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         New Brunswick History:     more books (100)
  1. New Brunswick: A History, 1784-1867 by W. S. MacNutt, 1984-06
  2. History of New Brunswick by James Hannay, 2010-08-18
  3. History of New Brunswick by Peter Fisher, William Shives Fisher, 2010-08-28
  4. A history of New Brunswick; for use in public schools by George Upham Hay, 2010-09-09
  5. Glimpses into New Brunswick History by Carol MacLeod, 1984-06
  6. History Of New Brunswick V1 (1909) by James Hannay, 2008-06-02
  7. Footprints, Or Incidents In Early History Of New Brunswick: 1783-1883 (1883) by Joseph Wilson Lawrence, 2010-09-10
  8. Foot-prints, or, Incidents in early history of New Brunswick by Joseph Wilson Lawrence, 2010-09-08
  9. All our born days: A lively history of New Brunswick's Kingston Peninsula by Doris Calder, 1984
  10. The history of New Brunswick provincial election campaigns and platforms, 1866-1974: With primary source documents on microfiche by Calvin A Woodward, 1976
  11. History Of New Brunswick V2 (1909) by James Hannay, 2010-09-10
  12. The Life and Times of Sir Leonard Tilley: Being a Political History of New Brunswick for the Past Seventy Years by James Hannay, 2010-03-09
  13. A history of New Brunswick geology by R W. b. 1845 Ells, 2010-08-02
  14. A Literary and Linguistic History of New Brunswick by Reavley Gair, 1986-01-01

1. Rutgers History Department, New Brunswick
Where You Are Home Provincial and Territorial Information new brunswick history. New Brunswick
People Undergraduate Graduate ... Alumni
Department Calendar
April S M T W T F S
Upcoming Events: Weekly RCHA lectures Phi Alpha Theta Initiation Annual Susman Graduate Conference Saturday, April 19th History Honors Conference In the News: Jackson Lears' Op-Ed Piece in
the New York Times
Professor Keith Wailoo profiled in the Rutgers Focus Professor Emeritus Richard P. McCormick receives AHA lifetime award ... More news and events Welcome from our Chair, Deborah Gray White: History is a vital part of any liberal arts education, providing students with a perspective of events that have shaped the contemporary world. The study of history also develops practical skills. At Rutgers, history students learn to conduct research, write clearly and persuasively, think logically, and read documents critically. Students completing the undergraduate program are well prepared to apply to professional schools, tackle advanced study in areas such as law, business, or history, and work in almost any career. Graduates of the doctoral program ideally embark on careers of research and teaching in colleges and universities. Allied to our History Department are a variety of centers and projects, enriching the intellectual life of faculty and students alike. Especially prominent is our Rutgers Center for Historical Analysis. The size of our department notwithstanding, we place a high premium on face-to-face contact between faculty and students. At Van Dyck Hall our professors' doors are generally open, and everyone participates in our highly regarded drop-in undergraduate advising program. If you're interested in any aspect of our programs, don't hesitate to contact

2. Canadian Genealogy And History Links - New Brunswick
This Week in new brunswick history Significant events in NB history.
Canadian Genealogy and History Links
New Brunswick
Entries preceded by a indicate it is a new entry or the URL has changed or been updated within the last 14 days.
New Brunswick
Archives - Libraries - Museums
Acadian Museum - University of Moncton Acadian historical and cultural museum on the University of Moncton campus.
Genealogical and Historical Resources - Harriet Irving Library
Guides, Books, Biographical Dictionaries, Periodicals, Newspapers, Census Returns, Finding Aids, and Historical Collections.
Keillor House - 1813
Archival holdings containing census, marriage. cemetery records as well as family genealogy.
Provincial Archives of New Brunswick
Vital statistics finding aid, birth registers, marriages, death certificates, guide to family histories.
St. Michael's Museum Association and Genealogical Centre
List of records and services, family files, Miramichi names and Irish Communities.
Cemetery - Obituary
Churches and Cemeteries of Kings County Listed by parish, includes photos and inscriptions.
Jervis Bay Memorial
Branch #53 Royal Canadian Legion presents a Virtual Tour of the Jervis Bay, Ross Memorial Park, of Saint John, NB. View memorials and plaques with detailed information and descriptions.

3. This Week In New Brunswick History (99/12/06)
Economic Development, Tourism and Culture This week in new brunswick history, Aug. 17 (99/08/04) Aug. 4, 1999
Economic Development, Tourism and Culture
This week in New Brunswick history (99/12/06)
NB 1581 Dec. 6, 1999 FREDERICTON (CNB) This week in New Brunswick History saw the completion of Old Government House, then known simply as Government House, the opening of the Mechanics Institute in Saint John and the installation of Edouard LeBlanc as the first Acadian bishop in the Maritimes. Dec. 6 Saint Nicholas Day Dec. 7, 1840 Saint John Mechanics Institute building opened. Dec. 8, 1828 Construction of Government House (now Old Government House) was completed in Fredericton. Dec. 9, 1856 The Farmers and Woodsmen's Electric Telegraph was patented. Dec. 10, 1912 Edouard LeBlanc became the first Acadian bishop in the Maritimes at Saint John. Dec. 10, 1958 Yvon Durelle fought Archie Moore for the light-heavyweight boxing title. Dec. 11, 1834 Lieutenant-colonel Alexander MacDonald died in Bartibog. Dec. 12, 1884 Saint John and Portland approved the construction of a new viaduct between the two municipalities. To find out more about New Brunswick history or to search a particular person, place or event in our past, visit This Week in New Brunswick History at:

4. Grand Lodge Of New Brunswick History
A Masonic Band This month (Aug) in Maonic History A quick peek at the formationof the Grand Lodge of New Brunswick It happened in September - More on the
days remaining until the next Grand Lodge Communication. Home Recommended Reading Sign Register View Register ...
This month (Aug) in Maonic History

- A quick peek at the formation of the Grand Lodge of New Brunswick
It happened in September

- More on the formation of the Grand Lodge of New Brunswick
October's Item

- A brief look at the close ties between the Grand Lodges of New Brunswick and Nova Scotia
November's notes

- Masonry is truly a family affair as the Morrison Family of Fredericton can attest
December's offering

- Freemasons in Nova Scotia in 1606? Evidence suggests there may have been a presence around that time January, 2002 - It's Installation time again. Why do we have such a ceremony? See what the Grand Historian has to say on the subject. February, 2002 - All there is to know about the DDGM's...and then some. The Quinn Legacy - A generous brother in his will provides for a Senior's Residence The Hiram Affair - By citing the obligation, can one brother be compelled by another to withhold evidence in a court of law? Masonic History Timeline - It happened on...

5. Grand Lodge Of New Brunswick History
RWBro Harold Planetta, Senior Grand Warden, heads the Masonic RenewalCommittee for the Grand Lodge of New Brunswick. For more
days remaining until the next Grand Lodge Communication. Home Training and Development Sign Register View Register ...

R:W:Bro: Harold Planetta, Senior Grand Warden, heads the Masonic Renewal Committee for the Grand Lodge of New Brunswick. For more information on Renewal, please contact the Grand Secretary's Office or Brother Planetta. The titles in the margin are the beginning of what will eventually be a complete on-line plan for renewal in this Grand Jurisdiction. We trust you will find the articles useful.
"There is nothing more difficult to carry out, nor more doubtful of success, nor more dangerous to handle than to initiate a new order of things. For the reformer has enemies in all those who would profit by the old order; and only lukewarm defenders in all those who would profit by the new order. This lukewarmness arising partly from their adversaries and partly from the incredulity of mankind, who do not truly believe in anything new until they have actual experience of it." - Machiavelli
The aims and objectives of the Renewal Program is to combat those feelings of apathy and complacency within the Craft, and to install a fresh enthusiastic outlook and a new feeling of pride and interest in Masonry. Also to help and encourage it to grow and prosper in our time, a time when earth shattering events are shaking every organization, and for that matter every individual to their very foundation. It is our duty to ensure a well educated, morally strong and dedicated craft to leave to our future members.

6. UNBSJ Ward Chipman Library New Brunswick History
UNB Saint John Ward Chipman Library InternetResources for new brunswick history.
UNB Saint John Ward Chipman Library
Internet Resources for New Brunswick History
Reference Resources Cities, Towns and Regions Education People and Groups ... Other History Resources
Reference Resources
Collective Resources

7. New Brunswick History Store
new brunswick history Store with 24 new brunswick history items availableto buy at great prices. Please click for more info.
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New Brunswick History Store
Buy New Brunswick History books and other History Books here at discount prices! Choose from a total of 24 New Brunswick History items sorted alphabetically. Click on any item for reviews, product descriptions, prices, and more information. Home History Books Sort Items By: REVIEWS ALPHABETICAL SALES RANK Off Limits: Rutgers University and the Avant-Garde, 1957-1963 by Joan M. Marter (Editor), et al (Paperback - March 1999) Amazon Price: on 4-9-2003 No Faster Than a Walk: The Covered Bridges of New Brunswick by Stephen Gillis, John Gillis (Paperback - April 1998) List Price - $17.95 Amazon Price: on 4-9-2003 Enough is Enough: Aboriginal Women Speak Out by Janet Silman (Paperback - 1988) Amazon Price: on 4-9-2003 To Read My Heart: The Journal of Rachel Van Dyke, 1810-1811

8. History Of New Brunswick, Canada
What's New 16 Feb 2002 Welcome to my new brunswick history pages. New BrunswickGen Links (Genealogy); New Brunswick's Past (Genealogy History).
History of
New Brunswick, Canada
What's New - 16 Feb 2002 W elcome to my New Brunswick history pages. The goal of this site is to provide some unique content on New Brunswick history that is not represented elsewhere on the internet. I have also provided a few links to some good top-level New Brunswick sites.
Site Contents
Useful New Brunswick Links This page is maintained by Craig Walsh
First Posted: 17 May 2001
Last Updated: 16 February 2002 I also maintain a GenWeb site for Saint Patrick Parish , Charlotte County, N. B.
However, this History of New Brunswick site is not part of the GenWeb system.

9. Shuhari New Brunswick History
W hile Wado Ryu karate has a relativity short history in New Brunswick Sensei Welch'sstudents have found much success in local as well as national competition
Sensei Barry Welch
  • Third Dan, JKF Wado Kai
  • Founding Member of CZWKA
  • CZWKA Treasurer
  • NCCP Level 1
A l though Wado Ryu is one of the four major karate styles recognized by the Japanese government and is one of the most widley trained karate styles in the world, it was not introduced to New Brunswick until 1990. In that year Sensei Barry Welch emigrated to Fredericton from England and started the first Wado Ryu club in New Brunswick. Sensei Welch started karate in England in 1980 after seeing a demonstration by Sensei Barry Wilkinson at a High School in Farnham Surrey, England, an old friend invited him to a class and in 1983 he started his first club in Working, Surrey, England S ensei Barry Welch opened the first Wado club called The East Canada Karate Do Wado Kai in the Harvey Elementary School, Harvey Station NB in 1990. And in 1994 he opened a second club called The Dynamic Martial Arts Center located in the City of Fredericton. In 1997 Sensei Welch became a founding member of the

10. The Genealogy Forum: Internet Center: New Brunswick History
Welcome to the Genealogy Forum's Internet Center! new brunswick history.
Welcome to the Genealogy Forum's Internet Center!
New Brunswick History

11. Online Quiz On New Brunswick Women's History
Among the more incredible passages of new brunswick history is the story of the firstwoman to graduate from a teacher training course in NB Martha Hamm Lewis.
Events Calendar
"I am not afraid of the pen, or the scaffold, or the sword. I will tell the truth wherever I please." Mother Jones.


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News - Archive

October 18, 2002
What conditions were imposed on the first woman training as a teacher in New Brunswick? What New Brunswick woman won a Persons Case years before the more famous Canadian Persons Case? In what year was the first female plumber licensed in New Brunswick? What New Brunswick woman petitioned - unsuccessfully - a New Brunswick court to free her from slavery? Who is Molly Kool? The surprising answers to these and 40 more questions are found in a new publication and online quiz released by the Advisory Council on the Status of Women. Celebrating Achievers is online at
"For years, the Advisory Council has quoted the saying that behind every successful woman are all the women who came before her," said the Chairperson of the Advisory Council, Dr. Mary Lou Stirling. "Celebrating Achievers is our salute to some of those women."
"October is Women's History Month. How many of these women do New Brunswickers remember? The history behind New Brunswick women's struggle to gain social and legal rights is a fascinating one, and New Brunswick women are still marking some firsts. It was only last year that the first female plumber was licensed in the province. We have not yet had a female Premier and the day when the pay gap between women and men is closed seems far in the future," noted Dr. Stirling.

12. City Of New Brunswick
History of New Brunswick In 1730, the City of New Brunswick was so named in honorof the English royal house of Brunswick and became a colonial center for
departments: administration city clerk law finance ... engineering History of New Brunswick In 1730, the City of New Brunswick was so named in honor of the English royal house of Brunswick and became a colonial center for trade and commerce. Rutgers University, founded in New Brunswick in 1766, was the eighth college to be founded in the colonies and the only state university to have existed before the Revolutionary War. New Brunswick figures prominently into the history of the American Revolution and early United States. With the turn of the century and the Industrial Revolution, the city again grew to become a center of industry and commerce, utilizing the Raritan River, the , and the rail lines. The city grew industrially and its preeminence as a pharmaceutical town dates to 1885 when the Johnson brothers moved their adhesive tape and gauze business to an old mill in New Brunswick. Johnson and Johnson is now the world's largest health care products manufacturer and retains its world headquarters in downtown New Brunswick.
The manufacturing industry needed a workforce and to meet this need, many new Americans settled in New Brunswick. Because of this, the city today has a diverse population which can trace its origins to countries in Europe, Africa, South American, Central America and Asia. As these immigrants and their families settled in the city, New Brunswick's spirit of community was born. This spirit is evidenced throughout the city in our churches, schools, theaters, restaurants, social clubs, and business. The rich heritage of the people helps to make New Brunswick a great place to live, work and visit.

13. University Of New Brunswick Libraries' Subject Guides - Canadian History
new brunswick history A Checklist of Secondary Sources. Fredericton ProvincialArchives of New Brunswick, 1971. Supplements 1974 ,1984 and 1995.
UNB Libraries Home e-Resources Subject Guides Canadian History ... Internet Sites
Guide to Information Sources on Canadian History
This guide recommends print and electronic sources available through UNB Libraries. Each section indicates appropriate search tools that can be used to find additional sources. For some research topics it may be useful to look at more than one subject guide
(Dictionaries, Encyclopedias, Handbooks, Directories, etc.) When researching a new topic it is often necessary to get an overview, explanations of unfamiliar terms, or brief factual information. Some of the sources listed below provide general coverage, while others are more subject specific. To find additional information sources, check Quest , the library catalogue. Bercuson, David Jay. (1988). Collins Dictionary of Canadian History 1867 to the Present . Don Mills, Ont. : Collins Publishers.
Available in print at: HIL-REF FC23 .G73 1988 Dictionary of Canadian Biography . Vols. I-XIII. Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 1966-. Volumes are still being published.

14. History Of New Brunswick
History of New Brunswick. Introduction History. Physical GeographyLand Resources; Climate; Flora Fauna. Population Economy. Industry
History of New Brunswick Introduction History Physical Geography
  • Climate
  • Agriculture Forestry Fishing Mining Manufacturing Outdoor Pursuits Whale Watching

T he French mariner Jacques Cartier visited the east coast of the region constituting present-day New Brunswick in 1534. He and other early explorers found two Native American tribes in the region, the Malecite and the Micmac. After the Napoleonic Wars many British immigrants came to New Brunswick, and the colony entered a period of prosperity based on fishing, shipbuilding, and lumbering. In 1867 New Brunswick joined with Nova Scotia, Lower Canada (Québec), and Upper Canada (Ontario) to form the Dominion of Canada under the terms of the British North America Act. Railroad building followed confederation. The Intercolonial Railway (now the Canadian National Railway), linking New Brunswick and Nova Scotia with Montréal, was completed in 1876. The Canadian Pacific Railway line from Montréal to Moncton, by way of northern Maine, was finished before the close of the century. Other local lines were built, some before confederation. Agriculture and the timber trade declined in the late 19th century. Contributory causes were the opening up of the western grain country, the industrialization of central Canada, and tariff restrictions that cut New Brunswick off from its natural trade channels to the U.S. and Europe. The long freight haul to the central Canadian markets inhibited trade in that direction.

15. History Of New Brunswick
History of New Brunswick New Brunswick has a very rich history. Theislands population grew 80% between 1857 and the end of the
History of New Brunswick View a Presentation We Gave in Class on the History of New Brunswick New Brunswick was named in 1784 in honor of British monarch, King George III. It used to be covered by tribes of the Algonquin. The Micmac welcomed the French under Demonts and Samuel De Champlain, when they first landed in New Brunswick in 1604.The Acadians were the first Europeans to settle in present day New Brunswick. History shows that the French explorers Sieur de Monts and Samuel De Champlain, arrived in the St. John River on June 24,1604,feast day of St. John the Baptist and named the river in the Saints honor. Charles La Tour, who was made lieutenant Governor in 1631 to 1635 and engaged in trade with the natives. Benedict Arnold, the American trader, lived here in 1787 to 1791. During the war of 1812, Martello Tower was built on Lancaster heights for harbor Defense; it is now a national historic site. I think that Saint John has taken great pride in its history and has kept many of the original buildings and homes of the early settlers, a walk down downtown Saint John is like taking a walk back in the day. King George III was also Duke of Brunswick and a member of the house of Hanover. The first settlers of New Brunswick were the Micmac Indians whose houses spread from Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island to the south coast of the Gaspe Peninsula. Meanwhile from the early 16th century they had made contacts with the Europeans and established a trade which made them depend on European technologies and the victims of Europeans diseases. There was a tiny settlement begun at Port Royal spreading around the Bay of Fundy to include the tribes of Chignecto, Isthmus and Shepody on the North shore. The Acadians developed a very rich and powerful society by diking the marshes by the Bay of Fundy. They used the marsh land to build there farms which couldn't be used before because the tides were so strong . The government of France ignored them so that allowed them to be independent and to count on each other for their food lumber etc.

16. Library: Canada Facts: New Brunswick
new brunswick history and People. History. Through time immemorialNew Brunswick was home to Maliseet (Malecite) and Mi'Kmaq (Micmac
New Brunswick Flag
Canada Facts
British Columbia


New Brunswick

Library Sections The Complete Shakespeare
US State Facts

Facts on Canada

Historical Documents
Classical Literature
Canada Facts reproduced from the Education Canada Network Home Library Canada Facts ... New Brunswick / History Area Map Quick Facts Location and Land History and People ... Government New Brunswick: History and People History Through time immemorial New Brunswick was home to Maliseet (Malecite) and Mi'Kmaq (Micmac) Indians who hunted, fished, grew corn and squash along the riverbanks. The Europeans knew it as early as the 1400s, when Basque fishermen fished off the Grand Banks. Jacques Cartier visited the east coast of present-day New Brunswick in 1534. The Mi'Kmaqs received Champlain and the French when they landed in New Brunswick in 1604. The French settlers who came and settled the area became known as the Acadians. France and Britain feuded over the area for over a century. Control of the area passed back and forth between the British and French until the Treaty of Utrecht in 1713 when modern New Brunswick became part of the French province of Acadia. In 1755 the British again defeated French forces and extended British rule to the area. In the same year the British expelled the Acadians from Nova Scotia - 500 of the deportees settled in present day New Brunswick. In 1762 the first British settlement in New Brunswick was established at Saint John. In 1783, in the aftermath of the American Revolution, the western part of Nova Scotia became the home of thousands (14,000) United Empire Loyalists. These American colonists, wishing to remain faithful to the British Crown, founded communities in the northern part of the province. In 1784, New Brunswick became a separate colony from Nova Scotia. In 1867, New Brunswick joined with Nova Scotia, Lower Canada (Quebec) and Upper Canada (Ontario) to form the Dominion of Canada under the terms of the British North America Act of 1867.

17. Mitch Biggar's Tidbits
Welcome to Mitch Biggar's new brunswick history Tidbits with Irene Doyle. Sorry,your browser doesn't support Java(tm). Page by page history scrolls by.
Welcome to Mitch Biggar's
New Brunswick History Tidbits
with Irene Doyle Sorry, your browser doesn't support Java(tm).
Page by page history scrolls by The Westmorland Road
Woodstock Businesses 1830 - 1840

Ward Chipman

The Steamboat Woodstock
The Baron

This page was designed by Irene Doyle September 1999

18. History Department, New Brunswick
Warren F. KIMBALL, Professor, newark history Dept. new brunswick Graduate FacultyEmeritus Specialty history of US Foreign Policy and Diplomacy wkimball
People Undergraduate Graduate ... Alumni
MELANIE CORTESE (Undergraduate Administrative Asst.): 932-7936,
MARY DeMEO (Departmental Administrator.): 932-7942,
DOROTHY McGRATH (Secretary): 932-7905,
DAWN RUSKAI (Graduate Administrative Asst.): 932-7905 and x7941,
CANDACE WALCOTT-SHEPHERD (Administrative Asst. to the Chair): 932-8493,
DAVID MOTOVIDLAK (Unit Computing Manager): 932-6511,
Samuel L. BAILY, Professor Emeritus
Specialty: Comparative Migration; Twentieth-Century Latin American Social History
Seymour BECKER, Professor Emeritus
Specialty: Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Century Russia
Michael GASSTER, Professor Emeritus
Specialty: Modern China Philip GREVEN, Professor Emeritus Specialty: Early American History; Religious, Intellectual, and Social History

19. Culture Canada: History - New Brunswick
A directory of provincial history sites in bilingual format.Category Regional North America Society and Culture history...... Industrial history of new brunswick Source new brunswick Museum. Marine historySource new brunswick Museum. Miramichi history Source Miramichi Leader OnLine.
Search Where You Are Home Provincial and Territorial Information New Brunswick History ...
Visual Arts

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20. About New Brunswick
Provincial symbols, geography, tradition, history and general information. Features service in French, phone queries, email, news, news links, government and a search function.
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