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         New Mexico Coop Ext Service:     more detail

1. Abbreviated Titles 1995 : G-H
Guide C Guide C new mexico State University, cooperative extension service TX340.G84Guide CNM State Univ coop ext Serv* Guide C - new mexico State University
Abbreviated Titles : G-H
*Previously used abbreviated title

2. Abbreviated Titles 1996 : G
TX340.G84. Guide CNM State Univ coop ext Serv* Guide C new mexico State University,cooperative extension service NAL call no. - TX340.G84 Contents.
Abbreviated Titles : G
Ga. for. res. pap.
Georgia forest research paper

NAL call no. - SD356.52.G4G4
Gatekeep. ser.
Gatekeeper series - SA

NAL call no. - S494.5.S86G3
Gatekeeper Series SA*
Gatekeeper series - SA

NAL call no. - S494.5.S86G3
Gb - NDSU Extension Service, North Dakota State University
NAL call no. - TT24.N9G33 Gb NDSU Ext Serv N D State Univ* Gb - NDSU Extension Service, North Dakota State University NAL call no. - TT24.N9G33 Gen Resour Crop Evol* Genetic resources and crop evolution NAL call no. - SB123.3.G46 Gen Tech Rep NE U S Dep Agric For Serv Northeast For Exp Stn* General technical report NE - U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, Northeastern Forest Experiment Station NAL call no. - aSD11.U56 Gen Tech Rep RM Rocky Mt For Range Exp Stn U S Dep Agric For Serv* General technical report RM - Rocky Mountain Forest and Range Experiment Station, U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service NAL call no. - aSD11.A42 Gen Tech Rep SE U S Dep Agric For Serv Southeast For Exp Stn* General technical report SE - U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, Southeastern Forest Experiment Station

3. Food Safety In Connecticut-Fact Sheets
Alaska cooperative ext. fhepubs.html new mexico State University cooperative ext. service.
Food Safety Topics Foodborne Illness Safety At Home Meat Poultry Fish/Seafood Milk/Dairy Eggs Fruits/Vegetables Food Processing New Technologies Seasonal Issues For More Help Cooperative Ext. Foodsafety Resource Web Sites Alabama Cooperative Ext. System Alaska Cooperative Ext. Clemson University Cooperative Ext. Service Colorado State University Cooperative Ext. Cornell Cooperative Ext. Delaware Cooperative Ext. Iowa State University Ext. Kansas State University Cooperative Ext. Service Maryland Cooperative Ext. Michigan State University Ext. Mississippi State University Ext. Service Montana State University Ext. Service

4. Untitled Document
House Bat Mangement (US Fish and Wildlife service). Controlling Pocket Gophers innew mexico (new mexico coop. ext.); Controlling Pocket Gophers (Oklahoma coop.
On-Line Wildlife Damage Publications General Mammals

5. AgNIC Agribusiness Extension Service And Agriculture Experiment Station Publicat
Alaska http// new mexico http// newYork extension service http//
Cooperative Extension Service and Agriculture Experiment Station Publications
    The following list of links point to Agricultural Experiment Station and Cooperative Extension Service publications from each state on all subjects including agribusiness.

Alabama Experiment Station

Alabama Extension Service



Arkansas Experiment Station
Arkansas Extension Service California Southern Colorado Experiment Station Colorado Extension Service Connecticut Deleware Florida Georgia Experiment Station Georgia Extension Service

6. Welcome New Staff
please email him at new mexico State University inLas Cruces, new mexico. account executive at a fullservice advertising/public
You are here: Home Staff Resources
Welcome New OCT Staff and New Assignments
By Debby Weitzel, Colorado State University
Cooperative Extension Outreach Communications and Technology
September 2000
Mark Wolfe, Computer Support Desk
Please join us in welcoming Mark Wolfe to the computer support desk and OCT Team. Mark comes to Extension with five years experience in the computer support field and is currently a junior at Colorado State University. While pursuing his bachelor’s degree in mathematics, Mark will be assisting Tim Rudolph at the computer support help desk in 240 Aylesworth NW. If you have any questions for Mark, please email him at:, or call (970) 491-3216.
David Hachigian, Fact Sheet Coordinator
As of October 2, David Hachigian will become Extension’s new fact sheet coordinator. His duties will include working with authors to edit and produce fact sheets for print and on-line distribution, as well as manage the fiscal and promotional aspects of the program. As a native of the Southwest, David was born and raised in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and received his bachelor’s in print journalism from New Mexico State University in Las Cruces, New Mexico. After graduation and a three-year span in Telluride, David migrated back to Albuquerque, where he worked as both a marketing associate at a technical contracting company and as a public relations account executive at a full-service advertising/public relations agency.

7. CSREES - State Urban Programs Contacts
Maine. Doug Babkirk University of Maine coop.ext. Mississippi. Virgil P. Culver MississippiState University extension service new mexico,

Funding Opportunities
State Partners Program Information Legislation/Budget ... Related Links State Urban Programs Contacts Alabama Jannie Carter
Alabama Cooperative Extension
Lynn Russell
Extension Family Resource
Alaska Jean Marcey
Anchorage District Office
Arizona James Christenson
The University of Arizona
Cynthia Flynn
Arkansas Michael Hedges University of Arkansas California Rachel Mabie Surls Cooperative Extension-Los Angeles County Colorado Barbara Martin-Worley Colorado State University JoAnn Powell Colorado State University

8. 1998 Boll Weevil SERA-IEG Attendance List
Gus Lorenz. UA coop. ext. service. PO Box 391. (512) 2659203, (512) 265-9434, Breen Pierce. new mexico State University. 67 E. Foru Dinkus Rd.

9. 4HMembers Linda Schultz, new mexico, 4H Colorado, 4-H Volunteer Specialist, Contact the extension service Webmaster.
Western Regional 4-H Marketing Group Members The group includes 4-H program leaders and volunteer specialists as well as Extension communications specialists from 12 states. Here are the names and states of the participating individuals: Western Regional Program Leaders Alaska
Jim Douglas, Alaska,
Bill Peterson, Arizona,
Carol MacNeil
Doug Steele, Colorado,
Steve Nagano
Idaho Arlinda Nauman, Idaho Montana Betty McCoy, Montana, Nevada Sue Hoffman, Nevada, New Mexico Jesse Holloway, New Mexico, Oregon James Rutledge, Oregon, Utah Kevin Kessler, Utah, Washington Pat BoyEs, Washington, Wyoming Steve Aagard, Wyoming, Other Members of the Western Region 4-H Marketing Group Committee: Tana Kappel, Montana, Chair, Extension Communications Specialist

10. Resources
Mapping NMSU coop ext service, Early season Cotton Plant Mapping - NMSU coopext service. Acala 1517 Cotton varieties for new mexico, PR-17 Bt Cotton Seed
US Government Resources Finance
Industry-Related Sites
Cotton Incorporated Cotton Council International International Cotton Advisory Committee AMTEX - The American Textile Partnership ... Thrace Cotton Ginning Mills
Government Research
USDA ARS Crop Science Research Laboratory, Mississippi State, MS USDA ARS Jamie Whitten Delta States Research Center, Stoneville, MS USDA ARS Cropping Systems Research Laboratory, Lubbock, TX USDA ARS Southern Crops Research Laboratory, College Station, TX ... TREKTRAN Database
(Technology Transfer Automated Retrieval System).
University and Other Research
Cotton Genetics Laboratory, New Mexico State University National Textile Center, University Research Consortium Australian Cotton Research Institute - CSIRO Centre de coopération internationale en recherche agronomique pour le développement
Informational Sites The CottonDB Data Collection Site Cotton GRIN CottonDB Genome Database at the Agricultural Genome Information Service (NAL) Yearly Trend of Cotton Acreage (United States) ... Export Sales Push Cotton Prices Higher - Arkansas
Pathology and Pests
Cotton Diseases - TAES Texas Plant Disease Handbook Cotton Geminiviruses Diseases Of Cotton ( Gossypium ... spp.)

11. SARE #95-18_Annual Results
Paul Montoya, NCRS, Espanola, new mexico Susie Verkamp, High Desert Research Farm,Espanola, new mexico Edmund Gomez, RAIPAP coop. ext. service, NMSU, Alcalde
Annual Results
SARE #95-18
Extending the Grazing Season and Integrating Crops and Livestock to Sustain Small Farms and Ranches in the Southern Rockies
Location: New Mexico and Colorado Funding Period: July 1995 - Grant Award: Project Investigator: Steve Guldan
Alcalde Sustainable Agriculture Science Center
New Mexico State University (NMSU)
P.O. Box 159
Alcalde, NM 87511
Phone: (505) 852-4241
Fax: (505) 852-2857
E-Mail: Objectives
  • To determine the ability of forage Brassicas and oats (Avena sativa L.) to provide late-season forage and hairy vetch and winter rye (Secale cereale L.) to provide early-season forage, when overseeded into sweet corn stalks.
  • To determine the profitability of overseeding forage Brassicas, oats, hairy vetch and winter rye into sweet corn stalks in terms of heifer average daily gain.
  • To determine the ability of forage Brassicas and spring oats overseeded into established pastures to provide increased late-season forage.
  • To disseminate the results of the project to farmers and ranchers. Abstract
    Site Information

    General characteristics of all sites include soil types that are variable but generally clay loams to sandy loams, with a high-desert climate and elevations of 5,700 to7,000 feet and 9 to 14 inches of precipitation per year as rain and snow. Total holdings of farmer/rancher cooperators range from 2 to 25 acres. The area is mountainous, but field sites are graded with fairly uniform, gradual slopes. Most farmers and ranchers have off-farm employment.
    Rick Gibson Univ Ariz. coop. ext. ext. service PO Box 172230 Bozeman, MT 59717 Phone406994-1750 Fax 406-994-1756 Email new mexico.

    Alaska Cooperative Extension
    P.O. Box 75-8155
    Fairbanks, AK 99775-8155
    Phone: 907-474-2423
    Fax: 907-474-6885
    American Samoa Don Vargo
    American Samoa Community College
    P.O. Box 5319 Pago Pago, AS 96799 Phone: 011-684-699-2550 Fax: 011-684-699-4595 Email: Arizona Rick Gibson Univ Ariz. Coop. Ext. 820 E. Cottonwood Ln, Bldg. C Casa Grande, AZ 85222 Phone: 520-836-5221 Ext. 227 Fax: 520-836-1750 Email: California David Chaney UC SAREP One Shields Ave. Davis, CA 95616-8716 Phone: 530-754-8551 Fax: 530-754-8550 Email:

    13. Information About Saltcedar - Tamarix Ramosissima
    1991 Summary of range brush control researchdemonstration trials in new mexico.Range Improvement Task Force, NMSU Ag. Exp. Station, NMSU coop. ext. service.
    Written Findings of the State Noxious Weed Control Board - Class A Weed Saltcedar Tamarix ramosissima Ledeb.) Family : Tamaricaceae Description and Variation : Salt cedar plants are spreading shrubs or small trees, 5-20 feet tall, with numerous slender branches and small, alternate, scale-like leaves. The pale pink to white flowers are small, perfect and regular, and arranged in spike-like racemes. The distinct petals and sepals occur in fours or fives. The fruit is a capsule (Hitchcock and Cronquist 1961). Salt cedar ( Tamarix ) taxonomy is currently in a state of confusion. The number of species in the genus has fluctuated widely because members of the genus have few constant differentiating features, and taxonomists have disagreed over which features are most important. Eight species have been listed as introduced into the United States and Canada. These species can be effectively divided into two groups. Tamarix aphylla , an evergreen tree, does not sexually reproduce in this climate, so it is not seriously invasive. Deciduous, shrubby species, including T. pentandra

    14. Publications And Videos From Other States
    partners of the cooperative State Research, Education, and extension service. Catalogonly, http// new mexico, HTML, PDF,
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    Thousands of Extension and Agricultural Experiment Station publications* and video tape presentations are available from other states. Also check out the directory of land-grant universities which are state partners of the Cooperative State Research, Education, and Extension Service. STATE PUBLICATIONS VIDEOS Alabama HTML, PDF Alaska Catalog only Arizona HTML, PDF YES, listed with publications Arkansas HTML, PDF YES, limited number California Catalog, PDF Yes, listed with publications Colorado Catalog, PDF, HTML Connecticut No publications listed Delaware HTML Florida HTML Georgia HTML Hawaii HTML Illinois PDF, HTML YES Indiana HTML, PDF Idaho Catalog, PDF YES, See catalog Iowa PDF Kansas PDF YES, same location Kentucky PDF, HTML Louisiana PDF Maine Catalog, HTML, PDF

    15. Every-Other-Thing You Wanted To Know About Cotton
    7/29/94) Early season Cotton Plant Mapping NMSU coop ext service Eradication,Risk and PREP® use in cotton Acala 1517 Cotton varieties for new mexico PR-17
    Other Cotton-Related Sites
    Industry-Related Sites
    Cotton Incorporated
    International Cotton Advisory Committee

    National Cotton Council, Memphis, TN

    New York Cotton Exchange
    Thrace Cotton Ginning Mills
    Government Research
    USDA ARS Crop Science Research Laboratory, Mississippi State, MS
    USDA ARS Cropping Systems Research Laboratory, Lubbock, TX

    USDA ARS Jamie Whitten Delta States Research Center, Stoneville, MS

    1997 National Cotton Variety Tests

    TREKTRAN Database
    (Technology Transfer Automated Retrieval System).
    University and Other Research
    Cotton Genetics Laboratory, New Mexico State University
    National Textile Center, University Research Consortium

    Australian Cotton Research Institute - CSIRO
    Centre de coopération internationale en recherche agronomique pour le développement
    Informational Sites
    Cotton GRIN The CottonDB Data Collection Site CottonDB Genome Database at the Agricultural Genome Information Service (NAL) 1994 Cotton Harvested Acres (United States) ... ISAAA Biotechnology Transfer Projects - see "Cotton"
    Pathology and Pests
    Diseases Of Cotton ( Gossypium spp.)

    coop. extension service, SWCD’s. NRCS, ext. 6. Develop water conservation partnershipswith underground water districts along the new mexicoTexas stateline.
    AGRICULTURAL IMPACT ASSESSMENT SUB-GROUP PLANNED MITIGATION ACTIONS SHEET NO. 1 IMPACT PLANNED ACTIONS RESPONSIBLE AGENCY Reduced livestock forage and livestock water on rangelands results in poor animal health, soil erosion and possible economic loss to ranchers 1. Prior to and during drought, use public information program and on-site visits to emphasize importance of rangeland management and planning to equalize stocking rates with available forage and the need for permanent water storage and distribution systems. 2. Prior to drought, use range management techniques such as reduced stocking rates, reserve pastures, removing competitive plants and stored feed to improve sustainability of rangelands under drought conditions. 3. During drought, initiate emergency forage program and/or permit grazing of CRP lands. 4. Special emphasis needs to be placed on problems of Economically Stressed Ranchers who now rely on Federal and State Grazing Leases to sustain their herds. In these areas, there needs to be a coordinated plan of action to be taken by land management agencies to provide grazing and/or supplemental feed assistance to lessees. This action may include changing federal and state grazing regulations during drought situations. 5. For long term drought conditions in areas with high concentrations of Economically Stressed Ranchers, develop supplemental natural resource employment oppurtunities to supplement income losses due to grazing restrictions.

    17. State Extension Small Grain Specialists, United States
    719754-3494 FAX 719-754-2619 Email Dr. Ed TwidwellLouisiana cooperative extension service 263 Knapp Hall Louisiana new mexico.
    Purdue Agriculture Agronomy Extension ... Small Grains Info State Ext. Small Grains Specialists The USDA Cooperative State Research, Education, and Extension Service provides an important link between research-based agricultural information and those individuals directly involved with the production and marketing of agricultural products in the U.S. The state Extension small grain specialists listed in this document, usually located at land-grant colleges and universities , are responsible for educational programming relative to small grain (wheat, barley, rye, oats) production and management issues within their respective states. Many of these individuals also conduct applied field research on important small grain issues in their states. Please let me know of corrections or additions to this list.
    Click on a state on the map image or browse through the list of states that follows.
    Dr. Paul L. Mask
    College of Agriculture

    Auburn University, Alabama 36849 Ph. 334 844 5490

    18. This Page Has Moved
    email NM Jared Cahill, Vice President new mexico CU League 6424(Tom), ext. 385-6505 e-mail UT Lynn
    Home Governmental Affairs Regulatory Advocacy Compliance ... About CUNA
    This page has moved
    The page you are looking for has moved. Please read on for some tips on finding the information you are looking for. We apologize for any inconvenience. We're here to help You are currently in the main area of CUNA's website. Use the compass on the left side of each page to navigate the rest of this website. There are five areas:
    • (the red button in the middle of the compass) takes you to the CUNA "homepage" and information on Governmental and Legistlative affairs, compliance, regulatory advocacy, News Now, press releases, economics and statistics and much more. (the compass point facing North) is where you'll find schools and conferences, continuing education and training materials, eSchools, eCourses, executive development, webinars, audio conference, books, videos, trainers material and more. (the compass point facing West) where you'll find expert advice and custom research, the Environmental Scan as well as a host of survey reports that cover executive and staff compensation, fees, and the state of credit union technology.

    Margie Klein UNR cooperative extension service 2345 Red Rock Street Las Vegas 4917030Fax (970) 491-7745 E-mail new mexico.
    STATE MASTER GARDENER COORDINATORS Compiled by The Master Gardener Show
    List Revised 12/16/02
    The Master Gardener Show web site strives to present accurate and timely information as general assistance for the farmers, consumers, agriculturists, homeowners, master gardeners and other constituents of the world. If Your Master Gardener Coordinator has changed, we would like to know about it so we can update this list. Please Contact Us. ALABAMA Mary Beth Musgrove
    25 Extension Hall
    Auburn University
    Auburn, AL 36849-5630
    phone: (205) 221-3392
    E-mail: MISSOURI Mary Koening
    Plant Sciences Extension Associate
    I-87 Agriculture Building
    University of Missouri
    Columbia, MO 65211 phone: (573) 882-9633 fax: (573) 882-1469 E-mail: ALASKA Alaska Cooperative Extension University of Alaska Fairbanks 122 1st Avenue Fairbanks, AK 99701

    20. California Section Of The Society For Range Management
    service, Jornada Experimental Range, PO Box 30003 MSC 3JER, new mexico StateUniv., Las Cruces NM 880030003. Tom D. Whitson, coop. ext. service, Dept.
    Symposia/Special Sessions 2001: A Range Odyssey
    February 17-23, 2001
    Sponsored by the California Section of the Society for Range Management
    T his page contains information on Symposia and Special Sessions. If you wish to be contacted when new information is added here please fill out the form below. Enter your e-mail address to receive e-mail when this page is updated. Your Internet e-mail address:
    For further information contact Joe Wagner
    Symposia/Special Sessions
    Click here for an Adobe Acrobat pdf version of this information. Sunday, February 18
    Aston Keauhou Beach -Kahaluu II
    Utilizing the World Wide Web to Inform, Educate, and Market In the 21st Century Organized by Mitch Flanagan, for the SRM Information and Education Committee, and the Technology Transfer Committee (6 CEU’s available for the workshop) Range Management and the Web: Partners in the 21st Century . Mike Haddock, Hale Library, Kansas State Univ., Manhattan, KS 66506-1200. Brief history of the Web; anatomy of URL’s; best Web search engines; tips on searching; and evaluation of sites. So You Want to Build a Web Page?

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