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1. Local Massachusetts Newspapers
Fun things to do and places to go in Massachusetts! Ayer Nashoba Publications newspapers Barnstable Barnstable Patriot Cape Cod Life mag. Mass High Tech Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, new hampshire, new Jersey, new Mexico, new York,
Massachuetts News BACK Boston Globe
Boston Herald
Local Newspapers
Andover Andover Townsman
Athol Athol Daily News
Attleboro The Sun Chronicle
Auburn Worcester Phoenix
Ayer Nashoba Publications Newspapers Barnstable Barnstable Patriot
Berkshire Bershire Eagle
Berkshire County Berkshires Week
Billerica Billerica News
Boston Beacon Hill Times
Boston Boston Business Journal Boston Boston Globe Boston Boston Herald Boston Boston Phoenix Boston Christian Science Monitor Boston Dorchester Reporter Boston Mass High Tech Boston

2. Local Washington DC Newspapers
Fun things to do and places to go in Washington DC! Local newspapers. Bolling AF Base The Beam Washingtonian Online Washington Post mag. news In Other Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, new hampshire, new Jersey, new Mexico, new York, North
Washington D.C. News BACK Local Newspapers Bolling AF Base The Beam
Fort McNair Pentagram
Washington Capitol Hill Blue
Washington Potomac Tech Journal Washington Roll Call
Washington The Common Denominator Washington The Daily Republican Washington The Hill
Washington Town Hall
Washington Voice of the Hill
Washington Washington Business Journal Washington Washington City Paper Washington Washington Post
Washington Washington Times Washington Nav Dist Sea Serv Wkly iLove Newspapers .com
For local and world news
National News
ABC News CNN ESPN MSNBC ... USA Today Finacial News Barron's Bloomberg Wall St. Journal

3. Periodicals | Magazines And Newspapers | Peterborough Town Library
FINANCE mag. newSPAPERS Title Frequency Library Holdings BARRON'S weekly current,1 MONADNOCK LEDGER weekly 1976 new hampshire SUNDAY newS weekly current
available at the Peterborough Town Library Current magazines and newspapers are kept in the Periodical Room. Latest copies are displayed for browsing, but do not circulate. Lift the ledges for back copies which do circulate. Back issues are kept downstairs. Please ask for them at the desk. Use our copier if you require copies of certain articles. We can obtain articles from magazines we don't own via Article Express, the overnight article service. Please ask. Key to codes:
bi-weekly=once every 2 weeks;
bi-monthly=once every 2 months;
cyo=current year only;
cio=current issue only;
#BOOK REVIEW DIGEST annual #BOOKS IN PRINT annual cyo #ELDERHOSTEL CATALOGS 2 eds. quarterly current, 1 yr. bkfl. #FORTHCOMING BOOKS bimonthly cyo #HISTORICAL NEW HAMPSHIRE quarterly *BARRON'S weekly current, 1 mo. bkfl. *BOSTON GLOBE daily current, 1 mo. bkfl. *BOSTON SUNDAY GLOBE weekly current, 1 mo. bkfl. *CHRISTIAN SCIENCE MONITOR daily current, 1 mo. bkfl.

4. Newspaper Articles
Home Up People mag Articles Other mag Articles Athletes Celebs/Public Figures Songs. UniversityWire U. new hampshire deals with exercise obsession (0401-02).



About Me/EDR

... AAP General News (Australia): Games: Men plagued by body image pressures too, psych says (07-28-02) New AAP General News (Australia): NSW: Study links eating disorders to swimming, gymnastics (07-29-02) New AAP General News (Australia): SA: Both twins more prone to eating disorder if identical (08-29-02) New AAP General News (Australia): NSW: Study into self-harm to begin with national survey (09-06-02) New AAP General News (Australia): NSW: Obesity now a political issue (09-10-02) New AAP General News (Australia): NSW: Twin study to shed new light on anorexia (10-10-02) New Agence France Presse English: Full figures come full circle to Hollywood (10-17-02) New AP Online: Ricci: I learned anorexia from tv (04-09-02) AP Online: Sigler discusses eating disorder (05-20-02) AP: Group says fat folks can be healthy (08-09-02) The Arizona Republic: Starving is no way to gain 'perfection' (04-03-02) ... Ascribe Newswire: About 15 percent of major college athletes may have symptoms of eating disorders, study suggests (08-22-02) New Ascribe Newswire: Exercise may not lift spirits of women with eating disorders (09-02-02) New Ascribe Newswire: Visit to dentist may reveal bulimia, osteoporosis (10-17-02)

5. The2Buds - Vintage New Hampshire Postcards
Bags and backing boards for comics, magazines, newspapers, etc mag 11 x 15 ThickLife mag UltraPRO new hampshire POSTCARDS (Click on the title to view a scan
Home Email List Customer Feedback Shipping ... Contact Us
Soft Sleeves
Postcard (Ultra-PRO)

Postcard (Collector Safe)

Postcard (4 mil)

Continental Postcard
14" x 24" Newspaper

Rigid Sleeves
Postcard Side Loader

Postcard Top Loader

4" x 6" Side
Postcard/Photo 4" x 6" Top Postcard/Photo 4" x 6" Screwdown 5" x 7" Top Postcard/Photo 5" x 7" Screwdown Semi-Rigids Trad Card Tall Semi-Rigids 3" x 4" Trading Card 3" x 4" Combo Trading Card 3" x 4" Light Trading Card 3" x 4" Thick Trading Card 3" x 4" Super Thick 3" x 4" Rookie Trading Card 3" x 4" Black Trading Card 3" x 4" Red Trading Card 3" x 4" Blue Trading Card 3" x 4" White Trading Card 3" x 4" Green Trading Card 3" x 5" Tall/Basketball/CdV 3-1/2" x 5" Photo, etc. 3" x 7" Ticket/Currency Ticket Toploader Bill Toploader - Small Bill Toploader - Large 6" x 9" Photo/Etc. 8" x 10" Photo/Lg Item 8-1/2" x 11" Document 9" x 12" Photo 10" x 15" Photo 11" x 14" Photo 11" x 17" Oversized 14" x 17" Lithograph 7-1/2" x 11" Thick Comic 9" x 11-1/2" Thick Mag 11" x 15" Thick Life Mag Ultra-PRO Small Stands Ultra-PRO Large Stands Pro-Mold Stands Collector Safe Stands ... Ticket Screwdown Contact Us The2Buds Inc.

6. Newspapers Urged To End Classified Gun Ads
magazines newspapers. available at the Peterborough Town Library yr. bkfl. BUSINESS new hampshire (BNH) monthly current, 1 KIPLINGER'S PERS. FINANCE mag. monthly current, 1 yr.
FreeRepublic .com "A Conservative News Forum" Browse ...
Reuters ^

Posted on 02/21/2002 10:29 AM PST by NativeNewYorker
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - A coalition of gun control groups urged U.S. newspapers on Thursday to stop publishing classified ads for guns, saying they were a potential source of weapons for terrorists.
The National Campaign to Close the Newspaper Classified Gun Ad Loophole, supported by 24 gun control groups from Texas to New Hampshire, said a survey of 282 newspapers in 16 states found that 77 percent of them ran classified ads for guns.
"Sales of guns through newspaper classifieds offer the anonymity and ability to avoid law enforcement checks, which make them a potential source of guns for terrorists," said John Johnson, head of the gun control group Iowans for the Prevention of Gun Violence, who organized the campaign.
The campaign said newspapers could help fight the war against terrorism by pulling all classified ads for guns.
"This is a patriotic contribution that newspapers can make to the war on terrorism," said the coalition in a statement, referring to the U.S. government's fight to stamp out terrorism following the Sept. 11 attacks.
The group, which does not oppose ads by registered gun dealers in newspapers, also sent a letter to Homeland Security Director Tom Ridge and Attorney General John Ashcroft urging them to play a role in stopping classified gun ads.

7. At Ski Press Mag - Snow, Resort, Stations, Alert, Conditions,
NSN, publishers of numerous city sports newspapers, and RSN, a national cable WaltonInn/XC Trails for Glacier National Park, Essex new hampshire King Pine

8. Instructional Television Programs
YES mag http// Canadian science magazine http// Linksto over 4000 newspapers around the 2001 new hampshire Public Television.

Original Materials

Physical Science

There are thousands of sites from news sources around the world. Most major newspapers, magazines and radio and television stations now have Web sites. These sites can give you and your students instant access to events around the world as they happen. These sites can also be used in language arts and social studies classes to help your students critically analyze the media.
Comparing News Sources – Check with more than one news source and compare the way the same science news stories are reported. You could compare state and local sites, out of state sites, national sites or international sites. Is there a difference in perspective, the weight given to a story, placement of a story, quotes used and sources cited, language used, images used. How do all of these effect the impact of the story? You might break students up into groups and have each group look at two different sources or have each group look at the same source, but focus on different aspects of the story. Daily/Weekly Reporting – Use news and information sites to have your students record daily news. Each student or group of students might be responsible for checking and reporting stories either in a written form or in an oral report. You might create different bureaus for example: sports, state news, international news, city news, politics, education, health. At the end of the week students might create a class newspaper with the news they have gathered.

9. University Of New Hampshire Library - Milne Special Collections And Archives - R
He was published in numerous local newspapers over the genealogical studies fromhis home in Kensington, new hampshire. story by RDS, Little mag , January 24
Text-Only Version ROLAND DOUGLAS SAWYER, 1874-1969
Papers, 1882-1968 MC 148

Biographical Note
Scope and Content Note Series Listing 165 Hollinger boxes
Various Accessions
Processed: December 1995
ACQUISITION: The Sawyer family donated Roland Douglas Sawyer's papers to the University of New Hampshire. ACCESS: There are no restrictions on access to this collection. Requests for permission to publish materials from this collection should be discussed with the Special Collections Librarian. BIOGRAPHICAL NOTE: The Making of a Socialist, A Personal Narrative Walt Whitman the Prophet Poet Thoreau, New England Philosopher ; and Cal Coolidge: President . He was published in numerous local newspapers over the course of his ministerial and political career in addition to the many Socialist periodicals for which he wrote from 1908 to 1913. After retiring from the legislature in 1941, Sawyer continued to preach in Ware until the early 1950s. Much of his retirement was spent working on local histories and genealogical studies from his home in Kensington, New Hampshire. He died in 1969 at age 95. SCOPE AND CONTENT The Roland Douglas Sawyer collection includes correspondence to and from Sawyer, political papers, sermons, papers of the Anti- Profanity League, historical papers and manuscripts, Sawyer's religious notebooks and scrapbooks, photographs, numerous books and articles written by Sawyer, and miscellaneous papers and correspondence belonging to members of his family.

10. Golden Arrow PM Links USA
IndieWIRE LF Examiner Post mag Prdn Update On Bourque newswatch newshare World newspapers(Internet Public Library). Massachusetts Vermont new hampshire Maine.
PRODUCTION MANAGEMENT 101 by Deborah S. Patz Search Engines Industry News Industry Resources Other Links and Sites for Research ... Oz/NZ Links Search Engines Dogpile Ask Jeeves Yahoo Lycos ... back to top Industry News Variety Hollywood Reporter Screen International INSIDE ... Prdn Update On Location BOX OFFICE Box Office Mojo The Numbers Worldwide Box Ofc Jam (Canada Box Ofc) INDUSTRY SITE NEWS ShowBiz Data (News) LA Times NY Times CNN INTERNATIONAL NEWS The Guardian (UK) The Times (UK) The Australian Asia Times ... CBC InfoCulture NEWSPAPERS USA Today Financial Times Wall Street Journal Bourque Newswatch ... back to top Industry Resources USA LA 411 Blu-book NY 411 Producers Source INTERNATIONAL Kemps Int’l (411) The Knowledge (UK) Spectrocom BC Film (Industry Info) ... Ont. Prdn Guide (OMDC) MORE RESOURCE LINKS Mark Litwak (see Links to Other Resources) Movie Partners-com (esp. see Cool Pages) Film-Media Resources NYC JVIII Resources Arizona Links (Lucky Ol’ Sun) NW USA/Hawaii (Media Inc) ... back to top RESEARCH Internet Movie Database (IMDB) All Hoovers Online (for info on companies – see Companies and Industries) Euro AV Observatory (for reports on Euro markets/issues) The Ref Desk (for finding facts on the Web) U.S. Government

11. Travel2
for English 703/803 University of new hampshire Cambridge Program always looking forcontributions. ; an links to the top US newspapers and their
No-frills Travel Writing Links for English 703/803
University of New Hampshire Cambridge Program
Summer 2000
Big-name publications Less well-known publications
Online lists of publications
Guidebook sites ... Job-hunting info Big-name publications (Good as a reader; hard to break into as a writer) Less well-known publications May be easier for writers)
  • Travelers' Tales The book series has lots of excerpts on its site and invites contributions. Babylon Travel says it's "for those with a lust for adventure" and says, "We want your yarns." Big Marble "an online source for travel writing and photographs from professional journalists intent on straying from home and old media."

12. MetaCrawler Results | Search Query = The Washington Post Newspapers
new England, newspapers of new hampshire and newspapers Washington newspapers Findnewspapers in Wash state afd_number Washington Post Newspapers

13. The Mag - What's Up: Off-Piste - The Backcountry Adventure Journal
on the news and in the newspapers, so be Lincoln Woods Trailhead Lincoln, new hampshire- There will River Runners for Wilderness, a new movement committed
Hardcopy Features What's Up Gear ... Avalanche Courses What's Up A collection of the lastest industry news and tidbits. First descents, equipment highlights, access issues and more. FEE DEMO UPDATE May 24 - 2002
NATIONAL DAY OF ACTION - JUNE 15th The Bush Administartion continues to seek permanent status for the Fee Demo Program! A national day of action is being organized to raise awareness of the program and let the government know the American Public DOES NOT support the Fee Program! Find out more about your local demonstration or start one of your own! Details
Terry Shrunk Plaza - Portland, OR
Libbey Park - Ojai, California
- A rally in support of open access to public lands for all and in protest of the Adventure Pass will be staged at Libbey Park in downtown Ojai from 10 AM until 2 PM. Join the rally and bring a sign, your friends and some water. We will pass out fliers, raise our voices in support of open access, and have fun. There will also be letter writing, so come by and let your elected officials know your why you want to continue our 100 year tradition of open access to public lands free of commercialized interests. For more information, contact Heidi Mauer at 805-649-9012 or Michael Zierhut at

14. Failure Magazine-In The News
Things Considered, July 17, 2000 newSPAPERS AND magAZINES DotCom mag is About FailureChicago Tribune hoping this 'Failure' succeeds new hampshire Sunday news
TV, NATIONAL RADIO AND MULTIMEDIA CBC Radio One, "Basic Black," April 13, 2002 "Chronicle," ABC-TV, March 21, 2001 CNN, January 5, 2001 Yahoo! FinanceVision, December 28, 2000, "Silicon Alley Profile," December 18, 2000 NPR, "Talk of the Nation," August 16, 2000
Yahoo! FinanceVision, July 31, 2000
"Philly After Midnight," July 24, 2000
NPR, "All Things Considered," July 17, 2000

Utne Reader Online, Best of the Alternative Web, November 13, 2002 Education Week Online, November 12, 2002 Los Angeles Times Magazine, July 14, 2002, March 1, 2002 Utne Reader Online, Best of the Alternative Web, February 18, 2002 The Daily Peloton, February 7, 2002 Dallas Morning News, December 22, 2001

15. Political Behavior
25, 2000 v271 i21 p12 mag.Coll. 106F0373 (newspapers report presidential winnerbased on TV projections v30 i229 p20 An analysis new hampshire primary coverage
@import url(../amgovstyles_ie.css);
For the Record: InfoTrac Reader on Politics and the Media Media Coverage of Political Campaigns
The media provide extensive coverage of campaigns, especially those for president. How well do they perform this function? What do they typically focus on? Where is there room for improvement? Is their coverage fair? The television media has also been severely criticized for the mistakes it made during the coverage of the 2000 presidential campaign, especially the problems during election night coverage. What has been the nature of that criticism?
Here are some articles to get you started. Find them through Keyword searches. For information on effective Keyword searches, see "Easy Search Help" on the main Infotrac College Edition page. For more articles on this subject, enter:
"elections" in the Subject Guide, and then go to subdivision "media coverage."
Restoring lost credibility: election 2002 will give polling consortium VNS a chance to prove that it's up to the challenge. (Special Report: Election 2002). (Voter News Service)(Brief Article) Dan Trigoboff.

16. Buyer Vision Realty - Online Resource Center
Magazine Excerpts from leading magazines newspapers. protective fiduciary dutiesand responsibilities. Robert McAvoy President of the new hampshire Assoc.
Magazine Excerpts
"A conflict of interest is more likely when a real estate firm that represents sellers assigns you one of its brokers as a buyer agent. That's why many people believe an "exclusive" buyer broker is preferable. If there aren't any in your area, and you have to use a listing broker, "make sure they disclose when they are showing you properties they have a financial interest in," says Stephen Brobeck, executive director of the Consumers Federation of America." Business Week
"Agents: How to hire one for your side." "Most agents who show you homes don't represent your interests. They work for the seller, and their object is to sell the house for the highest possible price." USA Today
"You have a whole new evolution of practice in the marketplace," said Sharon Millet, a Maine real estate broker who headed the 22-member NAR task force that issued the report. Millet said that the report's recommendations are designed to give home buyers and sellers easier access to the "kind of representation" that they want." Washington Post
'Buyer Advocacy appears to be taking off." "I'll never buy a house any other way." - Mrs. Renee Talley, Highland Park TX Wall Street Journal "Exclusive agencies are the best. They remove any conflict of interest, which is the main reason for considering a buyer broker in the first place.

17. MC State Resources
Mississippi newspapers. Mojo mag, Jackson, MS. Maryland Massachusetts Michigan MinnesotaMississippi Missouri Montana Nebraska Nevada new hampshire new Jersey,

18. Untitled Document
and the classified ads of the nation's leading newspapers. Career Search thejob postings by title from all over new England, new hampshire, and Maine.
America's Employers
America's Job Bank is service that matches up independent contractors and businesses. Membership to this site is free. Members can submit bids on project proposals in such fields as computer programming, graphics design, marketing, and translation services. The site offers contractors varied employment opportunities and increased marketability. searches the Web sites of top employers and the classified ads of the nation's leading newspapers. Searches can be conducted by employer, geography, keyword, job type, or newspaper. Career Journal
Hosted by The Wall Street Journal , Career Journal lists salaries broken down by industry, regional profiles, career articles, and a salary survey. Career
Search the job postings by title, skills, job type, and city, and/or state. Also, post your resume and sign up with the job match agent, which contacts you whenever a position is posted that matches your abilities. Message boards and career-related articles are accessible from here. The Career Resource Homepage
Rated as on of the Internet's top 100 sites by PC Magazine , CRH is a "clearinghouse of employment-related information available on the Internet."

19. NEPA -The New England Press Association
publisher of The Union Leader and new hampshire Sunday news Besides the GreenwichCitizen, Brooks Community newspapers publishes the new mag focuses on Conn.
October 2002
NEPA Bulletin Archives
General Briefs World of the Web Awards and Honors ... Industry News GENERAL BRIEFS Conn. Supreme Court upholds Courant's restricting comics' use
The Connecticut Supreme Court has ended a dispute between the Journal Inquirer of Manchester, Conn., and The Hartford (Conn.) Courant over syndication rights to Sunday comic strips.
The Journal Inquirer claimed that the Courant violated the state's antitrust laws by publishing Sunday comics in a Saturday afternoon edition. The Journal Inquirer wanted the Courant to disclose its contracts with syndicates.
Last year a trial court found that the contracts should be disclosed, but the Connecticut Supreme Court voted 3-2 Sept. 9 to reverse that decision. The decision said the exclusivity agreements between the Courant and syndicators, which prevent competing papers from printing Sunday comics on Saturday, are not necessarily violations of the state's antitrust or unfair trade practice laws. Other courts have found such agreements to be legal, according to Chief Justice William Sullivan, author of the decision.

20. Colby Magazine, Winter 2001 | Sports
November 11, 2000 © 2000 Blethen Maine newspapers Inc. will soon take the state policetest in new hampshire. 8723226 F 207-723-3555 subscribe

A Bellringer

Mules Go 7-1, Win CBB Championship For Peter Hans '99 Gridiron Was a Field of Dreams
Colby Handoffs to the NFL

Alums play recruiting role for the pros Austin is Gridiron's Pick
Tom Austin earns top coaching honors The Strength Within
Danny Noyes '02 overcomes personal tragedy to star Women's Cross Country is 24th in Nation Cross Country Mule Throws a Shoe
Runner goes shoeless but perseveres It's in the Cards
Squash coach looks to tarot for a season prediction
Roundup and highlights of the fall season By Matt DiFilippo, Staff Writer
Originally posted on Waterville Sentinel Online , Saturday, November 11, 2000 Sometimes, Danny Noyes will be in his dorm room at Colby College, and he'll take a moment to check the time. Often, the time will be exactly 5:02. For Noyes, the number has a powerful meaning. It was the call number and license plate number of his father, Sgt. James S. Noyes, a New Hampshire state trooper who was killed in the line of duty a little more than six years ago. For Danny, seeing that number on the clock is a reminder that his father is still looking out for him. "I don't always look up to see what time it is," said Danny, a 20-year-old junior on the Colby football team, "but when I look up, and it's 5:02, that kind of gets me thinking."

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