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         Norse Mythology:     more books (100)
  1. Norse Mythology: A Guide to Gods, Heroes, Rituals, and Beliefs by John Lindow, 2002-10-17
  2. The Norse Myths (Pantheon Fairy Tale and Folklore Library) by Kevin Crossley-Holland, 1981-07-12
  3. The Encyclopedia of Mythology: Classical, Celtic, Norse by Arthur Cotterell, 2000-01
  4. D'Aulaires' Book of Norse Myths by Ingri D'Aulaire, 2005-07-10
  5. The Prose Edda: Norse Mythology (Penguin Classics) by Snorri Sturluson, Jesse L. Byock, 2006-01-31
  6. Favorite Norse Myths by Mary Pope Osborne, 2001-01
  7. Hammer of Thor - Norse Mythology and Legends - Special Edition by H.A. Guerber, 2010-05-04
  8. Norse Mythology: Great Stories from the Eddas by Hamilton Wright Mabie, 2002-04-10
  9. Mythology: Norse Gods (Mythology Of...) by Arthur Cotterell, 2006-10-25
  10. From Asgard to Valhalla: The Remarkable History of the Norse Myths by Heather O'Donoghue, 2008-12-15
  12. Norse mythology; or. The religion of our forefathers, containing all the myths of the Eddas, systematized and interpreted. With an introduction, vocabulary and index by Rasmus Bjorn Anderson, 1876-01-01
  13. Usborne Illustrated Guide to Norse Myths and Legends by Cheryl Evan, Anne Millard, 1987-04
  14. Gods and Heroes from Viking Mythology (The World Mythology Series) by Brian Branston, 1994-04

1. Norse Mythology
Introduction to the main characters and tales of norse mythology with bibliography by Nicole Cherry.Category Arts Literature Myths and Folktales Myths Norse......norse mythology, Scandinavian mythology, Viking mythology; all refer to the preChristianreligion of the Norwegian, Swedish, Icelandic, and Danish peoples.


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Norse mythology, Scandinavian mythology, Viking mythology; all refer to the pre-Christian religion of the Norwegian, Swedish, Icelandic, and Danish peoples. A few books group Finnish mythology in with the Norse but the old beliefs of Finland form a separate tradition although there are some interesting parallels. The Norse mythological system as we currently have it comes down to us mainly from the Icelandic Eddas and sagas which were written down a few centuries after the christianization of the north. There has been much research trying to discern the true ancient religion as practiced by the people of the Scandinavian countries as opposed to the representation we are given in the written sources. Aside from any influence Christianity might have played, Norse mythology presents us with a multilayered, often contradictory, world view with a myriad of parallels in other mythological systems. It is a playground for the comparative mythology researcher, rich with elements from Indo-European, Shamanistic, and other belief systems. Many people are familiar with J.R.R. Tolkien's

This page is finally finished. If you see any glaring mistakes or omissions please contact me. Æsir One of two races of gods in norse mythology, the other being the Vanir.
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3. Ása: Norse Mythology Source Texts
Including the Elder (Poetic or Saemund's) Edda and the Younger (Prose or Snorri's) Edda in English Category Arts Literature Myths and Folktales Myths Norse Edda......Ása norse mythology Source Texts The Elder or Poetic Edda, The Youngeror Prose Edda, et alia In English Translation. Ljóðaedda
Norse Mythology Source Texts
The Elder or Poetic Edda,
The Younger or Prose Edda, et alia
In English Translation
Lokasenna: The Flyting of Loki

Baldrs draumar: Baldr's Dreams

The Great Lacuna

Dvergatal: The Catalogue of Dwarfs

The Prose Edda - Snorri's Edda
Gylfaginning: The Deluding of Gylfi

Hattatal: The List of Verse Forms Other Source Texts Poems A Collection of Eddic Texts About Thor Including some different translations than found here In Icelandic, Swedish and English, parallel translations with line numbers. Rune Poems Original Texts with Rune Stave Pictures and English Translations The Anglo-Saxon Rune Poem The Old Norwegian Rune Poem The Old Icelandic Rune Poem The Abecedarium Nordmanicum with Sound Original Text with English and German Translations Charms The Two Merseburg Charms the second with sound Runestone Inscriptions Transliteration of Original Runic Inscription With Translations into Old Western Nordic, Old Swedish, and English Links to Other Relevant Sites Germanic Mythology E-texts Links Germanic History, Language, and Culture Links

Peruse Scott Trimble's informative compilation of norse mythology terms and resources. website by Scott Trimble / 19961998. norse mythology
and FOLKLORE website by Scott Trimble / 1996-1998
Scott T.S. Trimble

STST Productions,

5. Norse Mythology
Describes in brief the creation of the world and the gods of ancient Scandinavia.Category Arts Literature Myths and Folktales Myths Norse......Come Here To Learn More About norse mythology

6. Encyclopedia Mythica: Norse Mythology.
The index file for the area on norse mythology. The main sources for norse mythology, IndoEuropean in origin, are the Icelandic Eddas.
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7. Lulea University - MythologyTextural Version Provides An Explanation Of The Mili
The index for the norse mythology area The main sources for norse mythology, IndoEuropean in origin, are the Icelandic Eddas.
The nordic mythology...
Old Norse Mythology.
The Old Norse Mythology is rather facinating. The ones aqquinted with the world of Tolkien can to some extent recognize themselves when dealing with this mythology. According to the old tales a man with the name of Gylfe, king of Svithiod, once entered the home of the gods and there he was told how the world begun. He met with three beings which had the names: Hög (High), Tredje (Third) and jämnhög (Even Height or something like that ;-). They told him how the world had been created and how everything was done. In the beginning there was the abyss (Ginnungagapet), North of this there was Nifelheim, the world of cold where Cold and Darkness rules. Frosty mists rose from the cold well of Hvergelmer. In the south there was the hot Muspelheim, a place where the being Surte ruled with a flaming sword. The mists from Hvergelmer formed the frozen stream of Elivågor which flowed in to the Ginnungagap and filled it with ice. But at the same time flares from Muspelheim fell into the abyss and the falling drops which became the result of the mix of flares and ice formed two giant beings: A cow with the name 'Audhumbla' and a giant named 'Ymer'. Ymer got his food from the cow by means of four mouths which he used to milk the cows four nipples. Audhumbla in turn lived on the white frost ont the rocks. Her warm breath created a man called Bure wich by some mysterious way managed to get hold of a wife (it is not described how) and they where the first of the Asa dynasty of which Oden, Vile and Ve would be the greatest.

norse mythology. compiled by Scott Trimble
NORSE MYTHOLOGY compiled by Scott Trimble
Edda , by Snorri Sturluson, translated by Anthony Faulkes.
The Poetic Edda , translated by Henry Adams Bellows.
Saga of the Volsungs , by anonymous, translated by Jesse L. Byock.
Scandinavian 160 (Scandinavian Mythology), course by John Lindow, U.C. Berkeley, Fall 1996
  • Asgard
  • Midgard
  • [Jotunheim]
  • Muspell
  • [Vanaheim]
  • Niflheim
  • [Svartalfaheim]
  • [Alfheim]
  • [Nithavellir]
  • Austri, Vestri, Sudri, Nordri
  • Hlidskialf
  • Hrimfaxi
  • Skinfaxi
  • Iarnvidiur
  • Moongarm
  • Bifrost
  • Idavoll, Gladsheim, Vingolf
  • Modsognir, Durin
  • DWARVES: Nyi, Nidi, Nordri, Sudri, Austri, Vestri, Althiolf ("Mighty Thief"), Dvalin, Nar, Nain, Niping, Dain, Bifur, Bofur, Nori, Ori, Onar, Oin, Modvitnir ("Mead-Wolf"), Vig, Gandalf ("Magic Elf"), Vindalf ("Wind Elf"), Thorin, Fili, Kili, Fundin, Vali, Thror, Throin, Thekk, Lit, Vitr, Nyr, Nyrad, Rekk, Radsvinn ("Swift in Counsel"), Draupnir, Dolgthvari, Hor, Hugstari, Hlediolf, Gloin, Dori, Ori, Duf, Andvari, Heptifili, Har, Siar, Skirpir, Virpir, Skafinn, Ai, Alf, Ingi, Eikinskialdi ("Oak Shield"), Fal, Frosti, Finn, Ginnar.
  • Yggdrasil
  • Nidhogg
  • serpents and snakes
  • Mimir's Well
  • Weird's Well
  • Sleipnir
  • Gulltopp
  • Glad, Gyllir, Glær, Skeidbrimir, Silfrtopp, Sinir, Gils, Falhofnir, and Lettfeti
  • 9. Old Norse Mythology
    Overview of norse mythology and sections on Loki and the Nornir and Disir.Category Arts Literature Myths and Folktales Myths Norse......General information about Sweden A bitof Swedish (and scandinavic) history
    General information about Sweden...
    A bit of Swedish (and scandinavic) history...

    10. Norse Mythology Page
    Genealogy of the Norse deities, stories, and a list of personalities associated with norse mythology.Category Arts Literature Myths and Folktales Myths Norse...... above. norse mythology My Encyclopedia of norse mythology; Norse LegendsA collection of some of the stories of norse mythology; Norse
    Norse and Associated Sites
    This is a genealogy of the Norse pantheon I compiled from various sources.
    The images below are clickable image maps.
    Click here for black on white (printable) versions of the genealogies shown above.
  • Norse Mythology
    My Encyclopedia of Norse Mythology
  • Norse Legends
    A collection of some of the stories of Norse mythology
  • Norse Mythology
    A page containing some information on the Norse gods and goddesses
  • Eddas
    A link to the Eddas
  • Encyclopedia Mythica:Norse Mythology
    An encyclopedia of Norse mythology
  • A page with all kinds of Asatru links
  • My Rune page A small page with some rune and Asatru links.
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    11. Norse Mythology, Myths, And Fiction
    Portfolio including a dictionary of norse mythology, original short stories, and Civil War historical fiction.
    created by:

    updated Oct, 2000

    12. Timeless Myths Norse Mythology
    Norse and German myths and legends with information and genealogy of heroes and deities.Category Arts Literature Myths and Folktales Myths Norse......norse mythology is a strange world. Notes. norse mythology in Timeless Myths,also contained some summary of Germanic characters and stories.

    13. BookRags: Mythology Book Notes, Free Study Guide Online
    Edith Hamilton's 1942 easy to read compendium of Greek mythology, including sections on Roman and norse mythology.
    Atrocity Fate Women Comprehensive Guides to Classic Literature Author/Context Plot Summary Characters Objects ... Topic Tracking
    Mythology by Edith Hamilton
    Jump to: Table of Contents Part 1: The Gods, The Creat... Part 1, Chapter 2: Two Gods... Part 1, Chapter 3: How the ... Part 1, Chapter 4: The Earl... Part 2: Stories of Love...,... Part 2, Chapter 2: Eight Br... Part 2, Chapter 3: The Ques... Part 2, Chapter 4: Four Gre... Part 3: Heroes Before the T... Part 3, Chapter 2: Theseus Part 3, Chapter 3: Hercules... Part 3, Chapter 4: Atalanta... Part 4: Heroes of the Troja... Part 4, Chapter 2: The Fall... Part 4, Chapter 3: The Adve... Part 4, Chapter 4: The Adve... Part 5: Great Families..., ... Part 5, Chapter 2: The Roya... Part 5, Chapter 3: The Roya... Part 6: Less Important Myth... Part 6, Chapter 2: Brief My... Part 7: Norse Mythology, Ch... Part 7, Chapter 2: The Nors... Table of Contents Part 1: The Gods, The Creation..., Chapter 1: The Titans
    Part 1, Chapter 2: Two Gods of Earth

    Part 1, Chapter 3: How the World and Men were Created

    Part 1, Chapter 4: The Earliest Heroes
    Part 7, Chapter 2: The Norse Gods

    Book Notes by Joel Christensen
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    14. Thundrune
    A cybershrine dedicated to the God Thor featuring original norse mythology source texts from the Eddas, art, poetry, free runic fonts, and storm animations.
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    Thundrune: Dedicated to Thor
    Lightning stuns the riven sky;
    thunder rolls, shaking the Earth.
    Lorride nears, Asathor!
    About Thor
    Thor's Shrine Thor Art Thor's Names ...
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    15. Untitled
    GREEK MYTHOLOGY COMPARED TO norse mythology BY GARETH LONG. INTRODUCTIONGreek mythology and Roman mythology are almost identical.
    GARETH LONG INTRODUCTION Greek mythology and Roman mythology are almost identical. This is an accepted fact, as it is widely known that the Romans stole the Greek myths. However, it is very interesting to note that the mythology of the Vikings (Norse) has many similarities with the Greek myths. These myths are, by no means, identical to the Greek ones (like the Roman ones are), but there are very distinct commonalities between the two. I see two possible reasons for this besides pure coincidence. The second factor has to do with mythology as an extension of the society that fashions it. I see mythology as an attempt by a people to explain the powerful forces which affect and shape it, that are beyond its control, such as weather, the elements, and nature. I also see gods as being characters that have many similarities with the people within the society. The gods and goddesses are powerful beings capable of super-human powers, but nevertheless are characters fraught with very human frailties and flaws. In this way they created gods that had similarities with the common man in the society. This made the gods more tangible and easier to identify with. I think that this was necessary because they were not yet at the societal maturity level to have a single god on a cosmic plane. Most of the comparisons will be examining the similarities between major Greek and Norse gods, as well as creatures, stories and specific symbols which are featured in the mythologies.

    16. The Viking Age
    Lulea University outlines this period in Scandinavian history. Includes the conquest of England and Normandy, norse mythology, literature and runestones.
    A bit of Swedish (and scandinavic) history...
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    17. Encyclopedia Mythica: Norse Mythology
    Encyclopedia Mythica, norse mythology, The main sources for norse mythology,IndoEuropean in origin, are the Icelandic Eddas. The
    home areas mythology europe Norse mythology Main Search

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    Areas Mythology


    Featured items

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    Miscellaneous Miscellaneous Pronunciations Links The collective myths of the Scandinavians (Sweden, Denmark, Norway, and Iceland). The main sources for Norse mythology, Indo-European in origin, are the Icelandic Eddas. The shaping of Norse mythology itself took place in Germanic Europe, including those elements of the myths which were current in Scandinavia in the millenium before that. Genealogy table: The Principal Gods List of available articles in this area. Editor: M.F. Lindemans There are currently articles on Norse mythology online. This section was last updated on January 13, 2003. Selected links Norse mythology This site features creation, cosmology, and deities. The Poetic Edda Plain text version of the Poetic Edda, also called Elder Edda (1270). The Nibelungenlied Translation of the epic tale dating from around 1200. top home contact MCMXCV - MMIII Encyclopedia Mythica.

    18. Germanic Myths, Legends, And Sagas
    Germanic, and especially old Norse, mythology and culture, with sections on dolmens, runestones, the Category Arts Literature Myths and Folktales Myths Norse...... Germanic (Especially Old Norse) Mythology and Culture. The norse mythology WebPage, a summary by Nicole Cherry of the California Institute of Technology.
    Germanic Myths, Legends, and Sagas
    The illustration on the right is a detail from a standing stone found on the Island of Gotland, Sweden. Click here to see the entire picture stone. Compiled by
    D. L. Ashliman
    See also
    Folklore and Mythology Electronic Texts
    Germanic Geography
    • The Germanic world . Links to sites describing the history, geography, and culture of Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Scandinavia, the low countries, and England.
    Germanic (Especially Old Norse) Mythology and Culture
    Ancient Monuments
    • Dolmens in Denmark, a collection of photographs of pre-Christian stone graves and monuments.
    • Runestones and Picture Stones from Scandinavia : A Selection of Photographs.
    • The Sigurd Portal . Carved doorposts of the medieval stave church at Hylestad, Setesdal, Norway. Although part of a Christian church, the carvings represent scenes from the heathen story of Sigurd the dragon slayer.
    • The Sigurd Runestone
    • Stone Monuments , legends about ancient alters, graves, megaliths, menhirs, mounds, pictographs, runestones, picture stones, standing stones, and other such monuments from the past.
    The Gods' Home Pages

    19. Pete White's Prints
    Online portfolio featuring woodcuts, linocuts, intaglio prints, and collagraphs. Two of his favorite subjects are monkeys and norse mythology.
    This is the on-line home of Pete White, Printmaker.
    I specialize in Western-style, oil-based woodcut prints, but also do other kinds of work. Below you can find my online portfolio, C.V., and Artist Statement, as well as links to personal information and other useful or interesting printmaking related sites.
    Virtually all of the art that you see on this page is available for purchase, typically at prices between $35 and $200 (U.S. dollars) per unframed print. Due to restrictions by Geocities, who provides the webspace for this site, I cannot sell them directly from these pages. If you do find any artwork that interests you, please e-mail me directly for a price list and ordering instructions. Thank you.
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    20. Encyclopedia Of Norse Mythology
    Northern Europe (Davidson), Myths of the Norsemen (Guerber), Myths of the Norsemen(Green), Nordic Gods and Heroes (Colum), norse mythology (Cotterell), Norse
    This page is finally finished. If you see any glaring mistakes or omissions please contact me.
    The sources used in constructing this page include, but are not limited to, An Introduction to Viking Mythology (Grant), Bullfinch's Mythology (Martin), The Children of Odin (Colum), The Downfall of the Gods (Sorenson), Gods and Myths of Northern Europe (Davidson), Myths of the Norsemen (Guerber), Myths of the Norsemen (Green), Nordic Gods and Heroes (Colum), Norse Mythology (Cotterell), Norse Mythology A to Z (Daly), The Norse Myths (Crossley-Holland), The Poetic Edda (Hollander), The Prose Edda (Faulkes), The Prose Edda (Young), Scandanavian Mythology (Davidson), The Usborne Book of Greek and Norse Legends (Blundell).
    Personalities Associated with Norse Mythology
    A B C D ... Z
    - One of the three sea divinities, the other two being Njord and Mimir . He is said to belong to an older dynasty of gods, for he is not ranked among the , the Vanir , the giants, dwarfs, or elves, but is considered omnipotent within his realm.
    - One of two races of gods in Norse mythology, the other being the

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