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         Native Americans West Coast Canadian:     more detail
  1. Between Points Alberni and Renfrew: Notes on West Coast Peoples (Canadian Museum of Civilization Mercury Series) by E. Y. Arima, Denis St. Claire, et all 1992-01
  2. The Origin of the Wolf Ritual: The Whaling Indians, West Coast Legends and Stories: The Sapir-Thomas Nootka Texts (Mercury Series, Ethnology) by Sa:ya:ch'apis, To:tisim, 2007-08-30
  3. The Whaling Indians, West Coast Legends and Stories: Tales of Extraordinary Experience, Sapir-Thomas Nootka Texts (Mercury Series) by Edward Sapir, 2000
  4. Family Origin Histories: The Whaling Indians, West Coast Legends and Stories (Mercury Series Ethnology)
  5. Plateau Indians (Native America) by Craig A. Doherty, Katherine M. Doherty, 2008-05-30

81. Yuri Kuchinsky -- Polynesians And Canada -- --
certainly not tropical Pacific islands west of Polynesia. Driftwood from NW Coastregularly arrives to dismiss the talents and creativity of native americans.
Where Did The Polynesians come from?
Canadian North-West Coast?
British Columbia, Canada. Quatuwas Canoe Ceremony at Bella Bella.
For many more such images, please visit Haida Canoes exhibition, From: Yuri Kuchinsky Newsgroups: sci.archaeology,alt.mythology,soc.culture.pacific-island,alt.culture.hawaii Subject: original homeland of Polynesians? Date: 2 Mar 2000 18:27:33 GMT Message-ID: This debate is not new in Usenet, so here is some background. Some of my previous posts, all attacked with great anger, as was to be expected, of course, Subject: art parallels between Polynesia and NW Coast Date: 01/14/1999[ST_rn=ps]/getdoc.xp?AN=432662444 Subject: cultural parallels between Polynesia and NW Coast Date: 01/19/1999 (as posted originally) Subject: Hill-Tout's comparisons (Polynesia and NW Coast) Date: 01/24/1999 language comparisons Subject: more from Hill-Tout Date: 02/14/1999 more linguistic comparisons between NWC and Polynesian languages Subject: NW Coast disputes summary Date: 02/19/1999

82. North West Catholic Schools - AEEC: Resources Available At Our Division Office
The native americans Part III, The Skirmish at Seven Oaks. The North west Resistanceof 1885. The First Canadians A Profile of Canada's native People Today.
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Sheet 1: Elementary Videos
Title Time How To Make A Birch Bark Canoe The Owl Who Married a Goose Summer Legend The Owl and The Raven Christmas at Moose Factory Salmon People The Man, The Snake and The Fox Medonak the Stormmaker I Will Fight No More for Ever (Movie) Craftsman Part I Craftsman Part II Art and Environment Images in Northern Saskatchewan The Fiddlers of James Bay Discovering American Indian Music North West Rebellion: 1885 Native Reflections: The Ballad of Crowfoot Native Reflections: School in the Bush Fort Pelly Square Dance Competition Who We Are: A Celebration of Native Youth Native Stereotyping Dreamspeakers Keepers of the Fire A Good Day to Die Kill The Indian, Save The Man Always The Enemy The Only Good Indian, Is A Dead Indian A Clash of Cultures I Will Fight No More for Ever Crazy Horse Sitting Bull Mother Earth is a Living and Viable Entity (Plus Guide) Indian Values and Nature All Life Forms are Inter-related Cree Hunters, Quebec Dams

83. Homework Help--Countries & Native Peoples--NativeAmericans In History
dwellings, and lifestyles of native americans including descriptions photographs ofseven different native American groups move 800 miles overland to the west.
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Native Americans in History General Regions Tribes/Cultures General
American Historical Images on File: The Native American Experience

From California State University, Long Beach this site provides links to a collection of images of Native Americans including narrative descriptions. It is arranged chronologically from the prehistoric period through 1990.
American Indian History and Related Issues

From the American Indian Studies Program at California State University, Long Beach, this site provides links to information about history and culture of Native Americans in North America.

From the Canadian Museum of Civilization this site provides images of clothing from native Indian tribes in Canada detailing type, date made, and culture. Tribes include Haida, Inuit, Ojibwa, Tsimshian, and others.

84. Native Peoples And American Indian West
in US federal policy on native americans, particularly with resource for informationon native peoples (primarily to the Multicultural American west homepage.
The Multicultural American West:
Native Peoples and American Indian West
Featured Site: Native American Art Fine Art exhibit gallery
Five different artists from five different tribes, working in various mediums, display their art on this page. Includes biographical information on each artist and show schedules.

85. The US50 - A Guide To The Fifty States
The 1900 Idaho census listed 940 African americans. Larry Echohawk was the firstNative American to be accompanying the expedition to the west coast, she and
Idaho State
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General State History
Prior to the arrival of European and Mexican explorers, roughly 8,000 Native Americans representing two distinct groups inhabited Idaho: the Great Basin Shoshone and Bannock tribes of the Shoshone-Bannock and the Shoshone. Paiute and the Plateau tribes of the Coeur d’Alene, Nez Perce and Kootenai. Today, Idaho’s Native American heritage, their tribes and their chiefs are reflected in county names like Nez Perce, Benewah Shoshone, Bannock and Kootenai counties and the communities of Shoshone, Pocatello, Blackfoot, Nezperce, White Bird, Kamiah, Lapwai, Weippe, Kooskia, Picabo and Tendoy.
Spanish explorers made trips to the Northwest beginning in 1592. Spaniards introduced pigs, horses, domestic fowl, tomatoes, beans, corn and garlic to the Native Americans of the Northwest. Lewis and Clark were the first Euro-Americans to set foot on what is now known as Idaho. They encountered Spanish-speaking Native Americans as well as those who spoke their tribal language. They were followed by French-Canadian fur trappers; resulting in names of communities like Coeur d’Alene (French for "heart of an awl") and Boise (Le Bois-French for "the trees").

86. Nativeamericanspage1
The American west native americans, provides information on past leaders, imagesof native americans and links provides information on native North American
an index of websites selected by the librarians from the Ramapo Catskill Library System in Middletown, New York. Each site listed has a short summary and the grade level it is appropriate for. There are 74 sites listed for Native Americans. The best list of sites is found here. Type Native Americans in the search window Offers thousands of websites that have been selected by subject experts. Enter the name of your Native American nation in the search window

NATIVE AMERICAN NATIONS Native American Nations compiled and maintained by Lisa Mitten, a Native American and an editor of CHOICE Magazine , this frequently updated site which provides links to pages set up by or about a particular nation. Pages marked with the drum graphic are maintained by the particular nation. Native Americans Twin Groves Middle School in Buffalo Grove, Illinois provides an interesting web site on Native Americans. A brief paragraph about each nation is given along with geographic, dwelling, language, and subgroup information and links to relevant web sites.

87. Remapping Hope
americans know almost nothing about the native American society also sponsors conferencesand lecture series that examine old and new ideas of the west.
WINTER 1998 Montanan - Volume 15, Number 2 by Kathy Witkowsky "The Rocky Mountain West is not so much a place as it is a hope in America," says former Congressman Pat Williams, now a senior fellow at The University of Montana's Center for the Rocky Mountain West. "Our center is trying to explain the meaning of that." The idea of taking a broad look at the region and the issues it faces has been tossed around for years by some of the University's most distinguished faculty-H.G. Merriam, K. Ross Toole, Paul Phillips and Richard Hugo. In 1992, with a $600,000 gift to the University, the idea came to fruition. The center's endowment is currently nearly $3 million, thanks to a National Endowment for the Humanities Challenge Grant and support from donors, most notably Carroll and Nancy Fields O'Connor. A $300,000 grant from the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation will also help support the center's operations over the next three years. Located in the eighty-eight-year-old Milwaukee Station in downtown Missoula, the center acts as a bridge between the academic world and the community at large through conferences, lectures, classes and a Web site. It operates on two basic premises: that communities up and down the Rockies face similar issues with values more similar than they might suppose. And that the region-and its people-is experiencing major social and economic transitions caused by globalism and a massive population shift. Thinking Like a Region Center principals (left to right) William Farr, Daniel Kemmis, Larry Swanson and Pat Williams in front of Missoula's Milwaukee Station.

Fourseason coverage of the American west, with large concentration in the Four Cornersregion. Modern native americans and native American ruins of the
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89. NativeWeb Resources: Newspapers - Native & Indigenous
Lakota Journal, Lakota, US west, 1815. of reznet is to produce more native Americansentering professional to presenting reports from a native perspective to its

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    American Native Press Archives
    The American Native Press Archives began in 1983 as a clearinghouse for information on American Indian and Alaska Native newspapers and periodicals. In the ensuing years, it has evolved as a joint effort of the Department of English and the Ottenheimer Library, and its mission has changed to collecting and archiving the products of the Native press and materials related to Native press history, collecting and documenting the works of Native writers, and constructing bibliographic guides to Native writing and publishing. It stands today as one of the world's largest repositories of Native thought.
    Arizona Native Scene Navajo US - Southwest
    Privately Indian-owned monthly Arizona Native Scene covers central Arizona news and sports. It is circulated to five Indian Nations, Salt River, Gila River, Fort McDowell, Tonto Apache, including parts of the Navajo Nation. It has been in operation for 10 years in Arizona. Call 602-448-0260 for more information or visit our website: www.arizonana
  • 90. Directory ::
    to create a vision that is truly unique within canadian art. Raven Hunter WestCoast native Art Dwayne Rauser, native Indian sculptor from British Columbia

    91. Ethnic Links In Oregon Genealogy And History
    The Golden Mountain Asianamericans in the west. Latino west. In 1842, the NON-NATIVEPOPULATION was tinyonly 300 to 500 in all of the Pacific Northwestbut
    Ethnic Links in Oregon Genealogy and History Meeting of Frontiers emphasizes the Russians in America; presented by the Collections from the Library of Congress in an international effort. Uncle Sam in the Oregon Country-Exhibition Selections part of the Library of Congress collection on international exploration and colonies in the Pacific Northwest. European Exploration on the Northwest Coast : a very brief outline of Spanish, Portugese, French, and British voyages. Spain in North America, the Pacific Northwest : dominant in early exploration and trade, Spain abandoned its outpost at Nootka Sound (Vancouver Island). But its presence in Spanish California, in western lands south of the 42nd parallel, and in the fur trade continued to touch Oregon history. Hudson's Bay Company Archives present histories of British/French/Canadian efforts in Oregon. Employee rosters include the European immigrants, Hawaiians, and others who worked in the fur trade. HAWAI'IAN Hawaiian Resource Library Hawai’i State Archives Era of Hawaiian Royalty AFRICAN AMERICAN A Peculiar Paradise by Black Oregon Pioneers African Americans' Oregon Timeline George Bush , leader of the first African American wagon train to Oregon, 1844 African Americans in the Fur Trade West Names Associated with the Fur Trade Beyond the Pale: African-Americans in the Fur Trade West by William W. Gwaltney

    92. Home
    was extensive and productive, and many americans, Mexicans, Australians The NativeAmerican population declined 80 per cent 30,000 prospectors to the west in a
    2.3b The Push West In 1598 Juan de Onate led five hundred settlers north from Mexico City to the upper Rio Grande in an attempt to expand Spanish settlement in the region. The Native Americans of the Acoma Pueblo area resisted this expansion, and were brutally suppressed the following year. The new Spanish province they established was a thin strip along the river. Pedro de Peralta made Santa Fe the capital of the new territory in 1610. French settlements in the New World began in the Saint Lawrence River valley. Quebec was established in 1608, Montreal in 1642, and New Orleans in 1718. The population of the French territories was relatively small. In 1700 it was still only around 15,000. The fur trade was of primary importance to the French in North America. It was through the success of this trade that the French, as well as the English, explored and expanded into the interior of modern Canada. The Government of France attempted to control the trade by issuing a limited number of licenses to would-be traders. However, they had little success in this, as settlers and explorers simply traded without the license. These unlicensed traders became known as “ coureurs de bois ”, and were instrumental in the westward expansion of French influence. They traded throughout the Great Lakes region, and into the areas which are now Manitoba and Saskatchewan. The trade also extended down the Mississippi to the Spanish in Santa Fe and to Charleston in South Carolina. Many Native Americans who had contact with the traders learned some French to facilitate exchanges, and several

    93. Lodging Bargains And Deals - Seattle Tacoma And The Pacific Northwest
    west coast Hotel Special Rates The west coast chains had resorts and hotels throughoutAlaska, Washington, and Oregon, as well as other western states and
    zfp=-1 About Seattle/Tacoma, WA Search in this topic on About on the Web in Products Web Hosting
    Seattle/Tacoma, WA
    with Angela M. Brown
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    Seattle Money Saving Coupons

    Online money saving coupons on Seattle area lodging, sightseeing, restaurants, shopping, and transportation.

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