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  1. Public Education in North Carolina; A Report to the Public School Commission of North Carolina by Anonymous, 2009-10-27
  2. The public school law of North Carolina; being a part of chapter 89, revisal of 1905, as amended by the General assembly of 1907 and 1909 [together with ... state superintendent of public instruction]
  3. North Carolina School of the Arts Summer Performance Festival
  4. North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics
  5. Mdr's North Carolina School Directory 2004-2005: Spiral Edition (Mdr's School Directory North Carolina) by Market Data Retrieval, 2004-11
  6. High school teacher's hand-book, containing courses of study prescribed for the public high schools of North Carolina in accordance with section 3, chapter 820
  7. A preliminary outline of the courses of study in agriculture and minimum of required equipment for the farm-life schools of North Carolina
  8. Public School and Law of North Carolina. Chapter 15 of the Code by Anonymous, North Carolina. Dept. of Public Instruction, 2009-11-11
  9. Proceedings 1994 IEEE Seventh Symposium on Computer-Based Medical Systems June 11-12, 1994 Winston-Salem, North Carolina (Ieee Symposium on Computer-Based Medical Systems//Proceedings)
  10. Soaring Through North Carolina History by Summersill Elementary School, 2002-08-20
  11. North Carolina (Rookie Read-About Geography (Sagebrush)) by Linda Crotta Brennan, 2003-12
  12. Address Delivered in Commons Hall, at Raleigh by Harvey Prindle Peet, 2010-06-13
  13. North Carolina (Portrait of America) by Kathleen Thompson, 1999-10
  14. Plans For Public Schoolhouses Approved By The State Superintendent Of Public Instruction; School Grounds And Suggestions For The Improvement Of School Property

21. Public Schools Of North Carolina - Testing Section
Among north carolina principals' top reasons for changing to for all courses, thereis general agreement that visits to other blocked schools, making effective
Curriculum Publication Sales Education Initiatives Agency Web Sites ... Evaluation Section
Block Scheduling In North Carolina:
Implementation, Teaching, and Impact Issues
1997 Survey Results
This Study
This report summarizes key findings and makes recommendations based on 1997 survey results from principals, teachers, and students in a sample of 25 4 x 4 block scheduled high schools. Areas of inquiry include implementation issues, teaching changes, as well as satisfaction and other perceived impacts of block scheduling.
Growth of Block Scheduling
The 4 x 4 block schedule has grown rapidly in North Carolina, from about two percent of high schools (6) in 1992-93 to about sixty-five percent (254) of high schools in 1996-97.
Why Block Scheduling?

22. Public Schools Of North Carolina - Testing Section
north carolina Alternate Assessment Portfolio 20012002. general Portfolio Set-UpPoints of Emphasis. Download Acrobat version of this document . PLAN AHEAD!
Curriculum Publication Sales Education Initiatives Agency Web Sites ... Disabilitiess North Carolina
Alternate Assessment Portfolio
General Portfolio Set-Up
Points of Emphasis
  • PLAN AHEAD! Spend some time planning what type of evidence will fit each of your selected tasks. Decide when you will collect evidence; Tuesdays and Thursdays, run data sheets every other week, video every other month (write it on your calendar), or whatever works best for you. Stick to that schedule by writing it in you plan book. Run off a couple of pages of labels with student name, portfolio number, date, followed by a blank, domain followed by a blank, and competency followed by a blank. When you have a piece of evidence just peel off a label and write the date, competency and domain and stick it to your piece of evidence. every grading period.

23. General Studies | Programs
The north carolina School of the Arts is fully accredited and the Commission on Secondaryand Middle schools. The Division of general Studies is the academic
Crime Scene Science High School and College Profiles Career Choices College B.F.A./B.M. Degree ... High School Diploma The North Carolina School of the Arts is fully accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, under the auspices of the Commission on Colleges and the Commission on Secondary and Middle Schools. The Division of General Studies is the academic division of the School of the Arts, comprising both the high school and college general education programs. College B.F.A./B.M. Degree The Division of General Studies provides a wide array of courses that meet the general education requirements for the Bachelor of Fine Arts or the Bachelor of Music. Students generally take two academic courses per term for a total of 36 to 45 semester credits in General Studies; requirements vary depending upon the arts school. Many students take more than the number of required courses and electives by the time they graduate from NCSA.
College Degree Requirements
College Arts Diploma The Arts Diploma program is a college-level program designed to allow students who choose not to pursue a degree at the North Carolina School of the Arts to take arts courses only. These students often include those who have previously completed a baccalaureate degree at another institution. Students with weak academic backgrounds or test scores may also initially be offered admission to the Arts Diploma program. Upon demonstration of sufficient success in General Studies courses, these students may apply for admission to the degree program.

24. UNC-CH Departments
The Department of Communication Studies offers an undergraduate program with concentrations in Interperso Category Science Social Sciences United States north carolina...... schools Colleges Travel Accounting Travel Management UNC general AdministrationUNC Morehead Planetarium Ackland Art Museum north carolina Botanical Garden.
Academic Departments University Services Student Services
Campus Locales
Summer School

School of



School of


Public Health ... Academic Technology and Networks (ATN) Accounting Services Administrative Information Services (AIS) Admissions, Undergraduate Admissions, Graduate Alumni Association Asset Management ... Business and Finance , Division of Campus Services Career Services Carolina Copy Carolina Dining Service ... Clinical Trials , Office of Controller's Office Counseling and Psychological Services Departmental Accounting System Development Office ... Finance , Division of Finance and Administration Financial Planning and Budgets Foundation Investment Fund GrantSource Library ... Information Technology Services (ITS) Institutional Research Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee Insurance and Risk Management Internal Audit ... Provost,

25. University Of North Carolina Institute Of Latin American Studies Outreach To Sch
in more than 6 campuses across north carolina and is be borrowed by instructors andthe general public free meant to be displayed in schools, community centers

About the Institute
Contact Us Undergraduate Program in Latin American Studies Graduate Certificate ...
Studies Courses

By sharing resources between the two universities, the Consortium in Latin American Studies at UNC-Chapel Hill and Duke University brings to both universities and the surrounding communities a number of initiatives designed to foster interest in Latin America among students, faculty, and local citizens. As one of the 14 Title VI National Resource Centers in Latin American Language and Area Studies, the Consortium provides many resources that significantly enrich our curriculum: dramatically enlarged language and area studies course offerings, increase library adquisitions, and an expanded outreach program for the mid-south region.
The outreach component of the program includes activities regarding public schools, post-secondary education, Annual Latin American Film Festival, business and media, lending library, Day of the Dead Exhibit, and the Consortium of Latin American Studies Programs (CLASP). New Resources
  • Public Schools

  • The Outreach office provides Latin American resources for classroom use in order to incorporate Latin American contents in language, social studies, communication, and art instruction. Learn more about these resources here.

    26. All Kinds Of Minds > Schools Attuned > State-funded Programs
    north carolina schools Attuned (NCSA) is a state initiative funded bythe north carolina general Assembly. Through this grant, teams
    Home About All Kinds of Minds Schools Attuned The Program ... Giving Opportunities State-funded Programs: Introduction Oklahoma: Introduction Oklahoma: Program Oklahoma: Calendar Oklahoma: FAQs Oklahoma: Contact Oklahoma: The Team Oklahoma: Regional Site: Enid Oklahoma: Regional Site: McAlester Oklahoma: Regional Site: Oklahoma City Oklahoma: Regional Site: Tulsa North Carolina: Introduction North Carolina: Program North Carolina: Calendar North Carolina: FAQs North Carolina: Contact North Carolina Schools Attuned
    "Schools Attuned has helped to educate me to the myriad of learning challenges that our students face. This vital program also equipped me with strategies to help students overcome these hurdles. This invaluable information and perspective just may help me to persevere another ten years in this profession! Thanks for this jewel!"
    - NC Participant
    Read More

    NCSA Calendar
    NCSA Contact Information Frequently Asked Questions about NCSA
    • North Carolina is the first state in the country to launch a statewide Schools Attuned initiative
      NCSA is modeled after the nationally known Schools Attuned program
    Read More Visit Schools Attuned Online (for current participants only)
    Tour Schools Attuned Online (open to the public)
    Press Releases about NCSA
    NC school part of Exemplary School Network
    Register for Schools Attuned Exemplary Schools in North Carolina

    27. Business Info -- NC
    these products to primary and secondary schools, private schools, charitable institutions Establishedby Chapter 93 of the north carolina general Statutes, the
    The business section of provides information that would be of particular interest to corporate and private businesses. Quick Links:
    Athlete Agents Business License Construction Grants and Loans Corporations Corporations Database Environmental Education Land Records Land Resources Lobbyist NC State Board of Certified Public Accountant Notary Public Pollution Procurement Opportunities Publications Qualified Business Securities Small Business Trademark Uniform Commercial Code Waste Management Water Quality
    Visit the Business Portal Section of NC @ Your Service for the latest
    N.C. Business-related information. Online Corporate Names Database
    The Online Corporate Names Database is a complete listing of information registered for businesses in North Carolina. The Corporations Division is responsible for the examination, custody and maintenance of the legal documents filed by more than 320,000 corporations, limited partnerships and limited liability partnerships. Lobbyist List
    The Lobbyist List consists of a names and contact information for each registered lobbyist in North Carolina. Business License
    The Business License Information Office was established to help the business community navigate the state licensing system.

    28. Acupuncture And Oriental Medicine In North Carolina
    For general information on accredited schools of Acupuncture and There are two schoolsof Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine in north carolina.
    @import url(/styles/new.css); /*IE and NN6x styles*/
    North Carolina Association of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine
    Working Together for Balance and Harmony
    Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine in NC NCAAOM Members Area NCAAOM Events NCAAOM Membership Information ... **Subscribe to our mailing list** Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine in North Carolina. What is Acupuncture? What is Moxibustion? Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM,TOM) Traditional (Classical) Acupuncture ... Professional Organizations/Schools WHAT IS ACUPUNCTURE? It is important to note that acupuncture is only one of a number of modalities which are part of Oriental medicine. It does however have a special place because of its uniqueness and because it was the first to become widely known and popular in the West. Although dating back some 3,000 years in China, in the West this is a developing field and profession. Because acupuncture was the first modality of Oriental medicine to become well known in the west, Acupuncturist has become the common title in state licensing for practitioners of traditional Oriental medicine in general. Acupuncture is usually combined with the less well known moxibustion. Acupuncture is the insertion of acupuncture needles in specific points on the body which are considered to effect the Qi (energy) pathways. It is used for the correction of imbalances in energy and thus in body-mind function that lead to illness and disease. These imbalances can be diagnosed and corrected before disease becomes evident or clinically detectable by Western medicine. Acupuncture and its related practice of moxibustion can thus be used to treat and/or prevent disease.

    29. Charter School Law - North Carolina Charter Schools Page
    of Resources Legal Services Providers - general - Federal - State Charter SchoolResource Center north carolina League of Charter schools north carolina
    North Carolina Charter School Resources
    Top Ten Resources
    Complete List of Resources
    Legal Services Providers

    ... Home
    North Carolina Department of Public Instruction

    The North Carolina Charter School Law

    North Carolina Charter School Resource Center

    North Carolina League of Charter Schools
    Frequently Asked Questions About North Carolina Charter Schools
    RECOMMENDED READING This is a great book to help you get ready to start your own charter school. Buy This Book! For more charter school books, visit the book store

    30. Major General James W. Emerson
    MILITARY schools ATTENDED. Engineer Officer Advanced Course Command and general StaffCollege MA Degree – Biology University of north carolina – PhD Degree
    RESUME OF SERVICE CAREER OF JAMES WILLARD EMERSON, Major General, (ARNGUS) Retired effective Jun 30, 2000 YEARS OF COMMISSIONED SERVICE Over 33 TOTAL YEARS OF SERVICE Over 41 PRESENT ASSIGNMENT Deputy Commanding General (Reserve Component), Headquarters, Training and Doctrine Command, Fort Monroe, Virginia 23651-2221 MILITARY SCHOOLS ATTENDED Engineer School, Engineer Basic Extension Course
    Engineer School, Engineer Officer Advanced Course
    Command and General Staff College
    Human Relations Instructor Training
    Chemical School, Radiological Safety Course
    National Defense University, Reserve Components National Security Course
    Air War College
    Engineer School, Engineer Staff Refresher Course
    Safety Center, Risk Management Course for Commanders
    Explosives and Demolition Course
    Chemical School, Senior Commander Chemical Officer Course National Defense University, Reserve Components National Security Course Harvard University, Program for Senior Executives in National and International Security EDUCATIONAL DEGREES MAJOR DUTY ASSIGNMENTS FROM TO ASSIGNMENT ARNG - Not on Active Duty Sep 64 Dec 64 Platoon Leader, Company C, 105

    31. North Carolina Family Policy Council
    general Assembly The 2003 Session of the north carolina general Assembly began capon the number of charter schools allowed to operate in north carolina.
    Who We Are What We Do Contact Us References ... Links Go HERE
    for Bills of Interest in the 2003 Session Go HERE
    for information on sex education and tolerance Go HERE
    for the National Gambling Impact Study Commission Report Welcome to the North Carolina Family Policy Council
    We are a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization serving to provide research and education on public policy issues that affect the family.
    "Advocating traditional family values" Events General Assembly -The 2003 Session of the North Carolina General Assembly began on January 29. Communicate with your legislators, find links to bills and listen to debate. Radio - Listen to our weekly radio show which is updated every Friday. Speakers Series - Find out about one of our major speakers series dinners in a city near you. Video Clips - View selected video clips from our news conferences and public events. Audio Resources - Listen to selected audio files from our news conferences and public events. Golf Tournament - Learn more about our annual fundraising golf tournament. TOP STORIES Local Activists Want Homosexual Partner Benefits
    A group of citizens spoke before the Durham County Commissioners on Monday, April 7, some supporting and some opposing the granting of benefits to homosexual partners of county employees. (April 9)

    32. North Carolina State University
    Triangle Institute and the north carolina Biotechnology Center Association of Collegesand schools to award Mary Beth Kurz, Vice Chancellor and general Counsel.
    NORTH CAROLINA STATE UNIVERSITY North Carolina State University (NC State) is a national center for research, teaching and extension, and its graduate education has stood for quality for more than a century. As a Land-Grant state university, it shares the distinctive characteristics of these institutions nationallybroad academic offerings, extensive public service, national and international activities, and large-scale extension and research programs.
    Faculty NC State's faculty are the foundation for the university's academic strength with the more 2,000 Graduate Faculty being based in the university's ten colleges and the Graduate School. The colleges are Agriculture and Life Sciences, Design, Education, Engineering, Natural Resources, Humanities and Social Sciences, Management, Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Textile and Veterinary Medicine. Innovators, fine mentors and nationally respected leaders in their fields, the faculty have won significant research grants and maintain an impressive record of publication. In FY 2000-2001, they received more than $150 million in externally funded grant and contract support.
    Nineteen faculty are members of the National Academy of Science or National Academy of Engineering. Others are Guggenheim and Fulbright Fellows; winners of Presidential awards for Young Investigators and for Excellence in Science, Mathematics and Engineering Mentoring; and recipients of prestigious honors in their fields.

    33. The Center For Education Reform: North Carolina's Charter Law
    CER Grade BNorth carolina (1996; last amended in 1998). The 12 th strongest ofthe nation's 38 charter laws. general Statistics. Number of schools Allowed.
    Making Schools Work Better for All Children
    Charter School Legislation:
    Profile of North Carolina's Charter School Law
    Note : The following ranking and analysis reflects the state's law as of 2001. For the most recent state law profile, please contact the Center for Education Reform or order Charter School Laws Across the States: Ranking Score Card and Legislative Profiles from our Publications page North Carolina (1996; last amended in 1998) The 12 th strongest of the nation's 38 charter laws General Statistics Number of Schools Allowed 100; 5 per school district per year Number of Charters Operating (As of Fall 2001) Approval Process Eligible Chartering Authorities State board of education; local boards may authorize, subject to state board’s approval Eligible Applicants Person, group of persons, or non-profit corporation Types of Charter Schools Converted public, converted private, new starts Appeals Process Applications denied by the local school board or UNC institution may be appealed to the state board of education Formal Evidence of Local Support Required Majority of teachers, majority of uncertified staff at school, and a significant number of parents must support for conversions. Districts must provide and sponsors must consider impact statement.

    34. North Carolina Politics Between The Wars
    laws regulating county support for schools were altered In general Morrison's viewsof relations between the Out of this came the north carolina Commission on
    Political Spheres of Influence Throughout the State
    Women Enter the Political Arena
    While events on the literary plane were attracting attention, in other spheres activity continued apace. Politicians never ceased forming strategies to interest the electorate nor overlooked a subject with popular appeal. Since ballot boxes were brought out every two years, there was never time to rest on one's laurels. Women were now making their presence known in the public service arena, and by 1921 one of them, Harriet Morehead Berry of Hillsborough, was regarded as "the best woman politician in the state." An 1897 graduate of the State Normal and Industrial School (now the University of North Carolina at Greensboro), she became secretary of the North Carolina Geological and Economic Survey, headed by Joseph Hyde Pratt with offices in Chapel Hill. This agency, which was concerned with the conservation of natural resources and the construction of better roads, provided valuable assistance to the North Carolina Good Roads Association. When Pratt left for military service in 1917, Harriet Berry became acting head of the survey. In this capacity she played an effective role in planning and securing legislation for a road building program. News releases, letters, petitions, circulars, and a great variety of publications blanketed the state, publicizing the plan and laying the groundwork for legislative support. The idea was to have an extensive network of all-weather roads connecting every county seat town with its neighboring county seats; all state institutions not in a county seat would also be included in this great spiderweb-like design.

    35. Appraisal Schools
    For real estate appraisers seeking basic or continuing education opportunities.Category Business Real Estate schools and Instruction...... registration available for basic residential and general appraisal courses and continuingeducation seminars in north carolina. Go to the schools page, or
    SCHOOLS SEMINARS SCHOOL BOARD For Real Estate Appraisers seeking basic or continuing education opportunities. Welcome to We now have online information and registration available for basic residential and general appraisal courses and continuing education seminars in North Carolina. Go to the "Schools" page, or use the drop down menus (above), to get information and register for basic residential and general appraisal courses. Go to the " Seminars " page to find information and register for an appraisal seminar. Post your questions, comments, or suggestions about appraisal schools and seminars on the " School Board " page. Sign up below to be notified by e-mail of upcoming courses in North Carolina and adjoining states.
    E-mail Address:
    List the type of courses that you would be interested in taking.
    Helpful Links

    36. North Carolina Legal Resources. Court Cases, Agencies, Codes, Statutes, Regulati
    CONTACT ROMINGER Advertising general Information Suggest a Link Report a Dead LinkWeb Site Services Link to Rominger Legal. north carolina LAW schools
    LEGAL HELP: Child Support, Divorce, Wills, Traffic court, Business Advice, Lawsuits, Contracts, any legal issue...
    Click here:

    Where Legal Research Begins On The Web.
    North Carolina State Resource Page
    NORTH CAROLINA North Carolina Constitution
    North Carolina General Statutes

    North Carolina Civil Case Forms

    North Carolina Business Forms
    Premium Case Law Service
    NC Court Opinions

    NC Supreme Court
    NC Appeals Courts NC Trial Courts ... US 4th Circuit PROFESSIONAL DIRECTORIES Consultants Court Reporters Document Retrievers Expert Witness ... Process Servers NORTH CAROLINA GOVERNMENT North Carolina State Page Office of the Governor Office of Attorney General North Carolina General Assembly ... NC Dept. of Transportation NON-LEGAL RESOURCES Appraisals On-line Blue Book - Autos Research - Court Docs Maps and Driving ... White Pages STATE LEGAL RESOURCES Find Legal Employees !!

    37. GUIDE TO LAW ONLINE: United States - North Carolina
    north carolina general Assembly composed of the Senate and Orientation Law (Universityof north carolina School of 1 (1995-. Law schools Campbell University
    Law Library of Congress GLIN Century of Lawmaking Library of Congress ... Index North Carolina
    State of North Carolina


    General Sources

    38. Private Higher Education In North Carolina
    This page contains information about the history of private higher education in north carolina and Category Reference Education United States north carolina...... by the Southern Association of Colleges and schools. Through the efforts of northcarolina Independent Colleges and were enacted by the general Assembly in 1971
    State Library of North Carolina North Carolina Encyclopedia
    Private Higher Education in North Carolina
    History of Private Higher Education
    Private higher education in North Carolina has a long history and traces its beginnings to 1772 and the founding of Salem College , one of the earliest colleges for women in the United States. Louisburg College , which was chartered in 1787, is our second oldest institution of private higher education. The decade of the 1830s witnessed a flourishing of private colleges in North Carolina Wake Forest in 1834 and Davidson College and Guilford College in 1837, while both Duke University and Greensboro College trace their beginnings to 1838. These schools were founded by private citizens determined to spread the benefits of higher education to North Carolina. Twenty of our current private colleges or their predecessors were operating in the state by 1877. GO to top
    Today North Carolina has the following 36 independently controlled colleges and universities accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools. These institutions are affiliated with 14 different religious denominations and enroll over 60,000 students. They confer nearly one-third of the bachelor's degrees awarded in the state each year and over half of the state's degrees in law and medicine.

    39. Early Intervention For Children With Special Needs
    NC general Assembly representatives and senators; representatives of universitiesand other Children Division of the Public schools of north carolina and the
    Early Intervention
    in North Carolina
    Are you looking for services
    for your child with special needs?
    Search the Central Directory of Resources (CDR)
    WHAT IS EARLY INTERVENTION? Early Intervention means professionals working in partnership with parents of children with special needs to help their children develop their knowledge and skills to reach their potential. It builds upon the strengths found in all children and families. More than 20 years of research has proven that early intervention produces immediate and long term benefits for children with disabilities, their families and society.
    Early Intervention
    • produces substantial gains in physical development, thinking skills, language and speech, psychological development, and self-help skills;
    • helps prevent the development of some disabilities;
    • reduces family stress; reduces the need for special class placement or special education programs once the child reaches school age,
    • helps enhance intelligence in some children; and, saves substantial costs to society and our nation's school.(Report Number 99-860, Committee on Education and Labor, House of Representatives, US Congress)

    40. North Carolina Web Photos 800 NC Web Site Pictures Photography R
    NC 2 NC 3 NC Aerials NC Capitol general Assembly State under which nonprofit organizations,schools, students and com is a Raleigh north carolina Web design
    Design Pricing Products/Services Resources ...

    Specializing in Business and Legal Internet development strategies
    Feedback FAQ Contents ... Search
    North Carolina Photos
    See our new NC Aerial Photos page

    and NC State Fair 2002 Photos Home NC 1 Atlanta Aviation ... Norfolk VA (new) People Pets Raleigh 1 Raleigh 2 ... Purchase Photos by photographers
    See our Flash Introduction

    Photos available for sale in current or hi-res sizes
    See Our Audio/Video Overview of the Photo Gallery
    North Carolina State Capitol Raleigh NC Photos - General Assembly Page Raleigh NC Skyline Visit Raleigh Business Raleigh Skyline Photos ... Downtown Greensboro NC Pictures Visit Greensboro Business Raleigh NC Skyline Visit Raleigh Business Raleigh Skyline Photos. Pictures are Available in Hi-Resolution, Larger Sizes Click Here for A Hi-Res Hanover Example Ways In Which We and our Clients Utilize Our Photos On The Web or In Print. See our Client List Charlotte North Carolina Photos Visit Charlotte Business Charlotte NC Downtown Photographs Visit Charlotte Business Charlotte NC Downtown Photographs Visit Charlotte Business Downtown Durham North Carolina Animation - See Durham Business Visit the Durham Photos Wake County Courthouse NC General Assembly Raleigh NC Photo for Numerous Pictures Graylyn Conference Center Manor House - Winston-Salem Visit The Grayln Center Page Offices - Raleigh, Rocky Mount, Charlotte, North Carolina - Animation

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