Culture Desert People of the Southwest Zuni ... Apache PLAINS INDIANS SITES The Plains Indian Culture Buffalo Hunt Osage Kiowa ... Comanche Page NORTHEAST INDIANS SITES Virginia Indians Chief Joseph Wampum The Oneida Indian Nation ... Cherokee EASTERN WOODLAND The Woodland Indians Woodland Tribes Scenes from Eastern Woodlands Huron - Canadian Heritage Library ... Huron (Wyandot) Great Lakes Indian Sites Miami Huron Ottawa Chippewa Individual Tribes
The Apache
Accohannock: Native American Living Village
Sipapu-Chetro Ketl Great Kiva ...
Southern Ute Indian Tribe
Ms. Stainer Pomo Tribe California Pomo Pomo Culture Pomos Pomo ... Cloverdale's Pomo Pomo Pomo, Native Americans of N California, belonging to the Hokan branch of the Hokan-Siouan linguistic stock. The Pomo were the most southerly Native Americans on the California coast not brought under the mission influence of the Franciscans in the early 18th and 19th cent. The Pomo have been especially noted for their basketry arts, and many of their works are now valued art objects in museums and private collections. Of these arts, the Pomo developed feather-covering, lattice-twining, checker-work, single-rod coiling, and several other specializations. They now occupy several reservations in N California; the reservation near Clearlake Oaks is the site of gambling casinos. In 1990 there were about 5,000 Pomo in the United States.

49. Canada Geography
British Columbia, on the west coast, has historically relied on In the 1800s, settlersbegan to push west. Most of the native americans were displaced by the
Canada Geography
So you want to know about Canada? Here are some highlights! Also check out the links to other sites about Canada.
On this Page:
Other related pages:
Key Facts
Top of Page Canada is the second largest country in the world, smaller only to Russia. Population: 28 million people Geographic size: 3.9 million square miles Capital: Ottawa Major cities and population: Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Halifax
Geographic Landmarks
Top of Page Canada has a very large and diverse range of geographic features. Canada is divided into 10 provinces and 2 territories. Canada stretches from the Pacific Ocean on the west, to the Atlantic Ocean on the east. Northern Canada reaches into the Arctic Circle, while southern Canada stretches below the northern points of the United States. Canada has a very small population, 28 million people, for its geographic size. Much of Canada is still wilderness, cover by forests. The Rocky Mountains cover a major part of western Canada British Columbia, the Yukon Territory, and the western part of Alberta.

50. Marine Related Article 25
Conservation Society, one of the canadian antiwhaling groups and the VictoriabasedWest coast Anti-Whaling worked with and been honoured by native americans.
Marine Related Articles Makah Whaling
Alberta Thompson
An audio interview A slain whale's ethical fallout
A controversial hunt pits aboriginal rights against what's best for Mother Nature. Cola's just fine with blubber.
Global and Mail
DATE May 20 1999
BYLINE: Sara Schmidt
Neah Bay, Wash. An ancient tradition resurrected after more than 70 years
is bound to take on some modern overtones in this case, high-speed boats,
high-powered weaponry, cellphones and helicopters. The Makah's ancestors were known as the West Coast's best whalers, but today's paddlers don't have the same connection with the sea. For their hunt, the traditional canoe was towed into position. Finally, after repeated attempts, they snagged one the ceremonial harpoon found its mark. But today's rules dictate as quick and humane a slaughter as possible. So while the three-year-old grey whale writhed in pain and television cameramen jockeyed to capture the action, the whaling party resorted to .50-calibre gunfire to finish the job. The sea turned red. A giant fishing boat was needed to haul the 30-tonne, 10-metre- long prize home. En route, the carcass sank to the bottom, retrieved only after an infusion of compressed air. Back on shore, unadulterated tradition was supposed to take over. After the recitation of an appropriate blessing (and a few flips off the leviathan's back), the butcher, an Inuk, took over.

51. Ethnic Bibliography Of The Northwest - Washington State / British Columbia
A., Divided Destiny A History of Japanese americans in Seattle. Sephardic Jews inthe west coast. Village The Myths, Arts and Traditions of native People from
Ethnic Heritage Bibliography of the Northwest
African Asian Chinese Chinook ... Native American If you link to Barnes and Noble from the links in the bibliography and purchase something, the International Bicycle Fund will benefit slightly from your purchase. Thanks for your help. African Americans de Barros, Paul. Jackson Street After Hours: the Roots of Jazz in Seattle . Sasquatch Books, 1993. Jackson Street After Hours Henry, Mary T., Tribute: A Guide to Seattle’s Public Parks and Buildings Named for Black People, with Brief Biographical Sketches. Statice Press, 1997. Mumford, Esther Hall, Seattle's Black Victorians, 1852-1901 . Seattle: Ananse Press, 1980. Seattle's Black Victorians Mumford, Esther Hall, Ananse Press, 1993. Calabash: A Guide to History Taylor, Quintard, The Forging of a Black Community, Seattle's Central District from 1870 through the Civil Rights Era. University of Washington Press, 1994. Forging of a Black Community Taylor, Quintard

52. Anth 3511 Archaeology Of Native North Americans
2 Early HunterGatherers on the west coast (pp 4 Later Prehistoric Societies of thePacific coast (pp Anth 3511 Professor Gibbon Archaeology of native americans.
Anth 3511: Archaeology of Native North Americans
Winter Quarter 1998 Professor Guy Gibbon MWF 11:15-12:05 150 Ford Hall Map Quiz January 16th Mid-Term Feb. 9 th Book Review Due March 6th Final March 21 st Text: Brian M. Fagan's (1995) Ancient North America: The Archaeology of a Continent (2nd ed.). Thames and Hudson, New York. Schedule of Lectures 1. Introduction: Overview, Course Requirements I BACKGROUND 2. Preface, Discovery (pp. 9-28) 3. Culture History and North American Archaeology (pp. 29-48) 4. Explaining Prehistoric Cultural Change (pp. 49-64) II. THE PALEO-INDIANS 5. First Settlement (pp. 65-86) 6. Hunter-Gatherers and the Holocene (pp. 87-100) MAP QUIZ 7. Later Paleo-Indian Cultures (pp. 101-118) III. THE GREAT PLAINS 8. Bison Hunters on the Plains (pp. 119-144) 9. Village farmers of the Plains (pp. 145-166) IV. THE FAR NORTH 10. Early Arctic Cultures (pp. 167-190) 11. Norton, Dorset, and Thule(pp. 191-212) V. THE WEST 12. Feb 2 Early Hunter-Gatherers on the West Coast (pp. 213-230) 13. Feb 4 Later Prehistoric Societies of the Pacific Coast (pp. 2311256) 14. Feb 6 The Great Basin and Western Interior (pp. 257-284) 15. 15. Feb 9 MID-QUARTER EXAMINATION

53. Anglican Journal -- Balanced Approach Needed To Native Issues
On the East coast, at least there were treaties. past 150 years.) In the west, bycontrast sanitized, revised Disney history of native americans which supposes
Balanced approach needed to Native issues
ATIVE ISSUES, never far from the front burner in the church, are a hot topic these days. First, in various parts of the country lawsuits are being filed and court decisions watched to see how culpable courts find the church over proven or alleged sexual and physical abuse incidents at residential schools involving the Anglican Church.
Secondly, on the West Coast, the largely Anglican Nisga'a tribe has signed a land claim treaty agreement with the B.C. and federal governments, which must still be ratified by all three signatories. Opponents are outraged, but the church has been a long-time supporter of the Nisga'a.
Thirdly, there is a revival of the drawn-out discussion to create some type of all-Native Anglican Church. The latest development was a proposal at Keewatin's synod this summer by some Native members to separate from the Northern Ontario and Manitoba diocese.
Meanwhile, the bishops Brandon and Rupert's Land (Winnipeg) have been discussing a proposal to shift pastoral responsibilities so that Keewatin's Native bishop, Gordon Beardy will have jurisdiction over the Natives in all three dioceses.
In all three issues, it is easy to simplify these highly complex matters. It keeps people from having to wrestle with the past to discern what was good and what was not. But no amount of pretending one side is all right and the other all wrong will advance the situation.

54. Before You Buy Canadian Souvenirs
few products for you that are uniquely canadian in origin were so highly prized byNative americans that they of Vancouver Island is on the west coast of Canada
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Canada for Visitors
with Elke Mairs
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Before You Buy Canadian Souveniers There are hundreds of souvenirs and trinkets you can bring home from Canada that will have special meaning to you as it relates to your trip. Below are a few products for you that are uniquely Canadian in origin. These may be purchased when you arrive in Canada, or on-line through the merchants and manufacturers noted.
Point Blankets
First offered for trade in 1670, Point blankets were so highly prized by Native Americans that they became important articles of trade - each short line or "point" woven into the edge of the blanket indicated the number of beaver pelts to be exchanged for the blanket. Today, points are still woven into the blankets as a historical reference and to indicate the size of the blanket.
Top Four Point Blankets

Cowichan Sweaters The Cowichan region of Vancouver Island is on the west coast of Canada. During winter, cold mists hide and reveal the forest with each breeze off the pacific. Even the summers are cool. To cope, the natives of the region first made "Cowichan Sweaters" out of wool, wood buttons and carrying designs of the majestic nature around them.

55. United States Collections Post 1776
of the country; contact with native americans, and later American, HispanicAmericanand native-American writers of the early Mid-west, west coast and Southern
document.write(''); Home Collections Overseas English print ... United States Collections Post 1776
United States Collections Post 1776
British Library Overseas English Section
Historical materials Literary materials Publishing, printing and bibliographical materials Related Internet resources This page describes the British Library’s collections of printed material published in the United States after 1776. The Library’s collections of books published in the British colonies of America before this time fall into our Early Printed Collections The British Library has one of the richest collections of American printed books outside of the United States. The collections cover all the humanities and social sciences disciplines and are particularly strong in material published by American university presses, learned societies, museums and research libraries. The Library also holds substantial collections of imaginative literature including material published by small and experimental presses, and little magazines. Many of the significant gaps in the collections from the period 1880-1950 have been filled through a large-scale microfilming programme, sponsored by the American Trust for the British Library.
Historical materials
The collections contain an extensive range of both primary and secondary materials published in the United States relating to American history. These include many rare American gazetteers, almanacs and annuals; travel writing; accounts of the exploration of North America; early descriptions of the topography of the country; contact with Native Americans, and later works on the growth of American cities and society. There is a good selection of contemporary and first-hand accounts of significant events in American history such as the settlement of the West, the Civil War, the Gold Rush, and an extensive range of material relating to United States regional history, such as local and county histories and publications by American state historical societies.

56. The American/Canadian Twang. | Antimoon Forum
must come from the various European/native influences, but up with a conclusion thatthe americans sound like the and an accent from South west England (cornish
this site Contact info Home Forum Best of 2002 The American/Canadian twang.
The American/Canadian twang.
Dave Wednesday, December 11, 2002, 21:20 GMT Where does the American/Canadian accent get it's twang? Logically the accent itself must come from the various European/native influences, but does that unique twang sound come from the American/Canadian natives themselves? With the Australian/New Zealand accents you can hear a distinct British influence; With the South-African Accent you can hear the Dutch influence. Idunno Thursday, December 12, 2002, 03:26 GMT perhaps this might help. This was a response given by Carl Mills of the University of Cincinatti regarding the origins of North American accents on another forum
How did all this come about? Well, to untrained American ears, the
pronunciations of Australians tend to sound like those of the lower classes
of London from about a century ago. Perhaps, a clue? It appears that
transplanted varieties of a given language depend crucially on what part of
the mother country the bulk of the original colonists came fromand when.

57. North America-
also includes information about the early Russian explorations of Alaska and thePacific coast of the History of native americans in west Virginia This
18th Century History : The starting place to find information about the 18th century.
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18th century Community Chat


Reference Resources Useful Reference Index American Revolution Timeline French and Indian War Timeline 18th Century Timeline ... State Historical Societies Other Sections American Revolution Etext Archive Shopping Center Shop Books Music Videos Send E-Cards ... Posters North America
Acadian History This interesting page by George Rose , examines the history of the Acadians. It also includes a short history of the origins of the name and links to other site related to Acadian history and culture. The Acadian Odyssey Learn about the Acadians and their history at this site. The site is also available in French. Canadian Heroes in Fact and Fiction From the National Library of Canada take a look at the heroes of the country on this well done web site. It contains five sections that can be explored. This web site also is available in French. Canadian Society of 18th Century Studies This bilingual society was founded in 1971. Their web site has information and resources about the society and other places to find information about the 18th century.

58. Learn History - Native Indians Of North America
The native Peoples of North America have a history rich in legend and culture Agood place to start is First americans a site created by US North west coast.
Learn History Home Topics Romans Medieval Indians American West ... Cold War Interact Contact Links Native Indians of North America The Native American Indians are studied in the Autumn Term of Year 8. We focus on two main culture areas: The North West Coast Indians such as the Kwakiutl and Haida, and the Indians of the Plains such as the Lakota Sioux and the Cheyenne. The Native Peoples of North America have a history rich in legend and culture, which still survives today despite the actions of the US Government. On this page you will find links to sites to help you with your research. You can visit Virtual Museums and see primary artifacts, as well as sites created by experts on the topic.
A good place to start is First Americans a site created by US students. The Plains The Indians of the Plains are possibly the most well-known of all the culture areas because of the Hollywood movies. However not many people know that before the European invaders introduced the horse to North America, the Plains peoples lived in a settled, agricultural lifestyle.
Their nomadic lifestyle meant that they lived in temporary homes called tepees . You can read short history of the Sioux nation, the most well-known of the Plains tribes, and visit other nations such as the

59. North America Website Results :: Linkspider UK
canadian native Art Catalog Source for contemporary collector quality native Art RavenHunter - west coast native Art - Dwayne Rauser, native Indian sculptor
North America Websites from Linkspider UK Keyword: North America Linkspider UK Directory
North America
Search for
Directory Tree: Top Arts Visual Arts Native and Tribal : North America (138) Add URL Advertise Here! Personalize Amazon ...
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    Geronimo. Sacagawea PBS The west; PBS Lewis California native americans.Paiute; Pawnee The Pawnees; Pawnee Tlingit of the Northwest coast; First americans.
    about us contact HOME ... SOCIAL STUDIES War and relocation Eyewitness accounts of the battle with the Apache, 1872 Eyewitness account of the Battle of Little Bighorn, 1876 Eyewitness accounts of the ... Trail of Tears.....2 Famous Native Americans General information . . . . . . . Tribes . . . . . . . . . . . .

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